we were five years old again


Words: 6K

Warning: smut

Summary: Y/N and her mum move into a new home, which Y/N is dreading. Whilst painting her room she meet’s Calum who died a year ago and is obviously a ghost. You help him reconnect with his old best friends in which he thanks you in the best way a ghost could.


Your mum drove up the long stony pathway, hearing the rocks crackle beneath the tyres. I let out another exaggerated sigh, looking dramatically out the window as a sad song played through my headphones. Me and my mum were once again moving away from our problems. In the past five year’s we’ve moved at least 12 times, from small flats to large houses. It all started when my dad cheated on my mum, I was only 10 and didn’t understand why we were moving from our happy family home to a cramped apartment that was the size of a shoe box. Now at the age of 19 I had gotten used to moving around and not unpacking my things. I had never had a stable job or education either, I tried but it was so hard moving around the place. 

“Cheer up Y/N” Mum said in her silky voice. I rolled my eye’s and focused on the tree leaves, the different colours of orange. I loved autumn it’s always been my favourite as it’s not to hot but it’s not to cold. It’s just right. We had been travelling through this forest for a couple of minutes. Up the long drive, it had gotten a lot darker and the colours of the leaves were a dark brown. I looked in front and there stood a large black castle/house. I furrowed my eye brows as my mum got out the car with her clanging key’s. There was a large gate with a chain holding it together, my mum placed the key in the lock and the chains fell from the gate. She pushed them back and placed a stop underneath them. The house itself was massive, probably bigger then anything we’ve ever had. It was dark and gloomy and could do with a paint job, or some colour. My mum came back into the car and put the key’s down into the cup holder. 

“So what do you think?” she said excitedly. 

“I like it, how long this time? A week? A month? or will we be moving tomorrow?” I mumbled sarcastically. 

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Temeraire Characters as Texts From Last Night
  • Laurence: This is a mass text. Does anyone know where I am?
  • Tharkay: I need you there. I need someone to glance at when other people inevitably annoy me.
  • Hammond: sober me hid the cigs from drunk me. sober me is a tricky bitch.
  • St Germain: girls only wine night turned into sloppy drunk lesbian orgy again
  • Granby: gonna spend my cab money on more shots and just take the ambulance home again.
  • Demane: my ten year old brother handed me a pack of condoms and said "here, i dont wanna be an uncle yet"
  • Emily: yeah my parents were ten feet away and we somehow managed to do it in five different positions without them noticing
  • Iskierka: you were saying "i am the vodka queen!" and then in a different voice replying to yourself "all hail the vodka queen! you are beautiful!"
  • Jane Roland: he was rambling on about life and dignity and happiness. but all i kept thinking was PENIS. YOU HAVE A PENIS. I CAN SHOW YOU WHERE TO PUT THAT PENIS.
  • Granby: also, i may or may not be wearing a cape right now. hint: i am.
  • Little: Not only did i hold your hair back as you puked, i French braided it. I am such a good friend.
  • Harcourt: i learned a valuable lesson last night. sometimes nice girls finish first. twice.
  • Temeraire: You said that we had to leave the party together and proceeded to repeat the "ducks fly together" speech from The Mighty Ducks word for word. Soon the whole party was quiet and started chanting quack...quack...quack

Okay but the worst thing about the Star Wars fandom is the alarming number pedophillic ships. Like let’s do a quick run-down:

Obikin: When Anakin and Obi-Wan first met, Anakin was NINE. Obi-Wan was TWENTY-FIVE. That’s a SIXTEEN YEAR AGE DIFFERENCE. Like, when these people rewatch Episode l, do they legit look at this 9-year old and 25-year old shaking hands and go, “yup I ship it”. WTF? On top of that, in Episode ll Anakin flat out states that he views Obi-Wan as a father. So yeah, incest subtext on top of the pedophillia subtext. And yet people say that Anidala is creppy because Padme is five years older.

Pretty much any Ahsoka ship: When we first met Ahsoka, she was 14. Anakin, Padme and Rex were in their early to mid-twenties and Obi-Wan was like early thirties or something. And again with the incest subtext, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Padme were all like parental figures to her. That’s not all though, she’s been shipped with Plo Koon (y’know, the guy that found her as a BABY), Cad Bane, Grievous, Ventress, Maul, and even fucking Yoda. These characters are all adults who met Ahsoka years before she was of legal age.

Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon: As stated above, Obi-Wan was twenty-five in Episode l. Qui-Gon was like, in his sixties, hell, he was even (surprisingly) slightly older than Palpatine. Just…do I need to explain what’s wrong with this. And again, Master/padawan relationships are supposed to be parental, so yay, even more incest subtext.

Aurra Sing and Boba Fett: Yes, I’m serious, this ship seems to have a small following despite that she’s an adult and he was twelve when we saw them on screen together. I’ve seen the smut on DeviantArt and let me tell you, that is true pain. Also, from the way she treated him on Clone Wars it’s also an abusive ship so bonus points for that.

R3yl0: Rey is 19. Kylo is 30. Even if it wasn’t abuse AND possible incest, it would still be gross because of that


The Shadows We Cast


“Mama! Mommy! Watch me!”

Sapphire didn’t need to be told twice, of course. Blue eyes were trained on their precious little five year old as she raced ahead of them. Ever since they had adopted Garnet, their lives had just been so full of joy. Not that she and Ruby had been lacking in that department before that point, but it was just so clear to her that this was exactly what they had needed. Every day they spent with Garnet just brought more and more joy to them, and she couldn’t have been happier for it.

This day was one she had been looking forward to. Neither she nor Ruby had work that day, and they had promised a fun-filled family outing to Garnet when that was the case. So, the three of them were out and making their way into the local park. Garnet, of course, had taken the opportunity to get ahead of her mothers and was going to show them what she could do. Sapphire just laughed, of course, as their little girl started to jump about like she was one of the characters from her favorite show. The sight of Garnet momentarily stopping to look back and make sure their eyes were on her just amused her further.

“Don’t worry, honey. Mommy’s watching,” Sapphire laughed. Thankfully, that confirmation was all Garnet seemed to need. The little five-year-old was right back to laughing and pretending like normal. Sapphire took a moment to just watch as Garnet went about her normal activities. She was so young and innocent… It was a wonderful sight, and Sapphire couldn’t have been happier for it. This was exactly how Garnet needed to be. She needed to be able to express herself however she wanted… No bottled up emotions like Sapphire had once carried even at that age.

Sapphire paused in her walking and just kept her eyes on Garnet. For a moment, her thoughts drifted back to how she was at Garnet’s age. Her parents had been strict, as Ruby knew as fact by that point, and she had never had the opportunity to just… Let loose like their daughter could. It was refreshing, of course, to know that that would never happen with Garnet. Garnet would always been free to let anyone know how she felt.

Sapphire would make sure of that much.

A quick couple of blinks brought her back to reality, and she heard Garnet’s laughter once more. The dark-skinned little girl had made her way over to the nearest tree and looked like she was contemplating climbing it. This, of course, made Sapphire laugh again.

“Sweetie!” Sapphire called to her. “Be careful, all right? Mama and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt!” She knew her daughter, though. Garnet was a daring little thing and loved exploring and learning about what was around her. It just made it all the more endearing to watch her. A soft shake of her head followed, and Sapphire glanced back at Ruby a moment later.

“She’s gotten so big, Ruby! I almost can’t believe how fast she’s growing up.”

“I almost can’t even keep up with her sometimes!” It was a blessing, though. Sapphire would freely admit to that much. She would much rather have an energetic little bundle of joy than anything else, and Garnet was just perfect as far as she was concerned.

“This is just what we needed, don’t you think?” Sapphire asked. Of course, she knew her wife would say yes. Ruby had probably been looking forward to this outing just as much as Sapphire and Garnet had. Actually… There was no ‘probably’ about it. She definitely had. Sapphire knew that much as fact when it came down to it.

My Favorite Kind of Tea

Before you die, they say your whole life flashes right before your eyes.
Mine came in a little wooden box held tightly by five-year-old hands
tumbling in a blue SUV straight into a ditch. How many times do you
have to roll the dice for you to realize that it was never your turn? I
was on my first date. Somehow I was in his head too and he’s thinking
about such lovely things. The roll of a dice sounds like rain some
times. And I’m in an ambulance. The numbers were of a year I could
never remember. But we were small again. The world was kinder then.
Even the rain could be gentle. And the cold – soft. Like a whisper right
before the fall. Perhaps during … People say it is darkness that they see
when they lose time. For me, it was voices. And if you were wondering,
voices look like a thing that pulsates but is never truly alive. When you
find time, try to make sense of everything these ticking hands have tried
to tell you. Because I’m blowing out candles and it’s raining outside.



These Starters Have Never Had A Serious Title, And Never Will Have A Serious Title.

It had been a few years since Solis was born. He was five Earth years old now. Aside from the biting and scratching, he was a good kid. He listened to Ater and Sarah and hardly ever misbehaved. Sarah enjoyed raising him, and Solis seemed to enjoy having her as a parent.

Her and Ater were currently bringing Solis to the park. He had been asking for a while and Sarah gave in and took him.

“Solis, when we get there you have to promise not to bite or scratch any of the other kids that might be there. Or else we aren’t bringing you here again. Are we clear?”

Tonight I watched a single Team Valor player take down this really strong Team Mystic Gym that’s been near my house. And of course as we were walking towards it thinking that we could could bolster the gym and add out Pokemon to it, this team of obnoxious shrieking Mystic boys drive past, pull up and immediate rush up to the church/gym yelling about how dare someone attack their gym - and take it back.

So I did what anyone would do when I see a feeble gym (they dumped really weak pokemon in it for some reason) and started battling to knock them out of the gym again - because a gym is a gym and it doesn’t belong to anyone. And the entire time I’m standing there, these young 20 something year old guys are talking about how awful Valor players are and how arrogant my husband and I are for battling and how awful we are for doing this to them.

Anyway, I beat their gym a couple of times and kept knocking them out, but there were five of them and only two of us - so they kept snaffling it back. The moral of the story is that hyper competitive Pokemon Go players are no fun - especially in the dark in packs when they shout abuse at you.

A Snippet into the MamaKag life

“How did ya know?”
Kagome wiped her brow with a sweaty hand and brought her basket of radishes tighter to her hip, “Know what, little bird?”
The young boy twirled a dandelion in his smaller clawed hand, “That you were gonna marry Papa.”
His mother’s lips split into a half moon smile, “I loved him.”
“You love me.” The four year old reasoned, foraging for more weeds to collect.
“It’s a different type of love,” she elaborated, bending down again to pluck another root from the soil.
“I love ba-chan.” His hoarse voice carried on the wind, and Kagome twisted to keep her eye on him. He had disappeared into the tall stems of the meadow and all she could make out were his snowy white ears as they twitched peacefully.
She smirked, “Yes, we all love Kaede-baa-san.”
“I think I’m going to marry ba-chan,” the little boy decided, straightening and distractedly continued picking at the weeds, dropping them all in his tiny wicker basket.
Kagome covered her mouth to stifle a chuckle, “And why is that?”
“Well I can’t marry you, mama.”
“Yah, papa woul get real angry and then you’d sit him.”
“True, true,” she nodded her head in understanding, digging her fingers into the dirt to unlatch a stubborn root.
“And ba-chan makes really yummy noodos stew,” the child continued, engrossed in throwing a few interesting looking rocks into his basket.
“That she does.”
“And kisses my booboos.”
“Oh yes.” Kagome looked at her collection of radishes and decided they could start moving back home. She shuffled up the hillside and softly held the side of her son’s head as he leaned it against her red pant leg.
“Don’t you think Jun might get a little jealous though?”
His thick black eyebrows crushed together in confusion, mulling over his mother’s question about the wolf clan’s youngest member.
“I guess I can marry her too.”
Kagome giggled and patted his rump when they reached the top of the hill.
“But she hasta learn how to make noodos.”