we were destined to be together

“But I’ve waited for you all this time.”

“That does not mean you love me. We have very different definitions of what love is. You might think you want me but you truly you don’t. You’re craving something physical with emotions that come with time. You think we can just pick up where we left off and hop back into a relationship. You’re lonely and have no one to confide in and since I am the only person left, you have chosen our relationship to romanticize. But we were truly never good together; we have given each other third and forth chances and still we are speaking two different languages. I am tired of trying to fight for something that is destined to fail.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1198 // just another long drawn out hypothetical conversation with my ex // excerptsofstories 
Yes, I think we can expect to see a very healthy, normal relationship with Barry and Iris this season. Yeah, I think it’s just been a long time coming. I think we’ve all kind of known that Barry and Iris were destined to be together, it just had to come at the right time. It’s more of a relief to get to play those iconic moments with Barry and Iris.
—  Candice Patton on whether it’s fun to play Barry and Iris’ relationship this season
We crashed together because we were two independent objects, lost and wandering aimlessly as we were thrown through space, and gravity decided that we were destined to become one.
We melded and melted, pushed and pulled the smallest of our pieces to fit one another when we were never supposed to fit like puzzle pieces. I was whole before you, and I am whole now.
We were flung apart when her lips pressed to yours. Like when the moon was formed from an asteroid she came hurdling into our love and pushed me away from, like I was nothing. I am nothing.
We were once together like glue, our worlds beautifully revolving around each other but I was shoved to the edge of your gravitational pull, close enough to watch you evolve into your peak, far enough away to never feel the life you once gave me.
—  I am the moon, and you are everything I have ever wanted.

“I used to believe that you and I were destined to be together someday, and that we would have this great, epic romance.”

One eyebrow ticked upward. “Wow. No pressure or anything.”

She squirmed, her body was vibrating with nerves. “I know. I’m sorry. I think you might be right, though. Maybe there isn’t such a thing as fate. Maybe it’s just the opportunities we’re given, and what we do with them. I’m beginning to think that maybe great, epic romances don’t just happen. We have to make them ourselves.”

We finally decided to get in the car and take a trip
We knew exactly where we wanted to go but had no directions
I said maybe we should go left
You said I think we should go right
So we took a couple rights and made a few lefts
We got a little lost so we decided to go straight
We begin seeing road signs leading us to our destination
We got excited
We sped up
Everything was going good, we were enjoying the ride
The car begins to slow down and now we’re broke down on the side of the road
Both of us frustrated because we were so close
You say if we hadn’t made those left turns this wouldn’t have happened
I say no our problems started when we made those rights
We walk away
Instead of pushing the car together
We walk away
Instead of getting the car towed
We walk away
We walked away and just left the car sitting there


Love story! It’s sad for now, but my first love and I had so many spooky signs that it feels like we were destined to meet. In high school I crushed on/dated two different men with his birthday, we also both almost moved to each other’s hometowns (I’m from WA, he’s from AZ) but finally met in a college play together my freshman year/his senior year. We instantly had this crazy connected, intense energy even though he was sort of seeing someone else at the time. About a week after the show ended we kissed at a party and he kept telling me how crazy I made him and vice versa. We started off “just hooking up” and I had sex for the first time with him (I hate saying losing my virginity lol)!! Eventually we confessed we had major feelings for each other but he was going to be moving across the country after graduation and didn’t want to do long distance. He would be really hot and cold because of this fear of being attached even though I was really fearless (naive) and comfortable with how much I loved him, even if we didn’t have a lot of time. A few days before our last night together he started acting really cool and distant and said he “didn’t have feelings for me anymore.” Actually CRUSHED ME. But then the very next day he got drunk and confessed he was just trying to distance himself cause he’d miss me so much and didn’t want me to wait for him. He then forgot he said all of that. Anyway, he moved away, I started dating someone new but we always stayed in contact for 6 months. He would tell me how much he loved and missed me and eventually I broke up with my boyfriend and went to visit him across the country. It was such a beautiful week spent together and on our last night we just held each other and cried!! We saw each other a few more times over the summer and ultimately decided it just wasn’t the right time for us and we both felt so restricted and unfulfilled. We still have lots of love for each other and are both seeing new people but WOW it’s so difficult to have to wait for our time (if it ever comes). I’m Virgo Sun/Cancer moon/Cancer venus and he’s Gemini Sun/Virgo Moon/Aries Venus. My moon falls in his 8th house, his Venus in my first house, lots of other exciting/difficult aspects but UGH that moon in 8th is the heaviest!!! I used to be convinced we are twin flames but I don’t want to drive myself crazy with that

don’t wait, never wait, just be. it will be. be in the moment and know that you got to experience something that was worth it <3 

Your night

Word count: 1071

His body pressed against mine as we made our way out from the club. It was a little past 3 am and as we reached the door the hallway was almost empty. The fresh air hit my burning skin as he pulled me after him, our hands intertwined. “Come on y/n” he slurred drunkenly. I laughed as i stumbled after him trying to take as long steps as he did. As he reached the streetlight, he held his hand up, and to our luck a cab stopped just in time. Even though his fame, we were lucky no one had followed us to the club, and no one had sneaked into the club, which had led to more shots than we probably should have taken and us forgetting everything about everyone who could be waiting as soon as we left. 

Shawn pulled open the door as he told the driver our destination. The leather was cool against my bare legs as i slit in further, closely followed by shawn. Our legs glued together as the driver nodded and started driving again. Shawns hand made its way down to lay on my bare thigh. I looked at him and giggled, he gave a sly smile as he moved his way to my inner thigh. I brought my lips up to his ear as i whispered “what do you think you are doing young man,” he smiled slightly as he nudged my legs open, playing with the fabric of my thong. “Oh look who has soaked herself, princess” he spoke as he pressed one finger to my clothed heat. I buckled my hips towards him as i sucked on his earlobe making his eyes flutter as i whispered back “i can’t help myself, you look so fucking incredible,” he chuckled as he started to move his finger over the fabric. “Shawn we are in a cab,” i warned him as i closed my eyes, “then make sure not to be too loud y/n” he shot back. 

He moved my thong to the side as he traced his thumb over my swollen clit, picking up some of the wetness which had formed in me. I let out a sharp breath, knowing how skilled his fingers where. His index finger traced my opening as i could feel the cold metal of his ring against my burning flesh. He slowly pushed one finger into me as he kissed my temple hard, i sucked in another breath as i tried not to moan out loud. He moved his fingers as i clenched my thighs around his hand. I could feel him smile into the open. And as fast as it had happened his finger left and i could feel the now cold and wet fabric of my thong against me again. “Fuck you, shawn” i mumbled as he looked outside the window, doing as if he didn’t know what i was talking about. 

The taxi stopped as we reached the hotel, my head was buzzing as i opened the door and stepped into the night. Shawn payed the driver and came after me. We went into the lobby which was completely empty, and as i was heading for the elevator, shawn pulled my hand and led my another way, “sorry princess, but i can’t wait for us to reach our room,” he pulled me towards the indoor pool, and into the mens changing room. as soon as he had closed the door he slammed me into one of the lockers making my back hurt, but i didn’t care, all i could feel was the insane pleasure i had for him. His mouth crashed onto mine, and his normal soft and tender kisses were now hard and lustfilled. 

His tongue was scraping against mine as he pressed his body onto me. He lifted my legs so he was carrying my weight. My arms wrapped around his neck as i pulled his neck hair, he moaned as he sat down on the changing bench. His hands fiddled with my shirt as he pulled it over my head leaving me in a tiny see-through bralette. He kissed down my neck biting my collarbone hard, i moaned as he trailed his hands to my waist kissing my breast. He slowly pulled the fabric to the side as he sucked on my nipple. I moaned out loud “oh my god shawn, let me just please fuck you.” He laughed as he kept sucking on my nipple biting gently, “no, tonights your night,” 

He laid down and in one swift motion he pulled my legs on each side of his face. I gasped as his breath hit my core. I leaned down supporting myself on my elbows as he put his arms around my thighs pushing me onto his mouth. “Shawn, please” i begged as he slightly nudged my thong to the side. He spread my legs wider as my skirt rode up my legs sitting on my upper thighs. His warm lips collided with mine as i moaned out. “Mhm, y/n” he whispered against me sending shivers up my spine. And suddenly i could feel his tongue on me. In one simple lick he had me writhing and moaning for him. “You taste so fucking good,” he spoke as he started sucking on my clit. I grabbed his hair as i started to gain some confidence. 

My hips started to ride his face, his tongue entering me deeper and deeper. My voice was reaching a new high pitch as i could hear him slurp. “Fuck shawn just like that, “ he pulled me even closer to him as he pressed his thumb against my clit making me scream out in ecstacy. His tongue licking my entrance as i rode his face. And all of a sudden it hit me at once, all my senses turned off and all i could feel was his wet tongue against me and how he pleasured me. And just like that i came moaning loud on his face. 

In one simply motion he pushed me back and sat up. His arm wrapping around me, kissing me hard as i could taske myself on his face. He moaned into my moth enjoying the sensation “fuck you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me y/n” he spoke 

“You think that now?” i spoke as i grinded my hips against his “wait until im done with you”


(n.): reparation for a wrong or injury; amends.
bts x reader
genre: angst

prologue | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 (tentative)

  • part 2: “I’d be lying if I said that cutting all ties with min yoongi didn’t break me as much as it broke him. But i’d also be lying if I said we were meant to be together. Happiness was my destination- and I knew having yoongi by my side wouldn’t be able to get me there. I needed to get my life back.” day two.

A/N: part 2 part 2 part 2 yay yay yay. i’m weak for bestfriend!hobi can you tell? ;) lemme know what you think! xoxoxox

Shakira and Gerard Pique were famously united by the 2010 World Cup hosted in South Africa: one to perform and provide the official anthem Waka Waka while the other was destined to historically win the trophy for Spain for the first time. And when they first started dating, he made a special promise to her: “We started dating and he said to me, ‘The next World Cup we’re going to go together with our baby boy,‘ 

This is them with their first born son, Milan, at the 2014 World Cup final watching as Shakira performed in the closing ceremony once again as she did 4 years prior when sparks first flew between the couple.

We finally decided to get in the car and take a trip
We knew exactly where we wanted to go but had no directions
I said maybe we should go left
You said I think we should go right
So we took a couple rights and made a few lefts
We got a little lost so we decided to go straight
We begin seeing road signs leading us to our destination
We got excited
We sped up
Everything was going good, we were enjoying the ride
The car begins to slow down and now we’re broke down on the side of the road
Both of us frustrated because we were so close
You say if we hadn’t made those left turns this wouldn’t have happened
I say no our problems started when we made those rights
We walk away
Instead of pushing the car together
We walk away
Instead of getting the car towed
We walk away
We walked away and just left the car sitting there

“Call me sometime,” he whispered, meeting my gaze.

But both of them were too afraid of what they could be together. Both of them were afraid of being heartbroken. He thought she belonged with the stars and she thought he lived among the sea. Destined to forever gaze upon the other but to never collide.

His phone never rang.

—  perhaps things would be different if it did//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #17

Together with the light of dawn, that voice urged us to go on a new journey.

The world is vast, in the faraway places our hands can’t reach, sometimes our “answer” becomes the malice, baring its fangs upon us.

Even then, we continue to walk forward on this path that one day will connect to someone, believing in the prayers of people.

That journey crosses even time—

Even if the things that are reflected in our eyes are different, or even if the destinations that drive our feelings are different.

Guided by the time of eternity, with the light of our wish (passion) shining on the world,

We met by chance, and start to walk together.

In the epilogue of the manga, this is what Mikleo writes for his book. As he writes, he goes on to remember the times when he and Sorey were children, with kid!Sorey knocking on the door of kid!Mikleo’s house to ask him to go exploring, even when it was still really early that kid!Mikleo could still see the night stars (“Together with the light of dawn, that voice urged us to go on a new journey”). Then, when they left Elysia for the first time, with Sorey thanking Mikleo and being happy that Mikleo would come with him (”That journey crosses even time—”). And finally, epilogue!Mikleo with Sorey (”Guided by the time of eternity, with the light of our passion (wish) shining on the world, we met by chance, and start to walk together”).

Interesting points to note: 1) Mikleo writes his book as if he was writing a letter to Sorey, 2) “(our) wish” is written as “passion/熱情” but read as “wish/願い” in the furigana, and 3) It implies that they have eternity to walk on together, that they’ll set out on a new journey again, like all the times before (child!Sorey and child!Mikleo going on ruin exploring and Sorey and Mikleo leaving Elysia to eventually become Shepherd and his Sub Lord). The subtitle of the manga is “Michibiki no Toki” which means “Time of Guidance”, and now we know that this time refers to the “eternity” that leads them.

“Tales of Zestiria” is only a chapter of Sorey and Mikleo’s book.

anonymous asked:

Jaehyun also said that mark is his other half and that Taeyong and him are destined and fated to be together ???????🤔🤔🤔🤔also u can platonically call some1 ur soulmate and platonically date them ???? DJDFJKDKDJFJ

omg why can’t i ship dojae LET ME LIVE

well u can platonically be someone’s other half too and platonically be fated to be together u know when i graduated middle school i ended up going to the same obscure high school as my friend (tumblr user @wonnhao) and like tbh we’re fated forever bc we were in the same primary school and middle school but weren’t really that close and then without even discussing we ended up in the same high school incredible platonic fate forever

so anyways i love dojae pls let me ship them in peace

Do you remember when we were younger? When we’d play in your back garden, we’d leave this world and join another. I was James Bond, you my preppy assistant. You were a dinosaur hunter and I your perfect Velociraptor. Together we were explorers, destined to bring meaning to this small world.
Do you remember how we laughed? Our little minds so lost in each other that we found humour in the simplest of things. Timing or delivery didn’t matter because I’d laugh at anything, just to see that smile.
Do you remember how we began to grow up? How we changed, how our lives changed, how our feelings changed.
Do you remember how we loved? We loved in a way that no-one else could ever beat. We were just children but we thought everything of each other; and nothing else mattered. Our hearts so intertwined that nothing could ever get between us.
Do you remember when you left? Across the channel you went; to France. We thought things would never change, we’d be strong and nothing could ever get between us.
Do you remember when we missed each other? When we were upset and lonely, our hearts aches from the lack of attention; but it didn’t matter because nothing would ever get between us.
Do you remember when the distance got between us? We decided to end our love and just be friends, as if that was enough.
Do you remember how we fell apart? I promised myself I’d move on; forget about you.
So do you remember? Because I can’t seem to forget
—  Excerpts of stories aggressivelypretentious will never finish / #107
A Journey to Himalayas (Dev Bhumi)

Hii !! Friends here I am with my First destination. This trip was beyond travelling, happiness & enjoyment. I have started to see this world from a different and polished sight after finishing this & that’s how i realized that how travelling can bring huge difference in anyone’ life.  

Anu & Shruti was my partners for this amazing journey.  We spend the most magnificent 15 days together and explored the most beautiful places of India.

So we started our journey from ISBT Kashmiri Gate Delhi. We got our way from Delhi to Chandigarh by Volvo. We were heading towards Chandigarh with excitement, so many questions, joy and so on.

Chandigarh  to Shimla :

It was a comfortable journey and we reached to our first stop Chandigarh. Chandigarh is a beautiful & green city. We did not get a chance to stay there for long as another 1000 Kms. were waiting for us. So after a stay of 1 hour we started our journey for Shimla – the most known hill station of India. Almost 4 hours of beautiful drive with mesmerizing sight scenes  we reached Shimla .It was not very late in evening but because it is a hill station it get dark early .

Shimla -A short round up:

Shimla was looking beautiful, the mountains were filled with thousands of lights, and there was a fragrance in the air which made us to stay there for one night. We found a good hotel surrounded by hills and natural beauty for our night stay. Though we were tired but we actually got high on the air of Shimla and we decided to roam around and had the delicious food of Shimla from the local street vendors. We had the most delicious Momos here served with hot chili chutney, pudina chutney and white sauce, and serving was enough to keep us full in just Rs. 30. After visiting the main street of Shimla which is well known as Mall road we got our way back to hotel with beautiful memories of Shimla. We slept with a desire to wake up early to witness the sun rise of Shimla.

Shimla – Sangla- Rakcham- Chitkul- Kalpa- Kinaur-Spiti - Tabo- Naco- Kaza- Key Monestry-Kibber .

As I told we wanted to witness the sunrise, but we got late by 00:30 minutes but still the city was having the beauty of that red sunlight which left us satisfied. We packed and started our journey with local Roadways bus to Reckong Peo (district headquarters of Kinnaur Valley) .Along the highway is the natural beauty of Satluj River, its valley and towering hills. High way was in a fair condition, except some bad patches due to the landslides that may occur anytime. Sometimes, when our bus was passing through a narrow section of the road and when we looked below, down to hundreds of feet, the fierce flow of Satluj can shiver your spine with thrill and excitement. Some snaps are here from our way :

The beauty and Vibrations of those places were making us to change our plans every next hour and finally we changed our decision and we three got down in the middle of our way and hired a local taxi driver for Chitkul .

 This place where we got down was actually near The Kailash , unexplored, away from the crowd of developed towns so pure and beautiful. We were stopping our cab almost every 100 meters,just  to witness God’s beautiful creations !! And I don’t know why it just came in my mind that why we all are after world tours, oversea trips ? It does not mean that I am against of the idea World Travel!! I just I mean why people want to pay a crock of gold when they can see something equally beautiful in their own country.

So let’s just continue and suddenly for 5 minutes all our excitement got down , when we saw a long queue of vehicles , standing and waiting for their turn to pass from hilly way which was half destroyed because of a recent land slide. We were thrilled and we started to talk to some local workers there with our never ending queries about the place.

The local people there were so simple and honest, we actually found an Old lady working there and we started to call her Nani Ji !! She was very much interested to click photographs with us and on this cost she provided us a number of useful information about the area, which actually helped us a lot during our stay. After a struggle of almost 2 hours workers there opened the way and we passed from that deadly road , by the time we crossed Sangla it was completely dark and the roads were looking quite horrified but we continue to head towards Rakcham.

 Rakcham & Chitkul :

Rakcham is relatively unknown place, located midway between two lesser unknown places, Sangla and Chitkul. The beauty of this small village with a population of 800 defies words – so I have tried using more of snaps than words.

The Village lies of left side of the main road and on the right gloriously flows the Baspa river. The force of water is not as menacing. At places, we could easily walk across to the other side, but as it was dark so we postponed the idea for our return way.

Since it was a spontaneous decision to halt at Rakcham, we approached the first logical shelter located at Chitkul end of the main road. It was seems an ok stay until we wake up in the morning and witness the extraordinarily fantastic view across our room window , which I want you to watch in updated video and this picture clicked  at 4 A.M  here and you can realize the joy we had.

As we were the first arrivals of the season, hotels were empty and we got really a good discount and from the owner of hotel we have arranged one Scorpio with Driver named Mr. Ballu which we used to call Ballu Bhaiya for rest of our journey. We had a great dinner as hotel owner offered food from his own kitchen.

Next day, the first agenda on our schedule was to visit the village, which was just across the road from the hotel. We have visited Kali and Shiva temples, are marvelous structure built by the local people.


Villagers were extremely friendly .Ballu Bhaiya was a local from Rakcham ,he took us to his home and his wife given us some fresh Aple from their backyard garden with a local Himachali cap and according to Ballu Bhaiya I was looking like a Upri kinour ki Chokri ( snap I have put down ) we were overwhelmed receive those beautiful gifts. Here i am  with the local Himachali cap:

Then We started for Chitkul , at a drive time of about 45 min, at noon. Chitkul was very enjoyable and had abundant snow, Anu  and Shruti indulged in their mad monkey acts with thick layers of snow, some snaps of chitkul are here:

We spend almost 3 hours which gave me a lot of time to feel the valley and its charm. We all three were as quite as we were so astonished to see the creation of god!! With beautiful memories, silence, peace and an amazing feeling we started for Kalpa.

Kalpa :

Kalpa is a small town (rather village) surrounded by Apple orchards and beautiful landscapes. Two main paved roads cover the upper and lower part of this town. The major portion of this town is situated along the lower road. But all the good hotels are situated on the upper road And Since, it’s not a very famous destination in the conventional tourist circuit, the shortage of the rooms are not a problem in Kalpa so we decided to find a hotel later and started to visit the local temples and main market.

There are no particular sightseeing spots in Kalpa. You have to just walk along the upper road or on the lower road passing through the middle of apple orchards to enjoy the beauty of nature and solace of Kalpa. And we spent some time like this roaming arround and decided not to check in, instead we started our journey towards kaza from Kalpa.

Kalpa- Reckong peo- Nako

So we headed our way towards Kaza, we decided to stop at Poo and continue the journey for a night stay in Nako, but the locals told us that roads are blocked due to landslide and we couldn’t be able to make it today hence we chose to spend the night in Reckong Peo and decided to go to Poo and Nako next day.

So we wake up early morning had our breakfast from the little chef restaurant (it was good) amazing breakfast and started the journey for Poo & Nako. On our way we saw JCB machines were cleaning the roads which made us more excited and adventures for the upcoming journey.

The journey was so beautiful, it seemed like Satluj have joined us for the trip , it was flowing with us off the road, Iron and wooden Bridges, bumpy and destructed roads were making the scenes out of the world.  On first sight it was looking like a different planet we are running on.

Suddenly we guys were seemed lost, we were not talking to each other, scared of blinking even so we can’t miss the inch of this beauty .

The roads were too bumpy and suddenly we saw this funny sign board -Sorry for Ooh Ahh Ouch Inconvenience regretted!! That can make you smile after such a driving .

By the time we reached village names Dubling , the view of the valley got much better , we were able to see the snow on the peaks of the mountains .


It was like we entered to Planet no. 2. The roads turned better and the mountain color , stone , sand was different here, But Satluj River remained  the same .I still remember Shruti said “ Kya pagal Nadi hai yaar , look at the flow man !!”   Give it a look:


Finally we reached Nako , It was looking like a beautiful slot of green farms are welcoming us .

As we get down we three was hearing our heartbeat so clear in our ears , it may be because of the air pressure on height . And we were keep on saying “Yaar, kuch to ho raha hai !!”  So according to Shruti Madam it’s happening because I am hungry, So she took me to a local small café and we had yak milk tea and yak milk cheese Masala Omelet !! And it was not bad. Try this for sure on your visit to Nako.

So we started to explore the Village, It has a natural lake and a small Monastery.

So we spend almost 3 hours in the monastery, watching the new monastery and old as well. It was not allowed to capture the images of old monastery. 

Local People of Nako were amused to see us that you three girls came here alone!! I don’t know why but everyone is saying this to us including Ballu bhaiya. So we were treated slight different and people were behaving so nice with us , they offered us the most delicious peas , sweet as sugar . So Don’t forget to take your bunch when you visit this place next time .

After visiting all the places in Nako, we started to look for a guest house, and easily we found one. We were lucky enough to had our balcony room . That Balcony just gave us so many beautiful memories!! The hotel owner gave us an iron tub for the bonfire and then what we just drank , danced , ate and enjoyed the every bit of It .


Nako – Tabo :

So next day we woke up early as it was so usual practice during this trip ,  Nako to Tabo is around another 2-2.5 hours and through the lovely valley with the Spiti river gorging through with huge flow, we just kept moving ahead.

Again the view was fantastic and we enjoyed the adventure, drive ,air, peace and what not . We just loved this journey completely. See the enclosed and you can guess the level of our excitement.


Here is the another one

Moving this way, we reached to Tabo, by around 5:30PM. Oh my God!! What a beautiful village it is. I was just too excited to visit this so we found a guest house, and we checked in quickly and put the luggage in the room. Without a small delay, we just rushed out of the room to have a view of the village.

The Tabo monastery considered to be one of the oldest and most important, was close and was to be opened next morning. So we decided to walk through the village.

We were just roaming around and we saw Far off in a mountain something is written in big big letters of some other language, after talking to Local people there got to know these are Tibetan letters, the name of the village Tabo.  Oh it’s just awesome.


It was freezing there, but still the entire evening and during late night, we ended up roaming, gossiping with each other There were so many foreigners around our hotel .And because our hotel was having a small café , they all were there till late in the night , so we just sat together with born fire , Guitar , Books and other musical instruments  in café and enjoyed talked , danced , had delicious warm food .

Finally It was time for some sound sleep and way to go ahead the next day, so we three returned to our room and slept with so many plans in eyes for the next day.

The next day we got up early in the morning, Because morning time is very beautiful in Himachal we did not want to slip on that so immediately after waking up we left to explore some more places but within one hour we came back took bath , got ready and had a lovely and heavy breakfast from the hotel.

Our first target was to visit Tabo Monastery, So till the time the monastery temples were open, we saw the entire monastery.

Tabo Monastery is the oldest and the best monasteries in the entire spiti valley, It is huge with around 9 small temples and in a huge area. It was established more than  1000 years back.

Went back to the monastery, One of an old Monk helped us showed us all the 9 temples. Photography was not allowed inside. He showed us the different prayer halls, the different avatars of The Buddha, and also the next avatar of Buddha. Inside the temples it’s really dark. He showed us the different Buddhist gods and calligraphy of gods fighting the daemons in the walls.



We went to every inch of the Monastery and  Shruti was just gone mad with the Holy gongs , running every time behind those gongs :

We went to few more places in the village, before around 10:00 AM it was time to leave for the next destination.

Tabo- Kaza

Our next destination was Kaza. Kaza is on height of 12000 ft.. Our Plan was to cover Kibber, Key Monastery the lovely town of Kaza. As we move towards, Kaza, the road becomes more beautiful, the valley becomes more adventurous and beautiful and we reach up more height. So we were stopping and capturing the selfies and pictures.

Normally it is not recommended to go at such heights if you have breathing problem or heart problem.

So around 11 O’clock we reached Kaza. Kaza is a lovely small city in the Spiti valley we checked in into a beautiful hotel, located at a nice location right beside the Kaza monastery. The Kaza Monastery was so beautiful and colorful. We almost spend 2 hours there. As we entered we hear a strange amazing sound coming right from the Monastery. These were monks who were praying and playing music trough their traditional instruments.  Unfortunately I have missed the video clip of this moment but here Is a beautiful picture of the Monastery.


The view in front of the monastery was nowhere less than breathtaking. So Anu & Shruti started to pose and I became the photographer.


As we were visiting the places nearby we saw a very beautiful and cute old lady, she was saying something to us but we didn’t understand the local language so we ended up clicking one picture:


We continued to visit the several places, right beside the monastery there were seven holy gongs were in a line which was looking fantastic and I did not let this chance to go and clicked another snap of the journey, you can see the background , how clouds were playing hide & seek with us .


You can see the stones near gongs , it was not usual ,There was something holy in Tibetan language was  written on those stones take a clear look here :

Time was stretching, as we had to cover Kibber also the same day. We started for Kibber around 14 KM from Kaza but because of height, it takes time to reach.

The plan was to cover Kibber and then Key Monastery (which is around 7 KM from Kaza). Key monastery was on way and sideways, so accordingly Ballu Bhaiya took us first to Kibber, while coming back we were to visit Key monastery.

Kaza to Kibber and Keylong Monastery and Kaza return :

On our way from Kaza to Kibber , we found some snow near the road and after seeing those the monkeys inside us again woke up and we enjoyed there for 30 minutes with snow ,some of the moments are captured by Ballu Bhaiya.

We reached Kibber, as we touched the milestone we realized it’s a trip of lifetime, we hugged each other opened our beer bottles and made a toast for this wonderful journey, as this was our highest destination and no other place can be better for this celebration.


Kibber is almost at a height of around 14500 ft and a very beautiful village. I was surprised to see that how these small villages are fully developed. They have schools, developed houses, govt. offices even internet cafes also.

The overall view of Kibber was awesome.

We had our lunch here in a local café, which Shruti did not like much and anyone can guess this by watching this picture. She ordered thungpa :P !!

So after relaxing we started our journey again and our next destination was Key Monastery which is on way back to Kaza, but situated on slightly different direction. Situated at a height of around 13500 ft., Key Monastery is the largest monastery at such a hill top and is a tourist’s paradise.

The route to these monasteries are on the edges and quite dangerous. But it didn’t make much difference on us as we were too excited as The Key monastery at such a height provides another gorgeous view of the Spiti River. Apart from that, it is the biggest monastery at a hill top, and beautiful inside.

The monastery was looking like a king’s crown from far:



And as we entered the main gate of the Key Gompa , I literally goose bumps with the serenity of that place:

 We spend some good time here with the monks here, they offered us a special kind of tea , but after watching this snap everyone was teasing s we had shorts of Rum:

We captured some more pictures here with the monks and the beauty of this place.

The entire coverage of Key monastery was done by around 6.00 PM and we were back on cab for Kaza.  We moved back to our hotel room, where we celebrated completion of this trip.  We have opened our special Chardeni which we bought for the moment, enjoyed and took a promise that every year we’ll plan something like this trip and will steel our escape from the routine things .Next day our journey was next day’s journey for Manali via Rohtang Pass and from Manali to Delhi back.   And like this we have finished our trip on a good note.

And now after 2 years of this trip still we see pictures and got that feeling back.  And I highly recommend all the girls and boys out there to just go and enjoy the breathtaking beauty and adventure of The Himalayas.

It’s worth going once in entire life. So go and write me all your stories , make them interesting by let yourself free  and never forget to share these delights with me

Waiting for all the stories.
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