we were bored for sixth so we did this cause am shirt how can you not

Winter Blossoms

Jumin x MC Week Day 1: AU

Ah, here I see my first story for the event week, set in the HP AU! I’m adding a request I got about them having complimentary Patronuses in too. This baby is just shy of 7k words, so enjoy! 

Another summer set behind her as the Hogwarts Express made its way from the station. MC wandered down the corridor, looking for her friends. She hadn’t heard from them for much of the summer, save for an occasional owl here and there. Last she knew, they had made a new friend with some girl and were enjoying spending the summer with her. MC paused at a compartment, a familiar flash of mint hair catching her eye. She peered in, to find Jumin and Jihyun laughing and talking with a young blonde witch, her silver and green scarf contrasting her emerald eyes. They were all too lost in conversation to notice MC standing there, and as much as she could feel the jealousy bubbling inside her, she chose to find an empty compartment and seethe in private. She set to sorting her bag and trying not to relive the way the boys’ eyes glimmered as they laugh at some inner joke. The way they didn’t even notice her standing there, looking in from the outside.

The journey was long and uncomfortable, she had never been a fan of isolation and couldn’t shake the hurt of seeing them so entranced by someone other than her. Jihyun didn’t sting as much, but Jumin…. She decided not to think about it too hard.

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