we were all thinking of him during this line

Some years ago, I was incredibly in love with a boy. It was this kind of love which is really intense. It was this kind of love which don’t need words but just a look or a smile. It was love at first sight. At least, for me…because he doesn’t felt the same. I really loved him and we were in the same class for only a year and it was my worst year at school. I was bullied by mean girls and mean boys everyday. They made me feel not beautiful at all so I was very sad and I didn’t want to go to school anymore. I didn’t give up and there are mostly two reasons of why I’ve never give up. You and him. You, Taylor, you were always there for me with your music and you helped me so much to stay strong. Him, I can’t say that he was in love with me but I can’t say that he wasn’t in love with me either. First of all, we were friends. He was the only person I wanted to see in school and the only person who made me happy in school. He was always the first to come talk to me in the morning, he always smiled at me, he was always so sweet with me. When I was about to cry in front of these mean girls and mean boys, he watched me, he told me a joke or something to make me laugh and he smiled at me to make me feel better. He also defended me sometimes and I can’t thank him enough for that. I never told him that I loved him, I’ve had regrets for years for that, and he never told me that he loved me but there was something magical between us. When we were together, we were so happy, we smiled so much, we laughed so much, he always knew how to make me so happy and I felt beautiful when he watched me. As you can see it, he was really important for me during this year. Now, it’s still really intense everytime I see him in the city. No words, just one really intense look and a smile sometimes. Today, I’m fine and I’m so happy but let me explain why I choose this picture of you and Austin Spacy. Austin makes me think of my first love during All You Had To Do Was Stay in the 1989 World Tour. When you sing this song on stage, you sing this line “You were all I wanted but not like this” right in front of him. I completely know this feeling. It’s like me singing that right in front of my first love. We were friends but I wanted more, but we were friends and he saved me, like you did too Taylor. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for everything you keep doing for me Taylor. You teached me that I can be happy without being in love of a boy. Thank you so much for everything!!!! I love you so much Taylor!!!! ❤️ @taylorswift

Making Out With Topp Dogg

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I’ve been so busy that I haven’t gotten anything done. I’ll be writing starting tomorrow. In the mean time, enjoy the next installment of “making out with..” Next are 24K and UNIQ! I tried to keep it at a minimal amount but…well, enjoy.

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The Only Thing That Keeps Me Sane

The clock struck one AM.

Don got up to get his usual mid-shift cup of coffee, Margery was trying to explain to a belligerent drunk that no, he couldn’t have his toddler arrested for removing his diaper and smearing its contents across the TV, but she was happy to send a squad car over, and I was wrapping up a car accident call. It was the kind of call I preferred; an upset, but unharmed driver rear ended at a red light, no injuries, no need for an ambulance, just send some cops to write up a report.

The kind where everyone got to walk away at the end.

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things that happened at snl:

– well first of all i had nothing to drink besides lots of coffee and some lemonade the entire day and that was a mistake
– SECOND of all as we were lined up to go into the studio i saw rob mcelhenny and kaitlin olson in the vip area directly across from us and i kept staring at him (sorry rob) and saying “oh my god i can’t wait to tell ilja”
– when melissa came out i think my entire soul left my body. i was screaming so loud
– i was screaming so loud during ALL the sketches and half the screams/laughs on the tape are probably from me
– THEY HAVE LIKE FOUR SETS GOING ALL THE TIME… my stage crew ass is so shook they’re so skilled at putting everything together in time and making it look so GOOD
– KATE WAS SO CUTE IN JUST DESSERTS??? but she had a little piece of confetti on her wig the whole time and i just wanted to brush it off
– HAIM WAS SO CUTE????? once it cut to commercial and they were heading out i screamed “I LOVE YOU AND I’D DIE FOR YOU” and then also i blew a kiss to them after they blew one to the audience. iconic
– i saw so many wholesome interactions with the entire cast during the goodbyes it was too much
– and then after that i fell asleep somewhere on the nj turnpike at 2:30 am and my entire body is still aching. also i’m pretty sure i got sick… let me die from this blessed snl experience

just one night - michael clifford part 2

so this is by far the most requested piece i’ve ever written so sorry if it doesn’t live up to expectations, but i feel like i finally owed you guys an explanation for that car crash… 

  part 1 

 It had taken you 3 days to leave the house after you’d broken up.

 It had taken you 6 weeks to stop crying every night as you fell asleep alone.

 It had taken you 2 months to send all of Michael’s belongings littered round your apartment back to him.

 It had taken you 5 months to stop your heart racing every time you saw his face on twitter or heard his name on the radio. 

 It had taken you 7 months to finally start to feel a sense of freedom. 

 And only 1 night for all of that to come crashing down. 

 As soon as Michael had walked into your hospital room it had felt like a cruel twist of fate, the one person invading your thoughts seemed to have been drawn to you by them. He couldn’t have known could he? Couldn’t have known he was the reason you were lying in that bed. A part of you said that you shouldn’t blame him, that he had helped by bringing you home and looking after you. But another part of you said that he had known exactly what he was doing, that holding you in his arms again was as fatal as drowning you. As you walked to the bookstore where you worked at weekends, you still avoided driving as much as you could, you replayed the events of that night over in your head again. 

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HI! HI! I found your blog while exploring about 3 days ago and I have been reading the story times and I loved them, so I thought I should submit some of my own! I have had a lot of encounters with Asian guys but today I’ll share 2 today, They are tied to each other (THEY WILL BE LONG, sorry) 

about me: dark chocolate skin, 5'1, almond shaped eyes (people think i have some Asian in me but i’m 100% African…i think) , average body type (i’m not chubby or anything, nor am i skinny….so in the middle i guess) 

1) This is my Junior year in high school (a year ago) and my 3rd year of Japanese class. Each year we have an exchange with our Japanese sister school in Yokohama (they visit us in the spring, we visit them in the summer) and they stay for about a week. I have been hosting since my freshman year. I was planning to go to Japan that summer for the exchange program so i needed to host someone. So far i had hosted a girl and a boy my past years. So junior year i decided to host a boy.  I see this boy (i’m going to call him TAKEN) we were born the same year and we had some things in common like manga and anime. In his picture he was okay looking (kinda dull). So I’m not thinking romantically about TAKEN, unlike other girls that decided to host boys.

We talk over the winter break to get to know each other. He seems like a regular guy that likes anime, manga video games, but he’s an only child so he’s kind of a introvert. The day comes when the students arrive i’m all excited and ready to host. i gave him my room (it was the cleanest i had ever seen it). the first day he’s still shy and i’m an extrovert so i start dragging him out of his shell and he became more open with me. we found out we both liked this Japanese game show and since then he decided to show me his favorite anime (bokurano) and TAKEN forgot to tell me this show was slightly X-Rated. we watch it and it’s not until episode 5-6 (spoiler alert) one of the girls had a thing for her teacher so she goes to his apartment and it turns out they were bought to do the nasty and i’m watching like O-O and TAKEN on his phone not paying attention. When the girl started moaning i was dead (they didn’t show what actually happened, only sound). i busted out laughing and fell to the floor. I was like nooooo. TAKEN was like “fast forward!, fast forward!” we called it a night after that episode xD.

One morning TAKEN needed an adapter cause his was broken and i’m getting ready for school and i’m in my towel and with a t-shirt on… and he knocks on my door and TAKEN’s eyes all like o-o “…i need a adapter”. I’m looking for an adapter and TAKEN is just standing there looking at me look for the plug and i had to tell him i would bring it to him before he realized he should be getting ready for school too. He comes to class with me some days and so we’re walking to class and he’s behind me taking his time. we’re already late to class so no one’s in the halls. we’re walking and then i felt someone grab my butt. I TURNED AROUND mad as hell! looked straight into TAKEN’s eyes ready to start cursing him out. I realized TAKEN was about 4  feet away from my back and then i saw my best friend and it turned out she was the one that grabbed my butt. TAKEN was laughing. He knew the plan whole time. we had fun that week but soon TAKEN’s last day came and we’re talking and he’s packing to leave and he’s like i hope to see you again. I told him I would be going to his school his summer and TAKEN just lights up he’s like “seriously! that’s great, i’ll be waiting for you when you come to Japan.” He’s like hopefully i can host you when you come to Japan. It’s not allowed at that school, i think because they don’t want the guys trying anything on the girls. THE DAY TAKEN LEAVES my arm was hooked around his arm and we were couple walking the whole time before he left. everyone is looking at us like o-o…tf happened during your week. he grew on me and I had a mini crush on him. nothing serious. He’s not the crying kind of guy so when we he got on the bus he just waves and says bye and once he got back to Japan we were on line messaging each other every day. I didn’t think he was interested until i got to Japan.

2) My trip was coming up to go to Japan and i was unsure who was going to host me yet. i get a message from TAKEN all excited and he tells me he has good news. He tells me HE WOULD BE HOSTING ME. I’m excited and wondering how, he told me he asked his teacher and she said it was okay since we knew each other already. I go to Japan. Everyone is having panic attacks because being in Japan has been all of our dreams. We get to the school after a long bus ride. We had to go to this room and have the school staff introduce themselves. after all that my home skillet-biscuit (the first boy i hosted) pops up into the room and is like where is she! he saw me and we ran to each other. BIG  hugs and everything. we were about happy ass sh*t to see each other (i haven’t seen him in 2 years)! we’re talking and he’s teasing me about how my Japanese still sucks (he’s like an adorable older brother to me).

After a while he had to go back to class but his class was my host classroom so we were gonna chill later. I had to use the bathroom and TAKEN was still in class so there was no rush. i’m walking back to the meeting room and ran into some cute upper class men and they were smiling like hella hard and looking me up and down, i’m not the shy kind of girl so i’m like KONNICHIWA! and wave and these dudes were like woah! and said it back all excited. i get back to the class room the door is wide open and there’s like double the amount of people in there than there was originally. and i hear “where’s …?” and someone turns and is like oh there she is, she’s back from the bathroom. I thought i was in trouble. I heard a swoosh! and someone running at me yall! I turn and TAKEN is running at me (this is the first time seeing him with so much energy) he hugs me tightly and he’s like how was your trip! i’m so glad your here! There was a welcome assembly for my group so he had to go back to class. i see him in the hall way and he’s waving all excited like hey!! and i waved back (he was being extra cute that day)the ceremony was over, and i’m talking to all my friends from 2 years ago they all remembered me so we were just reminiscing. Our group had to leave, we said our goodbyes. and i’m last to leave. out of no where this one boy comes towards me. He had guts because the other boys would just stare. He comes to me, starts walking with me an introduces himself and i’m smiling because he was nervous and cute at the same time. he tells me he’s singing at the school festival and he would like me to come see him and i’m like i would love to. i get the info and he’s smiling but the whole time there were these annoying Japanese girls behind us and me teacher was rushing me. the girls were just laughing at us/him (looking at us) the whole time (i gave them my death glare cuz they had me fkd up, they stopped after i peeped them). Me and the boy go our separate ways but i didn’t get to see him sing because we had a set schedule to follow and it was disappointing because i wanted to see him perform, i feel like i let him down.

FAST FORWARD. Me and TAKEN finally start going to his house. he lives 2 hrs away from his school and i was like brrrrruuuuhhhhh!! We finally get to his house and i hear the pitter patter of someones small feet running towards the door. IT WAS HIS MOM! we were about the same height! she’s so happy and is like hello hello! welcome!! and i hugged her and she seems excited to have a daughter for the week! his dad didn’t arrive until later that night (his dad is ridiculously tall!  6’-6'2) and TAKEN looks EXACTLY LIKE HIS DAD! and if TAKEN gets that tall imma have to wear heels.

FAST FORWARD. I woke in the morning with a cold because i slept right next to the A/C in my room. TAKEN’s is laughing at me because he warned me but it was too hot outside for me to care. FAST FORWARD. One night i was in TAKEN’s room and we were chilling and playing shogi and talking, after i lost the game he told me there was a secret way to get from his room to my room. and i was like seriously (this boy is sneaky). there was like a balcony outside our rooms that attached and he helped me get out the window and we were walking through the path, the stars were out we stayed out there for a bit and it was perfect. One day TAKEN couldn’t go to school because he had a tournament.  So my host mom took me to school. we bonded and all. I came back and once the door closed i heard someone running. it was TAKEN. i walked up the stairs and i see him by my room waiting for me cheesing extra hard. i chuckled because all the noise he made just to try and act slick xD. I ask him how the tournament was he was like he lost but he didn’t care too much.

TAKEN was really nice and happy that whole week. he surprised me with a trip to a really big mall knowing l love to shop (we were there for hours, i think he regretted it after a while xD). When we were in one of the clothing shops (we were the only two in there) i found these shorts that i loved and I called TAKEN to come over and see them on me and he was like yassss they look good on you. so i had to buy them. The cashier asked if we were together romantically and TAKEN started blushing and turned his face away from me. me and the cashier lady is laughing because she’s sorry that she made him turn red….He’d always offer to hold my bags. We had mini dates though he didn’t say they were. we went into purikura (Japanese photo booth) together and took the cutest pictures. This boy was so comfortable in there, he put his hand around my hip and shoulder. we were really close to each other. when i showed his dad the pictures. his dad was smiling extra big! and looked at me and TAKEN like ohh! I SEE YOU SON! tbh we were acting like a couple that whole week. we didn’t drift too far from each other whenever we were with the other groups we were always next to each other. We had a end of festival party with his class and me and another girl that was getting hosted was there. we went to KBBQ and we had options where we pay one price and we get as much meat as we order! my cutey pie TAKEN was grilling the meat like a boss. He was only worried about me he cooked our meat and he was putting the food on my plate saying try this. how do you like it. i was geeking because he was a total sweet heart. He became so comfortable he would always take pictures with his arm around me (even with others around) our last night together we ate noodles together watching t.v. the day i had to leave i was taking pictures with the family. my host dad was trynna be cute and was like oh let’s get a picture with you and TAKEN (with a devious smile) . TAKEN was like “chiiiiilllllll!”  and i’m blushing extra hard. but his mom hit TAKEN’S dad on the arm and was like chill your making her uncomfortable. so we didn’t take the picture. we didn’t really need it we had purikura and cute selfies.

It was time for me to leave and get in the taxi and TAKEN is sad. i can tell. everyone is giving hugs and goodbyes. I hug him extra tight and he’s hugging me extra tight back. I told him to keep in contact. we get in the taxi and my seat is all the way in the back of the car. and so TAKEN is shaking hands saying bye.and than he gets to my hand and he doesn’t doesn’t let go. keep in mind i’m in between to 2 people sitting in front of me. we stare into each others eyes(we didn’t break eye contact once) and we both see each other’s sadness. he says goodbye (still holding my hand and looking in my eyes) we are looking into each others eyes and other people, Japanese and american, our teachers too! were looking at us like o-o……and than he finally let’s go and my hand dropped. taxi door closes and everyone in the car starts to cry so my sadness went from 70%-100% so fast and i start crying more than i usually do. like this dude just stole my soul and heart when he looked at me like that. I got back to the states and we message. it’s been a year since i’ve been in Japan. we still talk a lot. but it’s slowly fading because he is so far from me and he has college exams coming up soon.

Right now i have no romantic feelings towards him but I’ll catch y'all up if anything happens in time or some years when i go back to Japan.

Sorry my story was all over the place. I hope you like it. I have other stories i’ll submit (i’ll try to make them not so messy) <3

KPMBW: OMG you hit me hard in the feels! if this was made into a movie, I would watch it and yes! please keep us up to date, I hope you two can see each other again!!! <3

placeholdersong - 2:14:15, 6.26 PM

The music in The Time of the Doctor was beautiful, and more than just that, it had significance too.

I Am the Doctor, the iconic theme most associated with the Eleventh Doctor, was nowhere to be heard in this episode. Gone was the clever, devilish, “Just you watch me get myself out of this one,” with a wink and a jammy dodger Doctor, the Doctor that almost always appears with a cunning solution whenever this music plays.

Instead, the Eleventh Doctor of this episode has come to terms with his fate and become set in his ways as a literal old man, and it’s not he who pulls out a solution and saves everyone at the end of the day: it’s Clara, when she asks for help through the crack. 

It also seemed worth noting the fact that little Amelia’s theme played when the Doctor spoke to the young redheaded boy Barnable, who wished to fly away with the Doctor in the TARDIS if he was in fact leaving the town. Centuries later, the Doctor mistook another young man as Barnable, and continued to refer to him as Barnable, which seemed symbolic of how he forever could still see Amelia within Amy, and Amelia within any lonely child looking for adventure.

But the saddest and most moving to me was the music that played just before the final phase of his regeneration, right when he slipped off his bow tie, so symbolic of how Eleven can wear a tie like a proper adult should, but only if it’s arranged in a bow and decidedly cool. (Like the Fourth Doctor said, “There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

The music, a bit from the track titled The Sad Man With a Box, is the same bit that plays during the Series 5 finale, when Eleven says his goodbyes to little Amelia at her bedside as she drifts off to sleep, knowing that once she is asleep she will never again remember who he is, like a metaphorical death of sorts to him.

(If you recall, he tells her to “live well and love Rory,” which could also be seen as a spookily literal and premature final goodbye to her, as Amy eventually leaves him forever to live well and love Rory in another time.)

And what happens just before this music plays and Eleven drops his bow tie?

Amy Pond appears to him, and she tells him goodnight.

Instead of the Raggedy Man tucking her into bed to say his goodbyes (presumably) forever while this theme plays, it’s she who sends him off to sleep this time.

Eleven told little Amelia during that moment that “we’re all just stories in the end.” And here, in this new scene, I think that the significance of that line is apparent once again.

Because with the removal of that bow tie and that regeneration, he’s ready to grow up and move on: there will be other ways to be childish, other ways to change into new people without forgetting about the ones that you were, and new twists to add in the stories that we all become in the end.

(edit: Sadly, this post has been edited to remove the gorgeous bit of music in question, and instead replace it with a few seconds of silence. This has been done in order to avoid any sort of copyright infringement due to the recent panic of account termination across Tumblr. You can listen to the song here.)

Evacuation of Anzac and Suvla at Gallipoli

Soldiers and guns evacuating from Suvla Bay.

December 19 1915, Anzac Cove–By the night of December 18, the British had evacuated most of their forces from Anzac and Suvla, leaving only 20,000 men at each. These were to be evacuated in two final, nerve-wracking nights.  During this time, the remaining forces did all they could to give the false impression of being at their complete strength.  Private William Crowley recalled:

A lieutenant in the Army Service Corps, he got some mule carts filled with petrol tins that they used to carry the water in. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘I want you to take them up as near to the Turkish front line as you can, Piccadilly Circus, and run them round, make as much noise as ever you can to let him think we were bringing stuff up.’ And I did!

The Turkish kept up their usual shelling–which happened to increase in intensity around this time as most of their shells were now coming from Germany and were less likely to be duds.  The few British guns left wore themselves out responding in kind, which did seem to convince the Turks.  Col. Hans Kannengiesser, commanding Turkish troops around Suvla, wrote:

…the enemy had maintained their accustomed rate of fire on our positions throughout the 18th and 19th December.  In addition the enemy fire from the trenches was as usual.  The enemy, during the last few days, had worked hard to improve his position….That appeared to indicate the intention of a stubborn resistance.    

On the night of the 19th, there were about 10,000 men left at each of Anzac and Suvla, to be evacuated in three waves.  The later waves had the difficult job of imitating an army ten times its own size, and used a variety of contraptions to do so.  One man recalled:

We rigged up a can of water which dripped into another can underneath and that was attached to the trigger of a gun.  As it dripped down, the weight increased and it pulled the trigger.  It sounded like continuous firing.  You put more water in some than others so that it fired sooner.

Other devices sent up flares and exploded mines.  At around 1AM on the 20th, the last wave began to leave the front lines, with the last frontline position left at 3:14.  As the last boats were leaving, the remaining supplies that could not be evacuated were set alight, as had been planned:

When I went off that night I went through the main depot to get to the ship and I’ve never been among so much oil and stuff in my life, it was running all over everywhere.  So it would be a blaze when it was lit!  There were notices everywhere, 'No Smoking’, because of fire.

The fires alerted the Turks to the evacuation, but the British and ANZAC forces were already safely away.  There had been no casualties, excepting “one keen soul who had mopped up a good many tots of rum, and then fell over.”  The Turkish forces were not so fortunate, as Col. Kannengieser recalled:

We crossed our front-line trenches and there we stood in No-Man’s Land between the opposing front lines.  Mines continually detonated around us and still cost many unnecessary lives.  I took with me five Arabs and sent them ahead to look for mines.  My staff had never remained so respectfully behind me!

The main supply dumps had been burned, but the occasional front-line cache of rations or possessions could still be found untouched where they had been left.  One lucky Turkish officer found a gramophone, with a nearby attached note:

So long, Johnny.  It’s all yours.  Love from Australia.

Today in 1914: Enver Pasha Takes Command in the Caucasus

Sources include: Lyn Macdonald, 1915; Nigel Steel & Peter Hart, Defeat at Gallipoli.

I saw and met Set It Off yesterday. When they came out before the show, they really tried their best to be nice to the fans (Dan, Maxx and Zach, at least; all the fans kinda ignored Austin because of the thing), but you could see that they were very upset. They all looked very tired and Austin himself looked like he’d been crying his eyes out.

While waiting in line we heard the news that Austin got kicked out. During the M&G (which Austin didn’t attend; he didn’t play the show either) I got pretty upset because of the Austin-thing, because I’m just pretty disappointed in him, but they were all so nice and understanding about it.

I do genuinely think that the rest of the band does care about their fans and that they are very upset about what happened. They seemed so pissed at Austin, which shows that Austin probably didn’t admit the things he’s done before it blew op on Tumblr and Twitter, and the rest of the band didn’t know about it for sure before that. I’m glad they made this decision and I will continue to support this band’s music.

My “When I made you cry “ Theory

I am the only one thinking that “When I made you cry” is about Pete ? 

Like come on “ Now my legs creak and I’m thirsty. Still, you always fill my cup

We all know how the hiatus was hard for Pete ; like the guy loose everything : his band, his mariage, his best friend “ Well I thought you were a mountain until I saw you erupt “ . Like Patrick always thought that’s the hiatus was the best things for them, always thoughts that Pete and him were on the same line about it…

 I’m pretty sure, even if they didn’t speak that much during the hiatus that’s Pete always send lyrics to Patrick and the lines “ And I’ve labored all this paper as a way to let you know ; That I’m sorry if I ever made you cry

We went to our first agility trial in 4 months this past Saturday. We took a short break per the recommendation of our new agility trainer because we wanted to work on Gatsby’s start line stay issues (among other things). I’ve been really really working him on that during class every week, as well as every chance I could outside of class (lots of impulse control games, stopping at doorways until I release him, etc.). I also upped my criteria during class. So, if he so much as moved one paw forward before I released him, we reset and basically, he doesn’t get to run unless I release him. I got a LOT of sass from him during these past 4 months training this, but I’m incredibly overjoyed to report that all our training so far has paid off.

We were entered in 5 runs on Saturday and Gatsby HELD ALL OF HIS START LINES LIKE A FRIGGIN’ BOSS. He was relaxed at the start line, as opposed to being insanely antsy like before, which ALWAYS resulted in taking off too early, off courses, and zoomies. 

He was much more focused at this trial than he has ever been and I think we ran our best runs to date this past weekend. We had some minor issues but they were all handler’s errors (read: my fault). I’m so incredibly proud of him, you guys. 

Out of five runs, we qualified in four and placed 1st in all five classes. 

(And of course, no agility ribbon picture is complete without a picture of Scout totally stepping all over her brother’s ribbons. Sigh. #scoutlife)

ok, here is my Streetcar experience!  i want to start by saying i’m sorry i didn’t introduce myself to any of you.  i wanted to, but being a fan of gillian’s for the last 19 years has felt like a solitary experience (because i don’t have any in-person friends who are fans), so i wanted the first time i saw her to be a solitary experience too.  i’d love to meet up with you all next time i’m in NY, though.

so.  a few minutes before they opened the theater for seating, i was standing near the bar talking to my dad.  someone brushed by my back and said, “should we go in this way?”  my dad looked past me and said, “i know that face.  i think he’s an actor.”  it’s hard to describe the feeling i had at this moment, but i knew it was david because i realized the voice i’d heard was familiar, but i’d recognized it only subconsciously before my dad pointed it out.  i turned around, and sure enough, i caught david’s profile, the back of his head, and his skinny little jeans-clad legs.  the thoughts i had at this moment were “how can this be happening?” AND “of course this is happening.”  it almost felt like i knew he was going to be there.  over the last few months i’ve thought to myself occasionally ‘wouldn’t it be funny if david were there the night i’m there.  haha, yeah right.’  but it happened.  THIS WORLD IS SO STRANGE.

at this point i was really hoping people would be respectful and not bother him. one of the ushers came out to say seating was about to start, so everyone rushed to the bathroom.  it’s AMAZING how quickly word spread that david was there.  everyone was whispering about it in the bathroom.  i was getting anxious over the possibility that he would be mobbed by fans.  thank god, it didn’t happen.  (WTF IS WITH THOSE BEAUTIFUL BUT IMPOSSIBLE SOAP DISPENSERS??)

after the bathroom, i went into the theater and couldn’t believe that my second-row seat was so close to the stage.  maybe 6 feet away.  holy shit.  i forbid myself from looking around to see where david was, telling myself that calmness is a virtue, and that a celebrity’s privacy is important.  so i didn’t look for him, but i saw him anyway.  i had feelings of confusion and also smugness, as some have said, when i realized my seat was better than his.  

(as an aside, i was so glad he was there.  i was so glad i was getting to experience gillian on stage in the same room where david was experiencing it, and i was so glad that after being a fan for 19 years, i got to be in the same room with both of them by sheer luck.)

the moment gillian entered was something i can’t describe, other than to say, as everyone else has said, that there was a silent but definite intake of breath throughout the entire audience.  and the pause was magnificent.  so tense, so foreboding.  she is SO VERY GOOD at her job.  she’s an amazing actress.  she plays blanche with so much heart and soul and vigor, and i feel honestly lucky that i got to see the play in person.  thank you gillian, thank you fates.

i could gush endlessly about the play itself, but i’m not going to here.  

i glanced at david a few times throughout, and he was watching intently, as some of you have said.  at one point, he was sitting the same way as in the “i invented it” scene from “home again,” with his cheek resting on one fist, and at another point, he was leaning forward with his chin resting on both fists.  i didn’t look at him during the standing ovation because i felt that it was more important to look at gillian (who may have made eye contact with me but it was hard to tell because of the spotlights).

when we were leaving the theater, david was a few people behind me, but by the time i got out, he wasn’t there anymore.  i want to hear from all of you who saw him go back stage, and did he really wait there the whole time she was signing?  the line was looong.

so, i think a lot of you were directly behind me in line.  again, i’m sorry for not introducing myself.  i was having a surprisingly easy time maintaining my chill, and i didn’t want to tip the balance.

my interaction with gillian was brief but really sweet.  i didn’t bring anything for her to sign.  i wanted the moment to be about me expressing thanks and not asking her for anything.  i made her a little bag, pictured above, with a mix CD and a short letter.  when i got up to the window, i gave her the bag and she picked it up and said “ohh, what’s this??!!”  i briefly explained that i made it for her and that i didn’t have anything for her to sign, and she thanked me twice and smiled and we held eyes for a minute and then i said goodbye.  it was lovely.  (she was in half english-accent-mode and i had expected her to be in full american-accent-mode so that surprised me but is otherwise inconsequential.  was it the same for you guys?)

so that’s my story!  again, i don’t expect it to happen, but if gillian says anything about the bag on twitter, please let me know.

<3 <3 <3 

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“Sakura refused to leave Sasuke’s side while we were all on that mission… so she had no choice but to give birth to Sarada-chan at our hideout!”

I am so bothered by that line because Sakura sticking around with them wasn’t the only reason why she managed to stay around. I really really really think Sasuke approved of even actually letting her stay with him during that mission and it wasn’t because Sakura was being ‘clingy’, as in SASUKE LETS her stay with him. 

And Sakura was pregnant. Sasuke didn’t leave her alone during that period.

Meryl and Maks Recap for 12/03/14 an 12/04/14
All right.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, but lets get started, It’s gonna be a long one…. I’ll start with yesterday, because that’s when all the real fun began.  In going back through the postings we’ve gotten today.  I do believe that Meryl arrived in New York either Tuesday Evening, or Wednesday Morning (yesterday).  I think that Meryl and Maks went to lunch at a restaurant near the DWMSoHo studio called Ariana.

Some thought this might have been dinner last night, but the interior of the restaurant doesn’t match the dinner video.

Now, when this was happening, we still did not know for sure that Meryl was there.  The confirmation came yesterday evening at about 7:45 when Maks posted this photo.

Much merriment ensued, to say the least.  So much fun knowing that Meryl and Maks were finally together and that she was supporting him and his jewelry business venture.  I stay red up way, way too late for two reasons.  One, adrenaline, and two, later in the night Alex posted a very short, dark, and shaky snapchat video.  It simply had to be recorded, screen-capped, lightened and scrutinized!!  

We believe the Dinner happened here, at Mari Vanna

Everyone pretty much agreed that Papa C is at the head on the table, Maks to our right, facing away, elbows on table, hands by his face.  The biggest controversy was whether or not Meryl was next to Maks by Papa C or if she was the lady in the beige sweater, a few seats closer to the camera with “four fingers” showing.  I do not believe the beige sweater girl is Meryl because she had red fingernails yesterday and red fingernails today in the rehearsal video.  Biege sweater lady has no fingernail polish, so I don’t think that’s Meryl.

Which brings us to today…..

Thursday 12/04/14

So, the morning began with a radio interview with Meryl and Charlie recorded yesterday as a promo for SWDOI.  The most significant part for us was Meryl’s answers about Maks.  

Interviewer:  Meryl, Meryl sweetheart. Still single, yes?

M: I am officially single, yes I am.

I: Okay, I’m sorry. There is something wrong with that.Um

M: Laughter

I: I know you and Maks have a very close relationship, but not really a dating relationship. Please explain so I can just fantasize that you two will have the cutest kids together  

M: Oooohhhhh

I: What really is the relationship between you and Maks?

M: Yeah, we got along amazingly well, and yes we do have a very close relationship, we are not dating, but we are quite close, we are amazing friends, and I don’t think that is anything that is going to go away any time soon. You know we talk quite often, we’re a big part of each others lives, but you know, not romantically..“ 

To save time, I will repost one of my responses to an anon both about this interview, and about Maks’ that happened a few hours later.

I think Meryl was most honest in her interview for the detroit news.  It was a fluff piece for her local news station.  She said she wanted to keep her private life private.  Laughed and blushed and said she didn’t even want to comment on the rumors about herself and Maks.  

This interview, on the other hand, was #1. a radio interview (easier to say whatever you want, no facial interaction).  #2. An interview specifically about SWDOI, which will be a nationally televised show.  #3. Happening right before she’s going to get seen with Maks A LOT for the next 2 weeks.  

Honestly, her interview seemed a little staged to me.  The interview served it up for her to hit.  ”Now you guys are close, but not dating, right?” ( or something close to that. )  I think she got the message out that she wanted to get out.

I would also like to recognize a very smart anon, who pointed out that Meryl was following the Maks People interview script:

Now Meryl was playing on her phone while Maks got ready for his interview:

11:15 Meryl liked 2 fingernail polish pics and a regandoodle with a teddy bear hashtagged haveyouhuggedyourteddytoday and mistletoepup; 

11:28 Maks posted another pic of him with the instababes from his photo shoot yesterday "Another pic of these beauties I met yesterday! This @buffalojeans #instababes calendar is amazing!” - probably part of his agreement for this campaign is that he posts some of the pics from the shoot on his IG, just think Meryl might have helped him pick which ones to post; 

12:18 Meryl liked a friends LA pic; 

12:19 Meryl liked a winter wonderland pic from bestvacations; 

12:32 Meryl posted an IG video of Charlie from classroom champs;

Maks at 12:30 p.m. EST on the Women’s Radio Network, by WRNW1’s famous host, Lisa Singer.

Maks: I don’t know what I did right to deserve a friend like Meryl, but, you know, I did my best to make her stay on the show as comfortable as possible and, you know, she came off of, um, 17 year pursuit for a gold metal that she just got and, you know, I was a huge fan and I was a huge fan of her personality. We clicked in a very unlikely way because we’re very different, and so for us to, you know, work together was, it was very, like, people that put us together were watching very cautiously, like, “Will this work? Because it doesn’t seem like it should.” You know.

[Interviewer says something like, “those are the best things that do work, when you have that mix.”]

I think so, too, I think that’s why it did, it was kinda like against all odds type of thing, you know. She helped me a lot, I helped her, you know, she, we’re both better people from this experience, and we realized it very – you know – it was a very real realization. So, you know, not to become friends with someone who you admire and who you have so much, um, amazing, uh, things happen to – because, another thing that people don’t understand is when you’re submerged in the show, it seems like it’s a lifetime. Three months is not three months, it’s a lifetime. You know, you are with that person the entire time. You know, in my case, I get very protective, defensive of this person that I’m with, you know, I try to, um, make sure they don’t make mistakes that I’ve made in the past and, you know, that their stay on the show is as comfortable as possible, which in Meryl’s case was pretty much impossible to do because she was also traveling the entire season, and I was traveling with her.

[Maks talks more about traveling and SOI. Interviewer says “You guys were destined to either fall in love with each other or hate each other and basically kill each other by the end of it, so, we’re glad that you chose the other, we’re glad you’re both still living”]

Maks: “We fell in love but our way…no, you’re right, but it wasn’t love according to what everybody wanted, “Oh my God I want them to have Maks and Meryl babies,” it’s not, it’s not, it doesn’t work like that, and that’s what people needed to understand, too, and I think they did, I think they kinda forgave us for, “Oh my God, I saw you guys and you’re gonna have the biggest wedding of reality TV season”, you know, but, um, it wasn’t, it wasn’t that type of love. It was impossible for that type of love to be born on that show, you know. We needed to, you know, just be ourselves, and we were part of a project, and she’s an athlete as well, you know, she knows what this whole thing is about, um, we’re both going after the same goal. In the process, we became really close friends. And that translated to where we are now, where, you know, ah, anything she wants me to do, I’ll do. Anything that I ask her to do she’s more than happy to, you know, to be part of.

The interview had to sort of steer him toward discussing Sway, which they did and the interviewer gave all the pertinent details about the shows and the website, and did the same for his Cantamessa Man jewelry line.  Maks just had to throw in one last thing as they were signing off.  Just like during his Michigan radio interview, when Meryl was with him, as he was saying goodbye, he just had to point out that he was headed to rehearsals with Meryl, "She is in NY, You know”.  Yes, Maks, Yes we know ;)

My thoughts on Maks’ interview were these.  I think anyone can tell by his voice and his words that he is a man in love.  I think it is very true that he will do anything Meryl asks him to do.  I think he (and I’m sure Meryl too) is sick of the constant comments on Social media.  No one wants to be told what to do, even if it’s something you want to do! 

Their relationship is theirs, and they want to keep it that way.  Eventually, they will share with all of us and we’ll have a huge party :)

At 3:07 DWM posted a pic of Meryl with Maks in the background

Shortly thereafter around 3:15 Maks reposted it on FB and added “I’ll be right back just gotta sign some autographs you know how it is… #JustKidding #ShesMorePopular #UtalkingAboutPractice”

Then Meryl posted a short video clip of herself and Maks dancing together!! the Rumba!  Don’t know how long I watched it over and over!  So much passion and beauty.  I don’t know how the other couples dancing in the room could possibly concentrate.  I can’t post videos, but I think you all saw it!

An anon also clued me in on this, a Vera Bradley meet and greet on December 14th CELEBRITY MEET & GREET Dancing with the Stars Season 18 Champions Olympic Gold Medalist Meryl Davis and  Professional Dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy Sunday, December 14, 2 - 4 pm VERA BRADLEY AT DEER PARK TOWN CENTER  20530 N. Rand Road, Deer Park, IL, 60010

Now Meryl had some free time waiting to go to the Charity event that we didn’t know about until a pic was posted!

At 4:32 Meryl liked Vals, Janels, the pic of her from DWM, waltdisney xmas decor pic, 4 puppy pics, a wedding dress, and a Greek Island water pic (You’re killing me with the wedding dresses, Mer) 

4:47 Meryl retweeted DWM tweet of her at DWM waiting for Maks while she was suppposed to be practicing her rumba walks; 4:50 Meryl liked a black gown; 5:16 Meryl liked a blue beaded dress detail, a green and gold outfit; and some dressed up bulldogs;5:46 Meryl liked Kait H, Evan L, Nastia’s, 4 dog photos, and a nail photo and Val’s DWTS tour video; at 5:57 Meryl posted a video of her and Maks practicing their rumba at DWM; at 5:59 Meryl liked a fan pic  

Around 6:45 a pic was posted of Maks and Meryl together at a charity function “@anniebrat  Olympian @meryl_davis and @maksimc @dwts hang out @londonjewelers @americanashops #championsforcharity”  

All I could do was stare.  Legit for like 20 minutes off and on,  Every time it came across my dash I would stare for a while.  They both (especially Maks) just look so happy and calm and at ease.

A few other pics came out of the two of them at the event.   But I’m not gonna post them all because this is already so long.  

I will end with some awesome information from JMeridith’s anon, Maureen.  

Hi Meridith,

I was at the event with Meryl and Maks tonight. They could not have been a cuter couple, seriously.

The animal shelter I volunteer with had this event arranged with London Jewelers for over a month. We brought 8 puppies for adoption. London Jewelers allowed us space inside to show the dogs. London Jewelers is a great supporter of our organization (we are a 501C not for profit).

When I arrived at 5:30, I noticed Mr Okheit at the Cantamessa counter. Not long after, Meryl and Maks arrived. They could not have been nicer. They spoke to absolutely everyone and took pictures with anyone that asked. As you can imagine, Meryl loved the dogs we were showing. I have to tell you that Maks did as well. He held and played with the puppies. Both of them were cuddling with the dogs and one in particular fell in love with Maks. I’m sure there will be pictures of that as there was not a cuter thing in the world to see. I would imagine Meryl fell in love all over again.

I have seen Maks before (during the summer at SWAY and BWAT). He is so handsome. It was my first time seeing Meryl. She is stunning, even more so than what you see in pictures. A volunteer in our group - a big skating fan- was speaking with Meryl. Meryl was so kind and took a great interest in the skating programs nearby on Long Island. I will add that Meryl did say that she would be leaving soon (perhaps as early as tomorrow) as she had to get back to skating practice for her upcoming programs.. She said she would get back here to NY as soon as possible. She loves NY and was very excited to be at the event and see the Cantamessa jewelry line with Maks. They both said practice has gone well.

Everywhere Maks went, whether it was to talk to someone, take pictures, answer Cantamessa questions or fan questions, he was glued to Meryl. If she wasn’t right next to him, he reached for her. It was the same for her. These were automatic gestures. He introduced her to everyone. He made sure she was comfortable. This was a couple in front of us tonight, in words and actions. And if I am not mistaken, she was wearing Maks long grey sweater over her outfit as they left. I said I will see them at SWAY soon enough…they both said thank you!

And p.s.:  try as we did, we could not convince them to adopt a dog tonight!!!



Maureen later added that all of her fellow volunteers assumed Meryl and Maks were a couple from the way they acted with each other.  She did not notice if Meryl was wearing any rings on her right hand.  But she did make some comments about their interactions.  

Were they holding hands? Fingers interlaced?

Yes, they were.

When they first came over to where we were with the dogs (near the front of the store), Maks was in the lead and Meryl stopped to talk to someone. As he continued, he just reached his hand back (without looking) and she took it. 

When they left us to walk around before heading back towards the Cantamessa section, he had his arm around her waist.

Him reaching his hand back is something we’ve seen before after their freestyle when they got to the top of the stairs….sigh!!

So, I think this is all I remember for today, guys.  Yet another trip on the roller coaster.  Yet another “good with the bad”.  Yet another “actions speak louder than words”.   Always listen to their actions and sail on.

Love you all 




Can we talk about this:

I don’t think it’s a throw-away line. Why? Because I think that there were plot-related reasons for Jensen’s shower scene in Meta Fiction, like we were told. Jokingly, but all the same. Wet, naked Jensen Ackles is the perfect distraction for what actually happened during the scene.

External image

Metatron has bound Castiel and starts telling him a story. Cas was always present in this scene, but because of the layering of the story it’s harder to see. Cas was always going to be present in this scene, because Castiel has been present in literally every scene in the show where Dean has been shot from behind standing in front of a mirror. Literally every time we’ve had this shot in the series, Castiel has been there. Physically, he’s not there this time. But the idea of him is there.

The important thing is this:

External image

Dean looks up to the ceiling, to the shower head, where ever. He looks upward, but because of the clever camera angle, this isn’t apparent to the viewer. And then he closes his eyes.

External image

Brooding? Praying. Thinking of Cas. Maybe even remembering something. Something that is clearly painful to him now. Castiel is present in the scene, and not only as an audience.

This scene has bothered me, because of the layering of the story I’m not sure how much of this is supposed to be real and how much is metafiction. Metatron is telling his story to Castiel, but at the same time things are happening in the real world. “None of it was real, but all of it was true”. I think Metatron’s motivation for using this to torment Castiel is in his fundamental misunderstanding of love… and love, and how humanity and Dean are so intricately bound together for him (Castiel loved his father’s creations and it’s because Dean was so utterly human that he literally fell for him, but at the same time Dean has been instrumental in teaching Castiel about humanity, enabling him to truly understand and love it - he loves Dean because he loves humanity, and he loves humanity because he loves Dean).

So, the least we can say is that Dean has thought about the mechanics of shower sex. Maybe with the dude with whom he canonically shares a love of water pressure, I don’t know. Maybe he’s more than thought about it.

What’s interesting is that this story of love and heartbreak and… love was compared to the Notebook. Because the Notebook is famous for having had ten full minutes of scenes added to flesh out the story and fill in gaps in the narrative.

And there have been more than one instance during season 9 that I felt something was missing. Not just the obvious one. The end of Rock and a Hard Place is one that I felt ended abruptly. Road Trip. There are conversations we’ve been hinted at but not been privy to.

So, yeah. I’m calling plot point.

“At one point during the curtain call, the amazingly hot and scantily clad actor (Chester See) who plays the big famous rock star, pulled Frankie into a huge bear hug that was intimate and long.  Frankie looked at Zach the whole time.  I felt like I was at a party seeing someone looking at his boyfriend in reassurance, being hugged by someone else but sharing a look of total trust and happiness with his man.  I didn’t think to look at Zach then, sorry!  We were standing, and all the times I saw Zach’s expressions it was involuntary because of my sight line going right past his face to the stage.  But the look on Frankie’s face during that hug was pretty telling, and really a sweet sight.”

“Whenever Frankie was on stage, his eyes followed him and never moved to anything else no matter what was happening on stage.”

“What was different about Zach’s face from normal people watching a show, was the enormous grin he got from every clever thing Frankie did and the lips-pressed-together shy smile he’d get whenever Frankie did something really impressive.  Normal people smile big at those things, but he looked like a proud mom or something, like it reflected on him whenever Frankie was amazing, which was pretty much any time he was on stage.  It was more like heart eyes than impressed friend.”


anonymous asked:

watched the video you reblogged - and started wondering - when did they start dating???

well, we don’t know anything for sure but here’s my little personal timeline

i think they both knew there was something special between them when they started filming Twilight (2007)- we only have very few BTS looks on that so I’m gonna focus on the promo part

when they started promoting Twilight in 2008 Kristen was still with MA, he even attended some events with her/them. But I think even a blind person could see that RK had something goin on (not meaning they cheated- but- they were obviously very into each other)

they were openly affectionate towards each other - but Kristen stayed with MA. And I think that is what kinda made the later promo events “tensioned”. Rob tortured himself for wanting a taken girl - even if it was quite obvious that this girl liked him as well. I think it all came together during the Rome Film Festival in 2008 

Rob and Kristen were quite “cold” towards each other - not so flirty- each of them being in their on place- thinking - it especially showed dring the PC

So then onto the red carpet - there has been much speculation about the infamous “car breakup” (video) - Kristen and MA supposely broke up before they got out of the car … idk about the ..BUT if you try to lip read RK’ss convo i think they say something about the lines 

K: “we had a fight in the car”

R: *is looking confused*

K: “dude, i had to fight”

R: “are you okay?”


both their moods seem to lighten up after that - and the following events in Rome were almost back to normal. 

So i think that this was kinda the “starting point” - where kristen admitted to herself that she was way more into Rob than she “wanted” 

—-so then no promo for abut 2 months — then JAPAN 2009


i do believe that by that time Kristen and MA had broken up and she told Rob about it - causing them to flirt constantly  - both being happy about it 

i do believe that they “oficially” started dating around that time..cause I strongly believe that by the time of the MTV awards they were in a comitted relationship- may it have been new - but they were

so this is my little timeline - how I think it happened - of course we no absolutely NOTHING …but yeah - a girl can dream, right *wink*

if anyone wants to add or correct somthing - feel free to comment ;)

Love ya,E.

BOOK REVIEW Far From You - Tess Sharpe

 Ok, so I never did this before, but this book was just CLAIMING for a review. Because this book. Oh, this book. IT CONSUMED ME. I didn’t want to sleep. I didn’t want to go to college. I read it in my bed before going to sleep, read it in the bus, read it in class, read it in the bathroom. I didn’t want to do anything other than find out what was gonna happen next. 
 I’ll copy/paste the description from goodreads here, because I’m lazy:

Nine months. Two weeks. Six days.
 That’s how long recovering addict Sophie’s been drug-free. Four months ago her best friend, Mina, died in what everyone believes was a drug deal gone wrong - a deal they think Sophie set up. Only Sophie knows the truth. She and Mina shared a secret, but there was no drug deal. Mina was deliberately murdered.
 Forced into rehab for an addiction she’d already beaten, Sophie’s finally out and on the trail of the killer - but can she track them down before they come for her?”
 I happened upon this book while searching for a explicitly stated bisexual main character. Not a side character. Not a “I only like guys, but sometimes I kiss girls” character. Specially not a “I’M SO QUIRKY AND LIBERAL, I CAN’T CHOOSE, LOL” character. I wanted to read about a person I could relate to, whose bisexuality didn’t define them, but was just part of their lives. A bi person that could actually fall in love and not have a series of flings. THIS WAS THE ONLY BOOK I COULD FIND WITH A CHARACTER LIKE THIS. Of course, I don’t mean that characters as I described before aren’t good or worthy or important. I just wanted something different from the sad norm we, bisexuals, as often portrayed as. And, boy, was I not disappointed! This is not a coming out story. It has two big focus: Sophie and Mina’s relationship AND a murder mystery. The book is told through a series of alternating chapter. Part of them are on the present and focus on Sophie trying to solve Mina’s murder, after she left rehab. The others are glimpses into the girls’ past, moments in their friendship, where we really get to know their relationship. 
 I was blown away by Tess Sharpe’s accurate description of a drug addict 17-year-old with a disability. Oh, Sophie <3. Sophie was me. I was Sophie. Getting into her head was almost a physical experience to me. She was brilliant. Her struggle to stay clean, despite everything, moved me, I loved how she came to accept her faults and past, but did not limit herself because of them. She did everything on her own and really was the moving gear of her own story. Basically: I’m in love with Sophie Winters.
 But Sophie was obviously in love with someone else, sadly for me. Mina. How I hated you sometimes. Sometimes you were so selfish, purposely making Sophie be in pain. And yet… You had your good sides. This was also something I loved about the book. All the characters are flawed and human. They have good and bad moments and they love each other despite all of this, just like in real life.
 Tess Sharpe beautifully portrayed what it’s like to be in love with someone, specially the not so good parts of it (because, let’s face it, sometimes the people you love the most are the ones you hurt the most). SPECIALLY when the person you’re in love with is not a… traditional choice. Mina’s struggle with her sexuality, her’s and Sophie’s passive aggressive actions towards each other and, at the same time, their undoubted love for one another, a love that goes beyond the physical side (which is so explored in LGBT stereotypes), were all picture perfect descriptions of how a real relationship happens, of how two people that are only supposed to be friends feel and act. They loved, cared and respected each other, and not just because they were dying to get into each other pants, but because they were FRIENDS above all. Their dynamic hit me so close to home, because I’ve been in a relationship like theirs, and it happened when I was 17! I was so in love with this girl who was one of my best friends, to the point of being obsessed, and our struggle to accept ourselves and how we felt about each other was hard and complicated. And, like, Sophie and Mina, it didn’t really work out, because life got in the way before we took a chance…
 The mystery is interesting, but the book really shines on the chapters that are about the past. I could actually believe that these were all real people and that this story actually happened. Because it probably has, actually, minus the drugs and murders (I hope). My only critique towards this novel is that the resolution felt a bit… rushed. Like, it didn’t really make sense to me how the killer acted, after all that had been said and done, but this is the only fault I can point in this book.
 It’s hard to believe this is Tess Sharpe’s debut novel. I’ll definitely keep and eye on her, and hope her next books are as strong as this one was. Sophie’s story will be in my heart for a long time and it will be a recommendation for many.
 I want to talk about the ending now, so I will put this part under a cut. If you haven’t finished the book, PLEASE DON’T KEEP READING.

Keep reading