we were all thinkin' it

im goin by ken now and he/him pronouns btw

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crazy life story?

So this one time my friends and i wanted to smoke so we hit up the dealer and we were just waiting. We got bored & my friend found his bb gun and we went to his backyard and my friend started playin with it pointing it at us and ya, it was empty tho.  After like 20 minutes the dealer comes so we go inside and do our shit, while we were doing our shit the someone knocks on the door and it was the cops LMAO they were like someone reported a gun and someone set a fire like right across the street (it wasnt us tho) and the dealer was like I CANT GO OUT THERE I HAVE A SHIT LOAD OF WEED, we were all thinkin o shit wat do we do. After like 20 minutes of thinkin we just ran out his backyard lol

FOUR isnt even jus the best 1d album its literally one of the best arrangements of vocals and music in the history.mp3 of music like everytime i go bac and lissen to FOUR its like hearing those bops for the first time it still feels new and exciting and crazy like theyve jus found themselves and theyre going to take over the world i get totally transported to that break befour otra where we were all losing it thinkin abt zayn performing stockholm syndrome live like it takes you bac to the first time you heard it and never feels overplayed