we were all laughing so hard that time omg

zanzetsuken said: I KNOW MAN! Like there was this dude yelling at Sasuke to say something and screamed so hard when he heard sasuke’s line and omg we burst out laughing

oh my god HAHAHAHA WHAT EVEN. you know the part where the old man shows up? i heard three or four people whisper, “IT’S JESUS”

people were laughing (me included) at toneri’s gross puppet body all dismembered and melted on the ground and his messed up face while he was still talking about his plan. we even laughed at when toneri said he’ll marry hinata at first.

of course the random guy at the back who shouted, “IT’S ABOUT TIME” when naruto confessed XD

just the atmosphere of the cinema enhanced the entire experience! i loved when everyone clapped at the naruhina scenes, awwwed at the sad moments, laughed at the times when sakura/sai/shikamaru commented on naruto’s idiocy. even the little things, like naruto eating cup ramen or telling hinata he has to go outside to piss made us laugh. heck, the puppets were so creepy it made everything hilarious. IT WAS JUST OVERALL BRILLIANT. best cinema experience of my life tbh. i can’t wait for our friends in other countries to go watch it in theatres too! YOU WON’T REGRET IT GUYS.

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One time my school had a lock down and we were all huddled in the corner of the room and it was so quiet until the teacher asked 'so what's everybody's shoe size?' And we all laughed

why am I laughing so hard omg