we were actually so close to him though i could see that hairy chest of his ;)

Park Chanyeol//Liquid Truth

Originally posted by yeolhighness

Summary: You and Chanyeol go way back, and are best friends. It’s become routine for you to come over to the dorms whenever you have a fight with your boyfriend, but lately, he’s been pissed off at you, and you’re not quite sure why.
Scenario: angst, fluff
Word Count: 6,917

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24 Hour Fatness

             Heading home for the holidays wasn’t something I was looking forward to initially. My family’s a drag, my old friends’ lives seem to revolve around the small town drama, and everyone there is just so… skinny. To be honest I’ve always preferred my men on the chunkier side, and by that I mean just about as big as I can get them. Nothing gets me going more than see a big fat gut hanging out of a snug shirt. And I knew my hometown just wouldn’t be able to give that to me.

At least that’s what I thought before I arrived.

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so over at @omgcp-tropechallenge they’re doing this thing where they provide a trope and a creator, well, creates a work based on that! this week’s trope was a soulmates AU. i’ve never written one before, so i hope you like it.

(also, in this fic the soulmate thingy is being able to hear whatever song the other is listening to.) (also, I’M SORRY THE FORMATTING OF THIS IS SO GROSS I DID IT ENTIRELY FROM MOBILE)

Dad rock.

It had to be dad rock.

Oh, Bitty knew it could be worse. Some people’s soulmates were deaf and couldn’t hear music at all. Some people’s soulmates died before they ever got a chance to meet them. Others never even had soulmates at all. Bitty knew he should be grateful.

But as he heard Bon Jovi’s “Living On a Prayer” echo through his mind for the third (third!) time as he moved his boxes into his freshman dorm at Samwell, Bitty was pretty damn far from grateful.

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Iron's daughter Part 4

Iron’s daughter Part 3

Summary:  Time goes on and Tony Stark’s daughter (Y/N) is getting the best junior assistant he could imagine. He finds himself feeling comfortable in his role of being a Dad.

Warnings: None

“I’m on the hiiiighway to hell” I loudly sang along with the music in the background while I repaired the circuit of the suits extremities, just the way Tony had shown me how to do it. I don’t know what happened to the completely damaged suit, but there were dents and scratches all over it. Body parts were burned, hit by bullets, or they were just missing.

We had spent most of the time in his lab, building robotic applications, repairing whatever needed to be repaired and tried everything to upgrade his new suit.  He had had some problems with the stability of the suit that flew together with the help of microchips implants in his body and we tried to think of a way how to fix that. And finally, after many days, we were extremely close to solve it.

“Ahh…shit.” Tony grunted annoyed and stopped working. “(Y/N)?” “Yeah?” I replied absent minded, while I soldered a small computer-chip into the Iron Man helmet. “Can you come over for a sec, I need a pair of tiny hands.”

“Mute” I said and the music stopped immediately. I shoved the goggles up my head, which protected me from the bright light and took a deep sigh. I had just finished welding and soldering pieces of the titanium body parts and he just sat there for an hour, fiddling with some wires and tools.

I jumped off the table and took a close look at his work.

“I should stop making things unreachable small.” He said with the pocket lamb between his teeth and I removed the mass of wires to see what he was pointing at.

“You have to find the red wire. Try to connect it with the main energy transmitter.” He said in a monotone voice and I moved my hand forward into the hole. It was automatically, almost natural for me to find the exact right spot and to connect the wire to the power resource. I turned it around at forty-five degrees. “Okay, let’s try it.” I said and he took a few steps back until he reached the platform where he had been standing before.

Tony aimed with his arm towards the metal, but nothing happened and we both frowned. “I don’t understand. It should have worked!” he muttered under his breath. “It must be the fault of the changed control algorithm.” “Have you tried Accio Suit?” I suggested and he let out a dry laugh.

"Try again!” “What do you think I am doing all the time (Y/N)? It’s not working.” Tony stopped trying to activate the impulse out of the suit’s main body parts with gestures.

“Stupid, worthless-“ I sighed in frustration and punched the metal on the table, but then the realisation hit me and I knew how to solve it.

"What are you doing?” Tony asked, as I stood up and ran to the next computer screen. “Wait.” I simply said and started to type in codes, complicated formulas to trick the algorithm.

"I think that’ll help.” I said and pressed enter and suddenly all lights broke down.

“Great (Y/N), really great.” He said sarcastically into the darkness and let his arms fall to his side.

But then the lights went back on and suddenly the suit’s drives began to blow steam. I gave him a ‘told you’ look. Tony laughed as he noticed he was able to activate the micro chips and immediately let them fly into the air. It gently fitted on Tony’s shoulders.   “You’re really getting good at this (Y/N).” “I’m the best.” I replied in an arrogant tone and lifted one corner of my lip.

But my eyes went wide as the other body parts flew together one by one in full equipment and in the end, the Iron Man everybody knows stood in front of me.  Tony winked at me and smiled before the visor of his helmet completed his armour.  It looked incredible cool and I was proud being a part of it.

I cheered and started to jump around and clap my hands. “We did it!” I hugged him happily. His suit wasn’t really comfortable to hug, but I didn’t care. My face pressed at the cold, red and gold metal. “No, (Y/N). We did it.” He replied with his mechanic voice. I was so proud. “Thanks Dad.” I stiffened. I wasn’t sure, if I should have said that and now it was too late to take it back, but he looked at me with the glowing slits of his eyes and chuckled under his mask. He ran his metal hand trough my hair.


Being his assistant was the best thing I ever done in my life, but it was exhausting. It had been an exciting day, I had learned so much about engineering and now it was almost midnight and we just kept on working. At least no one was telling me to go to bed in time. I massaged the bridge of my nose and took a sip out of my Coca-Cola bottle.

2 a.m.

I stared holes into the air, picked up Turtle and yawned. I was wondering why Tony wasn’t tired. I can’t remember he had slept at all since my arriving.

My eyes were almost closed and my head almost slid away under my hand. I glanced at the clock. “Must.stay.awake.” I muttered under my breath. I didn’t want to sleep, this was way too exiting. I smiled tiredly and rubbed my eyes, laid my head to rest on the table next to the computer screen. Just for one minute, I wanted to close my eyes before I could start running new simulations for the suit. And before I noticed, I drifted away and fell asleep.


Tony stretched his back and crack his knuckles before he glanced over to the little girl that was supposed to watch the simulations. He wondered why she stopped talking, though she never did. First, he enjoyed the silence, but after quite a while, he felt like he was missing something. He turned around and saw her eyes were closed and her head rest in both her arms to make it more comfortable. Fast asleep with a screwdriver in her hand.

He felt bad he had let her stay up for this long and swore to himself it won’t happen again, although she wouldn’t like it at all.

He walked towards her and carefully lifted her tiny body in his arms and she immediately laid her head onto his shoulder. “C’mon, time to go to bed.” He said softly, but she just made a hollow sound in her sleep that made his heart light up a little. He never thought he could feel this way, but he was totally sure he had completely lost his heart to this girl. She cuddled her arms and legs around him and said something like ‘force feedback motor’ in her sleep.

Tony made his way through the lab and he slowly carried (Y/N) upstairs.

He carefully laid her down the bed and covered her with blankets as tight as he could; He placed a soft kiss on her forehead and silently wanted to leave again, as he felt something was holding him back. (Y/N) wouldn’t let him go, she cuddled into his chest in her sleep and forced him to stay down. Tony didn’t plan to stay by his daughter, he had work to do. But a smile showed up his lips. He finally let himself defeat by his tiredness and laid his chin on top of her head, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

“Well this is cute.” Someone chuckled and I slowly opened my eyes to see Pepper standing in front the bed, looking perfectly as always, smiling happily.  

I didn’t know how I got here; I could only remember falling asleep behind the computer and now I woke up after a night full of dreams about building robots, covered with blankets and pillows.

Stretching out my feet, I felt something hairy between my toes. Tony’s face. I literally lay across him. He grunted sleepy and I saw him lifting one eye. “Ugh, gross.” He muttered and pushed my foot out of his face. Pepper lay down next to us and let out a silent giggle. “This is the first time I see you two not working.” “Yeah, actually. I don’t feel like cutting wires today, let’s just stay in bed.” Tony suggested and pulled Pepper closer to him. She smiled and then they kissed. “Ugh, gross!” It was my turn to say and I covered my eyes with both my hands.

We spend all morning in bed, telling stories, playing cards or counting clouds in the sky over the sapphire-blue ocean.

“Who’s hungry?” Tony asked finally and I suddenly noticed my stomach ached for something to eat. “I am.” Pepper responded.

“I could make some baked eggs.” I said with a sarcastic grin as we entered the kitchen and Tony turned around on his heel with a horrified expression on his face. “No eggs.” He pointed with his finger at me, while he continued collecting random ingredients.

“This can’t be that hard, doesn’t it?” Tony said staring at the ingredients and started to pull some milk to the sugar. “See? Easy.” But Pepper frowned unconvinced.  I grabbed my fingers around the edge of the counter to see what was happening and lifted an eyebrow.

“What are you actually trying to do?” “Waffles.” He said grinning, whilst stirring the dough that was way too fluent. “Gluten free.”

“Is that normal?” I asked Pepper and dipped my finger into the dough. “Tony usually never cooks. And if, it’s burned or still raw.”  She replied anxiously and leaned against the only part of the counter that wasn’t covered with dough.

"Take that back!” He said with a fake-offended expression on his face that made me giggle. But Pepper stretched out her tongue and didn’t seem like she wanted to.

So he dipped his fingers into the white powder and threw it at her. Now her whole face was covered with flour and her jaw dropped in shock. Her expensive dress was ruined and there was a moment of awkward silence between the three of us. I held my breath, thinking she’d get mad and already started praying for Tony, but in the next moment she threw a hand back at him, grinning like a kid.

I started to laugh, but was suddenly interrupted by a mass of powdery flour all over my body, that Tony had thrown over my head. I coughed, just to put my whole hand into the whipped cream.  This calls for revenge.

Tony tried to escape, but I had already pushed it in his face and we burst into laughing. The flour-and whipped cream-fight became more and more intense, until we all were covered with sticky grease. Pepper and I screamed and I ran away as fast as I could, but he grabbed my legs and threw me over his shoulder. I desperately kicked my legs through the air, but I couldn’t do anything but laugh. “Let gooo!” I screamed, as he started running and spinning me around.  “I will teach you being this cruel to your old man!”

"Peppie- Help me!” I whined with the brightest grin I had and was abruptly interrupted by a heavy hiccup. Tony laughed at me and didn’t made serious actions letting me down. “I can’t hear you; I have cream in my ears.” He said and tickled me, while Pepper tried to free my turtle from dough. Poor thing. “No stopitstop*hiccup*, itstopit! Let *hiccup* me go.”

He laughed, but suddenly stopped as we heard an amused chuckle behind us. I couldn’t see who it was, though he kept me hanging over his shoulder. My side hurt and I had tears in my eyes. “Uhm…the door was open.” I knew that voice. “Mum?” I asked and finally Tony let me down. “Hey, darling.” She kneeled as I ran towards her and hesitated hugging me, kept me on distance, because I was covered over and over with flour. Just like the two adult persons behind me, who were watching us. “(Y/M/N)” Tony said surprised.

"I’m gonna go and uhm…” Pepper pointed at nothing special behind her and started to leave the room. “Check the…uhm. Thing.”

Mum smiled shyly and cleared her throat. “Good to see you Tony.” She fiddled with her keys. “Good to see you face to face.” He replied with a smile and remembered her driving away as fast as she could, leaving me and a letter to him.  Mum breathed in the air between her teeth. “Yeah, sorry about that.” She said guiltily. “Is it already end of the summer? I don’t wanna go!” I whined and grabbed my Dad’s hand. I didn’t notice time went on so fast, though I finally started to feel at home. He squeezed my hand a bit tighter.

But all my protests and moans didn’t help, but it came as it had to come. We had to say goodbye. At least we had time to take a shower before and collect my stuff that was spread all over the place.

Pepper laid her soft hand on my cheek, gave me my backpack and placed a kiss on my hair. “I hope we’ll see each other soon (Y/N). You can come back and stay whenever you want.” “You know how to hack my security system.” Tony added and pretended like letting Mum take me with her wouldn’t be a big deal. But he couldn’t trick me; I saw the sadness in his eyes. Truth was he didn’t want me to go. He kneeled down and stroke a strain of hair behind my ear.

“I made you something.” I said and pulled out a piece of paper and laid it into his hands. He grinned as he saw the drawing I had made of me and him. Iron Man, holding a little girl by the hand that seemed to be the luckiest kid on earth. “I know it’s not perfect.” I sighed a little, but I saw he was grinning brightly at the childish drawing. “It’s perfect.” He said and swallowed.

“You’re a great Dad.” I said and I really meant it. “I guess you’re not that bad either kiddo. I wished we had met earlier. I’m sorry.” He cupped my cheek in his hand. “I will miss you.” My voice started to shake a bit and I knew I would miss him badly. Him and Pepper, and even Dummy.

I sadly threw my backpack over my shoulder and put Turtle into my pocket, before Mum and I walked towards our car. But it only took a few steps before I turned around and ran back to him and without a word, I jumped in his spread arms and hugged him for a last time. He sighed deeply into my hair.

Until he had to let me go.

I looked back at him and Pepper. “Dad?” “Yeah?” I smiled. “My birthday is in two weeks. Will you come?” “How about a big birthday party for my special girl?” He replied and made me jump in anticipation. “Oh, oh.” Pepper said, knowing something that I didn’t.

I couldn’t wait until that day and I was so happy, it made me step into Mum’s car easier.  I waved at him through the window as the car slowly started to drive away and let Turtle blow kisses to them.

Tony waved back and smiled, but he felt lost, as he watched them driving away and disappear around the corner. It was only five weeks ago he didn’t even know he had a daughter, didn’t want to have a kid, but it turned out he couldn’t imagine life without her. Maybe, he thought, someday she would want to live here with him and he could watch her grow up and enjoy the beautiful moments of life. With Pepper and (Y/N), he had finally found a family, he could protect and love.

The End.


Request/er: Werewolf Chanyeol / Anonymous

Originally posted by kpopderpislifeu

Written By: Admin L. 
Summary: Some people have a crush on their handsome neighbors and admire them from afar… other people just accidentally tackle the cute guy down at their first meeting. And get themselves into a way bigger adventure than a flirt with that hottie next door. 
A/N: Okay, so in the request it wasn’t specified whether you wanted smut or fluff or angst …so I just did all of those.  Also I am sorry this took so long. 
Word Count: 3898

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Cleaning Service

Prompt by the lovely @yanajoz

You sighed with frustration as you let yourself into Jai Courtney’s home. The place was a total mess. It looked like he had a party at his place last night. He was going to make you earn your money today. You lugged your cleaning supplies into the messy home. As you surveyed the damage, you realize you would need one of your employees here to help. You usually were in and out of Jai’s home in record time but today you knew it was going to be longer and he was going to put you behind schedule.
“Shit!” you muttered to yourself as you started to pick up trash. You had tried to reach your other employees for help. They were either already at a house or were off and did not pick up their phone. You were on your own. It took you a good two hours to get the living room and kitchen clean. There were stains everywhere and God only knew what they were. You headed upstairs to the bathroom and bedrooms. You looked for the note Jai sometimes left on his door telling you not to clean his room that particular day, seeing none you preceded in his bedroom to find a large figure sprawled in the bed with just boxers on.

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (Part 2) (Avengers x reader)

Request: Part 2 to The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow- sorry to the anon who requested this on the last group, I can’t believe I missed it!

Part 1

“Ugh, I’m dying,” you groaned to yourself, rolling over to look at the clock on your bedside table, seeing that it was only 4am.  With a hiss and a swat of your hand, the clock took flight and slammed against the far wall of your room, breaking into pieces across your floor.  You sat up with an ache that pounded in your head and pulled at every muscle in your body, deciding that your nose was too stuffed up to breathe if you laid back down.  “Where the hell did this come from?”

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Baby Love

one two

Busan, fourteen years ago..

         "Oppa, you’re so cool. I love you!“

         "Hey, you’re still a baby. You don’t even know the meaning of love.”

         "Later, if I become adult, I want to marry you!“

         "Tsk, I don’t want to marry you.”

         "Why? What should I do so I can marry you?“

         "Grow taller and be a beautiful lady, I might change my mind if you become prettier.”

         "Okay! I will be pretty and marry you, I promise!“

         I promise!
         I promise! 
         I promise!


        "Simon Dominic has a unique and captivating voice, I really like his rapping style.” You said through microphone, you were on radio interview with your girl group members and the interviewer asked you which one of your favorite rapper among a lot of charming and talented rapper in Korea music industry since your position as rapper in your girl group.

         If AOA Jimin is die hard fan of Jay Park, then you are die hard fan or obviously obsessed over AOMG Co-CEO, Simon Dominic. That was a public secret among your inner circle on how you collect everything about Simon since you were young.

         “I heard that you already met him, can you tell us when it was and how about your feeling when you met you favorite rapper?” The interviewer added, gaining playful gaze among you members.

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The Old God- Memories

Dipper glanced up from his book when Bill reentered.  “Have a good rest?”

“Have a nice time with your friends?”  Bill smiled and settled into the bed beside him.

“I did.  Its been far to long since I spent time with all of them like that.  I must thank you Pine Tree.”

“Why?”  He marked his place and set his book aside.

“You’re the one that suggested I answer that cloud.  If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have gotten to see them all.”

“How WAS the God meeting then?  Anything interesting?”

Bill snorted.  “No, most the time its just the big ones stroking their own egos and making jokes at those they consider ‘lesser’ or ‘minor’ Gods.”

Dipper snorted right back.  “If you look at mythos its the minor Gods that keep things running smoothly more often than not.  The ‘big’ ones are always messing things up.  Like Zeus for example.”

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“God dammit, Danni, why didn’t I buy the CD?” Jensen groans, slumping back in the passenger seat and clutching his still unopened vinyl copy of CUNTWRECKER to his chest. “I want to listen to this right fucking now!”

“Because you’re a size queen, honey,” Danni says. “In every sense of the word.” The smartass smirk she’s wearing is dripping from her words even though Jensen can’t see her face well in the dim blue glow of the dash. “We can listen to it at my place after school, I’ll rip it to my computer so you can make a CD if you want. You should really leave the sleeve at home though…”

Jensen sighs and tips the album cover toward the window to catch more light from the freeway. Inconvenience aside, the album cover was magnificent and bigger was definitely better in this case. He was going to pound his dick raw imagining being that boy, ass up for the lead guitarist’s dick, the first fucking chance he got.

They’d watched half a dozen other bands after Fuckpig’s set and it had been over an hour since they piled back into Danni’s car to drive back to the manicured Dallas suburb they called home. But his heart was still back in that pit, Fuckpig’s loud, filthy music thrumming through every inch of his body.

He’d let the whole band fuck him to hear them again right now, even their gorgeous dyke drummer. He imagines her slamming into him with a fat purple strap-on strapped to her hips and a wicked smile on her face. Of course, it would be tall, dark, and hung who’d get the honor of finishing him off, fucking everyone else’s come out of him.

The lead guitarist was as tall as a goddamn tree and had eyes like heartbreak beneath the hint of smudged liner he wore. Jensen’s heart flipped when his Adam’s apple bobbed and he snarled like a fox into the mic while he played. He didn’t even have to whisper all the filthy shit he was thinking about him to Danni, she was the one who nudged him between songs and arched her brows up at the generous bulge in the dude’s snug black Levi’s.

He adjusts his half-hard cock and practically purrs as he closes his eyes and thinks back on their set.

“Their LYRICS, Danni. I mean did you hear that shit? It was like a love letter to my sick little queer boy heart. I’m forever changed.”

“I kept wondering how many of the jock fuckboys in that pit knew they were slamming against one another to a song about licking jizz out of a dude’s hairy asshole.”

“That’s the best fucking part!”

They both cackle like idiots for nearly a minute before Danni cracks the window and fires up a Camel light. Jensen finally relents and flips on the stereo, the Buzzcocks album they’d been listening to filling the car with its familiar tinny rhythm before he snags a cig for himself too.

The cell reception was shit out here or he’d be searching the band’s bios already. He’d be up all night scraping every fact he could find about them off the internet, inking it all into the inside of his eyelids to regurgitate back to Danni on the ride to school.

“We have to go see them in Dallas, Danni. God fuck what if they’re playing Houston or OKC or Shreveport too? I’ll buy your ticket, will you drive me pleaseeeeee?“


Three shows later and the band is finally out of reach, heading east then north, on their cross-country tour with a funny little queercore band called Road Head.

“Jared. JARED. God damn it, Danni. He’s so fucking hot. Punch me in the fucking face.”

The show was epic and every part of Jensen aches with Fuckpig. He flops back onto Danni’s bed dramatically, the funk of the pit wafting up off him in a practically visible cloud, as she hunkers down on the floor to begin unlacing her knee high Docs.

“You’re so transparent, Jen,” she huffs. “You act like it’s about the band, the music, but I swear to god at least fifty percent of what keeps you chasing them is that you want to see if that’s really his horse meat on the stupid album cover.”

Jensen gasps in mock outrage and pushes up on his elbows, his cut up Fuckpig t-shirt falling off one freckled shoulder as he gives her the most affronted glare he can manage.

“You take that back!”

It’s not that she’s wrong about Jared or his dick but she is wrong about the music. It’s imprinted on his goddamn DNA.

“Their music, Danni, it’s in my blood. It’s like it was written FOR ME.”

He collapses back into the blankets again and toes off his broken down purple Chucks, rolling onto his belly and sighing longingly. He can feel her boring holes into him with her dark little piercing eyes but he doesn’t care.

“It would be the easiest thing in the world, you know. Get a bus ticket, hitchhike a little, follow them to Memphis, Nashville, Raleigh. Up the coast… I mean, I could inspire their next record, be the best ‘Band-Aid’ ever.”

“Oh my fucking GOD, Jensen. You’ve seen that movie too many times. Penny Lane is supposed to be a cautionary figure not fucking life goals!”

“Screw Penny Lane, Danni. I’m JENNY LANE!” Jensen wails dramatically, his arms flopping out over his head with a big, stupid grin on his face.

He hums to himself softly as he’s bathed in the sweet, nostalgic ache he feels for Almost Famous and that darling groupie, Penny. He definitely has seen the movie too many times but he honestly wasn’t trying to follow in Penny’s footsteps, not consciously anyway. The thought of actually leaving home to follow Fuckpig only solidified during the last few moments and now there it was, burning like a red hot poker right up against his thumping heart.

It doesn’t occur to him that Danni is actually mad until she stands up in a huff and chucks her boots into the back of her closet like she’s spiking a volleyball. The loud crash-thump makes Jensen’s body jerk in shock against her cushy mattress. Thankfully her parents were still out of town.

“Stop talking like this, Jensen, right fucking now!” Her fists are balled at her side and her chin is trembling under her smeared lipstick. “You’ll end up murdered and shoved in a fucking dumpster, okay? You’re just a baby!”

Jensen goes quiet and averts his eyes.

In just a few short weeks Fuckpig had become his entire life. It wasn’t that Danni didn’t like them, she really did, but for Jensen it had become his religion.

The week after the festival he got an “F” filled pink heart inked on his right thumb knuckle and a matching “P” etched into the left.

The night before the Houston show he made a bandana out of a Barbie pink summer dress he found forgotten in the back of his mom’s closet. He scribbled a big pig snout on it in black Sharpie so he could shout “OINK! OINK! OINK!” proudly with his fist in the air with Fuckpig’s other hardcore fans, screaming along to the lyrics like he helped write the songs himself.

He sold his skateboard and his comic book collection to pay for tickets. This was love.

He’d been riding the crazy show-to-show high just fine and the show tonight had given him the bruises to prove it. But now it was over, Fuckpig was driving away, and the thought of not seeing them again in a week was making Jensen’s insides feel like dissolving Jell-O with every moment that passed.

Obsessions like these had happened to Jensen before, leaving Danni and their friendship reeling for a while. Like when he’d discovered Arthur Rimbaud and dedicated himself to learning French so he could read the untranslated versions of his poems or when he discovered fetish artist Michael Manning and started researching pony play and saving up for an elaborate latex dress.

Jensen was just an ‘all in’ kind of person, his love burned big and bright, so bright it often bleached out the rest of the world for a while. Danni had been a little hurt over his absences but she’d always understood, waiting patiently for Jensen to get over it and come back to their friendship a whole person again.

But this was different, somehow, and suddenly in the twinkling purple fairy lights of her bedroom they both seemed to feel it. This wasn’t going away.

He looks up at his best friend, his eyes soft and pleading.

“These people, Danni… They’re the first people that have ever made all the noisy, confusing, filth in my brain seem anything but certifiable. I can’t help how I’m wired. For whatever reason I was made to be this sick little fag. I don’t know any other way to be. Why should I just stay here and try to fit in when I’ll only be shunned or locked up?”

“Life isn’t a fucking movie, Jensen!”

“I fucking know it’s not, okay!” He shouts, cutting her off and then immediately softening his tone.

“But what is there for me here but you, Danni? You said it yourself back at the festival, I’m like one detention away from being sent to cure the queer camp. I wasn’t made to graduate summa cum laude like you,” he licks his lips and winks at her before she starts to worry he’s being too serious.

“It’s this place that’s a dead end for me. Not whatever’s out there. You know damn well Donna will secretly be relieved. She can be a martyr with her church friends again, just like when dad bailed. She’ll love the attention. She’ll barely even look for me… It’s not like I’m an only child.”

He sees the tears spill down Danni’s cheeks as he reaches out for her wrist and pulls her into a heap on the bed with him. Just like that, his mind’s made up.

“Once I’m with them and things here have blown over you’ll come visit me, right?”

She sucks in a deep breath and buries her face into his neck even though it’s sweat-sticky and gritty. They lay there in the quiet for a long time, Jensen’s mind already a hundred miles away.

“You could come with me you know?” he finally says quietly. “I bet you’re exactly Adri’s type.”

“Oh my god SHUT UP,” she groans, giving him a sharp elbow jab in the ribcage.

“Ouch, fuck, Danni that hurt,” he whines, rubbing the warm spot exploding across his torso. “It was just a joke. I know you’re too sweet for rock n’ roll.”

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