we went walking through a random forest

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prompt ~ Emma discovers that Regina is actually a huge dinosaur nerd (inspired by the framed picture in her mansion) and Regina gets embarrassed but Emma thinks it's adorable

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma spends the first few days of living in the mansion simply exploring. Since she lives here now, she figured she best know the place inside and out. It’s been incredible to see all the things she never took to notice - the things that make up her home…their home. 

She smiles as she wanders into a dining room near the back of the house frowning in confusion at a framed picture of a dinosaur. It seems strange and out of place given that most of the photos in the mansion are family ones or ones of animals. 

“Are you exploring again?” Regina asks appearing in the doorway, “Have you settled on a favourite room yet?” 

Emma grins, “I think we both know my favourite place in this mansion is in your arms.” 

“You’re so cheesy,” Regina tells her. 

“I am…you inspire cheesiness,” Emma replies walking over and kissing her lovingly, “So…dinosaurs? Random?” 

Regina blushes slightly, “Henry went through a dinosaur phase?” 

“When he was seven, he told me…but that’s not his.” 

“How do you know?” 

“Because if it was his he’d have it in his room with the rest of his nerdy posters - this is yours.” 

“How do you know?” 

“You’ve framed it and put it on display in your dining room which means you like it…you’re a dinosaur nerd.” 

Regina’s blush darkens as she ducks her head away, “I…I simply find them fascinating. We never had anything like that in the Enchanted Forest and when I found out about them I wanted to know everything…why are you smiling at me like that?” 

Emma beams wrapping her arms around her as she replies, “Because I love learning these things about you…my dinosaur nerd. Hey…does this mean I can put my Jurassic Park movie poster up?”


 AUTHOR’S NOTE: Basically, I wrote it up properly for my brother, who is an aspiring writer. Here’s what he helped me whip up. I transcribed what he said to the best of my ability. Let him know what you think!! He’s excited to have this up for you guys to see. 

Back in Time

Story and dialogue by Deven (Age 8)

Written/transcribed by Ashlee (Age 23)

“I’m so tired, Sam,” Dean sighed. “I can’t believe we had to kill all those demons.” He and his brother were walking through the forest, making their way back home to go to sleep. Not in a motel, because they had an army bunker now. One that demons couldn’t get into most of the time.

Until just then, a random time machine sprung from nowhere!

“Wait–” yelled Sam, “Dude! A time machine!! I can’t believe we found a random time machine in the forest.” They jumped into the time machine with no fear – it made a loud sound. Zzzap! And suddenly, they went back in time a thousand years ago with a rumble!

“Uh-oh,” gasped Sam. “We went back – a thousand years ago?!”

Sam and Dean heard a really loud sound, and they turned around and saw gears flying as a giant dinosaur foot stepped down onto the time machine!

“Be quiet, Dean; this is bad,” Sam whispered. The dinosaur looked at them, showing its sharp, ferocious teeth. Plop! A random piece of steak suddenly fell down from the bushes, and the dinosaur excitedly ran after it. The hand that probably threw it came out of the bushes again and yanked the steak away. Then ran out a caveman, who must’ve thrown the steak! From the bushes.

The dinosaur chased after the three of them, as they rushed back to the safety of the caveman’s cave. The man of the cave had the strength to lift up a giant boulder, which he threw with a grunt in front of the opening of the cave. He jumped inside just as it sealed shut, and the T-Rex didn’t get in. It roared, but then saw smaller dinosaurs and chased after them instead. The two heroes and the caveman were safe.

“Thank you, thank you,” said Sam and Dean in unison. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Ook,” said the caveman in a rough voice. “This is my family.” He pointed to his caveman family. “This is Lena, my daughter. And this Ugata, my wife. And little Billy, who is eight years old. And last of all, our baby, Sarwah. This is our cave called The Safe Cave. It keeps us safe from the dinosaurs. Especially the T-Rex.”

“It’s really great to meet you,” said Sam sincerely. “But we need help to find our way to get back home.”

“I got an idea!” Dean shouted. “Did you know that there’s ice on the other side of this cliff?”

“… No I didn’t,” said Sam.

“So if we go into the ice, we won’t get aged. And then we can go back to the future! And everything will be normal.”

Sam stroked his chin.

“Yeah, that could work. Like a piece of pepperoni trying to get onto a pizza,” he laughed.

They said their goodbyes, and then walked toward the ice on the other side of the cliff. Then suddenly again (once more) the T-Rex saw them! And then began to chase them again. They both screamed in fear (Dean more than Sam), then jumped immediately into the ice. They waited inside it, unconscious, until a thousand years passed. When they woke up, they broke the ice. Everything was normal. The same. Of course, there were demons around. They said hello to their friends, but they didn’t expect their friends to reply – “Who are you guys?”

Dean looked at Sam, and Sam looked at Dean, and Dean said: “Uh-oh.”