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Where Have You Been All My Life? - Part 1 - Dad!Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Dad!Stiles Stilinski/Reader AU

Word Count: 9,945

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (Both Receiving), Public Oral, Edging, Orgasm Denial (kind of?) 

Notes: Part 1 of 2 for Dad!Stiles. Because I legit am sitting at a total of 17.5K and have more to write. Sooooooo you get two parts. If you know the movie Bad Moms, that is the inspiration for this. So, it might have like… hints of cheating but they are getting divorced. So, I think we good?

@thelittlestkitsune and @savage-stilinski are the best and kept me company while I wrote. And they proofread while they went for me. Because I make lots of mistakes! 

You sat at the kitchen bar, the mug of coffee in the yours spewing wisps of steam from the brown liquid. Your eyes stared into the contents, watching the ripples from the small movements. Your fingers ran along the ceramic, unable to focus on any one particular thing.

All you could remember were the events of the night before.

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Wasted Breath

Angst prompt:“I’m not pissed, I’m hurt.”


It was a stupid thing, honestly, looking back at it Virgil knew that it was a ridiculous thing to be upset over- but the knowledge did nothing to lessen his pain. Roman probably hadn’t even meant to hurt him, and he knew that. Virgil knew Roman, being creativity among other things, tended to be a little bit more act now, think later. 

‘He did it on purpose and you know it. He’s never liked you, you’re everything that gets in his way! Of course he’d say that to you! Why should he be nice to you? Why should he like you?’


“Hey kiddo! We’re all gonna watch a movie, why don’t you join us?” Virgil turned as Patton questioned him, a slightly hopeful look on his face. Virgil’s gaze flicked over to Roman briefly before returning to Patton. “Oh, ah-that’s-yeah-” Virgil felt bad when he saw Patton’s smile grow before he continued. “No. I’m not really..interested…”

Patton’s smile fell and Virgil felt even worse now, watching the other side’s shoulders slump slightly in disappointment. “Oh. Okay, that’s okay-” Patton was cut off by Roman as he walked over to the pair.

“What’s going on? I thought we were all ready for Movie Night?” Virgil didn’t look at Roman, wishing he could have just disappeared off to his room before Patton had seen him.

“Oh, well Virgil-” “I was just leaving. You guys go ahead and have fun.” Virgil told them, still avoiding Roman’s gaze. He started to turn to go up the stairs when Roman spoke up again.

“Not so fast, Gloomy Tunes! You’ve been giving us the cold shoulder for days now! You can’t just keep brushing us off like this, I don’t care how angry you may be. It’s not fair for us to so much work into trying to include you only for you to just-just blow us off like this!”

Virgil turned to face Roman with a sneer that he’d perfected to hide his boiling emotions and shield him in a sense. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that treating me like another person took so much effort out of you. Please forgive me for my ignorance, your highness.” he spat the words, shocking Patton and causing Logan to intervene.

“Virgil, please calm down. Roman merely chose poor phrasing, I’m sure you know he did not mean it in the way it sounded-” Virgil scoffed “Of course he meant it that way, I’ve heard it all before. We’ve all heard it, Princey doesn’t like me. Big-freaking-news. I really don’t care.”

Patton looked between Virgil and Roman, expression a mix of worry and desperation. “No-Virgil-kiddo that’s not-”

“What’s your problem? Huh? We’re just trying to be nice! And you just have to be so completely rude and- and utterly cross!” Roman was glaring at Virgil now, but his words brought forth a bitter laugh from the anxious side.

“You-you think. Oh, that’s golden.” Virgil’s shield was cracking and he knew it. He had nothing left to protect him from the truth. “I’m not pissed. I’m fucking hurt, you jerk.”

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Como reaccionara discord a vea a dice y devil teniendo relaciones ?? Entendera lo que ellos estan haciendo?? D:"

Discord: what are you two doing?

Devil: …..ehhhhh
King Dice: we…..we are watching movies

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Hi. So, I was reading about content regarding rape, etc. in TSC, which got me thinking (coupled with recent debates), what is your take on 'non-verbal cues' showing an absence of consent? I remember & know that you give great life advice. I don't mean no offence (hope its not coming off that way). I just value your judgement & would appreciate some education on this topic.

I think the fact that this is even a debate is only because a lot of shitty people don’t want to admit the obvious. Non-verbal communication is a part of normal, daily life. We all do it, and aside from a few exceptions often due to mental disability, we all understand it. You can look at a person and tell by their facial expression that they’re disgusted by what they’re eating. You can look at a person and tell by their body language that they’re scared of the movie they’re watching. If you invite someone to a party, and they make a stink face in response, literally no one would think “they’re sending mixed signals.” They’d think “shit, they don’t wanna go.” So I personally believe the argument that non-verbal communication “doesn’t count” or “isn’t clear enough” is a weak AF cop out.

Here’s the deal: when a person wants to have sex with you, they show it. They’re excited. They’re taking off your clothes. They’re visibly horny. It’s so fucking OBVIOUS when a person doesn’t wanna fuck. So you can’t sit there and say “well he/she never said no, so technically they consented.” Whatever, asshole. You know full well they didn’t. You saw it all over their paled face, their stiff body, their bleak expression. You just assaulted them anyway, banking on getting away with it because of the absence of a verbal no. And if you genuinely feel the person is giving you mixed signals, here’s a genius idea: stop trying to fuck them until the signals are clearly a yes. 

(Side note: the “you” in this situation is not directed at anon but at a hypothetical raper fuckhead)

Strangers in the Night Pt. 1 (Ethan Dolan)

Summary: A new boy moved into the apartment above yours. He was looking for a fresh start, and found you. After learning some heartbreaking news from him, you realized there was only one thing that you could do. Even if you were setting yourself up for failure. 

A/N: (This is a long A/N because this is the first part… whoops.) I got this whole idea while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Only one scene came from the movie… and I changed it a little bit. I really wanted to incorporate the song mentioned throughout the whole series… but that’s just not happening. I’ve had it stuck in my head for days tho, and I think you should listen. :’) – Strangers in the Night by Frank SInatra – After being inspired by these two things, ideas just started flooding my brain, and here we are 🙈

Oh also: This summary doesn’t really make sense in this part… but it definitely will in the next part, so hang on!! (sorry I suck at writing summaries.)

Thank you so so much to everyone who has helped me out with this. You guys really really mean the world to me :’)

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Can you do GOT7 reaction to Y/N wanting sex 24/7 ??!

A/N: Sorry this is being posted so late! I got stuck shopping all evening with my mother after I came home from school. Hope you all still enjoy it though. :) -Minlee

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Jaebum: You and Jaebum were laying in bed watching a movie when you became bored and started kissing his jaw and lightly nipping at his neck. He’d go with it for a little bit, so you assume that he’s thinking what you are. You climb and straddle him still laying kisses all over his neck and jaw. You begin to grind on his clothed member and he lets out quietly grunts. This makes you giggle but then he suddenly stops you.

“Y/N, what are you doing? We just had sex about two hours ago. You can’t po-,” you cut him off, sit up straight and tell him that he makes you horny and all you want to do is feel him all the time. He’s at a loss of words. A blank stare on his face for a minute, then he clears his throat.

“I’m sorry I make you feel that way but I don’t want to spend my days off just having sex with you. I want to spend time with you but I’d rather do it making memories or napping together,” he pauses, making it obvious that he’s thinking of how to word what he’s going to say next. “I love the sex but I’d love to get to know you more, I mean we’ve been together for awhile but there’s still so much I can learn about you. I love you. I love that you’re so sexually frustrated because of me but we can’t be fucking like rabbits,” this earns him a giggle from you. He smiles at you and caresses your cheek, then pulls you back down to his and kisses you.

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Mark: You both had today off and Mark started your day off just right. He fucked you into the mattress and you actually hit your head on the headboard today. But no worries you both had your laugh and then went right back to fucking. He made you curse his name and then came inside you then slowly fucked you back to sleep. You both slept in until a little after 1pm. You heard Mark get up and that made you wake up as well. You got up, washed your face and walked out into the living area. Mark was in the kitchen making stirring his coffee when you went over and wrapped your arms around him.

“Well good morning to you too. Coffee is fresh, if you want any. So what do you want to do with the rest of our day?”

You hummed and began massaging small circles on his navel, then turned him around to face you. You leaned into him a bit causing him to take a half step back, to lean back on the counter. You move your hand past his pajama pants and begin to palm his clothed member.

“Oh,” Mark raises a brow, looks at you and smirks, “do you think you can handle me? Because from experience, I don’t think you can.” He licks his lips and leans forward to kiss you. His lips tasting like peppermint coffee. Forgetting his coffee mug on the counter and lifts you up to straddle him as he walks you both back into the bedroom.

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Jackson: You had gone out to brunch with your friends this morning. One of them couldn’t stop talking about her new beau and how they were having sex all the time and anywhere. Then she had asked you all how sexually active you have all been. You told her twice a week and they all gave you an empathetic look. You never questioned yours and Jackson sex life before. You were fine with it but this had you thinking. Should you two be having more sex? Was it really that bad that you two didn’t have sex more than twice a week? You couldn’t brush it off and needed to talk to Jackson.

You let yourself into the house and before Jackson could even ask you how brunch was he you blurt out as you walk over to the couch and sit down next to him, “Jackson, why don’t we have more sex? 24/7 even?! Why? Am I boring? Am I not beautiful to you?”

A wide-eyed, confused Jackson blinks at you several times. He answered all your questions, then asked you what had happened at the brunch that you came thinking you weren’t satisfying him. You tell him and he thought about how to relay what he was thinking.

“Babe, just because we don’t have sex 24/7 like your crazy friends doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with us. We’re perfect the way we are,” he paused and thought a bit more. “If you really wanted us to though, we could try it out. I don’t know if we have all that energy but we can definitely try, yea?”

You nod your head no and tell him you’re happy with how much you two have sex and that when you two have sex it’s never planned it just happens unlike your friends who have to fit it into their schedules. He smiles at you, grabs you closer to him and gives you a kiss before smothering you in a long hug.

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung was going to be traveling for work and it freaked you out. What if you were horny while he was away and needed him, how would you get off without him. He always made you come like no other. He was leaving in a week and so yo try to get used to him not being there for a month, you distanced yourself. You told yourself not to stay in the same room with him for more than 2 minutes, to keep speaking to him at a minimum. Of course Jinyoung realized this. He asked if you two could talk but he was never specific about it. Everytime he tried you’d make up some excuse so that you wouldn’t have to control yourself around him. You didn’t realize that you avoiding him would take a toll on him. Jinyoung was never home early so you had the apartment to yourself for a few hours and when he did come home you would be taking a shower or already in bed just to avoid him. One day though you let yourself into the apartment and there he was sitting in the living room. He asked you to sit because he really needed to talk to you. He was very careful with his words and his voice was low. He opened his mouth to speak but then didn’t. He sat there for another couple minutes before he started again.

“Are you cheating on me?” He asked calmly.

Your throat became dry, your eyes widened and you stutter a no, followed with excessive head shaking. You questioned why he would even think that. He began to tell you how you’ve become distant, how you kept avoiding talking to him, how you barely spoke more than five words to him, how you couldn’t even be in a room with him for more than two minutes. You could hear his voice cracking, and see he was holding back the tears that were forming in his eyes. This instantly made your own eyes water and you began apologizing profusely. Telling him about your crazy plan and that you didn’t know he would think you’d been cheating on him. His face would soften a bit, then he’d start smiling and then laughing.

“You were worried about me leaving, because you wouldn’t get sex all month?” he wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. After about a minute of laughing, he clears his throat, smirks at you. “If it’s sex you’re worried about then how about I fuck you until you can’t walk for a few days to make up for it?” He gets up to come kiss you. The kiss is rough to show you he’s in control and that you’re in for a long night.

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Youngjae: You sometimes liked that Youngjae’s libido wasn’t crazy like yours but other times, you were dying to have him touching every part of you. It was a week before your period and you knew sex was off limits when you were on that damn thing. Blood freaked him out. You always had extreme hormones the week before the deadly week that visited every month. It was Monday and you were dying to have Youngjae in you, so you texted him a photo of you palming your clothed crotch. He didn’t reply, instead he left you on read all day. This didn’t bother you though, you thought you would just have to ambush him at home. You always got home a hour before he did so when you did, you took a shower, put on your black lingerie set he had bought you a few months ago, pulled out your Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator, brought out his favorite spreader bar, locked your ankles in it, laid on the bed and waited for him to come home.

There was only 15 minutes left until he would be walking through the front door. When 8 o’clock came around there was still no sign of him. You texted him where was he at and when he’d be home. 10 minutes roll by and still nothing. You began unbuckling the spread bar when your phone suddenly rang. You look at your phone screen and a photo of you and Youngjae light up on it. You quickly pick up. He before you can even speak he begins apologizing and tells you there was an accident and it had caused traffic but that he’d be home in 5 minutes. You tell to drive safely and that you’d see him when he gets home. You buckle the spread bar back up, readjust yourself on the bed and relax. Five minutes later you hear the front door being unlocked. Youngjae’s let himself and calls out for you. You answer that you’re in the room. He speaks to you as he makes his way towards you.

“Jagi, what was that photo today? Were you really touching yourself at wo-,” he finally makes it to you and sees you displayed on the bed. “W-what is this?”

“Um…well….next week we can’t have sex so can we fuck all of this week?” you innocently ask while holding out your Magic Wand to him.

“All week?” he questions.

You begin to tell him you’d prefer all day and all week but considering that you both work all week would be an exception. He clears his throat and begins walking towards you as he unbuckles his belt.

“You’re so beautiful,” he calmly says to you as he places his hand on the spread bar that’s holding your ankles apart. “I love it…” he pulls the bar apart and your legs spread open for him, “when you’re needy for me.” He pulls you the very edge of the bed and makes himself comfortable between your legs.

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Bambam: Bambam was in Japan doing a concert and you knew that it was only one more night before he would return to you but you’ve been horny all week and needed relief, tonight. You looked through the dvd collect on the shelf and found what you were looking for, a plastic disc protection cover with a 😜 sticker. You took it out, put it in the dvd player and strings of giggles and laughter started to fill the room from the tv. You make yourself comfortable on the bed, beginning to massage yourself through your shorts. Your hand eventually making its way into your soaking panties. The motion of your finger flicking at your throbbing clit wasn’t getting you anywhere, you needed Bambam, you needed to hear him moaning. You click the fast forward button on the remote and there it was, the sound of Bambam moaning flooding your bedroom. Your fingers moving faster on your clit, your eyes shut, your head thrown back, small moans leaving your mouth. Then suddenly the door to your bedroom swings open.

“Well, well, well…What do we have here?”

You gasp and try to cover yourself with the bed comforter you’re sitting on. Bambam’s standing there in the doorway, smuggly smiling at you and begins to walk towards you. He tells you not to stop that he was enjoying the view as he makes it to the bed and gets on it, crawling towards you making you lean all the way back on the headboard. His and your face only centimeters apart.

“Did you miss me that much?”

You begin to tell him how you had missed him all week and you tried to wait but all you could think of all week was him fucking you into the mattress, the shower, the kitchen table, and so on and then you tell him if it were up to you, you two would be having sex all the time, 24/7 actually. You weren’t shy about how much you wanted and need Bambam. That is not until you say that to him that you realize how ridiculous it sounded and you get shy and begin to blush. Bambam giggles at you and leans in to kiss you.

“Well…I have a week off. So we can have sex 24/7 until I have to go back to work,” he leans in and kisses you again, this time it’s deeper and rougher.

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Yugyeom: You and Yugyeom have only been dating for about two months or so and you really felt like he could be the one. You couldn’t believe you could trust someone so much. It freaked you out a bit. You had way too many bad relationships before him and you didn’t want to scare him away. You knew you could be a bit much sometimes and your libido was shooting out of the roof but it wasn’t something you could control. You even tried to go to therapy for your addiction to sex but after about 6 months you realized you loved sex and you could only love someone who loved it just as much as you did. You and Yugyeom had yet to be sexually active but before any of that you wanted to sit him down and let him know just how much sex you required. 

You texted him earlier that day and asked him when he’d be home because there was something really important you had to talk to him about. He told you he shouldn’t be home too late and asked if he was in trouble. He was being sarcastic but you answered him seriously anyway.

It was about 5pm when Yugyeom had finally gotten to your place. He came in and you offered to make him dinner if he was hungry, he declined, then you asked if he wanted anything to drink, he declined once again. He could see you were nervous which made him nervous. He took a step closer to you and grabbed your hand and asked if everything was okay.

You quickly stepped back and spoke, “I’m a freak. I’m addicted to sex and I need it all the time.”

A confused Yugyeom stepped forward again, “W-what are you talking about? What did you mean?”

You begin to tell him how in your past relationships you had been too needy for your significant other and they felt like they couldn’t satisfy you so they left. Yugyeom thought for a minute before he spoke.

“Well…if I ever feel that I can’t satisfy you, I’ll let you know or if I can’t give you my time, we’ll figure something out. It’s not the end of the world. We’ll get through it. And baby, for the record, I like it when my girl is openly horny.” He smiles brightly at you.


why are couples always portrayed watching horror movies or rom coms together? what about nature documentary and chill? 

  • pointing at random animals and going “that’s you”
  • giggling at tortoise sex… every time
  • we aww together when the mother panda bear has her cubs, and we grow emotional attachments to the animals as if they were our own children and weep on each other when one of them dies
  • imitating animal sounds and collapsing in uncontrollable laughter because That is NOt what a bEAVer sounds likE
  • we hold each other as the coyote stalks its prey and the suspense builds
  • sighing in relief when the jackrabbit gets away, and laughing because of how invested we are in this bbc nature documentary
  • agreeing to stage a protest calling for action on climate change when you see the lone polar bear standing on a drifting piece of ice amongst a melting part of a glacier.. and holding hands just a little tighter

Cayden James

Is Cayden James really Cayden James? My crazy theorising brain has been bubbling away over hiatus, and I started thinking that maybe this guy is an imposter.

We know Michael Emerson is only around for a few more episodes this season. MG talked about a big twist coming up regarding his character, and an upcoming episode title is ‘the devil’s greatest trick’…was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Myself and @almondblossomme have talked about this and the connection to the movie The Usual Suspects and the character Keyser Soze.

I just watched the trailer and there is a shot of what looks like Cayden pulling a bag off of someone’s head while inside what looks like a shipping container. Remember when we were introduced to Cayden James last season? He had a bag over his head, we never saw his face. At the time I figured it was because they hadn’t cast the actor yet, but what if it was because the audience wasn’t supposed to know who the real Cayden James was yet.

I know Alena acknowledged him in 6x04 face to face in front of Felicity, but maybe that was part of the plan. I wanted to trust Alena because I wanted a female friend for Felicity, but it was a little too convenient thinking back.

Bill taking care of you:

  • “awe baby what happened”
  • him cooking dinner that night
  • bringing you tea to help ease your nerves
  • rubbing your shoulders and listening to you ramble about your day
  • after dinner he’d quickly run upstairs and run you a nice warm bubble bath and snag your favorite wine
  • while your in the bath hed run to the store to grab your favorite snacks
  • setting up a fort in the living room
  • “Bill what are you doing?”
  • “well i am making a fort so we can cuddle and watch your favorite movies”
  • whispering sweet nothings
  • a lot of i love yous
  • “you’re so amazing”
  • “you’re beautiful baby”
  • he’d play with your hair like all night
  • “how did i get so lucky to have you?”
  • “bill, im the lucky one”
  • he’d look over and see you sleeping and carry you to bed
  • kiss your head and whisper good night

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WOW i want this. but omg @unbetaedimagines you ask for this a while ago and it never posted and it disappeared and omg i’m so sorry this took forever ily

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On a flight and we had these little TVs. They only had 5 movies on. I didn't even know it at first but I picked the gay one 😂👌🏻 these girls were kissing on screen and one of the attendants is trying to get my attention to ask if I want water but I am so focused on the Gay. I watched this gay ass movie the whole flight because as soon as it was done playing I just watched it over again. Would do again. 11/10

11/10 VALID 

tell me your gay disaster stories

when you’re watching the greatest showman and take a sip of your coke exactly when zac efron says the “i guess i’ll tell her that either all of us go or no one goes” bit and while you’ve still got coke in your mouth @magsimags​ whispers “we’re all in this together” to you, resulting in you choking on it and almost spitting it all over the floor of the movie theater

Jin: You would literally never have to use them, if you guys were out and he saw you eyeing something, he would go back later and buy it for you so that he could surprise you.

“Surprise, jagiya!”

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Yoongi: He always tries really hard to resist them, but it never works. He’s said that he’s not the type to act very sweetly when he’s with someone, but honestly I think that the way that he silently cares would show by the way that he acts with his partner.

“Yoongi, can we watch movies tonight please?” You’d ask, using your puppy eyes on him in an attempt to butter him up, and you may not know it by the way that his features didn’t let up and stayed the same, but it was working.

“Y/n, I want to keep working on this song, the beat just isn’t right, and we may need to re-record Jimin’s part because he was being too quiet.” He tried to say coldly, but it came out as more of a whine.

“Pleeeaaseee Yoongi, I’ll give you a back rub if you do.” You tried to bargain with him while intensifying your puppy eyes.

“Ah, fine. It better be a good movie too, y/n.”

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Hoseok: He doesn’t even try to resist your puppy eyes, he knows that he can’t do it anyway.

“Hobi, can I please have it? I want it so bad.” You pulled your signature puppy eyes while begging him, knowing that it would work.

“Ah, of course you can jagi. You’re so cute I just might die!”

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Namjoon: He would have a love-hate relationship with your puppy eyes, on one hand they were adorable, but on the other they made him a bit annoyed on just how well they worked on him.

“Babe, you need to stop using your puppy eyes on me, they work too damn well.”

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Jimin: He would think that they were so cute, but you would rarely ever have to use them on him because he’ll do anything to make you happy.

“Jimin, can we go get coffee later?”

“Baby, I need to finish learning this choreo. Maybe tomorrow we can, alright?”

“But I want coffee. Pleeeaaseee Jimin?” You begged him, making your eyes a bit bigger and filling them with a gleam of pleading innocence.

“Oh fine baby, we can go get coffee. Just let me get my coat first.” He started laughing at himself for giving in so easily.

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Taehyung: He would use them right back, flipping the switch and making you forget about what you wanted.

“Tae, can I get this?” You asked, already using your puppy eyes, knowing that it was a long shot.

“But y/n, you just got that other thing earlier. Do you really need that, or can we just go and get food instead? I’m really hungry.” He used his puppy eyes as well, and he saw you visibly melt at the sight of them, he knew that he had you whipped.

“Aww, okay Tae Tae, what do you want to eat?”

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Jungkook: He would rarely ever give in to them, you wouldn’t use them often but when you did he typically didn’t let it fully effect him.

“Kookie pleeeaaseee.” You drew out, pleading with him, using your puppy eyes.

“Babe, you know those don’t work on me, how about we just go home and play some video games together, we can even cuddle together. How does that sound?” He mused, knowing that you could never resist the offer of cuddling and playing video games with him.

“Alright, Kook, we can go home.”

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Literally I watched cmbyn and it really was about a grown ass man who emotionally took advantage of a gay teenager it was a "fuck and dump" trope spread out over 2 hours and a beautiful Italian villa like the movie had great cinematography and setting but the actual story wasn't that great and armie hammer's acting was bad

but now we said it!!

My mom rly had desserts waiting for when we got home 👶🏻🍮🍨 and now she’s on the couch watching Eat Pray Love even though she doesn’t watch movies bc her friend told her it was about “finding yourself” like she’s really such a Pisces and you know what? I love her

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Bokuto & his Tsundere s.o watching movies & cuddling?

Tbh watching movies with Bokuto sounds SO fun but what sounds even better is cuddling with him~ I think I could die happy if I got the chance to be wrapped in those beautiful arms! Thanks for requesting! - Admin Satori <3

Bokuto Koutarou:

You leaned back into the couch with your arms crossed over your chest, watching the movie with a disinterested expression - you’d seen this movie more times than you could count. Yet there you were watching it again. And why?

Because it was Bokuto’s favorite movie.

Large arms wrapped around you, pulling you to a broad chest, “Babe~! What’s the matter? Why do you look like you’re going to throw a fit?” Bokuto whined, pressing his face against the side of yours and nuzzling with his nose. You blushed furiously at his affection regardless of being his for almost a year now.

“Because Koutarou, we’ve seen this movie almost 300 times!” You pushed back against his chest, feeling like your entire body was going to melt from how absolutely warm he was pressed against you. How embarrassing! Not that there was anyone to see. The two of you had been left alone at his house. Absolute privacy. “Plus, it’s really hot in here and I feel like I’m in a sauna every time you hold me too close.”

Bokuto disregarded your whining, knowing you didn’t really mean any of it. Instead, he smiled widely at you, pulling you closer to his chest again and making your arms fold against your chest, “Awww, come on, Babe! The movie isn’t THAT bad… This way we can quote all our favorite parts!”

But still you huffed in his arms, trying not to think about how his lips pressed against your cheek and jaw, trying to not focus on the way his arms only continued to squeeze you against his broad chest, struggling to keep your breathing even the longer he held you so close to his sinful lips. “What about the heat issue? I’m still sweltering! Don’t you have an AC?”

He pulled his head away from the side of your face but leaned forward again to press a hot kiss to your temple, “Well… I think if you take off all your clothes it’ll be a little better.” You gasped and pushed against him weakly, feeling like your face was going to burst into flames. He laughed loudly, his laughter rumbling in your own chest at how joyful it sounded, “Come on, now, babe! How long have we been dating?”

You didn’t meet his eyes, looking, instead, down at your hands firmly placed in your lap, “Almost a whole year….”

“And how many times have we had sex?”

Giving him a warning look, you pursed your lips and quickly looked away from him once more, “A few times…”

Bokuto chuckled lowly, “Only a few? Didn’t we have a whole week to ourselves not too long ago…..? While your parents were on that business trip?” He leaned his head closer to you again, brushing his lips against the apple of your cheeks before trailing down to your jaw. Memories of you panting beneath him filled his mind, remembering the cute noises you’d make when he’d tease you, when he’d kiss and bite just the right spots.

“Koutarou!” Bokuto blinked a few times, looking at you with surprise at the sound of you almost yelling his name. He’d gotten lost in his memories it seemed. Your entire face was red, and you knew if he kept giving you that dreamy, wistful look, that you were going to lose your goddamn mind. You cleared your throat and elbowed his chest as best you could with your arms still folded between your bodies, “What’s your point?… Did you even have a point?”

It was quiet for a few seconds, your boyfriend puckering his lips as he tried to remember what he’d been going for before he got distracted. Had he completely forgotten that quick? You knew he was a little ditzy sometimes, but usually he was playing around - Bokuto was a smart guy despite his mediocre school grades.

Suddenly, a large smile made itself known on his face, stretching across and blinding you with the pearly white teeth behind those kissable lips. “Oh yeah!” He leaned forward, one hand now cupping your face and pulling you closer to him. His lips pressed against yours, surprising you completely. But before you could push him away with an embarrassed whine, he pulled back and gave you another brilliant smile, “We’ve been dating far too long for you to be this embarrassed about cuddling.” His golden eyes trained on you, catching you in an intense stare down, “So… Can I cuddle my cute, adorable, love bug and watch my favorite movie?”

You spluttered a good few seconds before shutting your mouth and letting out a huge sigh, your internal battle still raging on. You loved your boyfriend more than anything. And you would do anything for him. But there were just some things you were embarrassed about. You still had walls he had yet to break down… But you knew he was trying, and he was genuine in his want to love you. Letting out another large sigh, you leaned forward and laid your head on his collarbone, turning your head to be able to see the tv properly.

It was as if fireworks exploded in the room with the excitement rolling off your boyfriend. His arms wrapped around you tighter than before and he leaned his head down to press a kiss to your forehead, “You’re so cute, _____! It’s not going to kill you to be cuddly now and then!”

“You’re embarrassing.” You grumbled under your breath, but your gentle smile betrayed you as you cuddled ever so closely against your boyfriend. Your Bokuto.

He hummed in acknowledgement, his eyes going back to the tv, “Definitely, but you love it - it’s your guilty pleasure~.” Feeling your body heat above his caused him to laugh loudly, the sound of it warming your insides and making your heart beat a little faster. How amazingly embarrassing.

30 Questions

I was tagged by @jessicallange, thank you so much lovely!

Rules: Answer 30 questions and tag 20(ish) blogs you would like to get to know better (or don’t it’s up to you!)

Nickname(s): Mere

Gender: Female

Sign: Aries

Height: 5′3

Time: 4:12 pm

Fav band(s): Hhhhmmm The Fray, Avicii, The Band Perry, Mumford & Sons, WALK THE MOON, The Decemberists, waaayyy too many to list tbh. 

Fav solo artist(s): Demi Lovato, Gavin Degraw, Ben Folds, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Harry Styles, Naill Horan, seriously we could be here for the rest of our lives!

Song stuck in my head: New Rules by Dua Lipa

Last movie I saw: Omg I can’t even remember the last movie I saw in theaters tbh! The last movie I watched though was Bright. 

Last show I watched: Quantico (I just binged the first 2 seasons on Netflix.)

When did I create my blog: Summer of 2015 I believe. 

What do I post:  I feel like the better question would be “what do I not post?”

Last thing I Googled: 2018 Emmy Award Winners

Do I have any other blogs: Yep! I am a Mod for @jonxsansafanfiction, @asoiafships, and @clarkegriffinandchill

Do I get asks: Yep! I am The Fucking Worst™ about answering them though. 

Why did I chose my URL: Because I love Alysanne Targaryen aka Good Queen Alysanne

Following: 715

Followed by: ~4.7k (and I have absolutely no idea why!)

Average hours of Sleep: I plead the 5th

Lucky number: I have never really had one tbh. 

Instruments: I never played and instrument but I do sing. 

What I am wearing: Black leggings (covered in dog hair), a gray sweater, and slippers. 

Dream job: U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Dream trip: Probably Greece or Ireland… Or Harry Potter Land. 

Fav food: Avocados

Nationality: Irish and German 

Fav song: Currently it’s Slow Hands by Naill Horan. 

Last book I read: I think it was Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling. 

Top 3 fictional universes I wanna join: Hhhmmm it would probably be 1) Harry Potter/The Wizarding World, 2) Marvel’s The Defenders world (as long as I got to have powers!), or 3) somewhere like in The Little Mermaid because I really just want to be a mermaid!

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exceptionalcelestial  asked:

since you've started a cinematography blog- what's your list of top MUST SEE movies? (I want a list so I can start watching Filmés lol)

some of my faves are

*what we do in the shadows

*lady bird

*get out


*the nice guys

*three billboards past ebbing Missouri

*jane eyre (the one directed by cary fukunaga)


thats it really, i dont really like watch that many Pretentious movies, i watch what i think i’ll like. some of the movies i’ve listed are beautiful, some may have changed the genre a bit and some of are just downright enjoyable. tarantino and anderson are not the end all be all of cinema, cinema is an art definitely, but its also entertainment!

anonymous asked:

Cinnamon roll, little twin stars, sentimental circus

Cinnamon roll - what was something that made you smile today?

A vine compilation I saw on YouTube

Little twin stars - something you love about you best friend?

Even though I get stupid about them, he still gets into fandoms and watchs movie and tv shows and reads things for me, and we can get closer over them. It’s something that just seems quite kind to me.

Sentimental circus - the item most precious to you?

I’m not really sure. I love my incense box and a lot, and my bee !!

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Marina, Terminator (aint gotta tell you others bc well, ya know…)
Gender: Female
Star sign: Leo
Height: 5’6′
Time: 19:55 PM
Birthday: August
Favourite bands: Black Veil Brides, One Ok Rock, My First  Story, Skillet, etc.etc.
Favourite solo artists:  Верка Сердючка (at least i am honest with myself)
Song stuck in my head: “Faded”  Alan Walker
Last movie I watched: What do we do in the shadows
When did I create my blog: 3? years? ago? idk i wasnt active before october.
What do I post: Arcana, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Cosmere (rarely now).
Last thing I googled: am/ pm meaning cause i am dumb and cant remeber it.
Do I have other blogs: Ya, like 3 more
Do I get asks?: Ya
Why did I choose my URL: Its my art name  I am thirsty for Bucky so:
Winter soldier- WIN S
Bucky Barnes - BUCK
Also S goes for - so much love - too
Following blogs: 500
Followers: 2057
Favourite colours: Blue/orange/black
Average hours of sleep: i wish that was 11 per day but it is ~ 9 hours per 2 days now *HEAVY SIGH*
Lucky numbers: 536. (yes, i choose randomly)
What am i wearing: i looking like homeless now in my pajama and sport pants, so i will tell usual stuff, t shirt, jeans and hoodie.
How many blankets do i sleep with:  one + wrap when its cold af
Dream job: just give me money
Dream trip: somewhere where warm weather.
Favourite food:  barbecue
Nationality: Russian.
Favourite song right now: Black Veil Brides – The Last One 

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Getting to know someone:

I was tagged by @justanother44 @boo-badger @erin-does-fit @runningforbiscuits to answer questions and I am sorry I took so long I was on vacation. Here we go!Name: Andy

Nickname: Marine

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5'8

Dream trip: Ireland

Average sleep: 5 hours

Dog or Cat: Dog

When I made blog: 11/2016

Why my URL: I am a Marine and we sweat hard.💪🇺🇸

Favorite color: blue

3 favorite foods: pizza, steak, wings

Last movie I watched: star wars

3 favorite shows: Black List, This is Us, Chicago PD

3 Bands: Aerosmith, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac

Favorite way to spend a Friday Night: Grilling or smoking some food in the smoker and some cold beers around the fire pit!🍻

I tag @gerinurse @beautiful-biochemistry @sheismysquishy @justina50 @coloradoqueen