we watched this at the movies

I watched Power Rangers tonight with a group of friends and there a few great takeaways from the film. Keep in mind that we are all what society would consider adults and have all watched Power Rangers on television while growing up.

1) Power Rangers can be summed up as a movie with an elaborate plot to rob a donut shop.

2) Effectively, the film is a two hour Krispy Kreme commercial.

3) They used the original theme song for a brief moment. Yes. They actually did.

4) It doesn’t matter who you think you are, we are all Billy, the Blue Ranger.

5) Zords. Megazords.

6) Slapping is now again an effective method of defeating your enemies, most notably bullies.

7) They had a Team Rocket scene at the end. Yes. They did that as well (minus Meowth).

8) Power Rangers was essentially a Saturday morning from the 90s set in 2017.

That is all.

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/ Yes, it’s not like I have enough nightmares after every MV we shoot /


“I like zombies ♡ ”


“That makes for a nice new concept to try”


*Watches movies with you and shudders at every zombie that appears*
“Wouldn’t you rather watch some action movie without the undead?”


“I don’t mind zombies, but why are you so fascinated? They’re just walking meat”
Y/N: “That’s the cool thing tho”


“Zombies be zombies but let’s watch something nice when on a date!”


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is it an autistic thing that, especially when I was a little kid, i felt like i was copying characters movements and stuff? like id always try to move or talk a certain way because I saw it in a movie. also when I was a kid I always narrated my life in my head like a narrator would and acted like I was a character in a tv show but idk if that's connected maybe I just really liked movies lol

Copying characters is an autistic thing. Many of us learn social skills and how to act by watching those around us or those we see on TV or in movies. 

I’m not sure if narrating your life in your head is an autistic thing or not. It seems like it might be but I’m not sure. 



Remember #SwanPriGate/#SONY NO three years ago? Because I just learned a) MOVIE SEVEN EXISTS AND IT’S SOME UNHOLY COMBO OF CGI SWAN PRINCESS AND SPY KIDS

Thank you Cassidy for this glorious bit of news.


This premise seems a little racist. WHOOPS. DAMMIT SONY.

  b) it is movie seven, so apparently we missed a glorious terror in this series.

Actually, the CGI looks improved from #5

LEGION Recap: 1x03

For an intro to this one just imagine a stream of hearts pouring out my own heart while I flail around in a sea of my heart’s hearts splashing and laughing and gently gnawing on one and you should have ABOUT THE STATE OF THINGS.

Season 1, ‘Chapter 3’

The first three minutes of Legion, ‘Chapter 3’ are perhaps the most masterfully bewitching opening of an episode of television I’ve ever watched. Trying to explain what they are and what they did to me just with words feels like one of the more comically hopeless things I’ve attempted in a while, because it’s so rooted in what you can do with television, with image and sound, with that form of storytelling told in installments. This opening couldn’t have come earlier than the third episode, for instance. A big part of its power is in how it draws together elements we’ve already seen to make a new piece of music.

Also: the music. Lovely darkening movie-score strings, overlaid with a spoken-word melody of a man’s voice telling the fable of the poor woodcutter and his wife who found a crane in the woods — a man’s voice playing from a beautiful silver & wire Rube Goldberg machine of a coffee maker. The strangeness, the gorgeous strangeness! A sort of mid-century A.I. doing the scene-setting heavy lifting of paaaages of dialogue.

But more than anything, the magic in this opening is in how it renders the feeling of telepathy. It is of telepathy, of the stuff of it. Not that we’re supposed to parse everything we see as being experienced by David, sitting at the end of a sunlit dock, but we should get the sense that some is, or that it can be. That there are certain threads of connection he’s beginning to feel between sensation and image and thought, a web of humanity, gone mysteriously tangible under his attention.

The fear people have about telepathy, of course, is the idea of someone observing our private lives. And this episode does something brilliant: it gives us telepathy ourselves. It shows us people literally bare. We see a room of people showering, and see it for all that it is: just human bodies bathing. All skin feels the same under soap and water. Telepathy, Legion says, is not inherently voyeuristic — it’s inherently experiential.

It’s just a stunning sequence. I’ve watched it some times now trying to put these words in order, and I’ve JUST BEEN SWEPT BY GOOSEBUMPS TBH.

Shall we begin?

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Idk if you watched it already but if you liked Taron on Kingsman I definitely recommend you watch Eddie the Eagle cause he's so great in it too and just a pure sweetheart (plus it's a great movie)

I HAVENT!!! I didn’t know of this one. O_O Is this the one with Hugh Jackman? I keep seeing gifs of Taron looking lovingly at Hugh :)) I will download the movie later and watch it! I’m 10000% positive he’s a sweetheart in it, and i haven’t even watched it ;__; I mean, his face is the epitome of a sweetheart let’s be real OTL

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At least twice a year Carter takes his kids on a trip to Disney World! They always have a magical time. Sometimes when they meet characters the kids say things like "my daddy always cries when we watch your movie" which embarrasses Carter to no end.

and he has a picture with his favourite princess which he absolutely treasures 

Daddy Wednesday™

tagged  by  : @rationalclover​ thank you so much <33
relationship  status  : married to my boo in LV winkwonk, you know who you are lmfao
favorite  color : it changes a lot … but sunset pink?
lipstick  or  chapstick  : chapstick
last  song  i  listened  to  :  Towards The Sun by Rihanna
last  movie  i  watched  : … sadly i have no fucking clue…
top  three  tv  shows  : the 100, game of thrones, and the walking dead; but if we’re talking cartoon-wise HTTYD, Puss In Boots, … yeah OK i only had two favs ( i am a dork with cartoons i know ).
top  three characters  : … yeah that isn’t going to happen, i have too many.
top  three ships  : errr as of late Lincoln & Octavia, Clarke & Lexa … idk, i really don’t ship all that often and it was surprising that i liked these two ships since i normally don’t like ships that are canon. then again, i think that applies more toward anime.
books  i’m  currently  reading  :  lol, i should be reading the third warrior cat book series that i bought but never bothered to open, also Raven Boys is another series i bought and… didn’t finish the first book yet, woops.

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Nickname: Booooo I don’t have one. 

Zodiac sign: Libra 

Height: 5′4 (5 and ¾ but we’re I’m putting down 4) 

Last thing you Googled: A pair of shoes… 

Favorite music artist: Don’t make me choose….😭

Song stuck in my head: Shining by Beyonce, Jay Z and DJ Khaled. 

Last movie you watched: A scientology documentary

What are you wearing right now: A jumper and leggings. 

What do you post: Harry, memes, pretty things, political posts, funny text posts, etc. 

Why did you choose your URL: I’m always trying to write something. 

Do you have any other blogs: Yeah, I have a bunch of saved URLs. 

What did your last relationship teach you: Not everyone has the same heart as you. 

Religious or spiritual: I don’t consider myself religious but I do practice some aspects of Judaism. 

Favorite color: I think it’s red right now. 

Average hours of sleep: 5-8. Depends what’s going on. 

Lucky number: I don’t have one……….

Favorite characters: Frank Underwood from house of cards. 

How many blankets do you sleep with: A duvet and sometimes another one if I’m feeling chilly.

Dream job: I wanna work in the UN or just work with an international organization. 

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Me (An Astronomy Nerd) in Astrophysics...

There was a sub, so we watched Gravity and worked on our projects.

Me (INTJ): *gives running commentary on how Gravity was made to my ISTJ friend*

Me: *pulls up pictures of the set on my computer to show ISTJ the cool robotics and giant LED light box they used while filming*

ISTJ BF: *actually works on our project*

Tom Holland at CinemaCon Tells Us About Role the Avengers Play in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Tom Holland’s wisecracking Spider-Man made his formal entrance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in last year’s Captain America: Civil War, fighting alongside Iron Man in his showdown with Captain America. But now that he’s back on his own, what role will the Avengers play in his upcoming stand-alone adventure, Spider-Man: Homecoming? At CinemaCon, we got the scoop directly from the star and director (watch our chat above).

At the Las Vegas event, Yahoo Movies’ Kevin Polowy caught up with Holland and director Jon Watts, and as they explain in the clip above, the Avengers will be a constant presence throughout Homecoming, and not just because — as we saw in yesterday’s trailer — Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Chris Evans’ Captain America will make on-screen appearances. As Watts says, considering that Stark just recently threw Peter Parker into the fire of superhero war in Civil War, “That experience is still looming in his mind when our movie starts.” Nonetheless, don’t worry that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will somehow steal the spotlight from the wall-crawler in his own saga — Holland assures Spidey fans that, while the Avengers play a big part in the upcoming MCU installment, they “don’t in any way overshadow Peter and Spider-Man’s arc in the movie.”

To hear more about the Avengers in Homecoming, watch our video above. The film arrives in theaters on July 7.

Tom Holland Tells Yahoo Movies About Craziest Stunt He Performed for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’:

Read More from Yahoo Movies:

cheesethenachos  asked:

Do you think the new Spider-Man trailer gave away too much of the movie and focuses too much on Tony Stark?

nope. marvel is known to be very secretive over such things so i dont think they’d give away major plot points in a trailer. ideally I like to watch movie blind and be surprised but ever since i joined tumblr that ship has sailed so im already watching more than i should. plus every superhero movie has a similar plot progression and based on the trailer, homecoming is no different.

as far as tony is concerned, i like the guy. i un-ironically loved civl war so i don’t mind him being a part of this movie either. people are too quick to judge now a days, like the movie isnt even out yet so can we all take a step back? purely on marketing pov, marvel would be stupid not to promote the movie with iron man. tbh as far as i am concerned, as long as the plot is coherent, character arcs are good, and there are some good action sequences, im happy. 

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I just watched some performances of apple music festival and i wonder why they didnt play dont forget where you belong or stockholm syndrome.I would love to see those 2 live and and i know there is one performace of dont forget where you belong from take me home movie but it would be nice if we had 2015 version with 4 of them

You can watch the videos from their last tour. (Don’t Forget Where You Belong and Stockholm Syndrome)

I Still Think Zendaya Is MJ

Some notes for my fellow Zendaya!MJ fans:

Rewatch the gym/P.E. scene in the trailer. She is the only one not watching the Captain America Fitness Challenge. Her head is angled in a certain way, so we can assume she’s (partly) listening to the video. Maybe. She could also be eavesdropping on Peter and Ned. They’re whispering, but I think she hears them.

Watch her eyes. They focus on Peter and Ned.

We have some precedence for this, considering she overhears their conversation about Liz in the first trailer. Given the movie’s structure, it’s probably safe to assume that the cafeteria scene comes before the gym one. Maybe not. That would be weird, though. If they’re going for the “Zendaya is MJ and MJ is suspicious about Peter being Spider-Man,” then it stands to reason that they need to establish her suspicions early.

Fans of the “Zendaya is playing the Vulture’s daughter and/or a villain” theory could cite this as her gathering intel for her dad (or boss). I think they’re focusing on the Vulture having mentioned doing anything for his family as a point in their favor. They might consider the “My friends are up there!” to be a trap because it’s strange that she wouldn’t be with them. So, Zendaya’s character figures out Peter is Spider-Man and tells the Vulture - either willingly or unwillingly (because she considers him a friend/has feelings for him).

I don’t buy it. I still think she’s MJ, and I’ll tell you why.

The books she has in both trailers give clues to her identity. Of Human Bondage parallels Peter’s origins (moving in with his aunt and uncle after his parents died), but it also hints at MJ’s life. Her mother dies. Her father is abusive (the uncle is abusive in the book, or so I’ve been told). It’s also interesting to note that Peter and MJ mirror each other. That was the whole point of the Parallel Lives comic.

Others have written better summaries regarding Of Human Bondage and how it applies to Peter and MJ. I remember some good posts about the books in the first trailer too, but I can’t find them at present. Basically, they allude to MJ’s aspirations for acting.

In the comics, MJ discovered Peter was Spider-Man early on. It would be great if MCU!MJ did the same by overhearing Peter and Ned’s conversation. At the very least, it would fuel her suspicions.

I’m not worried about the “My friends are up there!” line and her being separated from them. Peter wasn’t with the group either. Maybe the teachers split the students up and Zendaya’s character was around Peter’s/another group instead.

Could Zendaya be playing the Vulture’s daughter or another villain? Sure. She could reform once her father goes to prison or she could be the next primary (or secondary) antagonist.

Personally, I think everything hints to her being MJ. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. It will suck. A lot. Because this MJ has a lot of potential developmentally speaking, Zendaya might as well be a real life MJ. She can become the super glamorous 616!MJ some people want. There’s time. She’s 15-16 in this movie.

Or Marvel and Sony will continue to give MJ and PeterMJ the shaft and never incorporate her (or their romantic relationship) at all.


I still think Zendaya is playing MJ. I’m not concerned about her denial from a few months ago because lbr, actors lie all the time. She even winked after she said it. Rewatch the second trailer for the gym scene. Focus on her body language. Look at her eyes. I’m pretty sure she overhears Peter and Ned talking.

while we’re on the topic of my friends parents I got the wildest story for you okay so when I was about 10 I was staying at one of my friends houses after a dance competition and on this particular weekend my friends mums boyfriend was staying with her and he was from America and she had met him online and this was pretty much the first time they had met in person so the next morning me and my friend are just hanging out watching movies and there is a knock on the door and it’s the police ready to arrest my friends mum and it was decided that my friend was going to go to the station with her so then her mum is like to me ‘hey so do u wanna come with us or do u wanna stay here until we get back’ and honestly what I wanted was to go home but that wasn’t an option for some reason???? Like this lady was about to leave me alone in her house with a guy she has literally JUST MET and let me tell you my mums main goal as a parent was to make sure I knew that every single person I did not know was out here trying to abduct and murder me so I was like uhh????? I guess I’ll go to the station with you and then idk exactly what happened but my friend went in with her mum and I was just left in the foyer for like four hours and I have no idea why no one like????? Called my parents so they could come and get me?????? Or took me home????? like what was that