we watched this at the movies

If you get the chance, watch the rotoscope cartoon Tower from 2016.

It’s super intense and really gives you a sense of what it’d be like to be in a situation where a gunman starts shooting at random people in the streets.

I usually sit with my phone while watching movies, occasionally turning it on during boring parts. Halfway through this movie I had completely forgotten I ever owned a phone. It really grabs you. I kept having to wipe away tears, both because of the horrible stuff (no gore) but also because people did so much to help each other.

And it does what everybody always say we should do with mass shooters; it doesn’t glorify him. It doesn’t even show his face. It’s all about the people he harmed.

It really stays with you but not in a bad way, so I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • Asher: There's a certain member of Cow Chop who loves watching fucked-up [horror] movies when we're all together.
  • chat: it's James.
  • Asher: I'm not gonna call out who it is.
  • chat: it's definitely James.
  • Asher: .......Alright you guys know who it is, it's James.
Idea for Captain Marvel:

Near the end of the movie, when the Skrull invasion kicks into full gear, we see Carol Danvers saving a family from a squad of Skrulls. The mother then says something along the lines of, “Thank you, you saved my baby!” And Carol says something witty before flying off.

(Like she rubs the baby’s stomach and says, “You’re almost as cute as me! Just kidding, you’re plenty of cute.”)

Then at the very end of the movie, we cut back to the family, who are watching a video of Carol’s heroics. The mother is holding her baby and she points to the TV and says, “See her…that’s the superwoman who saved your life…Kamala.”

And then the camera lingers on baby!Kamala Khan, foreshadowing her appearance in Captain Marvel 2.

(Since the movie is set in the nineties, Kamala should be a baby or at the very least a toddler in order for her to be a teenager/young adult in the present day)

for someone who makes a lot of sexual jokes i really just wanna be cuddled and held and get my face kissed all over and shit LMAO like any person i’ve made jokes about sleeping with could approach me like LET’S DO THE DAMN THING and i’d probably be like, how about i just make you a plate of ribs and you can hold me while we watch a movie or something please

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Yo! Can I gets a scenario with bakugou confessing to his fem crush in their dorm while they're watching a movie and they fall asleep cuddling and ochako or someone goes to her room bc she was worried that she slept in. And walks in on a bakugou smiling with teeth hugging s/o from behind asleep with a dumb grin on her face as well. She gets the rest of the class and they just sit there in awe lol.

“Listen! I like you, you moron!” Bakugou shouted at, the movie you were watching still playing in the background.

You were shocked to say the least, of all poeple you never expected Bakugou to like you.

“I know you probably don’t fucking like me back. But I really don’t care.”

You smiled and placed your hand on the his.

“I do like you, you idiot.”

Uraraka knocked restlessly on your door.

“(y/n)! If you don’t get up, we’ll be late!”

With no answer, Uraraka sighed and opened your door. She looked around, but found no trace of you. Your bed was still made and the light was on.

Oh well, Ochaco thought. She’s probably already awake and gone. I guess someone should wake Bakugou too…

Uraraka made her way to Bakugou’s room. 

“Bakugou! Get up! We’re going to be-”

She cut herself off as soon as she saw it. You and Bakugou wrapped up together…. CUDDLING!!! Both of you with happy smiles on your faces.

That’s adorable!, Uraraka thought as she tried not to laugh.

“You guys! You have to come see this!”

The rest of the class followed her to Bakugou’s room, all of them wondering what was going on, but as soon as they saw you two all of their minds went blank.

“How even?” Denki whispered to himself.

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I love all the work David's doing. His books and his music and how passionates he is about it but I really wish/need(?)/want(?) him to join a movie or a series. Nice projects. Let's be honest, Aquarius wasn't that good.

Me too! I forced myself to watch Aquarius ‘til the end to see David, but I didn’t like it. I know he said he’s taking it slow on the acting part of his career, xf aside, but I wish we could see him in a new series, or a Californication revival. I would love that!

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I have the feeling that one day Poppy and Branch went to an outside cinema to rewatch "Finding Nemo", of course they talked a little while they were watching the movie, and right after they exited the place; a kid pointed at them and shouted: "Look mom! They're Dory and Marlin!"

Later on their way home, it’s just like

“I have honestly never felt so offended in my life.”


“Did you SEE the worry lines on that fucking fish? How old did that kid think I was?”

“I mean, he wasn’t wrong. You do kinda have-”

“Wait, which turn our we taking? You wanted to go to McDonalds, right? Where is it?”

“Beats me. Hey, why don’t we ask for directions?”


“In whale.”


“Y’know, I speak whale.”

“I’m leaving you.”

Buckynat and Captain America the Winter Soldier #2

[ Contains Captain America Civil War headcanon continuation bonus in the end ]

As I was doing my evening routine (this includes thinking about Buckynat), I was listening to the Winter Soldier soundtrack called “The Causeway”. This soundtrack was played during the highway fight scene between all the characters present.

I was reviewing everything everyone had already mentioned like the Smile she had when she was able to break his goggles and how he recognized her voice in a recording. I was going through all this and realized that we had no direct word about Natasha working with Bucky in the Red Room until I remembered a certain deleted scene.

This post is long so if you wanna know more, you know what to do.

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I hate looking into people's eyes, is that an autism thing? Like my friends have said sometimes they don't like looking at people's eyes, but I don't think they're having an internal meltdown when they look at eyes. Cartoon eyes aren't so bad, but watching movies esp when they look into the camera is uncomfortable, so I tried to practice looking at eyes even they weren't looking directly at me, but I just freak out so badly when people look right into my eyes, is it something I can grow out of??

This is a very common autistic thing. Some autistic people are uncomfortable making eye contact while others experience pain when making eye contact, or anywhere in between. As far as I am aware, this is not something we grow out of.


Otter Boy sits on my lap facing me, knees bracketing my hips, and tells me bright-eyed all the things he loves about me, about us. He says he’s not a writer, doesn’t have the vocabulary like I do; but somehow he finds the words far better than I. I can only say yes and yes and me too.

This relationship looks nothing like anything we’ve ever done, and even less like what we’re told is normal. We agree, giddily, that we didn’t know it could be this way, a relationship built around what we want instead of building ourselves around what a relationship is.

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I'm watching What We Do In The Shadows again, and it's wonderful. If you use "we're werewolves, not swearwolves" in a future fic, I will give you a gazillion dollars.

I fucking love that movie. Just… fucking love it. 

Did you know they’re making a sequel? It’s called We’re Wolves. 

Descendants 2 headcanon

Admittedly, before I knew anything about the movie and even on my first viewing  I found it really annoying that Harry carried a hook around when he has both hands. Like, we’d be able to tell who he is by the way he dresses and Uma literally says it anyways before What’s My Name.

But after watching it 3+ more times I now have a headcanon that Hook has (somewhat recently) passed away and Harry carries it around because it reminds him of his father. And he (like many of the others) are “forced” in a way to be just like their parents. This also kind of explains why he went after it when Jay threw it in the water.

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Where is the next chapter I need an update right now.

That’s cool. You know what I need? Money to pay rent, groceries and possibly the plane tickets back home for my summer vacation. Good thing I have a full time job, one that usually allows me to write a bit in slow days, but things are currently busy and so that means some eight hours a day off the table. Nine if we count the time I spend going from home to office and back. 

I also need some time to relax after being done with said work. Read a book, play a game, pet a dog, watch a movie, that sort of thing. I go to the gym, though admittedly that doesn’t count as relaxing, and I have this nasty habit of spending time with friends upon occasion. Sometimes I’ll even take a nap or - I know that sounds weird - sleep at night, even up to eight hours in a row.

You get the gist, right?

I love writing in my spare time, but said spare time is limited. I try to stick to a schedule, even if that means the occasional sleepless night, and I’m taking steps so that I have a chapter ready to post when I’ll be on vacation. So I would reeeeally appreciate it if you didn’t stomp in demanding updates. Writing a chapter takes time. I am not paid for it. I have no obligation to be anybody’s monkey with a typewriter.

This has been a PSA.

Marvel, please. The best way to avoid leaking of trailers is to release the frickin trailer already!! I hope you understand that people are only going to get MORE excited and not less after a good trailer ffs. If we could swallow your ‘Pick a side’ thing for Kindergarten Fight At An Airport: A Movie and still watch the movie without fail, then we definitely will watch this trailer yoi release and watch Murder All Your Feels : Purple Bald Guy Comes Back too. Please. Release the frickin trailer already.

get to know me tag!

i was tagged by @existentialjimin and @jungkookbunbun !! that you guys!!

without further ado here we go

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames: salls or sall! 

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: aries

4. Height: i want to say 5′2 but that’s me rounding

5. Time: 14:31

6. Birthday: march 29th

7. Favorite bands: i listen to everything lol this would be a long list

8. Favorite solo artists: yeseo and jay park

9. Song stuck in my head: sex therapy by crucial star

10. Last movie watched: suicide squad IM LATE IK

11. Last show watched: ink master season 9 ep????the latest one

12. When did i create my blog: this blog was made in 2015

13. What do i post: fics, memes, my thoughts sometimes

14. Last thing googled: 4chan raids 2017 LMAO

15. Do you have other blogs: yes! @poisedpoppy and @pe-ach

16. Do you get asks: yep!

17. Why did u choose your url: i wanted change. 93 is yoongis year and i love photos so jpg 

18. Following: 249

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20. Favorite colors: lavender and white

21. Average hours of sleep: wh o k n ows

22. Lucky number: 3

23. Instruments: i play flute and piano

24. What am I wearing: a beta club tshirt and adidas running shorts

25. How many blankets I sleep with: 2

26. Dream job: graphic designer/freelance artist

27. Dream trip: all of asia (i actually have a trip planned and im HYPE)

28. Favorite food: hot pockets

29. Nationality: vietnamese

30. Favorite song now: do re mi by blackbear

im tagging some sunshine net friends! if you’ve already done this pls ignore me lol also lian can u come back from the dead thnx

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I could watch videos or shows or movies over and over again. No one I know likes to watch things they've already seen. But I could watch the same movie again 3 days later.

This is a pretty common thing for autistic people. We tend to enjoy repetition.


My Thoughts on the S8 Sneak Peek

My heart is pounding, but i must say i’m really excited after watching the sneak peek!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxRuPLovOGI < link right here if you haven’t seen it.

But, they’re some things that makes me wanna question

- Are we getting a crossover between the show and the movie? Because Lloyd in that sneak peek looked exactly like his movie self. 

- His Design might be possibly upgraded, showing Lloyd all grown up, either way it’ll be really cool

- And i wonder who’s going to be Lloyd’s new voice actor, Jillian Micheals said that he has to grow up to be a ‘man’ and again, the movie design might be the possibility for Lloyd to grow up. But again, the sneak peek is a work in progress, so, we have to guess who will. 

- And the… the… people, who look like to be Power Rangers, might or might not be the show ninja, because of having the same colors as the Ninja back then, so, maybe the Ninja went to another dimension to meet the Lloyd from the movie, but, hey, it’s not fully done, so, we gotta find out.

- I don’t think I should be close-minded about the designs, in fact i don’t like being close-minded. but i think they should’ve thought of something original than ripping it off from the movie, but, again, it’s cool, it’s fine. And i’m hype for the Ninjago Season 8!

Love, Lauren