we watch for the plot

there is a certain school of writing that believes that if 75% of your audience can’t follow your narrative, you are Clever and Deep.  

if I could, I would kill this notion with fire.  if there is a running narrative in my head of “what the fuck is going on?  who the fuck are these people?  who’s TALKING?  where are we?  when are we?  What the EVER LOVING FUCK am I reading / watching?  plot?  is there a plot somewhere in this disjointed mess?”  then you are failing utterly at your job.  unless your aim was to irritate me, in which case congrats.

every time I read or watch something produced by this school of thought, I get even grumpier because I know the content creator is congratulating themselves like a smug motherfucker over losing most of their audience, and I want to beat them with a shovel.

Fondly remembers Tf animated and all its designs. -re-watches- 

AH yes just what I remembered

the texts are just very loaded and it’s deliberately vague about who they’re from like there’s 1,000 other iterations that would sound less vague and sure they haven’t been apart for that long but they literally have seeing as they were starved for each other one month into john’s marriage and i don’t think they’d gone on a case after 59 missed calls? and i’m just saying what kind of gay reveal would it be if in the next episode or the final problem, time goes wonky to give us more info AS THEY ALWAYS DO and we see sherlock on the other end of that phone up late doing something plot relevant and we watch his small face lit up by the phone screen in the dark as he texts john “Miss you” [meryl streep voice] That’s all.

We see you

You know what I deduce? Because nondisclosure agreements are being forced upon all those watching The Final Problem early, our meta-writers on Tumblr are being watched like hawks. We broke the first game - that was TJLC. That was the minor game. You have to solve the minor game before you can solve the Major game. Other social media sites get their theories from us here. We have the potential to Crack the final case and we’re doing it. Everyone involved with creating the show knows this and are watching us, in these final hours. We can spoil the plot of The Final Problem at any moment. They know exactly who we are. They are absolutely wondering if anyone can crack the final case before the reveal.

So to Moffat, Gatiss, Vertue, BBC1, and the wonderful cast and crew, us meta-writers look forward to hearing from you after the grand reveal. Unless, of course, we crack the case first.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

JAMMF the White Knight

@mybeautifuldecay asked: I know you have your wonderful ‘Exes’ story where we’re watching an amazing plot play out. What if; in either modern or canon AU, Jamie had to rescue an unknown damsel in distress from the clutches of evil? Grab your white knight status JAMMF ;) <3

Oh you know that I can never say no to you!! This one was an incredible amount of fun to write. And thanks to the epic help from @thescarlettpeacock, it got even better. (I’m trying to talk her into becoming a fanfic writer too!) I hope you like it beautiful lady!

The wind seared his face, getting hotter the closer he got. But he wouldn’t give up now, he couldn’t. Not when he was this close. The white stallion trembled beneath him as it carried him toward his task.

For all intent and purpose, James was a sword for hire. While others pillaged from the villages and lived to satisfy and serve their own greed, he maintained his honor. He would serve others selflessly. He’d been approached by a gentleman named Quentin and beseeched to rescue and return the man’s niece, with a sizable sum for her return. James had asked for no other details, other than those of her whereabouts.

This task wasn’t about saving the woman, though that’s what he was being paid to do. It was about the beast living at the base of the tower. Years ago, the beast that had stolen his sister when he’d been very young, too young to do anything about it. It was this action that led him on the journey of training and fighting, readying himself for this moment.

The tower came into sight, tall and imposing against the vast skyline. It didn’t frighten him. He pulled aside the stallion, knowing the journey ahead would be made by foot.

His armour hardly made a sound as he dismounted, months of craftsmanship paying off. With sword drawn, edges sliding gently from its home, he spoke. “Alright, ye beastie,” he said. “Lets see what you’re made of.”

With purpose he strode toward the fortress, it’s darkened walls looming overhead. He assessed his surroundings; the best escape route, the easiest access points and areas for cover. James wandered around the building, again and again until he finally found a small door. It looked as though it had been carved directly into the building, a small notch for a handle. How peculiar, he’d thought, but no matter. Shouldering in through it, he stumbled into the base of the tower to be met only by his own echo.

He surveyed the space, looking for any sign of the stolen woman. Nothing. No scorch marks, no soot from torches hung on the walls, no bones… The beast was said to breathe fire, so where were the corpses of those who had tried to kill it before? By chance, he spotted the staircase, cut raggedly into the cold stone of the building. Perhaps the woman lay in the rooms above?

With renewed purpose he started for the staircase, his armour freezing with every moment he stood within the bleak walls. Drawing his sgian dubh from his belt, he began to climb. Better to be prepared, he thought.

With lungs aching and bones chilled, he stumbled to the top. His hands shook with cold, his weapons held tight in fists that braced against the walls. The cold whistled around him, armour freezing to the touch. After a time, the stairs halted, bringing him to a small corridor. A small cut out in the wall provided enough light to reveal a door at the end. With guarded steps he approached, readying himself for combat. While taking this brief moment, the door opened, creaking on its hinges.

“Tell me you propped the door open!” Her voice, laden with hope and a little frustration greeted him abruptly.

“What?” he asked in surprise, briefly glimpsing the woman before him before she barged past and charged down the stairs. He had not been expecting such an unusual introduction to the lady, he thought.

“The bloody door! Is it open!?” She shouted up, voice ricocheting off the cold stone.

“I’m Sir James Fraser, madam, and I’ve come to rescue ye!” He began to descend the stairs once more, careful of his footing. The wind whipped around him again, carrying her voice to his ears. “I don’t care! Did you leave the door open!?” With confusion he yelled in response, “I… I dinna ken, Madam!”

Once more he could see the woman, having finally caught up to her. She ran, light of foot down the stairs unencumbered. “Damn it!” she exclaimed, voice laden with anger.

He stumbled off the last step and stared at her, chest rising and falling heavily with exertion. “Madam! Beware the beast!”

The woman span on her heels to face him, eyebrows knitted and eyes confused. “Beast? Oh that dragon? Don’t worry about that, it died weeks ago.” She stepped forward, assessing the man before her. In turn, James found himself taken entirely aback by the beauty before him. Pale skinned she stood stark against the darkness, wild curled hair framing furious face and a piercing set of golden coloured eyes looking intently.

“Then why are ye still here?” He stammered, heart pacing wildly in his chest.

She turned, flicked her hand toward the door and smiled indignantly. “Because the door only opens from the outside.”

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In the same vein of seb's really long contract, i know he's really into the idea of a winter soldier movie but like considering the fact that we watched him get into and out of hydra, the plot of a WS movie would be kinda ??? meh??? and i think we sort of covered everything we needed to know in the beginning of CACW

Give me a Winter Soldier Netflix series.
It starts with Bucky going to war and by the end of the first episode he’s fallen from the train, episode one is what we didn’t see of Bucky in catfa and a sorta recap of what led to his fall. The rest of the series shows his transformation from Bucky to TWS, the training he went through, how many times he fought back, escape attempts, they could include like high profile missions from the last 50 years like political assassinations and such. They could maybe approach the red room storyline (mostly bc Nat would have to be a child in it to fit with MCU timelines and it sets up even more potential for Black Widow standalone content, whilst simultaneously shutting down nasty MCU BN theories). They could show things like the times Bucky would start to remember, when did they first start putting him into cryo rather than locking him in a cell etc. Bucky wasn’t awake for all those 70 years, so the series wouldn’t have to give 70 years worth of content, it would just be those years through Bucky’s eyes.
It includes the museum clip but then goes on from there and shows Bucky in the two years between CATWS and CACW, actually dealing with the anxiety, depression and PTSD issues he’s bound to have after that amount of torture. It ends on the clip from CACW where Steve says “this doesn’t have to end in a fight Buck” and Bucky’s all “it always ends in a fight.”

Then we’ve got some proper background on Bucky’s experiences for the last 70 years, something to really follow on from in a film that he leads, bc currently there’s not really enough of a solid foundation there for a strong continuation of the story in his own film.

Four Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy now.
  1. Everything feels rehashed. At first I thought this was just the price of keeping a show running for 13 seasons, but now, I realize it’s because the writers put no time into developing storylines anymore. They put no time into developing characters. They put no time into developing relationships. The reason why we watch movies or TV shows with the same basic plots (girl meets boy or some variation of that, hero saves the day, friends overcome obstacles) is not because they are particularly different in a macro-sense but because their details are memorable. When a show runs as long as Grey’s, it faces the extra hurdle of trying not to mimic previous seasons. Season 12 attempted poorly to call on familiar images (bringing back Meredith’s first patient, the Japril episode, the Calzona court episode), intentionally mimicking previous seasons, which is fine as long as you do something constructive with it. Meredith’s story arch should have led to something profound, not just another flimsy, ill-developed relationship that no one asked for. Japril’s storyline should have led to something profound; no one wanted to see their toxic relationship fixed by a baby. It was a cop-out. And the Calzona court episode was offensive and marred if not destroyed Callie’s pre-established character. 
  2. The new characters are NOT developed and/or likable enough. Grey’s is a character-driven show. It just is. We watch because the patients are interesting and the doctors are interesting and seeing them interact is INTERESTING. Romance keeps people excited but friendships and rivalries keep people INVESTED. Seeing Callie and Mark interact was fun, and it felt real. Seeing Cristina and Meredith interact was fun, and it felt real. Notice that their personalities were similar but different and memorable in a way that made them unique to us. Deluca, for instance, is not very developed. His relationship with Maggie was thrown into season 12 with little to no build-up. This season, he is being used as a prop for some Alex-Jo-Meredith bullshit. Nothing about his personality stands out, and anything that comes up this season will feel like it was developed solely for propelling the plot. It’s not the big stories that define a character to us, it’s the little mannerisms and comments and behaviors that occur EVERY episode. The new characters have not been fleshed out, and the old characters are getting trite, forgettable storylines.
  3. The patients suck. This probably speaks for itself. The patients are forgettable, and I don’t sympathize with them anymore. We don’t get enough screentime with them, and even when we do, their dialogue feels exactly like written dialogue. Written, unconvincing dialogue.
  4. Dumb plotlines that don’t make sense. Notice I’m talking about season 12 a lot because I haven’t found the heart to tune into season 13.  But from season 9 to season 12, characters have been given stupid, nonsensical storylines and made to do stupid, nonsensical things. I’ll start with the Calzona custody battle plot line because what the fuck was that. Callie, one of the most accepting characters on Grey’s who never ever questioned Arizona’s right to Sofia, suddenly switches and tries to gain sole custody of her daughter so she can move away to New York with a woman she’s known for a few months. Not trying to say this sort of thing never happens; custody battles are normal. But this has NEVER been a problem in Callie and Arizona’s relationship. Callie has never been shown as that vindictive of a character. She just hasn’t, so it doesn’t fit. The Japril divorce was stupid, okay. Not saying they shouldn’t have gotten a divorce because they definitely should have, but it was handled terribly. We barely got to see Japril be in a loving relationship, so the writers had to force-feed us exposition all in one episode (The Japril Movie). This isn’t like any other couple-centric episode because those episodes consisted of flashbacks to moments we’d ALREADY seen. We already knew the couple’s problems. We’d already been privy to the progression. That episode felt like the writers just wanted to have a dramatic storyline but not waste time developing it. One more example and I know I’m gonna get shit for this, but OWEN AND AMELIA DO NOT HAVE A DEVELOPED ENOUGH RELATIONSHIP. No way in hell should they have gotten married. I felt nothing watching it because half of season 12 they were fighting for no reason and Owen was being sulky and it made no sense. When Cristina and Owen got married, it wasn’t right, but we understood why. We saw them being close for seasons; they had had multiple storylines and so much history. IT MADE SENSE. Owen and Amelia’s reasoning was “why wait” and “this could possible work maybe”. I mean he didn’t even know about her dead son. HOW CAN YOU MARRY SOMEONE AND NOT KNOW ABOUT HER DEAD SON. 

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Of course, lore includes many other important things, but Starco is one of them.

Today’s a first

I have been on this website for over 6 years now and today is the only day I ever thought about quitting. The Sherlock fandom is pretty scary but equal parts fun usually but this is probably the ugliest it has ever gotten. 
Sorry there wasn’t a kiss a week after Mary died, sorry you were left with an image of Sherlock and John back at 221 taking care of Rosie TOGETHER and continuing to SOLVE CRIMES, sorry Molly looked so miserable in that last shot entering Sherlock’s flat (and so did Lestrade). Did we even watch the same episode? There is always a room for improvement, the plot might have been wobbly at times, a couple of plot holes but nothing we didn’t experience in the previous seasons.

The ending however was absolutely splendid, giving every ship sort of a launch point if you will. For gods sake, there was even something for Mystrade.
So now instead of attacking each other that ONE ship wasn’t made canon everybody is attacking the creators. (I can’t believe I am even saying this when I despise Moffat myself but someone has to say it.) So instead of being bitter and mean go and continue the stories that were left open, write and draw the way you see it because believe me, the foundations are all there.

me and my friends watched norm of the north last night and because i had to buy the movie it came along with deleted scenes so after the movie when we had some spare time we decided to watch them and every one of them added to the plot and made it make some more fuckin sense and we were all just sitting there like “WHY WASNT THIS IN THE FUCKIN MOVIE”

also there was a deleted scene where the main evil guy fuckin slithered like a snake on the floor and we watched it three times it was the funniest thing in the movie

fo3 writing room
  • writer: ok so i got this idea for a main plot device in fallout 3
  • todd howard: let's hear it
  • writer: it's a giant water purifier that the protagonist is trying to turn on because i can't think of a more compelling central conflict than garbage-people struggling to meet their basic biological needs
  • todd: good so far
  • writer: also the inside of the purifier is a series of sliding glass doors and walls so we can force the player to watch the plot happen but completely strip them of any agency
  • todd: love it. send it to the bank boys
  • writer: but that's not the best part
  • todd: lay it on me
  • writer: the central chamber sometimes becomes flooded with radiation gas so characters can make heroic sacrifices
  • todd: oh fucc i just peed a little. we are so good at this rpg stuff. they're gonna love this
  • writer: and we'll stick it in a random dc monument with no symbolic connection to the main plot. i think the jefferson memorial is on the water
  • todd: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,

When Colin Farrell was in Toronto filming A Home At The End Of The World, which we haven’t watched but did read the Wikipedia plot summary so we can fake it if we ever meet him, he spotted a homeless man smoking outside a restaurant. Naturally, Farrell decided to bum a cigarette. They chatted for a bit, although the man had no idea who Farrell was because homeless shelters tend to have shitty DVD collections.

The man, who went by the bizarre but kind-of-cool name of Stress, began opening up about his struggles with depression and alcoholism. When they were done, Farrell promised to stay in touch, a promise that we assumed sounded about as empty as our promise to have coffee with the old elementary school friend we ran into at the mall.

However, a few days later, a local radio station was offering listeners $2,000 if they could bring Farrell to them for an interview (and presumably not under duress). When Farrell heard about the offer, he started scouring the streets in his limousine until he found Stress. Stress might have been under the reasonable impression that this rich man was going to hunt him for sport, but instead Farrell took him to the radio station under the guise that Stress had actually convinced him to come. Stress was $2,000 richer, and when Farrell again promised to stay in touch, it now sounded pretty damn legitimate.

When Farrell returned to Toronto four years later, he took it upon himself to end Stress’ homelessness. First he took him on a shopping spree for clothes and a few other essentials, and then he gave him some rent money. Stress joined an addiction recovery group, started exercising at the Y, and today is a sober man with a sturdy roof over his head who goes by his real name, David Woods. David described his life as “hopeless” before Farrell gave him a helping hand, which makes us feel kinda shitty for cracking all those jokes about how terrible he was in Daredevil.

5 Times A Celebrity’s Kindness Made A Real-Life Impact

If you like Gravity Falls, please watch The Secret Saturdays. We have:


cute family dynamics

a cool mythos and intereresting plots, for which i have no picture…

And also it focuses on a mixed-race family and our protagonist is biracial.

Oh, and the giant animals in the picture above are the protagonist’s siblings.

Please watch the show. You will not regret it.