we want to see harry's skills with balls

One thing I will never understand is how in hp, Hufflepuff is supposed to have the worst quidditch team at Hogwarts? It bothers me so much because, like, let’s look at the qualities associated with each house:

Ravenclaw: Intelligence, knowledge and wit.

Slytherin: ambition, cunning, resourcefulness.

Gryffindor: bravery, daring, nerve.

Hufflepuff: hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, fair play.

So for Ravenclaw, that’s where the nerds and the bookish people and the ones who care about school and their grades go, and not to say that intelligent, bookish people can’t be good at sports, but in my experience there is generally not that much correlation between the two. The team seems to be average, that makes sense, although I would argue they are the most likely to have the shittiest team since it seems the house most likely to have the fewest jocks/sports-interested people.

And Slytherin is ambition which could equal competitiveness, so yes, that is important when it comes to being good at sports, but also seems like it would be a problem to teamwork? Everyone wants spotlight? People competing with each other within the team in a not-so-friendly way, just generally seems like there would be so much conflict there.

And then we have fucking Gryffindor, which is canonically The Best Team (because Harry is a wonderchild and the main character) but seriously?? Bravery, daring and nerve means people taking stupid chances, and like we’ve all played sports with those boys that are like “my skill level is so beyond that of everyone else and also I just keep seeing these great chances so I will just play myself against the other team, not pass the ball to anyone else, look at me go,” and they usually do well on an individual level because they are good, but it makes for a shitty team. Being brave and daring means playing solo and doing dumb, dramatic shit. Not good for teamwork. Not good for team sports. Same as Slytherin, too many ego-moves.

And then there is Hufflepuff, the beacon of team spirit and friendship that also values HARD WORK as their central, most important house characteristic, how can they be bad at sports? It makes no sense - okay so maybe more competitiveness in S and G, but wanting to win shouldn’t be enough when everyone who actually practices really hard and also knows how to be on a team in a fucking team sport is in Hufflepuff.

It just…

I know it’s dumb, but it bothers me so much and I don’t even care that much about quidditch.

(And of course we all know it is this way because the game is rigged, the only player that actually matters is the seeker, 150 points+ending the game is the sole responsibility of one player basically making scoring points in any other way unnecessary, teamwork is irrelevant, beaters sort of have a purpose but only if they hit the seeker, chasers and goalkeepers are just there to look good, there is no point to them, rumania vs. ireland was an exception to the rule that the snitch determines the winner, quidditch would be a better sport without it, it would be a sane sport without it.)