we want to put them in our pockets

Ambulance abusing drug dealer now gets frequent visit from the cops.

Here’s the back story: I work as a full time Paramedic in a moderately busy service. Recently we have have the pleasure, privilege and honor to be used as a taxi service for an extra special piece of shit, who calls 911 with a variety of fake complaints so he can get a “free” ride from his home 20 miles away to the hospital, where he typically refuses to even go inside and then will simply walk down the street and buy heroin he then takes home and deals to all of his piece of shit friends. Now, I say “free” because an ambulance bill can range anywhere from between $500 - $1000+ dollars depending on the nature of the call, miles driven, etc. One would think this is an expensive taxi ride, and it would be except that this douche nozzle has flat out said to us on multiple occasions that he has no intention of ever paying his bill, and since he has medicaid and has no medically necessary reason for going we won’t even get any money from insurance.

So refuse to take him, right?

Alas if only it were that simple… for those who don’t know, if you call 911 regardless of your complaint (heart attack or toe fungus) we have to transport you if you want to go.

A few weeks ago we went to pick this shit stain up when he called for “chest pain” (he is in his 20’s). We get there and he is standing on his deck, smoking a cigarette and laughing with a very unamused fire fighter. We start talking to him, and when I ask him what he is hoping the ER will do for him today, his response is “uhhhhhhhh… dunno, get evaluated?” Followed by a snarky laugh…

Now, he legitimately does have a history of a recent infection in his heart from using so much heroin himself, however he got booted out of the hospital that was trying to treat him when they caught him sneaking out to buy heroin and then using / deal from his room.

Fast forward back to the present. We (one of my partners and I) took him a couple weeks ago to a different hospital than he usually goes to, after a big long argument with him about his frequent trips and the fact that he has been sometimes refusing to even go inside the ER, telling crews that the nurses are mean to him, he doesn’t feel safe, ect and so forth, before walking out of the ambulance down the street to buy drugs. When I brought this up to him he got super pissy, accusing me of not believing he is sick (which I don’t, because he isn’t) and mistreating him because he is an addict, and blah blah blah.

On a whim I called the hospital he has been using as his designated go to right down the road from his suppliers, and I got a doctor who knew exactly who he was and what his bull shit angle is, and he told us to leave his ass there and not transport him! When he was informed of this he lost his shit, yelling and flipping furniture over and having an all around very amusing temper tantrum before slamming the door to his house.

Now the revenge: my partner I was working with that day told me that, while I was on the phone with the hospital, he went inside his house and came back out stuffing a knife in his pocket. I called our dispatch as well as supervisor and told them about douche canoe, his temper tantrum and knife. They called the Sheriff’s department, who also dispatches the fire department, and they put him on a “House Watch.” What this means is that, from now on, anytime that he calls 911, neither us nor the fire department will come until the police have gone first, regardless of what he is calling for.

Additionally, we talked with our medical director and he is now on a “Call Before You Haul” list, meaning anytime he wants a ride to the hospital we can call a doctor and get permission to refuse to transport him, even if he is requesting (or in his case demanding) transport.

Nothing Away
  • Series: Overwatch
  • Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat x  Lúcio)
  • Chapters: 10/10
  • Words: 10.835
  • Subject: sligthly alternated universe in which a fanboy Junkrat fucks everything up.
  • Check it also on AO3

@scarecroweyes wanted me to publish this so here it is :) 
It’s a ten-chapters-long fic that will probably either make you squeal or cringe or both so be prepared. Last warning, I like streams of thoughs.

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Haunted Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

“Another ghost?!”  Daesung shot up out of his seat and was halfway to the door before Youngbae caught him and pulled him back.

“Not here,” he said, pushing the taller man back into his chair.  “You’re safe Daesungie.”

Daesung relaxed slightly but kept a wary eye on you, like you were going to suddenly start pulling ghosts out of thin air and throwing them at him.

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Phan One Shot

Title: The Prank

Summary: Phil does the breaking up with my roommate prank like Caspar did to Joe and said that he was moving out while he is at a vacation with his family in Florida to Dan while he is on live radio at BBC.

Genre: Angst, fluff

Tw: Swearing, negativity, food mention

Word count: a little over 4.3k words

A/N: Merry late christmas @golden-heart-girl

Phil was out of town today for vacation, leaving me alone in our flat in London. I have to do the radio show all by myself, which won’t be any fun. The bad part is that it’s Phil and I’s 6 year anniversary today of dating, and almost 7 year anniversary since meeting each other in person. I sigh, grabbing my black trench coat and keys, locking the door behind me as I left.

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"Thank God for our ancestors and making vibrating panties." A Bellamy Blake smut

Bellamy looked around the room of archives they had stored from that was salvageable from the Ark now on Earth. He was bored and his girlfriend (Y/n) didn’t get off from her shift at her job for another hour and a half. He was whistling as a he scanned the words on the boxes.
The whistle died on his lips as he scanned a box. Staring at the box. Brushing some of the dust of off it. He red the label and his eyes widened.
‘Sex Toys’
He looked around, even though no one would know of its disappearance. He slowly took off the lid. Inside there was a vibrator, a vibrating cock ring, tongue vibrator, restraints, a whip, and some underwear with a remote control? He was confused. Picking up the remote and wondered if it still worked. He pressed a button and it roared to life. The panties in the box vibrating wildly.
“Holy shit.” He muttered. He smirked deviously. He knew what to do.
“Bell? Are you in here?”
“Yes baby. And I have a gift for you.” Bellamy smirked as he walked up to (Y/n) caressing her shoulders before kissing her.
“Mhm. Sweet gift baby.” She winked with a giggle. He rolled his eyes.
“That’s not the gift.”
“Oh?” She raised a brow.
“Close your eyes. Let me take care of you. Okay?” He murmured as he stroked her face. She eyed him suspiciously. He grinned before she hesitantly closed her eyes. Bellamy picked the whip up.
“Take off your shirt. Please…baby girl.” She moaned slightly at the nickname. She took off her shirt and bra before Bellamy slowly walked up to her. Running the whip down her spine teasingly. She gasped when it made a slapping noise on her ass. Spinning around to face Bellamy. Who had a shit eating grin.
“B-Bellamy!” She whispered. She was turned on to say the least. But where the hell did he find a whip?!
“You are never going to guess what I found in the archives.” He sounded like a child.
“Go look in that box baby.” He murmured as he kissed her shoulder. She walked over and her eyes widened at all the toys. Vibrators, restraints and a cock ring? Wait…why the hell were random pair of underwear in there?!
“You…want to use these?” She turned to face him. He grinned like a child who got the last piece of candy.
“All of it.” He stated as she stared at his shirtless form.
“Okay boss man. Where do you want me first.”
“First. I want your sexy ass,” he swatted her butt with the whip “to go put on the underwear.” She giggled.
“Okay baby. I’ll be back.” As soon as she left, he dove for the restraints. Tying them to the walls and when he stood back up she came out. His cock hardening as he reached into his pants pocket. Pressing the highest setting on he remote.
“Bell, these underwear are-OH MY GOD.” She screeched. He smirked. As he pressed the off button.
“Thank god for our ancestors or we wouldn’t have vibrating panties. Huh baby girl.”
“I-” he cut her off by pressing the middle setting.
“Get over here and lay down. Let daddy tie you up.” He winked. She shakily walked over and laid down on the bed. He tied her hands and left her legs alone. Watching her squirm and squeal when he bumped it up.
“God this is so hot.” He moaned as he reached inside his pants. Pumping his cock. Watching her back arch and he scooped up the vibrator. Cranking it up and placing it on her nipple. She crashed onto the bed as her eyes shot open. Her jaw dropped as she stared at him.
“B-be-BELLAMY.” She cried.
“You have to beg to let go baby.” He coped.
“Please daddy. I want to cum.” She cried as her body convulsed.
“You better not ruin your new panties.” He growled as he ripped his pants down before yanking her underwear off. All but shoving his cock into her. What she didn’t know is the vibrator still on her nipples. Wasn’t on its full setting. She found this out when the vibrator moved to her other nipple.
“Fuck! Oh my god.” She screamed as her vision was white. Bellamy didn’t waste any time as he pounded into her. He threw the vibrator off and took the whip from the side of the bed. Slapping her nipples with it as she cried out.
“Aw is some sluts nipples too sensitive for that?!” He teased. With that he didn’t expect her to explode all over him. Which caused him to blow his load at her abruptness. The couple collapsing on one another.
“We…we have to do that…again.” He panted.

*oops, made a mess* “It’s your job! I’m creating job security :)))”

Leaving items everywhere is not creating job security. Leaving messes and not alerting someone to them and offering to help clean them up is not, in any way, making sure we keep our jobs. We are not your babysitters. We are not your care-takers. We are not your parents. It is not our job to clean up after messes you deliberately make, we are not responsible for you.

Of course, as with any incident, there are circumstances to take into account. If you are not able to clean up a mess you made for any valid reason (disability, health concerns, time constraints, etc.) fine, we get it. Accidents happen, let us know that you are unable to help and we will take care of it. No harm done.

If you deliberately take things off of the shelf and leave them strewn about the store because in some twisted way you believe you are helping us- do us a favor and don’t help us.

If someone says that they will take an item that you do not want and you REFUSE because you want someone else later to pick it up and you think you’re doing us a favor by filling up our time that surely can’t involve anything other than picking up after you, don’t touch anything in our store.

Seriously, hands in your pockets, no touching.

Contrary to popular belief, we have other things to do than clean up after you. Believe it or not the sum of our jobs is not putting things back where they belong after someone leaves them around for their own amusement.

We have freight to unload, prices to change, signs to print, CUSTOMERS TO ASSIST (gasp!), price checks to run, inventory to take, dates to check, layouts to change, calls to answer, online orders to pack, etc. All you are doing is making our jobs harder and for the piddly hours and minimum wage we work it’s seriously not worth it. It’s not worth it to put up with people like you all the time.

“But I’m the customer, you have to take care of me.”

Within reason, yes. But if you are a nuisance we won’t give you our best customer service, we will in fact give you the bare minimum to keep our bosses off of our backs and instead focus our energy on helping other customers who might give us a good review because we know that people like you, no matter how well we service you, are never going to be satisfied and will always find something to complain about.

Also, if you are particularly unruly, we can and will keep you from our store. We can make sure that other stores know not to deal with you or put up with any of your unreasonable demands either.

anonymous asked:

Hey! xx I am loving your stories! Can you write a short something where Oli brings his gf on holiday with his family to introduce them and ends up vlogging and introducing her to his fans too?? Oli snuggles are always a plus. <3

“Oli, are you sure about this?”

He nodded and smiled reassuringly, “My family will love you, don’t worry, Y/N.”

As you both stepped off the plane, Oli grabbed your hand and gave it a tight squeeze. Holding his hand made you feel a bit better and you both continued through into the airport to where your baggage you come through. He grabbed his vlogging camera out as you walked. Angling it so that only he would be in the shot, he talked to it briefly about landing and going to find bags. You leant away from him while he spoke, used to hiding from the camera.

Oli and you had been dating for close to a month now. This would be the first time you had met his family (other than James, his brother) properly before. One of Oli’s cousins were getting married in Hawaii and so he had invited you along as his date. You were slightly nervous because while you had spoken to Oli’s parents with him over Skype, meeting them face to face was different. Then there was also his extended family to think about as well. At the same time, you had both agreed to keep your relationship private and away from the view of fans. You would announce it when you were both ready, Oli had decided.

“Oli! Y/N!”

You both looked up from where you were getting your bags off the carousel to see James running towards you. He gave his big brother a big hug before also giving you one. You grinned, James was already like a little brother to you. He led you over to where his parents stood, smiling.

“Hi, how are you two?” you asked with as friendly as your smile could be.

“Oh don’t be nervous, dear,” his mother laughed.

His dad laughed too, “Yes. But we are well, thank you for asking.”

“Hi Mum, Dad,” Oli said, reaching to give them each a quick hug. “Thanks for waiting for our flight.”

It had turned out that the three had caught a flight only an hour before you from London. When they had arrived, they thought that they may as well wait for the two of you to travel to the hotel together. It was very nice of them and made all the traveling a bit more convenient for everyone. You all piled into the maxi taxi that Oli had managed to get. Oli’s dad sat in the front passenger seat, his mother and James sat behind him, and Oli and you had the back row to yourselves.

Beginning to vlog again, Oli said to the camera, “Okay, so I’m now in the taxi on the way to my hotel!”

Later that afternoon, once you had settled into your room, Oli took you down to meet as many of his extended family he could find. It went fairly well, you would report but Oli would say it was great. He thought you were amazing with his family; his grandparents, little cousins, aunts and uncles all loved you. You managed to stay true to yourself and that’s all he wanted. Oli and you spent a long time just socialising and chatting with respective members of his family. Eventually, you both ended up strolling along the beach on your own.

“You were great,” Oli said, reaching over to wrap an arm around your waist. “Really, you were!”

You just smiled and leaned into his warm chest, as you felt the sand crease through your toes. You were pretty tired after the long flight and excessive interactions, but it had been a nice day; especially because you got to spend so much of it with Oli.

“You know,” he started again, looking down at you. “I think it’s time for the fans to officially meet you. What do you think?”

You stopped him from walking further and turned to face him with a smile, “Do you really think so?”

He just nodded and pulled you in for a hug. Oli then pulled out the ever present camera from his pocket.

“Hey, guys! So update. I’m here walking on the beach with this lovely lady, Y/N. Be nice to her, she’s a special one.”

“Hi, everyone!” you cheered, before snuggling closer into Oli’s chest. “You can edit this out if you want, Ol.”

“Now, why would I do that? We need to give them something to screenshot and put all over tumblr. What can our ship name be?”

Yay! This one was super cute, hard to write but super cute! (That’s why it’s a bit short sorryyy) Hopefully it’s what you wanted xx

“His pink bow tie”. [Tom/Jared - One shot]

Summary: Tom becomes jealous when his fiancé runs into her ex, Jared, at the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

Written by: A.Wölf.



She and Tom had arrived at the White House correspondents’ dinner party.

The place was packed. Celebrities, politicians, reporters, and friends and family of the President and the first lady roamed around looking for their tables.

She and Tom took their seats.

A couple hours had gone by, all the guests had dined.

As the president took the podium, her eyes traveled all around the room before landing on a pair of blue eyes that stared back at her.

All the memories rushed back to her mind and she, without thinking, squeezed Tom’s hand a little harder under the table, getting his attention.

Jared Leto, her ex-boyfriend, was sitting a few tables away staring intently at her. Her heart raced, she hadn’t seen him in years and yet he looked just like she remembered him.

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Lost in Time

Here is the prologue to my new AU! Whoo! Very short and vague, I know. I have actually written a lot of this story and will start posting weekly. So, I guess these updates will be on Monday! The original Anon prompt, which I seem to have deleted (Sorry!), was that Claire was pregnant with twins when she went back through the stones before Culloden. So, here is my interpretation of that. Enjoy!

“Mama, I’m scared.”

“I know, baby. I know.”

“Where are we going?”

“We’re going…home.”

“Home? But home is where we left!”

“It’s not there anymore. Remember the bombs? This is our other home, Lallybroch. It’s safe. You’ve never seen this home before. Your… father is there.”

“But, you said Daddy was gone!”

“Frank, yes. This is your real father, remember?”

“Our rweal Daddy is in the stone?”

“In a way, loves. Now, promise to not let go of my hand or each others. Hold tight.”

“I Promise.”   “Prowmise, Mama.”

“Do you have the pearls?”

“Yes, in my pocket. I won’t lose them!”

“Now, I want both of you to put your hand on the stone the same time I do, ready?”

“I’m scared!”  “The stones are screaming!”

“I know, loves. But just trust me. I won’t let anything happen to you both. Ready?”




Continued here

Sorry - Oliver Queen

[This is my first arrow request so if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, message me, it would be appreciated. For real don’t just message me saying it was shit, that’s not nice]

“OK, Oliver I’m picking up three heat sensors moving your way. Leave the laptop and get your ass outta there.”

“I only need two minutes.”

“Oliver, you don’t have two minutes! Get out dumbass.”

He ignored you, yet again, and you heard groans and yells. Through the security cameras, you could see the men close in on Oliver. He strapped his bow back on his back and started to throw punches. Two more men moved in and joined the fight making it five on one. This was one of the rare occasions where Oliver was failing. The two of you decided to do a quick off the books op which was failing without dig and Thea. You didn’t know what else to do besides setting off the sprinklers. It then occurred to you.

“Electricity is going out in 19 seconds, I have a 7-second window before their backup generators come into effect. Get your ass home.”


You quickly hacked through and shut off their power supply. Through the comms, you could hear Oliver zip up to the roof.

“Keep a medical kit ready”

“I already know”

Fifteen minutes later he came hobbling into the Arrow Cave. He sat down on one of the metal beds before you began to inject and bandage him in silence.

“You’re that mad huh?”

You scoffed in reply.

“The silent treatment? Really?”

You ignored him yet again disposing of the used needles and bandage scraps.

“Come on it wasn’t that bad”

“It wasn’t that bad? Are you seriously that stupid Oliver? You nearly got caught. it was you against 5 of them. and the worst thing was I told you to get out and you didn’t even listen.”

“I thought I could handle them”

“Well, you couldn’t. You nearly got caught Oliver or worse killed. I’m not dealing with you while you think it’s ok to risk your life when we’re this far in” You yelled, thrusting your left hand into the air, the ring catching the light and sparkling.

“Baby, come on”

“Don’t. Come back when you’ve decided whether our relationship is more important than your vigilante persona” You said finally before stepping into the elevator and leaving him alone.

“Y/N” He yelled after you.

You kept going ignoring his calls and headed over to felicity. You knocked on her door only moments before bursting into tears. She pulled you into her apartment and sat you down on the sofa.

“What happened?”

“I gave him the ultimatum. What if he doesn’t choose me felicity? What if he chooses the arrow?”

“Then it’s his fault. You’re worried, it’s understandable.”

“Sometimes I’m overbearing, I mean he’s been the arrow way before me and now I’m coming-”

“Hey, don’t blame yourself. Oliver knew that getting into a serious relationship would mean that sometimes you would come before Starling. You’re only doing what any girlfriend would do, you’re making sure he’s safe.”

“I don’t want to lose him, Felicity.”

“He’ll make the right choice.”

That night you stayed over at Felicity’s. She consoled you with action movies and ice cream. The next day you still had work to do, your empire waited for no one. You dressed as best as you could and headed into the office.

“Elena, no one without an appointment comes in, understood?”

“Yeah, remember the senator is going to be your first appointment in 10 minutes.”

“Great, make sure we have the biscuits he likes. And by no one I mean no one, not even Oliver”

“Yeesh, that bad?”

You ignored her and walked calmly into your office. You placed your bag and coat on the sofa and sat behind your desk.  You logged onto the computer and draughted the first of many emails that needed to be replied to. Elena knocked on the glass door with the senator behind her. You looked up and smiled. She opened the door and the senator entered taking a seat in front of your desk.



You gave him a brief hug before taking a seat back behind your desk.

“You are a very busy lady or so I’ve heard.”

“Well, in between work and Oliver’s campaign there isn’t really much.”

“The reason I came here was our gala next weekend. I know how important you and Oliver are to the community and so I though having you at the gala would raise the votes, you know if the people see that you trust me then they will too.”

“I’m sure that Oliver would love that. I’ll have Elena check if were free.”

“Great. How is Oliver anyway?”

“He’s good. He was injured yesterday because of a boxing class so he’s at home recovering”

“I’ll send some flowers.”

“I’m sure he’d appreciate them.”

Oliver’s PoV

“So on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the worst, how was she?”

“I’d say an 8.8 maybe a 9″

“That bad?”

“That bad”

I began to pace up and down Felicity’s living room.

“Right, well I need to apologise. I need to make it all fine again.“

"No offence Oliver, but she was really pissed/sad. You can’t expect her to be ok with you not listening to her. She was seeing everything, she was trying to keep you safe and you jeopardised that by continuing to fight.”

“But I-”

“No, you guys are getting married. MARRIED. You need to show her that you acknowledge that sometimes marriage comes with sacrifice. To be honest, if she’s doing it for your safety it’s not a sacrifice, it’s her showing that she loves you.”

"Okay, so what do you think I should do?”

“Well for starters, cook a nice meal, light some candles, flowers all of that. And then you can give the big shows of affection. Like the wedding venue, she’s had her eye on it forever but she hasn’t managed to find the time to go drop off a deposit. And she saw a Vera Wang guest book that she wanted.”

“And you think she’ll forgive me?”

“No, she’ll only forgive you if you do all of that plus a heartfelt apology.”

“Right. Thanks for the help Felicity.” I said heading to her door

“No problem, I’ll make sure no Arrow business ruins your night”

“Thank you” I called leaving.

The first thing I did was hit up the florist. I wanted to get her 100 red roses but it turned out that you needed to get an order in way before so that they could get enough so I settled for 2 dozen in a bouquet. After the florist, I went to go grab ingredients for pesto chicken pasta. The second to last item on the list was the venue. Felicity texted me the address and gave their phone number. I called it up and asked for the manager.

“Hello, this is Liana Straw. How may I help?”

“Hi, my name’s Oliver Queen” [ for five years I was stranded on an Island. I had to LOL]

The Oliver Queen?”

“Yes, but anyway, my fiancee, she wanted to book your venue for the wedding. I was just wondering how much the deposit  was and whether I would need it to be paid in full cash”

“The deposit is $2000 and cash or cheque is fine”

“Great, I’ll be over soon”

“I’ll be waiting”

I cut the call and raced over to the place before anyone else tried to steal Y/N’s dream wedding venue. I sloppily parked my car and ran in. There was already a couple in front of me.

“Yes, we would like to pay our deposit for the Napoleon ballroom”

Napolean ballroom? That was where Y/N wanted. I grabbed an arrowhead that I had lying around in my jacket pocket and ‘accidentally’ brushed past them scratching the tip of the arrowhead dipped in a sleeping concoction through his jeans and into his leg 

“Hey guys, is there where you put down deposits for the place?”

“Yes, it is.”


I stood behind them and then a few seconds later, the man dropped to the floor.

“Charles?” His fiancee yelled.

“Call 911” she yelled.

The girl behind the desk dialled the number and sat there shocked.

“Hi, this may seem like a bad time but I’m here to put down a deposit for the Napolean Ballroom”

“No! That is where my wedding will take place.”

“I have the cheque right here, it’s signed and everything.”

“I’m sorry ma'am but it’s on a first comes first served, although you came first, Mr Queen has the money.”

“I’m sure you can find another date for your wedding. Mr Queen? Liana Straw.”

“Oh hey. Here’s my cheque for $2000. And this deposit completely confirms my date right? No changing around or anything?”

I gave her the slip of paper. She went to the desk and wrote me a receipt. 

“Yes, no matter what happens, on that day the Napolean Ballroom is all yours. Ms Y/L/N already told me the date. congratulations by the way.”

I thanked her and left. Now it was time to find her book. I had no idea where to look, it’s not like there was a store that sold everything wedding related. I didn’t know who else to call so I called the only person I could think of. 

“Hey speedy”

“Hey. What’s up?”

“You know a place I can get a vera Wang guest book?”

“Oh yeah, Y/N totally has her eye on that. she was going to convince- wait! What did you do?”

“Can you just tell me where to get the damn book?”

“There’s a Vera Wang outlet in the mall. I’m sure you can grab one from there.”

“Thank you, Thea!”

“You’re welcome Ollie, make sure you make my sister-in-law happy again” 

She ended the call and I raced over to the mall I managed to pick up the last book. Once it was safely in the car I returned home to begin cooking. I seasoned some chicken breast and left it to cook in the oven. I scattered rose petals left over from Valentines day around the apartment. I got started on some dessert until a timer went off on my phone altering me that Y/N’s day at work was over. I put the pasta on to boil and changed into my suit. I made sure everything was perfect and waited.

End of Oliver’s PoV

“Good night Y/N”

“Night Elena”

You locked up the office door and went to the carpark. Your driver was waiting  for you in the car.

“Straight home ms.Y/L/N?”

“Yes please Toby”

He nodded and pulled out of his car space.

On your ride home, you didn’t know what to expect. It would either be empty or Oliver would be sulking polishing arrow heads. One thing that never struck you was that Starling looked beautiful at night. The shop fronts illuminated the dark streets and couples of all ages and races walked up ad down the street smiling. You never really noticed it since you were always looking at a phone screen texting. Twenty minutes later Toby dropped  you off at the apartment complex. You hopped onto the elevator and went up to your floor. On your way up you slipped off your heels and held them in your hand. They made your legs look great but they hurt like hell. The elevator stopped on your floor and the doors slid open. You fished for your keys through your purse and opened the door. You put the keys in the key bowl and dropped your heels to the floor You lifted your head and saw Oliver standing by the table with flowers in his hands.

“Welcome home”

The apartment had been lit up by candles and there were rose petals everywhere. Two plates on the table were piled high with pesto pasta and chicken.

“Roses huh?“

"Your favourite.”

You walked over to him and took the roses from his hands. You went into the kitchen and grabbed a vase, filling it with water and placing the roses into it.

“Pesto pasta huh?”

“Also your favourite." 

You walked back to the table that had been arranged as if it were in a five-star restaurant. You went to pull the chair out but a hand on top of yours stopped you.

"Allow me”

Oliver pulled the seat out and you sat down. He pushed the seat forward slightly so you were closer to the table. He took a seat opposite you. 

“Bon Appetit”

You took the fork and stabbed into your pasta before shovelling it into your mouth. It was so damn good! Oliver knew that the way to your heart was through your stomach.

The two of you ate in silence before the left his fork on the side of the plate and sat up.

“You can already probably tell this is my elaborate was of saying sorry. I know you do what you do for my safety and that without you I’d probably end up spending most of my time recovering from injuries. I should’ve listened to you and got out ASAP, instead of jeopardising our relationship and my life. What we’ve been through and what we’ll go through will be way more important than my vigilanteism, but the arrow is a part of my life, just like you. I can’t give it up, just like I can’t give you up. I’m sorry and I love you so much”


“Wait there’s more.”

He reached under his seat and pulled out a grey box with a white bow on it. He handed it over to you and you lifted up the lid.

“The Vera Wang guest book?”

“Yeah, Speedy told me you wanted to get it.”

You lifted it out of the box and a sheet of paper fell out of it. You scanned through it and read ‘deposit’ and ‘$2000′.

“You didn’t”

“I did”

“We’re getting married in the most booked up, exclusive, romantic amazing venues?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

"Oh my god. Oliver, this is crazy!”

“So I’m forgiven?”

“You were forgiven as soon as you finished that apology. But the rest of it was a nice touch”

He chuckled.

“God, I love you.”

“I love you too. Now get some dessert in my belly.”

Oliver left his seat and came back with a huge slate that had your dessert on.

“Let’s go have it on the balcony.”

You got out of your seat and grabbed the throw that was on the sofa and headed out.

It was just the two of you sitting under the stars and looking at the beautiful skyline while eating chocolate fondant. It only took a few minutes before the pair of you demolished the dessert and laid back on the sofas. 

“I’m so grateful for moments like this. Just you and the stars.”

“I’m grateful for you. And the arrow.”

Oliver lifted your head up and pressed your lips to his you could still taste the chocolate while your  tounges danced. A few minutes later the two of you came up for air.

“I love you”

“I love you more”

“I love you most.”

The two of you just spent the rest of the night in each other’s arms. 

Hurricanes (Bucky x Reader)

Word count: 700

               You and Bucky snuggled on the couch, watching the latest episode of your favorite show on Netflix. It was a stormy night, and hurricane Matthew was only going to get worse from here. Your whole life you had hated storms, and it didn’t help that it was your first time vacationing to Florida, and a stupid fucking hurricane decided to make an appearance. “Hey Bucky.” You whispered, looking up at the man you were snuggling. He looked down at you, trying to pay attention to you and the screen. “Don’t you think the hurricane is scary?”

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For You ~ pt. 17

| all parts up to date |

Originally posted by jvnghope

~ Tonight ~

I touch the soft velvety petals of the rose as it sticks out the side of my laptop bag. Slipping on my jacket I grab my beanie when Jungkook comes back in holding something behind him.

“What do you have there?” Pulling on the beanie I walk over to him.

“Jjajan (tada/voila)!” He pulls out his hand and holds it out for me to see.

“Uwa!” I look at the plushie. “That’s Oppa, right?”
The round eyes and bunny mouth kind of gave it away in an instant. It even had bunny-like ears. Now, if that isn’t an indication that he is an actual bunny, then I don’t know.


“That’s so cute.” I look up at him and then back at the plushie. “Where are your eyebrows?”

“Ah, that… During that time, my fringe always covered my eyebrows.” He explains sheepishly.

“That’s weird, somehow it looks more like a bunny to me.”

“Like this?” He imitates the obvious rabbit traits by lifting his hands over his head as ears and scrunching up his lips showing his actually bunny teeth.

“No, wait a second, bunnies have puffy cheeks as well.” Putting the plushie on the chair, I pinch his cheeks and giggle. “Aigoo, so cute.”

Smiling like a child, he takes my hand and with his other grabs my laptop bag from the chair, carrying it for me.
Walking out of the studio together we pass the practice room for the trainees just as the door opens. Next to me, Jungkook stiffens and releases my hand.

Confused and taken aback by his action, I shove my hands into my pocket and subconsciously nibble on my bottom lip, unnerved.

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Title: 11:11

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word count: 3,531

Theme song: 11:11 by In This Moment, Soldiers by Otherwise

This is part 2 to Riptide PLEASE READ IT FIRST! 


Your name: submit What is this?


“Dean, wake up! Dean,” you whispered right next to his ear, pushing him a little bit as you spoke.

“I’m awake,” he said, eyes still closed.


“I am. What’s up?” he asked.

“It’s almost 11:11,” you smiled down at him, propping your hand on his chest.


“Make a wish,” you said, leaning close to his ear once more. You pushed your hands underneath his back, feeling him flinch a little at their temperature, but his lips curled up into a smile.

“I wish you’d stop using me as your personal heater,” he said.

“No you don’t.”

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Our Top 10 RPG Maker horror games!

We apologize for how long it took for us to make this post (シ_ _)シ

We have also taken this opportunity to re-think and re-organize the list, so if you want to look at our previous list please access this post.

But here it is finally our remastered RPG Maker horror game TOP10 list! Please access it under the cut and take into account these are only mine and Kira’s opinions on the games, please do let us know if you’d like to read the other member’s opinions on them! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

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Why did I fall for you?

baekhyun / 1930 words

 “Excuse me, I seem to have lost my number. Can I have yours?”


I was taken aback by this guys sudden apperence. I had my back facing the counter for like three seconds and when I turned around this guy was standing there, leaning over the counter with an annoying smirk on his face.

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52) “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” 53) “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

Sammy’s POV

3 days. 3 freaking days since y/n and I have spoken. But I’m not blaming her. That was the first time I’ve given her a reason to not trust me. I was being too flirty with Claudia. That night, I forgot I had a girlfriend. Man. If I completely forgot I had a girlfriend and kissed her, my world would have crashed.

Y/N was going to go back to LA yesterday but somehow Emily, Ben, and Annie convinced her to stay until her original flight in 2 days. We were all in the living room, sitting on the couch, opposite ends. “Hey, it stopped snowing. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to take Oz, Nixon and Carter on a walk?” My mom said, getting up, everyone but Y/N and I agreeing and following her. I sighed and fested up, “Uh, want to go on a walk with them?” I turned to her. She looked at me for a minute and nodded. We got up to put on our shoes and coats as we trailed behind my family. They walked way in front of us, as Y/N walked right next to me. My family turned around back to the house as Y/N and I kept walking. I turned to look at her as i watched her stuff her hands in her pockets, shiver a little, constantly looking down at the ground.

“Tell me something.” I spoke up after 3 days. She looked up at me, “What?” “Tell me your first time playing in snow.” She smiled at me and looked down at the ground once more, “I was 3. It was my first trip to Lake Tahoe. After the long drive, I jumped out the car and just stood there, amazed by the snow falling from the sky.” At that moment, it started to lightly snow, what a perfect timing. “Just like this.” She just laughed, looking up at the sky, smiling. Seeing her happy makes me happy, I still unconsciously smile when she does. “And while I was staring up at the sky, my older sister throws a snowball at me and we just break out into a snowball fight.” I bent down to make a snowball and stood back up. She turned around to look at me,

“Pause. Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” As I threw the snowball at her, laughing. As our fight/argument took a pause, we had a snowball fight, laughing, running around, hiding. She ran back to my house into the backyard where the hangout shed was. She ran in laughing, as I tried to remind myself to not slam the door. I entered the shed, rubbing my hands together as the door slammed closed, causing an avalanche to block the door. “Uh,” As I tried to open the door. She looked at me giggling as I rubbed the back of my neck, “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” She sighed and leaned against the table, “Unpause?” “Unpause.” As we talked about that night until someone got the snow out of the doorway.

It’s Been A While - KBTBB Fanfic - Chapter 2

Pairing: Soryu X MC and Eisuke X MC (Love Triangle)
Drama, romance, angst maybe? I’m not sure yet
MC Name:
18+ for the whole thing, just to make sure cause there will be swearing and smutty stuff later on

Summary: Alice Daniels met Soryu and Eisuke when they were still in school, they made a friendship that was unbreakable, and still is to this day. But when she finally see’s them again, coming over to Japan to do some business deals for her boss, the bidders soon find out she’s taken on some trouble for a colleague, some trouble that is threatening her life. Will they be able to help? Or will Alice be too stubborn to let them in?

Chapters: 1

Hello again guys, here’s chapter 2 for you all. I never expected the feedback that I got :D I knew I ws continuing this anyway, but my gosh you guys are so sweet and awesome :D I was struggling with this chapter I’m afraid but hopefully it’s just smooth sailing from now on haha

Tagging the usual ikkybaby, julia-greenietea, kittycricket and yamyyams but also I’m tagging zyglavisss hi thank you for asking me to tag you :D so glad you like it :D anyway, enjoy!

“You do know he’s going to work out that peas aren’t the key to growing tall, don’t you?” I asked Eisuke who sat next to me at lunch, him shovelling his peas onto Soryu’s plate while he was grabbing some napkins.

“Maybe, eventually, but in the meantime he can have them” he said, glaring at me slightly. I simply smiled back.

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Tokens of His Affection, 1/4

Circumstances force the Doctor and Rose into a series of alien weddings. The Doctor won’t admit how much he wants them to be real, and yet he finds himself hanging onto the various tokens exchanged in their wedding ceremonies. And when Rose’s life is threatened, those tokens of his affection provide him with the only possible way to save her.

Rated Teen

AO3 | FF.net | Teaspoon

“Your lives and souls are now entwined. Blessed may your union be.”

Rose looked up at the Doctor. His eyes sparkled, and when he took her hand, she knew exactly what he was going to say.


Her amusement burst forth in laughter when she heard the startled exclamation of the local elder. She and the Doctor ran hand-in-hand toward the edge of town where they’d parked the TARDIS and stumbled inside, still laughing.

The Doctor took his regular position in the jump seat with his feet up on the console and his arms crossed behind his head. Rose still leaned against the door, gasping for air as she tried to stop laughing.

She’d almost succeeded when he grinned at her unrepentantly, setting off a fresh fit of laughter. “Stop, stop.” Rose waved her hands in protest. “Your smile, it’s such a corrupting influence.”

The Doctor chuckled. “I have to say, I’ve been accused of all kinds of indecency in my thousand years, but never indecent smiling.”

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Sentimentalism: finifugal

Originally posted by lionsbruises

Hello! This is the second series that I will be working on after the <Because why not> trilogy, which is something Halloween related. There will be mature contents as usual so please, read with care.

Part 2: limerence, Part3: catalyst, Part 4: sober

finifugal: (adj) hating endings, of someone who tries to avoid or prolong the final moments of a story, relationship or some other journeys.

Sound of wine glasses touching each other was clear and pure as it blended so nicely with the human’s voice. Gowns and suits, everything was that fancy. I strided my black five inch heels through the crowd. People made way for me, even though they didn’t know who I am and how God created my face. Just like the rest of the crowd, I had my mask. A black one to be specific, with flowers and butterflies patterns which complimented my long black strapless gown. In the mist of color, I was the only dark cloud.

I found myself wandering around wonderland, looking for a place to fit in. There were couples dancing waltz at the center under the grand chandelier. After a certain amount of time, they switched partners. From then they danced with a stranger whose identity could never be shown. I was different from the ladies here - I came alone. I didn’t have a date or neither dancing with a stranger attracted me. All I want was to dress fancy and to see the look on people’s eyes when they admired my appereance.

“A glass of Johnny Q please.”

I sat on the chair as the bartender put my drink on the counter. A blood red liquid sparkled under the shimmering lights. I slowly drew the glass in circular motions so that every partical of the liquid inside smashed into each oher. It was amusing I supposed. My lips took a small sip. The bitterness lingered on my red lipstick as my throat swallowed the liquid and it’s aroma. Perharps alcohol was my date for the night. I mean, our chemistry was so strong it’s hard to deny.

“A glass of Merlot Flat Roof please.”

A strange man settled himself on the seat next to me. There were so many empty seats but he chose this one. Probably another loner and came to the bar station hoping to find some companions. The bartender left his drink on the table and went away, leaving us alone with the alcohol. The strange man has on a silver mask the covered half of his face. His hair was blonde, not tinty but pastel. He owned a pale skin tone, just a like a vampire.

“So what brought you here alone?” - he finally broke the ice.

“Curiosity. And you?” - I slightly shaked my drink.


I didn’t ask further, scared that it was something private and asking would be rude. Instead I replied with a nod. Silence slowly built its wall against us again. Somehow, I felt nervous about this silence, as if it’s my obligation to keep our conversation warm. I took another sip down my throat, hoping that it would help me gain some bravery.

“It’s nice to have company when you’re alone and drinking.” - I led the conversation.

“Certainly, I wouldn’t have picked any other seats.” - he replied after tasting his wine.

“Cheers to loneliness.”


Our glasses hit each other, created a pure cling sound. I finished my whole glass in just one shot. My mind was dizzy and my eyes were blurry. The man finished half of the glass. Rippled patterns as the wine flowing down his Adam’s apple to his throat was very attractive. Suddenly cardiac arrest hit me, warning me I should not swallow the whole glass in one shot. I closed my eyes tight and shook my head.

“Woa easy there tiger. We have the whole night to finish our wine anyway.” - he laughed.

“I’m okay.”

Our conversation was getting warmer and warmer every second. He was funny and intelligent. His raspy voice made everything he said so seductive. I rested my chin on the palm of my hand and just listen. He talked about how he spent his first Christmas alone making music, how his basketball team won the game against his seniors, how he slept for a really long time. They were all little details in his life, yet I found them so fascinating.

“You want to go somewhere more quiet?”

He suggested. I approved. We went to a room upstairs in the hotel where the ball was happening. Our room was small enough for a couple. Everything was cozy and convenient, but it seemed like the king sized bed was all we cared about. We sat on the bed and looked into each other eyes - the only things visible through the mask. The light was semi-off, there was only a dim light.
Suddenly he took out a black scarf in his pocket.

“We’ll put this around your eyes, and the only thing you will remember next morning is my voice and how I made you feel tonight.” - he whisper softly in my ears.

I swallowed the lump in a throat as he removed my mask and tied the scarf around my eyes. He guided me so that I could lie on the bed. His hand snaked around to pull down my zipper. After that, my gown was completely unreachable. I unclasped my bra and pulled them away from me, just like how he did to my laced underwear. The only piece of cloth on me was the blindfold.

He started kissing me passionately. Tongue slit into mine as I tasted the scent of his wine from earlier. He bit my lower lips and suck it hard. I let out quiet and constant moans. His mouth trailed down my neck, slowly sucking my flesh sending tickles all over me. He began to put my nipples in his mouth, flicking his tongue against them as he bit lightly on the area around.

He made his way down my core, which was soaking wet by then. He used his two fingers to spread the folds apart and blew cold air into my entrance. My legs started to tremble as my body shivered. His tongue was inserted. He licked all that I’ve got. Ocassionally he slided the tip of his tongue in my entrance. I felt my orgasm rised in my as I prepared for my first release. I screamed out loud just right before cumming. My core felt his tongue, licking all the juice clean.

My body was left hanging in the dark for awhile when suddenly a wave of pleasure hit me. His dick slammed into mine, quickly approaching my weakspot. He rocked his hips, slowly accelerate to match my breathing. My lower belly tighten up. Every part of my body felt the tension mixed with extreme pleasure. His fingers digged hard in my ass, making it impossible for him to not completely becoming one with me. I reached my climax and released.

I felt the space next to mine being pressed down. It must be him. Exhaustion hit me. I slowly fell asleep, with my blindfold on and my messy lower body.

I woke up with the ringtone of my cell phone. Slowly, I untied my blindfold and picked up the phone. My boss, speaking of the devil

“Y/N, I need you to go investigate a murder case at the masquerade ball at the Grand Hotel last night.”

“Yes… sir…”

With that being said, the place I was last night and now had a murder case. I quickly grabbed my clothes and purse. The stranger wasn’t there, he must have gone while I was asleep. My soul was suffering a nostalgic feeling of last night, andI haven’t even known his name.

I stood in front of the mirror as I combed my hair. Peculiarily, there’s something written on my right breast with red lipstick.

Min Yoongi, 4xx - xxxx

To be continued…