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Day 4 - Protecting Each Other

Tfw Ash protects you over his favourite fruit

When the correlation between Alola and Hawaii was first introduced, my best friend Amy and I tried to think of things Ash would find an interest in and we came up with his love for watermelon. Again, I wanted to do something a bit more lighthearted and funny instead of seriously protecting each other from danger (which I love too) and thought Misty would be honoured Ash saved her over his favourite food ever (proving juuuust how he feels about her to prioritise like that) :P

You are more than just a body, a machine that was designed to work until it can take no more. You are a beautiful mind, a cosmic soul, a being with compassion so strong it can be compared to none. We have a tendency to neglect anything we cannot see, any aspect of us which is not visible in the mirror, and we harm ourselves by doing so. Love your whole being. Treat your body right, treat your soul well and care for your mind equally. If you want to find true peace, you cannot neglect any part of yourself.

10:40AM and I’m feeling something by Amy Kennedy


i’ve almost been here for a whole month & w o w. over 400 followers?! echo effin’ galaeus is such an important person to me, and i’m so grateful for those who have embraced her and all of her flaws. i’d be lying if i said this blog hasn’t utterly consumed my life and i’m finding more reasons to stick around for amazing plots every day. so this is just a little (lol) list to say thank you to the blogs i have written or plotted ooc with. there are many mutuals i didn’t include only because we haven’t done those things (yet), so please don’t feel discouraged if you’re not here! if you want to plot/write, never hesitate to send memes, like my calls, or message me. i’m always available to chat about our bbs, twenty-four seven!   —- xoxo amy

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Everyone has days where nothing fits right. You can’t focus, you can’t say anything right, you can’t find anything you want. These days are normal. These weeks even. You are fine, you will be fine. Just breathe for a minute and remind yourself you are ok, life is ok. We all have bad days. Bad days make the good days sweeter.

This didn’t feel right by Amy Kennedy


TVLINE | Do you honestly envision a day where Karma could reciprocate Amy’s feelings, or will it be more about Amy finding a middle ground?

Carter Covington: “I’ve always believed that Karma is not as introspective as Amy, and she hasn’t looked at her strong affection and love for Amy in any other light than a friendship. I really want to get to a point where she does look at that — and then we can figure out what that means for her. I have in my head an idea of how I’d like for all of that to unfold, so I’m just hoping we have the episodes to do it. “

Now all she wants is to talk about Shaw …
                                         ….because there is HOPE.

- “Fell in love.”

- “We can ask it to search for anything. For anyone.”

- “Isnt’ the priority stopping Samaritan? Saving the world, saving Shaw?”

- “All those numbers and no lead on Shaw. She can’t find her.”

- “Shaw used it as a general anesthetic.”

6 Satisfying Moments That Went Down On The Big Bang Theory This Season

1. Sheldon says, “I love you,” to Amy.

After an evening plagued by panic and anxiety, Sheldon and Amy are just about to leave for prom when she says there’s something she’s been meaning to tell him. We all think we know what’s coming, but Sheldon totally comes out of nowhere to be the first to say those three special words. (Hint: “I love you.”) Understandably flustered, Amy can’t find her footing to return the sentiment, but her hyperventilation speaks volumes.

2. Raj gets his first serious girlfriend.

When a couple decides whether or not to become exclusive, sometimes it can take tireless debates or negotiations. (At least, that’s been our experience, but we digress…) Thankfully, for Raj and Emily, all it took was a sweet admission that they didn’t want to date other people to take their relationship to the next level.Swoon!

3. Sheldon and Amy throw a G-rated sleepover.

In an attempt to suspend the date-night parameters of his relationship agreement with Amy, Sheldon agrees to partake in a family-friendly overnight with his bespectacled girlfriend. Though the suggestion seems completely impromptu, it’s pretty obvious Amy has been waiting nearly two years for this very moment. How else can you explain the vacuum-sealed package of slumber necessities she pulls out of nowhere? Thankfully for Amy, Sheldon sees preparedness as a turn-on.

4. Penny develops a flair for pharmaceuticals.

It might not be as glamorous as acting, but pharmaceuticals seem to be Penny’s true calling. This girl is totally crushing it at Bernadette’s company and, for the first time ever, is making major bank. Get it, Penny!

5. Sheldon and Amy agree not to exchange Christmas gifts, but do anyway.

With Sheldon’s disdain for the holiday season, Shamy initially agree to not exchange presents. However, irritated by Amy’s recent PDA at a Christmas tree lot, Sheldon decides the best revenge is to give his girlfriend the most thoughtful gift possible—and then make her feel terrible for not getting him one in return. Emotional revenge wasn’t as satisfying as Sheldon hoped, though, because Amy decided to bake sweets for her sweetheart, which defied their original agreement, too. (BTW: She got the recipe from his Mee-Maw!) These two really are meant for each other.

6. Leonard stumbles upon a scientific breakthrough.

When Leonard finally strings together a concrete theory about superfluid vacuums, he can’t wait to tell Sheldon, who immediately validates his findings and encourages his friend to share his hypothesis with the world. Of course, not before Sheldon adds his own scientific two cents. Then, with the help of Sheldon’s input, Leonard’s research is greeted with huge fanfare in the quantum physics community.

And you know what they say about the quantum physics community: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.  

A  shamy season??


I’m gonna said i love tonight episode, those two stubborn to apologize but god the end Karma was making the first move to be friends again and play their songs and basically this episode was about love sick puppy karma who wants amy back and wants the equal understanding that no one not even her new bf gives. 

BUT REALLY SHE GAVE 10 BUCKS TO MAKE THE DJ PLAY THEIR SONG AND KARMA WAS TRYING TO FIND HER that she found herself on a middle of something she doesn’t even care and got kiss and amy got mad. 


PS pls watch this on MTV later we need to tell them that we are still watching!