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I work at one of the only remaining major book retailers but ours is in a TERRIBLE location and I mean terrible. Super high traffic but not very profitable, a ton of tourists who expect the world on a platter, and people are constantly getting arrested, starting fights, doing drugs, u name it in our store. Anyway the company is scrambling so we have been rlly pushing email captures and I’ve been asking everyone if they want digital receipts bc we can do that now. About a month a go this elderly p normal looking guy comes in and buys a book, gives me his email, and I ask him if he wants his receipt that way. The first time he doesn’t hear me, so I say it a second time, and then a third time and explain what I mean. He says YES. So I finish up the transaction email him his receipt and give him his stuff at which point he’s like “is the receipt in the bag??” I explain that I sent him a digital copy like he asked. He then claims he never asked for that, didn’t want it, and doesn’t know what it is and is clearly getting agitated as he demands I print him a receipt so he doesn’t get stopped leaving (even tho we are right next to the door, the security guard is seeing this and he has clearly purchased the item). I explain that he won’t get stopped or set any alarms off and he can still use the receipt to make a return if that’s his concern but the guy just wants a receipt. I offer to print a gift receipt but that’s not good enough and unfortunately I can’t print a regular one so he starts calling me stupid and asks for my manager. She comes over and is immediately on the offensive bc he’s acting like such a dick to me and also what he wants is literally impossible! So he starts yelling at her telling us both we are stupid and disrespectful, gets a little racist w it and VERY sexist and ends up leaving the store while he screams at her to drop dead. All over a receipt. He comes back in all the time and just acts like it never happened.

Tl;dr customer loses his shit at me bc I send a digital receipt when he said it was okay and then tells my manager to drop dead and comes back in and acts like a normal person! Fuck customers truly

On the road with ‘Shinhwa’ trademark since 2003 till 2015/05/29, ShinDependence Day. The day Shinhwa finally won the full rights to their name.
  • As we all know, Shinhwa debuted in 1998 under SM. After the group’s contract ended in 2003, SM wanted to disband the group & offered solo contracts to only a few members. But Shinhwa refused because they didn’t want to be separated & continue as a group. Therefore they decided to switch to another agency (Good Entertainment).
  • Since SM couldn’t legally stop Shinhwa as the group already completed their contract, so they refused to allow the members to continue using the name “Shinhwa” and perform their songs as the rights belonged to SM. Leader Eric had loooong negotiations with SM & ended up filing a lawsuit against SM for the rights to use their name “Shinhwa “ and perform their songs produced under SM. 
  • Shinhwa won the case and got the right to use their name and perform their songs, but had to pay royalties to SM. Since Shinhwa’s new agency back then, Good Ent. was still a small company with no enough funds to pay, so Eric stepped up and paid a HUGE sum of his OWN money to SM for the rights usage. It was really huge that he went broke afterwards. Following that, a contract was signed between SM & Good Ent. allowing the use of the group name ‘Shinhwa’ & songs produced under SM with Good Ent. Shinhwa then resumed their activities as a group under the name “Shinhwa” with their new agency.
  • Shinhwa members were too innocent & trusted SM that they didn’t ask for further precautionary procedures to protect their right to use the name “Shinhwa” & songs. 
  • In 2004, around 6 months after Shinhwa moved to Good Ent., “sweet” SM registered the trademark “Shinhwa” under SM company’s name !!.
    In 2005, after completing registration of the trademark for ‘Shinhwa’, SM entrusted the trademark’s ownership to Open World Entertainment (later known as Jun Media) !!. In 2006, SM completely transferred the ownership of the trademark to Open World Ent.(Jun Media). 
  • (Take note that SM didn’t even transfer the trademark ownership to Shinhwa’s new agency back then, Good Entertainment !!! -_-) 
  • In 2006, Good Ent. singed a contract with Open World Ent. (Jun Media) for the rights to use the name “Shinhwa” and perform their songs. The contract lasted until the members went into the military service hiatus in 2008.
  • (take note here that Open World Ent (Jun Media) didn’t register the trademark after it was handed over to them from SM in 2006. They did that later in 2013).
  • In 2011, Shinhwa wanted to establish “Shinhwa Company”, so Leader Eric & Minwoo held long & numerous negotiations with Open World Ent (Jun Media) & the members’ individual agencies. Finally, after really tiring meetings, they reached an agreement & signed a contract to allow Shinhwa Company the use of “Shinhwa” trademark, meanwhile open World Ent (Jun Media) manages the group’s overseas activities plus Shinhwa’s official Japan fanclub “The Legend”.  
  • In 2012, Shinhwa, somehow, found out that Open World Ent (Jun Media) didn’t register the trademark after it was transferred to them from SM in 2006, so Shinhwa Company requested Jun Media to show proof documents that they’re indeed the owner of the trademark “Shinhwa”. 
  • In early 2013, as Shinhwa Company didn’t get any reply from Jun media, so they filed a lawsuit against Jun Media to cancel the trademark rights usage contract and requested for the return of contractual fees as well as the profits from the 2012 concert and partial earnings from the Japan fanclub. In Feb 2013, Shinhwa Company also filed a “provisional attachment” for the trademark “Shinhwa”. 
  • Jun Media (already hurried to register the trademark) filed a counter lawsuit saying, “We hold the rights to the trademark so pay up the profits from the 2013 concert as stated in the contract.”
  • In July 2014, Shinhwa Company partially lost & won the case. They partially lost because they couldn’t cancel the contract with Jun Media as the judges stated that despite it was a belated registration, but it was effective and the trademark “Shinhwa” was and is still a trademark owned by Jun Media. As for the “name usage fees”, Shinhwa had to pay ~318,922 USD to Jun Media, a portion of their earnings from their 2013 concert. Shinhwa Company partially won as Jun Media had to pay Shinhwa ~181,509 USD, a portion of the earnings from the 2012 concert as well as from the running of Shinhwa’s official Japan fanclub.
  • On 26 July 2014, Shinhwa Company released a statement stating that they intended to appeal the parts of the suit that they lost.
  • (Take note that in 2012, Open World’s CEO Jang Seokwoo got arrested after sexually harassing trainees. Afterwards, the company changed its name to Jun Media in 2013)
  • On 29 Aug 2014, Shinhwa Company had officially changed their company name to “ShinCom Entertainment” to prevent problems from growing larger in their on-going lawsuit with Jun Media back then and to prevent the use of the name “Shinhwa” being recognized as a use of the trademark rights. Shinhwa had to delete “Shinhwa” name from 11th album they already released in 2013 as well as their 12th album in 2015. They refrained from using “Shinhwa” name & used only their logo.
    Shinhwa said “We’ll do our best to protect the name Shinhwa. Please wait and see.”
  • On 20 April 2015, ShinCom Ent. & Jun Media failed to come to a compromise, so the court made a compulsory arbitration decision. Following that ShinCom Ent. representatives raised their objection.
  • on 27 May 2015, ShinCom Entertainment (ex Shinhwa Company) and Jun Media participated in another arbitration at the Seoul High Court and have accepted the Court’s arbitration proposal regarding the transfer of the trademark rights. An agreement was finally made over the trademark rights and ShinCom Entertainment have received the trademark rights to ‘Shinhwa’.
  • On 29 May 2015, Shinhwa Independence Day, the trademark rights to “Shinhwa” was finally handed over to ShinCom Ent. They are able to use the name ‘Shinhwa’ without any restrictions in the future. Shinhwa finally got the full rights and trademarks of their name after 12 years!
  • Afterwards, ShinCom Ent. changed its name back to “Shinhwa Company” after completing the process of having the name transferred. 
  • Now, Shinhwa totally OWN their name “SHINHWA”!. After such a thorny road they had to walk through, “SHINHWA” finally belongs to Shinhwa.
  • Jun Media didn’t play a fair game with Shinhwa (so was SM) as Jun Media kept messing with their contract with Shinhwa, received the greatest benefits from Shinhwa’s activities. Made Shinhwa continuously pay money for them. Made Eric go through a very tough time when he wanted to establish Shinhwa Company. Threatened Shinhwa & the fans. Not to mention their CEO publicly attacked Eric & Andy on Twitter. And SM, who registered the trademark in 2004 so Shinhwa cannot use the name in the future. Sold the trademark to an agency other than Shinhwa’s … backstabbed their former group. 

Can you believe how tiring & loooong this journey was! Frankly, if it was any group other than Shinhwa, I believe they would’ve given up & gone their separate ways. Shinhwa had to walk such a long thorny road that was filled with obstacles, sacrifices, losses, yet they insisted on being together as a group & fighting for their name “Shinhwa”. The kept on producing albums & appearing on shows, goofing around & joking, while having such burden over their shoulders. And the greatest thanks goes to this awesome Leader, Eric, who had to pay HUGE sum of his own money to keep the group together under the same name, studied law to defend Shinhwa, had to go to the court continuously. had to put up with Jun Media sneaky ways, got to manage the long negotiations with Jun Media to establish Shinhwa Company, got to keep the group intact all through those tough times. As the members stated, Eric struggled the most during this long journey until Shinhwa got their name back. He worked in silence, behind the scenes for Shinhwa & the fans. And we never heard him talking about what he did for Shinhwa for even once.

I’m soo proud of this group! I’m really lucky that I’m their fan. They’re incredible! Their long journey is full of life lessons that can even be taught in classes. Despite all the struggles they went through, Shinhwa never gave up and insisted on walking on the thorny path together as a group & even set up their own agency.

Happy Shinhwa Independence Day. We are SHINHWA!
Always by your side ♥

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Hi! Idk if you know about what happened with Maggie from Supergirl, but it's basically what happened with Lexa post season 2. I just feel so hopeless... I'm part of the clexa fandom and thinking about what we managed to do... the cw still doesn't get it. I thought we could change things... we still have WE but the loo and sg were my favorite shows and honestly I lost hope for representation

i hate that i don’t have a simple answer, i hate that i can’t say LOOK AT HERE A PROMISE THAT THINGS WILL GET BETTER, and i know the difference of having a cute wlw ship and HAVING THE STORY THAT MAKES YOUR LIFE GREAT, i don’t have one i love this much right now, and i don’t know if we’ll find this, or when it will happen, or if you’ll like it too, i don’t know and i don’t have simple answers

BUT what helps me is seeing the little changes, is keeping my distance to preserve me when i need, is supporting wlw voices pointing out problems in representation and, more than anything, focusing on the fact that i read so many good fics, fics that could be something better, that could turn into bigger projects - i focus on the fact that we have other people like us out there working too to make these stories happen. and it’s important to keep hoping and supporting each other so we have a chance to make these stories real. 

right now we have the @carmillaseries movie coming, and we have another @clexacon next year, and we have the @wearevioleta (look, if we manage to make it work, we’ll have all the stories that we want and need. check them and support them).

i don’t trust in showrunners or the cw. but the thing is: we don’t have to wait for them. 

Villain Goals Ardyn

It still gets to me how Ardyn was such a successful villain. Not only did he get his revenge but he did it so cunningly that we as players had no choice but to let it happen.

He ended the line of Lucis, the line of Nox Fleuret, plunged the world into darkness for 10 years, robbed the lands of Lucis and Tenerbrae of their monarchy and even got to plan his death and finally rest in peace. The man has me shook. He fucked over everyone he wanted to fuck over and I can’t help but applaud the guy. Everything went according to plan and as angry as I am at him I really want to see more.

(note: saw that we can get Ardyn DLC, ngl that one would have my vote but the lore of Lucis is something I’d give a kidney to hear more about)

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i'd love to be ur friend because you seem like a very calm person and I think we both need some friends (you have friends, I haven't lol) but i'm the most boring person in the world (+ this could never happen because I live in a different country) yip don't know why I say this but wanted to let you know since you think no one wants to be your friends or you are unwanted

omg yes be my friend, idc that we’re miles away. INTERNET FRIENDS ARE BETTER ANYWAY. i doubt you’re the most boring person in the world because i am in fact the most boring person in the world sO. you’re so sweet ajkdfhfd thank you for sending me this, it made ya girl smile big time

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My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

I’m a feminist because...

I’m a feminist because everyone should be.

Growing up, my parents would always tell me to be properly dressed around my brothers. Never mind that they were walking around in short boxer briefs, it was me who had to be presentable. I was the girl, after all.

In school, I was always taught that the way I dressed affected a boy’s education. I was taught that the slight peek of my shoulder was enough to get me sent to the head office. It was much too distracting, because after all, a boy’s education had to be more important than a girl’s. At least, that was what they were teaching me.

This is why I’m a feminist.

I’m a feminist because it is 2017, and when I talk about how unfair it is that a professional athlete gets to walk away from the accusation of raping a girl without a single ding to their career, I’m some sort of radical that needs to calm down. Because that poor girl’s life will never be the same, but said athlete’s career is perfectly intact.

I’m a feminist because my aunt says things like, “Oh, those feminists, they just need to shave their armpits and get over it.” Because somehow the grooming of my body hair has everything to do with the rights I’m fighting for.

I’m a feminist because people still think you must have a vagina to be considered a woman.

I’m a feminist because I am 20 years old, and when I tell people I’m not sure I want to have kids, they look at me like I just defied all womankind.

I’m a feminist because when mothers choose to work rather than stay at home with their children, they aren’t doing “enough.”

I’m a feminist because when fathers choose to stay at home with their children rather than work, they somehow aren’t as “manly.”

I’m a feminist because parents still won’t let their sons play with Barbies.

I’m a feminist because young boys are taught that crying is bad. Showing emotion is bad, better to bottle it up and never feel. If you cry, you’re a girl, and no one wants to be a girl.

I’m a feminist because when my family talks about the Women’s March that happened yesterday, they say things like, “What’s protesting going to change?” and “They’re honestly just wasting their time. Nobody’s going to listen to them.” Never mind that the country we are living in found its freedom through protesting—No Taxation Without Representation. But I suppose that’s okay. It was men protesting then.

I’m a feminist because when my aunt saw a picture of a man marching with women yesterday, she snorted and said, “What’s he doing there? Doesn’t he have something better to do?” Her seven year old son was sitting next to her.

I’m a feminist because a highly qualified politician lost the presidential election to a less than mediocre businessman who based his campaign on misogyny, racism, bigotry, and slander. Because this country would rather see an over privileged, racist, homophobic, white man, whose years of experience sums up to zero, in office rather than a woman whose qualifications are more than his will ever be. Because I somehow have to have years of experience before I can even get my first job, but Donald Trump can get sworn into office without a single day of political experience.

I’m a feminist because the President of the United States speaks vilely of women and all minorities, and I’m the terrible one for disliking him.

I’m a feminist because I get made fun of for being a feminist.

I’m a feminist because I want the next generation of girls to live in a better world than mine.

I’m a feminist for these reasons and so many others.

I’m a feminist because everyone should be.

Calling All Witchy Writers.

It’s getting harder and harder to connect with witches who are also writers. It is so, so important for us all to band together and form a helpful community where we can all celebrate each others’ works and give advice.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been published on Witches & Pagans, posted fanfiction online, or have written in a journal you only keep to yourself. If you’re a witch who writes, I want to hear from you. 

Use #witchywriters to connect to each other on Tumblr and Instagram.

This hashtag is hardly ever used, so we might as well take advantage of that. And of course, reblog this to boost the word.

I want to connect! Make more friends! Read more work! Change the world one witchy writer at a time!! 

  • ily: i love you
  • ilysm: i love you so much
  • intslywwmsigyttrtnlmgbiyrsmiylmfmanetatiwfltycpksicbuicbuaouawcbwcaomwctioinsinebttouhiysipwcjwtwwd: i never thought somebody like you would want me so i give you ten thousand reasons to not let me go but if you really see me if you like me for me and nothing else that's all that i've wanted for longer than you could possibly know so it can be us it can be us and only us and what came before won't count anymore or matter we can try it out it's not so impossible nobody else but the two of us here if you're saying it's possible we can just watch the whole world disappear

17.05.07 fancafe - bts_Rap Monster

may is….may is the month of family.

since childhood, may felt more like the middle of the year than June or July. I thought it was the same month as inflection point of the year. It has a lot of public holidays too.. Labour Day.. Buddha’s Birthday.. Parents’ Day.. Teacher’s Day.. but of course the main (holiday) is Children’s day !

therefore, it becomes may bam! my heart would flutter pointlessly. It’s the month with many days off from school right? I think everyone would do it if you have school days…maybe. Isn’t it that the weight of may alone approaching distinctly, perhaps our childlike innocence is still alive?

the last end of year stage occasion.. everyone, the members and company too said 2017 all together. we’ve already approached half way through the year, time really flies. yesterday I thought about the word “future”.미未(not) 올래來(coming). A word that we live by bound the most together with words of happiness and love. but suddenly there is not future. I thought that.

because its already may of 2017 that we waited eagerly for, maybe the that future is just a myth. because the most important thing is right now. I thought that saying to do it in the future- later on- that future would never come. something about it is superficial but now is the future soon. I’ve always hoped for something for the future and for something to change, but then I couldn’t manage to smell of the trees of the present. it seems that there is a little water given too to speak of. that the present is the future soon

you may be curious. In the meantime I’m getting a some things ready that are fun again. because we have a lot of things to prepare, the pace is a bit slower than before. because we want to make them more carefully and elaborately. I miss when I didn’t know about the world and had fears of the old past. but there are pros and cons. I think I want to show you since I did it so finely. still..I’m daring to do my best. dare I.

BTS is barely starting. Up until now, we have tried things we haven’t before and we want to try more. It’s barely may more or less.. It doesn’t feel like may has come somehow. The may now and the may 10 years ago have many differences but, when I see my little cousin getting excited to go to lotte world, I’m still thrilled and envious. we will be like this. the weather is warm despite it getting hotter as the summer quickens.

how is everyone’s may? In your hearts, me. us. I thought (about that) for a moment, what season, what month will i stay in. But it’s sad that I can’t hear all the stories. I will try to do my best though. Like music if I can do it. warm and hotly.

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Shortly after the overdose, Bob decided to tell Jack the story of why he really got put in the Stanley Cup as a baby.  It was Bob’s way of thanking the cup.

“After I won my first cup,” he told Jack, “I realized I’d achieved my dream, and I had married this amazing woman, but something still felt like it was missing.  I wanted to be a father.”  He told Jack how he and Alicia had tried to have a baby, but it just wasn’t happening.  As the months dragged on with more of the same, they started to get worried.  

“And even when you were worrying you’d never truly be happy you managed to win the cup again, yeah?  That’s the moral of the story?” Jack snapped.  Bob shook his head, reached out to run a hand over Jack’s back, like he could smooth down his son’s frayed nerves.  

“Non, non, non, that would be a terrible moral.  Actually my stats were worse that year than when I was a rookie.  But my team was incredible, and we made it to the cup again.  And here’s where the story gets good, you see, because I’d heard all kinds of wild legends through the league about ‘cup magic’ and how sometimes it would grant wishes”

“Or turn you into a fucking penguin,” Jack scoffed.

“Well I was playing for the Canadiens at the time, so I suppose there wasn’t much risk involved, but there was a whole lot of desperate hope.So on my cup day, after everyone else left, I sat down and had a chat with it,” he gestures to the table they’re sitting at.  “Right at this kitchen table.”

“Please tell me that’s the only part of this story that happened at this table,” Jack groaned.  Bob laughed.

This story, yes.”

“Papaaaa,”  Jack picked up his bowl of cereal and pointedly continued eating without letting his food touch the table.

“Oh for God’s sake, Jack, this table has been cleaned many times since, put your food down for a bit, I’m trying to have a moment with you here.”

“Alright, alright, fine.”  Jack obediently set the bowl aside and faced his father.

“As I was saying…” Bob cleared his throat.  “I talked to the cup.  I told it I didn’t care if I ever won it again.  All I wanted was a son.  If it would give me that, I promised, I wouldn’t ask to win so much as a faceoff for the rest of my life.  And I promised that I would love my son - that I would love you - unconditionally, more than anything in the world.”

“And you won a fuckton more awards anyway.”

“But,” Bob countered, “I didn’t win the cup again until after you were born when I was with the Pens.  And so when your mother brought you onto the ice to see me, I wanted us to put you in the cup, but it wasn’t supposed to pass along some kind of hockey magic and ensure the Zimmermann dynasty or whatever the fuck ESPN likes to say, alright?  We did it as a thank you.  We wanted the cup to see what a beautiful baby we had, and to feel how incredibly loved you were.”  Bob ran a hand over Jack’s newly-cropped hair, feeling the strands against his palm, almost as soft as when he used to sit next to Bob in his high chair smashing banana all over the tray.  “I kept my promise too,”  Bob said.  “I love you.  Unconditionally.  More than anything in the world.  And your mother and I just want to help you be happy, whatever that looks like.”  He smiled warmly at his son, letting all the pride he usually kept a lid on to keep from embarrassing Jack bubble up to the surface.  Jack looked down at his hands.

“How can you not be disappointed?  Look at me.”  Jack’s shoulders hunched in, shrinking him down, and Bob pressed his hand between Jack’s shoulder blades, rubbing circles in the way that always used to put him right to sleep as a child.

“I will always be proud of you, hockey or no.  Because you know what?”  Jack chanced a glance up at his father’s face and was held by his earnest expression.  “Winning the Stanley Cup isn’t even in my top hundred favorite memories anymore.  All of my best memories are with you and your mother.”  Jack didn’t say anything in response, and Bob was learning when to give him space to process, so he stood up, bending back down to kiss his son’s forehead as he snagged the now-soggy bowl of raisin bran from in front of him.

It took a few days for Bob to get a real response from Jack, and in the meantime he just left everything to percolate.  And then one night, Bob just couldn’t seem to fall asleep.  His knee wasn’t quite hurting, but it was on that edge where it just didn’t feel settled, and Alicia had been snoring, and at the back of his head he could feel some kind of humming, like he could feel the tense air in Jack’s room.  He’d gotten himself all worked up mulling that last one over until he had to get out of bed.  He stood in front of Jack’s bedroom door, looking at the light peeking out from below the doorjamb for minutes, listening to the sounds of floorboards creaking occasionally, pages rustling, a keyboard clacking.  After he’d gotten enough of the sounds of Jack just existing on the other side of the door to calm his racing heart, he went to the living room.  

He settled into the couch with a box of crackers and a nature documentary when he heard footsteps creaking on the stairs.  At first, he was expecting Alicia coming to call him back to bed, but the footfalls were too loud for her.  Bob tried not to look surprised when Jack rounded the corner, keeping his eyes carefully trained on Animal Planet.  He held up the crackers in greeting.

“Joining your old man for a midnight snack, eh?”

“Oh.  Um, sure.”  Jack padded over to the couch and made himself comfortable next to Bob, pulling down the afghan from the back of the sofa.  They stare at the TV in silence for a long while before Jack speaks up again, quietly.  “Papa?”


“So…what exactly was better than winning the cup?”

Felicity Smoak in Season 6

“There are other ways to do good in the world and to fulfill her own personal mission, and going forward, especially in coming seasons, that is something she very much wants to do, and we really want to explore for her. We talk in the writers room a lot about giving Felicity something that is not on the team and has nothing to do with Oliver and is very much her own thing, and that’s something I think we really look forward to in season six.” - Wendy Mericle

“We have a storyline for Felicity in Season 6 that we wanted to do in Season 5 and that fans have been clamoring for.” - Marc Guggenheim

Will Emily be returning as a main next season? Yes. - Marc Guggenheim

“I can confirm.” - Marc Guggenheim

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Eleanor Guthrie + final shots per season

I love you!

Every time I say I love you.

I’m really trying to say so much more than those three little words.

I’m trying to say you mean more to me than anyone else in the world.

I’m trying to let you know that I adore you and that I cherish the time we spend together.

I’m trying to explain that I want you and that I need you and that I get lost in wonderful thoughts every time I think about you.

And each time I say “I love you”, I’m trying to remind you that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.