we want the cup!

it’s so weird hearing americans talk about Target© as some kind of semi-religious holy space of reasonably priced goods and services, bc in it’s short, fever-dream existence up here in the frozen north it was… Not Good. 

in my experience with the three (3) i went to in the surrounding area it was. uh. you know when you step into a place and there’s nothing immediately noticeably wrong but you can just Feel that this is a Bad Space? like the kind of space where if you catch a glimpse of your mother walking down an aisle and turning a corner you know it’s a demonic trick and if you follow her it’ll lead you down a path to a dark space you can’t return from?

or you go in with your friend who’s right next to you but you get a text from them saying “hey i’m in the shoe aisle, you should come here” and you know it’s a trap from the devil? like other things:

  • only half of the dim, washed out, often flickering fluorescent lights were lit at any given time, usually only every-other set, leaving these valleys of darkness that made entire aisles inaccessible for fear of shadow people latching on to your soul like a dark passenger. 
  • entire sections were just Empty. empty shelves with no product, never any employees filling them up, no boxes waiting to be unpacked, no signs saying what should be there.
  • no employees at all actually? wandering around the store even though the parking lots were full and you walked in with a group of 20 or so felt so lonely. you could walk the whole place and it was dead silent and the only other “people” around always were several aisles away with their back turned, unmoving. there was always only one cashier and there was never anyone in her line.
  • there was never any music on or announcements played? another place that does this are all the dollar trees in my area and it gives me anxiety. i feel like i’m being hunted, like i have to hold my breath and listen for the footsteps of beasts in other aisles. 
  • the fitting rooms had a strange, dark energy to them. it felt like if you ever used them, whatever universe you closed the door on would not be the same one you stepped out into when you were done. the washrooms also contained this same dark energy.
  • passing the employees-only doors felt like wandering too close to a bears den. the glass windows never showed anything going on back there, no racks of product, no employees milling around. it was just pitch black, complete darkness. a hungry void.
  • leaving a target was the same disorienting feeling as leaving a dark theatre and exiting into the light. sound and colour and feeling rush back in. you feel like you can breathe again. a weight is lifted from your shoulders. you can’t remember any of the time you spent inside the target.

it is my sincere belief that the targets in canada never existed. the storefronts were put up, yes, but the stores themselves were vast empty caverns filled with dark dreams and sinister interlopers attracted to the malignant leftover energies from zellers. passing through the automatic doors was meant to teleport us to the nearest american location, but something went wrong and we entered an unnatural zone halfway between the upside down and whatever it was that happened in the langoliers. 

i believe the balls outside target are carefully crafted and powerfully attuned magical artifacts that keep up the illusion known as Target©, but were incorrectly spaced in canada due to a mixup between the metric and imperial systems of measurement, and that is why the brief twilight zone episode that was canadian target collapsed virtually overnight.

Shortly after the overdose, Bob decided to tell Jack the story of why he really got put in the Stanley Cup as a baby.  It was Bob’s way of thanking the cup.

“After I won my first cup,” he told Jack, “I realized I’d achieved my dream, and I had married this amazing woman, but something still felt like it was missing.  I wanted to be a father.”  He told Jack how he and Alicia had tried to have a baby, but it just wasn’t happening.  As the months dragged on with more of the same, they started to get worried.  

“And even when you were worrying you’d never truly be happy you managed to win the cup again, yeah?  That’s the moral of the story?” Jack snapped.  Bob shook his head, reached out to run a hand over Jack’s back, like he could smooth down his son’s frayed nerves.  

“Non, non, non, that would be a terrible moral.  Actually my stats were worse that year than when I was a rookie.  But my team was incredible, and we made it to the cup again.  And here’s where the story gets good, you see, because I’d heard all kinds of wild legends through the league about ‘cup magic’ and how sometimes it would grant wishes”

“Or turn you into a fucking penguin,” Jack scoffed.

“Well I was playing for the Canadiens at the time, so I suppose there wasn’t much risk involved, but there was a whole lot of desperate hope.So on my cup day, after everyone else left, I sat down and had a chat with it,” he gestures to the table they’re sitting at.  “Right at this kitchen table.”

“Please tell me that’s the only part of this story that happened at this table,” Jack groaned.  Bob laughed.

This story, yes.”

“Papaaaa,”  Jack picked up his bowl of cereal and pointedly continued eating without letting his food touch the table.

“Oh for God’s sake, Jack, this table has been cleaned many times since, put your food down for a bit, I’m trying to have a moment with you here.”

“Alright, alright, fine.”  Jack obediently set the bowl aside and faced his father.

“As I was saying…” Bob cleared his throat.  “I talked to the cup.  I told it I didn’t care if I ever won it again.  All I wanted was a son.  If it would give me that, I promised, I wouldn’t ask to win so much as a faceoff for the rest of my life.  And I promised that I would love my son - that I would love you - unconditionally, more than anything in the world.”

“And you won a fuckton more awards anyway.”

“But,” Bob countered, “I didn’t win the cup again until after you were born when I was with the Pens.  And so when your mother brought you onto the ice to see me, I wanted us to put you in the cup, but it wasn’t supposed to pass along some kind of hockey magic and ensure the Zimmermann dynasty or whatever the fuck ESPN likes to say, alright?  We did it as a thank you.  We wanted the cup to see what a beautiful baby we had, and to feel how incredibly loved you were.”  Bob ran a hand over Jack’s newly-cropped hair, feeling the strands against his palm, almost as soft as when he used to sit next to Bob in his high chair smashing banana all over the tray.  “I kept my promise too,”  Bob said.  “I love you.  Unconditionally.  More than anything in the world.  And your mother and I just want to help you be happy, whatever that looks like.”  He smiled warmly at his son, letting all the pride he usually kept a lid on to keep from embarrassing Jack bubble up to the surface.  Jack looked down at his hands.

“How can you not be disappointed?  Look at me.”  Jack’s shoulders hunched in, shrinking him down, and Bob pressed his hand between Jack’s shoulder blades, rubbing circles in the way that always used to put him right to sleep as a child.

“I will always be proud of you, hockey or no.  Because you know what?”  Jack chanced a glance up at his father’s face and was held by his earnest expression.  “Winning the Stanley Cup isn’t even in my top hundred favorite memories anymore.  All of my best memories are with you and your mother.”  Jack didn’t say anything in response, and Bob was learning when to give him space to process, so he stood up, bending back down to kiss his son’s forehead as he snagged the now-soggy bowl of raisin bran from in front of him.

It took a few days for Bob to get a real response from Jack, and in the meantime he just left everything to percolate.  And then one night, Bob just couldn’t seem to fall asleep.  His knee wasn’t quite hurting, but it was on that edge where it just didn’t feel settled, and Alicia had been snoring, and at the back of his head he could feel some kind of humming, like he could feel the tense air in Jack’s room.  He’d gotten himself all worked up mulling that last one over until he had to get out of bed.  He stood in front of Jack’s bedroom door, looking at the light peeking out from below the doorjamb for minutes, listening to the sounds of floorboards creaking occasionally, pages rustling, a keyboard clacking.  After he’d gotten enough of the sounds of Jack just existing on the other side of the door to calm his racing heart, he went to the living room.  

He settled into the couch with a box of crackers and a nature documentary when he heard footsteps creaking on the stairs.  At first, he was expecting Alicia coming to call him back to bed, but the footfalls were too loud for her.  Bob tried not to look surprised when Jack rounded the corner, keeping his eyes carefully trained on Animal Planet.  He held up the crackers in greeting.

“Joining your old man for a midnight snack, eh?”

“Oh.  Um, sure.”  Jack padded over to the couch and made himself comfortable next to Bob, pulling down the afghan from the back of the sofa.  They stare at the TV in silence for a long while before Jack speaks up again, quietly.  “Papa?”


“So…what exactly was better than winning the cup?”

  • cuphead’s old trailer:



  • cuphead final game intro:



  • is it me or did these too got a bit “wussified” in the final game! 😂
BTS Reaction - Your first baby

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Merridew fluff pls

Is Jack Merridew an awful person?? Yes 100%

Does he deserve 1000 spears to the heart????? Absolutely

Does he have the personality of plain Greek yogurt??? He’s the pasty ugly Oikos man, of course

Do I just want something of him just chilling out for once and maybe petting a cat in an au where everything is pure and ok????

you bet your sweet ass i do

Geno answered some questions from hockey fans for NHL.com/ru (Published date - April 7, 2017). Thank you so much @raindropcastle  for the help with the translation! 😇

- Evgeni, who is the best defensman in the NHL?

- Right now it’s Brent Burns from San Jose. He’s very effective on offense and he plays hard on defense. He’s having the best season of his career. Dominates in the team and in the league. Good shot, skating. It’s hard to play against him; he’s strong physically.

- Which NHL match do you remember most?

- There were enough of them, but probably Game 7 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final against Detroit. There was tremendous pressure; we played on the road. The Red Wings were pressing us in the third period. Frankly, they outplayed us. But we scored fast goals in the first and second periods and held on to the lead. I remember a lot of excitement; how we wanted to win the Cup. Incredible emotions!

- Which Stanley Cup was heavier to raise - the first or the second?

- The first, because we lost the final to Detroit in 2008. It was very disappointing. Then we started the season badly. We were losing a lot of games, and changed the coach. However, we managed to reverse the situation. And we won game 7, though Detroit was slightly better. We played three lines in the third period, as Sid got injured. Our force was running out. If it went to overtime, we probably simply wouldn’t have had enough power. It was the most difficult victory. With the second Stanley Cup it was a bit easier. We led 2-0 in the series and matches developed in our favor.

- How do you measure Pittsburgh’s strengths in the fight for the Stanley Cup?

- It was a very busy season; there was the World Cup and last season we reached the Finals. We played a lot of matches in the last two years. But we have a good team, and the team’s makeup almost didn’t change. Young guys joined the team. They show a bright game, getting a lot of points. Jake Guentzel, for example. It’s a bit difficult to pronounce his name (smiles). These guys bring lots of speed. We have a good enough chance this season, if the injuries bypass us and we get a little bit of rest before the playoffs.

- Jaromir Jagr is already 45 years old, and he wants to sign a new contract with Florida. Up to what age would you like to play?

- It’s hard to guess, I’m only 30. I’d like to reach 40. Hockey is my life. And if you finish your career, it will become quite boring. But it all depends on your health. If your health allows, you can play for a long time. And if not, then don’t pull the last straw, don’t chase records and points. 

It happens, when hockey players suffer from concussions and it has lasting effects on their life after their career. People lose their memory. But I want my children to have a healthy dad. It’s important for an athlete to leave when it’s time.

- What was your favorite NHL team, before Pittsburgh chose you?

- I liked Colorado, as well as Detroit. I remember when the Russian Five was playing there, I was wearing a red cap. Then came the jacket with the emblem of Colorado. I loved Forsberg, Sakic, as well as Fedorov, Yzerman. At the time, it was difficult to follow the NHL, but I read in the newspapers about battles between those two teams in the playoffs. They even had had five on five fights. All of that was interesting to follow.

- Who is the best hockey player in the world?

- Sidney Crosby. I play with him, and I’ve seen a lot. Now there’s also Connor McDavid, a unique young hockey player. He shows tremendous hockey skill. So I’ll single out these two.

- You have two Stanley Cups. When you were with the national team did you make fun of Ovechkin?

- No, how can you say so? We respect each other. You see, the NHL and the national team are different things. And how can I gloat over Ovechkin? It would be very ugly. I understand how much he wants to win, his desire. You can’t joke about this.

- Is the gap between our hockey and Canadian hockey that big?

- Yes, there is a difference. Compare at least the number of hockey rinks here and there. But Russia has always been famous for individually strong players who played in small cities, and then reached big heights. Hockey in Canada is a tradition, it’s very widespread. Out of a thousand players, ten will be very good, and they will get through to the top. We have single breakthroughs, but there’s no such mass character. That’s what we need to develop, so young people will go for sports more and hang out in nightclubs less.

 - Do you began to play more accurately with age?

- I won’t say that my game has changed a lot, but with experience you get smarter. If you see a situation where a quick pass is the option and holding onto the puck isn’t a necessity - you’ll quickly pass it and won’t take an extra hit.

 - Do you often attend NBA and NFL matches?

- I rarely go see American football. We have a heavy schedule, and when the Steelers play at home, we’re on the road. But I love all kinds of sports. I go see NBA games if there’s time on the road. A couple of times I even went to Cleveland - it’s two hours away from Pittsburgh. We saw LeBron James the year he reached the Finals. They won the sixth match at home. Basketball is a very interesting sport. And it’s always interesting to watch how professionals work.

Pay Attention or Pay The Consequence

You were never a very academic student. The only thing you liked about assignments was the fact that you could doodle on them to pass the time. One class that doodling was prohibited was Calculus. Mr. Kim never intimidated you, until now.


You doodled on the edge of your notebook, adding to the growing collage on the once blank paper. Calculus was your least favorite subject. Not to mention you pretty much hated school and all it stood for. The other students gawked at you from afar. How could you dare disobey the most strict teach in the school?! You were a rebel even if you hadn’t realized it yet.

Mr. Kim’s voice was pushed to the back of your mind. His boring tone and the sound of chalk scraping on the chalk board could lull you to sleep. At least you were awake. The bell rang and you thanked any God that would listen. You reached down to grab your bag but a wooden ruler clipped your knuckles.

“What the hell?!” You shouted. The man, the myth, the legend stood there towering over your desk. His eyebrows were drawn together under the thin frame of his glasses. His plump lips turned down into a scowl.

You had to admit, Mr. Kim had it going on.

Mr. Kim snatched your notebook out from under your hand and scanned the multiple drawings. You were a talented artist that was for sure. The look on your Teachers face said otherwise.

“These are not notes on Arithmetic, young lady.” The last student went scurrying out of the room with the slam of a door. Mr. Kim slammed down the notebook on your desk. You jumped slightly and felt fear rush through your veins. Mr. Kim pinched he bridge of his nose. “I’ve gave you countless tries to act on your own initiative Miss Y/n.”

Mr. Kim’s voice echoed throughout the room as he licked the door. Now why couldn’t he have this voice when teaching? The low, husky tone that made your thighs tighten. Mr. Kim circled your desk much like a vulture. His slick black shoes were nearly noiseless on the pristine white floor.

The crack of the ruler wrapped against your hand again. This time you yelped and hugged your wounded hand close. “What gives?” The older man said nothing. He went back to the tall, leather chair and leaned back. With a smooth smirk he rested his chin on his hand.

“Y/n, we need to discuss your punishment. Step forward.” Mr. Kim used his finger to beckon you forward. At first you were frozen solid until the man slapped his hand down on the desk. “My patience is wearing thin.” At that, you slowly stood and flattened down your skirt. The lump in your throat grew stiffer. His stiff and proper hair didn’t even move an inch when his head cocked.

“Yes sir.” Mr. Kim’s eyes darkened a single hue. He held out his long arm and started plucking at the buttons on the sleeve. Without removing his eyes from you, the teacher rolled down each sleeve and allowed his tongue to swipe over his lip.

This wasn’t happening. No, you were just daydreaming in Calculus again. But your feet were already moving. Before you realized it, you were standing between Mr. Kim’s feet. Chin to your chest, nothing could hide the deep blush on your cheeks. The wooden ruler was placed under your chin and pushed upward sharply.

“Eyes on me young lady.” There it was again. The gush between your thighs. You nodded once and Namjoon took away the ruler and sat it on the desk. “Good girl. Now pull down your skirt.” You were awestruck. There was no way this was happening.

“I don’t think-” Namjoon cleared his threat and your blood ran cold.

“What was that?” He teased. You licked your dry lips and reached for the zipper of your skirt. Slowly pulling the zipper down you eventually gained the nerve to remove it completely. You could tell Mr. Kim wasn’t amused. “Panties down too, little girl.”

“What! No!” You shook your head frantically. Mr. Kim shrugged and fixed the frame of his glasses.

“We can stay here all day.” It was weird. This feeling in your stomach. On one hand this was wrong, on the other, it was soooooo right. Who were you to not be a teachers pet? With a huff, you hooked your fingers in the lacy underwear and pulled them down to your knees. “So well behaved. Bend over the desk.”

Your cheeks sat ablaze. With a thick gulp you followed his instructions. Your nails dig into the thick wood and the sound of the chair rolling echoed in the empty room. “You have a Mr. Kim quietly hummed to himself until his large fingers grazed over your ass. A tiny gasp escaped you, but was quickly reprimanded by a slap on the butt. Your knees buckled. Namjoon bit the inside of his cheek to hold back the groan.

"No speaking.” That cold voice was back. Mr. Kim grabbed his ruler and trailed it over each ass cheek. You quietly peered over your shoulder to see your teacher lazily tracing the wood with interest. His eyes randomly shot up and saw you staring. That’s when the first hit came. Your mouth fell in a loud intake of breath. You bit your lip to stay quiet and pressed your forehead to the cold wood. What the hell were you doing? This was like some shitty porno that the boys in your class would watch.

Slutty school girl and hot teacher.

“Good girl. Four more.” The second hit was harder, striking across both ass cheeks. This time the gasp left without permission. Two more strikes followed the first.  “Each time I hear a noise, you earn another strike. We don’t want that do we?” Mr. Kim’s hand cupped your inner thigh, pushing you further on the desk. His small chuckle vibrated your body.

“My, my! These pretty little thighs are already drenched.” Another hit. Mr. Kim soothed the skin with his plump lips, allowing you a second of relaxation. Then came the final hit. It was harder than the rest and you could tell that wasn’t even at it’s full capacity. But you could feel the skin rising in harsh welts. “Y/n, what do you say?”

Your mind went blank and another hit landed on your left ass cheek. “T-thank you sir!” Mr. Kim laughed and rummaged in his drawer. “This is hand lotion. Not exactly for this purpose but it’ll have to do.” The cold sensation on your burning cheeks caused you to squeal. Mr. Kim gently soothed you with a hush and a gentle touch. Who knew that the boring, fucking sexy, Calculus teacher had all of this underneath?

“That was good Ms. Y/n.” His strong hands grasped your waist and tugged you backwards into his lap. You helped in shock but his hand cupped your mouth. “How about we discuss extra credit?”

First Place (Namjoon x OOC x Yoongi Threesome)

Author’s note: Soooo with this comeback among other things I had wanted to do a smut but, I also wanted to do a Hogwarts theme because I spent a whole day watching Harry Potter so I really hope you guys enjoy it because it’s my first time doing something like this! <3

You sat on the cold brown stool looking around the room nervously as soft snow fell into the spacious classroom. A soft smile decorated your features as you checked over your outfit once more that day. Dressing up in a skater skirt that had ruffles and came down to the middle of your thighs, the top was caged around your white button-down shirt. Your sleeves were rolled up at the ends around your wrist and tucked neatly. You had on a long royal blue and black robe that showed off your house and leather boots that reached up to your knees. You hated wearing long socks all the time to keep warm and considering you had this class today you knew that you didn’t want to risk being cold to the point that you couldn’t focus in class because today was a very important day. It had to be, your hair was styled up in a neat bun, your face made up for the challenge, blue eyeshadow around your eyes accompanied with black mascara and wings on your eyes. Your lips were done with black lipstick; just because you were going for the sexy look it didn’t mean you had to wear light colors. Dark colors were your aesthetic some days, like today.

Your right-hand fingers were decorated with a diamond ring on your index finger and another on the left hand. You had on a single charm bracelet that was given to you as a graduation present by your mother and it was a good luck charm for sure. Sitting up straighter in your chair as more people filled into the class you felt confident until you saw two figures walking in side by side. Their dark eyes immediately searching for yours and once spotted you didn’t know whose smile was more widely stretched out on their lips. Suddenly, your stomach tightened with a little tug and you cleared your throat casting your eyes downwards onto the paper in front of you, trying to study over more terms and things that you knew would be on your test. Your nerves were slowly getting the best of you but you wouldn’t ever admit it to the men making their way towards your table. Both men sat down on each side of you, and your head looked side to side at both of the blonde males.

“Is someone nervous?” Namjoon asked you once he took a sit beside you on a stool, a whiff of his soft honey scent mixed with the smell of aftershave hitting your nose as you faced him. He had his hair styled up into a half mohawk the sides and undercut adding to his charming look. He like you had on a jacket that was royal blue and black. A black stripped tie on over his white shirt. His dimples popped out as he continued to smile at you like he had just obtained a precious secret you knew nothing about.

“No Mr. Kim, I am not. I don’t have a reason be. You’ll be lucky to even pass with a D.” You said haughtily sticking your nose in the air.

“Someone is pretty confident she will take home the new wand.” Yoongi spoke next to your ear causing you to jump lightly and face him frowning. Where Namjoon smelt like honey and after shaft, Yoongi’s scent was mixed of cinnamon and musk. His eyes lingered on you, fixing in and piercing your very core.

“Why wouldn’t I be confident? It’s not like I have nothing to lose. We all know that I am ranked top of the class, and it didn’t take me much to get here with hard work and studying.” You bragged on and on facing the front as the teacher walked in. You didn’t like to always seem so conceited and full of yourself, but with the three of you it was always a competition, and you were always trying to win.

“Well, let’s hope that luck pays off because if it doesn’t. You know what that means for that pretty mouth and body of yours.” Namjoon purred before the teacher called out shutting you all up. She was starting to speak about your test and the magic that you would have to perform for your peers but suddenly your mind couldn’t help but flashback to a few days before when all three of you were studying.


You walked around the room, your robe off and your high waist white pants were hugging your hips. Your long gray sweater sleeves were rolled up around your elbows as you walked around the table looking over the white packet of papers in your left hand, taking a drink of the acholic beverage in your right one. Your hair in a ponytail, swaying gently in the breeze as you focused on the project in front of you. Raising your pointed slightly curved red woodened wand you canted the spell out to yourself, watching as the green liquid in the beaker started to bubble and rise slowly forming a tiny specimen.

“You know that drinks are not allowed in here, right?” Namjoon asked you as he walked from behind you causing your concentration to break as the green liquid fell back into the beaker undoing the spell. You sent daggers his direction with your own heated gaze before you gripped at the bottle taking another drink from it licking your lips as Yoongi joined him both males standing in front of you at the table.

“I know that. But it’s ten at night and I’m more than certain everyone is getting ready for bed or enjoying their nights out. And if you don’t mind I would like to keep it that way.” You said stubbornly as you threw the packet of papers down onto the table, looking up at the both men you braced your hands onto the sturdy surface or the oak table looking at them. “What are you guys doing here anyway?” You couldn’t help but feel your lips twitch as you watched your friends stare back at you, but Yoongi seemed to be interested in playing with the green liquid as well making it swirl around the cup.

“We wanted to come see our best friend.” Namjoon stated batting his eyelashes innocently as he stares at you.

“And to ask for help on the upcoming test.” Yoongi stated bluntly shrugging his shoulders when Namjoon cut his eyes at the male.

“If I was dumb, you wouldn’t love me.” You groaned softly but like always you agreed to help them.

The next hour was spent with you teaching them a few potions and spells that would be on the upcoming test as well as some summoning spells. Namjoon and Yoongi were both smart, they knew their shit but they couldn’t ever out rank you. At least not in this class because you had to admit to yourself Namjoon knew some things that honestly helped you complete the rest of the assignment and sometimes you feared he knew that but held back to use it against you.

“You know, I feel pretty confident about this test.” Namjoon said after his fifth round of the drink you were all sipping on. You were cleaning up the area and high lighting some more definitions before you got back to your room.

“I do too. It’ll be nice getting this wand.” You said excitedly because you knew that you would probably get the highest scores out of the three of you this time around as well.

“I don’t think we are going to let you get the wand this time.” Yoongi admitted as he came to help you place on your robe and you frowned up at him turning to face him.

“And why is that?” You asked him putting your hands on your hips.

“Well because one we are tired of you bragging as if you’re the smartest in the class and on top of that we finally found something we want to bet on.” Yoongi stated gripping at his wand, he moved it to inside of his backpack making sure that it was protected from injuries. Namjoon was sitting on the desk behind the two of you watching the sight with great delight.

“And what is that old friend of mine?” You teased grabbing at your backpack as well slinging it over your shoulders.

“You.” Yoongi stated gauging your reactions. You turned to face him and he wore a wolfish grin, his pearly white teeth on display as he paused.

“What about me?” You asked feeling a bit oblivious to what was being said.

“Well, we want it to be a surprise. But we thought to wager a bet.” Namjoon spoke not moving from the desk as he looked at you.

“I’m all for bets.” You said feeling one of your eyebrows twitch as you watched them. “Now explain.” You stated once again clasping your hands together in front of your body.

“Well, it’s just like I said. We know we will do better on this test. And there are things we want but we can’t tell you until then because we love the element of surprise. So, the bet is you. If we win, then we will get to do whatever we want to you.” Yoongi stated leaning back against the desk shoving his hands into the confines of his dark jean pockets.

“But.. There is only one first place. No one can get the first place as a tie. So, what if you don’t both get it?” You asked with a pout gracing your lips as you looked between them. You weren’t even denying it. You did want them both and you would be the first to admittedly tell them. You had all been friends since childhood and of course you would like to keep it like that, but you were a girl and you craved things. Some of the things being the two in front of you. But you wanted different things from each of them so it was hard choosing which one and when you did you knew it would be better for them to keep their friendship with you then for a wedge to become between the three of you.

“True but even if we just get first and second place with you in third then we still win.” Namjoon countered making sure you didn’t get out of this bet.

“But what if I get second place?” You countered back sticking out your tongue. He paused narrowing his eyes opening his mouth to say something but Yoongi stopped him.

“Okay how about this. If only one of us gets first place and you get second then the bet still stands and the one who gets third must watch. If you get first place then we are at your mercy for whatever you want. And if we come in first and second then your bet with the both of us still stands.” Yoongi cut it down making it plain and simple. You paused for a moment to think about what was going on. If you won, you could make them do a lot. But if they won, it wasn’t any telling what the two of them would do together to you. Nibbling on the soft parts of the inside of your cheeks as you thought it over, a soft sigh escaped from your nose and you nodded your head.

“Alright fine. Whoever wins can have me. In anyway doing anything. But if I win. I get to have you both and I get to decide what I do with you.” Feeling proud of that statement you bounce on your heels as both men got up to head towards the door. Namjoon stopping to kiss your ear.

“Good luck, because I have plans for you.”


You were brought back to the attention with the teacher calling your name for the fifth time in the span of a minute.

“Y-yes ma’am?” You asked her sitting up straight up licking your lips as your heart rate seem to pick up.

“Are you ready to perform your test for the class? Unless of course you would like to tell us instead what had you so dazed out just now?” Your teacher asked and you looked at both males on either side of you who seemed to be eating up the fact that you were not paying attention. Yoongi and his parted hair who seemed like a beautiful God and Namjoon was his accomplice just as beautiful and deadly but with dimples.

You shook your head slowly before you stood up to make your way towards the front of the classroom. You looked around at everyone before back at your teacher smiling brightly a little too excitedly that it almost scared you along with a few others in the class. You calmed and centered yourself and once she was sure you were ready your teacher started to take you through the test letting you perform the certain steps to complete the test. Once you were done, you bowed your head to her and stuffed your wand under your arm walking back to your seat smirking at both men who held somewhat determined and stern faces.

When they went up each to perform their tasks you couldn’t believe your eyes. They had done so well. The snow falling gracefully around the classroom and disappearing into little piles as it hit the floor. They were an amazing duo, where Yoongi was determined to do somethings Namjoon was just as determined to push it to the extra mile. They completed each other, they thrived off each other and if anything, the room seemed livelier as they went back to back to complete the test. You wore a smile but confidence wouldn’t let you believe that you were going to do anything less than win.


You couldn’t believe it. You sat there staring blankly ahead at your teacher and the two goofballs who were all gummy smiles and cheering. Both of them had managed to get the same score and just a few decimal points off so the teacher decided that they would tie for first place and you would come in second place. Both men receiving a wand while you were stuck with nothing but dread and slight anger for the two of them. Sighing softly, you pinched the bridge of your nose as they cheered and clapped raising their wands to throw in the air in some sort of victory. They both walked towards you as the class was dismissed. You gathered your belongings and stood up waiting for them, a hard smile on your lips, but it didn’t reach the fire in your eyes and they could see it to.

“Well are you ready for your loss?” Namjoon asked wiggling the wand in your face and you slapped at it but missed snatching it from his hands.

“Come on princess, we will let you play with them if you be a good girl.” Yoongi cooed wrapping his arm around your neck leading you out of the classroom and leading you towards their shared dorm.

Once you got there you looked around the room, sighing softly at how it seemed like home, so warm and inviting. The walls decorated with pictures and your house signs. The beds were the same but different, black throw comforters on both beds but different colors accented the sheets and pillows. You smiled softly realizing you should come in here more considering you could see yourself just lounging around in here. You moved to stand in the middle of both beds looking back at the men who were already watching you, your hands moved to grip at your robe trying to find the peace within your restless state. You puffed your cheeks waiting on them to finish gawking at you and first it was Namjoon to speak up.

“By now I’m sure you know what we want. But the only reason we want it, is because we know you want it too. And we will never try to get you to do it again unless you want to, and we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable so you can still leave.” Namjoon said softly and you could see a very faint distinct trail of red to start at his ears slid down his cheeks. He was flustered and you found it very endearing.

“I came because I want to. I’m not just going to make bets with anyone but regardless I knew I couldn’t miss up a chance to have you both inside of me. Rather it was just one fucking me or both obeying me and me obeying both.” You spoke clearly, your voice dropping a tone or two because you were more than excited. The waters seeming to slowly slip between your pussy lips at how turned on you were becoming from your mere thoughts alone.

“That makes us both happy because. We both want you.” Yoongi said smiling softly at you before he pointed his finger towards your body. “Why don’t you strip for us then?” He asked and you obeyed eager to strip before more people came back and this little threesome turned into something that had to be quick and rushed. You slowly started to undress yourself, starting with your robe and working your way down until you were sliding off your boots. Your bare body on display for them, your nipples were starting to pucker up and become hard from their lust filled gazes and the air draft in the room. Namjoon licked his lips, his eyes appreciating every curve and dip of your body. Oh, how his hands were becoming eager to touch and caress you. It was a shame your moans couldn’t be loud for fear of everyone catching on and bursting through the doors.

“I think we should both be shown how much you liked our results today. Didn’t we train well teacher?” Yoongi asked as he started to undress himself, becoming a beautiful creature that stood tall in all his glory. Namjoon was quick to scramble and take off his clothes next, both soon walking to sit on the bed, and you looked down at the both nodding your head. Your eyes trailed over every inch of surface and without them telling you, your body moved you to your knees, in front of Namjoon first. You crawled between his legs spreading them wide and you let your lips wrap around his head sucking on him off eagerly. Teasingly letting your tongue swipe against the pearls of precum gathering at Namjoon’s tip your tongue wanted more. Licking up and down his hard shaft, over every puckered vein sticking out your mouth worked to find things that would make him tick. Namjoon got tired of your teasing, reaching a hand down he undid your bun and let your hair fall lose before he started to push your head down onto his shaft making you take him into your warm wet cavern with a moan of your name slipping past his lips. You looked up at him bobbing your head up and down, swirling your tongue and letting your cheeks hollow to squeeze him tighter into your mouth. Your free hand crawled up the inside of Yoongi’s thigh, until you were gripping at his shaft starting to stroke him in time with how fast you were sucking Namjoon but knowing that it didn’t feel as good you pulled and let go of his dick licking over your hand getting it wet and placing it back around Yoongi’s thick shaft stroking him as you went back to bobbing your head on Namjoon’s shaft.

“Go ahead and stretch that pussy out for me baby.” Namjoon moaned softly, his thick lust filled voice causing your mind to become hazy as you moved to spread your legs wider against the floor, your hand crawled up your smooth thighs slowly until they were resting against your pussy lips, gliding up and down them with feather like touches, you were slow to play with yourself. A finger coming up to rest at your soaking clit, gathering your juices you rubbed it in a circle letting muffled moans slip from your lips. You knew that Namjoon was enjoying it so you didn’t mind giving him all you had. Squeezing at Yoongi’s tip every now and then you were pleasing the three of you, your fingers crawling up and down your slit until your middle finger was teasing at your entrance. Dipping your finger in and out of the dripping surface you could hear your breathing picking up as your heart beat rose as well. Slipping your middle and ring finger inside of you, a groan slipped from your lips as you started to stretch yourself off. It had been a couple of hours since you last fingered your pussy but as always it was eager to be filled and fucked until it couldn’t handle anymore.

Your wide eyes looked between the two of them as Namjoon picked up the pace thrusting his hips up against your face. He held onto your hair for dear life as he ground his hips against your face. You enjoyed it, feeling his thick girth penetrating your mouth and sliding down into your throat. You tried to make love to his shaft using your mouth but all too soon it seemed he pulled you back.

“Go to Yoongi, He needs you.” Namjoon stated moving you towards Yoongi and you positioned yourself between his legs next. His musk scent mixed in with the cinnamon had you moaning before your mouth even touched his dick. He was just as gentle as Namjoon letting you take the pace when you first started to suck him off. Namjoon leaned down gently taking your fingers from inside of your pussy sucking on the digits humming in delight from how sweet you seemed to taste. He moved to lift one of your legs pressing it against his shoulders as his mouth attacked your pussy eating and slurping at your wet lips. He wasted no times pushing his tongue deep inside of your pussy eating you out as you sucked Yoongi off. Yoongi controlled his moans and grunts well but it seemed the eager he got the more he held your head down and fucked your throat, listening to the wet lewd sounds of you taking his dick down your throat. Namjoon was busy tearing up your center with his tongue, and much to your dismay he pulled back and gripped your hips, rubbing his dick against your soaked-out center and slowly slid into your pussy causing you both to let out another moan in unison.

Namjoon gripped at your hips and he started to slowly slide in and out of you at first. Slowly building up speed he bottomed out and fucked you harder from behind. The sounds of your hips colliding could be heard in the room but it didn’t matter if you kept the sounds down for the most part. Yoongi teased you reaching his hands down to slap and knead at your breast as Namjoon spanked your ass cheeks, they knew you would be loving this trying to hold your moans so it was a good thing your mouth was preoccupied with making sure Yoongi was feeling every ounce of pleasure that you had to give him. Namjoon reached his hands around to grip at your thighs next spreading them wider so that he could slip deeper inside of your warm silk pussy. He pounded away at your insides, your wetness falling from your pussy and creating a mess under you. Your hips snapped back against Namjoon’s your ass bouncing against him and he ate up the sight committing it to his memory because who knew when he would be able to have a chance like this again. His hands moved to slide up and down the insides of your thighs with teasing feather like touches. His fingertips pressing into your skin to a point where you didn’t know what you were feeling because it was soft. One of his hands moved to cup your pussy, his thick fingers finding the little pert nub and he abused it tapping it with his two fingers and rubbing it harshly side to side up and down and in a circular motion causing your body to convulse and push back harder against him. At one point, he stopped moving to watch you fuck yourself against his dick, whispering out dirty lewd things to you while Yoongi pulled your head back from his dick and started to jerk himself off in your face, tapping his dick across your cheeks and lips. Your flushed cheeks and parted lips was a delectable sight and he ate it up. Namjoon felt himself getting close causing him to fuck you harder, stopping to occasionally grind his hips and reach deep inside of you pressing against your pleasured spot. Your mind went black and in no time, you felt like you were being consumed by fire as your orgasm overtook your writhing body and you almost collapsed against the bed. Yoongi had stopped jerking off his member to keep himself from cumming until he was inside of you. Namjoon pulled back with a hiss it was hard but he controlled himself.

Yoongi picked up your crumpling body and laid you on the bed, hooking his arms under your legs he placed his hands against the bed starting to fuck into you wasting no time to pound away at your insides. Spreading his legs wide so that he could slide deep into you, he leaned down to play with your breast sucking and nibbling on the skin with lewd wet pops marking you as his. Namjoon moved to grip at your head angling it so that your head was leaning off the side of the bed, he slipped his dick into your mouth face fucking you quickly as he watched Yoongi fuck into your puffy pussy. The wet sounds of hips colliding with one another mixed with the lewd sounds of your pussy singing to both men as you were fucked into the mattress. Your hands moved up to play in Yoongi’s hair pressing him even closer to your body you wanted to feel his heat and more of him against you. Namjoon was the first to cum, his seed sliding into your mouth and onto the corners of your mouth and you were eager to taste every drop of cum that shot down your throat into your stomach. You licked him up eagerly one of your hands griping at his balls to play with them lightly pulling on the sack causing him to spill more cum down your throat. He pulled back once he was done and he started to kiss you sloppily your lips and tongues dancing together as he tasted himself with a soft moan. He pulled back with a soft huff and Yoongi buried his face between both of your breast, his hips angling at different directions until he was landing right on your spot and slamming against it causing you to see stars. The bed shook with the force that he fucked you with and he kept a good grip on your thighs after a while pulling back to watch you come undone for him. You let your hands roam down his body your nails starting to dig into his skin marking him as yours for the night. Your pussy tightened around his shaft and you sucked him in deeper faintly crying out his name as your stomach tightened up. He nodded his head seeming to push himself one step more rutting into your hips with such a force that it pinned you down and you couldn’t press your hips up against his anymore.

In no time, you were cumming, Yoongi leaning down to suck up all your cries with his lips against yours as he kissed you. His sweaty hair falling into his face but you didn’t care. He ground his hips deep against yours letting you feel every inch of his girth inside of your welcoming pussy that seemed to mold for him. And Yoongi couldn’t pull out like Namjoon, not having enough restraint to resist your addictiveness he came inside of your pussy, holding onto your hips with a bruising force as he buried his load inside of you. He groaned softly as he rode out the both of your orgasms and kissed you until you calmed down. Pulling out of you he rolled you onto your stomach smiling as he spread your legs wide kissing at your pussy and licking up his own cum before he kissed up your back slowly and whispered against your ear nibbling on the flesh.

“I know you’re used to playing with this pretty pussy. But tell me baby girl, have you ever tried anal before?” He asked you and Namjoon started to trail hickeys on a free space of your neck both male’s waiting on the answer you would give to them.


penguins: We want the Cup. 🏆

Prompt: “I have stabbed people with these heels before and I’m not afraid to do it again, so I would suggest not pissing me off.” (X)
Fandom: Shadowhunters
Pairing: Reader x Raphael Santiago
Word Count: 624

“Why the hell did you drag me along? I told you before Clary, I hate vampires. Especially the ones that are named Raphael Santiago.” You mumbled as you walked behind her and Simon, annoyed because you had to go to the vampires lair with her and her vampire best friend. Out of all the things you had encountered, vampires were the ones you hated the most. Their fast speed made them unpredictable, even for a skilled Shadowhunter like yourself. But besides that, vampires were always snarky and annoying, something you hated about them the most.

Out of the vampires you had encountered, Raphael Santiago was the worst. Sure, for a dead guy he was extremely good-looking. Unfortunately, his attitude wasn’t. He was always dripping with sarcasm which annoyed you the most, especially since you lived with a bunch of Shadowhunters who were sarcastic as hell.

“He isn’t that bad.” Simon answered as you rolled your eyes. Of course Simon would protect him. The two vampires had a sibling bond which you found quite odd. How could someone have that kind of a bond with Raphael Santiago out of all people? Or in this case, out of all vampires.

“Have you met this guy?” You asked as the three of you walked over to the front door of the hotel they were residing in. Clary and Simon stopped, debating over whether they should knock or just walk in. Rolling your eyes you began to kick down the door when it flew open, making you almost fall into the arms of the one vampire you hated: Raphael Santiago. Luckily, you managed to gain your balance as you stood extremely close to him before clearing your throat and taking a step back.

“Were you just planning on kicking down my front door?”

“Why exactly would I want to work together with a bunch of werewolves and Shadowhunters? Especially with the ones who wanted to kick down my front door.” He said, looking straight at you with a smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes as you turned to him, crossing your arms.

“Are we still talking about this? We said we’re sorry.” You mumbled before Simon raised his finger, pointing at himself.

“Actually, I said it. You just nodded.” He added as you let out a sigh.

“Which means that I agreed. Can we move past this now, please?” You remarked as you glanced at Clary who was beginning to grow impatient.

“Look, we’re here for the same reason: we all want the cup. I mean, we are all pretty screwed if Valentine finds it first.” She said as you nodded, looking over to Raphael as you waited for his answer.

“No.” He stated confidently. You raised your eyebrow as you glanced at Clary and Simon, seeing them just as confused as you were.

“What do you mean ‘no’?” You asked. He simply sighed as he stood up from the couch he was sitting on.

“I mean no. If you want someone to help you, ask the dogs or the fairies.” He simply said as he passed the three of you, wanting to leave the room.

You moved in front of him, blocking his way out of the room. He stopped, looking at you with an annoyed expression.

“Move.” Raphael simply said as you let out of a chuckle, taking a step closer to him as you stared deeply into his eyes.

“Listen closely, bloodsucker. I have stabbed people with these heels before and I’m not afraid to do it again, so I would suggest not pissing me off.” For a moment Raphael seemed stunned before letting out a chuckle and turning himself towards Clary and Simon.

“Did she just really threaten me with her heels?”

I love you, Jughead Jones

 Anon prompt: “can i request something like reader has been bestfriends with jughead forever, reader was there through jellybean and jughead’s mom leaving and every other dramatic thing, and reader falls in love with him but sees that he’s with betty? thanks!”

A/N: Most definitely this is a song based fic, the title is a song by Nevershoutnever
called “I love you more than you will ever know.” From this point on I’ll be writing all future fics in first person. 

I had been friends with Jughead Jones for ten (10) years, three (3) months and twenty-two (22) days. 
We were in the same pre-school class together, we’d shared lunch and talked about our favourite books. 
Our friendship was strong, it was like diamond in some circumstances; nothing could break us. 

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Take Five: Pacing and Self-Care During NaNoWrimo

With NaNoWriMo just around the corner, it’s easy to get caught up frantically planning, brainstorming, and prepping. Throw that on top of being a student, working full or part time, and well, even the sound of it is exhausting. I didn’t even mention eating, sleeping, hydrating and taking care of yourself in general. If you’re looking for tips on pacing and staying healthy in November, this post is for you.

Pacing and Scheduling Your Writing Time:

You have a whole 30 days to write 50,000 words.  

Some people like to write every single day from November 1st-November 30th. That’s a minimum of 1,667 words per day.

Others devote several hours to bashing out a week’s worth of words. That’s a minimum of roughly 11,669 words in 7 days.

But remember! Your story, your rules, your pace. How much you’ll write in a day will depend on you, your schedule, and how much time you can devote to writing.

Now it’s time to figure out what kind of writer you are.

Sprinter, marathoner, or fast walker, in the end what matters is crossing that finish line on November 30th. Realizing your writing pace saves a lot of struggling to fit into a breakneck schedule that might not even be compatible with your pacing.  Do you prefer writing for 15-20 minutes at a time? Or perhaps you feel more suited to writing for longer stretches. Once you figure out your pace, you can move on to figuring out exactly when in the day you can allot time for writing.

So now, take a look at your schedule. Where can you fit that desired writing time? Along with your pacing here are a few more things to consider:

  • Can you write every day? If not, that’s okay!
  • When in the day, do you prefer to write?
  • Will you have get up earlier or stay up later?
  • Where will you be at a projected writing time? In between classes? In a bus/train?
  • Will you be in an environment that’s conducive to writing?

If you have a schedule in mind already, great! Set alarms, pen it into your schedule, whatever you need to do to remind yourself to get that word count in.

Now let’s talk taking breaks.

We all know that feeling. “Just a little longer”, you might say. “I’m so close to finishing this scene!” It works for only a little bit, but honestly? Sometimes the best thing to do is step away and give yourself a breather. Again, this depends on your writing pace and schedule.

Taking a short break. (Generally 5-10 minutes at a time.)

  • Listen to a song
  • Watch a video
  • Get up to refill your water or grab a snack
  • Stretch
  • Fix that posture/sitting position
  • Devote a couple of minutes to deep breathing and/or meditation.

Taking a long break. (Roughly 15-30+ minutes).

  • Watch an episode of your TV show
  • Take a walk or step outside for a bit
  • Walk a pet
  • Text/message/talk to a friend.
  • Take a nap. (Did you know you can reach REM sleep with 1.5-2 hrs of napping?)

Awesome, so you’ve figured out your schedule! Not so fast! Now that you’ve added more things to your schedule, I have a few suggestions on staying healthy with your new load.

Self-Care during NaNoWriMo:

Hydrating. Just because it isn’t summer (or even if it is, depending on where you are), water is still very important. Every single organ system in our bodies needs water, especially our brains, and we need to replenish it every day! Ideally, you want to drink 8 cups of water per day, more if you’re working out.  What about juice? Juice can be great, but I strongly advise not substituting juice for water. Juice can contain a lot of sugar that can lead to sugar crashes. This goes doubly for soda. Also, Gatorade all those other energy drinks? I’d only suggest using those if you work out and need to replace the lost water and electrolytes.

Speaking of soda, step away from that night time caffeine. Put down the energy drinks.

If you like citrus, grab an orange or a clementine for a quick energy boost before a writing session. Your body breaks down that glucose quickly and it gets to the brain within 30 minutes. Plus, you get that daily dose of Vitamin C in and help boost your immune system’s defenses.

If you like tea as a writing drink, I suggest going for something that’s not so heavy with the caffeine. Substitute the black tea for green tea, herbal tea, or decaf.

Napping. Let’s face it, especially if you’re in school, a solid 6 hours of sleep is hard to come by. But did you know, that you can get REM sleep with long naps? That’s about an hour and a half or two hours, to reach the REM cycle, if you can fit that into your day. But even shorter, 20-30 minute naps will help.

Washing your hands. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t just use hand sanitizer (which FYI can really dry out your hands if you use it frequently). Wash your hands with soap and warm water and really lather up. The soap only helps remove any dirt and oil off of your hands. The friction is what helps remove any transient germs. Especially those of you who live on campus at a university, or live with siblings or kids. Humans can be gross! A lot of people don’t wash their hands after sneezing, coughing, or using the bathroom. Handwashing is the best thing you can do to prevent yourself and someone else from getting sick, especially with flu and cold season starting up.

With your writing schedule in hand and a handy dandy waterbottle at your side, you are on your way to having a successful (and healthy) NaNoWriMo!

E.G. Letine is a nursing student by day, fantasy writer by night, and an avid gamer. She has two rescue dogs and an aquatic moss ball. You can find her at eggletine.tumblr.com.

The Lost Girls Part Four

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Request: Imagine being the VP of an all female motorcycle club. You all go to Charming and you and Jax fall for each other.

Part One  ♔ Part Two ♔  Part Three

i lost inspiration for this after part two cause i genuinely had no idea where the fuck I was heading with it. But recently found inspiration again. I have a lot of plans for this one for the future. hope you enjoy it. xx feedback is always welcome.

♔  ♔  ♔  ♔  ♔  ♔  ♔

You had never liked cuddling. Especially not after sex.
But for some reason as you laid here in this shitty motel room, catching your breath after having what you could only describe as the best sex of your life you wondered if maybe you had been wrong.
Because the way he traced his fingers in maps over your skin and the way his scent filled your lungs was intoxicating and you wanted the world to stop spinning, atlas for a while so you could remain in his arms uninterrupted.
The white sheets were draped loosely over your naked bodies as you lay tangled together. Doing nothing, Saying nothing. Just being in each others presence was enough.
Your head was pressed to his chest and you listened to the rhythm of his heartbeat beating through his chest.
The sunlight shone through the gap in the curtains, casting stays of light over your skin and you smiled softly when you felt his lips press against your hair.
You shifted your head towards him and pulled him in for yet another kiss.
He smiled against your lips and pulled you in closer, deepening the kiss and his hand moved to cup your face, his thumb caressing your cheek.
When you pulled away you smiled and looked up at him.
He had the same happily content, lazy look in his eyes as you did and you sat up.
The sheet fell away from your body and you lifted it, wrapping it around your body as you reached over to the bedside table. 
You opened the small tin you always carried with you and pulled out a joint you had rolled last night. You grabbed your trusty zippo lighter and lit up the joint.
Jax shifted beside you and sat up, resting against the headboard and you sat back against it.
He lifted his arm and you tucked yourself beneath it, cuddling into his side.
You passed the joint between yourselves, letting the smoke linger in the air. Your hand found its way up to his and you intertwined your fingers with his, your fingertips brushing over his rings.
He took the final drag of the blunt before nabbing it out in the ashtray that sat on his bedside table.
The buzz of his burner interrupted the peacefulness of the room and both of you let out a groan, the cell phone bringing you both back into a harsh reality.
He pressed a kiss to the side of your head before sliding to the edge of the bed.
He lifted his jeans and pulled the phone out of the pocket.
“Yeah?” He spoke, lifting it to his ear.
He listened to the person on the other end of the line and he stood, the sheet falling from his body.
His words drowned out and you couldn’t help but stare at his form as he dressed one handed.
He finished the call and looked back at you, catching your eyes lingering on him.
“Like what you see, darlin?” He asked with a smirk as he buckled his belt.
You shrugged casually. “I’d like it more if you were underneath me, but we cant always get what we want.”
Jax laughed at your comment and knelt on the bed. He cupped you face and pulled you in for another kiss.
“I gotta head out.”
You nodded and slid out of the bed, letting the sheet fall to the floor.
He groaned as he watched you cross the room naked and bend to lift your t-shirt that had been tossed aside, his arousal rising immediately.
“Why are you staying here anyway? Mayans not providing you girls with rooms?”
You shook your head. “The others are staying there. I just prefer sheets that aren’t cum-stained.”
He laughed and pulled his leather on his broad shoulders.
“You sure its safe?”
You rolled your eyes. “You might recall, Jackson, that I not only saved your ass, but I am more than capable of taking care of myself. And I like being alone.”
“Ever thought of going Nomad?”
“Naww, you want me to stay close to you?” You teased.
He chuckled lightly. “Would it be such a bad thing?”
His question caught you off guard and you frowned slightly, thankful that your body was turned away from him and he couldn’t see the range of expressions flittering across your features.
You pondered the idea. You had never had a reason to stray from your charter. Until now, that is. But you couldn’t leave your club for a boy. God you’d only just slept together.
“My Club is my home.” You said quietly, yet firmly. “Thats where I belong.”
Jax nodded understandingly, confused by his mixed emotions at your response but admiring your loyalty.
He walked to the small desk that occupied the corner of the room and scribbled something on the motel notepad.
He tore the sheet off and handed it to you and you looked over the address.
“I bet my sheets are a lot cleaner than the motels.” He winked.
You smiled and he stepped towards you.
The mere touch of his hands on your hips sent shivers down your spine and heat burned within you.
You moaned into the kiss and he found himself struggling to pull away, wanting nothing more than to drag you back to bed. His tongue pushed against yours and if one of you didn’t stop soon you would both end up naked in the sheets once more. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea..
“You gotta go.” You whispered against him.
He sighed and kissed you once more before pulling away.
“I’ll see you later.”
It wasn’t so much a question but you both knew the answer would be yes.
He walked to the door and you watched as the reaper on his back disappeared and you let out a groan before diving back into the bed and burying yourself in the pillows, the scent of him lingering on the sheets.


Ella was leaning against the wall as you pulled up outside the Mayans clubhouse.
You rolled your bike next to hers and dismounted, leaving your helmet on the handlebars and walked towards her.
“Looks like you had a good night.” She mused as you approached.
She pointed to your neck and you realised Jax had left a trail of bruises down your neck and your skin immediately tingled at the memory of his lips.
“Somethin like that.” You winked.
Ella laughed and pushed off the wall and together you walked into the clubhouse.
Marcus was sat around the bar with a few of his members and you found the majority of your club sitting around a table.
You went to join them while Ella went to her father and discussed what todays plan was.
Scully offered you her mug of coffee and you accepted, taking a long gulp of the liquid.
You were mid conversation when you felt your burner vibrating in your pocket.
Immediately you recognised the number on the screen and you lifted the phone to your ear with a smile.
“Hey Ma!”
“Sweetheart! How are you girls?” Maria spoke warmly on the other end of the phone.
“We’re doing good.”
“Good.. good.”
You rolled your eyes, knowing that she was trying not to pry too much. You walked out of the clubhouse and leant against the wall.
“Hows Ella doing?” She asked quietly.
You smiled. “She’s really happy Ma. He has been very good to us.”
“Of course he has,” You could hear the smile in her voice as she remembered the times she had spent with Marcus.
“Are the prospects looking after you?”
“Yes, my love.” She sighed. “But that blonde one is as thick as bricks. Don’t patch her in.”
You laughed and bit your lip, suddenly nervous to ask your next question.
“Ma.. I think you should come down here.”
You heard her sigh through the phone and you regretted suggesting it.
“I don’t know if its such a good idea, my (Y/N). Its been such a long time since I left.”
“I think he would like it. I know Ella would.”
There was a long pause before she finally spoke.
“Well Im not bringing that blonde bimbo with me.”
You laughed loudly and told her to bring any of the prospects that she wanted, as long as she didn’t come alone ,and said your goodbyes.
You hit end call and slid the phone back into your pocket.
You decided against letting Ella know that her mother would be arriving the next day. You knew she would be pleased to see her but you didn’t want any reason to distract her from her time with her father.

You shut the motel room door behind you and kicked off your boots. The day had been long, the morning you had spent with Jax seeming like a distant memory.
The Mayans had brought you along on a few assignments of the day, although you had spoken with Ella and stayed back while they handled their drug business.
The Lost Girls had always aimed to steer away from drugs, knowing that it brought too much heat and wasn’t  what your club stood for.
She wasn’t pleased that her father was dealing with such substances but they were their own club and how they earn was their business not yours.
It was just after six when you arrived back at the motel and you decided you needed a long shower to work out the knots that had built in your neck.
You stripped down and grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom.
You pulled back the shower curtain and let out a loud scream when you found a large cockroach in the  bottom of the shower tub.
Guns, violence and a life of crime you could handle. But bugs were a different story.
You squealed and ran out of the bathroom, clutching the towel to your naked form.
Shivers covered your skin and you felt even dirtier than you had before.
“Fucking shitty motel.” You muttered to yourself as you hastily dressed.
You grabbed your travel bag and shoved a few items of clothing inside before tugging your boots on and storming out the door.
The neatly folded piece of paper was in the pocket of your leather and you pulled it out, checking over the address before you started your bike.
You didn’t really expect Jax to be home. It was still reasonably early but you thought it was worth a shot.
Even if he wasn’t home you knew you could head to the Mayans clubhouse and crash with Ella.
But when you pulled into his street you felt relieved when you spotted his Harley in his driveway.
You slowed and stopped your bike next to his, kicking out the kickstand as you pulled your helmet your head.
There were lights on inside and suddenly you felt nervous, your usual confidence fading.
He wouldn’t have given you his address if he didn’t want you to use it, you told yourself.
And with that thought fresh in your mind you lifted your travel bag and strode to the door.
You rapped your knuckles against the wood and waited patiently as butterflies began to fill your stomach.
The door opened and you were met by the eyes that had lingered in your mind all day and immediately you broke into a smile.
“Twice in one day, I guess I really am irresistable.”
You raised an eyebrow and pursed your lips, trying to hide the fact that you were already turned on by the mere thought of his touch.  
“Dont flatter yourself, Im just here to use your shower.”
“Oh so you are trying to get wet.” He said, and ran his tongue over his lips as he stepped aside.
You stepped over the threshold, and placed a hand on his chest.
“I already am.”
You dropped your bag to the floor and wrapped your arms around his neck.
His lips met yours with just as much fire and you heard  a click as he pushed the door closed behind you.
His hands gripped your hips and he pushed you back against the door.
There was an urgency to the kiss, and you could tell that he had been yearning for you just as much as you had been for him.
God, it had only been this morning that you were last in each others arms.
But there was something about the way your lips melted to his and the way his skin felt under your touch. You were intoxicated by the faint scent of his cologne mixed with leather and cigarettes and the sound of his voice made you melt.
You were all logic and confidence until he touched you. Then something not only stirred within you, but it took over your thoughts.
The rest of the world became an unimportant blur that was forgotten in the back of your mind.
Only his touch mattered and the only thing you cared about was getting more of him.
It scared you, that you were already so addicted to him but he was intoxicating and although you were hooked on him you felt safe, because you could tell from the way he looked at you and the way his lips ghosted your skin that he was just as addicted to you.
You knew your feelings for him were dangerous but nothing had ever excited you more and you had always lived for danger.
When you had knocked on the door you had had every intention of having a shower and crashing out from exhaustion but as he fucked you against the front door of his home you found you were no longer tired.
You had never felt more alive

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