we want pizza


Graves: We are not moving to Chicago for like a million reasons
Credence: But Percy, pizza.
Graves: There’s pizza in New York
Credence: Right. Thanks, Percy, you’re so good at reminding me where pizza is

(Parks and Recreation; season 6, episode 21: Moving Up) 

Bucky’s Idea

Hey guys! Here’s another oneshot for you. I wrote this when I was really mad one day and it actually made me feel a whole lot better! Lesson learned, when upset write some Bucky fluff. I hope you guys enjoy, I really like this one. Happy Saturday!

Warnings: angry reader that turns into crazy fluff

Note: The reader has powers similar to Wanda’s, kind of a telekenesis that you’re still learning to use. 

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Steve, Bucky and Sam were in the corner of the gym, filling their water bottles, their foreheads dripping with sweat and their tinted cheeks warm from their workout. Their chests were still rising and falling more rapidly than usual as they joked with each other and set up plans for later that night.

The endorphins running through their systems had them on cloud nine. You, however, felt the opposite.

You hadn’t even bothered to change your clothes before blasting into the gym and hoofing it over to the punching bags that were hanging from the ceiling, waiting for you to take everything out on them.

But Steve got in your way.

“Hey, (Y/N), what-”

“I’ll fix it Steve!” you snapped, making him back off. 

He crawled back over to the corner and took his water bottle from Bucky who had been holding it for him. You didn’t miss Bucky’s wide, slightly fearful eyes.

You pulled your sweatshirt over your head and threw it on the floor, your agitated powers making slide further away than you planned. Left in your leggings and thin tank top, you started throwing punches into the bag in front of you, making it sway back and forth. Even it was afraid of you today.

She did that? Tony’s pissed about that.” Sam whispered. 

“Her powers are linked to her emotions. She’s… having a rough day.” Steve tried to defend you.

“Seems like more than just a rough day. Did you see what she did to that-” Steve stuck out his hand to quiet him, but you had heard Sam’s mumbling.

“You’re next if you don’t shut up, Sam.”

Sam didn’t dare stick around to see if you’d keep your word. But Steve couldn’t leave you like this.

“Hey, why don’t you tell me what’s going on, try to calm down.”

“This is calming me down,” you sneered with a hard punch.

Bucky’s eyes were snapping from you to Steve like he was watching a ping pong match. 

“Come on, (Y/N),” Steve continued.

“I’m fine, leave me alone.”

“At least wrap your hands.”

“I don’t need it, Steve.”

“Yes you do, here.”

I don’t need it!” You wailed and sent the punch bag across the room, ripping it off its hook with your powers.

Steve stared at the bag in complete astonishment. He’d never seen you use your powers for anything destructive, and he had definitely never seen you yell at anyone. Exasperated, he finally gave up. He stalked out of the room with his hands surrendered in the air with a sharp “Fine.”

You moved to another bag a few feet away and started hitting into it, ignoring the sting on your knuckles from the harsh fabric. You were so engrossed in your abuse, you didn’t notice Bucky quietly standing next to you. After a particularly hard hit, you returned your wrists to your home position in front of your face. You jumped in surprise when he grabbed your right forearm and started folding the black, cotton wrap around your hands. 

“By the time you’re done, your knuckles will be raw,” he mumbled.

Within seconds, he was done and walking out of the gym. A pang of guilt ravaged your gut, you had never snapped at the guys before. You decided to ignore your sinking stomach and continue taking your anger out on the bag, you would apologize later. 

You carried on until you could hardly lift your arms, thankful for the wrap around your knuckles. You couldn’t imagine what your hands would look like if Bucky hadn’t helped you. 

The thought made you smile. You and Bucky weren’t very close, but you still work together, counted on each other out in the field. Though you would never say it out loud, you knew he could read you like a book. The one thing you and him had in common was your stubborn attitude, and he knew how to handle you like no one else on the team did.

Your rambling brain stopped as soon as you jumped in the shower. The hot water soothed your muscles and ran down your skin, leaving streaks in its path. You concentrated on the steam rising in the shower stall and fogging up the glass instead of replaying your awful day in your mind, which you had a habit of doing. 

You stood under the water until it ran cold, and only then did you shut it off and change into your favorite pair of pajamas. They were soft and cozy, the shirt was light and the pants long enough to cover your toes.

As you were running a comb through your tangled, damp hair, your stomach rumbled, begging for some kind of dinner. You sighed, knowing that the guys would be downstairs and this was your chance to apologize for being so rude and downright mean to them in the gym.

The elevator led you to the kitchen and before the doors even opened you smelled the scent of delicious pizza. Your mouth began to water and your tummy growled in anticipation.

You walked into the room and received a loud greeting from the guys who were sprawled out on the couches in front of the television. 

“Hey! There she is!”

“We have pizza!”

“And movies. All the ones you like.”

Sam’s body was taking up the entire couch, his feet hanging off the arm rest and his arms held high in the air. Bucky was sitting in the lounge chair next to him, grinning brightly at you, and Steve got up from the chair across the way and started walking over to you.

“What? What is this?” you couldn’t hide your excitement or your astonishment.

“We’re having a movie night. Only if you want to though.” Steve slung his arm around you and walked you over to the kitchen counter holding boxes of your favorite pizza. 

“We wanted to apologize for being up your butt today at the gym. We just hate seeing our little ray of sunshine upset.” He mussed your damp hair and you scoffed at his teasing. 

Steve, not knowing his own strength, pulled you into a one arm hug that resulted in your head being pushed into his arm pit. As you pushed him away, you felt the sting in your arms from your workout earlier. When your giggles ceased, you became much more serious.

“I’m the one who needs to apologize. I was downright mean today and-”

“(Y/N), shut up and eat your pizza!” Sam yelled from the couch, interrupting you.

Steve handed you a plate from the cupboard. You took it with a smile and sighed. “Okay, okay.” 

You caught Steve before he made to return to his spot in front of the television. “Steve, uh, thanks,” you said quietly. A movie night was just what you needed. 

“Oh, it wasn’t me. This was Bucky’s idea,” he said to you and then turned away and plopped down on the couch, leaving you with a gaping jaw. You caught your pizza slice before it fell on the floor and took a bite, your eyes still wide in surprise.

While Sam was starting up your favorite movie you inhaled your first piece of pizza and hurried to grab another and make it to the couch before the credits started. The familiar music made your heart swell, as did being surrounded by your friends. They were pretty special, you decided.

As the movie went on and the warmth from the pizza fizzed away, you began to feel the chill that was almost always in the tower. You regretted only wearing a thin t-shirt when you felt how cold your skin was. 

Luckily, hanging on the arm rest next to you was a familiar looking dark green hoodie. “Hey, Steve, do you mind if I throw this on?” you whispered, earning a scowl from Sam who always hated when someone interrupted his Disney movies.

“Not mine,” he mouthed. Then he pointed to Bucky, telling you it was his.

Your head snapped to the right to find Bucky already looking at you. You weren’t sure how he would feel about you borrowing his clothes, so you stood up and whispered, “I’ll just go get one of mine, be right ba-”

“No, no, just wear mine. It’s okay.” Bucky stuck his hand out to stop you from going anywhere. He grinned and nodded again to tell you he was sure.

You smiled in thanks and plopped down on the couch again, slipping your arms into the over sized sleeves and plunging your head through the hood. You wanted to stay inside, it smelled so good. It didn’t smell like cologne or anything you were familiar with. It just smelled like Bucky, not that you noticed he had a distinct smell before you buried yourself in his sweatshirt. But now that you did, you never wanted to smell anything else. You could even go without the smell of delicious pizza if you could always have the scent of old timey soap and after shave ghosting through your senses. 

However, you tried to be a normal human and when you emerged from the hoodie, you pulled your hair out of the neck and snuggled into the extra fabric that was wrapped around you. You hoped Bucky didn’t noticed how you pulled the sleeves over your hands and brought them up to your face so every inhale was laced with his scent. 

Two movies later, the gang admitted their sleepiness. Sam turned off the TV and you offered to put the pizza away and clean up the kitchen. It was the least you could do, this whole shindig was for you, after all. 

You started putting leftover pizza into plastic baggies as you said goodnight to the guys. Sam ruffled your hair and Steve smoothed your locks back down and kissed your forehead before they both headed upstairs.

You piled the empty boxes on the counter and turned to shut the light off before you finished wiping off the counter. When you turned back, the boxes were gone and Bucky was standing there, sponge in hand. His dark figure made you jump out of your skin and squeal softly. 

“Jeez, Buck, you startled me. I didn’t know you were still down here,” you said with a hand covering your thundering chest. 

“Well, I couldn’t just let you clean all this up by yourself,” he said softly, rinsing off the dirty sponge and setting it on the side of the sink.

It was quiet for a moment, the only sound in the room was the buzz of the refrigerator. Your nervous habit of tucking your hair behind your ear struck again, but it made you notice the thick green material covering your fingers.

“Oh, here, thanks for this,” you said as you started taking off his sweatshirt. 

“No, it’s okay, keep it for now, it’s chilly in here. You can give it to me tomorrow,” he rambled.

“Okay. It is really warm, I might just steal it.” You winked.

“It looks good on ya, brings out your pretty eyes.” His surge of confidence quickly melted away as he cleared his throat and continued to babble. “Uh, it’s from the army. That’s why it’s so warm, they don’t make stuff like that anymore.”

You giggled and then hummed in agreement. You looked down at your hands and wrung them together, the sting from the punching bag reminding you about the guilt you still felt from this morning.

“I’m sorry I was such a jerk today. Um, thanks for…” you lifted your sleeve covered hand, “helping me.”

“Hey, we all have our days,” he said, taking your raised hand in his and rolling up the sleeve, showing your red knuckles. His brow furrowed in concern as he gently ran his fingers over the red marks. He shook his head and breathed a laugh out his nose. “You’re stubborn as all hell, ya know that?”

Your eyes lifted from your hands to his smirk. “I’ve been told once or twice.”

He chuckled softly and you thought of what you could say to make him laugh again. It was a wonderful sound. 

He covered your hand with the sleeve and returned it to your side. “Better lay off the punching bags for a few days.”

“Yes, Sergeant.” You said. He chuckled again and the sound made your chest swell.

You knew the conversation was over, but you didn’t want to leave him just yet. You leaned against the kitchen counter and played with your hair once again trying to find the right words to say.

“Steve told me this was your idea,” you said, implying the movie night.

“Punk,” he interjected, making you giggle. 

“Thanks.” You said simply. 

“Ya know, Steve calls you our ‘ray of sunshine,’” he mocked. “But it’s true. We just hate to see you upset. I hate to see you upset.” He admitted quietly.

What came out of his mouth was not what you expected. You didn’t know what to say. So you rose to your toes, placed a hand on his chest and kissed him quickly on the cheek before saying “Goodnight, Bucky,” and turning away.

You took two steps and you were about to enter the hallway when a hand wrapped around your wrist, turned you around, and pulled you into Bucky’s strong body. His lips quickly latched onto yours in a gentle kiss.

His hands cupped both sides of your face while yours settled on his waist. You tilted your head to deepen the kiss and wrapped your arms around him and tugged on the back of his shirt. His fingers pushed through your hair and held your locks at the back of your head. 

If you thought his scent was sweet when you pulled on his sweatshirt, now it was overwhelming. He swam around you and you happily drowned, never wanting to come up for air because it would mean being away from him.

His tongue begged for entrance and you eagerly allowed it, humming happily as it danced with yours and allowed you to taste even more of him. Your brain convinced you if you didn’t touch every inch of him, you’d combust, so you complied. Your fingertips came around from his back and up his chest, pushing his to land on your hips. As your hands wrapped around his neck and tangled in the hair there, his lifted the sweatshirt just enough for his fingertips to land on your skin and leave flames behind.

It felt like years passed, but you wouldn’t mind spending your entire life in his position. Everything he did was so gentle, you’d never felt anything like it. It was addicting. Now that you had a taste of him, you never wanted to let go, and from the way his body was glued to yours, you knew he felt the same way.

You finally pulled away but only far enough to grab a breath. He rested his forehead on yours and held you tightly around your waist.

“If I knew you were going to kiss me back like that I would have done it ages ago.”

You breathed out a laugh and pulled back and looked into his clear blue eyes. Even in the dark they sparkled.

“Well, now you know,” you laughed, running your hand through his hair and trying to memorize the way the his lips curled into that bright toothy smile. You’d never seen him smile like that.  




Straight White Boy Problem #940

i was playing fifa with my bro in his basement and he told me that he wants to vape during our graduation ceremony. he’s going to hide his vape under his graduation robe and I’m like DUDE DON’T DO THAT! ALL OF THE PARENTS WILL THINK WE SMOKE WEED. he laughed and was like “suh dude nah fam jk jk” at that moment, his mom came downstairs, asked us what language we were speaking and then wanted to know if we wanted a pizza from papa Johns.

I was listening to Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko as a gay does and I closed my laptop because I had to do something with my sister (not out with her). Later, we come back to the living room where my laptop is and then I hear  when I open my laptop because I forgot it was playing “Saw your face, heard your name. Gotta get with you. Girls like” and I press the mute button on my computer and say “PIZZA. I want pizza.” We ordered pizza then and she never questioned any of it. 

Follow up (and somewhat of an explanation) to the problem customer: He’s always been rude and I used to bend over backwards to help him. He only got ruder, though, so I started giving him the bare minimum.

It was time for me to take my vacation, and halfway through it, while hanging out with a friend, my friend decided he wanted pizza. We go to his pizza place of choice, and Problem Customer is at the counter, working. It’s empty in there, so while I’m trying to pay for my half of the food, he’s standing there and snickering like a jackass, trying to get my attention even though I’m blatantly ignoring him. He finally opens his big ugly trap and starts acting like he’s trying to guess where he knows me from, and then he starts picking at my name.

He’s always made fun of my name, and he’s acting like he doesn’t know it, like he’s trying to guess. I’m tired, hungry, kind of nauseated, and there’s a headache starting behind my eyes. I just look at the asshole and go “Well, you’re only in four times a week. I’m sure you’ll get it eventually, dumbass.”

Vacation ends, I come back. Manager tells me Problem Customer came in and tried to tell her he had been at the store the previous day, I had helped him, I had cussed him out. I was on vacation, I obviously wasn’t there.

Problem Customer finally came back. I greet him. He quietly tells me he doesn’t want anything, and his very lovely, polite wife orders while he hangs back and glares. It’s been weeks, and I haven’t heard from him since.

Imagine Dean slowly falling in love with you

Word count: 1094

Request by: @di-the-whovian-potterhead

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Sexual references I guess

A/N: It’s kinda different from what I usually write so sorry if you dont like it <3

“I still remember the day that we first met. You were a complete Jerk,” You said leaning closer into your boyfriend’s chest causing him to chuckle.

Chatter filled the crowded bar as you pushed your way past people in order to buy you and your friends the next round of drinks. You signalled the bartender, telling him your order before turning and looking around the room, your fingers tapped the bar as you waited patiently for your drinks.

Your friends had decided to take you out to cheer you up as you had just come out of a long relationship due to you walking in on your partner cheating on you.

Once your order was finally ready, you thanked the bartender and grabbed the large tray of drinks. Walking back to the table, your mind drifted off to your now ex-boyfriend, sure you would miss him, but how could he do that to you? Tears threatened to overflow your eyes when suddenly, the tray in your hand was pushed and the drinks had covered your body.

You looked up in shock and anger to see a man with gorgeous green eyes wearing a plaid shirt. You had to admit, he was extremely handsome but at this point you were more mad at the fact he had rudely pushed into you and still hadn’t apologised.

“Are you kidding me?” you asked with a joking but serious tone in your voice, “Watch where you’re going jerk.”

He blankly looked at you up and down before speaking.

“Oh I’m sorry, did Daddy’s little princess get her expensive designer shirt all sticky and wet?” Sarcasm laced his voice.

Wow, I didn’t think that it was possible to be that big of an arrogant dick.”

“Arrogant, no, big, yes.” He gave you a mocking smile before turning away still not even apologising.

You scoffed before walking back to the table your friends were on.

“You will not believe what just happened!”

“Yeah, I was a complete asshole,” he spoke, one hand resting around your waist and the other running through your hair, “but you definitely put me in my place when you rescued me and Sammy from them vampires. I guess you always have been the dominant kind,” he joked causing you to laugh pushing him away from you.

“You bet I saved you and Sam’s ass that night. You should be lucky your brother was with you, because there was no way in hell I was just saving ‘the jerk from the bar’.”

You bust open the door to the room, not even taking a glance at the hostages the vampires had caught before kicking, punching and slicing your way through all of them.

The last head rolled to the floor and the only sound filling the room was your panting breath. Eventually, you looked up shocked to see the asshat from the bar tied up, next to him was a man with long-ish hair, I guess it’s his brother or something.

Jerk’s face was filled with shock.

You laughed, oh this was too sweet, the things you could say to him right now.

“Oh my lord! Did daddy’s little princess just get her designer shirt dirty in order to save big dick’s life?” you joked, “Why on Earth would I do that when I can just get my butler to save-“

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled an apology which you obviously heard but you just wanted to saviour the moment.

“What? What was that? I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I’m sorry!” He said louder, his head moving upwards to catch his eyes with yours, “I was an idiot, I should have apologised there and then, I was stressed and I was stupid, and I took it out on you, so I’m sorry, really.”

The room was silent for a few seconds as you processed what he had just said.

“Okay,” you untied both of them before pointing your finger towards his face, “but if you ever talk to me that way again, or anyone else for that matter, I promise you I will cut of your big arrogant dick.”

“Deal,” he said smugly.

“Dean?” you asked quietly snuggling impossibly closer into his chest.

“Hmm,” he responded.

“When was the first time you knew that you liked me?”

There was a moment of silence as Dean thought.

“I think I always knew but I remember, you had been living in the bunker with me and Sammy for a month and a bit…”

You quickly turned the page of the book. It was 2am, you had been researching all night and day for where the rouge demons would strike next and you still had little to no idea.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened revealing Dean with a look of surprise on his face.

“What are you doing up Y/N?”

“I couldn’t sleep; I need to find where these demons are going to strike next.”

“Come on Y/N you need to sleep, or at least take a break, for me?”

You looked up into his green eyes.

“Fine, what do you suggest we do?”

“Want to get pizza?” he asked knowing that you could never say no to pizza.

“Yes, that is the best thing you have ever said to me Big D,” you jumped up from your chair slamming your research book closed.

“Again with that nickname, I said it one time when we first met, you’re never going to let me live that down are you?”

“Nope, now come on Big D, you owe me some pizza.” you joked

“Oohh! I remember that night we drove over 100 miles at 2am to find a pizza place which was open because you sir, was adamant that we had to have pizza,” you laughed poking his chest.

“Hey! I promised you pizza didn’t I, and you got pizza right?”

“Yes I definitely did.” You chuckled looking up into your boyfriend’s eyes and in that moment you realised how much you truly loved him as did he with you.

“Y/N,” nervousness seemed to lace his voice, “I- I love you”

“I love you too,” you replied, your eyes never leaving his as you leaned in to kiss him but this kiss seemed different to all of the others you had shared with him and anyone else in fact. This kiss was filled with passion and love. His arm snaked its was around your waist and your hand found its way into his hair and in that moment both you and Dean realised how much you both sincerely loved each other.

Something Odd

Peter Parker x Reader

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Summary: [Y/n] notices something off about her bff, Peter. Turns out her suspicions are worse than she could have ever imagined.

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“I guess some people may find my next words offensive - but I really enjoy pineapple on pizza.”

Telling the Team

“Don’t assume, ask. Be kind. Tell the truth. Don’t say anything you can’t stand behind fully. Have integrity. Tell people how you feel.”-Warsan Shire

“What should we do for dinner?”

Raven looked up from her book, lips pursing in the way that made Beast Boy’s heart race. He watched as she contemplated, her book resting casually in her hands. “Hmm…I don’t know. Wasn’t Cyborg going to order pizza?”

Beast Boy shrugged. “Do you want pizza? We can do something else.” He fiddled with a loose thread on her cape as he spoke, his gaze lingering in hers. Her irises sparkled like amethysts in daylight, and she smiled. The action made his breath hitch, and he marvelled at how utterly breathtaking Raven was.

Even now, after knowing her for what felt like a lifetime, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever laid eyes on. In fact, she seemed to grow more and more beautiful each day, something he hadn’t known was possible until he’d started to fall in love with her.

“Have something in mind?” she asked, her voice light and warm. Beast Boy shrugged again, a bashful smile dancing across his lips.

“Well, there’s that new burrito place, and I hear they have veggie options…” He trailed off, peering at her hopefully. She sighed, though he could still see a ghost of a grin on her lips, and carefully closed her book.

“Fine. But you’re paying.”

Beast Boy gasped, clutching at his heart dramatically. “How dare you, accuse me of not being a gentleman?” His dramatics earned him a soft giggle, eliciting a warmth within him. Beast Boy loved making her laugh.

It was the most beautiful sound in the world.

“I’m going to get ready, then,” Raven said. She slid off the bed, running a hand through his hair before drifting off towards the bathroom.

Beast Boy sighed happily, that stupid grin still plastered on his face. He and Raven had been dating for a couple of months now, and as sappy as it was, life was now pure bliss. They’d quickly settled into a comfortable rhythm; hanging out in one of their rooms, occasional date nights, and lots of cuddling while binging Netflix.

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#37 (prompt 3) Michael!CEO

When you’d met Michael, you knew life wasn’t going to be normal anymore.

He was twenty three and had the world at his feet. The youngest CEO in the city and already one of the most successful. From the beginning of your relationship he’d proved his love of extravagance and spontaneity; never one to miss an opportunity to treat you or show you off. After a year and a half together, you’d have thought you’d have been used to it by now.

Apparently, you weren’t.

When the knocking first began, you’d put it down to your noisy neighbours. But it carried on and got louder and more urgent and eventually, you realised that someone was banging on your front door, not somebody else’s. So you begrudgingly dragged yourself out of bed to yank open the door, fully prepared to yell at whoever it was who’d dared to interrupt your sleep.
Until you saw Michael standing there.
“Mike?” You asked, eyes taking in his appearance. He was still wearing the suit he’d left his place in the day before when he’d kissed you goodbye, except his tie was missing and the top buttons of his shirt undone, as well as being untucked. “Are you okay? What time is it?”
It’s 3am. Wanna go get some pizza?” He asks, running his hand along his jaw. “I just…please say you’ll come get pizza.”
“Let me put some shoes on.” You nod, smiling softly at him before re-entering your flat. You heard him let out a sigh of relief as you slid some converse onto your feet, thankful you’d fallen asleep in leggings and one of Mike’s shirts. “Mike?”
He hummed in response as you turned back to him, grabbing your keys and joining him in the hall as you locked your door.

“Where are we gonna get pizza at 3am?”

He smiles for the first time, throwing his arm around your shoulders as the two of you headed for the elevator.

“Princess, you seem to have forgotten who I am.” He says, and although he still smiles, you notice it doesn’t reach his eyes. “If we want pizza, we’ll get pizza.”

“Bad day at the office?” You wrap your arms around his waist, stopping the two of you after you step into the lift. Michael sighs again, hugging you closer as his lips find the top of your head.

“Yeah.” He mumbles, fingertips playing with the ends of your hair. “But it just got a whole lot better.”

Ignorance And Bliss

The hotel room is quiet. No TV, no music. Just the two of is in chairs, a coffee table, shot glasses and a bottle. I pour drinks, handing the wandering magician one. Neither of us drink often, for all sorts of reasons, but he bought me the bottle as a birthday present. I told him his present had been making sure Jay only gave me one present. I have a lightsaber in my pocket that is made from a quasar: some things it’s hard to think about at all.

We gulp back the drink, and he pours port into two wine glasses, hands me one. “It’s also time alone. Jay is off having an adventure with Dogmeat, which I think is a real dog.”

“And yet,” I say with a grin, “everything turns toward Jay.”

The magician starts, then laughs softly and sips his drink. “It’s hard not to. So much of what we do is for him, with him – shaping him.”

“For the future.”

“You’ve met him, then?”

“Future Jay? Once. Twice, maybe. It’s hard to be certain: his personality varies a lot, and I don’t know how much of that is Jay changing over the years – his years are nothing like ours, after all – or because visiting his past changes him. To know the future is to change it. You told me that once.”

“And Jay can’t know his.” The magician has another sip. “Even though he has changed his future several times that I know of. In the interests of jaysome. I suspect most entities with the power of time travel do not use it solely to do self-help on themselves, but this is Jay.”

“He didn’t look at me, when he came back.” I don’t mean to say the words, not in that form.

The magician just nods.

“Fuck.” That one I mean to say.

“It is difficult to be innocent as Jay, Charlie. Jaysome requires certain – suspensions, for him to operate within it. Things he must never know. Truths he must hide from.”

“I know that. But I also know innocent isn’t bliss. Everyone knows that, magician.”

“I think,” he says slowly, “that you’re confusing ignorance and innocent. Jay isn’t ignorant – depending on the subject – but he is more innocent than we are. So innocent that he is arrogant with it. It is an armour as much as anything else, but every way of seeing the world is an armour against it. I suspect that, devoid of it, he would have no armour. And he has more than power enough to make the world more innocent if he wanted to. Jay doesn’t want to be a monster; we owe him to him to make sure that does not come to pass.”

I pour myself some more port, fingers shaking only a little. “What happens after us? Who does this once we’re gone?”

“I don’t know.” And the magician pours himself more port as well. “I just know it will turn out fine, because he is Jay, and quite jaysome and we’ve been friends enough to help with that.”

“Not the best we could be,” I whisper.

“That’s an important lesson, too. I hope.” He lets out a breath. “And you brought this up on your birthday for a reason.”

“You know the gift I want.”

He nods, and the magician looks so, so tired for a moment but I don’t back down. “Once. Just once, long and far from here, you will meet Jay again. I can arrange that much.”

“All right.” I pour myself the rest of the port. Nothing has changed. Everything has changed. “I think I need help.”


“Well, I asked that my birthday present from you be one that is, technically, for Jay.”

He laughs softly at that and finishes his glass after. “You really think that?”

“No. But sometimes I wish I could be innocent like Jay is, in the bliss he is in. Only I don’t think it would be a gift for me at all.”

I text Jay that we’re done and he gets to order the pizzas. The kid is back in the hotel room in under five seconds, so the magician gets the last shot to drink as Jay asks if I got a good gift, tells me about adventures he had in allll those minutes and asks how many pizzas we want to order.

I ask Jay to pick a number between one and ten.

“That’s not fair to all the other numbers though,” he protests. “Cuz twelve wants to be picked a lot!”

“You want us to eat twelve pizzas.”

“Oh, nope! That’s just for me,” he says happily.

The wandering magician grins as I pull out my credit card with a sigh and Jay takes it, bounds into the kitchen to get pop and snacks and chats to the poor pizza place on his phone.

I don’t understand the grin until the pizzas arrive and I realize Jay got a pizza for every year I’ve been alive.

As a present to me.

Sometimes birthdays are scarier than we like to admit. The rest of the time they’re far more jaysome than anyone can bear.

I let Jay eat all of the pizzas, despite his protests that they are for me.

I just want you to know, that I love you. Just call me in the middle of the night. I will drive to you and I will bring pizza. You don’t have to say a word cause we will listen to your favourite songs or we will watch some of your favourite movies together. I don’t want to text you “I am here” I want to say “I am here”. And if you want to talk about it, we do.
Grade A Something

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Words:   675

-Just a fun little Tony Stark one shot I wanted to write-

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         You slammed the door, walking right to where Tony was standing. He had a smirk on his face as he talked with the rest of the Avengers. When he noticed you walk in, he smiled, “Hi, Sweetheart,” he said.

           “Don’t you dare,” you practically growled.

           “What’s wrong, Y/N?” he asked.

           “Tony Stark, you are a grade A son of a bitch,” you hissed at him, “I cannot believe you right now.”

           “What did I do?” Tony looked shocked.

           Everyone else was quiet, not daring to say a word or make a move.

           “I swear, you really are just so full of yourself. If you don’t know what you did, I’m not just going to stick around.”

           You turned on your heels and stormed out of the room, going back to the room you shared with Tony, slamming doors as you went.

           You heard Tony excuse himself from the group and make his way toward the room as well, following you.

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