we waited in line for over an hour

My ECCC Experience

Warning – This turned into a book. I will put the bulk under a cut.

 Well, what a weekend that was. I see many people have shared their experiences & I wasn’t going to cause I didn’t want to be repetitive (plus I hate writing), but what the hell – here we go.

 It all started on Thursday night when my husband & I checked in at the Sheraton & then headed over to The Whisky Bar to meet up w/ about 25 other fans for whisky tasting & general mayhem. It was such a blast to meet other fans in the flesh & everyone was so lovely.

 Friday was very long & tiring, but also quite exhilarating. It started with waiting 3 ½ hours in line for the panel in VERY tight & warm conditions, but a good number of people had to wait in the cold rain, so I won’t complain. We ended up in the 8th row on the center aisle. We had a perfect view of the stage, but a bit far for any great pics from my camera phone, but I’ll share a couple here anyway.

 Since everyone saw the panel already, I won’t get into that except to say it was absolutely marvelous. Sam & Cait were glorious live & the energy in the room was palpable. Everything they said is pretty much a blur & I still need to rewatch it to make it all real.

 We went straight to the autographs after the panel, but they were already capped off, so we hung out for a bit & then headed to our dual photo-op w/ Sam & Cait. The organization was a complete shit-show and they had no idea what they were doing. We were moved all over the place & then smooshed all together against the wall to wait again while they figure it out. After about an hour, they got it together & we were on our way to stand in line.

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“From now and forever, 

Before learning of that radiance, before losing that radiance 

Here is just a festival on the eve before. An eve before failure. 

All that’s left is to wait for the funeral procession. 

Now, now, pure white virtuous goddess. Here, here, she crosses over at this late hour, leaving an extremely deep impression. But, anyhow, aren’t you overlooking something a bit? Lined up here is the troupe of mortal world. We definitely cannot become human, even if we mourn, resent, destroy and despair, we won’t become human. Passion drives the bones, only depression washes the entrails. 

Anyway, instead we can make a lot of people like those over there. Will you forgive us, then?”

~ Puella Magi Madoka Magica: WITCHES Artwork

Okay so my fiancé and me get to Bed Bath and Beyond after a ride with a CRAZY Uber driver (that’s a whole other story). We walked in at 11:50 and didn’t see anyone related to the event so we thought we were the first people there. Come to find out, there was already 2,000 people in line.

So we ended up waiting outside for an hour in the freezing cold (I’m pretty sure my girl wanted to kill me) before they squished the line down so we could wait indoors. We heard the screams when Hope walked out, but obviously didn’t see her. Then the workers started coming back where we were and saying Hope would only sign Shanti bar product, which obviously made me nervous because I had my jersey for her to sign. So we waited, and waited, and waited some more.

Eventually we got to where we could see her and I literally was already shaking and we weren’t even near her yet. I have super bad anxiety (When Steph still played on the Breakers last season I had a chance to meet her after a game and get my jersey signed because we had field passes but I ended up having an anxiety attack and we had to leave.)

We moved forward so we were close to the front of the line and Hope smiled at me. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. When we finally got up to the front, I was fucking freaking out. I gave my jacket to my fiancé and they motioned me forward.

She smiled at me and I gave her my banana kit. She said “Oh old school.” And I just kinda smiled and nodded cause I was fucking FREAKING. So she said “Can I borrow your back?” And I said “Yea” and turned around. When she was signing it, I looked at my fiancé and said “I’m gonna pass out.” Which apparently Hope fucking HEARD because she said “No, you’re fine” so sweetly and I died.

So when she was done signing, I turned around and said “I wrote you a letter” and handed it to her. She said “I hope it doesn’t make me cry”. I said “I’m about to cry right now so…” She kept trying to hold eye contact with me but I was so nervous that I found it hard to maintain it.

Then I took the picture of us and I just kept saying “thank you” a bunch of times. So I moved to the side and my fiancé went up and got one of my hats signed and took a fucking ADORABLE picture with her. As my fiancé was getting our jackets from the worker I looked at Hope and asked “Can I hug you?” Because I’m an awkward fucking person (and I saw her hugging other people so I knew she would be okay with it) she opened her arms so I hugged her and as we were hugging she said “What’s your name, by the way?” So I told her my name and said thank you AGAIN.

She was just so sweet and every interaction I saw her have with people she was so genuine. When I was waiting in line, she had a pretty lengthy conversation (like 2 minutes) with one of the NYPD officers that was working the detail. She was so sweet to him and they took a picture together. It was an overall amazing experience and I’m so glad we drove there for it. I hope she reads my letter and truly knows how much she’s helped me through dark times.

Side note: The family in front of us (a dad, his four kids, and his nephew) was adorable. One of his boys (he was probably like 9 or 10) talked a ‘big’ game when we were in line. “I’ll just get a picture with her.” “I don’t need her to sign anything.” When he got up there he froze. He was so cute and so starstruck he didn’t even end up saying anything to her (and he got his ball signed).

Fuck coworkers and fuck a lack of discipline

I work in the VIP hospitality department for a large concert arena. Basically, we have suites and lounges that customers can hire and they get a designated waitress/bartender (me) to serve them drinks without having to wait in a line and miss the show, plus they get a sweet balcony with great views of the stage. For the most part I love my job: the customers are generally nice (occasionally drunk/snobby or tight with their tips bit generally not so bad) and we get to see some amazing stuff (imagine being paid to listen to Adele singing live).

So this weekend we had a very popular Disney-themed kids show on. We had 7 shows over 3 days, and I worked about 33 hours this weekend alone so by today I was exhausted, my feet hurt and I’d had about 5 hours sleep. One of my coworkers was an hour and a half late and turned up drunk to work: for the second day in a row. And he’s my boss’ friend so he wasn’t even yelled at-if I did that i would have been fired on the spot. He then spent the entire day doing no work at all-he made the temp staff do all of his work and just hid the whole day. Then he left early instead of helping us reset his room and polish the glasses and do the general end of shift work, which is extra annoying since we had all been working non stop all weekend and wanted to get home, we could have used the extra help. To top it all off my supervisor got unnecessarily stressed out and decided to leave half way through the shift, leaving us up shit creek, and our replacement supervisor was the most unhelpful guy ever-instead of helping he either yelled at us or just said he didn’t care, and will not answer any questions. Like I’ve been in work for 3 days straight and barely slept I don’t need this bullshit.

On the bright side I got great tips for once and saw some really cute kids dressed up as Disney characters!

               "Come on Wise Girl, we’re going to be late!“ Percy whined, tugging on her hand urging her to go faster. Meanwhile, Annabeth was unimpressed.

               "We’re not going to be late, we’re already half an hour early! Besides, I can’t help that the ticket line is going slow. Just calm down, we’ll be there in a few minutes,” Annabeth responded, rolling her eyes as the stood there.

               "But we might miss some of it!“

               "Listen, Percy, I know you’re excited, but I swear on the River Styx we won’t miss a single minute of Finding Dory, okay? Now, why don’t you go buy some blue candy over there while I wait in line.”


he’s kinda getting sick again poor baby. But we read our stories out loud and then he asked us to keep them but I’d mess mine up. So we kind of fought over who had to keep it in a no YOU keep it no YOU sort of way. And then at lunch Dyl and I were waiting in line and he got in the line that was next to us and waited in the back like a freaking dork I love him sooo much and I guess he looked at me as I walked away so. Go me.

At my meeting tonight though we spent like a half hour discussing teacher student intimacy and a lot of people were talking about how inappropriate it is and i was like, SOMEBODY SHOOT ME DEAD RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

Things you need to know if you’re about to see twenty one pilots live for the first time
  • they’re different than any other band you have ever seen and probably will ever see live.
  • they’re going to come into the crowd at least once so brace yourself for the excitement and movement if you’re in the pit.
  • I know you want to remember every moment, but please try to put your phone down because I promise you, you will experience it so much better that way.
  • just like at any concert, there will be nice people and there will be not-nice people in the pit. try to make friends with the nice people.
  • if you’re getting there early, talk to the people in line around you! I’ve made some of my closest friends waiting in line at twenty one pilots shows.
  • be respectful. we all want to be at the front and feel like we might “deserve” it more than someone else, but some people camp out for over 12 hours to be at the front, so please don’t try to take that away from them by cutting the line or pushing to the front.
  • look out for the people around you. it can get rough sometimes so if you see someone struggling, help them. you’d want someone to do the same for you.
  • don’t focus on getting to the front or meeting them. the likelihood of either of those things happening on this tour is very low and if they don’t happen it’ll ruin your night!! focus on the show because it’ll be good no matter what. 
  • drink lots of water the day of! DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE DAY OF!! DRINK LOTS OF WATER THE DAY OF!!! the last thing you need to happen at your first tøp show is to pass out and miss it.
  • most of all, try to savor every single second of it because all of a sudden you’ll be looking at the confetti on the floor wondering how it’s already over.

mrsbluebertgreggleson  asked:

The three Washington sibs for the three names ask: Beth, Hannah, and Josh!

  • I’d ride a roller coaster with
    • Josh. He’s a fun guy he’d love to ride them. also, he’d be the kinda guy who’d wait two hours in line for a two minute ride and he’d entertain me while we waited.
  • I’d venture into the woods with (at night)
    • Beth, she’s so strong and pretty. She’d protect me/ would chose let go over drop
  • I’d watch Netflix with all night
    • Hannah cause the poor baby needs a break and I’d rap her in blankets and give her some hot chocolate and watch whatever she wanted.
Mr. Right - Soulmate!Sam Wilkinson

“Ugh I hate this damn tattoo” you groan loudly looking over your shoulder into the mirror. “It ruins every outfit”

“Don’t be so mellow dramatic” you friend Allie says tossing a jacket your way. “Says the girl who had a complete tattoo before she hit puberty” you sass slipping your arm through the sleeves hiding the splotchy mess of color on your back.

“We can’t all be so lucky” she winks. “Now come on we’re going to be late”

The two of you walk up to the club bypassing the obnoxiously long line of partygoers waiting to get in. “Thanks babe” Allie says kissing her boyfriend on the cheek. “Evening Y/n” he acknowledges you nodding “Sup Kyle” you return his gesture heading into the dark club. 

Less than an hour ago Kyle called Allie to tell her that Skate was doing a popup performance at the club. He had barely hung up the phone with her before she was rushing over to your place dragging you with her, not that you really minded. Any outing was a chance to meet Mr. Right. 

Over the years you had tried to ditch the fairy tale dream but still a small part of you longed for a chance encounter with your one true love where your eyes would meet and you’d just know. Such a moment remains to be seen.  

The club floor vibrates beneath your feet and the DJ hands over the mic as Skate takes the turntable. The vibe is hype as you raise your hands in the air bouncing gently to the beat trying not to break an ankle.

It’s not even halfway through his second song when you feel a spark bursting in your back. You shake it off but it intensifies.

“Aggg” you cry clutching your shoulder, the pain jolting through your body. “Shit Y/n are you all right?” Allie asks you supporting your weight. “I’ll be fine I’m just going to run to the bathroom” you brush her off not wanting her to miss Skate’s performance.

You weave through the crowd when the pain suddenly intensifies as if someone just lit your back on fire. Fuck there like a million people here. Squinting into the darkness and throng on people you search for any sign that someone in as much pain as you but no one catches your eye. 

With the crippling pain the only thing you’re able to focus on you make your way to the bathroom to collect yourself.

No one warns you that it’s going to hurt like a bitch. You think gritting your teeth. After what feels like forever you escape the sea of people yanking the bathroom door open nearly knocking over a couple making out. Just as you are about to slip between the small opening a flash of distinct colors catch your eye, the same colors you’d been staring at on your back for years were now on this stranger’s arm.

A cough from the stranger pulls you out of your fog.

“Can I help you with something?” he asks clearly annoyed. Well this is how it’s supposed to go. You look from him to the girl in his arms and back again a lump forming in your throat. “Do you have a problem” he demands snapping his fingers in front of my face. “No sorry thought you were someone else” you grumble pushing into the bathroom. Of fucking course. You dumbass, fairytales only exist in stories. You tug off your jacket revealing your new tattoo. It was beautiful. But did he really have to be making out with someone else? Bitch get it together you’re not even anything to him. You’re right and I’m not going to be, plenty of people are perfectly happy without their soulmate. 

Pushing open the door slowly you brace yourself to run into the couple again but they’re no where to be found unlike your friend who yanks your arm the moment you step out. 

“Skate invited us up to his hotel suite let’s go”

If there was the ability to bottle up a vibe and release it then that’s exactly what happened in Skate’s hotel suite because it felt like you hadn’t even left the club at all. You tell Allie to go have a good time just don’t leave without you, not that you couldn’t fend for yourself. 

You stand to the window overlooking the city when a strong firm hands lands on your shoulder patting the sensitive area. Hissing you recoil under the touch moving hastily out of reach. “Sorry new tattoo” you point having taken off your jacket “Holy shit wait right here” Skate hastens and before you have a chance to stop him he’s gone. You shrug off his response turning back to the window sipping your drink. 

“I think you two should meet” Nate says pushing forward a newly familiar blond “Bathroom girl?” he questions “Sloppy makeout guy” you say raising an eyebrow. “Umm..” Nate says confused. “Sam look” he turns your around exposing your back to Sam.

“Holy fuck, you’re her” He exclaims. The color drains from his face like he’s just seen a ghost staring at your back.

“Well this is underwhelming” you say looking him up and down. Fuckboy.

“I’m Sam” he says extending his hand. “I’m… not interested” you reply looking down at his hand. He awkwardly retracts it shoving it deep in his pockets turning his gaze to the ground.  

“Whatever I just thought you should meet” Skate says leaving the two of you alone

“Can we sit and talk” he offers shyly. “Why don’t you go talk to your girlfriend” you sneer.

“I don’t have one” he almost whispers “Of course you don’t” you glare your voice dripping with judgement “What is that supposed to mean?” he questions offended

“Well I saw you making out with that girl is that just what you do?” you accuse pissed that’s he the one you’re supposed to be with. 

“And you’re being super judgy is that just what you do?” he throws back feeling over your attitude.

You take a sip from your cup down the rest of the liquid. “I get it I’m not what you expected” he sympathizes his expression softening

Slouching down against the window you sit to the floor. “This is such a mess” laying your head in your hands.

“Come on at least give a chance, I mean someone thought we were perfect for each other. You have to be a little curious” he says sitting against the window.

He was right the nosy part of you wanted to know everything about your supposed Mr. Right even if you were pretty sure you knew his type.

“Okay” “You drink?” “Obviously” “Perfect” He gets up just as quickly as he sat dashing across the room.

“Trying to get me drunk?” eyeing the bottle of Smirnoff in his hand. “Only if it makes you nicer” he teases.

“Since you think you’ve got me got pegged let’s play a game. For every fact you can guess about me I’ll take a drink and vice versa” This is like taking candy from a baby.

“Fine. I’ll let you go first” you reply smugly.

“Your friend brought you here” rolling your eyes you take a sip

“You’re not a natural blond.” you smirk starting with the obvious “No shit Sherlock” he says pointing to his roots.

He looks at you in silence figuring out what to guess next.

“You prefer drinking to dancing” your jaw drops slightly at the accurate comment. “You’re still wearing your shoes and it’s almost 2” He was right looking around you see various high heels strewn around. 

“Our tattoo isn’t your first, because while I was about to pass the fuck out from the pain you didn’t even flinch” you laugh. He pulls up his sleeve exposing the colorful ink. “Damn it looks good on you” you whisper without thinking. “So would you” Sam husks gazing at you. Your heart pounds in your chest at his flirtatious words.

Guess after guess you find yourself opening up to him and learn that there’s more to him than meets the eye.  

“I’m sorry I really do wish we met differently” he sighs wrapping his arm around your shoulder “Me too” you sigh resting your head on his. “Sorry for earlier the judgy bitch thing”

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you” he mocks “I said I’m sorry for judging you when I saw you sucking face with someone”

“Ooh that cut me right here” he jokes putting an X over his heart. 

“Y/n it’s time to go” Allie shouts standing by the door. “I’ll be there in a sec” you return not ready to leave Sam

Glancing around the hotel room your realize that the party has thinned out, the music has been shut off and there are only a few people left most of whom were heading for the door. Sam stands up helping you to your feet. 

Sam hugs you setting his forehead against yours peering into your eyes. “I’m glad I met you tonight” His hand trails your ear brushing a strand of hair behind it. 

“I really do have to go Sam” you rasp “Then you should go ma” he whispers, your mouths almost touching. You can feel his breathe on your face the intensity of having him so close. Closing your eyes you let the feeling overtake you, everything about this moment you wanted to remember. 

“Y/n now!” He reluctantly lets you go kissing your cheek watching as you leave.

“You were stuck to that guy back there like glue” Allie says as you wait for the elevator “Shut up I don’t say anything about you and Kyle”

“That’s different he’s my- was that your soulmate” you smile at her figuring it out. “When are you getting together again?” “I don’t know…” “No worries he can text you later” you stop stunned. You dash back across the lobby mashing the elevator buttons praying it to go faster. Sprinting down the hall you come to a halt at the open hotel room door.

It’s empty as if the party never happened and he’s… gone. 

A/n: this is my entry into @sammywilk-imaginations contest for the Varsity Mint tee or the White Bomber Jacket. Hope you love this!!


One hour hilly was actually One hour around the Wetlands this evening. There is a bit of up and down but I wouldn’t call them hills. No hills for me, I just want to get to the start line and be able to run a good race so taking the cautious path. White duck was waiting on the grass to say hello as is becoming a thing. She is very good at posing for the camera. The sky was moody and thick cloud rolled in over the hills as we ran but run we did with no falls today. Just over half way my Garmin started buzzing like it was having a meltdown upon inspection I found it was telling me I was on day 75 of my stepping streak👍


·         “I’m being forced to tutor you in math so you won’t fail but I really hate you and think you might be in love with me?”

·         “You’re tutoring me so I won’t fail math but I’m actually really good at it but I just wanted to be around you more.”

·         “You’re new and they’re making me show you around and you’re really, really cute so I don’t mind but I’m not sure if I can control myself.”

·         “We’re both in summer school and I really need to pass so can you stop being attractive so I can focus please?”

·         “Hey! I’ve been waiting in line for over an hour to get merch before the concert starts so if you don’t fucking mind could you back the fuck up, I am prepared to fight you for cutting me asshole.”

·         “So… I accidentally just knocked over that really intricate thing you made out of stacks of toilet paper that you’ve been working on for over a week…”

·         “Did you just touch my ass?!?! Cause if you did I will rip your dick clean off.”

·         “I really hate you and I just saw you at Walmart and when I tried to hide you saw me and now I’m trapped, somebody please help!”

·         “You’re like super famous and unnaturally hot and I fell asleep on your shoulder during a flight and now you want my number? What the hell? I think you need glasses.”

·         “You wrote your number in my notebook and I really don’t like you much but I texted you because I felt bad and now I think I love you??”

·         “We met at Warped Tour while hiding from people we know.”

·         “You caught me sneaking out of school so you helped me, I officially love you.”

·         “I just watched you drive your motorcycle off the road and found you in a ditch unconscious, it’d be awesome if you would maybe wake up and not die on me please?”

·         “You just rear-ended me and now you’re yelling at me for what you did???”

·         “I’m a YouTuber with less than like 100 subs and you’re like super famous (and hot) and you want my autograph???”

·         “I just accidentally walked into the shoot of your music video and now I am the love intrest??? Why???”

·         “It’s your first day here and you just got in a fight with the scariest kid in school… I’ll hold you a funeral.”

·         “You just got your ass kicked for standing up for me.”

·         “You just told me that you were in love with me and I couldn’t say no even though I was/n’t (Gay/straight/lez)  but now I think I might actually be in love with you?”

·         “I threw my phone up on stage at your concert and you accidentally gave me yours when I went to get it back.”

·         “We’re both deathly afraid of flying and we try comforting each other.”

·         “I was being cat called and you just yelled at the guys for it, can I buy you a coffee? Maybe get your number because you’re kinda hot.”

·         “You saved me from dying when I passed out in the middle of a mosh-pit.”

·         “You were talking to me and your friend pushed you and your face slammed into my boobs.”

·         “You think I’m a prostitute and pay me after sex…”

·         “You caught me staring at you and now your staring back, what do I do?!”

·         “I know that being straight is out-casted but I think I might be in love with you?”

·         “You fucked up my tattoo and I demand that you fix it right here right now.”

·         “You thought that I was deaf and learned sign language just so you could talk to me and honestly that is the sweetest thing ever but I’m not deaf, I just had my wireless earbuds in and didn’t know you were trying to talk to me.”

·         “I really hate you but we’re both third wheels on our mutual friends date so we have to spend time together.”

·         “Listen, I know we’ve never actually met before this but I am so fucking scared of heights and the ferries wheel just got stuck at the highest point… I am no longer in control of my actions, I am deeply sorry for what may happen.”

·         “I warned you that I am not liable if I punch you in the face!”

·         “I just had the worst day of my entire life and now I feel even worse because I just fired a rock out of frustration and hit you in the face, I am so sorry, are you okay!??”

·         “Can you please stop calling me those names!? I am so in love with you that it causes me physical pain to hear you call me that!”

·         “I swear to god if you try and get me in the ocean I will fucking drown you.”

·         “Don’t you type at me in that tone of voice!!!”

·         “You’re really hot and you come and get coffee from where I work every day so I write really shitty pick-up lines on your cup all the time.”

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ME:A Impressions 2 - squad

Cora is entirely too likable, her VA sells the belivability of her lines like a boss. Liam is a an excellent squad bro, I think we’ll really benefit from his attitude when things go south. Vetra is incredibly relatable for me, with her warm hearted but gruff way of taking care of people. Drack is the best Krogan grandpa I could ask for. He shoots people for me. Peebee is a spaz. Omg Peebee is a spaz. I didn’t know Asari could *be* a spaz. Win!

I’m going really slow. Over 20 hours in and I still don’t have Jaal. Haha… can’t wait to meet him.  


Currently stuck in a parking lot. When mom and me drove to the convenience store to get groceries, the wind ripped the door out of my hands and it accidentally scraped the door of the car next to ours. Owner was pissed, maybe a bit above the margin of necessary, we traded insurance info, but of course this ass insists on getting the police involved despite all involved sources insisting it’s absolutely not necessary. And wouln’t you know it, the strong winds over here caused plenty of damage throughout the city, to the point where even the emergency police line is occupied. But sure, I bet the police has nothing better to do than take care of this minor insurance case. Been waiting for over an hour now.

Story time

Saw Hayley Kiyoko tonight, waited like an hour in mercy line, got outside waited out back and got to talk to her. She is the sweetest person and was not expecting like ten of us to wait for even the chance to meet her and she came over as soon as she noticed we were there and like she doesn’t like flash on cameras and she moved my friend to better light and she’s just the sweetest y'all like I can’t get over how amazing she is! She’s so good


Photos from 19 September 2015: I accompanied my little sister to Kiera Cass’ (@partylikeawordstar) book signing event yesterday. We had to wait in line for over eight hours but it was worth it because my sister had the biggest smile on her face when she got to hug her favorite author.

Photo: Frank iero, Sarah (patrick-the-h-is-optional-stump.tumblr.com), Me, Elainah (itshardtobeunique.tumblr.com), and the girls in the background, Carrie (wall-flower-garden.tumblr.com) and her sister!

Last night, seeing Frank Iero andthe Cellebration, was amazing. I met the guitarist, got Frank’s pick, and then we met him? Words cannot even describe last night.

So, after the concert, we decided to just leave the venue… bad idea (I’ll say why in a little). We decided to go to my car (which was less than a block away) and get water and our jackets. We came back and waited for a while. After about an hour, we saw people acting really excited and my sister walked over to the merch area. I followed her and noticed that everyone who was in line to get merch, got to meet Frank. Boy, we were FURIOUS! We didn’t know he was going to do a meet and greet. We were so angry. So, he met so many people and it was just a few people outside, who didn’t get to meet him. They wouldn’t let about 10 of us inside to meet him.

He finished meeting everyone and we decided to go back and wait by his tour bus. Oh, we met the guitarist of Franks band (I’ll post that photo and more later). We got outside at 10pm and it was now almost 12:30am. We were freezing.

The back doors finally opened and who comes out? Mr. Frank Iero. He looked at me, and I asked him “Frank, can you take a quick photo with us?” He says “sure”. He grabs my camera, says “everyone get in”, takes the photo, and hands the camera back to us. It happened so fast, all we could say was “thank you”. And he disappeared into the tour bus. 

Even though we met him for like, 5 seconds, it was the best 5 seconds. We have been waiting to meet Frank for over 13 years, and I cannot believe that it finally happened.

It was almost 1:00am, and a lot of the crew members were telling everyone to go home. One even said “Go home. Franks in bed. He went to sleep. He went night-night (or something weird of the sort)”. The crew started becoming really mean to everyone. One girl from the crew even yelled at everyone to “get a life”… and she should be the one talking, as she was trying to flirt with ever guy on Frank’s crew. Another crew member said “Frank doesn’t wait outside your home for you, stop waiting outside his HOUSE to meet him!”. I was like, (mainly to myself and the people around me, but I’m sure the crew member heard me), “Too bad this isn’t his home. When he decided to do this, he knew he would have dedicated fans who would really do anything to meet him”. The crew just got meaner and meaner.

At 1:00am, we decided to finally leave, as all feeling in our feet were gone, and we had been waiting outside for 3 hours now. We were freezing, we were tired, and we were sore. We didn’t want to be “greedy”. There was about 4-6 people left when we decided to leave. 

I just can’t believe we finally met Frank Iero. He was really nice, even though we met him for 5 seconds. This is something that I will never forget for the rest of my life 


today i met Dan and Phil, and it was the best day of my life!! i spent over 5 hours waiting in line and it was definitely worth it. and during the 5 hellish hours of waiting me and some of my friends got interviewed by a lady from google about d&p??? and i wasn’t even shy???? and i also met really nice people who im friends with now oml. while my friends and i were on the line we held up our sign that said “hey buddy you in New York?” and people laughed at it. then when i actually met them and theY SIGNED MY BOOK OMFG
then Phil asked me how my day was and i said “it’s great because im meeting you guys!” and he said back “aw that’s so sweet of you to say!” and they were actually genuinely interested in what i was saying. then as i walked away i said “i love you guys” and Dan said back “we love you too” then i cried for what seemed like 4 hours. and my friend gave Dan our sign and he laughed and said “HEY! WE ARE IN NEW YORK!” AN S IT WAS THE CUTEST THING IN THE EHOLE WORLD!! THEY ARE SO TALL SITTING DOWN AND THEY WERE SO ADORABLE AND THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE IM STILL CRYING OH MY GOD

For a minute can we talk about the community response here in Orlando? 

Hundreds of people lined up (in more than one location) to give blood that was desperately needed after the attack. People waited six hours or more to give blood. The blood banks are at capacity from the turnout.

Grassroots counseling sprung up in several locations. Over 450 counselours, therapists, social workers have signed up to donate their time to help the victims, families, and friends. Even still, the group I was with today was getting calls from professionals both locally and in other states, willing to come here and offer their services for free. Therapy dog teams are at many of the counseling sites, ready to offer doggie cuddles.

People and local businesses have donated snacks, dinners, water, flowers, tissues… anything and everything to the volunteers and the people coming in looking for counseling and help.

A huge vigil happened tonight in downtown Orlando (and across the country) to honor the victims.

It’s been amazing to see the support here. I know everyone keeps talking about the shooter, but just for a little think about the response, because it’s been so touching to see everyone come together to try to help.