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(3/3) “I miss that we can’t go out and dance. Or visit other people. We used to volunteer at the senior center every Wednesday. She’d play the piano, and I’d turn the pages for her. The hymns were some of the last things she remembered. Music was her life. But one day she wouldn’t play anymore. And I told the staff that they’d need to find someone else. So we stay here now. But I don’t see this as a curse. It’s an honor. This is what the Lord has given me to do. She has served this family her entire life. And now it’s my turn to serve her. I might not have her mentally. But I have her. I can still make her smile. I can make bubbly noises, and blow on her, and she’ll smile. Every morning we’ll sit in this chair and we’ll cuddle until noon. I rock this lady more than I rock my grandchildren. She likes to slip her hand under my shirt to feel my skin. And she still likes to kiss. Every once in awhile she’ll reach up and give me a kiss. Sometimes she starts ‘yakking.’ She doesn’t say actual words. And it doesn’t make any sense. But I never tell her to be quiet, because it’s better than nothing at all.”


“We’d like to volunteer.” Cassian said.

She didn’t trust him. She didn’t trust anything the galaxy could throw at her. “Why?”

He smiled, and it died on his face. “Some of us-” He hesitated, waited until Jyn’s gaze had met his. “-most of us, we’ve done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion.” He spoke matter-of-factly, as if it were the most obvious truth in the world. “We’re spies. Saboteurs. Assassins.”

Jyn spared another glance at the soldiers. They were looking at her, one and all, as if awaiting judgement.

Was it a confession?

“Everything I did,” Cassian said, “I did for the Rebellion. And every time I walked away from something I wanted to forget I told myself it was for a cause that I believed in. A cause that was worth it.”

He was almost stumbling over his sentences, forcing each out before he lost his nerve. Like a man wrenching a dislocated limb into place, one agonizing pull at a time.

He went on: “Without that -without a cause- we’re lost. Everything we’ve done would have been for nothing. I couldn’t face myself if I gave up now. None of us could.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed

Okay, so I’m glad 2016 is over, but I have just one all encompassing New Years Resolution for everyone:

Don’t be passive this year. Don’t sit by and watch atrocities happen, content in being able to morally object things but then only hoping for and expecting someone else to make it better. We can all agree the world has faced many tragedies this past year, that a lot of bad things have happened, and maybe you did your part, maybe it was out of your control, but the fact of the matter is we can always do something to help the world and ourselves a little everyday. We can apply for that scholarship, email that job representative. We can step in when things are going bad instead of only filming it.  We can volunteer for causes close to ourselves. We can call our  local government representatives so that our discontent is actually heard and has a snowball chance of being taken seriously. 

2017 is going to suck as bad as 2016 if we let it. With the people currently coming into power, it’s not the time to sit by and simply be upset. It’s the time to do something. 

We are not going to let this year go bad without a fight. 


“On Veterans Day, we acknowledge, humbly, that we can never serve our veterans in quite the same that they served us. But we can try. We can practice kindness. We can pay it forward. We can volunteer. We can serve. We can respect one another. We can always get each other’s backs.” —President Obama honoring America’s veterans at Arlington National Cemetery: go.wh.gov/VeteransDay

honestly seeing men cry is kind of beautiful. and not in a misandrist way i just love it when men are able to acknowledge and express their emotions and feel secure enough to trust other people to see it


Today we rescued an orphaned baby opossum! We found her momma dead on the side of the street while walking the dogs, and this baby popped her head up as we walked by. We checked mommas pouch but my sister couldn’t see or feel any other babies. Luckily there was a wildlife rehabilitation lady close by who could come pick her up. The baby wouldn’t eat or drink anything that we tried to give her, but was very curious and kept climbing into our laps. She never opened her mouth to hiss, she was not afraid of us at all! The rescue lady, Jan, couldn’t meet up for another two hours but when we dropped her off Jan was so happy with the way we took care of baby and said she looked healthy and commented on how friendly she was. Jan also said we can come volunteer anytime we want and if we call she’ll update us on the health of our baby, though it might be hard for her because she has 7 other opossum babies at her house. It was such an amazing experience and I already miss our sweet possum so much!


So y'all know, lately things been a little drab and negative. Drama here, ship wars, character bashing, people bashing.

We need a change.

And while I know I’m not a fan favorite, I want to make a positive change but I’ll need help. Me, along with some people who I told my plans before hand or read my apology letter to Jess, know I’m planning on making a fan week.

Not one that’s exclusively on Tumblr, but also twitter and if we get enough volunteers willing to help, Instagram also.

My goal is to promote community and make this a sort of thank gift to Jess and her crew, because lately, we been taking it for granted and upset as some of us can be, this fandom gotten to a point where fighting is more common than friendship.

The official date of the Fanweek isn’t set but there’s a deadline of volunteers helping out for it.

I’m setting the deadline for people who can volunteer for it a week from today, December 3rd. And I’m hoping the week to be between 5 days or 7 days.

We’ll give at least 2 week notice so fans can prepare and work on the prompts provided for fanweek ahead of time, not to feel rushed. We’ll have a specialized blog/twitter to reblog and retweet every content provided for the week, and don’t feel limited on what you can do– art, writing, music, video making, theories, etc? GO FOR IT. We want to celebrate us as a fans for a person who given us series and characters we love.

We aren’t perfect but we can try to make this fandom a happier place!

If you’re volunteering, please state why you’re interested and your skill set or experience with events! Don’t be shy.

P.s. if you volunteer and don’t get a chance to directly help out directly, it’s alright! There’s always next time and we need help with people promoting the event! You can still help by spreading the world. And giving suggestions won’t hurt once we set up the blog on tumblr.

Thank you for listening.

We will be back to square one if we don’t get our collective shit together. Back out in the political wilderness yelling at each other while the planet melts. We have a less than perfect, but unifying leader in Bernie Sanders and a formula to raise funds and organize. We are within striking distance of running the Democratic Party apparatus with all its resources. And what do we do? Volunteer to go back to the political stone age! Smacking rocks together hoping for fire when we could have access to flamethrowers.
—  “The Dems Have Crashed, the Left May Be Next” by Michael Graham

Me, after registering at Wizard World Philly: “Is there a schedule of times for all Sebastian’s photo ops and autograph sessions?" 

Nice lady 1: "Yes, you can find a schedule at Sebastian’s booth inside. It’s in the back on the… left?" 

Nice lady 2: "Yeah it’s on the left, because we moved Mackie to the right to keep them apart." 

Me: "I’m sorry, did you say you have to keep Sebastian and Anthony apart?”

Nice lady 1: “Yes, because they get into trouble if we don’t. They have been silly stringing each other and the staff. We had a volunteer directing people and they both completely covered her head in silly string." 

Me: ”….you’re joking.“ 

Nice ladies 1 & 2, looking slightly disgruntled: "No. We aren’t." 

You guys. The staff of Wizard World Philly have literally been instructed to keep Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie separated. Because they are silly stringing themselves, others and the venue.


Star Trek vs Ao3 tags  Part 4/??

Did anyone honestly believe Bellamy was going to leave without saving those kids like?

This is your fault. This is my fault. We’re all selfish bored narcissists. What’s the most that any of us really do? Maybe we are kind and live decent lives? Maybe we give to charity? Maybe we volunteer a couple hours a week? Hell, I got a lot of friends who don’t even do that. Mostly we look out for #1. Let’s face it. We suck. Mommy and Daddy didn’t love us enough so we gonna spend all our time and money loving us some ME!

I’m not trying to bum you out on the shittiest night many of us have had to face in a while. Hell, I’m a 44 yr old straight white male. This won’t hurt me as much as it will hurt women and anyone who isn’t lily fucking straight white. But the funny thing is America is only 31% white men. 

So who elected Donald Trump?

the only thing that’s carried me into today and is going to force me to go to work tomorrow is “Make Plans.”

I mean that in the biggest and simplest ways. 

The biggest obviously being that we now must do the Most and our Best and be prepared for, not just social media activism, but honest to god yes-we’re-really-doing-this fighting. We have to volunteer. We have to donate. We have to spend more time with the next generation of voters. We have to be ready for 2018. We have to face the reality that we are not the country we claim to be and we have to change it.

But the smallest are these things; getting out of bed, putting on clothes, taking a shower, taking your medication, going to the movies, finding that friend you’ve been out of touch with and going for breakfast (because they feel as scared and shitty as you do, but there are still pancakes today and there will be pancakes tomorrow, too), getting that oil change you probably need, reading a book, writing a book, making art, doing laundry, looking for cyber monday online deals, making one of those recipes you’ve been saving, writing letters, putting seeds in gardens because there’s still going to be a spring next year. Doing all these things, because right now, for some of you, merely existing is going to be seen as radical. 

Last night, author Celeste Ng put it best: “Your presence is a protest.”

Make plans.