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Story time

My old school was pretty bad because we’d all get surprise drug searches in our classes. (Mind you this is a JUNIOR highschool) 7-9 grade. We used to be assigned hallway lockers based off of our 4th period classes. My friend at the time, had a locker right under mine. The police were called because someone said some kid was selling weed. As the police were searching the halls and classes, they soon went to our locker section. Our class was pulled out to the hallway to be sniffed at the same time they were doing our lickers. One of the dogs went baLLISTIC at my friend’s locker. Immediately she started bawling and the policeman pulled out her bag and tore it open to start searching each pocket. I elbowed her to make her shut up and I asked her why she had weed. She started screeching at me saying I “planted it in her bag”. I guess the cop heard us so they pulled out my bag too. The dog still will not shut the fuck up. It started to paw at the front of my friends bag so the policeman opened it up. It was a pack of FuCKinG OREOS! The cop starts to lose his shit so of course we were all confused. He simply walked up to my friend and asked if he can have one. She threw the whole package at him “here TAKE YOUR DRUG COOKIES” He opened the package and gave one to the dog. Supposedly they give Oreos to the dogs if they found drugs. Later on they busted a custodial worker for having them and selling them to seventh graders. I thought I should have shared my public school experience.

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I think we should ask nicely directors of it to give us it 1.5 instead of it 2, where Losers are happy in high school spend their time togheter and are just fucking cute doing all the things from our headcanons and then at the end when IT is waking up after 27 years is like "Well fuck this shit I will starve but won't fuck up with those guys again" and everyone is alive and safe, thank you very much.

a movie??? more like a TV show
it would have some kind of ridiculous opening credits like Friends or The Office and would be more like a stupid humoristic Highschool show like in the 70′s…. something pure and fresh that will cure our souls before the second movie that will probably destroy all of us comes out

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you got any cool scars besides the face ones? and if so, how'd ya get em?

I’ve got a lot of them! 

Me and Keicho had to live on our own once our mom died and dad turned all weird, so we got into a lot of trouble many times. People would try to take advantage of us and do bad things to us but Keicho was really smart so we always got away and moved to other places. I had no idea what we were doing I always just did what he told me even if it was super scary.

Many of the scars are from me just being clumsy and getting into stupid situations, a lot of the scars on my back are from my dad, he’d get really angry sometimes 

thats one of the the most recent ones. 

Ever since I met Josuke he heals me all the time, so I dont have any scars from when we were fighting Kira and stuff. Crazy diamond can’t really heal old scars though since they’ve been there for so long. Josuke likes to check me every now and then, I guess he doesn’t want me adding anymore of them since I already have a lot. He doesn’t like looking at them I think, but I’ve had them for a while now so I don’t really care 

Batch request: Aliens

“Is it your first time getting abducted? Mine too.”

“See, this is why we shouldn’t have gone to investigate. We should have left it to the professionals.”

“I can’t believe we, as humans, have responded peacefully. You know, considering our need to fear the unknown and react violently to anything that we’re unsure of.”

“I’m sorry, but if they touch my ears one more time-”

“How is it that we’re so behind in technology if our intelligence is the same? Did they simply exist way before we did? What was different about their evolution? Why do they look like us? No, don’t tell me to slow down, I have to know these things.”

“Someone pinch me- no, not you.”

“All of my research! Thrown out of the window! I was so laughably wrong about everything.”

“Their smiles are so eerie. I don’t want to be in the same room as them anymore.” 

update on life things:

my new job was been super rewarding and it’s been so wonderful to work with populations I have little experience with. I feel this position is going to help me grow exponentially as a clinician and will only better prepare me to serve the individuals I work with in the future. plus everyone is so kind and passionate and intelligent and it’s just been such a honor to be there.

Daritza and I’s wedding venue invited us for a free tasting of all of their menu items which is so exciting!!!! we’ve also scheduled times to begin trying on dresses (though we can’t see each other during the process, of course) and it’s all just becoming so real, so quickly. this next year is going to be a complete whirlwind, and I’m honestly not feeling a single bit of stress about it; I am here to savor every single moment of this incredible journey.

I’ve been doing some clinical reading for work/personal learning, and it’s been helpful in assessing my own interpersonal strengths/weaknesses and has highlighted perceptions of myself I’ve had difficulty putting into words. it helped to illuminate my own rigid boundaries with others, unconsciously believing that I must remain wildly independent, face personal difficulties on my own, and feel guilty the second I share even the most mundane of personal details with others. it’s something I’ve always been cognizant of, but have found so challenging to break. it’s understandable given my own upbringing, and for so long served as a method of self-preservation. but!!! I say this with calmness and gratitude, bc I have made it so incredibly far and will only continue to grow and prosper as I uncover my own truths and chip away at worldviews which no longer fit my present narrative. it’s a continual journey which I will embrace with love, patience and acceptance. 

lastly, my friend is making me play D&D and I have no idea what’s happening but do note my character’s name is Blue Ivy and she is a human wizard with the power of divination, here to split the veil of consciousness. 

Respect Cody Christian‼️

Someone explain to me what’s the point of posting someone’s nudes.


I really don’t understand. It clearly wasn’t made for you so wtf. Its called respect and clearly some people don’t have it.

People wanna be claim to be fans of Cody but then wanna share and post the video. You are not a really fan of him if you do not respect his privacy what so ever.

This is the second time this has happened and it’s pissing me off. The last time this happened, he was off social for almost 2 months and he had every reason to be.

It’s just aggravating that people thinks us okay to do this. Tomorrow is the finale of teen wolf and we all should be reminiscing about the amazing moments from the show and showing love and support to the cast.

And I will report anyone who decides to post it on Tumblr

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Sibling antics? I've got tons! I'm the oldest of five, so there's something different with each sibling. The weirdest I'd say is with my youngest sister. We'll start fake arguing and go back and forth for ages and call each other names. It sounds real but it's totally pretend. Our parents are always yelling at us to stop fighting, and we're just sitting there giggling like "we're not fighting, we're playing."

Oh my god, why do I see it as something Sans and Papyrus absolutely do all the damn time???

Like, they argue aaaaall the time, and it may get intense i bet, and people (like me for example) would also get scared of that XD U sneaky bastards, u

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Taking advantage that you are answering some questions from Amon now, I would like to make one observation that could be added to your theory that he would become the 3rd king of Tokyo Ghoul. This time I was reading the manga again and I came to that part where Kaneki finds Amon in the CCG lab. Do you remember his capsule was written ":RE"? (continue in another menssage)

(about your theory of “King Amon”) at that time we did several theories as to what that could mean, but then we saw that there were two other capsules with the same name and the fandom came to the conclusion that all this shouldn’t be nothing to worry about, but I thought of one thing seeing it again. And if that was a foreshadowing(this is the term used for clues that the author gives for something that is still going to happen) of Amon become a king?(I’ll send another message)

think of it, the middle capsule, which kept Amon, could be representing “King Amon” and the other two would represent “King Kaneki” and “King Furuta”. I just want to point that out to you because I think it strengthens your theory.

Thanks for pointing this out anon! It’s a good catch.

I noticed it too, which is why I used it on my original “Amon as a third king” theory post [x].

The fact that Amon is in the middle is soemthing that I really did not pay attention to until now though. It makes a great deal of sense, as Kaneki and Furuta represent two opposite extremes. Where Kaneki is fighting for the liberation of all ghouls, and Furuta seemingly the destruction of them.

Amon could come to represent some middle ground between the two, as he clearly does not seem comfortable with Furuta’s actions and at the same time does not want to let go to the previous world that he belonged to.

There’s also the still yet to be cashed in foreshadowing from Tokyo Ghoul, that Amon and Kaneki would have a great fight and then from that point forward have a conversation afterwards that hashed out the fate of ghouls. 

A lot of people read the conversation they eventually ended up having in :Re as a bit of an anticlimax, which leads me to believe that this particular thread is not dead in that regard. 

For example though, if Amon were to become the head of Marude’s faction with Kaneki sticking on the side of ghouls still, that would bring both their difference in viewpoints to a head, and also a means for which their conflict could lead to cooperation against the bigger boss Furuta. 

Also, if you want to ask about Amon I’m open anytime friend. I talk about him on this blog quite a lot in my attempts to understand him. 

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How did you learn English?

idk if you wanted a short or a long answer so here’s the long one.

A little background: While my parents both had English and French (and my mum also Latin) in school, they’re not fluent in either of those languages. Their English suffices for basic communication in the UK (ordering something etc), but that’s it. When I was 2 or 3, I went to an English afternoon kindergarten where we played and did the things you do in kindergarten, but with English native speakers as teachers.

I started normal English lessons in grade 3 (age 7). The first year was mostly games and songs and so on, and from grade 4 onwards we had actual lessons with texts and grammar. In grade 5 and 6 I had a great English teacher who taught us a lot. After grade 6 I changed to secondary school. My English teachers were alright but not very engaging - I kind of kept up my good grades but it wasn’t my all-time favourite subject. 

My turning point was the end of grade 8 when my parents took me to London. I had A’s in English and thought I was a pro, but once there I realised how little I was able to actually communicate in English. It was a pretty crushing realisation tbh. My parents bought me my first actual (aka more than 200 pages) English book in the Harrods bookshop - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - and when I got home, I was determined to read it, no matter how long it would take. I remember how frustrating it was - there were so many words I didn’t know and in the beginning I looked all of them up, but at some point I just continued reading and hoped for the best (it helped that I knew the story). It took me days to finish it, but I did - and then I started over. My vocabulary and reading speed were boosted after that and I was hooked on reading English books. 

I started watching How I Met Your Mother in English instead of German. My English grades in year 9/10 drastically improved - I was able to finish my English homework in half the time I would have needed before, and I was less and less afraid to participate in class and engage in discussions. I also had a great teacher in those years who encouraged me and helped me when I signed up for the national competition in foreign languages in year 8/9. I came in 12th and won a language class in Malta. That helped me to further develop my speaking abilities.

The second turning point was 2011/12 when I signed up for twitter. Suddenly everything was in English - and not nice schoolbook English, but colloquial English and slang. I was basically forced to use English every single day to write my own tweets and to watch one direction interviews, lmao. I made English-speaking online friends. By then, the grade 10 final exam in English was a piece of cake. (Oral and written, both full marks with basically zero preparation. My best friend and I had our oral exam as a team and basically just had a nice conversation instead of a stressful exam.) 

I chose Latin and maths as advanced classes in year 11/12 and continued English as normal classes. I did, however, choose the CAE prep class. The first teacher I had was crap, but the second was great and at age 16/grade 11, I passed the CAE with grade A and got awarded level C2 in English. I didn’t have an English exam in my A-levels (in hindsight I should’ve done it though) and went off to university to study physics. I didn’t like it whatsoever and had enough free time to create a tumblr account in 2015 and start studyblring. I went to Edinburgh in the summer of 2015 to attend a language class and loved it a lot. I changed my major to English and have loved it ever since. 

tl;dr: read books, waste time on social media, make native speaker friends, and watch english TV shows. if you can, visit an english-speaking country. 


Hi Taylor!!! I think it’s about time you’re introduced to some of my best friends. These girls are some of the kindest, funniest, most supportive people I know. We freak out over absolutely everything you do in our group chat (called the “enchanted eggs” because umm.. we all love enchanted and all think we look like eggs. it’s no big deal) Hopefully someday soon we’ll all be able to meet in person, but we are so thankful that you brought us together and LOVE U BUNCHES!! 

top left: kate @wontstopgroovin 

top right: kinsey @like-a-pageant-queen

bottom left: me, Audrey!

bottom right: meg @couldbtrusted

Imagine this being the moment you all come back from a hunt, absolutely warn out, covered in dirt.
Imagine as your legs are so tired and you hobble over to the tent in the camp, feeling exhausted.
Imagine Prompto shouting “Woohoo! Bath time!” And your grumpy response being “And where exactly do you intend to do that? We are in the middle of nowhere, there is no water anywhere around us! We are covered in dirt! And what for? A few measly gil!!!”.
Imagine all the boys looking at you in shock. Each one not sure how to respond, accept for Noctis, who quickly asks the guys to give you both a minute.
Imagine as the boys nod at Noctis and head off towards the rocks in Leide, whispering to eachother.
Imagine as Noctis looks over at you, a worried look on his face and asks “You want to talk about it?”.
Imagine as your eyes start to sting and the flood gates begin to open. Noctis completely taken aback by your reaction.
Imagine as you sob away and feel his strong arms wrap around you as he pulls your head into his chest. You in turn wrapping your arms around his waist.
Imagine as you tell him how drained you feel, how you haven’t been sleeping, how you just want to go home to your own bed, in the comfort of your covers.
Imagine as Noctis pulls back and looks at you smiling worriedly and saying “So this is what it’s about. Your homesick”.
Imagine as you nod and wipe the tears from your eyes and put your head back on his chest and tell him how you miss the warmth and miss cuddling your pillow at night.
Imagine as Noctis says very shyly “Well…umm…i…can be….your….pillow..at night….i mean..if you want! I…mean you dont have to…say yes…it’s just…just a thought”.
Imagine as you laugh into his chest sniffling, you can feel his heartbeat racing and saying “I would like that very much. Thankyou Noct”.
Imagine as you pull back and place the sweetest kiss to his cheek, making the Prince’s cheeks, which were already blushing, go even redder.
Imagine as you turn and disappear into the tent. Noctis looking at you longingly and sighing. Wanting to tell you how he feels about you but too scared to say anything.
Just imagine.

Poor Noct. Im going on how i think he would act. And i don’t think he would be brave enough to just come out with how he feels about someone. Tagging @airlea-sicarius, @angel-dream, @protegoparacosm, @sweetchocobae, @caelumstrife, @crowe-wings-altius, @ffxvheadcanonsnooneaskedfor.

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I'm so in love with someone, it's driving me mad! Maybe "in love" is too stong. Just, this is ridiculous; I've NEVER been this interested in someone. I was just living my life, minding my own business, when BAM- I connected with this person I barely knew. We clicked so naturally, we became good friends, and then I found out that I was suddenly falling for them. LIKE HOLY HECK, what am I going to do?? I don't have time to think about someone every waking moment and even in my dreams >.< uGH

This is adorable and I ship y'all ^.^ 

It always the ones that just walk in our life’s that have that biggest impact on us, try not to over think their reaction tho just let things happen as they go and ENJOY YOUR MEMORIES WITH THEM, I hope things with you and your partner in crime go well <3

Sarah is the kind of person you just can’t forget about. She brings a certain light that can never be turned out. Her eyes sparkle like stars in the lonely night sky, and in the same way as stars do, she makes you feel less alone in the pitch black sky. Her words are of fire, flaming with passion. Even in her weakest times, you can see a small glow, for it is always guaranteed that her spirit will light up again. She brings light to the world. Maybe to the world we all share together, or maybe just the world of only one person. Either way, she will shine and bring a warm glow to the world, the world which I live in. Possibly without even noticing, she has given us the light. The light of friendship. The light of family. The light of caring. The light that supports us, the light that makes us feel worthy. The light makes us excited and happy. We can’t forget about the light she gives us, for it never goes out. She gives light to all who she meets, and we only wish she would accept the light we try to reflect back at her. For she is the shining sun, and the moon wants her to see her own glow.


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Do angels have childhoods? Or have you all stayed the same as the day you were created? And if so, what's your favorite memory of yours?

We experience a short period of growth after our creation in which we are considered fledglings. We use this time to learn to fly and use our abilities with the help of a fully grown angel. I was lucky enough to have Gabriel as my angel counterpart. He made growing up fun and exciting, rather than stressful.

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for my psych class we have to do a report on mental illness in the media so i'm just pulling up all my receipts about how the MCU did do good but so bad at the same time

This is the perfect use of MCU. Good job, nonnie! I hope you score top with this assignment!

Okay, I didn’t want to be the one to break this to you all, but your “This is Italian Food” life is a lie. Just so we’re clear:

  • it’s “Lasagne”, plural, not “Lasagna”, no matter how little of a portion you might eat; the lasagna is the layer of pasta in between the sauce and there has to be more than one if you want to make Lasagne. Otherwise it’s just…not Lasagne. At all.
  • We do not eat Spaghetti with Meatballs, unless we’re trying to take money from ingenuous American tourists who really believe that’s a thing outside of Disney-world.
  • Alfredo sauce doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t. It literally is someone else’s invention. The first time I heard it, I had to ask what it was. Just spare us.
  • Bread is not an appetizer. Bread is eaten throughout the whole meal. And just to be clear, you’d have to dig to find garlic bread in Italy. That’s more of an Irish dish.
  • Whatever thing you’ve seen Buddy the Cake Boss cook and claim to be Italian, is not made that way.

well… we landed in intermediate care bc my mom is actively invoking her DNR…

heavens please let someone talk to us about the option of hospice… all she wants, all she keeps saying is let me rest, knock me out, I just want to relax and be comfortable

Arnold is pushing her to try and make it through a lung scan that requires her to lay flat for 45 minutes. It will tell us if there are blood clots in her lungs but we can’t do anything if there are bc she is already on so much blood thinner and then there’s the currently) staunched nosebleed…

we’ve been completely removed from the rehab unit - by the time I arrived at 2:15 all of her things including the pictures drawn by grandkids on her wall were moved to her new room

I don’t think there’s any going back at this point


Wash Day Tutorials 👌🏾😍

@Regrann from @naturallytemi - ✨TAG A FRIEND THAT IS ALWAYS HAVING HAIR FAILS✨
There’s a new video up on my channel (link in bio). It’s more in depth and I go through the step by step process and why I chose to use these products .
So, I know we all have hair fails every now and again or just old hair and don’t think it’s time for our hair to be washed, well there are always other styles you can do to sort of “save” the style. Lots of people wanted to see how I do my topknots and I am always doing it on old hair and since this style was matted and crazy looking I wanted to show you how to create another style with it. .
Song- Mayorkun- Mama

Product Used
Aunt Jackies Dont Shrink Elongatinf Flaxseed Gel. .
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