we used to be bestfriends

Imagine you and bestfriend!Woozi calling each other by weird nicknames and having the rest of Seventeen judge you two for using them.

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 11

This part was meant to be out yesterday but I didn’t like the direction it was going and had to scrap the idea I had planned then this spontaneous idea was born. I’m sorry for the delay.

On the bright side, exams are officially over so more time dedicated to 7 years.

Hope you guys enjoy this part, thanks for the support and love. <3

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A few weeks after you returned to school, your forms teacher had announced that a class trip to Sapporo, Japan was going to happen in 2 weeks. You were initially annoyed at the late notice but were soon informed that it had been mentioned at least a month prior.

Sitting down beside Areum at your usual table, you stabbed your fork into your food and turned to her, brows furrowed in confusion.

“Wasn’t your class going on a school trip to Japan too?” She nodded whilst chewing her food and politely swallowed before answering.

“We’re going to Osaka. Your going to Sapporo right? That’s so cool!” Excitement was bubbling in her eyes and you let a soft smile spread on your lips at her innocence.

“Yeah but I’m stuck with Jungkook the whole trip.” Said boys head snapped up at your comment and he ran his hand through his hair, sending a quick scowl your way.

“Well I might just get bored with you, you know? Your not like those cute girlfriends who are always excited to see the love of their life. You hit me almost every time I see you.” You rolled your eyes and glanced at him with an eyebrow raised.

“I hit you with good reason. You’re secretly a pervert. And why are you making it sound like I actually hurt you?” Jungkook pursed his lips before grinning widely at you.

“You’ll feed me on this trip right?” Not having the will to argue with him, you simply nodded your head in agreement.

“Yeah whatever… you’ll have to make it up to me at some point during the trip though.” He vigorously nodded his head, his hair bouncing with every movement.

“Y/N, what do you want from Osaka? I’m bringing back gifts for everyone.” Turning your attention back to Areum, you watched as she took a bite of her food.

“How about snacks? So when we have our next sleepover we can binge on them.” She seemed to like your idea as a grin appeared on her face.

“What about you?” Areum shrugged her shoulders, a slightly apologetic look on her face.

“I’m not sure, I’ll leave it up to you.”

Well that wasn’t helpful at all.

The school day soon came to an end and you headed home, intent on getting your mother to sign your permission slip.

“Japan In two weeks? Why so soon?” You scratched the back of your head sheepishly and smiled at her.

“I was meant to tell you around a month ago but I wasn’t listening…” She gave you a stern look and for a moment you thought she wouldn’t let you go but she then set down her phone on the counter, requesting a pen.

Looks like you were going to Japan in a matter of two weeks.


Contrary to popular belief, the weeks did not go by agonisingly slow. If anything they passed by faster than usual and before you knew it, your school trip was only two days away. You decided to spend your Saturday shopping for the necessities needed with Areum.

“I think it’s super cute that you’re going on a trip with Jungkook!”

“Class trip. There’s still thirty one other students going with us. Including Hye Mi.” Areum’s face dropped at the mention of Hye Mi and you could feel the atmosphere turn sour. She hadn’t bothered you ever since your little fight, not that you expected her to. She still sent the occasional death stare but you didn’t mind. School wouldn’t be school without Hye Mi shooting you dirty looks from across the classroom.

“Anyway, I only need to get a neck pillow for the plane journey and then I’m all set. What about you?” Areum gave you the thumbs up and replied that she had finished shopping, placing her hands behind her back as she continued walking.

Stepping into the last shop, you purchased a neck pillow and exited just as quickly as you entered.

“Let’s go get something to eat now.” You spent the rest of your afternoon eating and discussing what each of you would do on the trip.


Monday rolled around and you arrived at school at the designated time. Rolling your suitcase through the front gates, you waved goodbye to your mother and younger sister before they set on their way to her school.

Spotting your class nearby, you strolled in their direction, noting that Jungkook still had yet to arrive. Settling yourself amongst them, you took your phone out of your pocket and scrolled through your contacts. Finding his number listed under ‘Golden Kookie’, you sent him a quick message.

'You’re going to be late.’  

A tap on your shoulder made you turn your attention to the figure behind you. Hye Mi stood before you, glancing off to the side, avoiding eye contact.

“Er… can we talk quickly? Before Jungkook gets here because I’m pretty sure he’ll rip my head off if he sees me bothering you.”

You stood in slight shock for a couple of moments before agreeing to speak with her. You walked a little ways away from your class and Hye Mi crossed her arms, staring straight at you with a blank face.

“I kind of wanted to say sorry for all the shit I’ve put you through. You know… after we stopped being friends.”

Well that certainly came out of nowhere. She was practically burning holes into the back of your head just last Friday.

“Kind of…?”

Hye Mi looked as if she wanted to roll her eyes in annoyance but held herself back and instead gave you a curt nod.

“Yeah. I was kind of hoping we could be friends again…”

You wanted to burst out laughing at that. Either she’s been replaced with a doppelgänger and you need to immediately hop on twitter to make a conspiracy thread about her or the punch you delivered to her face made her realise how much of a bitch she was.

Obviously the latter made more sense but you preferred the first option.

“No offence Hye Mi but do you honestly think that a simple sorry will suffice? That we’ll be bestfriends just like how we used to be? I don’t know if you noticed, but you attacked my best friend for no reason and bullied me for so long. So I hate to break It to you but we can’t be friends. At least not now. The most we can be is civil.”

She didn’t argue back, just stood with the same straight face she had plastered on her face all along. Taking that as your cue to leave, you spun on your heel and jogged back to your class. When you arrived, Jungkook was leaning against the schools wall, hands in his pockets, suitcase resting beside him. He was glaring at Hye Mi behind you but pushed off the wall and walked towards you.

“No problem?”

You looked up at his distracted face and let a small smile grow on your own.

“None at all.”


When you had lined up with your class to collect your plane tickets and dropped off your suitcases, you were pleasantly surprised to find that you ended up being seated next to Jungkook. He had a satisfied grin on his face when he noticed and you thanked god that you hadn’t ended up with Hye Mi.

“Lucky you, you’re with me.” A smirk was playing on his lips and he threw an arm around your shoulder, guiding you back to your classmates. You had bumped into Areums class on your way and bid her a farewell, wishing her a safe journey. You then listened to your teachers instructions on what to do when boarding and leaving the plane before you all made your way to your terminal.

Ten minutes later you were all seated in your respective seats on board the plane. You had gotten yourself comfortable using your neck pillow and Jungkook sat beside you, a mask over his mouth. He was leaning over the empty seat beside him, staring out of the window whilst you prepared yourself for the annoying feeling of blocked ears when the plane took off.

“When we get there, what do you want to do?” Jungkook’s question snapped you out of your thoughts and you smiled at him.


He pulled his mask below his chin and pursed his lips, furrowing his brows at your answer.

“The teacher gave us the option to spend the first day in Japan exploring the hotel and its activities and your going to sleep? Don’t you want to spend time with me?”

Shrugging your shoulders, you grabbed a rice cake snack from your bag.

“You’re welcome to watch me sleep if that’s what you want.” He huffed and leaned back into his seat, glancing at the students across from you.

“You promised you would cook for me. Is sleep more important than your boyfriends hunger?” Grabbing another rice cake snack, you threw it onto his lap.

“There you go, happy? And you said I couldn’t cook anyway, so why is this a problem? I’ll make you instant noodles when we get there.”

Opening the packet, he stuffed the whole thing into his mouth and chewed, all the while glaring at you. His bulging cheeks killed the menacing look he was trying to deliver and he instead reminded you of a rabbit. Lifting the mask back over his mouth, he slipped into the seat beside him and lifted the arm rests. Laying down over both seats, he placed his head on your lap and closed his eyes. You weren’t even surprised at his sulking.

“I’m sleeping, wake me up when we get there.” Replying with a simple 'sure’, you began running your hand through his hair in a comforting manner. Grabbing your hand, he brought it down to his lips and placed a soft kiss to the back of it before placing it back on his head. It was his way of letting you know he was playing with you, pretending to mope.

Turning your attention to the side, you caught your classmates gaping faces. You supposed it was the softest and most vulnerable they had ever seen Jungkook.

You decided to catch up on sleep and pulled a sleeping mask from your bag and placed it on your head.

There was nothing to do now that Jungkook had ditched you for sleep.

But you were going to do the same…

Sometimes you hated being left alone with your thoughts.

Shaking your head, you leaned back into your seat and sighed, letting the drowsiness overcome your body.

The cheering of your classmates as the plane touched down startled you out of your light slumber which in turn caused Jungkook to awaken. Due to the fact you couldn’t see anything when you awoke, you panicked for a couple of seconds, your head whipping from side to side. Jungkook then removed the mask from your eyes and stared at you with amusment dancing in his own. Raising his arm up, he shielded your squinted eyes from the sunlight peeking through the window, the outline of his figure illuminated by the light. You had to take a minute to process how breathtaking he looked at that exact moment.

“Rise and shine, princess. We’re in Japan.

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I had sex with my boyfriend a couple of hours after I had sex with his bestfriend. We didn't used condom and he came inside me 2 times and in my mouth too. I felt really nasty and very excited. I love the ideia of having different guys, cheating and beeing a slut. I like to be used by men, giving then what they need, wich is sex all the time. I don't mind and actually, I love to do it.


Stupidly Hopeful - Changkyun [Happy Ending!!!]

A/N: Just a short lil happy ending for people like me whose hearts can’t take sad endings :”)

Things were not quite the same since then. All physical contact was gone and you didn’t know how long it was since Changkyun last gave you a hug or even a small pat on the back. It was almost as if he was slightly wary around you, afraid that anything he did would give you the wrong idea. In short, the entire relationship you built over years was falling apart.

Awkwardness was something you never thought you’d ever feel around him but the more you tried to set things right, the more uneasiness it brought. He was starting to tell you less and less of his problems and you found your voice getting smaller and smaller as the days went past. You didn’t want to say things that might cause a misunderstanding or make it seem as if you were still hoping for a chance of some sort. You had already given up the idea of being more than a friend, but now, even staying as friends seemed hard.

“So…how was dance yesterday?” your voice was soft and shaky, as if you had no confidence in your ability to start a conversation going (which was not exactly wrong).

“Oh, uh yeah, we finished up a dance so it was good. How was the movie?”

“M-movie?” You tried to recall when was the last movie you watched and it definitely was not recent. “What movie?”

Changkyun frowned and placed his utensils down. “Wonho told me that he was going to the movies with you.”  

“Oh, that. I was sick and couldn’t make it.”

“Sick? With what? Why?”

“What do you mean by why Changkyun,” you laughed. “People just fall sick because they do!”

The boy’s cheeks flushed and you smiled. “It’s been awhile since we had a proper conversation without stopping awkwardly halfway. Ah, wrong thing to say. I just ruined it again,” you said out-loud, mentally slapping yourself right after.

“I’m sorry…I mean, you’ve clearly moved on but I’m still stuck with all kinds of thoughts clouding my mind,” Changkyun said and you listened. This was the first time he was sharing with you what was on his mind. “You know, that day. I dismissed what you said in an instant before even thinking about it. I left it hanging with no explanation, I killed the entire idea that could have made us into something. You said that we were bestfriends and you meant it. But..but-”

“I know Changkyun I got it that day. We can’t take such a big step just because of an insignificant feeling that I have. Don’t worry about it okay? You see, I’m completely fine now. It’s you that’s acting all weird,” you chuckled lightly.

“No, you’re getting me wrong.”

“I’m getting you wrong? Just what are you even talking about now?”

“I’m saying that maybe…I don’t know, maybe we can give it a try?” He blurted out and you were stunned.

It seemed like a dream, just that you didn’t know whether it was a good or bad one. You knew the risks involved. What if things didn’t work out? Then everything would get so much worse. But what if it worked out? You understood how he felt that day when you threw out such a question. Then again, you were the one who wanted this in the first place. You knew the risks and you chose love over comfort.

“You’re not doing this out of pity are you? I mean, I’m not going to force you into anything. Honestly, I think things have gotten worse enough…I’m not going to risk anything more-”

“Do you love me?”

You looked at him, eyes wide and mouth ajar. Did he really just ask you that?

Did you? Did you love him more than a friend?

You had gone over this thousands of times. You did.

“I do.”

“I’ll tell you something..I love you too. I was just scared you know? Scared that it would go wrong.”

“Me too. But you know something? You just told me that you love me and I’m not scared anymore. I mean what I said, and if you do to, we have nothing to be afraid about.” You were so sure, you trusted him like how you always have and you knew that he trusted you.

He then smiled and it had been so long since you last saw such a bright smile. And at that moment, the both of you knew that your lives would only get brighter because you were living life together.  


Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word count: 8004

Warnings: Cursing/swearing

Summary: After kissing you, Jimin starts to avoid you which made your head and heart confused. And it seems that life has a way of bullying you too.

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It has been more than two weeks since he kissed you. He admits that since that day, that lips of yours was the only thing that’s been going on inside his head. Whenever he tried to forget you, he was always being taken back by his thoughts on that memory.

He’s been keeping himself busy just to fight the urge of calling you by going to clubs every night. Even on a Thursday night.

He’s on his third round of shots when he saw familiar faces dancing. He saw Nayeon and Sana.

He just watched them, trying to focus on how they move. When the two became aware that they’re being watched, that’s the time that they suddenly dance in a seducing manner.

He just watched how Sana made Nayeon an instant pole.

He started to get bored. So he started scrolling through his phone.  

A message from Taehyung and Jungkook appears and he replied ‘clubbing’ then he fixed his vision again on the dance floor. He saw the girls waving at him, now sitting. He drank his last shot for that round then walked towards them.

He smirked.

“Hey Jimin..” Naeyon greeted him.

“Hey. What are you two doing here? And where are your other friends?” his look was fixed at Sana, who wears a black tight dress that didn’t cover anything anymore.

“It’s just us, you know.. bestfriend things. We go out on dates, the two of us.” Nayeon giggled and then sipped on her drink.

Then she excused herself to go to the ladies room while Sana remained. Jimin scooted closer to Sana, who starts to fidget.

He whispered something to her ear that made her face red. And When Nayeon returned, he invited Sana to go hang out with him sometime then he left the club.

As he drive back home, his thoughts still wanders around you. And that thought lingers until he dozed off to sleep.

The following morning, he was woken up by his phone. An unregistered number flashed so he answered it immediately. To his disappontment, it was Sana on the other line, inviting him for breakfast. He agreed.

That breakfast with her went okay since she didn’t speak that much. She just keeps on serving him, asking him if he likes the food. He just nodded. Right after eating, he said his thanks. When he was about to go, she suggested that they go to school together. He agreed so they went to school together.

There were several onlookers when Jimin get out of his car. Some were surprised when they saw Sana get out as well. He locked it and walked away when sana followed suit. He quickly made his way to his class with you. When he entered, his eyes immediately look for you on your usual spot. He controlled the smirked that wants to show up. He wasn’t exactly sure if you looked his way but he hoped he does.

He just changed his hair color for you.

He chose to sit with Sana’s friends. And started knowing their names one by one.

He keeps on glancing at your back. He saw how you sighed when the professor announced another project with him.

He waited for you to approach him but you didn’t even move. Instead, it seems that you started working on it on your own. He really wanted plan that project with you but Sana’s friends are all trying hard to get his attention so he just let them.

He saw you approach the professor. Shortly after that, she dismissed the class which was a signal for you to leave.

Taehyung called him and told him their location. It was near the library so he has high hopes that he’ll see you again.

He was a bit irritated when Sana suddenly cling into his arm. Then there, he saw you, dragging Jungkook towards the direction of the library. His face became serious. He looked at Taehyung, who has a serious face, glancing at Sana then back at him. They hang out for a bit then excused himself that he’ll go to the library. He was planning on leaving Sana but she insisted on going with him. His aim was to actually watch you and probably Jungkook but he spotted your bag and it seems that you’re the only one there. He started searching for books related to your topic. But he was being distracted by Sana. He wanted to make her leave. Sana did it not once but more than enough times to make him so annoyed, he dragged her to the old books section. He hovered over her with a serious face.

He was about to annoy Sana when he noticed your back quickly walking away and exiting the building.

He walked out too, leaving Sana there.

Jimin skipped lab classes due to his worse hangover. He texted his friends that he won’t make it and a proxy will be there to help you. He stayed home, searching for data on your project. He planned on handing it to either Taehyung or Jungkook then they’ll be the ones who will give it to you.

Late afternoon came and he’s bored. Timely, Sana called him and invited him to go shopping with him.

This was one of the most frustrating things he’s ever done in his life, pretending he’s interested on what Sana’s doing. She even keeps on asking for his opinion on what clothes she should by. Then he saw that picture of you looking at his usual seat. A lot of things kept playing on his head.

Are you looking for me?

Do you ask something about me?

Do you miss me too?

Right there, he ditched Sana in the most polite manner that he can. Then he dashed to his car.

He was hopeful. Thousands of thoughts came flooding into his mind. He threw the car keys to the valet then hopped into the elevator. The waiting time was so slow for him, he wished he just jog the stairs.

When he reached Taehyung’s house, he quickly punched his secuirty code then came storming in.

His excitement died down when he saw you. You were comfortably caged in Jungkook’s chest while doing whatever the fuck you’re doing on that laptop.

He felt somewhat betrayed.

When Taehyung came into the picture, it’s too late.

He looked straight into Jungkook’s eyes, as if it’s saying something and left.

He stayed at home, with a large bottle of liquor beside him.

He spent the rest of his week avoiding you, even Jungkook. He’s either working out or drinking. His hangovers were spent with Sana, who’s oblivious of his situation. He was forced to watch a movie with her, he fell asleep. He placed his phone on his lap.

That’s the time when Sana found an opportunity to check it.

She frowned when he saw his wallpaper. It was still the picture of you that he took several months ago.

She raised an eyebrow when she saw a text from you.

She was so irritated she replied a photo of of one of the benches.

Then she blocked your number. Satisfied with what she did, she  was going to return the phone but Jimin moved. She woke him up telling him his phone fell when he move.

Jimin was starting to get creeped out by the way Sana acts. She’s now acting as if she’s close to him.

Intimately close.

She keeps on clinging to his arm but he doesn’t complain.

He went home a thirty minutes before the mall closes. He didn’t even bother bringing Sana to her car.

He wanted to talk to you.

Because he miss you.

Weekend passed by quickly, then midterms come.

He was woken up by Sana’s conitinuous calls. He agreed to meet at the school. He checked the time and he knows that he’ll be late for sure.

When you arrive, her friends are with her, including Tzuyu. You just glanced at her. Then Nayeon started cracking jokes which continued until they come inside the classroom, obviously late. He spotted you seated close to the window, you were busy answering the test.

Not ten minutes has passed, you stood up, handing your paper to the professor together what he assume was your project. You left after.

He haven’t seen you since then until he forced Taehyung to  tell him some information. He mentioned that you took some of your exams in advance, and probably be free during lunch time tomorrow. Jimin planned on waiting for you.

True enough, he saw you opening your locker. He moved towards you, close enough to cast a shadow.

You quickly opened your locker and packing your books.

He tried playing with you but to his surprise, you shouted at him. Where did it came from?

Then you showed him your texts. He was lost. He didn’t remember texting you. He checked the time and date, he still didn’t remember sending such texts even the picture of the bench.

After you say something, you walked out. You even forgot to lock your locker properly so he locked it for you and left.

Evening came and he invited Jungkook to dinner. Jungkook declined because of his exams tomorrow. He called Taehyung and they agreed to meet at LATE.

“Yo hyung” he greeted him.

“I have a favor to ask, Taehyung.” He responded.

“Yeah?” Taehyung answered him.

“Y/N’s mad at me right now, would you please take her out in behalf of me?” he asked.

“Sure. Where do you want me to take her?” Taehyung agreed.

“Wherever you prefer. I just want her to relax. Have some fun.”

“Okay. Will do.” Taehyung dialled someone’s number.  He gestured Jimin to wear one of his earphones.

Upon hearing your cheerful greeting, Jimin can’t help but to smile a bit. That’s when Taehyung invited you. He threw a salute to Jimin and left.

Several hours has passed when Taehyung made that call in front of him and it made him anxious in some way. But when a message from him popped, he quickly opened it.

With a caption ‘Happy?’, a photo of you, digging through parfait was enough for him to make his day.

Damn, he miss you so much.

He just hope that when you see each other, he’ll still be able to control himself not to hug you.

After eating that delicious dinner, you and Taehyung stayed for a bit then he drove you home.

He walked you to the gates. You said your thanks and hugged him. You don’t know if it’s just your imagination but Taehyung somewhat smelled like Jimin. You took another whiff and you released him. You went straight to the tub, while thinking about why or how did Taehyung smelled like Jimin.

Maybe he was with him before the two of you went out?

You sinked in to the tub, trying to drown your thoughts of him.

When you hopped out, you changed into your pajyamas, automatically clutching the plushie on your bed.

You were in the middle of an action movie when someone called you. It’s Jungkook.

He told you to start packing. If you wanted to start the immersion for your project ASAP. You said yes. When the call ended, you went to your closet and pulled shirts, jogging pants, and and a jacket. You neatly packed them in your backpack. You’ll buy toiletries tomorrow.

You called Jungkook right after packing. He responded with a ‘Good! We’re going tomorrow.’ You were surprised so you plan on running to the convenience store. He’s a good listener so he quickly found out what you’re doing, he handed the phone to Taehyung assuring you that everything’s covered. Only your presence is missing. You agreed that you’ll meet up at five in the morning tomorrow.

You just finished that interrupted movie you’re watching  a while back then prepared yourself to sleep. You’re playing with the plushie when Jimin’s face flashed in your mind.

What was that about?

You shut down your own thoughts, only focusing on sleeping. You have to have enough energy.

Your alarm blared at three thirty, and you sat up. When you opened your eyes, there was Z, on a funny pose, she was tiptoeing towards her bed.

“Midterm’s over, why are you up this early?” she was on defense mode again.

“I have an immersion. For a project.” You confessed.

“Pack some food. You’ll never know.” She now walks normal towards her bed. She opened one of her drawers and threw a pouch that landed on your bed.

“Woman’s neccecities. Eat something before you leave. Oh and take care of yourself alright?” she said. Then she took her clothes off until she’s only wearing her underwear, now putting her sleepwear.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

“Good morning Unnie.” Then you started to get ready.

You were waiting for Jungkook’s call but you’re getting impatient. You called him.

[Good morning. I’m at the gate.]

You told him that you’ll be there quickly, you grabbed your backpack and left.

You were greeted by a yellow hummer where he was leaning. He waved at you, gesturing to get your bag. You gave it to him and he placed it at the back.

You quickly hopped on the passenger’s side and him on the drivers.

“Ready?” he looked at you.

“Yeah.” You smiled a bit.

He started briefing you while you’re on the road. You’ll be going to one of the poorest areas in the city.

The drive was quite long for you. Maybe because of short breaks in between. When you arrived at the place, there were several children playing on the street, some women cooking on their makeshift kitchen. You were surprised when some of the older kids came running after the truck. You realized that you’ve just climbed a hill or you think you did. After parking properly, he get off the truck. He opened the door for you and extended his hand for you to go down safely. You were greeted by a nun who introduces herself as one of the care takers of the residents there. Then, she introduced you to the the leader of that area and he briefed the two of you. The leader told you that despite of the location being in the city, that area doesn’t have a power source. They can’t afford to apply for it because it’s pricey. They go down on the nearest areas where there’s available electricity to charge their phones and stuff. But the leader confessed that only those who’ve been on the ‘main city’ has phones. In short, you guys. Then he talked about your task and basically what you’re going to do is to involve yourself in the daily lives of the people around.

You agreed. And the first task for you was to cook.

By the help of the other residents, you started washing, peeling and chopping vegetables. While Jungkook started carrying stuff from the truck.

When the food is ready, it’s time for you to help in distributing equal food. You were placed in the line for mothers with young children. You’re so busy you didn’t notice how time flies. It was already afternoon and you were tasked to cleanup the outside area. You were sweeping the floor while Jungkook was on the other side, weeding the garden patch.

You were given an hour of break. You sat down by one of the chairs under the shade. He placed a bottle of cold water on your face. It feels so nice.

You smiled and he sit beside you. Despite you’re both sweaty, he leaned closer to you. You were conscious at first but it seems like he doesn’t mind. After the break, it was time to cook dinner. Because of the large quantities you need to prepare, you have to move earlier. Jungkook was tasked to chop wood. You, in the kitchYou shared a delicious curry rice with the residents.

When it’s time for bed, the leader let you occupy a small room. He handed the key to Jungkook. When you entered it, it has one large mattress in the middle. There’s an improvised table made from a wooden crate. There’s no electricity so the only source of light is the candles from different household.

He opened his bag, and pulled a solar powered lamp. He placed it on the wooden crate, illuminating the bed.

“Good thing I brought a sleeping mat.” He declared and he placed it near the door. You watched him move. While you prepared the bed. Theres’s too much dust on the bed that it made the lamplight dim.

“I brought two. Here.” He tossed the other one on your directon and you set your mat, you started feeling sleepy by the time you laid down.

You fell asleep in a short while after getting yourself comfy on the mat. Jungkook updated his hyungs specially Taehyung.

The next four days revolves in the same tasks. You were busy doing the usual tasks of the women, while Jungkook did what the male residents usually do. And during your stay, you became closer to the residents there who’s always with you. Not only that but also to Jungkook.

You were sorting your dirty clothes you planned on washing them. You approached Jungkook who’s drenched in sweat as he chops firewood. You handed him your own towel and he said his thanks then started using it.

After dinner, you told him to give you his dirty clothes. You’re not sure but you noticed that he blushed a bit. You insisted on doing the laundry. He handed you several shirts and jogging pants.

You’re busy hanging your clothes on a drying rack near your window when several vehicles entered the area.  There’s a large utlity van and two cars. One of them is so familiar, you don’t need to look who’s going to come out of the car.

The quiet night is now filled with voices. You wanted to go inside the room where you stayed but Jungkook stopped you. He’s now holding your hands firmly.

You saw that bright orange hair came out of the car. Your gaze followed him as he opened the car door of the passenger seat.

You prayed it was Taehyung.

But it bore a woman, a long haired woman. Until you recognized who she is.

It was Sana. The same Sana that wanted to get rid of you because of Jimin.

Out of impulse, you gripped Jungkook’s hands tight, holding on him for support. You hold your breath and stared at them, trying to understand what’s going on.

The leader called your attention, explaining why the members of the Fraternity and Sorority was there.

A letter came from the school telling them that they were chosen to be the recepient of the Fraternity and Sorority’s joint fund raising project.

“Y/N-nie, breathe.” Jungkook whispered.

You realized you’re still holding your breath when the leader explains. You slowly exhaled and continued breathing slowly. You’re still holding Jungkook’s hand when your eyes met Jimin’s. You looked at him for a solid second and then looked in a different direction.

You returned in hanging your clothes and you let Jungkook be with the other frat members that he knew, for him to take a break.

You were now hanging Jungkook’s shirt when someone approaches you.

That peachy scent overpowers your senses, which make your head dizzy in some way. You just feign ignorance and continued what you’re doing.

When you finished hanging everything, you were about to return to the where the wash basin was kept. You were shocked when you turn, Jimin was still there.

Was he watching you the entire time?

You pretend that you don’t see him. That he’s invisible. You don’t know what’s going on between Sana and him so you kept a safe distance.

He’s now following you. Thank goodness, Sana called him. And you make your way to return the wash basin.

Tomorrow was the last night of your immersion and the leader called you and Jungkook. He was very thankful of what you’ve done for them. He gave you your certificates as a proof of your immersion in their community.

After that meeting, you discussed to Jungkook what would be the input for the last part of your project.

He showed you several options from his phone and you both decided on a format that includes pictures of the location.

You were interrupted by a flirty shriek. You automatically turned your head to where you heard it and despite the dim lights, you saw Jimin giving Sana a piggyback ride, you want to vomit.

Jungkook saw your reaction so he convinced you to go inside and continue planning your project there.

You were drowned in your thoughts that you just sat there, staring at the slow swaying of your clothes by the window. Jungkook quickly texted Taehyung and told him what happened.

Taehyung replied with a ‘be a fucking friend right now and do what you think is right’ so he sat beside you. He slowly draped his arms around you, as if asking permission. You just let him. Then you leaned on him.

The two of you have been in that position for quite some time now, and when he checked on you, you were asleep. He gently laid you down. He moved his mat near you so he can check up on you from time to time.

You woke up feeling something warm behind you. You turned and it was Jungkook. You studied his sleeping form and you find him cute. Handsome even. You admired how peaceful he sleeps.  You added a mental note that you’ll cook for him when you come back to the dorms.

You were surprised when his eyes opened and looked directly at you.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a low voice.

“Yes, thank you.” you whispered.

He reached for your cheeks and pinched it.

“OOWWW. Kookie!” you complained.

He giggled.

You got up remembering your clothes.

“Hey, don’t go out wearing just that. It’s cold outside. Wear my jacket.” He said as he stretched while lying down.

You wore his jacket. You pulled the sleeves so you can see your hands.

As you collect your clothes a cough made you jump back.

“I see. You’re enjoying playing house with Jungkook.” Jimin remarked.

You didn’t respond. Instead you just collect all of the clothes when he grabbed one of Jungkook’s shirt.

“Were you the one who washed this?” he tries to tug it from you but your grip was firm.

You just tried pulling it from him. He’s strong so you tried putting force. When you pulled it, he let go, making you fall.

“Jerk. Idiot Jimin.” You stood up, continuing what you’re doing.

You went inside and started folding the clothes you collected. You placed Jungkook’s clothes on his sleeping mat while you packed yours. You make your way to the kitchen and greeted the others there.

You were busy chopping potatoes for mojos when someone from the sorority said something about Jungkook. You excused yourself properly to the women and went where the commotion is.

There, you saw Jungkook chopping wood in a a speed of light. You noticed he wasn’t wearing his shirt. You looked to the other side where you saw Jimin, who’s also shirtless chopping wood as well.

You asked one of the frat boys what are they doing. And he answered  that they just looked at each other and started it.

It was Jimin who finished chopping all the wood first and you have a feeling that somewhat it has something to do with you.

You wished you’re wrong this time.

You returned in the kitchen, continuing your task, from the kitchen to serving the residents. When it’s time for you to eat, you tried to look for jungkook but he wasn’t there. You ate alone.

You helped in cleaning the dishes as well, still eyeing Jungkook around but he’s not there. You’re getting annoyed right now.

You washed up, getting ready to leave when you noticed that almost half of the Fraternity’s population were not around.

Also Jungkook’s truck.

You called him several times, and you were hopeless. You called Taehyung asking if Jungkook has returned yet but he said he didn’t. You told him that it’s your time to leave before lunch.

You were running out of option so you went to the leader and he told you that he volunteered in bringing the sorority and fraternity members back.

You can’t believe what did he just said to you now you’re annoyed. You asked him how to get back to the main city from there and he was glad to do so.

You calculated your fare and it’s less than half of the total amount that you have.

You called Taehyung asking him if Jungkook returned yet. But he still said no.

That’s when Jimin approached you.

“Your playmate’s home already. You’re going back with me.” He said firmly.

You looked at him in the eye.

“No thank you.” you tried to dismiss him.

He just smirked.

“Choose. You’ll go home right now or you’ll stay here until whenever. Taehyung won’t pick you up either.”

“Is that what you earned when you chopped those firewood?”

He winked at you.

You thanked the leader and the residents properly before leaving. So when you approached the car, you opened the backseat but it’s loaded with stuff so you don’t have a choice but to sit beside him. You scooted closer to the door.

When he get in, you looked on the opposite side. That peachy scent overpowers the woody scent his car has. You heard him wearing his seatbelt and then the turned the engine on.

You’re now leaving the area.

You kept yourself busy entertaining yourself with the view. An hour has passed and you still don’t make a sound.

You slowed down when he spotted a drive thru.

“What do you wanna eat?” he sweetly asked.

“I’m not hungry.” You responded.

“You barely eaten anything there and you’re not hungry? Whatever, I’ll order for you.”

He handed you a burger, coffee, and fries. When you don’t reach for it, he placed it on the compartment between your seats.

“Eat or you’ll starve.” He tried convincing you.

You just glanced at him, then continued looking at the view outside. You were shocked when he stopped.

“Eat or I’ll kiss you.” he dared.

You automatically grabbed the paper bag and slowly munched on the fries.

Another hour and a half, you found yourself in front of the gates of your dorms. You gave him a sincere ‘thank you’ but you didn’t smile. You get out, and went straight inside, not glancing back.

When you returned, Z was there. As if she is  waiting for you.

“Unnie, hello.” You greeted her. She smiled back at you with a hint of worry obvious on her face.

“What’s wrong?” you probed.

“This came in the day you left. I don’t want you to worry so I waited for you. Here.” She handed you a paper, from the dorms addressed to you.

It was a notice, a notice that you’ve been asked to move out within two weeks time, stating that you haven’t payed in the last three months.

You were confused so you immediately called your father.

And then when you asked, he admitted what’s going on.

The building where your store is located was now being demolished. It will be transformed into a private resort.

He confessed that he pulled out your two month deposit form the dorms in the hopes that they can find a new location for the store but nothing in your area is good. And in the next town there are a lot of competition.

You can’t believe what you’re hearing. You asked them what about your school? It was your mother’s turn to speak. She told you that there are still remaining balance and that the insurance doesn’t approve  three consecutive loans within the year.

You felt your world was crushed.

You felt your dreams were shattered, falling apart one by one. But you pretend that you’re okay. You encouraged your parents to do their best. And you actually asked permission to work while studying.

Your mother was opposing it but your father talked to her and eventually said yes. You kept on encouraging them and ended the call with an ‘i love you, we can do this.’

You lie in your bed while crying silently. Z entered leaving a tray of hot tea and food. You stared at the ceiling. Then you got up, calmed yourself down. And stopped crying.

At times like this, you shouldn’t be crying. You shouldn’t be breaking down. You should be stronger.

You ate what Z made for you, took a bath, and went out.

She asked you where are you going and you told her, that you’ll going to buy something.

You went to a newsstand to buy the book of classified ads.

You went home right after and started searching.

You circled those who needs to be contacted via email. You asked Z if those locations were near the area. If it’s far, you skipped it. You ended up passing your application into four different companies including restaurants.

You remembered the food hall around the university so you checked it out immediately.

You started asking from the fried chicken place, too bad you’re a day late and they hired someone already.

Z called you, asking you to go back home  and you can search again tomorrow.

You agreed and returned home.

You arrived at a feast. There are a lot of food in the table. You checked the fridge and there are lots of food inside. Even on the cabinet.

“Don’t hesitate to grab anything that you like. This is for us. And this is me, wishing you good luck on your job hunting!”

You smiled and hugged her. You cried. She pat your head.

“Ahh, sshh, don’t cry. You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. I wish I could help you in some way.”

“This is enough unnie. You’ve done so much for me already. Thank you.”

“Stop crying and eat. I don’t want you starving.” She cheered.

You smiled and got  a slice of pizza.

The two of you started watching reruns of her favorite variety show and you both enjoyed it. You told her you’ll be calling it a night so you went to bed.

You rememembered to text Jungkook and Taehyung.

You both texted them: I’M GONNA KILL YOU BOTH.

And immediately, a video call from Taehyung followed.

Taehyung apologized as soon as you accepted his call. You chuckled. He was wearing cute glasses and asked him if you just got home and told him no.

You asked where Jungkook is.

He run quickly and get a hold of Jungkook.

He looked at you through the camera and acted cutely then apologized.

“So, tell me, who started that wood chopping competition?” you probed.

“He texted me. I said yes. We met there, we did it, he won.” Jungkook responded.


“Y/N-nie, I’m really really sorry okay?” he sincerely said.

“Yeah, I know. don’t worry.”

“Oh yeah, I have to go. Goodnight boys.” You said

They returned your goodnight and ended the call.

You dozed off quickly.

Morning came and you checked your email, several responses was sent to you. Three of them rejected your application while the other one invited you for an interview at ten o’clock that day.

Quickly you ate breakfast and wore your most presentable dress. You wore a black ballet flat shoes.

You put  a bit of makeup and perfume then you’re ready to leave. You checked the entire place and you noticed Z’s note. There’s an envelope, and it says

‘A little help. BEST OF LUCK!” you placed it inside your bag and secured the door and left.

You took two buses to reach the place. After two hours of exams, you’re hungry already but you have to wait for your final interview. When it’s your turn, they asked you several questions and you believed you’ve answered it well but in the end you were rejected.

You were disheartened, thinking you only have less than a week to  stay at the dorms. And you don’t wanna go back home. University’s the first step to reach your dream. You can’t give up.

You walked passed several buildings then you find yourself in front of a tailor shop, written outside was a wanted sign. They wanted a part timer, your eyes bulge when the qualifications they were looking for fits you. You pushed the glass door, and it ring the bell. The woman on the reception area greeted you and asked for your purpose.

You simply answered and she asked for a copy of your resume in which you gladly handed to her. She let you sit down on one of the expensive looking grey velvet couches.  A few minutes has passed and she called you.

You were guided at what you think were the owner’s office perhaps? There’s a book shelf behind the desk, full of books about fashion and related to tailoring. There were hunged framed pictures of a man measuring, cutting. Maybe this is the owner.

A strong scent of flowers greeted your nose. It’s so strong you controlled yourself from coughing.

A short, curly haired old woman appeared behind the desk.

Y/N Y/L/N? She stated as she tried to get your attention.

“Yes, Madam.” You responded.

She asked you several things starting from general to your personal life.

“I have one question to actually ask you.” she said, closing the folder which your resume is.

“Did you happened to know anything about this tailoring shop?”

You shook your head and confessed that you accidentally found the ad outside.

“Very well, you may start the day after tomorrow. All you have to do is be attractive and stay at the front desk, answer calls, confirm appointments, remind the clients of their appointments. Don’t worry, someone will assist you.”

You thanked her and she gave you her business card.

You left the shop happy.

You’re excited at your first ever job.

You happily prepare your outfit tomorrow. She allows pants as long as it would look smart for the clients. So you pulled your button up blouse. That shop is quite chilly so you prepared a complimenting cardigan just in case.

Z didn’t returned that day so you cleaned for her, in exchange of her help.

You wanted to let the boys know but you wanted your situation in secret so they wouldn’t worry too much about you so you just kept it to yourself.

Your first day of work came and you woke up earlier than your alarm. You even got an extra time preparing for your lunch. After the cooking, you ate breakfast and took a bath.

You’re satisfied with your planned ensemble so you’re proud and a bit confident about yourself.

You arrived at the shop thirty minutes earlier. The receptionist greeted you and she introduced herself as Mimi. She’s shorter than you but has a long hair, fair complexion and a small face. You noticed that she’s pregnant.

She told you where to look, and everything’s color coded. You jot everything down from the important dates, to the clients. She even taught you how to sit down properly and how to enjoy the job.

But since you’re a part timer, you’ll have a different schedule depending on your class. You’re usually free during the afternoon so you’ll be working from 2PM to 8PM.

The ‘Madam’ introduced you to your co-workers, what they’ll do, what would be your relationship with them, so on and so forth.

She let you inside her office once again and in front of you was a contract. You’ve read everything and signed it.

Your official job starts today. Since you’re on a week break from midterms, your schedule is the same with the receptionist Mimi who’s work is from 8AM-5PM.

She taught you how to greet the callers properly and how to check if their orders are ready for pick-up.

Most of the orders were being picked up during business hours. Maybe for meetings and such.

Mimi tested you and you handled several calls perfectly.

Lunch arrived and the store was closed for an hour.

You and Mimi ate together, telling you some techniques. Reminders on your calendar is one of the most helpful thing in your job.

Afternoon came and it become a lot busier than the morning. There were expensive cars stopping to drop someone, or pick up a suit.

You all greeted them with a smile.

Thirty minutes before five o’clock Mimi started to clean up. You followed her.

At two minutes before 5, she let the Madam know that you’ll be out too. She nooded. And you thanked her and left at exact time.

Your travel time back to the dorms took around an hour and a half. You’re not tired. But you felt sleepy.

You ate dinner, cleaned up, washed, and got ready for bed when you got a message from Jungkook.


Heya Y/N-nie wassup?]


Nothing much. How about you?]

From there you started discussing about the final part of the project. He video called you.

He was explained what would he proposed to do and you just have to give your recommendation and your experience during that immersion. You said yes and when that topic closed, he moved the phone closer and whispered “I miss you”.

You chuckled at him and you just responded “I miss you too, but I STILL WANT TO KILL YOU.” and you both laughed. You said goodbye and finally let your body rest.

Morning came and as you were ready to leave, the landlord told you to move out a day early. You begged him to let you stay for the night but he’s a cold hearted person.

You went to the office carrying almost all of your stuff.

Mimi helped you organize them so the Madam won’t question.

You’re worried because you don’t have a roof above your head anymore.

You focused first on your job the entire day whic made Mimi impressed. It was 5PM already and Mimi left. You didn’t move a muscle.

The madam left around 6:30PM. While the others left at 7. You remained.

You sat on the velvet couch and texted Z that you surrendered your keys to the landlord. The guard told you that it’s getting late and it’s now raining hard. You confessed to him that you don’t have anywhere else to go, he ignored it and told you that you should leave and comeback tomorrow for work. You don’t have a choice but to move. You don’t have enough money to stay at a motel so you stayed at the roofed part of the botique.

The guard noticed you and probably realized that you’re not joking so he let you in again. You slept on the velvet couch.

Monday came and it’s the start of the Finals.

You went to school earlier than you do when you’re still at the dorms. You chose to sit on the chair next to the windows so you can clear your mind somehow. The professor came in, together with some helpers placing your projects on the table. She said that there are impressive works that should be presented to many. That would exempt the group on the Pre-finals and and and would automatically have a passing grade this finals.

You were hopeful that your hard work might be included. She distributed first the ones who passed but not ‘presentation worthy’. You waited and waited until a few works were left on the table including yours.

It was down to ten, eight, five and then three. Three papers were left and the professor told you to sit with your partners.


You saw a bright orange hair approaching you and he sat casually beside you.

She called the first group that will present , followed by the next one. She declared that the last one was the most impressive and be the main presentation of the event. And the most impressive work was yours.

You heard a clap of admiration from your classmates and you smiled. You saw Jimin holding your binder. The professor called you to go down.

You’re thankful that your hard work paid off.

When you returned to your seats, you spoke to Jimin.

“I’m going to present alone.” you simply said, not looking at him.

“No, we’re partners there. We will present together.” He argued.

“You didn’t even contributed a single—Hey that’s mine!” you tried to get your paper but he opened it at a specific page.

“I added some things. When you left, I asked the professor to give it to me. Because you forgot to print something. Thats my excuse.”

You looked at the pages and you noticed there were more details and information included.

“Y/N, I want to help, believe me.” His tone sincere.

“Whatever. If you want to help, you would show up right?” you looked at him straight into his eyes.

“Of course. By the way, did you changed your number?” he questioned.

“No. Why?” you questioned back.

“Well that’s funny, I tried contacting you but your number’s not here. Wait.” He checked his phone and he frowned. Your number was included on his list of blocked contacts.

“That’s weird. Wait. I’ll call you just to confirm?” he suggested.

You nodded.

Your phone rang and you showed him the screen.

He showed a satisfied smile and he hang up.

Upon seeing that smile, your heart starts pounding faster.

“See you around.” He said and left.

You followed shortly and went to your second class.

You hurriedly rode the crammed bus so you’ll be able to go to work on time. You reached the shop in just a nick of time when you were called into the office.

The Madam was there, reading a book. You started to feel nervous.

“Darling, I have been observing you for more than a week now. And based on what I see, you’re doing a good job. But you’re not updating me on something.” She spoke in a very calm manner.

“These are your things right?” She slowly pushed your suitcase and other bag.

Your face lost all it’s color and you felt cold. You were found out.

“Do you have a place to stay?” she asked.

You looked at the floor and you felt small. You slowly shook your head.

“Oh, this girl. You should’ve told me sooner!” she exclaimed.

You looked at her and she was looking at you with a smile.

“Darling, a lady shouldn’t live in a place like this. Despite of a high end security inside and out, this is still a commercial establishment.” She started.

“Here, I want you to have this.” she pushed a jade velvet pouch towards you.

You looked at her, and she noded for you to open it.

The velvet pouch bore a key.

“It’s a key to my house. Oh dear, you are a lady. You should be kept safe always. But I want you to promise me something.” She warned.

“No boys.”

You nodded.

“No parties.”

You nodded.

“If you’re coming late, or will not come home, call everybody on that number.”

You nodded.

You can’t believe what’s happening to you and your life right now.

“Go now. Someone’s waiting for you at the back. Here’s the address, and there are the numbers of the people who will help you. I want you to settle first before anything else. And don’t worry about your pay for this day, you’ll receive a full pay.”

You cried.

You thanked her. You held her hand and you just cried there.

She moved in front of you, and pat your head.

“Go.” She smiled assuringly.

And you smiled back.

She guided you how to exit to the back and there’s really a person waiting for you at the back. He carried all of your things and placed it in the compartment. He opened the door of the passenger’s seat and he sat behind the steering wheel.

The car ride was exciting for you. You don’t know what kind of house you’ll live in from now on but you’re now very thankful. The driver stopped at a high walled property. The gate was intricately designed and painted in black. The driver honked once and someone from the inside opened it.

The car parked in front of the main entrance an it bore a large house. You placed the key and turned it, you felt like you won that house when you heard  a click which opened the door.

You called someone from the paper that the Madam gave and introduced yourself. The driver politely greeted you and left.

That person was a chubby woman who greeted you sweetly and introduced herself as Molly. She guided you to your room.

The design was just like what you saw on magazines. The walls are in stripes of pastel blue and pink.

Your sheets were in floral.

You thanked her. She told you that you’re the only  one living in the house so you really have to contact them whenever you need something. You thanked her.

You were so happy that when Molly left, you jumped.

You looked for the toilet and you found a beautiful one. It’s  modern. You thought maybe the intrerior was remodelled and the exterior of the house was preserved.

You received a call from an unknown number and when you answered it, it was the Madam.

[Did you like it?] she excitedly asked.

“Madam, I LOVE IT. Thank you!”

She chuckled.

[Ah, the bathroom’s on the furthest left from your room. Suit yourself. There are tons of woman things there.]

“But this is too much”. You tried to calm her down.

[Nonsense! Just pick a scented bubble bath whatever, my in-law loves to send me those and I don’t use them. So do whatever you please.]

“Madam, I can’t thank you enough.”

[Shush. I’ll hang up okay? Enjoy your stay.]

The call ended.

You dashed to your room and picked your toiletries and started your bath time.

You chose to use the one that smelled like flowers. You played with the bubbles and closed your eyes for a bit. When you’re done, you were so impressed for there were stack of folded towels on the built in cabinets. You wrapped yourself in one of them and it felt so fluffy. You were now headed to your room to get a good nights sleep.

You were awaken in the middle of the night when you felt something warm behind your back. Your waist felt heavy and you feel that someone’s embracing you. Fear starts to overpower your senses, you remembered locking the main door.

Or did you?

You tried to move but the arm starts pins you down. You want to scream but there might be nobody around. Your phone was quite far from you so you couldn’t ask for help through text.

When that ‘person’ moved, it was your opportunity to move back. So with force, you pushed that person, enough to make him fall. He groaned.

Then you opened your phone’s flashlight.

To your surprise, you screamed, and the other person screamed too.

Then he stood up and turn on the main light. You hid behind the covers.

“Who are you!?” he asked.

“Don’t come any closer!” you shrieked.

“Y/N?” He called your name.

You quickly removed the covers from your face and your eyes widen as the familiar orange hair of Park Jimin was in front of you.

“Jimin?” You looked at him in disbelief.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” you both asked each other in unison.


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Could you do a I Need U themed scenario for V,please?

“YN-Ah Stop it now, what are you trying to do ?! I know your jealous but you don’t have the right to talk about her like that! She will never cheat on me! Get out of here, now.”

It was the last few words I heard from him. It’s been a week since I don’t have any news now. No phone calls, no text, nothing. I was sitting on my bed, with my eyes full of tears, thinking about his last words. I used to be his bestfriend, we always told everything to each other, why is he thinking that I lied, that I just want to ruin his relationship with that girl?! All I want is him being happy, and as I know, this girl will hurt him, more than he can imagine. 

I saw her that night with a man at the park, they were holding hands and he kissed her. Not just once and it wasn’t just a peck.

Few hours after I saw this scene I called him, for warning him. But I didn’t think that his “girlfriend” could make up things like that. She denied everything, and on top of that, she told him that I invented everything just to make them break up, because I loved him and that I was jealous. But that wasn’t the worst.

The worst was when I came to his house to explain everything, and he didn’t believe me. I was sad and angry at the same time. I went back home right after this and never leaved my bed. My bestfriend, wasn’t my bestfriend anymore.

I put a jogging and went outside, for a walk, it was dark already but I didn’t care. I was walking in that park when my phone rang. I really didn’t want to talk to anyone, I was about to shut it off when I saw his name on the screen.

Tears were back when I picked up. He was calling me, finally. 

Nobody was talking, we could just heard sniffs and sobs on both sides of the phone.

“Mianhae… Mianhae…Mianhae…” That’s all he was saying.

“Mianhae y/n-ah, I didn’t listen to you… Mianhae, I was an idiot for trusting such a b*tch… Mianhae y/n…”

He was crying. I wasn’t talking. 

I stopped my walk and just stood here, in the middle of that park, listening to his voice, that voice that I missed so much.

“I need you y/n”

Tears were streaming down as I ran trough the city, looking for Taehyung’s appartment.

“Forgive me y/n… please”

I was in front of his door, with my phone still near my ear when I knocked as loud and as fast as possible.

He opened the door. His eyes were as red as mine, his hair was messy, and he looked like he didn’t eat for few days. I dropped my phone and hug him tightly.

He buried his head in my neck, still sobbing and repeating “Mianhae… saranghae…”

I couldn’t say anything. He was so sad, and that was the thing I wanted to avoid the most. I was just here, hugging him, hopping that he will feel better after this. But I knew everything was over, when I saw these medicine boxes empty, on the floor.

I looked at him, with even more tears.

“Oh no please you didn’t…”

I felt his grip loosening. I tried to keep him standing but he was too heavy.

“Mianhae… Sranghae..” Were his very last words. He was laying down on the floor, eyes closed. he was dead. 

“I love you too Taehyung-ah” I said, wiping my tears away and going to the bathroom. I took 2 boxes of medicine and a bottle of water. I came back to Taehyung’s dead body, I lay down next to him and swallowed all the pills.

“Wait for me I’m coming.”

Ugh first Angst, I tried my best 

Admin K 

Doll [Jungkook]

Summary: You were his everything so you had to be his.

Genre: Angst/Smut

Words: 2133

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Trigger Warning: Smut, death, stalking

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Walking down the street at night became suffocating. You were alone, yet it seemed like someone was right beside you. You breathed faster, pace quickened, your heartbeat began to race until you could hear it in your ear. Every sound made your heart beat a bit more and your chest began to feel too small. You would reach your home in a matter of seconds, so why are you so scared?

Once you reached your door, you opened it as fast as you could and closed it quickly in your wake. You fell on the floor, your heart still beating too fast. It wasn’t the first time you felt like this. It’s been a month now, you have been feeling as though someone is always by your side, whenever and wherever you are. You couldn’t bear it any longer. Your diary had been your only confidant and you thought maybe it was time to contact the police; you could go the next  morning to ask for some help.


The sun was rising, waking you up by its shining rays. It was too bright and blinding you.

Blinding? How could that be possible? You always sleep with your shutters closed.

“Baby! Are you awake?”

You heard a soothing voice near your head and the light turned off.

“I’m sorry, I was toying with the flashlight. I wanted to see if you were awake, like the doctors do.”

Your eyes fluttered open as you looked to your side and saw the man right next to you. It takes time before you could see him clearly because of the light that had been in front of your eyes seconds ago. You nearly jumped out of bed when you saw him smiling innocently before collecting yourself as you tried to calm yourself down.

But your heart wasn’t racing and you soon realised that there was barely a heartbeat to calm.

By the time the stranger was talking, your eyes became used to the light of the room and could see where you were. The first thing you noticed was that you still were at home. It was your room and you were in your bed, not even tied up. But you couldn’t move, and it was worse.

“Baby? Why aren’t you answering?

You still weren’t able to speak due to the shock, almost choking on your own spit.

“I- I’m feeling a bit dizzy.”

The boy came to you, brushing his fingers through your hair.

“Just rest. I’m here to take care of you.”

“But how did you come in? And who are you?”

Your voice fade as you saw the shift in the face of the boy. He seemed shocked.

“Don’t you remember me? I was your neighbour and friend. We- We use to play together for so long, and you said I was your bestfriend. Jeon Jungkook.”

You didn’t remember that, but you began to think that it was dangerous not to agree, so you nodded your head, hoping the guy wouldn’t get angry. You weren’t in a good state to fight him anyways.

“You want to know how I got here and everything right? I’ll tell you everything. It will be like telling a story to a child that is about to sleep. That’s cute right?”

You nodded, waiting for Jungkook to continue and tell you everything. You couldn’t do anything beside that. Waiting. It was all you could do for now, so that’s what you did.

Jungkook began his explanations with how he stalked you everyday for a month now; confirming your previous feelings. He talk about the last month, how he had been tailing you, entering your house, and learning everything about you. Including your private life, telling you he was reading your diary. That’s how he knew you were going to ask help from the police; that’s why he administered you some sedative to maintain you from escaping.

“I was tailing you like usual, but you began walking faster. Your pace was quite hard to follow, baby. I had to speed up a bit while being at a good distance from you. God, it was so thrilling. That’s a shame I can’t tail you anymore.”

You began to feel really frightened. ‘Why can’t he tail me anymore?’ Your thoughts were muddled up and your heart began racing in your chest. Then, you realized the sedative must have begin dissipating and you felt like you could move a bit. You would wait until you can clearly move enough to escape before making a move.

“Why were you tailing me? Why didn’t you just come to me, so we could talk.”

He turn to you with a hurt expression on his face. He seemed so frail, he couldn’t be someone who would hurt you or anyone.

“I tried. Really. I wanted to come to you, talk to you, or just send you a letter. But you seemed to have forgotten everything about me. You saw me and you didn’t recognize me.”

He looked hurt and the anger could be heard in his voice.

“I wanted to get to know you better so I began stalking you a bit. Then a bit more.”

His voice was now deeper and he was talking in frensy. It took you some time to calm your heart and your thoughts that were racing through your body, firing it all.

“That was delicious. Seeing you everyday, every second of your life. I could even smell you. You became my everything. I needed more. I need more. I want you to be mine.”

You tried your best not to have your heart race again in your chest. You needed to get out of here and go to the police.

You were now able to move to move your body, you just needed a weakness from the boy so you could try to escape. It was your house so you knew it very well. It would be easy to get out.

You didn’t think twice when you kick him in the face, moving to the door in a second. You crashed into the door to find locked. You tried to open it a second time. It couldn’t be locked, you hadn’t any lock on your room door.

“You really thought I’d let you go easily? It’s not your home, not your room and in fact, there is a lock. I couldn’t help, I didn’t want to tie you up, so I had to lock the door. I’m really sorry sweetheart, but you can’t leave me.”

You were boiling. ‘Who does he think he is?’ You panicked and pick a fight with, knowing it would be vain, even if you took classes taekwondo, he is well built and 182 cm. ‘What do you think you can do, y/n?’

But you didn’t stop, you wanted to get out from here. You swung one punch to his face but he stopped it easily.

“Will you stop trying to fight me? You know you can’t, stay still.”

But you didn’t and just kept on trying to give punches here and there, and he kept avoiding them until the moment you felt your cheek redenning. He had punched you - a real one, not like those you were attempting.

“Stop! Why aren’t you stopping? Why? Just why? I tried everything to get you! You can’t leave me so easily. Stay. Please stay.”

He was now crying onto your neck. He held you tight as if you really were his girlfriend and he was trying to keep you. But you knew it wasn’t the case. Jungkook was an obsessive person you barely knew, but you couldn’t do anything. He was too strong for you to try anything. Besides, you weren’t even in your house.

“But where are we?” You asked, diverting his attention.

“We’re in my home. Our home. You like it? I designed the room as it was in your original place.”

He gave you a smile and you returned his gesture with a small one. You were distraught, but you tried to relax in your current predicament. ‘What do I do now? Will I really have to live with this psycopath for my entire life?’

“Yeah… I like it, but can we eat, please? I’m starving.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve brought some paints au chocolat. Do you some hot chocolate too? I know you drink hot chocolate sometimes. Or I can bring you some grapefruit juice. I know you like it, too; it makes you feel good.”

You froze. Hearing him talking about what you like as if he was your bestfriend or your boyfriend was terrifying, giving you goosebumps. It’s as though he learned your diary by heart. He knew every detail of your physical appearance, your mind, your family, and your habits.

Jungkook stepped out of the room and brought the food that had been waiting on a little table near the door. He brought the breakfast on a tray. It would have been so good if the man was your boyfriend. Not that you have one but still, you really wanted to do it with your boyfriend. You thought about the night you wrote that detail in your diary… ‘Oh! And that’s why he was doing that. That’s logical.’

He confessed his story to you so you could know him as much as he knew you. Jungkook was all honey and smiles again, like an actual boyfriend, and it felt right.

But true to form, the other side of him came out again, obscuring the kind features of his face; he was turning to a monster. He had savage drives and you had to find a way to restrict them. Only, there wasn’t a way for anyone to help him.

“Y/N, have you finished eating? So we can go take a bath.” He gave you his best smile, at this moment he seemed like an actual teenager, a genuine person. “Come with me.”

So you followed him, without any sort of question. You were trapped, enveloped by his strong arms. Jungkook led you to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He asked you to undress as he was already half-naked, pulling his shirt off his body. You blushed, your cheeks reddening as you felt yourself burning inside. The guy was more than well built and you couldn’t help thinking his torso would make such a good pillow.

“Aren’t you going to take off your clothes? You need to take a bath!”

You weren’t saying anything, undressing. Jungkook undressed as well and you headed the bathtub. He really wanted to do all the things a couple would do, as taking a bath together. You remembered having wrote this in your diary. He sat on the bathtub, with you between his thighs, close to his torso. You could feel his bulge on your low back. He was hard. What you didn’t remember writing was that you really wanted to have sex in a bathtub, with hot water embracing your bodies.

So, Jungkook was here to remind you your fantasies, sliding a finger between your thighs, getting right to your already heated core. When he saw you shifting, he took your two hands into his free one and began fingering you with the other. He slid a long finger into you, his mouth kissing and biting your neck. He kissed your back hearing your moans, sweet in his ears, and inserted a second finger into your core, curling them and finding your sweet spot easily.

“You’re so tight baby, should we continue it in the bedroom?”

You felt quite woozy and didn’t argue against Jungkook. You followed him and laid on the bed, body lit with heat from his previous ministrations. As prepped everything and began to enter you, you couldn’t help the moans that escaped, quickly loving the way your body felt with him inside you. Jungkook was really the only one making a move while you simply appreciated the whole thing. Not that you didn’t know what to do, but your drugged state didn’t allow you to do much of anything. So you felt him, gripped his arms, scratched his back and after several strong thrusts in the right place, you came. The boy came not long after you, moaning out your name in a rather attractive voice.

“Are you okay baby? Are you feeling dizzy?” He watched you with a soft gaze, as you nodded your head. “That’s natural, you just had sex and I added something in your breakfast. Something sweet so you can be with me forever.”

The poison traveled your veins, giving you hot flushes, you weren’t able to speak nor think anymore. You felt your brain turning off, letting your mind fade away. As your heartbeat vanished, all that remained was your inert body, like a doll.

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its 1:00 am i am in bed in texas and i am missing this boy who used to be my bestfriend and we no longer talk and i want nothing more than for us to be ok but i dont wanna bother him :(

i say message him, text him, call him, whatever it is, you never know, love u

I talked to him last night for the first time in so long. I have moved on and I know he did a while ago, but it was still nice. It hasn’t been like this between us for a long time. We were laughing and smiling. We kept bringing old memories back and it felt good. I’m over him, but I still miss him. How could I not miss him? We were best friends. And we both have changed. It wasn’t the way I thought, I thought we would change and grow up together but maybe that’s just not how it’s supposed to be. I just hope this means that we can start over and be the best friends we used to be. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be.
—  Madi Angeles
You're Gonna Regret That - Matt Espinosa Smut

Guys this my first smut and I got really embarrassed writing it omfg. I not a good smut writer. But I hope you guys enjoy!

“Ok y/n , pull yourself together.” I told myself for like the 100th time today. I struggled to find. Reason not to go to the Bieber Roast with my long time boyfriend Matt Espinosa. But the thing is that we weren’t very public about our relationship for the shear thought of being torn apart by the fans. I didn’t want to see Matt hurt and I knew that keeping our relationship on the down low was the better thing we could have done.

But I wanted to show Matt off, I really did, but when we got out into public is would be too risky.

But what most people don’t know is that Matt is insanely freaky. The worst part is he freaky at all the wrong times…well not that that is that bad. Sometimes it’s fun. The fear of getting caught. But when Matt is in the mood, he’s in the mood. And he goes in. Hard.

As I finished straightening my hair and put in my fanciest earrings I owned, curtesy of Matt, I was ready to go. I walked down the steps of our house and saw Matt stood facing the front door on his phone.

“You ready, babe?” I asked while walking down the steps.

“Yeah ba-” Matt turned around and looked up at me. He stood there mouth opened. “Damn babe, you look amazing.”

I blushed and looked down at my dress, fiddling with the hem of it. “Thanks.” I said laughing.

“Babe, I really mean it. You look fucking incredible.” Matt said taking my hand, pulling me into him. He spun me around so my back was towards him.

“This dress is gorgeous, but I’d look more amazing on the ground.” Matt said in my ear.

I shivered a bit. You see what I mean?

“Well we’re gonna be late babe.” You said walking away and grabbing my clutch.

Two can play at this game.

Matt walked is outside where we were greeted by a long, sleek limo.

“I figured a princess needed to ride in style.” Matt said grabbing my waist from behind, kissing me cheek. I didn’t even realize how hard I was smiling.

“Matt… I’m speechless. You didn’t have to do all this. Thank you so much.” I said kissing him.

“Well, I know how much courage it took you to come to this roast. I know how you feel about the fans and all. But, I didn’t want to be 3rd wheeling with Gilinsky so I thought I’d ask you to come. So thank YOU.” Matt said opening the limo door for me to step in.

It was almost like time stood still. I took a minute to admire my perfect boyfriend, standing there in his black tuxedo and shining black leather shoes. I wondered to myself how such a ravishing human being was MY boyfriend & only MINE.

I stepped into the car and Matt came in after me, closing the door behind him. The ride there was quite and calm. Matt & I enjoying each other’s company in privacy while we could. When we were almost to the destination, Matt was letting his friskiness get a hold of him. He put he hand on my upper thigh, inching it closer and closer to an area that was growing painfully uncomfortable by the minute. I crossed my legs to prevent him from making the next move he wanted to make. I looked up at him as if though nothing has just happened, smiling.

“You’ve got another thing coming to you babe.” Matt said in my ear. I got the goosebumps, thinking about all the things he could be planning to do.

Once we got to the destination, Matt got out and held the door for me. We walked the red carpet, where we saw Gilinsky and his “friend” Madison Beer who is a friend of Justin. I wasn’t to fond of Madison. Not because she wasn’t talented but she always made sly comments about me , or the way I looked, or the way I did anything for the matter. She always used to hit on Matt’s Bestfriend Nash when we all first became friends with her.

Matt held me close while cameras flashed and people yelled Matt’s name. We took some pictures but me being the camera shy one, tried to hide my face in Matt’s tux.

“Babe, c'mon. Show them that beautiful face.” Matt said. I lifted my head up and faced the cameras, watching all the lights flash here and there.

Matt and I walked inside, and sat in our directed seats. We were sitting at a table with Gilinsky & Madison. Madison was behaving herself tonight for once. I tried to bite me tongue and not say another when it came to her , it just wasn’t worth it.

About halfway through the roast, which was hilarious might I add, I decided it was time to switch the roles. It was time to give Matt a taste of his own medicine. I put my hand on his upper thigh, moving it slightly ever couple seconds. The feeling of my hand on his thigh was typical for him. I do this almost every time we’re together, but he was in for a huge surprise.

I moved my hand up to his crouch area, rubbing back and forth slightly. He tensed up underneath me taking in the new sensation he haven’t experienced with me ever. He didn’t dare to look at me , probably with the fear he’d pounce on me if he did. I bit my lip slightly, rubbing back and forth harder as he fidgeted in his seat.

“Y/n if you don’t stop when we get home your going to get punished.” Matt said in my ear harshly. Hearing those words gave me even more confidence to tease him more, growing wetter thinking about his plans.

I then unbuttoned his pants , slipping my hand halfway in before he swiftly grasped my hand, pausing it away.

“Your going to be so sorry for that.” Matt said through gritted teeth clearly annoyed.

“Sorry daddy.” I said in his ear. He quickly turned his head looking at me. He loves it when I call him that.

“Babe, you better stop.” Matt said looking very serious now. “We need to get out of here.” He says desperately.

“Your telling me.” I said under my breathe.

The roast seemed to go on forever , Matt and I both growing more needy for each other by the minute. Once the roast finally came to a close , Matt and I wasted no time in saying our quick goodbyes go Gilinsky & Madison. We rushed out of the guiding the roast was held in faster then a rocket it seemed.

Once we got into the limo, we both fought the urge to jump into each other knowing we both were in a someone secluded area.

But once we got home , it like a light switch went off. As soon as we stepped foot the house , I was pinned up against the now closed front door. Matt’s kisses attacking my neck quickly and needy. I melted under his touch as he slowed down more and more.

“Better be prepared babe. This isn’t about to be quick.” Matt said kissing my sweet spot. I was holding in so many moans trying to win this sort of game he had set up for us.

“Don’t hold back those moans babe. Let daddy hear them.” I let out a long string of moans that were so needy. Matt moaned into my neck. He stopped attacking my neck for a minute to pick me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he Carrie dis both up the steps. He laid us down on our bed once we got home.

He quickly discarded his suit jacket and was in the middle of loosing his tie when he leaned down leading us into another make out session.

Matt started kissing down my chest fiddling with my boobs thorough my dress.

“This needs to come off. Now.” Matt said demanding.

“Yes daddy.” You said.

“God y/n.” Matt said moaning.

Once my dress was discarded onto the ground , Matt went back to fiddling with my bra. He used is free hand to wrap around and undo the bra. With one hand. He started kissing , sucking, & nipping at my breasts leaving hickeys here and there. Once he got down the to place I needed him the most, he stopped.

“So beautiful.” Matt whispered against my clothed ‘area’ . I squirmed, but Matt placed both his large hands on either side of my hips , pinning them down. Looking up at me, I saw I Matt I hadn’t seen before. But it excited me. Matt pulled my panties, leaving me completely exposed. He ran a finger up my folds, making me squirm even more. He finally lowered his head kitten licking the area gently. He did this a few more times, but it wasn’t enough. He pulled away leaving me just wanting something more. He stepped away undressing the rest of himself, leaving himself completely exposed.

“I want you to beg for it.” Matt said.

“W-what?” I said shocked.

“You fucking heard me. You want it so bad? Beg for it.” Matt said. I moaned getting excited.

“Please Matt. I need you.” You said moaning.

“What’s my name?” He said raising an eyebrow growing angry. Shit.

“Ma- daddyyy.” You said. “Daddy I need you now. Fucking please daddy.” You said playing with your boobs.

“Don’t touch yourself like that.” Matt said sternly.

“Oh, and what are you gonna do it about it?” You said seductively. Before you knew it , you were being pinned it the bed. Matt placed him member between your legs and started thrusting into you.

“Matttt.” You moaned. You felt each other’s need.

“Baby, I’m gonna-” Matt said. “Come on babe.”

“Matt me too.”

You both released together , letting all your need and passion let loose. Matt collapsed on you kissing your neck one final time before laying next you.

“I love you babe.” Matt said.

“I love you dumbo.” You squad kissing his cheek.

He's my Bestfriend (Jack Gilinsky imagine)

Chapter Onê; invitations

Okay so first things first, I didn’t hate Madison beer, I just didn’t like that she was with jack. Besides she was like six years old compared us all, and I didn’t think that he should date her, she wasn’t good enough for him. Of course I could also be thinking this because I thought no girl was good enough for him. We had become really great friends when we went on tour. All the boys and I were tight as ever. So watching him go and fall for some girl was, well different, especially because he was like my, I don’t know how to explain it other to say he was my person. I guess you could call him my other half but that was putting it lightly, however I strictly kept my thoughts as Friendly as possible. Though it was a struggle have you seen that mans jawline? God he was so sexy.

~ ~ ~

“Jacki chan!!!” I yell.

Flinging myself at Jack as he opens the door to my apartment. He’d been gone on tour with his best friend Jack Johnson. I hadn’t seen him for over three months and to say it had drove me crazy was an understatement. The moment his eyes landed on me that weird feeling started up in my chest, and as his strong arms wrapped around my waist and he spun me around I couldn’t help the giggles that were spilling out of my mouth.

“Kitten.” He coos.

The nickname he’s given me has me smiling like an idiot as he gives me chaste kisses all over my face.

I pout my bottom lip sticking it out as he stops.

“Kitten I have to tell you something.” He says a bit worried.

“What is it jackie-poo?” I ask using yet another cheesy nickname.

Jack sets me down, yet keeps his arms locked around me as he looks me in the eye, biting his lip.

I suck in a breath through my teeth, feeling a blush rising to my cheeks as my heart pitter patters, he looks fucking sexy biting in his bottom lip like that. Though I wish it were my bottom lip between those teeth.

I frown slightly confused by the way my thoughts were going, when Jack clears his throat. So I look up at him slightly nervous by his newly nervous grimace.

“Kitten while I was on tour, I met someone, and um I hate to say this but you’re not my only girl anymore” he says speaking fast.

This information isn’t too bad as I had heard he’d been seen with some girl, but I hadn’t known that they were dating, which wrecked me on the inside. But I didn’t want to see my Jack upset so i forced on a smile.

“As long as I’m not going to be replaced then I guess it’s okay.” I whisper.

But even as I say these words, i’m trying to step back away from him and his warm arms and make some space between the two of us. But he isn’t having any of that as he wraps his arms tighter around me wresting his head atop my own.

“Thank goodness I didn’t want my main girl not talking to me or something” he whispers.

I gently push him away so that I can look into his eyes gulping a bit the fact that even though he has a girlfriend that he would still call me his main girl.

“Well in that case I aught to tell you, that I have another man in my life” I say.

“What? Who is he?!” Jack asks.

When I look up I can see that he’s slightly angry, his jaw is now clenched, making his sexy jawline even more pronounced. I can’t help it when I reach up, tracing my finger tips along it, which has his eyes looking hooded.

“Who is he kitten?” He growls.

I smile giggling again before taking his hand and leading him further into the house.

“He’s been in your apartment with you, what the fuck kitten!” Jack yells.

Chuckling I shrug but continue to pull him along before pushing him on the couch.

“Just wait here, he’s sleeping in my bed, I tired him out last night” I say biting my lip.

Enjoying the fact that Jack looked like he was going to murder someone. He was about to say something but I’m rushing up the stairs to get my man.

Coming down stairs I keep a straight face as I yell for Charlie. Barreling in comes my new man. Jacks jaw drops, causing me to laugh hard. Charlie is a dog, a bear like dog, with black fluffy hair making him look like a well bear.

“Your new man is a dog” Jack asks incredulous.

“Yup isn’t he the cutest thing?” I ask getting down on my knees to wrap my arms around his neck.

“For sure” Jack is mumbling as he rubs his hands through his hair.

When a loud ding is heard through out the room, and by the way his face lights up I can tell that it must be his new leading lady.

Not wanting to disturb his euphoria I get up, whistling for Charlie so that I can feed him. When we come back Jack has turned on the tv, Charlie makes his way over to him sniffing his hand and such. I watch as Jack takes the time to let him familiarize himself before petting Charlie, who lays at his feet giving out a content doggy sigh. I can’t help but smile and take a picture, liking the way Jack seems to make my apartment feel like home. Before moving to lay against him in the couch and taking a selfie, the caption reads: my bestfriend finally came home.

Before posting it on Twitter. Already hundreds of people have liked it and commented sweet things, though some of them say awful things, but I ignore them.

Jack and I have been watching the office though he continued to text his boo, making me wish that I had one. When I bite his shoulder, causing him to growl at me.

“All you’ve done is text your girlfriend, come on the office is on” I whine.

“Sorry it’s just apparently Madison wants to have a get together tonight for me and Johnson, to see all the guys and she’s asking me who to invite, since she doesn’t know them all that well,” he states.

“Oh okay that makes sense” I shrug turning back to the tv.

“Awe kitten, come on now don’t be like that” Jack groans before pulling me into his lap and hugging me close. Resting his head on my shoulder while I stroke the back of his neck.

Jack and I have always had an affectionate and physical relationship, so I couldn’t understand why I was so, flustered, feeling him rub my back, before slipping his hands under my shirt and massaging my back. And honestly I was glad I was wearing a bra because my nipples had turned hard.

I had to take a few deep breaths before I was able to say anything to my Jack.

“Well it’s just I thought tonight we would have our annual sleepover with Johnson, but now it’ll just be me and Charlie” I say.

“Kitten, we can do that later, come on Madison just wants to do something nice for me, and she’s my girlfriend” he says pleading.

Again that stupid word, girlfriend. Not wanting to be that clingy friend who tried to make herself the first priority I decided to let it go.

“Alright yeah, we can do our sleepover some other time” I agree.

“Thank you kitten” he says kissing my forehead.

I nod again before sliding off his lap, wanting to somehow punish him for messing up our traditions when in reality he could hangout with whoever he wanted on his first night back.

“Kitten, won’t you please come to my welcome back party?” He asks shooting me a begging look.

I frown at him flipping him off.

That’s when he lunges for me, attacking me with the tickles, until I can’t say anything but yes.

[Scarlets POV]

I’m sitting on Madison’s hotel room, watching as she twirls around her room, a big smile on her face. I’m guessing its because of her new boyfriend Jack, seeing her happy had me happy even if I wish it was me. Yeah I’m in love with my bestfriend even though I’m a girl I mean she’s beautiful and she helped me come to terms with everything.

Not wanting her to see me moping I start to play games on my phone when she tackled me to the bed and straddles me. I’m surprised and feel my heart race as I place my hands on each other sides of her thighs rubbing soothing motions. She’s grinning as she plays with my hair.

“What’s going on mads?” I ask slightly breathless.

“I’m throwing a welcome back party for Jack and everyone so far has agreed to come including the guest of honor!” She squeals.

I roll my eyes, but smile for her benefit.

“That’s awesome!” I say.

“I know now we just need to get ready.”

“We?” I ask.

“Yeah us, I can’t do this without my bestfriend!” She says her eyes widening at the idea.

“Look madi I’ll just third wheel, so how bout I help you get ready and then I’ll stay here watching tv and eating junk food without you talking about how bad it is for me.” I say hopefully.

“No way you’re coming with, besides Jack says his other bestfriend is going to be there and maybe you’ll guys hit it off” she days wiggling her eyebrows.

“I highly doubt it.” I sigh.

“Please come on pretty please” she starts to beg me pouting her bottom lip.

I’m so very tempted to crash my lips to hers, but I resist, letting out a loud groan before agreeing, though I stated I get to leave if I started to feel uncomfortable.

“Deal! Oh my gosh I’m so excited!” She squeals.

She kisses me hard on the side of the mouth before hopping off me and running towards our suitcases before jumping into the shower.

“Seriously Madison we have like 2 hours before we need to leave are you really going to take a shower right now? what about me?” I whine.

“Then come and shower with me you butthole” she yells back.

Dear lord this woman was going to kill me.

“No hurry up”