we use the same brush

Finally got time to redraw what might be my favorite shot in the entire show <3

Hello! Thanks for your message. Ok, where do I start? xD When you’re writing a book, if you take someone else’s novel, change all the names and use a different font it doesn’t mean the book is now yours. Even if you rewrite every single word by yourself. I guess it’s the same with visual arts.
I know we all use the same references, the same graphic programs and brushes, we follow the same tips, we are inspired by the same artists and works of art, we live on the same fucking planet. We reuse the same ideas on and on. But we also have the ability to combine all those different things adding something that’s distinctly ours. The number of combinations is endless and yes, everyone has something unique in themselves. This is how we can create original stuff. Sometimes the line between drawing inspiration and stealing might be blurry, but every intelligent person will notice when that line is being crossed.

It’s not ok that person didn’t mention they basically repeated all the lines someone else had drawn. But I think they are at the beginning of their artistic journey and they’re still learning by imitation. I doubt any artist wants to be second someone. If you’re an artist you want to stand out. And I know that there are always people who can spot it if your works aren’t actually yours. Idk why would anyone want to deal with such a situation.
It’s really a rip-off of my drawing, yes, I don’t feel the need to do anything about it though. I don’t feel hurt enough by that drawing to call them out or something. I’m mad when people edit my drawings and I can still see my lines underneath those edits, when they trace and claim it’s theirs, or when they just claim it’s theirs without changing anything… well, maybe just cropping the source. Or when they sell my works (I send hitmen then).
Anyway, (it’s getting kinda long) I think credit would be nice in this case, like yep, but I won’t cry about it if they won’t add it.

What do you guys think about the issue. I’d really like to know your opinions. It’s an interesting topic.

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you and toasty seem to have very similar art styles, did you take art classes together, or critique each other together? or do you just use the same kind of program/brush?


We are twin sisters.

We went to the shared art classes of LIFE.


Rad Quaggan! by elianaofshiverpeaks

Done with acrylics on (super cheap dollar store) canvas.

Had a fun art night with mogstomp last night. Neither of us really had any idea what we were going to paint - not even as we were painting. We really need to invest in some decent paintbrushes… using the same sized brush for all details was pretty hard. Despite that, I’m kinda happy with how this turned out. :3