we understand bb

Hamilton in the Big Brother Diary Room
  • Alex: It's just he... *takes deep breath* I just want to strangle him, y'know, just... he's a fucking asshole!
  • BB: Who are you talking about today, Alexander?
  • Burr: I feel good. I do. Nobody knows my secret yet, and I have no plans of telling them. Not until the very end, because that's how you win, you wait. I think the people watching respect that.
  • BB: People constantly boo you Aaron
  • John: But like... how does it work? How do you hear me? Are you an AI, or are you a dude hiding behind there?
  • BB: Why did you come into the diary room this morning, John?
  • Hercules: I may have lost that challenge, but when you knock me down, I get the FUCK back up again!
  • BB: Take a moment to calm down, Hercules, and rejoin the house.
  • Lafayette: I will not apologize for calling Burr a little shit in French! He thought I was offering him breakfast.
  • BB: *sigh*
  • James: I just want to go home. *shudders, wrapping blanket tighter* I just *sniffles* wanna go home...
  • BB: Someone make this man a hot chocolate
  • Thomas: Look, just because Alexander's a little bitch doesn't mean I should be labelled as the villain. Why the fuck do people boo me on eviction night? I'm a pleasant guy, okay, y'all motherfuckers don't know how fuckin nice I am
  • BB: You may have done well not to antagonize the situation by throwing a potted plant at Alexander's head
  • George W: I feel as if I have to watch over them, like they're my children or something
  • BB: I know the feeling
  • King George: Let them boo. Let them jeer. I'll watch them all burn in the end. All of them.
  • BB: We're concerned, George
  • Angelica: I've got game. If you know me, you know that I've got game. I let Eliza win that challenge, because I would be a shit sister if I didn't, but at the end, WHAM! I'm gonna sprint those last few miles
  • BB: Wonderful strategy, Angelica. You haven't slept in three days
  • Maria: I... I don't know why I keep sleeping with Alexander... he's just... really hot, and... I don't want people to think I'm that kind of girl, but...
  • BB: We understand, Maria. We understand.
  • Eliza: Everyone leaves their shampoo out. Like Thomas, why can't he simply snap the lid back on and put his shampoo back properly? It's very simple! Extremely simple! I won't be everyone's maid... I'm not cleaning another square inch of this house!
  • BB: We'll believe it when we see it
  • Peggy: Does anyone know who I am in this house?
  • BB: You're on the voting boards, Polly.
— important 💝

hey guys !! as u can see we’ve just carried out quite an extensive activity check and we’ve discussed the outcome of gangnamhq a lot. activity, even from us admins, has been very fickle lately and we’re not sure if it’s because of lack of time or interest. of course, we don’t want to close gangnam if the members’ hearts are still in it, and we see the muns that are frequently on the dash — and we’re genuinely very happy about and appreciate that ! however, in truth it’s just not going the way we envisioned and we’re therefore reaching out to u in hopes of some feedback: are you interested in keeping gangnam alive with us ? we still have multiple events and tasks planned, however we would be open for revamping, and we also understand if u simply don’t have the time. either way we’re super grateful for u guys sticking w us and felt it was only right to check — as ur admins and as ur friends !