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The Element EVERYTHING in Your Story Needs

To all the writers who have ever felt lost, alone, and completely confused during the labyrinthine journey that is writing anything, and felt like screaming this at your story …

There’s hope.

There’s a light at the end of that darn tunnel. First, let me describe how I used to fight my way out of these periods of confusion and hopelessness. 

Usually, I would try to force myself to get back into the groove of the story. I would reread it, and be yelling at myself in my head, “Remember why you love it! LOVE your book again! Keep reading and FALL IN LOVE, damn it!” I’d go over descriptions, bits of dialogue, banter between the characters. I’d go over settings and imagery, and try to make myself remember how much they’d once excited me. I’d read things that had made me laugh when I typed them, sentences that I was particularly proud of, paragraphs that made me feel particularly clever. But the thing was, it didn’t work. 

I didn’t care.  

What was the problem? The problem was some of those descriptions, settings, images, and witty episodes of bantering had no Story Reason to be there. They were just there because they amused me. Just because I found the imagery beautiful. Just because I found a sentence or joke really clever and wanted to share my wit with the world. But the world didn’t care about my wit. Because the world (the people reading my book) knew subconsciously that there was no story to give that so-called witty sentence substance and meaning. I could create the most breath-taking images, I could make the most well-rounded living and breathing character, I could make a setting that you wanted to run away from home and live inside … and it didn’t matter. If the thing didn’t have a purpose for being there within the narrative, nobody cared. And I didn’t either. 

So what is a Story Reason? 

Everything in a story exists to support one of three things. 

1. The A-story: The surface plot, the quest of the main character to achieve a specific tangible goal. What the story is about on the surface. 

2. The B-Story: The love story, or relationship of the thing. Usually this relationship is instrumental in causing the third element, which is …  

3. The Character Arc. The theme of the story, the purpose, the piece of truth the story seeks to prove to the main character and the audience. 

If something in a story doesn’t contribute to the progress of these three, there’s no reason we should care about it. It has no point. Because in the end, all we care about is the story!

When it comes to scenes, story reason means continuity. It means the way the story unfolds logically. If every scene is there for a darn good reason, the scenes after and before will make total sense, they’ll connect seamlessly, a steady progression of events. Every scene’s turn triggers the next scene. 

And to do this, every scene must be able to be linked with three words: Because of that.

Because of the turn of one scene … 

The next scene happens. 

And because of the turn of that scene the next scene happens.

To illustrate how this works, let’s look at a small movie you might have heard about called Zootopia. (Thanks to @inked-withlove for the movie suggestion!)

So let’s start at this point, the turn of the scene with Clawhauser and Judy searching the file on Emmitt Otterton. 

Turn: “I have a lead." 

Because of that …

Judy has to get Nick to tell her what he knows about Otterton.

Turn: It all goes poorly, and now Nick and Judy are stuck together by an incriminating adorable carrot recorder. (The B Story, the relationship, has intertwined with the A Story.)

Because of that …

Nick takes Judy to the place he saw Otterton go, a place he thinks will cause her to give up. 

Turn: She doesn’t quit, she marches right in. (B Story: Nick sounds surprised, and a little impressed, that she didn’t back down.)

Because of that … 

She has to question a rude yoga-performing elephant. 

Turn: Though the elephant is absolutely no help, the seemingly addled yak is more than helpful – he even remembers the license plate number of the car Emmitt left in. 

Because of that …

Nick thinks his part in this endeavor is complete. But Judy remembers that she’s not in the system yet, and thus can’t run a plate. Nick, however, can. And he’s going to, or else. 

Turn: It just so happens that he has a pal at the DMV. 

Because of that …

Sloths. He takes her to a DMV run by sloths and wastes as much of her precious dwindling time as he can.

Turn: “It’s night?!”

Because of that …

Legitimate Enterprise Car Service (at least that’s what it’s called in the screenplay) is closed. Judy doesn’t have a warrant and Nick is enjoying her suffering tremendously. After a spat, she tosses the carrot over the fence instead of handing it to him.

Turn: Because she has now seen a shifty low-life climbing the fence, she has probable cause, and doesn’t need a warrant. She can go in. (B Story: Nick is looking at her with more respect.)

Because of that …

They find the car and begin investigating. The car is a crime scene; claw marks everywhere, the missing otter’s wallet … and a cocktail glass etched with a "B”.

Turn: And it all adds up for Nick. This car belongs to Mr Big, a notorious crime boss. And his polar bear henchman are right outside. They grab Judy and Nick and yank them off screen. 

Because of that  …

Judy and Nick are wedged between the bear henchman, on their way to face Mr Big. 

Turn: Nick sold him a very expensive rug that happened to be made from the fur of a skunk’s butt. Or in other words, Mr Big really doesn’t like Nick.

Because of that …

They wait fearfully for Mr Big to appear, and even when he’s revealed to be a tiny shrew, Nick still launches into obsequious and panicked mode. He tries talking his way out of it, but Mr Big really REALLY doesn’t like him. And when Judy shouts at him that she’s a cop and she has evidence on him –

Turn: “Ice ‘em.”

Because of that …

“No icing anyone at my wedding!” Fru Fru Shrew is not a happy camper. Father and daughter bicker about his promise of no murder on her wedding day, and the fact that “I have to, baby. Daddy has to.” Until – 

Turn: “She’s the bunny who saved my life yesterday. From that giant doughnut!” Well, Judy is now in Mr Big’s good books. He’s going to pay her kindness forward. Nick is floored. 

I’m gonna stop there.

SO! After going through that analysis of how the scenes are linked together, let’s abandon the “everything needs a story reason to be in there” rule, and see what happens. 

After the scene where Judy and Nick reluctantly join forces, we could add a scene where Nick is trying to remember the name of the place, and where it is. Then we could have them asking around, searching the city, refusing to ask for directions, lots of banter. THEN we can finally get to The Mystic Springs Oasis.

And after they get the plate number, maybe Nick grabs the carrot pen and makes a run for it. Then we can have a chase scene, but he gets away. Then we can have Judy trying to run the plate on her own, before realizing she isn’t in the system, and failing. Then we can have a scene where she has to track down Nick again. Then a scene where she figures out how to blackmail him into it. THEN they finally get to the DMV. 

And you know what would have happened then?

Zootopia would have made everyone bored. 

All of these inserted scenes are unnecessary. Sure, they might add conflict, add complications to Judy’s quest, but they’re ultimately just filler. They’re just there for the sake of bulking out the story. This is why that tip I hear so often in writing circles always perplexes me: “Figure out the worst possible thing that can happen to your character, then do that.” If people went with this rule, they’d just keep throwing terrible things at the characters for no apparent reason, one after another, and the reader or audience would be expected to be entertained by it (but wouldn’t be). It would be like cartoons before Mickey Mouse came along and applied story to animation: before, cartoons were just gag after gag, slapstick situations mashed together like a funny video compilation. Except with books and movies, it would just be conflict-heavy situations strung together, taking an inordinate amount of time to make any actual progress.  

Once you make sure everything has a purpose within the narrative, things get so much better.  And I find, when I reread my work I don’t have to scream at myself to “love your book or else” if everything has a reason for being there. And instead of feeling like yelling at my story like an angry overworked crab, I feel a lot more like this gif.

I hope it works for you too.

What me and @ooyuu were yelling and crying about and it got out of control and i cant believe i did this

thoran baby twins

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After being caught by the dangerous mafia, your stripping past might help you out (request)


genre: smut

word count: 3.4k

song: Jeremih - I did

Dance for us: one l two

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Safe Sex With Uncle Sangwoo

This started off as an innocent post about contraception after a submission from @michaelatheroleplayerartist but it got tied into some other things I was thinking from before along with some thoughts on Chapter 20 so I made a whole thing for it. 

Special thanks to: @rapidratkiller, @bracari-iris and @bellabrownie for helping me with this post and coming up with crazy connections with me~

Table of contents:

  1. Who’s Contraception Box is it Anyway?
  2. Possibility of Sexual Abuse in the Oh Sangwoo Household
  3. What Does the “I’m not some rapist” Line Mean?
  4. Why Does Sangwoo Hate Noisy Things? 
  5. Sangwoo’s Actual Room and Upstairs

Warning: This post contains far fetched theories. But it was really fun to make connections! 

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World building, characters, and the DA Fandom’s propensity to ignore nuance.

I have borne witness to both some serious Cullen Critical posts and Pro Anders posts in the last twenty-four hours and…ugh. I feel the need to put something out there.

As people who have played the protagonists of the Dragon Age games, we are skewed to be more magic-leaning and forgiving than the normal, average joe of Thedas, and it’s disheartening and irritating that a lot of the fandom seems to have a very basic issue with noticing this and applying that mindset when they look at issues in the game, particularly with certain characters.

Under a Read More for length, and there’s a TL;DR at the bottom.

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I wouldn’t want to be in a world without any suffering, because then there would be no compassion and understanding either. If you haven’t suffered hunger, you can’t appreciate having something to eat. If you haven’t gone through a war, you don’t know the value of peace. That is why we should not try to run away from one unpleasant thing after another. Holding our suffering, looking deeply into it, and transforming it into compassion, we find a way to happiness.
With mindfulness, the feelings that have been painful and difficult transform into something beautiful: the wondrous, healing balm of understanding and compassion.
—  No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hahn

Anon: I was wondering if you can do a scenario with Doyoung. The story is, you have a crush on him but you think he doesn’t feel the same. You start talking about how good looking other people are. (Oh btw, maybe this can be in a school environment). Doyoung get all salty and end up confess his love for u. Happy ending. Thank u <3

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Doyoung x Reader

I had been eyeing Doyoung for most of Senior school. His broad shoulders captivated my attention to the fullest and his bright smiles sucked the living breather out of me. Nights, days were gone thinking how it would be to hold his hands and intertwine my fingers with his slender ones. Hours spent wanting to hear his laugh and that melodious voice of his. We didn’t share a lot of words but when we did it was always respectful salutations. On most days I wouldn’t reply, losing the ability to speak whenever he passed by. 

 He sat near the window, always busy jotting down notes. During lunch his table was surrounded by his friends and he joked and laughed unaware of his beauty and the effect it had on me. 

 "Y/N,“ my friend would say, snapping me out of daze. "You’re drooling.” I would quickly shoot her a look of annoyance as she laughed. “You’re so gone Y/N. Why don’t you try and like someone else? I don’t think Doyoung wants to be in a relationship right now.” Her words stung but they made sense. How long was I going to spend daydreaming about a boy that didn’t even know my name? 

 "I really should,“ I mumbled. I shot him another look, my heart ached. I wanted him desperately but the chances of that happening were bleak. 

 The next couple of days proved to be a struggle. I was constantly trying to avoid Doyoung and talk to other people and become more open. Over the years of school life I had made myself seem bored and unapproachable but now that I smiled and actually talked to other people, I felt better. The distant ache in my heart generated by unrequited love had found a home in me. It was never going to go away no matter what guy I was with. 

 I would constantly find Jaehyun looking my way and gleaming like there was no tomorrow. His gestures becoming much more nervous around me and his legs switching stance momentarily. He liked it, it was no doubt. My friends told me that it was a good way to start over, to be in a relationship and explore the beauty of having someone to rely on. But every time I looked at him, I knew I still longed for him. Not Jaehyun, not any other guy in the world. But him. 

 The week Jaehyun and I started going out Doyoung was chosen to be my lab partner. I almost cried when he stood up and sat next to me. His body language had changed. He seemed more stiff. He had gentle creases on his forehead indicating tension. "So you and Jaehyun huh?” That was his first question. I nodded feebly and returned to the book, flustered by his presence. This was the most we had ever talked. I could feel his piercing gaze on me. He seemed so different. Not the happy cheery Doyoung. “Do you like him?” He asked. I turned to look at him. His stare wasn’t faltering. “Do you really like him?” I knew Jaehyun and Doyoung were best of friends. They were a pair inseparable. But the way he spilled out his words seemed like they spoke of his worst enemy. 

 "Yea,“ I replied, my voice shaky and small. He softened his gaze. 

 "Really?” There was hope in his voice. Like a child wanting an explanation. I almost melted at his tone. 

 Our teacher had already begun the lecture and our heated conversation came to a halt. But it got worse when at lunch Jaehyun grabbed my hand and smiled at me. I shot a look at Doyoung and he looked furious, his eyes on our joined hands. He raised himself from his seat and held my other hand, snatching me away from Jaehyun’s soft grasp. I was pulled to the stairs and eventually to the rooftop where he finally detached his deathly grip on my arms. I almost cried at the pain. 

 "Doyoung,“ I said, holding my wrists. He looked away, rubbing the back of his neck. 

 "You can’t be with Jaehyun,” he blurted. I squinted my eyes, my chest about to burst. 

 "What do you mean?“ I said. I was shaking all over. 

 "Y/N.” He stepped closer. I wanted to step back but I was paralysed. The breeze caught up and softly blew against me. “I have liked you for a while now.” His words seemed so foreign, like a dream. It almost seemed as if it wasn’t him speaking. “I could never confess because I thought you would never like me.” I let out a small laugh, not believing my ears. 

 "Is this a joke?“ I said turning around. "Did someone tell you about me which is why you’re fooling around?" 

 "Tell me what Y/N?” “Tell you that I like you?” His eyes grew wide in shock. I almost choked on my own saliva when I realised what I said. I confessed. Silence filled the space between us until he closed it. I stared at the grey pavement as he stepped closer and his hands creeped around me like a shelter. “All this time I thought you didn’t like me. We would never talk and whenever I’d try to you’d run away.” He pulled away and brought his face closer to mine, still holding onto my shoulder. His odour was minty and fresh and his eyes were dark and deep. I almost found myself lost in them. “Now tell me, do you really like Jaehyun?”

Imagine breaking up with Rafael

Imagine breaking up with Rafael

You pulled out the last book and placed into the box and as you did you heard the floorboards creak and the front door. You swallowed hard but your breath got caught in your throat.  You were choking on the tension.

“Y/N?” You heard Rafael’s voice call out.

You ignored him as you closed the box of your collection of books. You grabbed the tape and yanked on it hard in frustration and nervousness. Making a loud noise, exactly what you were trying to avoid.

“Y/N,” He repeated suddenly appearing at the door of the study, he’d found you…clearly.

You looked up at him momentarily before looking away again. Picking up the newly packed box and placing it on one you’d already finished. Without saying a word.

“Are you not going to talk to me?” He demanded but you could hear the desperation.

“What else is there to say?” You countered quietly, refusing to look in his direction.

“An explanation maybe?” He suggested attempting to be nonchalantly but he was choking back tears.

Just like you.

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Love Letter Event- Roadhog

Mako fumbled with the pen in his big, muscular hands, being careful not to break it. He moved the pen closer to the paper, looking like he was about to start, then mumbled a “no…” and pulled away again. Then he smoothed out the loose-leaf paper for about the tenth time, imagining what the perfect letter would look like on it. How long had he been there? Checking the clock, he saw it had been almost twenty minutes.

Finally let out a gruffly sigh and dropped the pen on the desk. Just getting a chance to talk to you was hard enough, but he never thought writing a letter to you would be this difficult! He spent enough time trying to properly explain his feelings, but now that he had the chance to write them out, nothing would come to mind! If only I didn’t look so scary to them, he thought sadly, then I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

Roadhog had developed quite the crush on you since being hired by Overwatch. You were small, cute, and sweet; everything he wanted in a partner. But every time he brought his big, gruff, scary self over to you, you’d shy away and find some excuse to escape his company. It was a little ironic to him. All his life he aimed to look intimidating to fit in with the other junkers and to frighten his enemies. But now when he wanted to appear nice, he just couldn’t do it.

So he figured he’d write you a note instead, but it was proving to be a lot harder than he thought. That, and Junkrat kept trying to peer over his shoulder to see what he was writing. Damn nuisance. Mako stayed up the rest of the night, painfully churning out what few, awkward words he could muster. Then in the morning, he snuck it into your locker. You found it an hour later, sitting at the top of all of your gear—a folded piece of loose-leaf paper. Upon opening it, you saw how big the writing was! It was neat, but about seven words filled one line!

              Dear [Name],

              Hi. It’s Roadhog, or I guess you should know my real name: Mako. Hi. I know we don’t get to talk very much, but I wish we did. You always run away when I try to say something. That’s ok, I guess. Can’t even look at Jamison without making him flinch a little. But I wanted to write to you tell you that I’m not going to hurt you. Yeah, I’m seven feet tall and wear a gas mask and have lots of tattoos and rarely talk and am fat and kill people for a living. But I wouldn’t ever do something like that to my own teammate…especially you.

              You’re really pretty beautiful pretty, [Name], and I guess that’s half the reason I always want to talk to you. Kinda weird for an arsonist to have a crush on an Overwatch agent, but here I am writing this letter. I know it’s unfair to ask someone as cute as you to give someone as ugly as me a chance, but I don’t care thought it was worth a shot. Sorry if reading this bothered you…or scared you even more. But come talk to me sometime if you want to you want to give this a chance, too. If I see you coming, I’ll make sure to shoo Jamison away.

              –Roadhog Mako

You read it slowly, trying to work your way around the many scratched out parts. It was…surprisingly very touching. Who knew Mako could be such a sensitive guy? You never imagined he could be so…nice. Maybe you had been a little closed-minded towards him, after all. You went to put the note back when you spotted a familiar gas mask peeking around the corner.

“Roadhog?” you gasped.

He jumped back when you noticed him, and he considered running away. But he knew he had to own up, so he slowly approached, head down and hands behind his back. He looked a little guilty, like he was expecting a scolding.

“Roa—I mean—Mako, did you write this?” you asked carefully.

“Mhm…” he grunted in response.

You felt a little blush and a smile creep onto your face and you whispered, “It’s really sweet of you.”

You noticed how he suddenly stiffened up, seemingly flustered by what you said.

“I’m sorry I never gave you a chance before,” you admitted, “But I think I’m willing you give you one now,”

At first there was no response from him, just the usual, blank, gas masked stare. But then he lifted up his mask just enough to see his mouth. He was smiling.

(And that’s a wrap on this month’s event! Requests and matchups will be reopening tomorrow!)


Two-part collab with the lovely @momonart to an absolute must read called Corner of a Birdcage by @oxeh! This fic captured me the moment it began! The pacing is perfect, the squad dynamics couldn’t be better, and the slow burn is to die for on top of great writing!! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a fic; if you haven’t read it already, what are you doing here?

Teen Wolf Imagine- So You Kidnapped Her?

You were walking through the forest at night. Yes it sounds stupid, but in your defence you didn’t know about the supernatural creatures that are always lurking. You had a taser and bottle of pepper spray, you were sure that it would defend you from any human. Besides, it’s Beacon Hills nothing bad ever happens here. Well it never used to, recently there had been a string of murders and sacrifices but there was no way you were going to live the rest of your life in fear. You had your earphones in and you were minding your own business walking home from your friend’s house when you started hearing noises. You took one earbud out and slowly headed to the source. Whatever the noise was coming from, it was deeper into the forest and you could of sworn you heard a low growl, before an eruption of laughter. You suspected it was a few idiots from your school with one of their dogs. You saw a bright light flashing around from a phone torch, your curiosity got the better of you. You walked further in and stood behind the tree, you could make out that there were two people. “Scott you really need to work on your growl, because the twins are winning by far in that region” Stiles said shaking his head. They were in your English class, well when they actually showed up that is. “They’re also winning in the killing innocent people region” Scott retort. “Ethan and Aiden?” you mumbled to yourself. “Try again” Stiles suggested. Scott took a deep breath and you thought you saw facial hair grow within seconds, he let out a loud animalistic growl that you were certain no human could make and his eyes were glowing brightly. You jumped and covered your mouth to not scream, you began to back away. That was until you stood on a large branch and it snapped. You looked down at it for a second and by the time you looked back up Scott’s eyes and face were back to normal and him and Stiles were quickly walking over to you. “Oh god” you whispered, before turning around and walking away. You were going to run, but you were too in shock. “Heyy Y/N!” Stiles said, grinning. “Stay away from me” you replied, picking up the pace. “You didn’t see anything, did you?” Scott asked nervously. “I sure as hell did!” you retort. Stiles and Scott looked at each other, they had the same stupid idea. Each of them grabbed your arm and began walking you over to Stiles’ jeep. “Let me go!” you shouted in distress. After noticing you were panicking they let go. “Now we trust that you’re not going to run or…” Stiles began, before realising you already began running. “Stiles go get the jeep” Scott shouted, running after you. You were going in any direction while trying to find the taser in your purse, not stopping to think. Which was a stupid idea because you ended up on the empty road on the forest border. So now you were being chased on foot and by a car. “I really didn’t want to have to do this” Scott said sympathetically as he tackled you to the floor. Stiles stopped the jeep and opened the back door, they picked you up and placed you on the back seat, while you struggled and tried to hit them. They then rushed to the driver and passenger seat, quickly getting in and locking the doors.

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Never Thought this Would Happen**



You knew you had a few too many drinks that night but it didn’t matter. You know you wanted this and you were pretty certain Joe did too. 

The relationship that you and Joe had was very flirty. The boys had pointed it out to you and Joe a few times but you both denied it saying that you were both just friends. Really good ones at that. You and Joe talked about everything and anything. He was the person you wanted to talk to first over you’re own family when something exciting happened in your life.

Lets be real here, the thought had crossed your mind almost daily. You and Joe could be good together but neither one of you wanted to make the first move.

That was until tonight. 

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the-fascist-ideal-deactivated20  asked:

What is your opinion of the Society of St. Pius X and Catholic Traditionalism as a whole?


I have a love-hate relationship with Catholic Traditionalism. What are some of the things I love? First, traditional Catholicism (TC for short) encourages, holds up, and defends the marriage of a man and a woman and their call to be fruitful and multiply.

The traditional Catholic married couples I know love each other, and they love children. They unapologetically have large families. I grew up in a family of six kids, and many TC families are larger. TC parents tend to see their kids as the greatest blessing God could have sent, as if each child is an angel that came down from heaven. They work hard to look after their families in many respects.

The TC movement also has strongly encouraged love for the priesthood and religious life. Because they have larger families, they not only do not discourage a religious vocation among their children, but pray for this. They consider themselves singularly blessed when a son goes off to the seminary, or a daughter to the convent.

They encourage their kids to serve the Church with piety, obedience, reverence, and loyalty. The result is that many holy priests and nuns have come from traditional Catholic families, where they were schooled well in prayer, confession, penance, works of charity, and carrying the Cross/sacrificing for God and country.

Traditional Catholicism is unique in its fierce defense of the prerogatives of the Catholic Church to spread the reign of Christ the King, in society and in their communities. Unlike most modern Catholics, they do not yell “separation of Church and State” whenever a public law is being debated which will encourage looser morals or the living out of the public vices.

They believe that the Church must actively enter the public square and make Christ the King respected and looked up to in His evangelical teachings of justice for all. They will staunchly condemn and resist any political party platforms which promote abortion choice, unnatural marriage, divorce, blasphemy in media and art, and unjust war.

Economically, they encourage our laws to promote hard work and personal initiative, with as little dependence on others as needed. Their outlook toward public tranquility is the defense of the widow, the orphan, the vulnerable, and the strong rule of law to subdue criminality and heinous crime.

Some people call traditional Catholics “Catholic rednecks.” I just believe they are following what they believe to be old-fashioned Catholic values regarding public decency and virtue.

Now, what I hate about traditional Catholicism is a tendency toward self-righteousness and Pharisaical wrangling over the letter of the law. In the case of the Society of St. Pius X, I find that there seems to be a return to Jansenism, condemned in the 17th century as a severe outlook and pessimism regarding human nature and God’s grace.

This Jansenism sees God as severe. His grace is very restrictive—only for the chosen few. His wrath and justice toward those who have failed to join the true Catholic Church, and strictly live by her laws, will be manifest by sending most people to hell.

As a result of the shades of this renewed Jansenism, non-Christians are seen in the SSPX as being in danger of going to hell, no matter how good they are or sincere in their faith. The Jewish people are seen as either Christ-killers or the accursed children of a Covenant that God has completely rejected and repented of. Protestants are loathed also, because among many SSPX, they are seen as aware of Catholic truth and have yet still refused to embrace it—thus, sealing their fate to most likely burn in hell.

The SSPX has no respect for the Catholic sense of confronting modernity. Throughout history, the Catholic Church could be called the inventor of the Marine Corps motto of “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.” But TC as espoused by the SSPX seems more comfortable to sound the retreat, to gather in small chapels with prayers in hushed Latin, and to have little mixing with the great numbers of the damned and unwashed who are outside of the confines of the Church.

When Vatican II Council convened in 1962, it was with a view to adaptation of the Church’s methods of conversion, or with a view to incorporating new knowledge of the sciences and of the philosophies of contemporary thinkers. While the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages, and Renaissance, both in philosophy and theology, was allowed to undergo various transformations and growths based on advancing knowledge, the SSPX felt that Vatican II should have merely repeated the past formulas of the Councils of Trent and Vatican I.

The improvisations of the Church after Vatican II are thus seen as a laughable and disgusting experiment in compromise by the SSPX. They consider the worship in vernacular, the movement to reach out to and have dialogue with non-Catholics, and the encouragement of shared power among the clergy and laity as an overthrow of Catholic Order. 

There are numerous doctrinal disputes between Rome and the Society. But even more fundamental than resolving those disputes is overcoming a certain fear, and trembling, and loathing, in the Society, of all things that originate in the world and in modern thinking. Rome knows that countless errors were committed in the last 50 years, in the latest attempt to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

But there is, in the post-Vatican II era of the Church, among faithful and stalwart Catholics, especially with Pope Francis, an indomitable and unconquered spirit of “let’s go back to the drawing board, and try, and try again.” We cannot run away from the world and pretend that the world will return to the 16th century, when we waged wars against Protestantism with the help of Christian kings and princes who ruled with divine right and coerced dissidents and strays back into the fold of the True Catholic Church.

Our modern world has freedoms and a sense of personal rights that is, what it is. Insofar as the SSPX fail to, and refuse to, understand and deal with the modern world as it is, it will always be a Catholicism of the remnant who may be holy and faithful in their tiny chapels, but who make little difference for the great majority of people who are still searching to find God and the pearls of the wisdom of Catholicism. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

Our clinic was closed this Saturday for Easter weekend so I helped the boyfriend do kennels since we had a whole bunch of litters and dogs, and I set up Spotify on a speaker he got a while back. I had started making a Disney playlist for it earlier so I was letting that play.

He’d taken a dog out to walk while I was cleaning the cage, taking the grate to the tub and whatnot. I was getting into the music and I’m carrying this damp grate out in front of me that’s bigger than my torso and just, speed walking with a slight tilt as I go around the corner, singing at full volume “JUST AROUND THE RIVERBEEEEND”

And I see the top of his and the dog’s heads peeking up at me from the window, both of them had big goofy smiles. He’d been sitting on the steps.

Arranged Love Pt.15 | Jungkook

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Summary: When you and Jungkook are forced into an arranged marriage for publicity, you never expected to find yourself falling for him - even if you know it’s wrong.

Word Count: 4,021

Genre: Fluff/angst

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anonymous asked:

I actually really like dwight's character and i think if he stays loyal and can prove himself trustworthy hed make a cool addition to team fam ik were supposed to not like him bc negan and all that but i cant help but feel bad for him

I agree and I really like him as well. He’s interesting to me, since the beginning of his arc with what happened in the woods with Daryl, and I was waiting for his last straw to hit and him to get on board with Team Family. We’ve been shown that he doesn’t actually want to be apart of Negan’s group. He was forced to be in order to save Sherry and himself. He was trying to run away back when we first met him. He’s a victim of Negan just like everyone else. Then the episode where he goes to look for Sherry and that letter, there’s so much depth there and moral conflict. I’m enjoying seeing his character develop. 

This is War Part 3 || MINHO x READER || SMUT!


So here it is, the last part of this mini-series! Once again I’m not entirely satisfied with the outcome because it was so much better inside my head but whatever.

As I said, this is the last part. I won’t give up on these two - I’ll start writing a fanfiction based on this relationship, following the books’ storyline. If an idea for a one-shot like these shall pop up inside my head I won’t think twice to write it down but if you have any idea regarding what I should write about, feel free to ask me! Oh, how I love writing these~

Warning: smut, language, and also, this is unbeta’d.

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