we truly do care about one another

Okay but if I wasn’t convinced that Even was Sana’s mirror before I sure am now. 

Last season as you would recall it was Even who stepped back from Isak. He pulled away because he decided him and Isak couldn’t work. That their situation was too impossible…that Isak deserved better. 

It got to the point where Isak didn’t even expect an answer or a single sign from Even that he wanted him back. Even pulled away so much that it was truly ambiguous as to what his true intentions were with Isak, making him (and us because that was goddamn awful) go through an emotional rollercoaster. 

He distanced himself from Isak which left Isak heartbroken and confused as he kept trying to reach out and hold onto everything that they had together. 

But Even kept pulling away, and us along with Isak felt sad and couldn’t understand why. 

But now Sana is doing the exact same thing. 

She is pushing Yousef away despite her feelings for him, just like Even. She is conflicted between everything she feels and everything she has always believed in. As a result she is taking things in her own hands and ignoring Yousef and pushing him away just like Even dealt with his conflict of wanting to be with Isak but also believing he didn’t deserve him. 

They react the exact same way. And through Sana we are already understanding Even a little better. 

Just like Even is going to help Sana understand herself a little better. 

because he is her mirror. 

I actually truly love this so much because last season we felt Isak’s entire heartbreak and confusion over Even constantly leaving him hanging as he desperately tried to get some kind of sign that Even felt it too…that it wasn’t just in his head. 

And now with Sana we are learning what it feels like to be the person who pulls away. Who does the heartbreaking and breaks themselves not because they want to push away the one they care about but because they feel like they have to. It’s incredible because Julie uses skam to make us all understand one another and to never make assumptions based on anothers behaviour…

because it’s not until you are inside their shoes do you truly see how it feels to be on that side of the story….and that for them it’s not as simple as it may seem. 

Julie gives us the chance to perceive and feel every part of the story and understand both sides….so we know what it’s like to be the one left waiting for an answer…waiting for a sign that everything is okay….and also the one to leave them waiting, the one who leaves completely. 

We officially get to feel it all

damn this show is amazing. 

Important Distinction about NaruSaku

An important thing I think we NaruSaku fans need to remember is that we have our own moments, our own development, and our own ‘origin’ story.

Anime and fillers are currently rewriting the history of Naruto to make certain pairings fit. You’ll see fans using headcanons as facts. The anime studio copy moments from other ships to their own ships because they seem to lack their own ideas or they want to legitimize ships that were previously illegitimate.

I just wanted to remind you all that NaruSaku doesn’t need that. In fact, there are two very important things that we don’t need. We don’t need:

= Sakura to be Naruto’s first bond

We all know that Naruto’s first bond was Sasuke. Then Iruka. Then Sakura and Kakashi. Then Jiraiya. And the list goes on and on with some characters in-between. The story of NaruSaku is not about Sakura being the first one there for Naruto. Sakura was just one of the first people who saved Naruto from his loneliness.

The one thing we can point to Sakura being first in is believing Naruto could achieve his ‘stupid/impossible dream’. This is a point repeated later in the manga and is often overlooked (even though the ending does a complete 180 and Sakura doesn’t seem to care or help Naruto achieve his dream)

= Naruto and Sakura to be destined soul mates

NaruSaku is not about Naruto and Sakura automatically having a connection just like that and understanding each other from the get go. That is not them, we do not need to steal that from other ships. That is not what the manga told us.

Naruto and Sakura did not truly understand one another at first. Naruto was an annoying pest who at times, didn’t know when to calm down or back off. Sakura was very inconsiderate of other peoples life circumstances and said offensive things without even realizing it.

Naruto grew up and obviously learned to respect Sakura’s feelings even if she liked another guy (though he still asked her out on dates, some of which she agreed to)

Sakura grew up to have a better understanding of Naruto and his life struggles. She learned the pain Naruto had to deal with, and the burden he carried.

We must not forget the strongest pillar of NaruSaku is their growth and how they grew up to be better people because of each other.


Always remember what NaruSaku is about and how it stood all on its own. It ran deep within the manga. Other pairings within the series were based off of it. And lastly, our reasons for shipping it were valid without the need to copy other ships or rewrite history.

Have a good day!


Terribly sorry I haven’t written something for you guys in a while! Unfortunately, I hit a stump in my life and my motivation to write was a bit…off. But I hope you enjoy this!

Please let me know if there are any grammatical errors so I can fix them and make the story more immersive. I also welcome feeback, opinions, and ideas, so please feel free to message me, send an ask, or send a suggestion! Thank you!


(By the way, their name is pronouced ee-oh-p.)


• In all of their years of serving their Perud, their beloved ruler, they would never have thought themselves to be the ambassador, nor to be living on a death-planet with humans. •

The smaller infant male was tugging on Iuop’s hand as soon as they entered the house. It - or, as the humans preferred, “he” - seemed to completely ignore the warning Iuop had given his family (which was to not touch their surface), as well as the report they had written to their superior that they just barely grabbed before it could fall to the ground.

Iuop would have glared if it wasn’t so much of a human thing to do.

• Humans were disgusting, hideous creatures, that would surely become extinct in a few decades. It was absolutely amazing they had any form of advanced science and civilization at all. •

“I have told you not to touch my surface.” Iuop pulled their hand away, in a less rude way so as not to ‘harm’ the human. “What is it you want?”

“We’ve been waiting for you!” He shouted in his small infant voice. Iuop never quite understood why humans could never choose a volume and tone and keep it. “Come on! I wanna blow out my candles.”

In the most dense manner Iuop had ever witnessed, the human replaced it’s small, greasy hand upon their index and ring finger and began dragging them into the room where they ate.

“Waiting? What time-wasting activity do you people want me to-”

Iuop went silent.

• The only good things that came out of humans - well, no one would admit it, but… •

“Ah! There they are!” The adult male, the smaller’s producer, exclaimed in relief.

The room was decorated in colorful papers, some tied together spelling - ah, what was that word? Iuop’s English wasn’t amazing; perhaps ‘happy’ - ‘Happy Boothday’. Attached to the chair the child quickly sat in were two floating circular fabrics. Iuop wondered if the objects floated like the sky machines did.

“What…is this?” Iuop asked slowly, for fear of another daft human answer. They glared into the adult male’s eyes.

He raised one strip of hair above his eye higher than the other - a sign that Iuop couldn’t quite dechiper yet. “It’s a birthday party, of course.” Then, in a lower and heavier tone that startled Iuop, “You…know what a birthday is, don’t you?”

“Ah! I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” The adult female - the child’s other producer, why does it need two? - interrupted Iuop’s reply and dashed into the room, with quivering arms as she carried a large…rectangle. It was covered in a red pattern around the edge, with an image of the child and his animal companion in the center. Atop the image were the words Iuop kept seeing - 'Happy Boo-’…erm, wait - 'Happy Birthday’.

“Honey, please, you’ll drop the cake.” The adult male chuckled, stepping forward to help the female lower the shape onto the flat wooden surface. The two set it in front of the child, whose eyes sparkled like a freshly cut diamond. He spread his mouth to display his small bones - a motion that, yet again, Iuop did not understand.

'Cake? Birthday?’ Iuop knew that humans were ridiculously confusing, but they’d handled it well thus far. Now they were feeling quite lost.

“Everyone! Cake time!” The female called into the house. Iuop listened in curiousity and fear as voices appeared and footsteps echoed. Suddenly, the small room was filling up with other humans. Iuop had to retreat into the corner to avoid being touched.

Then, the chatter of over a dozen humans was continued- although quieter - as the light in the room clicked off, and after a few intimidating moments, small specks of fire came to life on the rectangle. They illuminated the child’s face, as well as the human faces nearby. The red-orange glow shined weakly on Iuop’s pink surface, turning it a deep shade of orange.

They gazed at their surface in wonder; what a sight! They would have never suspected that light could dye!

“Quite home-y, isn’t it?” Iuop looked up and found themselves next to the adult male of the house. “Fire light is one of the wonders of the world in my opinion.”

“Fire light…you light your objects on fire?” Iuop’s voice was smaller than they wanted it to be.

“Well, yes.” The male watched the child shift in his seat. “Tell me, Iuop, you don’t know what a birthday is, do you?”

“I do not…”

“It’s when we celebrate the day we were born. Not just when humanity was made, no, we don’t know that. The day we as individuals were brought to life.” The tips of his mouth rose slightly, making him look calm and peaceful. “We use these days to signify how long we’ve been alive. They are also tradition, and we give the person gifts and trinkets to celebrate.”

“You…You…celebrate the years you haven’t died in?” Iuop asked in horror. “That’s the most depressing thing I’ve heard about humans.”

The male blinked. Then he laughed - a sound indicating joy. “I guess when you put it like that, it is kind of weird, huh? But that’s not the main reason. I believe the biggest reason for birthdays is to celebrate our own humanity.

“I mean, what’s truly special or important or symbolic about the day you came to life? Perhaps it’s important to yourself, but to others? No one should care. But we do. We congratulate each other on another year of growing, learning, and changing. No one is really the exact same person two years in a row. We all change in some way, and really the ability to adapt and grow is another factor of what makes us all human. So yeah, we like to celebrate another year of being human.”

Iuop couldn’t think of a reply. Their whole perspective had suddenly and irreversibly changed - they wanted to say the room was spinning, but it was instead completely still. They watched in silence as the whole room began giggling and chanting:

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Teddie, happy birthday to you!”

All of the humans started clapping and cheering as the child - Teddie - puffed out a gust of air that doused the fires. There was more happy talking until one of the older children shouted, “What’d ya wish for Teddie?!”

Teddie giggled. “I wished that we could all be together forever!”

Everyone made an expressive noise and murmured, “How cute…” or “Such a sweetheart…” After that, they all collectively turned towards the meal-preparing room, laughing and chatting once again.

Iuop glanced towards the male next to him only to find him following the group. “Wait!” They shouted.

The male turned. “Yes Iuop? What can I do for you?”

“I…” Iuop clenched their hand, then unclenched it. “Would you remind me of your name?”

His eyes twinkled. “It’s Dr. Elliot Allen. But you may call me Elliot, or Eli if you prefer, I don’t mind. My wife’s name is Isla, and our son’s is Teddie. Do you want to meet everyone else in the distant family? They’ve all been talking about you and have wanted to say something, but we asked them not to talk with you for your sake. We can remove that rule if you’d like.”

Iuop took a deep breath, then, with a quick look into the room containing the smiling humans, they found themselves mimicing the male - Elliot’s mouth motion. Somehow it made them happy.

“Yes. I’d be delighted.”

Dr. Elliot repeated the happy motion. “Then follow me.”

The two walked down the hallway for a second in silence until, just before they entered the room, Dr. Elliot asked, “Iuop, may I ask you a personal question?”

“I suppose.”

“What exactly are you made of? I mean, it’s a gem of course, but what kind? Do you know?”

“Oh…I’m made of…ah, in English, I think it’s called 'kunzite’. The people from my sector are all made of pink gems. My generation was all kunzite gems.”

“Your sector?”

“Yes, all of my species is sorted into different sectors on our planet based on what color they are. I am from Sector…oh. Actually, the name doesn’t translate into English at all.”

“Does your planet have a form of leadership? Are certain sectors favored over others?”

“Well, each sector has its best qualites and its worst. My sector is best in…”

For the rest of the evening, though they wanted to meet the other humans, Dr. Elliot and Iuop discussed their planets. And it was some of the most best conversation Iuop had ever been in - completely worth the scolding from their superior after not turning in their report. But it was alright; they had some changes in the opinion of humans to make anyway…

• The best thing to come out of humanity is definitely their capability to share the traits and spirit of being 'human’. It’s what has made them some of the best allies for emotional planets, and it’s what has made them one of the best planets so far discovered. •

Home - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader - Part 1




Request: Can I request one where Bruce Banner has a daughter he kept hidden but then has to bring her to the tower cause her mom and step dad kicked her out? Tony knew about her and she looked to him like an uncle. She feels unwanted and unloved but it all changes with her new family with the team. I’m needing some fluff

I changed it so that not even Tony knew about her and I hope that’s okay!

Warnings: None.

Words: 2 974

A/N: Oooooh my god I absolutely loved writing this! It’s 100% fluff with a bit of feels if you’re a sucker for broken families :))))))) Read at your own, fucking risk cause as I’m from a broken home myself this is amazing to read. (I don’t care that I’m self promoting my own work just read it damn it).

She sat waiting on the steps leading up the the front porch of her house, her overpacked duffel bag by her side and her phone clutched in her hands. It was mid dusk and the sun was setting in the distance, the sky turning darker for every minute passing.

She had been kicked out by her own mother and her new husband. She didn’t know how to feel about it. Her mom treated her like crap. Ever since Y/N had began resembling her father more and more as the years went by, her mom had progressively began to dislike her.

Y/N wasn’t the usual kind of girl, however cliché that sounded it was true nonetheless. She went freely to a biochemical science class long after school was over simply because she loved the subject. Her room was covered with a dozen of projects made from scrap material she had scoured the city for. She filled entire notebooks up with difficult equations simply for the joy being able to solve them so effortlessly.

Y/N was so much like her father that her mother could barely stand being around her own daughter at times. It hurt, more than her mother would ever understand, to be treated like a misfit in her own home.

His small car rolled up to he street before her house and she rose to her feet, bringing the duffel bag up with her.

They hadn’t seen each other in almost half a year. He was busy with his work, his new associates and dealing with personal struggling Y/N could only begin to understand the difficulty of.

She made her way up to the car and watched as the door opened up and Bruce got out, smiling nervously. “Hi kid.” He huffed, shoving his hands down into the pockets of his jacket.

“Hey.” She smiled back, her stomach feeling hollow from the happiness she was feeling simply from seeing her dad. “I’ve missed you.”

His heart ached by her simple confession. “I’ve missed you too, and… I’m so sorry about your mother.”

Y/N had been kicked out. Her mom had found a new guy who owned a private island in the Bahamas. The second the two of them met, her mom was gone. Y/N didn’t have any choice but to call up her dad and beg for help.

Bruce hadn’t hesitated. All he had ever wanted was to be around his daughter but her mother had prevented him from doing it, and he had always been submissive. When her mother had yelled at him that the other guy could lash out at any time and kill his daughter, he hadn’t argued with her for a second. He agreed if anything, but he loved his daughter too much to deny her to live with him when her mother practically gave her no other choice.

“Don’t be.” She smiled reassuringly, doing her best to forget about her mom for the time being. “Should we get going?”

She didn’t want to stick around her house anymore. It stood eerily empty from her mom packing her things and just waking out the door. Y/N didn’t know what would happen to it, but nor did she care. Few memories from that home were truly happy once and the ones that were involved Bruce in one way or another. She would rather watch it disappear in the rear view mirror of her dad’s car than anything.

“Of course, let me take that.” He reached out and grabbed her bag, furrowing his brows as he heard a clinking noise before a smile began to creep up his face. “Is that what I think it is?”

“The self-running generator I built in freshmen year, yeah.” She smiled proudly. “I use it to power up my computer, or used to…”

He huffed, putting her bag carefully in the trunk of the car. “Believe me, sweetie, you can have as many computers as you want when you come home.”

Her heart skipped a beat at that simple word. Home she had never considered to be the small house in northern Queens. If anything, home had been in school. That was the only place she had felt like she could be herself and where others accepted her for just that. At home, she felt out of place and abnormal and was judged for her hobbies and interests as well as her pure skills both in the scientific and technical field. Coming to a place where people shared her interests and where she would hopefully be accepted sounded like heaven.

They got into the car and Bruce started the engine, slowly driving out on the street and starting their drive back to the Tower. She looked up at the rear view mirror, seeing her childhood house become smaller and smaller before disappearing behind the nearby homes. As it did, she felt a weight fall off of her shoulders, a burden she hadn’t realized she had been carrying. It was the burden of her mother, the constant suppression of who she was. It was all lifted off her back and stayed behind with the Murray Hill house

“I have to confess something…” Bruce broke the silence and Y/N glanced over to him worryingly. She was preparing for the worst as he found herself doing more often than not. “I might have asked Tony to give you a workshop, and he might have done it…”

She gasped before letting out a short groan of disapproval. “What? No, why? I don’t need one!”

“But you sure would like one. I know you, Y/N. You have barely been able to put down a glass of water in your bedroom because you’ve had so many of your projects laying around… I think it’s time you separate where you sleep from where you tinker.” He looked at her briefly from the corner of his eyes, knowing she was indescribably happy even if she objected. He just wanted her to have what she deserved, which was the entire world if he had a say in it. “It’s the least I can do…”

She didn’t like that tone he had to the last sentence. He was feeling guilty and responsible for the way her childhood had turned out. She didn’t blame him for as much as a second however. If anyone had done anything wrong, it was her mother.

“Don’t guilt trip me here. You know I’m an easy crier.” She laughed in hopes to lighten the mood. “Let’s just focus on the present and the future, like how I got the annual scholarship from Columbia University.”

Bruce almost slammed the breaks of the car. Instead, he paid an alarming amount of time looking at her with blown wide eyes instead of focusing on the road. “No…”

“Yes.” She smiled, even prouder this time as Columbia University had been a dream of hers since she first came to Midtown high school and was told that she had a natural gift. She had competed with four others in a three hour long exam-like test and had been judged by a Colombia University represent. When she was sent the letter stating she got the scholarship, her mom had barely blinked. Y/N hadn’t cared however. She knew her dad would have been proud, and he had proven her so.

“That’s- That’s incredible!” He exclaimed, a big smile on his face that he couldn’t get rid of. “You deserve it. You’ve worked so hard for it.”

“I’ve had some help.” She said suggestively, leaning her elbow against the small ledge by the door window.

He glanced over at her in confusion before slowly puzzling it together. “What? The boxsets of build-you-own things I have you for your birthdays when you were, what, ten?”

“Hey, building rocket ship models and creating baking soda volcanos really helped!” She chuckled as recalled building and making half a dozen of those kinds of things all on the same night she had gotten them.

Bruce sighed in content, his heart warm like never before. “I’m so happy for you, kid. You turned out better than I could ever have hoped for.”

“Thanks, dad.” She said and let her head lean against the back of her seat. Bruce let out a short breath, barely remembering the last time he had been called dad in person. He liked the sound of it more than he would ever care to admit.

“Can I confess another thing?” He asked as they made their way into the elevator at the garage floor at the bottom of the Stark Tower.

“You haven’t gotten me something else, have you?” She questioned worryingly as she didn’t want him to spent his time and money on her.

“No…” His voice wasn’t as joyful as it had been and that truly made her worry. Was he getting cold feet? Did he not want her to live with him anymore? “I actually haven’t told anyone that I have a daughter.”

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “But how- you said Tony fixed a workshop for me?”

“He did.” Bruce assured, looking down at his feet, ashamed, which was far from necessary. She didn’t mind but she was a bit taken back however.

“Wait… Does that mean they don’t even know that I’m coming?” She tried to look at him but he avoided her eyes which resembled his own. “Dad?”

He looked at her upon hearing that word again, slowly beginning to nod his head yes. “I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again, so I saved myself the struggle of having explain our whole situation to the team.”

That was a very fair point. He could have told her it was because he simply didn’t want to and she would have been equally as fine with the answer. “Then you have some explaining to do when we get up, I assume.” She said as she looked up at the glowing level numbers above the elevator door which surpassed seventy.

“A whole lot.” Bruce sighed, hoping the team would understand. He didn’t doubt it however. If anyone would understand and accept the situation with Bruce and Y/N, it would be the team. They were far more supportive than they usually let show and he knew he could count on them even if he still worried about it.

The elevator came to a stop at the ninety sixth floor and the metal doors moved aside with a ding. The floor appeared empty at first but chatter was heard from further inside, echoing through the spacious lounge area.

Y/N examined the room with amazement. The architecture was unique with walkways and split levels along with highly modern interior. It was such a drastic change from her mother’s house that she could barely wrap her head around it.

As they came around a corner, an area with multiple sofas and armchairs surrounding a low table appeared, the Avengers themselves seated. As Y/N and Bruce appeared the table fell quiet and turned towards them. She felt like a deer in the headlights of a car but felt a surge of confidence as she had Bruce by her side.

“Banner!” Tony exclaimed, rising from his seat as he had sat with his back towards Bruce at first. “We didn’t think you’d make it… And who’s this? That assistant you talked about?”

Bruce took a deep breath. He hadn’t kept Y/N a secret because of her. He wished he would have been able to talk about his daughter and brag about her smarts, how beautiful she was and how well she was doing. He just hadn’t found it in himself to share his largest pride. The words that Y/N'a mother had told him, about the Other Guy being so dangerous in a world with Y/N, had rattled him into silence. It was time to break that silence however. Y/N was with him now.

“Everyone, this is Y/N… My daughter.”

Scott got a peanut stuck in his throat and coughed violently. The rest of the team were equally as shocked but showed it more discreetly. Everyone shared one thing however, and that was their loss of words. None of them could come up with a single thing to say but simply stared at Bruce and at Y/N which stood slightly behind her father.

“Hello.” She said quietly to the team, glancing up at Bruce that was looking back her way but not meeting her eyes once again.

“You have a daughter?” Tony questioned. “You’re not acting like you’ve just found out this fact like the rest of us…”

“I’ve known about her since the day she was born, and about nine months before that as well if I’m going to be honest.” He admitted and looked from Tony to Steve, to Bucky and Natasha. The others were still staring as well. Scott, Thor, Wanda, Vision, Clint, Sam and Rhodes. The only one who didn’t have the same look of pure surprise was Peter.

Y/N…” Peter said breathlessly and she looked over at the teen who she hadn’t seen until then, her eyes widening upon seeing his face.

“Peter?” She questioned, almost feeling dizzy by how strange of a direction things had suddenly taken.

“You know him?” Steve stood up as well, wanting to try and get a hold of the situation and properly get his head around things.

“Our biochemical science teacher, Professor Lloyd, has these optional, enclosed, seminars after hours for any students that have a passion… We’re both in it.”

“We have English and electrical engineering together as well, but why is he-” Y/N cut herself off, rephrasing her own words as she realized Peter was very much present. “Why are you here?”

Everyone looked over to Peter like they were waiting for him to reply. As he hesitated, Y/N’s mind raced as usual. She knew everyone on the team as their superhero personas and most of them had gotten their true identity connected with their alternative one, if they had ever had two to begin with. Tony being Iron Man was probably the easiest one, but she could put a name to the face with everyone else, but one superhero was left on her mind and Peter was the only one left in the room.

“You’re Spider-Man.” She accused and Peter began to stutter in panic, confirming her theory without using a single word.

“Bruce?” Tony dragged out the name and looked at Banner with hesitation. “Does your kid have, you know… Gifts?”

Bruce barely understood what he had been asked at first but then immediately began shaking his head. “No! No, no… Well, nothing that isn’t natural at least, if that’s what we’re referring to.”

“Oh thank god…” Scott suddenly let out along with a long sigh of relief. “I don’t know if I can handle any more super-teens in this group.”

“There’s one?” Rhodes questioned, not understanding Lang’s logic.

“Look.” Bruce called out to gain the attention of everyone again, looking back to Y/N for permission as they both knew that Bruce needed to explain. She nodded, and he understood. “Her- Her mom ditched her… She doesn’t have anywhere else to go and no one else to turn to…”

“You don’t have to explain.” Steve said to Bruce, a faint smile meant for Y/N as reassurance. “Of course you’re welcome here, Y/N.”

Steve walked through the gatherings of furniture where he had been sat and went up to Y/N, reaching his hand out and shaking hers. She smiled back, feeling like she might finally be in the right place.

“We already know each other, so I think we’re good.” Peter said, joining Steve and her with a smile of his own.

“Any family of Bruce is family of mine.” Natasha stood up and also made her way to Y/N. As Y/N though she would shake Natasha’s hand, the spy wrapped her arms around the startled teen for a brief hug. “I hope you like it here…”

One after another, the team rose to their feet, an act of approval that Y/N had a clear place in the Tower and with them. Had she been able to feel that amount of joy and acceptance on when alone, she would have been crying rivers, but she managed to hold them in.

Everyone began to make their way towards her at that point and left the couches and armchairs. Peter held his clutched hand up and requested a fist bump which Y/N happily gave him.

“You’ll fit in just great, and I’m always available if you wanna talk.” Wanda promised Y/N and also gave her a hug.

She had never felt at home, like she was truly meant to be somewhere. Perhaps it was part of her relatively shy and withheld personality, or it was simply because of where and how she had been raised. Her mom had never been supportive. She barely said hi after Y/N came home after school. She might have been Y/N’s mom, but Y/N had gotten ten times the love from a group of strangers in five minutes than she had ever gotten from her own mother through out her entire life.

Bruce looked down at his daughter that for far too long had lived a life so far away from what she deserved that it was almost humorous. He tried think of the advice she had given him, to focus on the present and the future, which to his joy seemed to consist of a lot more father and daughter time. Y/N wouldn’t mind having more of that time. Neither would she mind calling wherever the Avengers were as her new home.

SnowBaz and Food

Earlier today, I was reading a book entitled How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster. In the book, there was a chapter about the importance in literature of characters eating food with one another, how when two people eat together, it is very personal and creates a connector and bond between the two individuals. I had an epiphany midway through: Simon and Baz. I began thinking, and I really wanted to make a full analysis about how the relationship of food and the boys, so I did. Just FYI, my little analysis will consist only of literal food, the two eating actual food, not really Baz and his hunting. (I could make an entire essay about the development of Baz and his hunting throughout the book, but that’s for another day.) Under the cut, it’ll be about how food is almost the most important character in Carry On.

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Where are Hide THE HIDE fans at?

All I see is Hidekane ones.

Y’ know,my biggest issue with most of Touka’s fandom(most not all) always was how they only cared for Touka as love interest for Kaneki but never would give well deserved credit that her character truly deserved.

Tbh,gotta say, ones who call themselves “Hide fans” ain’t betta in this regard.I feel like black sheep here bc I’m one who cares about Hide as Hide.Not Hidekane.Not damn ship but character that is HIDEYOSHI NAGACHIKA!

So where are peps like me who love Hide for Hide bc all I bump is Hidekane shippers who only care for Hide as love interest to Kaneki(sigh). Y’ real all? Are u fans of Hide or ship here? Seems latter to me.

Ppl are stuck that there is no life for Kaneki without Hide? Dafuq? Y’ all really wanna Kaneki to be stuck at just one person,depend on one person & if there isn’t that person that he should go & kill himself bc no life without that person amirite? Did y’ all butthurt mofos ever heard y’ can date & still have bff at same time? That y’ can care for multiple ppl at same time without needing to chose one? Kaneki can be both Touka’s lover & Hide’s bff. He can care for them both. Where is mofo problem again? 

As Hide’s fans it disgust me seeing that most of mah boi’s fans only care for him as gay love interest for Kaneki. Go to hell! Hide is way more then just that.What made Hide great wasn’t “spreading ass-cheeks” for Kaneki Ken in one of your fanfictions but being Hide. Being that friend for Kaneki but at same time very interesting character that is more then he lets on. Which brings me to another point which is do most of Hide fans even pay attention to Hide? Ofc not.We established most only care for dang ship. But anyone who gave a single f*** to pay attention to Hide would by now would probably question how much of “sunshine” Hide truly was. Man was shady af tbh (& am his fan).

But one thing we can say about Hide for sure is that he wanted Kaneki to be happy. After so much shit Kaneki’s been trough,he finally finds that one moment of peace & instead of ppl being happy for this,they b*tch bc of their ship? Harass creator bc of it? It’s Ishida’s damn story. He can write it however he wants. What sort of narcissistic entitled prick with no life y’ gotta be to go & demand anything from writer to point of threatening to kill yourself or telling him to kill himself? Same writer from who you read illegal chapters every week & still got some ass decency to try & preach Ishida how to write? gtfo all of y’!!! Get out of y’ cave & step outside & git real life. Seek some professional help while at it instead of focusing your 24/7h onto ships of fictional characters & harassing creator bc of it telling him y’ shall kill yourself. Gtfo for reals.

This is truly worst fandom of 2k17 that is full of self entitled little shits who think they own the world.


anonymous asked:

Hello Steph, sorry to bother you with this old question: and When Sherlock was dying, Moriarty said, "Mommy and Daddy would cry. Mrs hudson would cry. The woman would cry. And John would cry, buckets and buckets." I can see that he didn't think of Mycroft here because he was supposed to be the iceman, but why mentioned Irene while not mentioning Greg and Molly? I get that the key point here is John but why talked about Irene before John? Any hints? And thank you for always being wonderful!

Hi Nonny!

We discussed this scene awhile ago and surprisingly none of us thought about this. Well, given that this is in Sherlock’s head:

  • I think he believes that Greg only likes him for the work, even though on multiple occasions Greg has shown genuine caring and affection for him. One of the biggest faults for people with low self esteem (that’s me, hello) is that we genuinely believe that we are a bother to everyone and people only like us for our utility. We have a hard time believing that anyone genuinely loves and cares about us, so we fear attaching ourselves to people because they’re just inevitably going to break our hearts in one form or another. This goes for someone like Sherlock, who thinks, for a lot of people, that he’s only good for their need of his talents, ergo, he doesn’t think Greg will miss him all that much. That, and we have to also take into account about Sherlock’s first “death”. Perhaps he didn’t see Greg grieve for Sherlock’s death like he did John, so he thinks he won’t be all that missed. 
  • With Mycroft, I do truly believe that Sherlock’s self esteem is so low that he doesn’t think his brother loves him all that much; I would presume the only other times he’s seen his brother worry over him was when he was drugged out of his mind, and it’s likely Sherlock probably doesn’t remember those or “deleted” them. He loves and idolizes Mycroft, but we even see in his mind palace as he’s dying that Sherlock believes that Mycroft thinks him stupid, so perhaps Sherlock doesn’t think his brother – despite ALL the thing Mycroft does for him and lets him get away with – would care if he was gone… just another thing Mycroft doesn’t have to worry about anymore.
  • I think with Molly, earlier in the episode, she was angry with him for not being the man she fantasized him to be, so I imagine her anger is still fresh in his mind; he’s not the pedestal-god she built him up to be, and  Sherlock knows it's only her infatuation with him that keeps her wanting to help him all the time, so he thinks she doesn’t REALLY like him for anything more than that. I don’t doubt that he does value their friendship, but I don’t really think he thinks of her beyond a valued colleague. She does have a place in his mind palace, after all, as the personification of his knowledge on the human body.
  • For Irene, I think he thought of her because she made some sort of impression to him in helping him discover his sexual interest in John. I like to headcanon that she will be upset because Sherlock didn’t tell John before he died about his feelings, because she genuinely wanted them together. In actuality, I think it’s because he did understand that she appreciated his intelligence and felt some sort of passing platonic affection for him and his naïveté.

But it means nothing that Irene was thought of before John; John was the last thought Sherlock had as he was dying – the VERY last one – before he decided he needed to live, because JOHN was in danger. He came back for John, not anyone else.

As an aside, I’m not going to go into how this entire scene (“That wife! John Watson is definitely in danger!”) is rendered COMPLETELY pointless with the ridiculous 180 of Mary’s character in S4. :/

To Save You

Request: Could you do a murphy imagine where he gets upset when he came back from COL to find out y/n is taken by Mount w?

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Thank you for the request! It was really fun to write.

Warning: sad?

Originally posted by fuck-yeah-richardharmon

Murphy was tired and his feet ached, he had regretted going to the city of light, or trying to seemingly since it was just a big waste of time and Jaha was just crazy. It’d been so long since he’d been back to Camp Jaha, but he had to come back. Come back for you.

The only reason he’d gone on that stupid journey was to see if there was possibly a place for you two to live happily. He hadn’t been pardoned for his crimes, or rather he had but was still treated like dirt and you hated it, so he convinced himself he’d find a place where the two of you could be happy. No matter how long it took.

You’d fought about him going alone but eventually you’d given up when you realized there was no changing his mind.

Now here he stood, hope gone and disheartened because he had to tell you that the whole thing was only a coax and you would have to wait long to find a place suitable for the two of you.

After nearly being shot by the guards, Clarke recognized Murphy and allowed him in. She seemed baffled by why he was here and Murphy could see the way her eyes lit up a tiny bit of sympathy, why he wasn’t sure. Nor did he really care, the last time he’d spoke to Clarke, she told him she would never forgive him. So he really didn’t care what she had to say.

Instead he followed silently behind her as she talked and Murphy let his eyes wander around camp looking for you. He was also shocked to see he couldn’t catch sight of Bellamy, but mainly you. He told himself that you were inside the Ark and that was it, you wouldn’t have magically known he’d be back this soon so it made sense that you hadn’t been there for his arrival.

Still it disheartened him slightly not to have is smiling face the minute you walked in. 

Clarke took note of the way his eyes search, and with a sigh she stopped walking, in turn making Murphy stop. He stared at Clarke with uninterested eyes, waiting for what she had to say.

“Murphy… Y/N.” She said but cut of short.

Murphy’s ears picked up on your name and he finally completely focused on Clarke. Trying to ignore the way her eyes lit up in alarm. If he remembered correctly, you two had been on okay terms. “Where’s Y/N?” Murphy asked urgently.

“Y/N has been taken by Mount Weather.”

Blinking, Murphy took a few minutes to registered what he’d just heard. Narrowing his eyes, he suddenly felt anger. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“She went with Bella-”

“What the hell? What did Bellamy do?” Murphy yelled enraged at the mention of Bellamy. He remembered not being able to find either one and he felt the immense urge to punch the man now.

“Bellamy didn’t do anything!” Clarke immediately defended. Raising her arm in surrender. “We needed an inside person to save those already in Mount Weather, Bellamy offered to go but Y/N wouldn’t let him go alone. After fighting, she eventually won and went with him.”

“Then what happened to her?” Murphy spat, fear rising in his throat as he thought about what could be happening to you. He had never truly cared for another person since his father, you were the first and he loved you. He couldn’t bare the thought of loosing you.

“She wasn’t so lucky. They took Bellamy in as a grounder but he was able to escape. They took Y/N somewhere else, Bellamy is still trying to find her.” Clarke explained.

Murphy tried to blink back the tears that threatened to fall and the urge to punch something. He ignored all reasonable thinking and began stomping towards the gates that he had just come from, his mind set on something.

“Murphy! Where are you going?” Clarke asked.

“To save my girlfriend.”

Hope you enjoyed!

can people stop starting a post with “bisexual/pansexual” but then dropping “pansexual” by the end of it? it seriously comes off as if y'all feel that acknowledging us at all is a favor that we should be grateful for, or that throwing in “pansexual” once is the best you can do and earns you a pat on the back.

it’s just SO tiring seeing people speculate about a character’s sexuality and say they could be “bi or pan" but then finish their post with "it’s safe to assume they’re bisexual”. like, honestly just don’t even bother adding pansexual in the first place if you don’t truly mean it or care about us. having your bi headcanon is one thing, but not even considering pansexuality as valid possibility is another. and that’s exactly how you come off when you start with “they could be bi/pan” but end with just “bi”.

Essays in Existentialism: Shopping

Want a prompt? While strolling down the busy streets of Polis with Lexa, our favourite Sky Girl sees something she absolutely wants in a shop and argues with Lexa about buying it.

The streets were so full, so busy, that Lexa and her guard only attracted a small amount of attention. Clarke marveled at how this could be, but gave up, eager to see everything. Though she was the spectacle, now, the word of her arrival in the capital sparking a flurry of interest in the ones that survived the greatest fall of all time, she was too feared to be approached. The shooting star, the asteroid, the one who brought down the Mountain. She had many names whispered in her wake, many eyes curious as to how someone so young, so normal looking, could be so mighty.

And so they rarely stopped moving on their excursion through the city. Only for Clarke to admire and ask questions, to smell and touch and taste. Lexa slipped coins to vendors for tiny pieces of breads and meats and fruits, most met to Clarke’s enjoyment, a few falling grossly short.

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Getting hate

“ I have been targeted on Tumblr these past couple of days.  I have been insulted for liking #karamel #chriswood and #mon-el.  I was called a racist, stupid, ugly, and other vulgar words I won’t repeat (I was raised better than that).  I actually planned on not talking about it, because I don’t like to stir the pot.  I don’t like the fights in the fandom and I truly believe the majority on both sides want to get along.  That being said, I thought about it and I do have to speak up — not to fight but to put my 2 cents on the issue.  Harassing and insulting people that are different from you or think differently, it’s bullying and I won’t take it.  If I see it, I will call it out.  Please, people, be kind to one another.  We are all here to enjoy, not to fight.
And p.s. to my hater, if you are reading: I don’t care what you say. I’m f**** perfect the way I am.

CC vs SH writers part 2
  • CC: clary and izzy hate each other. They don't get along and all they do is insult each other
  • SH writers: okay how about this, we have clary and izzy become good friends who support and encourage one another. Let's have some positive female representation.
  • CC: Alec and clary hate each other as well. Alec is quite physically aggressive with her and clary doesn't really care about him.
  • SH writers: nope nope nope. Here's what we're gonna do, we are going to put them on the path to friendship. Alec will do what he can to protect her and Clary really truly cares about his happiness.
  • CC: *continues to sweat nervously*

tealtintedglasses-deactivated20  asked:

In your Shiizakana recap you touched on Hannibal's "warped finishing school for the damned". In a post S3 world, do you still feel like Hannibal would be compelled to turn out any would-be murderers and watch them go? What would be Will's reaction? Would he be jealous? Annoyed? I guess I've always had a hard time understanding Hannibal's intent, are these just amusements for him to sate his curiosity or on some level does he care about these people?

Compelled is one thing, would he be able to is another! I mean, we know Hannibal must like doing this, because he does it constantly throughout the show, with Randall Tier as at least one pre-series example. As a noted murder cat, he’s curious, and Fledgling Killer Grooming certainly feeds something in his weird dark soul (perhaps Hannibal’s version of collecting strays?). Though whether he “cares” about them in the traditional sense is pretty dubious. Arguable the only person Hannibal truly cares about from 1x01 on is Will, and frankly that’s far from any comfortable definition of the word as well. But regardless, while Hannibal has a definite interest in pushing people toward their ~gruesome glory~, we also know that he can press the mute button on his urges if his security & freedom require it, as seen in the long periods of time that pass without Ripper kills. Whether it’s murder art or his murder protégées, being freshly escapered from a hospital for the criminally insane would be a time to lie low, one would think.

And of course, there’s another mitigating factor: Will Graham. Hannibal once gave up his favorite hobby not for his own continued freedom, but ALONGSIDE IT, all for the sake of his precious biscuit who hates him. There is not a lot Hannibal wouldn’t do to keep Will’s attention! Buuuuttt on the other hand…. there’s not a lot Hannibal wouldn’t do to keep Will’s attention. And bringing other people in for them to play off of/at each other is another thing Hanners has found very rewarding indeed. In fact, the most recent student of Dr. Lecter’s Finishing School For the Damned was Francis Dolarhyde, and in one of the interviews on the S3 DVDs, Mads Mikkelsen #confirmed my feeling that Hannibal was primarily treating (and treating) Dolarhyde as just a means to a Will. Given how VERY gratifying the results of that were, I imagine this would be the arrangement Hannibal would want to keep pursuing, if given the chance.

And if Will doesn’t manage to convince him to [grits teeth] stop it, given how terribly distressed this always makes him. Up to and including the part where he ends up doing just what Hannibal hoped for all along: proving he does love him. Uugh. Roll me into the sea about it, literally.

Do you want to know what sucks most for me about Tumblr?

…I have met some amazing people I have never met.

More importantly, I have met one of my BEST friends in the whole world and I have never met her. .I plan on traveling in about a year to see her, but who knows what lies ahead that could fuck up those plans? 

Tumblr…needs to have a teleportation device so we tumblr pals can meet up in an instant. To be there to truly comfort one another, to laugh at the weird facial expressions made, and the weird quirks of the other person that can only be witnessed in person.

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Wish for better hope for better but it's never enough. Look at the world dying look at all the children crying and all we humans do is stand there and look or make a vid hoping to go viral. We humans are so petty we complain over the littlest things. When something happens to others we barely care when something happens to a us we freak out. Will humans ever realize that we all have blood in are vains. That we should care about one another. Of course we won't where human after all.

X… buddy… i know this world may seem cruel at first glance, and truly, there are a lot of insanity and cruelty in this world.
But, this world is also beautiful. There are many people who help others less fortunate than the are. There are those running to help people in danger, parents protecting their youth, organizations helping countries in need of help. People who show kindness and love to those around them with a smile, a good word or even with a simple nod. Humans can create wonderful arts, weave fantastical tales, learn with passion, lead with courage and help with kindness.
We’re humans. We’re capable of both evil and good. We have a free choice after all.
We always have a choice.
Never forget that.

More Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA (until I finish rewatching the series)

#28: Mai saves the jerk who dumped her in “The Boiling Rock.”

Say what you want about #Maiko (and other Zuko-related “ships” or what have you), but the show actually does quite a good job establishing that Zuko and Mai care deeply about one another. Bryke are not known for writing the most compelling romances, but they actually do quite a bit of setup on Zuko and Mai, from the childhood blushing, to Mai’s secret smile in “Return to Omashu,” to all the moments they had together in early Book 3 when Mai lent a sympathetic listening ear to the moody Zuko.

And in “The Boiling Rock,” we see how truly hurt Mai is by Zuko’s betrayal:

And that she is willing to save the “jerk who dumped her” from a hot, boiling death:

And, more importantly, stand up to Azula to do it. Look at how fierce her eyes are here when facing Azula’s fiery wrath (and a possible untimely demise):

Mai’s betrayal of Azula triggers Ty Lee’s betrayal, and essentially starts Azula’s downward spiral. Azula responds with uncharacteristic lack-of-coolness here, for example, and is completely caught off guard by Ty Lee’s chi blocking:

Azula: I never expected this from you. The thing I don’t understand is why. Why would you do it? You know the consequences.
Mai: I guess you just don’t know people as well as you think you do. You miscalculated.  I love Zuko more than I fear you. 
Azula: No, you miscalculated! You should have feared me more!

She is starting to lose control – not just over her friends, but over herself: 

I love that the show both established Mai’s love for Zuko, and also the relationship between Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee, and used both of those to their full advantage in this pivotal scene.  Great scene.

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I should've been more like you but I really need to see Bill! It meant so much to me seeing a WoC- a black woman in the show again! And her dynamic with 12 is everything I wish for Martha (I love Ten but RTD did her wrong with that story line) they truly care about one another and now to see her died only to ended up not being dead then wait 10 yrs for The Doctor then turn into a Cyberman! Unbelievable and fandom reaction just frustrates me more. This fandom is so transparent with it's faux

feminism. The fact that majority is all right with what just happened shows they truly only care about white characters. Do you remember the freak out when we thought The Ponds send off was going to be a permanent death? I do meanwhile Bill responds is Wait and See or it’s not a big deal everyone suffers! And this eerily too much like poor Danny Pink story-line :( thanks for your respond Cat you are awesome! I hope CC run will be better and he better get a WoC companion seriously no more WW.

You’re Welcome! Don’t blame yourself at all for watching the series, Moffat promoted this character as being super progressive, it’s not your fault you trusted a writer not to completely fuck things up. 

While RTD could have certainly given Martha a better ending, I think RTD didn’t meant to come across as racist in her storyline. I think RTD wrote himself into a bit of a pickle with Martha. He couldn’t write the Doctor being completely happy during series 3 simply because of how series 2 ended. However, I don’t believe he needed to make The Doctor be extremely uncaring about Martha’s concerns about being in the 16th century England or not give Martha a real love interest, or shoehorn in her ending with Mickey (Although I do believe at some point RTD was planning for Martha and Mickey to be full characters on his spinoff Torchwood). Still I think Martha’s storyline had alot of elements to admire in it. Her standing up to The Doctor at the end was probably one of the best moments of RTD series. 

However,  I do think if you pointed out this issues to RTD he’d probably be more likely to grow as a writer from this. A lot of the issues with Martha’s storyline are things most white people are unaware about because it doesn’t affect them. I only learned through a vast amount of reading. From all the interviews I’ve read and seen of his, he isn’t like Moffat in this regard to criticism. 

Moffat however, cannot be unaware of Clexa-gate. I’m sorry he just can’t. Anyone who writes the death of a lesbian in such a horrible fashion does not have the excuse anymore of the “They didn’t know”. Literally, everyone covered the death of Lexa, the impact, the reason why it was so horrible. It’s still a topic which is covered today. Among writers of shows which have vast internet fandoms around them like DW it’s hard to imagine they didn’t hear of it. He had to have heard about the criticism The 100 received for how they killed off Lexa.  

So the fact that he hyped up this lesbian companion, (A near year after Lexa died I believe Moffat introduced her)  full well knowing he was going to have a scene where she was shot unexpectedly is disturbing, to say the least. It really doesn’t matter if somehow this is reversed the damage has been done already. 

anonymous asked:

Could you make a list of things that would make this cartoon less terrible?

Ive tried to think of a list for this for like days so I’m just gonna sum it up. 

The show could have had potential hadn’t it been missing one essential element in a cartoon like this. That thing? Love.

Its like the creators of the show were confused about what type of show they wanted this to be. They claim that the beatles are supposed to love and care about each other. But they’ve never written any actions that would show the viewers that they actually don’t despise one another. Its like they wanted to have a show like The Monkees, where they still poke fun at one another, but you can tell that they really do care about each other. But they ended up with The Young Ones, a bunch guys living together that really truly hate each other, where they constantly throw insults at one another and hit each other with chairs and stuff.

The beatles cartoon managed to be both, in a horrible way. They put the characters in a universe where they are supposed to get along like brothers, with some lighthearted humor towards one another. But they forgot to actually make them care about each other. So with every joke about Ringo’s nose, there’s nothing to fall back on that reminds the viewer that the others do care about Ringo. So we get this sad mess where their ridicule is actually very serious. If the whole show was meant to be like that, you wouldn’t feel bad for Ringo because thats the way the show would normally function and the viewer is ready and used to it. But its in a universe where they are supposed to be friends, so any violence or cruelty cuts deep. 

In short, if they made the beatles actually care about each other in any way, the show wouldn’t feel so tasteless and the viewer might be able to actually enjoy each charcters personality (except goerge, for he lacks one completely) knowing that the show really is just lighthearted fun.

scooterbraun: An incredible run. Congrats to @justinbieber on an incredible tour and thank you to the entire cast and crew for your unending support. Chris and Nick thank you. AEG thank you. Caa thank you. @sb_projects Team thank you. To the promoters who believed around the world thank you. To the fans from all over the world who took part over the last 16 months over 6 continents thank you. And to those that won’t be able to see it… on behalf of myself, Justin, and the team, we are sorry. That was never our intent. But a man’s soul and well being I truly care about came first and We must all respect and honor that. Justin will be back and I know he looks forward to performing for you and with you all again. One chapter ends and another begins. Thank you again. Now please stop commenting on all my other photos that have nothing to do with this :) just kidding….but I’m not 😂. Jokes aside your support for Justin is inspiring. Cheers.

Silence | Tom Holland | Pt. 1

Originally posted by yeezybaddie

Currently standing in the middle of the subway platform in Astoria, Queens you finished up the last of your donut, craving more. A certain area was blocked off just for a few hours so the crew would be able to shoot a scene which you and Tom had been dying to get out of the way.

The kissing scene.

This was the fourth time throughout the movie where you two share a kiss but this one was filled with more emotions than you can handle. A longer, passionate kiss was something that required you to put all of yourself into that one moment.

It was hard to do that when you couldn’t help but pretend that each kiss meant something between you and Tom. And for that you wanted to get it over with.

“How was the donut?”

You turned your head to Tom who was giving you that same goofy smile he had been for a while. As you looked down at your coffee like it could save you from the discomfort you felt, Tom scrunched up his face; he knew you like the back of his hand. Your emotions showed your face with the snap of a finger.

So you best believe that Tom knew that you weren’t okay. “Are you good?”

You nodded your head, scratching your scalp, tucking a hair behind your ear, anything to sooth the anxiety you were having. “I’m fine just tired.”

“We only started filming an hour ago, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I stayed up late thinking, and I ended up not getting any sleep. Just give me some more coffee and I’ll be fine.“

He eyed you suspiciously wanting to press you more for an answer but knew that you wouldn’t give into his looks of worry. Tom watched as you drank the rest of your coffee almost aggressively and toss it in the trash bin before standing near the edge of the platform as you took in the mild breeze that Queens had to offer.

He was worried about you, from the first time he had met you he knew there was something odd about the way your eyes looked. Not many people paid your unusual sluggish behavior any mind; to Hollywood you were an A-lister who made many box office hits. You were in he limelight of it all, all of the awards, the red carpets, the drama, people only saw you as a beautiful gem unaware that on the inside you beginning to rot.

You loved what you did, you loved to play pretend for a few hours a day and go home to your luxurious life. The money that you made yearly was enough to sustain you for a lifetime; but still with all the money, the parties, and the things you got to do you felt empty.

Where was the love? The person to share all of your adventures with? In your years of being on the dating field you had quiet the unsuccessful hand holding you up. He either cheats on you or she finds someone willing to shower her in unnecessary lavish gifts.

“Hey I got you more coffee.”

You looked at Tom, your eyes narrowed as you processed that he actually took what you said literal. Neither you nor Tom were a fool, you both knew the other wasn’t truly as happy these days as filming was close to ending. The smiles that we’re normally sewed to your faces were popped off one thread at a time.

“I didn’t actually mean—thank you.”

Tom managed give you a smile, “no troubles, just want to see you taken cared of.”

“Well it’s nice to know that someone cares about me.” Fuck you should have said you cared about him too.

“We’re friends aren’t we? That’s what friends do—care for one another?”

You strained a small smile, “that definitely is what friends do, in a strictly platonic way.”

You cringed in your head, the words friends was thrown around so often that it felt as if you both were purposely trying to hint at something. You just wanted him to notice that it pained you to even hear him think of you as just a friend. Dammit you just wanted more of the way his lips felt against yours, the constant playful hand holding and tight, warm hugs. Damn those hugs were the best.

“Z is having a small party at her place tonight. You’re going right?”

Although you wanted to do nothing more than just stay home and cuddle with your pet you chose to at least be more social this week. Besides, how could you miss eating delicious food while having Tom in the same room as you?

“Of course I’m going,” your voice had an higher than pitch to it this time which made Tom look at you in surprised yet amused way. “It’s at 7 right?”

“Yes. I was wondering too if you mind tagging along with me because I have to pick up something for Z.“

This was music to your ears, after your accident months back you had this worry about getting behind the wheel again. Being hit from the side at nearly twenty miles per hours and hitting a lamp had you more shook than you had ever been. “I don’t think I can ever turn down a free ride. I’ll be ready by six.”

You put the last heel on your foot and stood in front of the mirror, admiring your outfit from every angle making sure that all of your more prominent aspects of your body was in good shape. That meant pushing widening your eyes to appear more alive and making sure your ass looked perky. Tom still wasn’t here even though it was fifteen minutes past six and you knowing Tom meant that the man wasn’t coming until around 7.

Work on memorizing more lines or masturbate? The answer was pretty much simple when you looked at how comfortable your couch looked with a blanket draped over it with a pillow perfectly on it. You took off your shoes, not caring where they ended up or whether or not your hair (which took you less than ten minutes to do) got messed up. All you needed for a few minutes was you time.

Tom picked you up twenty minutes after, in your opinion not enough time to let you completely having multiple rounds of pleasure taking over your body, but for now you were going to have to suck it up, put on a smile and at least do what you’re known for; acting. Around Tom that’s all you ever did these days and it sucked because you use to be so down to earth around him. Now it just felt as if everything was being forced.

The ride to bakery was silent, he hadn’t even turned the radio on so sitting at a red light was nothing but a drag. You turned to him a few times hoping to gather the courage to say anything to him, maybe an: ‘I like your leather jacket’ or ‘Damn it’s chilly as fuck’. Tom for the most part tried to do most of the talking but your resting bitch face had him left in the dark.

He parked the car on the side of the sidewalk, mumbling to himself about not wanting to pay the meter. Your hands shook as you now had no idea what your next move would be. Do you sit and wait? Or go with him?

You opted to go with him as he asked you to tell him what you thought of the cake. The bakery wasn’t as full as you’d expect, which you were thankful for because that meant that not many eyes were on you. No need for the paparazzi to pay you both a visit at this time.

“David likes chocolate right?” Tom asked you, and you were quite surprised that the cake had the words happy birthday written on it.Oh fuck, where was my head?You thought to yourself as you took in the fact that you had forgotten about one of the most important people in your life, birthday.

“Shit, shit, shit! God dammit I forgot to get him something–Tom I don’t care if we’re late just as long as you stop by the store real quick so that I can get him something. Oh Jesus fuck me.”

“I don’t think that’s a very appropriate thing to say.”

Maybe it was the fact that these days you were an emotional wreck or that you had the idea set up that David would hate you forever but you pinched him on the hand in aggravation. “I’m not playing around—”

He placed his hands on your shoulders, “slow down, David isn’t going to be mad at you. All he needs is you to be there.”

“I don’t know if that helps me but thanks. I was just being a bit over dramatic.”

“That’s been happening a lot lately.”

You frowned, “what?”

“Nothing, just tell me how the cake looks.”

You peered over the box, taking in all the details of it, like the words Happy Birthday Dave written with vanilla frosting that really stuck out from the chocolate covered cake. The cake itself was basic but it fit well with David’s personality. “I just hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

Tom nodded to the cashier, slapping down a 100 as she tied the last piece of string around the box to secure the cake. The both of you walked out, and you gladly unlocked the car door for him as he leaned into the back seats to place the cake down. You however got comfortable again in the passengers side as you turned the key in the ignition, turning on the radio to fill the silence the car had. After freaking out in the bakery and Tom making you get your shit together, you felt more at ease alone with him. It was a good feeling, one you had craved for a while now.

You heard him sigh to himself deeply, “I know you rather not talk about this but I need to know; did I do something wrong?”

“No, no you didn’t, I’ve just been tired lately.”

“So you were so tired that after we kissed you threw up? If you find me disgusting please let me know love. Come on you’re better than this.”

You scoffed, he knew nothing about you other than your name, age and aspirations in life. He was like any other co-worker, you chit chatted with them on set but they never really knew you as much as they wanted to. “Yes because you’ve seen me better—”

“Everyone has!” He exclaimed making you reach your breaking point, just like that, in a matter of five minutes you had both resorted to yelling with one another like a couple. You were sick and tired of the whole world acting as if they knew you, as if they knew what really went down behind closed doors. Enough was enough, no one knew how to act like they knew you because the real actor was you. You had tricked people all these years into seeing something that wasn’t there. With every bit of drama that entered your life, you had ‘let it go’ with a smile on your face and a press statement saying that you’ve moved on and so should the public.

Of course you had never truly moved on in a week, no one could get over heartbreak or shit talking in a day. But that was the thing; you were expected to. Being a celebrity meant being superhuman, traveling to three countries in twenty four hours, meeting and signing every fans autograph. Taking heat from tabloids and haters. When you dreamt of being in the business you never expected to receive so much stress from a job that you love.

Yes, you were stressed, you were cranky and angry at yourself for letting all of this get to you. The rage that was bubbling up in your stomach meant that if you continued this conversation any longer someone was going to get hit and it wasn’t going to be you. Saying only these words meant that you put your pride aside to ensure the safety of Tom.

“Just drive.”

Part two will be up soon!💋