we tried gold stars all around

Hello all! I’m here to dissect the court scene piece by piece since people seem to like to fall back on this for their ‘Levi abuses Eren therefore their relationship sucks’ arguments (which is understandable, I suppose, since it’s literally the only scene in the show that they could use since it’s literally the only time in the show Levi beats Eren up). This is a pretty long discussion (complete with fun pictures!!), so I’ll throw it under a read-more for etiquette’s sake. You’re welcome, friends.

(Before I start I need to say that yes, I ship Ereri, duh, but that doesn’t make me incapable of making unbiased and objective observations that are clearly stated in canon, as everything I present as evidence below is straight from the anime. You’ll see.) 

First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to the situation at hand. Eren turned Titan and scared the fuck out of the Military Police, and therefore he got thrown in the slammer to await a trial that would literally decide whether Eren lives or dies.

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