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We’re very, very sorry we took this long to upload. D: The tweeted version of what went on with this page was that Vale couldn’t find the right expressions when she was initially sketching the page, so that was passed onto Jam, who did an excellent job finishing that part of the process up! Then inking responsibilities were passed between two different artists, and then coloring took a good while because one artist was going through personal troubles, while the other artist he passed it to wasn’t able to get her tablet working for a while. Fun times all around. X_X

Anyway, some peeps over on Twitter made a few guesses on what we now know is St. S’s name would be, though @giancarlovolpe came up with the perfect nickname for it (”St. Bro’s”); I have the feeling Star would refer to this place by that nickname if she ever came across that place. Totally not hinting about what’s gonna happen later down the line. Nope. Not at all. I really need to sleep soon.

Art © The Blood Moon Commission

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil © @daronnefcy & Disney

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When we were younger Sharpay seemed like such a mean girl because it was Disney. Over ten years later you realize she's ten times better than any actual assholes and she was basically done and bitter with life in high school. Not gonna lie, I totally relate.

also as a former music kid i can #relate to her anger at these people who have never once stepped foot on a stage getting lead roles over people who have dedicated their lives to the theater 

NurseyDex | 1+k | Fluff |

Neither of them are awake when the other seems to be. They find a compromise.


“Nursey, come on you said you’d come and get breakfast with me!” Dex is standing over his boyfriend, already dressed and starving.

Nursey just rolls over, pulling the covers over his head with a groan.

“Five more minutes….”

“Nursey!” Dex tugs at the quilt, huffing out an agitated sigh as Nursey’s grip becomes iron like as he clings to the comforter.

“Dex no!”

“Fine!” Dex lets go, huffing again, before turning around to grab his bag from where it’s propped on Nursey’s chair.

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Reverse Aphelion au: Qui-Gon gets kicked, Obi-Wan races ahead and then "dies". Uears later, during the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan comes back.

Fuck, I think this is gonna have to be an AU of it’s own.


Consider this chapter one? There is totally more coming. This is all your fault.

***Warning for PTSD that Qui-Gon is very unwilling to deal with because it’s Qui-Gon***

“We are definitely getting too old for this.”

Mace Windu made a wheezing sound in response that could have possibly been a chuckle before it ended in a low, pained groan as Qui-Gon sent a rush of Force healing into the younger master’s left side. Flesh began to knit itself back together beneath his hands, plasma burns closed with the faintest of sizzles, and fractured bones set themselves with an audible snapping crack that even the clone doctor on the other side of the bivouac could hear, since he grimaced in sympathy before turning back to his own patient. Altogether, the procedure took about five minutes. When Qui-Gon was done, he stepped away from the gurney to give him room and Mace sat up with a slight glaze over his eyes as he surveyed the new map of scars along his arm, shoulder, and torso. He tested the response time of his hand by opening and closing the fingers a few times, and seemed pleased enough with the result that he was already pulling on the new tunics Qui-Gon offered him as he spoke.

“I’m not disagreeing in the slightest,” he said with a wince as his clothing brushed a still-tender area along the bottom of his ribcage. “This war makes me miss the Yinchorri.”

“Don’t say that, they might just announce that Yinchorr has sided with the Separatists, then what shall we do?”

Mace’s entire body slumped forward, exhaustion emanating from him like heat from star. “If that happens, I’m joining Dooku.”

“Make sure to say hello for me.”

Mace leaned back up and smiled sourly. He had yet to pull his tunics tight, and a v of dark skin stretched down to just above his belly button, giving him a disheveled look that Qui-Gon was sure would scandalize any of the younger members of the Order. He could only imagine the look on Anakin’s face if he saw, and the thought caused an unasked for tremor to shake along the bond with his former Padawan. As was always the case, Anakin responded quickly, if a bit more harried than usual. Qui-Gon could all but see his smile. I’m in a bit of firefight at the moment, Qui-Gon. Please don’t send me images of a half-naked Mace Windu.

Qui-Gon couldn’t even admonish him over that. He had sent them after all, so he wished Anakin luck (and be careful, former Padawan mine) instead and focused back on Mace. He really did hope his face wasn’t red.

“I’ll give him your regards,” Mace continued with a raised eyebrow at Qui-Gon’s expression, “though you know he’ll probably task me with convincing you to join the Dark Side–”

“–like he has with every other new apprentice of his. Believe me, I’m fully aware. I have the scars to prove it and everything.” Qui-Gon finished for him, before holding out a hand. “Can you stand?”

“Guess it’s time to find out,” Mace replied, and clasped Qui-Gon’s hand with one of his. He braced himself on the edge of the gurney with the other and pushed himself slowly to his feet. His legs wobbled at first, but held, and after a moment he pulled his hand away from Qui-Gon’s, resting it lightly on his shoulder. A few minutes after that, and he was walking around the bivouac on his own. Mace immediately made his way over to the other patient.

“How are we doing, Ponds?” Mace asked the clone stretched out across the gurney. Qui-Gon wasn’t the only one to catch the unusual amount of gentleness in his words, if the subtle look he shared with his assistant (a relatively new clone named Kix) was any indication, but neither of them said a word.

“Only a…little sore, sir.” Ponds responded without moving. He was covered in all the bacta patches they’d been able to scrounge up on such short notice, but even with those and Qui-Gon’s emergency healing, Qui-Gon had still recommended that he be transferred to a starship with a proper bacta tank as soon as possible. “I’ll be ready to fight again soon.”

Mace glanced at Qui-Gon as if asking permission, and Qui-Gon responded with a subtle Go Ahead I Won’t Tell wave of his hand. Kix made himself appear busy with a datapad walked to a different area of the bivouac politely, while Qui-Gon turned away just as he saw Mace pressing a kiss to the injured clone’s forehead. He only caught, “If you ever try something like that again…”  before he was pushing aside the entrance flap to makeshift medical tent and walking outside.

Falleen was once a beautiful planet, of that Qui-Gon was sure. He could feel it in what few flora and fauna remained amid the seemingly endless amount of Separatist manufacturing facilities that now dotted the landscape like giant, smoke-spewing ticks. The Living Force did not lie, and it never died, either, even when what represented it perished. It was a part of everything, even death, but that only made it all the more difficult to deal with in a place like this. Since arriving on this planet, Qui-Gon had been experiencing dark visions while he slept, of blood and pain. Flames roaring up, licking at his skin, catching at his clothing, eating away at him until he was nothing but ash and memory.

He’d also dreamt of red. A red face face turning to red hair turning to red blood turning to red flame and consuming him whole.

He knew exactly who he was seeing, but he did not know why. Why would Falleen remind him of him of that man? What was the Force trying to tell him?

Qui-Gon closed his eyes and exhaled slowly, then inhaled, then exhaled again. The strange air tickled his throat and nostrils in an uncomfortable way, but he repeated the process twenty more times until his heart rate slowed and he could focus on that man without succumbing to a panic attack. He also carefully blocked his connection to Anakin. One could never be too careful.

He was given a single second of something that did not make sense, of layers of red upon red and two golden eyes. Qui-Gon thought they must represent Maul, who else but the Sith he had fought and defeated all those years ago? But the moment he thought that, his connection to the Force ached like skin rubbed raw and a sense wrong wrong wrong flooded it until he felt his breath catch. What was wrong about it? What did he not understand?

Red and golden eyes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The name burned.

Suddenly, the sense of distance Qui-Gon had given himself spun out of control, and he was back there.  Back on Naboo, back in that forest of bridges and forcefields, back at the edge of the melting pit.

It’s been over ten years, you are no longer there, he assured himself uselessly as the details of the plasma refinery complex came into focus in his mind’s eye, so perfect it was like he was there.

You are no longer there, he repeated again when Obi-Wan’s face flashed before him.  A child, a comrade, a corpse.

You are no longer there, you are no longer there, you are no longer there, he repeated as he felt his Padawan die in his mind and his arms again and again and again and–


His eyes snapped open, the memory ended, the vision tucked itself away, and Qui-Gon turned to Mace with an impassive look on his face.

Mace looked him up and down, concern pressing his brows together. “Are you alright?”

“Yes.” The lie slipped out far too easily, so Qui-Gon followed it with a crumb of truth. “Something about this planet is not right.”

Mace stared at him a little longer, and then sighed. “You’ve been feeling it too, then?”

Qui-Gon nodded, glad to have the attention off of himself. “The Force is trying to warn us of something. Have you alerted Master Yoda?”

“I have.” Mace frowned at nothing. “But he hasn’t experienced any visions, and there are no records of Sith activity in the history of Falleen, so I doubt it’s a hidden temple we don’t know about. Have you had any visions?”

“None that I can interpret. They may just be nightmares.”

Mace hummed, unconvinced. “It’s never nightmares with us, Qui-Gon. What did you see?”

Qui-Gon considered lying. It would be easy and he was quite convincing, but he had a feeling Mace would see right through it. He decided truth was the wisest course, or most of the truth, at least. He was not going to say the name, though. He couldn’t. Not right now.

“I’ve seen red, and two golden eyes,” he explained, crossing his arms over his chest. “I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean, but I haven’t had a proper sleep cycle in weeks because of it.”

“I know who that sounds like. Do you?”

“Yes,” Qui-Gon said grimly. “I don’t need a reminder, please.”

“Maul is dead, Qui-Gon.”

Qui-Gon glared sidelong at the smaller man. “I am aware of that. I was the one that killed him, after all.”

Mace met his gaze with a cool calm that made no small part of Qui-Gon want to smack him. The sheer anger in the thought surprised him, slightly, though Mace had a habit of digging into the heart of things with the tenacity of an especially irritating exogorth.

Mace broke off the eye contact first, and focused across their small encampment (aside from the bivouac, there was a handful of hurriedly-made defense structures manned by a small contingent of Mace and Qui-Gon’s legions. The rest were off in the thick of battle, headed by Anakin and his new Padawan) into the middle distance.

“Believe it or not, Maul was not who I was referring to,” Maul said offhandedly, “but it’s good to know that still bothers you. You should talk about it.”

“Remember earlier when you said you’d rather join Dooku than deal with the Yinchorri again?” Qui-Gon asked pointedly. “Naboo is my Yinchorri.”

“Touchy,” Mace grumbled.

“I’ve heard that’s what the T in PTSD stands for,”Qui-Gon replied. “Now, may we please drop it. I promise as soon as we’re not in the middle of a battlefield and I’ve had at least three day cycles of sleep, we’ll get drunk and tell each other about everything that has ever hurt us.”

That earned him an almost-smile. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“Would you like to tell me who my vision reminded you of now, or was that simply a quip?”

Mace’s almost-smile fell back into a frown. “I believe Dooku may have acquired another apprentice.”

Qui-Gon’s stomach plummeted to his knees, followed by his heart and his lungs. Everything suddenly felt far too heavy inside him, like gravity had decided that it wanted to drag him into this planet’s core. “Oh,” was his witty response. “And what’s the name of this one?”

“I don’t know.” Mace shook his head, as if trying to shake out an unpleasant memory. “They didn’t say much while they mowed down more than half of the 187th and nearly killed me.”

That did absolutely nothing to abate the sinking feeling filling Qui-Gon’s entire body.

“What did they look like?” he asked, fearing the answer without knowing why.

“I don’t know,” Mace said, with an apologetic expression. “They had a mask on, voice modulator, red armor, a red lightsaber. I caught a glimpse of golden eyes when I slashed through part their mask during our duel, but…” Mace shook his head again. “This one’s a monster, Qui-Gon. I’m lucky to be alive.”

“What did they want?” ‘Didn’t say much’ wasn’t the same as ‘didn’t say anything’, even though most of Qui-Gon hoped that this new tool of Dooku’s was the mute type. That made dealing with them easier, but if what they were after could be discovered, then a way to defeat them could be devised far more quickly.

For the first time since starting this discussion, Mace didn’t respond. His mouth was set in a thin, hard line.  Qui-Gon had to repeat the question again, already dreading it.

“What did they want, Mace?”

Mace didn’t look at him when he answered, but Qui-Gon saw his hand tighten around the lightsaber at his belt.

“You.” He said. “They said they’re here for you.”


Sweeter than cherry.

You went to scavenging with some Saviors and Negan. Old stores inside a big gallery were like a shopping, but smaller. You went checking places to try to find something interesting. You find an old hairdresser store. “That was probably ones of the fancy one,” You thought.

“I’m going inside,” You said to the saviors and to Negan.

“Be careful doll! Don’t lose your brain for a fucker because you want some hairspray.” Negan says with his grin face.

You hit the front three times and wait a time to see if had any walker. After 2 minutes it came 3 walkers, 2 walkers whose seems being women before, they still have some things in their hair. You quickly manage to kill three of them. You enter the place checking to make sure. You look outside and see Negan smashing a walker with Lucille. And the other men around getting whatever they want, and breaking the rest in middle time. You roll your eyes seeing them being so childish.

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1k Nursey/Dex | Cuddling and Realisations 


“It’s cuddle time, come on. I need a nap.” Nursey had let himself into Dex’s dorm with the key that Dex had had cut for him.

Dex doesn’t say anything, too focused on writing his lecture notes up on his laptop from the notebook beside him, but he shuffles up against the wall so Nursey can sit next to him.

They had started to get closer and closer as the year progressed, so this announcement of cuddling was nothing either of them would be phased by. Which is why Dex had just shuffled over.

“No work?” Dex is still focused, fingers tapping away as his eyes shift from notebook to laptop screen and back.

“Nah got it done with C and Cait in the library before coming here. Need a sleep.”

Dex just pats the bed, wiggling further.

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Voice actor auditions for The 7 Sins Show.

These are the audition lines for The 7 Sins Show by Phantom Glitch Podcasts. I’ve had the idea for this show for a long time and am so excited to actually begin seeing it come to life. All characters will be non binary except life and death who are written as a specific gender and are both pansexual. Their form will change depending on what they are trying to accomplish hence the they/them pronouns in my opinion. Minors can audition for greed, pride, death, life, gluttony, sloth, and envy. Though I don’t want minors audition for wrath or lust. Please understand that this is not meant to be sacrilegious in any way. (Maybe a little but I will be respectful of religious views as a whole.) also actors will not be compensated. Please have the audition lines in by the 1st of September. Send them to the email, phantomglitchpodcasts@gmail.com. Include,


Tumblr URL

Do you have a discord/ can you get one

Why you want to be a part of this podcast

And Character names and voice files

Please specify you are auditioning for The 7 Sins Show.

Thanks so much!!! The lines are beneath the cut and I can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!

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The Return - Strawberry Frosted

More about Lars returning to Earth after Wanted, now feat. the Cool Kids.

As before, major spoilers for Wanted, especially “Off-Colors” and “Lars’ Head”

Chapter title courtesy of @qapleulia

Read other parts of The Return [here]

Read on Fanfiction.Net [here] / Read on AO3 [here]

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okay, so here’s my two cents on the matter, based on what i’ve seen and heard:

first off, i get the anger and disappointment. all of a sudden, this character that has been there since the very launch of the app has been changed without any forewarning or explanation, just like that. it was deceptive - here, download this update, oh, also we’re not going to tell you about the total face change of one of our oldest and most beloved characters. it makes sense to act somewhat outraged over it. i certainly am a bit angry over it, i loved the original james, but hereeee we go…

now im gonna play the devil’s advocate, i guess.

some of y’all need to chill. there’s being disappointed, confused, and mad - and then there’s acting like you’re solely being personally wronged by pixelberry here. that’s just unnecessary tbh. i GET that we want a concrete answer, preferably sooner than later, but still.

you figure, there was a reason for this change. they didn’t do it just to screw with people or because they wanted to start changing the designs of characters for fun. the most likely reason, one that i’ve been hearing about a bit here and there, was that michael b. jordan, whose likeness was used as james’s character, and his reps reached out to pixelberry requiring a face change, lest they face legal action. wanting to avoid a friggin lawsuit, they immediately complied and changed james’s face.

honestly, this makes a lot of sense in the situation. i’m only guessing here, too, but i imagine there may be some kind of legal stuff they may have to work around before they can give out a solid explanation either, for fear of muddling what they are saying/getting in more hot water when they want to avoid further conflict.

so, yeah, the situation sucks. a lot. it’s not ideal, and i don’t like it, either. i get where people are coming from with their anger. but just CHILL for five seconds before jumping to conclusions. lastly, give it some time to get sorted out, too?? it’s literally been less than 24 hours and yet someone of y’all are like “GIVE ME THOSE GODDAMN ANSWERS RIGHT NOW PIXELBERRY YOU STOLE MY FIRSTBORN CHILD AND NOW THIS??????????? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!” like it’s probably gonna get explained to some extent at the very least, just……….. relax.

Make Love, Not War Part 4

Part 1   Part 2    Part 3

Summary: Dean and the Reader just want some alone time, so what do they do when they finally get it?

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Unprotected Sex

A/N: I’m a terrible person that never has energy to write :/


“Dean, we can’t.”

“Come on, his shower is gonna take ages! We can at least do something!”

“Not quietly we can’t.” You replied as his mouth moved to your neck, one hand tugging at the bottom of your shirt. “Look I know what we said about telling him, but if you want to then I wouldn’t mind.”

He pulled away so his lips were resting millimeters away from yours. “No it’s okay. It’s just so fucking annoying with you always being so close and yet I can’t touch you.”

“God I want you right now.”

“That’s what I’m saying! We’ve got loads of time to-”

“Dean you have to stop or at some point I’m actually going to go through with it and fuck you while your brother is within earshot.”

“Well he’s gonna find out eventually?” He replied, his other hand hooking into the waistband of your jeans.

“Look if he finds out then he’s going to make a big deal of it and start presuming we’re in a relationship or something.”

“Which we’re not!”

“Exactly. No strings attached. He won’t get that.” You agreed. Dean was now biting at your collarbone and you almost laughed at how normal your conversation was while Dean, still only half dressed, was close to fucking you against the motel wall.

“Dean, put on a shirt. I honestly can’t think straight with you looking so hot.”

“Well I can think of something we can do where all you have to think about is me looking so hot.”

You heard the door start to open and locked eyes with each other for a second too long. Instead of stepping backwards like you thought he would, Dean just moved his face in front of yours as you moved your leg down from behind his back. His hands balled up in your shirt collar and you could almost see his face physically change as he tried to look angry at you.

“This new shampoo is so bad it just- woah guys what the hell?!” Sam said, stepping into the room. “Dean get off her!”

“Aren’t you gonna get mad at him too, sweetheart? Trying to protect you.” Dean replied through gritted teeth. It was almost bad how turned on you became with him so close to you.

“Call me sweetheart one more fucking time-” you said, pushing Dean’s chest and having to move your hands quickly to stop them resting there.

“Dean, I said get the hell off her!”

“Don’t you think she can fight her own battles Sammy? Because she sure as hell does.” You could tell this was turning him on too, the fact that you were only moments ago basically making out didn’t do any favors on the growing tightness of his pants either.

“You obviously don’t! What’s your problem? You don’t think a girl can be better than you at hunting?”

“No, I just don’t think you are.”

“Oh I see how it is. You’re intimidated.”

“Really?! You think I’m fucking intimidated by you? Sweetheart you couldn’t-”

“I told you not to call me sweetheart!” Man you loved it when he called you that.

“What are you gonna do about it-” you could feel his breath on your skin “-Sweetheart.”

“Okay that’s enough!” Sam practically shouted as he pushed Dean off you. “What the hell is this about.”

“Well she thinks-”

“He’s a fuckin-”

You both started at the same time before Sam cut you off again, standing in between you both. “Dean put a shirt on, anyone would think you two were fucking if they didn’t know you.”

Dean’s eyes went wide and he tried to hold in a laugh from behind Sam, where he gave you a quick wink.

“You’re both good at hunting, and somehow are even able to work together long enough while doing it to not rip each others throats out… but if you possibly think that you’re going hunting again together while acting like this…?” Sam said, sounding way too much like an annoyed parent.

“Fine! Let her go fucking hunting! See if I care!” Dean shouted. You almost ran into his arms, you couldn’t believe that even when you were faking arguments he still looked out for you.

“You know what I don’t care who it is, as long as it’s not both of you!” Sam replied.


Half a week went by after you got back to the bunker, with no arguments but also no time to see Dean either. He was constantly researching at night and sleeping during the day. You knew it was selfish of you to want to see him more, especially under the agreement you both had of no strings attached, but every time you woke up to see another beer missing, a sign that Dean was actually there the night before, it made you want him more.

You stood at a table, lightly fanning a pie you’d just made to cool it down as Dean walked in. You felt like it was the first time you’d seen him in forever, even if it had only been a few days, especially since the last time you were able to talk was around Sam.

“Hey babe,” he said, rubbing his eyes and trying to keep down a yawn. Babe was the sort of word he never used, it sounded too ‘relationship-ish’. You blamed it on his lack of sleep but couldn’t deny how amazing it sounded coming out of his mouth. “is that a freshly baked pie I smell?”

“It is.” You replied as he came up behind you, one hand holding a fork and the other wrapping around you.

He took a bite before speaking again. “Sam’s just coming… we’ve got another hunt so you better get ready.”

“No, you go. You’ve done all the research on it.”

“But I said that you-”

“I know what you said but you deserve to go.” You replied as he took another bite and then kissed you on the cheek.

“You sure?”

“Course I’m sure.”

Dean untangled himself from you and started to walk out of the door, a smile plastered on his face.

“I’ll save the pie until you get back.”


The bunker was way too big to be in on your own, but you kept yourself busy for as long as you could. Just when you thought you were about to lose your mind you heard your phone ring and smiled when you saw Dean was at the other end.

“Hey Y/N! You got time to talk?”

“Dean, all I have right now is time! Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, all’s good. We’ve only got a few minutes but we just arrived and let me tell you, you’d love it here!”


“Yeah, we actually have separate rooms for once!”

You laughed slightly, “You know me too well. Damn I wish I could just drive up there right now and find you.”

“Well actually… that’s kind of why I was calling.” You stayed silent and he took it as a cue to continue. “You know the other day when we had the fake argument after making out?”

“Yeah.” You said cautiously.

“That turned you on right? Not just the making out but like, when we were arguing too?”

“Look I know it’s weird but it kinda did. You just look so hot sometimes and in the moment and everything!” You said, flustered.

“I was thinking exactly the same thing! Not… about me being hot… I mean about the moment and you being hot. I’ve been thinking and I kinda want to try something, if it’s okay with you?”

“What did you have in mind?” You replied, putting him on speaker phone as you got yourself a beer.

“Well, I wanted to ask this when I was actually with you, but I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering when I was driving up here and- just once or something I kind of want to try being more controlling?”

“How do you mean?” You replied, suddenly very, very interested.

“Not majorly, and we sort of do it anyway, but the other day I just realised how hot it could be to be more- controlling.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing… although you do realise that this is going to make the fake arguments we have even more awkward than they were.”

“Sam’s gonna come round in a minute but at some point we have to talk about this in detail.”

“Like safewords and stuff?”

“Yeah, boundaries and all. And of course this doesn’t mean anything has to change, we’re still just two people having fun and that’s it.”

“No, totally”

You heard light  knocking at the other end “Sam’s at the door. I’m sorry, I’ll text you later about this.”

“Yeah okay.”

You couldn’t believe it. Even two states over Sam was able to get in the way and Dean was able to mess with your feelings. You couldn’t tell if he was keeping his distance from a relationship for his sake or for yours , but you did know you couldn’t stand it much longer just being friends.


You heard the door slam and watched Dean walking down the stairs, tension obvious on his face. He threw his duffel bag against a wall before walking up to you, your back hitting brick as his mouth started nipping at your neck.

“Bad hunt. Need you.” He murmured into you.

“Wait wait wait where’s Sam?” You replied.

“He went to get beer. We need to hurry.” He said before smashing his mouth into yours, one hand balling in the back of your hair. You wrapped your leg around him pulling him closer to you. He looked down at you, his tongue darting out to wet his lips as he stepped back slightly. “Take off your shorts.”

“Right here? Shouldn’t we go to your bedroom or something.”

He cocked an eyebrow, smiling at you, “Take off your shorts.”

You did what he said, slipping them off your legs and kicking them across the floor.

“And your shirt too.” You pulled it over your head and dropped in on the floor next to you. “You know, sweetheart, I will never get tired of this sight. You always look… stunning.”

You blushed at his words as he stepped closer, looking you up and down slowly. He brushed a finger lightly against the side of your body, sending shivers down your spine. His finger hooked into the side of your panties, pulling you closer to him and kissed you again.

He pushed you back slightly, the inside of your legs hitting against the table. One hand moved up to unhook your bra and you let it fall off your arms before hooking your fingers into the waistband of his jeans, pulling him towards you.

“Keep your hands to yourself sweetheart.” He murmured against you, moving your hands away. He pushed you back lightly against the table, your back hitting it harder than expected and you sunk against it.

He moved your arms above your head, his mouth trailing hot kisses down your neck and over your chest, his legs straddling you.

He lifted himself off you, stepping back from the table and watching you closely. “Take them off.”

“I’m only wearing pan-”

“Exactly, take them off.”

You bit your lip, your mind buzzing as you pulled them down your legs and dropped them next to you. He looked you up and down, his tongue darting out as he learnt against a wall, pulling his own shirt off.

“I’m not kidding, you are so fucking hot it’s not even funny,” you blushed again, “lie back against the table.”

You did what he said, the cold surface cooling your burning skin. He stepped closer to you, his finger drawing lines on your inner thigh, immediately heating your skin again. He grabbed your legs, pulling you towards the end of the table. His finger moved between your thighs, rubbing lightly against your clit causing you to gasp.

Your heart rate rose as he pushed a finger into you, your back arching against the table. He pulled out, causing you to let out a moan at the loss, and his fingers trailed up over your body. He brought them up to your lips, brushing over them lightly before pushing them in. You sucked on them lightly before he pulled them out again, replacing them with his lips as he leant down to kiss you.

He stood up again, the sound of his belt unbuckling sending shivers up your spine.

You sucked in a breath as he pushed his tip into you, giving you a second to adjust to his size. He thrust into you and you pushed your head back letting out a whimpering moan.

There was only the sound of your gasps and his soft swears as he leant down to kiss you, his mouth trailed down your neck, nipping at your skin and leaving a trail of light red marks down to your collarbone. You felt your chest tighten as you got closer.

He pushed into you again, his pace increasing. “What do you want?”



“Please- Dean fuck, I need to cum-”

“What was that?”

“Oh god Dean I’m so fucking-” you let out a hot breath, “-fuck Dean, please let me cum.”

“Now.” Dean commanded, starting to himself.

You came, Dean still thrusting into you only extending your euphoria as you clung to the sides of the table. You felt it flood your body, as everything released. His thrusting slowed as you came back to reality, pulling out. He pulled his boxers back up and lay next to you on the table, both of you breathing heavily in silence for a moment.

“What happened?” You asked, breaking the quietness. He looked at you, confused. “On the hunt, what happened?”

You saw his jaw clench and he turned away from you. “I don’t want to go into it.”

You turned to him, your hand resting on his chest, and offered him a look in way of apology for your intrusion.

“It was my fault.” He muttered out, obviously needing to talk. “We thought we’d found it and Sam said we should go in and just kill it but I thought we should wait- I don’t know why… I guess I wanted to make sure… I didn’t trust my research I- it killed someone else.”

“That’s not your fault, it-”

“Isn’t it?!” His voice started to grow louder and you could feel his heart beating fast in his chest. “Because no matter what way you look at it, if I’d have just listened to Sam then-” He cut himself off, a lump in his throat.

“Dean, you can’t blame yourself. Dean look at me.” He did. “This isn’t your fault, it isn’t and you can’t think that.”

“But I-”

“Dean, it’s not your fault.”

He kissed you on the forehead and stood up, picking up his pile clothes from the floor. “I’m gonna have a shower. Sam’ll be back soon.”

You heard him leave, his feet padding against the cold floor.

It doesn’t matter if Shiro’s a clone

Okay so I was talking with @appynation about the possibility of Kurone being the actual Shiro (and we’ve all just been hating on his hair like a bunch of a**holes) and that made me think about how Shiro’s been since he’s gotten back. The changes are pretty obvious if you know what to look for; change in tone, he’s become more demanding and less patient, he pushes and he pushes hard. The same guy who told his team ‘People have to want to be a team’ is telling those same people ‘You’ve been chosen, you have to live with that.’

But he’s the scary part: Kurone or Takashi he still thinks he’s the original Shiro.

And Shiro’s gotten mean.

(I’d be angry too if the animators did that to my hair)

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Partners In Crime

Pairing: Peter x OC

Summary: Peter puts himself in trouble for defending his classmate in class from transphobic teacher. They both get detention, and some churros.

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: This is a trans boy Peter x non-binary OC story. Not particularly romantic but just some casual fluff. The OC goes by ze/hir pronoun :)

“Y’know you didn’t have you drag yourself into this.”

Peter withdraws his sight from the small television on the desk, slowly turning to his classmate on the left, who isn’t paying attention at Captain’s speech about responsibility at all. He blinks his drowsy eyes, struggling to support himself up.

“Uh,” he shrugs, “s’not a big deal. I mean- it is a big deal though. The way Mr. Crawson talked to you was simply awful. Anyone who saw that situation would speak out for you.”

“Not everyone.” Hir voice fades a bit, but the smile on hir face widens. “There were a full class of people, but here’s only you and me.”

Peter grins back, but looking away as he immediately feels silly. “Sometimes people just, well, need some more courage… I guess? Like, it was very badass of you… ‘gender isn’t real and you’re free to suck my ass!’ you really snapped him there.” He recollects, doing a cutting throat gesture.

“Ah-ha! You should look at his face!” Ze burst into laughter, then quickly hides it with a few coughs when ze spots Mrs. Lambert raising her eyebrow. “You’re not bad yourself. ‘Gender is as fake as that toupee on your bald top.’ Shots fired, Parker.”

“Ha, call me Peter though.” Peter straightens his spine, doodling absently on his notebook. “I just realized we never properly talked to each other before? S’kinda crazy. You’re—uh…M-M…”

“Mneme. M-N-E-M-E. Nee-mee.” Ze writes down the letters on the corner of the desk, “Or you can call me Jupiter XL, I won’t mind. Sounds like a code name.”

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CURRENT AESTHETIC: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Like, the whole thing. Literally.

But if we are gonna get specific here: Spoilers!

-that adorable blue dress

-Emma Watson Emma Watson

-Gaston was literally perfect. His character was so spot on it was painful


-Belle is an inventor what?!

- EverYThing Is So pReTTy

- That disgusted face the beast makes when describing Romeo and Juliet

- Later calling King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table a manly story with swords and fights and stuff and just lol

- *nose wrinkle* too touristy?

- “I don’t have tastebuds but I can tell that is exquisite*

- Lumineer trying to stay in his wobbling spotlight

- THAT LIBRARY OH MY GOSH im gonna set up and bed and a fridge and just stay there forever thanks


- on that note, mom backstory was totally sob worthy



- You GO Lefou ditch that jerk and spray people with tea i like this very much

- oh my lord of heavens the prince is literally worth staring at for ages I just want to watch that funny little, shocked smile over and over again he is practically bleeding personality Uuughh

- And that growl at the end *faints*


So, I really liked that movie. Like, a lot. Go See it if you Haven’t


Word Count: 510

Warnings: Angst, Blood, gunshot, brief mention of torture, mention of sex

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: @lucifer-in-leather @ravengirl94 @wayward-mirage @helvonasche @mamaredd123 @myplaceofthingsilove @assbutt-still-in-hell @casbabydontgoineedyou

Author’s Note: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  ‘s week 5 of the 2017 hiatus challenge.I swear I edited this thing three times, The first time the tags weren’t working, the second time the keep reading feature disappeared, and the third time? Because I’m a dorkfish who forgot to title her story.

Originally posted by violet-phantomhive

“Dean,” you breathe, reaching for him. Blood seeping from your wound as you move your hand.

“Pressure on that,” he demands as he picks you up. You look up at green eyes and a beautiful face.

“I’m going to die,” you mumble, pain shooting through your middle.

“No, you don’t get to die,” he pleads. Your vision is blurring as you think back to what happened.

“What should we do?” the werewolf asks.

“I believe we shoot her, let her feel the pain we feel, see if we can make it burn her like silver burns us,” his friend grins grabbing your pistol.

Please refrain from shooting her we need her for later,” a woman steps into the room.

“What do we need her for?” the second wolf demands.

“Hey, hey, stay with us,” Dean interrupts your thoughts.

“What?” you mumble, glancing between the Winchesters.

“You’re gonna be fine. We’re gonna get you to the hospital and they’re gonna get the bullet out. You’re gonna be back to normal,” Dean rambles.

“Dean, quiet, I want to remember you as a goofball, not a total spaz,” you pant, vision darkening, going back to your thoughts.

“We need her to get what we want from the Winchesters,”

“Whatever it is, you won’t get it. I’m nothing to them,” you spit at them.

“I’m sure we will. We’ve seen you and the oldest in his car,” they grin. You and Dean were so sure you were alone that night. That no one saw you two, he didn’t want Sam to know yet. If things got serious maybe Sam could know.

“Or you could just tell us where they keep it,” she grins, placing her hands on your arms.

“I don’t know,” you mumble.

“So you don’t know where they leave their books, we know they don’t pack them around with them. It’s a very important book. A journal of sorts,” she states.

“I don’t know, I’ve never been wherever they hide out,” you lie, you live with them.

“Well maybe you need it coaxed out of you then,” she grins and the torture begins.

“Y/n,” you can hear the panic in Dean’s voice. In the end they shot you once, but you had countless broken bones and cuts and scrapes.

“What?” you ask, a slight slur in your voice.

“Don’t close your eyes,” he barks.

“Why? The dark seems safe,” you mutter.

“It’s not,” Sam yells from the driver’s seat.

“When did we get in the car?” you ask looking up at Dean.

“A few minutes ago,” he answers.

“Drive faster,” Dean whispers harshly at Sam. There’s a ringing in your ears.

“Deanie Weenie,” you sing song from his lap.

“That one’s good, I’ll have to use it,” Sam mumbles.

“Shut up Sam,”

“Dean I love you, I know I’m dying and it fucking sucks that I’m dying but I love you. I know I shouldn’t but I love you,” you say.

“You aren’t dying,” Dean barks, putting more pressure on your wound.

“I am though,” you mumble.

“You can’t die, not here, not until I die,” he pleads. The car stops and Dean gets out. Then everything goes black.

nicolehavhgts  asked:

Sdfhkl I really loved your trans!Peter and mj post!! Do you have any more hc for them??

Thank you very much! I’m glad you’ve liked it so much and yes, totally, I have so. Much. More. To say. I was going to post it later, but since you’ve asked for it, I’m gonna do it now :) SO trans!Peter x Michelle pt.2 and this will be about pride and fluff things
Here we go:

• so, MJ punching Flash didn’t get unnoticed
• especially to him
• yes, he still makes fun of Peter but!!! He’s really careful to not be near Michelle when he does and even when she’s not there he doesn’t try to cross the line anymore
• however, as he and others notice, it’s really unlikely for Peter to /not be/ around Michelle. Or to Michelle not be around him
• like, even if they are not talking to each other, it’s like they happen to be in the same place in the same moment
• not like very close, but if Peter is in an hallway, probably MJ is there too
• if he’s eating, you can be sure as hell she is at the same table with him and Ned, or at least in another one really close
• and after a while, Peter notices it too
•and he can’t say he doesn’t enjoy looking for her and actually /finds/ her
•and it seems she never looks in his direction, but that doesn’t matter because so he’s free to smile a bit and lol he doesn’t even realize he smiles when he looks at her
• and when she’s looking and their eyes meet she sometimes smiles back. Or more like smirks. And she’s damn adorable.
• Ned notices too.
• and when he smiles and she smirks Peter blushes and he’s like “OMG DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON MJ?”
• OF COURSE he /does/ have a crush on Mj
• but he’s trying to not admit it to himself like she’s a clever girl interested in politics and complicate books, how could he be someone she would be interested in
• like, yes, they can work as friends but as a couple? Nope. Or at least this is what he thinks.
• it’s like,what, four days now? And their relationship improved so quickly
• they text each other /a lot/ like it’s /crazy/
• well a lot considering that they never exchanged more than ¾ texts per week
• and she does have this strange thing to text him or answer back at improbable times like 2 am, but not bad because she keeps him company when he’s on patrol
• she just assumes he suffers of insomnia like her
• Which is also true because ah ah ah after what happened nightmares of him being crushed and buried alive under his own house are frequently vivid and keep him awake
•but she doesn’t need to know
• and finally is pride day
• they decide to meet Ned at 2 pm but Michelle asks Peter to come to her house before.
• (yes, Ned is coming too)
• and he’s like omg ok??????????
• and when he arrives, she’s all smirks and joy while she pushes him to sit him on her bed
• and she just goes like “can I paint your face?”
• actually, he wasn’t expecting this but eventually he just nods
• “right!” She seems so happy rn he could die there “So, trans flag on one cheek and…” And then she looks at him with another smirk “are you straight Parker?”
• he just blushes, but he shakes his head “no?” “Is this a question or an answer?” “An answer?” She raises her eyebrow “an answer” “gotcha. So what am I supposed to paint?”
• and he doesn’t really know because??? He knows he likes girls and boys and other, but he never thought about how he should define himself?
• and after a while they eventually decide to go for the pansexual flag (nda I’m pan so I went for this… But bisexual Peter is totally fine and cool toh. If you prefer bisexual Peter, just imagine she painted the bi flag!)
• the paint is cold against his cheeks but maybe is because he’s totally /burning/ because she so damn close to his face
• and he can look into her beautiful brown eyes and the sunrays are making them spectacularly beautiful and oh she’s just amazing
• so no wonder he sits silent and with the face red as his suit
• and when her attention is totally on what she’s doing, she bites her lips and she’s doing it rn
• so cute
• not that Michelle doesn’t find him cute, whit his cheeks painted and a small smile on his lips
• she has already painted her cheeks too, so when she finishes she asks him if she can paint his nails too
• he shuffles a bit, the idea makes him a little uncomfortable
• but then MJ just gives him a ten minutes talk about how make up doesn’t have anything to do with gender and how she hates society for let people believe is “just a things for woman” when it’s totally /not/ because make-up if for /People/ who want to use it and at the end he just let her paint his nails.
•and again, she uses the colours of his flags
• also she has to touch his hands and his heart is just /exploding/
• and then after she has done, she disappears for some minutes and when she comes back she’s wearing a crop top and… lipstick.
• and on her crop top he can read “some man has a vagina and some woman has a penis. Get over it”
•and she’s also wearing a jeans jacket full of pins with rainbows unicorns flags and so on
• and she just looks… Wow. He doesn’t even have words to describe her
• and that lipstick too. He’s totally not functioning anymore
• and she gives him some pins too, one with The pan flag, one with the trans flag, and one with “he/him” written on it
• and then they are ready
• and he starts to feel a little nervous when they get closer to the place where there are already /a lot/ of people
• and she notices
• and she takes his hand.
• I repeat: she. Takes. His. Hand.
• gently. Softly. Smiling at him
• “are you ok, Peter?”
• he nods, and he’s so aware of her fingers wrapped around his hand and aaaaaah he might die like h a l p but it’s so reassuring to know she’s here for him
• and they find Ned and they march together, laughing and talking and having so much fun
• they even meet some famous person
• and they take selfies
• even with some drag queens (who really appreciate Michelle’s lipstick and peter’s nails)
• and they holds their hands all the time
• like. During all the damn afternoon.
• and it’s just one of the best and happiest days of his life
• tbh, of their life.

Hope you like it :3

P.s. feel free to send me prompt or request whenever you want :3 I litteraly write about /everything/

So, I was hanging out with this SD I had met a couple times. He rented a hotel right downtown by the river and it was beautiful! I had to show up later than he did so he went to the bar to wait. I ended up being waaayyy later than I thought(work problems). When I got there I just met him in the room. This dude looks tired AF. So we lay down and we’re cuddling and this dude starts snoring! So I go grab the allowance ($500!) off the counter and when I’m putting my shoes back on dude WAKES UP!! He literally asks me where I’m going so I tell him I’m gonna get a drink 😂😂😂 Then I totally leave and block his number and unmatch him!! He was pretty weird and self centered anyway so I’m not even mad that I messed up a ‘good’ SD. 😂😂😂😂 Also, went downstairs to the bar and found a new POT on the way out 😂😂😂 Finess to the death ladies!


[A scenario in which Bambam is jealous because of Yugyeom and Jungkook’s relationship]

One Wednesday afternoon at a coffee shop

Yugyeom: *looks down at his phone and giggles*

Bambam: *Groans* Are you talking to Jungkook again?

Yugyeom: *looks up* Huh? Oh… um why does it matter?

Bambam: Well I just really wanted to do something with you since we haven’t been able to recently and I feel like you’re more interested in whoever’s texting you instead of me.

Yugyeom: *puts down phone* You’re right,I’m sorry. How about we go do something fun Sunday, my treat. I won’t even bring my phone! Actually I will, because if you get snatched by someone I have to be a good friend and call the cops and stuff. Plus it’s generally a bad practice to not bring your phone as we are super busy-

Bambam: Alright alright I get it just shut up already.

Yugyeom: You’re the one who wanted me to talk to you!

Later that day

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theoneandonlyduskstrike  asked:

can we get a ref of the mod's sona? i'm sure a lot of people would like to draw them

Aaaaaaah I don’t really have a ref sobs

I can give you 2 pictures though that might show off enough of my sona?


The first one is the newer one. Even though both are a little bit older now sobs

I totally need to draw my own sona more

anonymous asked:

Can you do an AU where Yoonkook are big Youtube stars and they meet in a YouTube convention and it all starts there? Thank you! 💕💕💕

(cute! Just a heads up I’m not sure if Vidcon actually has a dance Saturday nights just work with me ok)

Yoongi was a pretty normal guy who loved his routines. He went to work, he came home, he hung with his buddies when he had a chance, and three times a week, he would post a rant on his Youtube channel.

Yoongi is a ranter, and his friends joked that he should get in front of the camera to give a subject a piece of his mind. It was just a way for him to unwind and get some issues off of his chest. He didn’t expect that his youtube channel would 1) take off as well as it did and 2) people would care enough about what he thinks about things.

The fame hasn’t gotten him completely unscathed, he’s had his share of MRAs and Anti-SJWs and facists come into his comments to ream him out about his lefty opinions on topics. He doesn’t pay them much mind, they’re easy to brush off.

For the most part, ranting in front of the camera to five million subscribers has been pretty lucrative. He was able to quit his job and even sell t-shirts with some key quotes of his. People like his opinions enough that they keep coming back to hear what he has to say. All in all he couldn’t ask for a better career.

His followers had tipped him off to an interesting content creator that had gained a huge buzz in the community. He had an interesting channel title.

Kookie Tries Everything

Turned out the title was literal. The kid was fearless, everything included weird foods to bizarre stunds. It was too the point that companies actually sponsored him to test out their products on his show. The show was popular, everyone talking about the latest thing that Kookie tried.

Yoongi wasn’t so impressed, and decided to rant about it.

“You know kid, it’s great to try dangerous stuff, but it doesn’t look like you’re taking the normal safety precautions” he had ranted. “You need to make sure to watch out for yourself. No one wants to see you die for the show.”

If the kid saw his rant, he never said anything about it on the channel, and Yoongi went right back to his regular scheduled rants. The world continued to spin, etc.

The Vidcon came.

Despite his popularity, Yoongi wasn’t really a people person, but his best friend Hoseok was insistent that they’d go together. Hoseok had a dance channel and he had a few youtube friends he wanted to meet up with, but he was also too nervous to go alone. Who was Yoongi to deny his best friend.

The convention ended up being really fun, Yoongi went to a lot of informative panels on content creation that ended up being ridiculously useful. Not only that but he ran a panel or two himself.

After a very full day of con going, Yoongi was ready to head back to the hotel and recuperate for the next day. Hoseok had other plans, and dragged him to the dance. Thankfully there was a cash bar, so at the very least, Yoongi could find a corner to chill out in while he people watched.

Out of the corner of his eye Yoongi can see a kindred spirit, some guy all in black with a bottle of beer in his own hand while he looks through his phone. He looks about as interested in the dance as Yoongi is. His eyes are still on his phone so Yoongi takes the time to appreciate the view because he’s always had a thing for forearms and this guy’s forearms are A+. Yoongi lingers on them for a while, letting his eyes rove over to his equally nice looking hands, back up his broad chest and to his face and…oh shit.

It’s Kookie. From Kookie Tries Everything.

Thankfully the lighting is dim because Yoongi actually blushes a bit. He’s just been checking out Rodney DangerKid. The same kid that caused Yoongi went on a ten minute rant about safety precautions like an angry father.

He looked younger on the camera in his videos, not nearly as manly as he does now, all sharp lines and defined musculature. Of course he’d have to keep himself in shape because some of the hardcore parkour shit he does is fuckin scary.

DangerKid - or Kookie - as his friends call him in the video, looks up from his phone, right at Yoongi. Even in the dim lights, Yoongi can see the way the boy’s eyes widen a little in recognition before he smiles amicably. Yoongi responds with a curt wave of his own and a smirk.

Kookie puts his phone away in his pocket and closes the distance between them with a few long strides. He walks confident and sure, it’s a little intimidating.

“Hey! I’m Jungkook, I’m a huge fan! I saw your panel today on editing and I took so many notes. It really helped me out! I’m honored you ranted about me too. I promise I’m being safer now.” Oh shit, Kookie’s adorable too, muscley and adorable and went to Yoongi’s panel and watches his videos and…

Welp, Yoongi’s fucked.

“I was worried you were going to give me a piece of your mind about that!” Yoongi responds with a light laugh.

Kookie laughs with him. “No! It was good advice…I really should have been taking better precautions.”

They end up really hitting it off with an in depth discussion on lighting, and Yoongi’s actually getting some pointers from the kid on lighting positioning for his own videos he’d like to try. Something that didn’t make him look like a total ghost in his videos.

When Hoseok comes up to him a few hours later, a little drunk and looking a lot horny, Yoongi already knows what’s coming.

“Hyung~” He sing songs. “I met this really cute girl and we’re gonna go up to the room for a few drinks…maybe you could…not be there for the night?”

“You’re sexiling me? You said we’d be good to share a room! What if I want to get laid? Seriously every time we do this I’m the one that gets sexiled. Just you wait Hobi I’m doing a video about this.” Yoongi emphasizes his point by taking his phone out and angrily typing out a note about how he’s going to rant about Hoseok’s sexiling ways and being an awful best friend, all while glaring.

“You can crash in mine if you want?” Jungkook interjects. “It’s no trouble.”

Before Yoongi can respond Hoseok is screaming and hugging Jungkook like the kid just saved his life. “You’re the best, by hyung!”

Yoongi can only shake his head. “Unbelievable…”

(This is getting longer than I anticipated so I’m going to stop it here and stay tuned for part two!)

Send me a pairing and an au and I’ll write a short fic