we took more photos


^This was the reference photo

My Jensen story is much shorter. First off he smells like a man should smell. Just a nice aftershave that was a cross between old Spice and Irish spring. Now moving on,lol. I wanted a specific type of pose from the show. A lot of people keep calling it a Charlie hug, but it’s not. It’s with Dean and Charlie but this hug held a completely different meaning from all their other hugs. This was from the episode ‘Pac-Man Fever’ when Dean woke Charlie up from the djinn dream and she ran into his arms crying. That hug was full of protection, sadness, and understanding. So that’s the pose I went for. I showed him the pic, we took the photo and then he went, “ Chris let’s do one more.” Now I was completely out of his arms at this point as he just pulled me back in. We took it again, I gave gimme a quick squeeze and said thank you. This was our photo:

Gravity Falls

I am so excited about the photos we took of our Gravity Falls group! More to come but here is a (not good) edit I made yesterday!

Bill - @deet-doot-diz

Dipper - @thelittleghostmouse

Wendy - @starpaarty

Grunkle Stan - Xander/Smiling Moon (Tumblr???)

Mabel - Me!

RFA+V+Saeran Proposes to MC

A/N: This wasn’t requested but the ideas have been in my mind for a while so hey why not


  • The lil bean was a nervous wreck omg
  • He’s going to ask you to be married to him for the rest of your lives that’s a lot of pressure
  • “Zen, I need help I’ve never proposed before”
  • Of course you haven’t, idiot”
  • He’s trying so hard to come up with a really cute way to propose
  • But all the ideas he comes up with aren’t good enough
  • He asks literally everyone in the RFA and almost spills to you in the process oops
  • Jaehee knocks some sense into him saying that no matter how he does it, you would say yes
  • Yoosung gains a lot more confidence after that and immediately knows what to do
  • He decides to go for the traditional proposal at dinner instead of going all out
  • You go out to a really nice restaurant for dinner and you can tell something’s off with him
  • When you’re both chilling in his house, you ask him what’s wrong
  • Immediately starts stuttering like crazy
  • Eventually, he takes a deep breath and just goes for it
  • “MC… Ever since you came into my life, you’ve been nothing but kind and understanding towards me even if we were strangers. I found myself falling for you fast and I knew I wanted to protect you and make you happy. I still feel that way. These past couple years have been nothing short of wonderful and I hope you think so, too. And I hope that we could have a lot more years like them in the future. So…”
  • At this point you’re both tearing up but he gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring with a shaky hand
  • “Will you marry me, MC?


  • You know how he is
  • Obviously he’s going to want to make the most romantic proposal in the entire world
  • He’s got this super extravagant plan in his mind and it’s going to be perfect
  • Until it isn’t lol
  • He took you out to a romantic picnic at your favorite park
  • We’re talking candles-everywhere-as-the-sun-sets-while-feeding-each-other-chocolate-covered-strawberries kind of romantic
  • He cooked the food himself
  • Since you love to hear him sing, he serenades your favorite song to you
  • Everything is going just fine until the nerves start kicking in
  • The plan was to propose after the song but you’re giving him this really sweet and loving look and he loses all composure
  • He starts blushing and his breathing is uneven and his palms are sweaty
  • knees weak arms are heavy
  • You realize he’s struggling to say something you encourage him while waiting patiently
  • He takes your hands in his to calm himself down a little
  • “I want you to know how much I love you. I absolutely love everything about you. Like the way your nose crinkles when you laugh or how you nag me to take a break if I work too hard and how you sing to yourself whenever you cook or how you snore a little bit when you sleep haha… I love how supportive you are. No matter how tough the situation is, you’ve always defended me and stayed by my side. But most importantly, I would love it if you would continue to stay by my side.”
  • You watch as he gets down on one knee, a shy smile on his face as he pulls out the ring
  • “How about it, MC? Will you marry me and stay by my side for the rest of our lives?”


  • Cool and calculated on the outside, a Hot Mess™ on the inside
  • She does a really good job at keeping the proposal a secret from you but as they day looms closer, she becomes a nervous wreck
  • She starts messing up customer’s orders, drops a plate or two, ya know
  • You’re worried about her but when you ask about it, she quickly brushes it off
  • This isn’t normally like her so you know it’s something bad
  • At the end of the work day, you suggest that she relax a little bit before you two start closing
  • She agrees but goes to the back of the kitchen to get some food for you two
  • When she brings out a slice of cake for you to share, you ask her what’s wrong
  • She fidgets with her sleeve as her eyes fixate on the cake that you’re in the middle of eating, avoiding to look you in the eyes
  • “There’s nothing wrong, I promise. It’s just… I really love you, MC. More than you know. You’ve helped realize that I need to follow my own dreams and take more risks instead of taking it safe.” She looks around the shop. “I mean, you helped me open up my own coffee shop! But one thing you helped me most on is love. Because of you, I took a chance and fell in love. With you. You not only helped me achieve my dream of owning my own cafe but also my dream of finding someone who could love me.”
  • You watch as she looks back down at the cake you’ve forgotten about
  • As you look down, you can see a shining diamond hidden in the pastry
  • “Can you help me achieve one more dream and marry me?”


  • pretend the good ending of his route doesn’t exist lol
  • This man wanted the best and only the best for you
  • But he knew you preferred the simpler things in life
  • so he decided to cancel the raining rose petals and doves lol
  • Instead, he decided to take you out to your favorite restaurant for dinner
  • But obviously he made sure you had the entire restaurant to yourselves
  • He’s a little nervous but not so much because come on
  • He wouldn’t propose unless he knew for a fact that you would say yes
  • So dinner goes by without a problem and you two are just enjoying the quiet company of each other
  • But when the waiters bring out dessert, he gets a little fidgety
  • When you ask him if he’s okay, he takes a deep breath and starts the speech he prepared ahead of time
  • “I want you to know how grateful I am that you are in my life. You are so patient and understanding with me. I was so… isolated before I met you. But you’ve taught me to accept my own emotions and learn to love. I love you, MC, with all my heart.”
  • Jumin moves to stand up and kneel down next to you, pulling out a velvet box and revealing the ring inside
  • “All I want to do is to make you happy. You deserve the best life possible and I’ll do anything to ensure that. But will you give me the best life by becoming my wife?”


  • this is gonna be chandler and monica style from friends get ready
  • It’s been a while since the whole Mint Eye thing and Seven had been thinking of proposing to you
  • But he’s Seven so he’s really scared that you won’t say yes since he believes he still isn’t good enough for you
  • You knew that he wanted to marry you and why he was so hesitant so you decided to break tradition
  • When Seven came home from running errands, he found you in the living room surrounded by candles and looking really nervous
  • He sat down next to you on the couch and noticed you were tearing up
  • Seven goes into PANIC MODE
  • He starts to ask questions and see if you’re hurt or if he did something or what but you shut him up
  • “I want you to know how much I love you. I know you’re afraid of this whole “love and relationship” thing but I want you to know that I love you more than anything else. To prove to you that I will never leave you…”
  • You start pulling out the ring you bought for him but at this point you’re full on sobbing and shaking you can’t speak 
  • This boi is tearing up but he gets the idea and helps you out a bit
  • “I knew I wanted to marry you since you stuck by my side even after going to the Mint Eye. You’ve made me become a better man in more ways than I can count. I’m sorry it took me so long and made you wait, but I love you, too.”
  • He looks you in the eyes as you both take a deep breath before saying at the same time:
  • “Will you marry me?”


  • V wanted to be creative with his proposal but nothing too extravagant
  • So he decided to make it a little sentimental instead by using his photography skills in the process
  • You were out with some friends so he asked Jumin for some help with the set up to which he gladly agreed
  • When you got home, you found a photo taped to the front of the door of you and all the other RFA members
  • Below it was a note saying “The first party and first time we met.”
  • You smiled as you took the photo down and saw more taped along the hallway
  • Each had notes underneath life “Our first date.” or “Taken after we said our first ‘I love you’s’” or “First time I ever saw you.” or “The day you moved in.” 
  • The photos led to the backyard and when you went outside, you saw V standing in the middle with a big smile on his face and you walk over to him
  • Before you can ask him what all the fuss was about, he kneels and begins speaking
  • “You are truly a blessing in life. In my life. You are so patient and kind and understanding and generous without asking for anything in return. I wanted to show you how much I love you and somehow give back for all the kindness you’ve given me. All the photos you have are from moments I hold close to my heart. I hope that we have more photos to take in the future.”
  • You watch him pull out the ring as you hear a snap and see Seven off to the side with a camera
  • “MC, will you marry me and make more memories with me?”


  • You had been together for years and it was a slow and steady relationship 
  • Sure you wanted to marry him but you didn’t mind waiting and giving him time considering everything that he’s been through
  • He wants you to be by his side since you’re the only one that really understands him
  • You’re both cuddling on the couch and watching a movie like any other day
  • It was your turn to pick the movie so you choose this romance movie Jaehee recommended
  • it’s not a zen movie *gasp*
  • At some point, the two main characters get married and you don’t think much of it
  • Saeran, however, has got that scene stuck in his mind
  • Once the movie ends, he asks you if you liked it
  • When you say yes, he just nods quietly and bites his lip
  • You know that’s a nervous tick of his but you don’t want to press him if he doesn’t want to share
  • You’re about to get up to get food when you hear him mutter something
  • It was so quiet so you ask him to repeat it
  • “Let’s get married.”
  • He’s looking at you straight in the eye and you know that he’s completely serious about this
  • You can’t help the grin on your face as you give him a kiss
  • “Okay. Let’s get married.”

This trip marked the first of many adventures to come with my family. Every moment was incredible. I fell more in love with Master. I felt the love from my family growing each day. There are many themes in this post: gratitude to Master, love to Master, love for my family, and a summary of my first adventure with them. Our travels brought us to LA then boarded an Atlantis cruise in SD. The cruise made three stops in Mexico: Cabo San Lucas, Puerta Vallarta, and Mazatlan.  


We started our vacation by meeting in LA. Napping, shopping, gymming, and being shown around Master’s favorite places in West Hollywood. Master brought me to his favorite restaurant on the strip, Roasted Corn. Shopping was a little bit of a bust for me, lots of cute shorts, jocks, and swimwear, but nothing that could fit my ass and bulge. *loving sigh* While Master was at his photoshooot with Tim Palen, we bought some prep items for the cruise And made sure we were well rested and ready. Thank you for showing me your favorite places and letting me try on so many things, Master. I loved your tour of LA and can’t wait to do it again with you again, Master. 

San Diego

We carpooled to SD and had some time before boarding the cruise. With that time we met up with my friend Nick. I haven’t seen him since he moved to SD in February. I was very happy to introduce him to Master and my brother pups. After lunch with Nick we were ready to board! 

Cruise Day 1

We boarded the cruise and explored the ship. Starting at the buffet and working out the itinerary for the evening. We had our first dinner on the cruise in the dining room enjoying course after course (I could get used to this… hehe). After dinner we went to see La Voix. Her show was amazing! I laughed so hard that I had trouble breathing. After exploring the ship and cuddles we went to bed early to get ready for the next days activities. I went to bed so excited for the week that was to come. Thank you Master <3

Cruise Day 2

This was a day at sea. We went to the pool and enjoyed the burger grill the cruise offered during the day. I asked Master and Biff to join me for the day’s pool games. It was a Project Runway where we needed to create an outfit entirely made of items around the pool. It was so ridiculous and fun. Thank you for humorist me Master and Biff. We don’t have to do pool games again 😘 After pool games we did another cruise tradition and went to Bingo. It was hosted by La Voix. No wins, but we had some good laughs. After bingo we quickly to dressed and attended the Dog Tag Tea Dance. Each of us coded with red. Master was sexy in all red and dressed me in my camo thong. We had fun! This night’s main party was the Superstar Party. Master planned out looks to be his online persona – Noodles and Beef, adorned in his custom cod piece from Fierce Drag Jewels. We got into character and dressed as his security team. It was a fun look and party. With my love and gratitude growing each day, I get butterflies being around Master. ❤️ I love you Master! I went to bed reflecting on how lucky and grateful I am to be yours and have these adventures with you. 

Cruise Day 3

Today was our first day at port in Cabo San Lucas. We all left the ship to do some shopping and lunch. After Mexican sushi Master took me on a water taxi to Lover’s Beach. Alpha, Biff, and Big Pup returned to the boat. The beach was beautiful! The waves were so much fun and the water so clear and refreshing. Master and I took some fun beach photos and soaked up the sun together. It was an wonderful, intimate moment with Master. Thank you so much for bringing me to this spot, Master. I love you so much, Master! Later that evening, we went to the GLOW party. We dressed in our best neon. Before the cruise, Master surprised me with a gift. He gave me the same neon mesh crotchless singlet he has in my size. We went to the party matching! I love it so much. Thank you, Master ❤️ I love you so much, Master!

Cruise Day 4

On Day 4 we arrived in PV. We took a cab to the gay area and explored the shops. I still found nothing that would fit but it was fun window shopping. After we relaxed on the beach at Blue Chairs. Master and Alpha went back to the boat for their date and BP, Biff and I stayed at the resort a little longer. When the sun set, we made our way back to the boat. When I got back to my room a beautiful bouquet of flowers was on the table with a card. In the card was an invitation for date night for myself and BP. I had butterflies over such a romantic gesture. Thank you, Master. Thank you krypto. I love you so much! 

Cruise Day 5

This day we spent the day on the boat: sun bathing, swimming, and taking sexy photos at the pool. We even got “dressed” for the Splash Tea Dance. It was a lot of fun! We didn’t bring anything to throw water at others with, so we enjoyed the attention we got fun others who were soaking the dance floor. Master and I left the tea dance early. It was my date night with Master. Master took me to the Pinnacle Grill on the ship. It was the premier dining experience. I loved the endless appetizers that were served. I had so much good seafood with Master. We had some very intimate moments that I couldn’t help but cry and fall more in love with Master with each breath. Each course and exchange Master and I shared, the evening kept growing more romantic. We finished our meal with soufflés and coffee. After Master took my hand and walked me around the ship. He led me to the photo gallery where we laughed and reflected on the fun moments we were having on our adventure. After out post date walk, we got dressed for the Under the Sea Party. It was a fun costume and I think we pulled it off *swimmingly*. We were different characters from The Little Mermaid. Biff - Prince Bearic, Alpha - Daddy King Triton, Master - Flounder, BP - Urso'la, and me as Princess Baerial. The costumes were quick and easy. I created another rope harness and wore tights from Amazon. Thank you again for another fun and memorable night, Master! I love you, Master!

Cruise Day 6

On Day 6 we spent a lot of time resting while the ship was at sea. We needed to be ready for White Party, Atlantis’ last big party. I went to the deck and napped under the sun. Master gave me so much attention and affection. I love when he shows off his property in public *swoon*. We took more photos and laid beside each other. After sunbathing we got had dinner and rested for White Party. It was a great party! Master flagged with me, Alpha got me drunk, I gave my love to krypto, and we danced all night until six in the morning. Master broke me at the party and I submitted  *exhales* An amazing night ❤️ Thank you Master. I love you so much, Master. 

Cruise Day 7

On the last full day of the cruise, we slept S most of the day and woke up for the Disco Tea Dance. Dressed in our funniest gold garments, Master and I flagged to the happiest music and shared a few dances together before we decided to pack it in. After another nap, I asked Alpha to a date in the dining room. We had a nice dinner and shared all the fun moments we had on the cruise. 

Back to Reality: Seattle

When we came to port the next morning in SD, it was a quick jump back to reality. The emails that needed responding, work picking up again, and getting back into the groove of things. I’m so incredibly lucky and grateful to have been given such an amazing adventure with my family from Master. I love you so much and more every day, Master. I cant wait until our next one. 

Forever in service, 

pup angus

Ce terrain de basket-ball est le plus coloré et le plus étonnant de Paris. On vous livre un petit secret : depuis que cette photo a été prise, son design a changé et il est encore plus beau. • This basketball court is the most colorful and surprising of Paris. We share a little secret: after we took this photo, its design was revamped and it’s now even more beautiful.


Location: Montreal/Quebec

-i’ve seen more A&W than I have McDonald’s which is very shocking to me, an American girl
-went to eat at McDonald’s and their meat was actually real chicken and not pink slime (also shocking)
-the sites and people were amazing. Everyone is so nice here!
-I took some random photos but I’ll post more when we move our RV into Quebec

[i should note I barely have wifi where I am/where I’m going so I might post when I get back into America]

Yuzu trip to Japan. Part 2

Lucky fan saw Yuzu at the airport and took a photo. Thanks to her we know about Yuzu more. It’s so close! I suppose I would try to take a picture. (Or maybe my hands would shake and I couldn’t?)

I forgot that we  looking forward to skating class on Wednesday!

(x) (x)

first time

I was lightly head banging along to the song that echoed throughout the studio space. My makeup artist, Nina, let out a sigh of frustration, “Will you keep still” she said before breaking out into a smile. “Sorry,” I smirked, strumming my fingers against my leg instead. “I thought you were bringing your intern along today?” I asked, glancing up at her reflection. She nodded, “I am, but she’s not coming in until a bit later.”

A few minutes went by before I spoke again, “I saw that picture you posted on instagram last night of that face mask you made. Why can’t I ever wear anything like that?” Nina chuckled slightly as she padded powder over my face, “Because you’re supposed to look good, not like some monster.” “I’m going to request a shoot like that, maybe for the next album. It looked really cool,” I said as she replied with a quiet thank you.

I had been at the studio for about an hour, and finally the photo shoot had begun. I was stood against a black backdrop, with two huge lights shining on me. The typical set up of a photographer with a big camera, with a laptop set up on the side. People scurrying around in the background either getting coffee, getting the next look ready or just trying to look busy. “Ok Shawn, let’s lighten the mood a little. What’s your favourite song right now?” the photographer asked, holding the camera loosely in his hand. “It’d have to be Castle On the Hill by Ed Sheeran,” I replied. The photographer glared at the guy who was near the music system, seconds later the song was bouncing off the walls. I had been up for a while, but was yet to actually feel awake. It didn’t matter how many coffees I had, music always seemed to help more.

The shoot’s pace quickened as the camera flashed every other second, as I changed my pose in simple ways. “Brilliant Shawn, these are coming out great” the photographer called out. I nodded and smiled as I stood still and pushed my hand through my hair. As the flash went off, I looked passed the set up and over at the stairs near the entrance. A girl dressed in a denim skirt and striped white top, covered with a tanned seude jacket hurried down the stairs. No one else seemed to pay attention to the fact that you could hear her singing along to the song, swaying her hips slightly as she took each step.

I slowly removed my hand from my hair as my eyes continued to follow her movement. “Perfect Shawn,” I heard the photographer say before the flash took over my view. I blinked a few times, “Ok, let’s start the next look.” I felt my cheeks heat up slightly as I went back to the chair in front of the mirror. “You alright?” Andrew asked. I nodded, “Yeah, those lights are just a little hot.”  

I stared at the mirror and watched as the girl stopped once she met Nina, they spoke briefly before they started approaching me. I quickly sat up and combed through my hair, making sure I looked somewhat decent. “Shawn, this is (Y/N), she’s my intern” Nina smiled, placing her hand on the girls shoulder. “Nice to meet you,” (Y/N) said boldly sticking her hand out. I took it and shook it slowly, “Hey” I fidgeted in my chair as she let go of my hand and grabbed a stool nearby, dragging it so she could sit beside the mirror. “(Y/N’s) just gonna be watching me today, as this is her first time on a set like this. Is that ok?” I looked at (Y/N) who sat pretty much in front of me, her eyes glued to me as if I was part of a science experiment a teacher was demonstrating. “Sure,” I muttered.

My eyes flickered between my hands in my lap and (Y/N). She removed her coat and placed it on her lap as she leaned down into her bag, pulling out a pad and paper. “Oh by the way, I saw that mask you were working on. The one you posted on instagram last night,” she said as she searched through her pad for a blank page. “Oh yeah, what do you think?” Nina replied as she made me lean my head back slightly. “It looked awesome, I’ve done one similar - not as advanced and perfect obviously,” (Y/N) chuckled slightly.

“Shawn was saying earlier that he wanted to do a shoot where he could wear something like that,” Nina said. (Y/N’s) eyes lit up as she smiled at me, “I could totally see you as some sort of Vampire. But a proper one you know, not like something from The Vampire Diaries.” “I like the Vampire Diaries,” I said quickly, not thinking before I spoke. “Oh so do I,” (Y/N) said as she tapped the end of her pen against the paper. “The guys look really hot as vampires, but I can see you with a more gore-like look.”  She awkwardly pretended to brush hair behind her ear when I didn’t reply.

I was back on set again, almost finished with the final look. Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings was playing and I couldn’t help but get distracted by (Y/N). She was cleaning up Nina’s area by the mirror as she danced along to the song. The photographer didn’t mind, wanting shots of me looking away from the camera. She grabbed two brushes and used the ends of them to bang against the edge of the desk, along with the beat. She then did a twirl as she moved round the back of the chair and placed them in the bag. She raised her hands in the air and tipped her head back as it reached the end of the bridge, before starting up again as if oxygen had suddenly been put back in her.

She moved frantically as if she was in her kitchen by herself. No one else seemed to notice but I couldn’t help my eyes feeling drawn towards her. I lowered my head to let out a chuckle and “flash”. We took a few more photos and then it was over. I wandered over to the laptop and looked at the photos with the photographer as he mentioned the ones he really liked. “This one, I really love” he said. It was one of me laughing to myself, looking at the ground. “I don’t know what you were thinking of in that moment, but it worked,” the photographer said. I looked at the photo for a few more seconds, before glancing over at (Y/N) who was writing things down in her notebook.

I was back in the makeup chair with Nina removing all the makeup she had caked onto my face. I looked through my phone, finding her photo again on instagram. I clicked on the likes and found (Y/N’s) name. I scrolled through her feed before following her. Within seconds she hurried over with two coffees in her hand. She placed them in front of me before sitting back on her stool. She spoke to Nina about something as I continued to look through her instragram. I found a photo of her from halloween where she was dressed as a vampire. The caption read: ‘be afraid because I probably will bite #makeupbyme’ . I commented on the photo saying, 'so, can you make me look this good as a vampire?’

I watched secretly as she pulled out her phone and read the notification. I felt a fuzzy feeling in my stomach as I watched the smile appear on her face. I was surprised by my screen lighting up seconds later. I read the reply, ’@shawnmendes that depends… do you bite?’ My head shot up from my screen to find her looking at me. We both broke out in smiles as Nina rambled on about something. Suddenly (Y/N) stood up and left as Nina asked her to do something. Nina grabbed a coffee and was about to take a sip, “Oh, this one must be yours.” She handed it to me before taking the other one, “Why’d you say that?” She took the top half of the cup and turned it in my hand to reveal a mobile number on the other side. “I already have (Y/N’s) number,” she said raising an eyebrow before having some coffee.


Day 2 of Sakuracon was Overwatch!! We had a lot of fun and took a lot more photos, as well as got a lot more taken of us~
Mercy: @cantets
Widowmaker: @antikink
Tracer: @maeroncosplays
Reaper: @hawkebo
If you know any of the other cosplayers in these photos let me know!!
Please excuse any bad quality, these were stolen from my friends’ instagrams


Yugi Mutou + Seto Kaiba shoot

Featuring the awesome @loubird7 as Kaiba and me as Yugi! 

This is the…more serious set of photos we took. There are a lot of not so serious shots that I will post separately XD WE ARE ULTIMATE RIVALS. We also decided to do a couple of Pegasus’ Castle defeat photos even tho neither of us were in Season 1 cosplay. It was just a great location for it! 


Goofball Nerds edition

On Tuesday evening I was contacted by Taylor Nation first on Instagram and then again on twitter about them saying how they saw I was going to the show and how huge a fan I was and that they wanted to meet me. I had to give my info by the following day but like I literally replied on twitter with in a second lol. I was freaking out so much and had like no one to tell. Ali called me on Wednesday while I was at work and said how excited she was to meet me and how they were gonna give me a “special shirt” and just thank me for being an awesome fan and then she said I would just have to email her me and my groups info and like SHE KNEW I WOULD BE GOING WITH A GROUP OF 5!!!! She said she would call me back on Friday because they had to scope out COTA and find a good meeting spot and time, plus they were also going to that swiftie meet up and didn’t want to miss it! So I still didn’t directly know I would be meeting T, just thought we were getting merch but something wasn’t adding up lol anyway so I finally tell my group and I couldn’t even focus my whole shift like all I did was text them the entire time and I like sent my email to TN right away and just the days dragged by until Friday lol, sure I was in Dallas by Thursday but it was agonizing waiting for the call and all the info. On Friday I went to the Taylor Swift Experience at the Texas State Fair and RIGHT before I entered Missy called me!!!! I had been thinking too they would call me around the time I visited it, it was fate honestly. Missy told me how we had a meeting place and what time to be there and how the place was HUGE so we should get there earlier to scope it out but then she goes “we have ANOTHER surprise for you! We’re gonna upgrade your seats!!” And we had regular GA so it was amazing however with Lotte having a wheelchair I wanted to make sure we would be able to and that it would work for her so she said they would find a way or spot to put us! (We ended up having ADA upgrades that then no one at the place could even find so we just went into pit and even though it wasn’t the platform spot where all the others got upgrade it was still an amazing view and better than where we would’ve originally been) Anyway, so then Missy says we would have to take a tram after the meet up for the shirts and then she goes “oh and we’re gonna email you a waiver to sign for this!” And I was like WTF!!!! Like why would I need a waiver for a shirt and an upgrade/tram ride, something doesn’t add up but I was dying and told my group everything after and that we needed to sign it ASAP. So now for the show Saturday, we got there around 1 and ended up skipping the Swiftie meet up after hearing TN was giving those upgrades there and obviously since we already had upgrades it wouldn’t be fair to go plus Missy had said if we saw them there we couldn’t go up to them and say like thank you or acknowledge any of this so we just sat near where we needed to meet up until 5. The time was dragging but also flew by, I honestly thought I was gonna throw up like there was still no direct info we were meeting Taylor but we were all still hoping. 5PM rolls around and we go line up with a group of about 30 others plus the radio contest winners and Ali and Missy show up. Ali is literally my favorite person and she remembered meeting me at Gillette. So then they start going through the line and checking everyone in and you can see they have a print out with everyone’s pictures!!!!! They had a super old picture of me and of my friends from when we posted like a “See You In Texas” post for Taylor right before she left Tumblr, so we get checked in and they give us bracelets and our upgraded seats. After a little while we get brought down this little hill where these tents are set up and the radio station people are already in there waiting so we had to wait outside because Ali and Missy were like “That groups a little different from ours, we aren’t doing what they’re doing” and then we get let inside and get our merch bags and honestly I was beginning to panic after they said we weren’t doing what they were doing like obviously they were meeting Taylor bc they won contest which meant we really were just getting “special shirts”. I felt like my emotions were going everywhere like I was so excited but sad. And then Andrea walks in and she thanked us for being huge fans and said that she AND TAYLOR had another surprise for us and that Taylor REALLY wanted to meet us and literally everyone started screaming and crying like it was really happening we were meeting Taylor. We also all found out we were HANDPICKED to meet Taylor by TAYLOR HERSELF!! How crazy is that!! So we had to leave all our stuff in the first tent and get wanded down but then we’re in line and like my group was the FIRST group from TN’s group in line and we were freaking out so much. We had been like somewhat told we were getting individually photos and we were all trying to figure out our poses it was crazy. When we were walking into the next tent we passed by Andrea, Scott and Scott B and Andrea remembered who I was and smiled so big at me and thanked us for being there. So after that we just played the waiting game inside this room that reminded me of Loft 89 by it was like different furniture but still had the same vibe and had food but it most likely wasn’t for us or for any fan really(think it was for staff to eat and relax tbh) since there wasn’t a loft type thing last night. So we’re talking to everyone around us and we’re all like trying to tell each other not to cry so our makeup wouldn’t get ruined when all of the sudden it’s our groups turn! But then they said it would be the 5 of us going in and we were like we were told singles, and they continued to say it would be the 5 of us so then we wanted to break the group up so it could be more personal but they ushered as all in together and then LIKE THE TAYLOR SWIFT WAS RIGHT THERE STANDING IN THE BACK AND SHE DIDNT LOOK REAL AND SHE SMELLED SO GOOD AND WAS SO TALL AND SHE HUGGED ME SO TIGHT AND TOLD ME HOW HAPPY SHE WAS TO FINALLY MEET ME AND THAT SHE LOVED ME I COULDNT BELIEVE I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS HER!!! There was so much going on like it was 5 of us but we all tried to say things we wanted but honestly no one really remembered what to say so we all just kept saying we loved her and she was smiling so much. Then I remembered to bring up the blog and how she brought us all together and I mentioned 1989costumes and she was like “omg yeah I love you girls, you’re killing it!” And we freaked out! But then it was time for our photo like we were getting rushed by the people running it so we couldn’t really pick a pose so we just made it work for the 5 of us, though I do wish we had a little more time for it all. We took the photo and the camera girl like checks to make sure everyone looks good before letting us go so that was a plus! We hugged Taylor one last time and she was still talking to us and her team was trying to get us to leave but like literally SHE WAS STILL TALKING and then I was the last one to hug her again and we walked out and got our autographs and we started crying and freaking out. Like it didn’t hit me that had just happened so I wasn’t really crying but I was freaking out so much on the inside and felt like throwing up lol plus I kept crying so much before going in for the photo i think I had no more tears lmao so we get out and go back into the other tent and Ali was asking us how it all went and took photos of us and then the people who were recording us the entire time asked us for an interview. We have no idea what they were recording for but they were !!!! They even recorded our actual meet and greet with Taylor!! Once all the groups were out they brought us out into the tram and they basically told us we would be cutting everyone already in the pit so we had to stay together (obviously we had that ADA which then we couldn’t get to lmao) and we get to the concert and we had the greatest time ever and like she didn’t perform as long as it was like estimated but she was sick and it was more of 1989 than GH but HOLY GROUND AND SPARKS FLY WERE PLAYED!!! And that’s kind of my story. I don’t think I’m forgetting everything I mean the day happened so quickly after we got lined up to meet her but it was amazing and I’m so thankful for getting the opportunity to meet her, it’d been a long 10 years and I literally got to meet her during her like anniversaries week at her only show of 2016! @taylorswift

Flirt (Luke Hemmings Smut)

After losing a bet to one of his fellow bandmates, Luke is forced to flirt with a fan at a meet and greet. But he never expected her to flirt back, and he never expected for it to escalate the way it did.

Luke’s POV

“Mikey, I already told you, no!” This conversation had been going on for at least half an hour now, broken up by fans coming in and out of the meet and greet.

“Luke, I’m telling you again, yes!” He insisted, clearly not prepared to back down on this one.

I rolled my eyes, “why?”

“You know why, you lost the bet and now you owe me.”

“Can’t I just buy you a drink or something and we forget about the whole thing?”

He shook his head and grinned, “an eye for an eye, mate.”

“It’s hardly an eye. You made out with someone who had a boyfriend. I had no idea she’d cheat.”

He patted me on the back, “oh you and your morals Hemmings. You underestimate people.”

We were interrupted by two excited fans running in.

“You’re not still going on about that dumb bet are you?” Calum sighed once they’d left.

“This needs to stop now, you’re being childish.” Ashton came to Calum’s side like he always did in these situations. It wasn’t the first time me and Michael had fallen out over a bet.

“Not until he does his forfeit!” Michael persisted. The next load of fans came in as we took photos and chatted with them some more. Once they left Ashton turned to me.

“What’s the forfeit?”

“I made out with the person he chose, he has to do it with the person I choose.”

“No, that’s not cool.” Ashton shook his head sternly, “not with fans Michael, that never ends well.”

He grunted, “fine, just flirt with a fan then.”

I raised an eyebrow, “flirt with one?”

“Yeah, that’s not so bad, right?”

I took my lip ring between my teeth, thinking for a moment, before making up my mind, “I’ll do it.”


Y/BF/N nudged me gently in the arm, “Y/N, seriously, cheer up a little.”

“I am cheerful.” I insisted but knew I wasn’t fooling her.

“You’re about to meet 5SOS, don’t let him ruin your day!”

“I’m not.” I muttered, “it’s just, it’s still fresh.”

She placed a hand on my shoulder, “I know, but what better way to get over it then meeting your favourite band and then getting so drunk you don’t even know your own name?”

I couldn’t help but smile, “you’re right.”

“Look!” Y/BF/N’s eyes widened as she pointed frantically to the door, the impatient security guard standing outside. We had finally gotten to the front of the queue, and I’d barely noticed.

“There’s no time for messing about girls.” He motioned harshly towards the door, “there are lots of other people who’ll happily take your place if you don’t move soon.”

We didn’t hesitate a moment longer, and went straight through.

Luke’s POV

The next people came in, a girl only a few inches shorter than me came in, a wide smile spreading across her face when she saw us. She looked friendly and I quickly felt myself relax. This was going to be easy.

I gave Michael a look, as if to ask the question, but he shook his head and instead pointed to the girl behind her and I felt my stomach sink.

She was a lot smaller, and had the same air of excitement and confidence but something else. It was a look we didn’t see much at meet and greets. She was almost distracted, as if her mind was wondering somewhere else. It was different from the one I saw on bored siblings and parents, too. She seemed happy to see us, but at the same time, closed off, cold.

It wasn’t as if she wasn’t pretty, she was. In fact if she hadn’t been a fan I might’ve even tried to hit on her at a club. Then again, that was something I’d have to do now as well.


It felt like the moment I saw them all the other things that had been nagging at my mind all day fell away. I found myself actually genuinely happy, even if the bad memories would occasionally slip into my head. But screw him. I thought. There was no way I was going to let him ruin this for me.

I went through and hugged them all, Ashton, Calum and Michael, as they asked us about what songs we liked off the album, if we’d been to any shows. But it was when I got to Luke when something seemed strange. He smirked at me, and before I could even go for a hug he had his arms around me, pulling me into his chest. He smelt faintly of washing powder and some kind of cologne. Surprised at his actions, I hugged him back nonetheless. He bent down the tiniest bit to my height and whispered in my ear, “it’s nice to meet you beautiful.”

I pulled away from the abnormally long hug, and could’ve sworn his hand brushed over my ass. I bent my head to try to hide the fact that the blood was rushing to my cheeks. I had not been expecting that.

I was even more surprised when I found myself saying back “I could say so myself” and then winking at him. Had I seriously just winked at Luke Hemmings? At a meet and greet. I mentally facepalmed, just wishing it could be over with now so I could forget about it, when he actually winked back. Even when I stood between Luke and Ashton for the photo, I couldn’t help but noticed how low Luke’s hand was, and how it kept tracing lightly up and down my back. If I’d known better I’d have thought he was flirting. But there was no way. They wouldn’t go for fans, I reminded myself. But despite that, I couldn’t notice how the whole time he didn’t take his eyes off me.  Occasionally I would glance over and see him staring intently at me, lip ring caught between his teeth. God he was hot. A part of me wished we could have met in a different setting, not that he’d go for me, but at least I’d have a chance.

Luke’s POV

Once they had gone, I exhaled loudly.

“Happy now Michael?”

He grinned, “looks like I’m not the only one.”

He nodded down to my pants, where a semi boner on was just starting to form. I quickly covered my crotch and could feel myself turning a deep shade of red.

The other boys burst out laughing.

“We didn’t expect you to get that into it mate.” Calum managed to stop for a moment to speak, before bursting out into laughter again.

“Might wanna sort it out before the next lot come in.” Ashton smirked and I scowled back at him.


That night, I stood by the bar in the club, fingers drumming on the table.

“You gonna get a drink?” The barman asked me. Y/BF/N was already out on the dance floor, but I had stopped to take a quick break. Needless to say, the barman growing more and more impatient with the fact I was just standing there without getting anything.

“I was actually waiting for someone to buy one for me.” I grinned.

“Being a bit cocky, aren’t we?” He threw me a mocking smile and gestured around, “I don’t see anyone. You buy something or go away so someone else can-”

“I’ll do the honours.” The barman was interrupted by a soft familiar voice from behind us. I whirled around straight into a large chest. I slowly trailed my eyes up, past the slightly stubbled neck and sharp jawline, over the soft lips with a shiny silver ring pierced through it. My breath caught a little in my throat as I registered who it was.

Luke smiled down at me “we meet again.”

I nodded dumbly, and I felt his arm slip around my waist as he leaned over towards the barman.

“I’ll have a beer and…” He looked over at me and raised an eyebrow. I finally managed to find words, and answered “uh… Just a lemonade and vodka please.”

“What she said.” He motioned to me and the barman quickly nodded before hurrying off to get the drinks. Whether he knew who Luke was or not, he seemed to look at him as if he had some sort of status, I was guessing VIP. The barman came back with the drinks and Luke turned his attention back to me.

“I don’t think I got your name.”

“Y/N” I breathed and he nodded, taking a sip of his beer. I found myself watching his lips, wrapped around the bottle, his tongue just catching a drop which threatened to roll off. I couldn’t help but imagine what else his mouth could do, and found myself getting slightly wet as I thought more about it.

“Are you okay?” He asked and quickly realising I was staring, I looked away. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks, as I turned my face away to hide it. Somehow the look on his face gave me the impression he knew exactly what I was thinking.

We talked for a little while longer and as we spoke more and the alcohol started to settle in, I found myself relaxing around him. His hand didn’t move from my waist the whole time, his thumb stroking small circles on the small of my back. I hadn’t even realised he had been edging more towards me until I suddenly noticed how close he was.

I suddenly realised Luke had stopped speaking. He was so close I could almost feel his breath against my mouth. My eyes flickered down to his lips for a split second, but it seemed to be enough for him to notice, because suddenly his lips were on mine, his cold lip ring pressing against my lip and the bar pressing slightly into my back. He used the arm that had been around my waist to pull me closer to him, his hips grinding hard up against mine, causing me to moan slightly, Luke taking the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. I started to feel a slight boner forming through Luke’s jeans and knew what would be coming next. He started to pepper kisses down my neck, then back up to my ear, and whispered “do you wanna get out of here?”

The moment the door shut to Luke’s hotel room, his lips were on my neck, sucking hard to the point where there was sure to be a clear trail of colourful bruises the next day. His hands tugged frantically at my dress and I couldn’t help but laugh “eager much?”.

He stopped kissing my neck and stood up to face me. He took my hand in his and guided it down his torso, purposely moving it slowly so I could feel his defined abs through his t shirt, carrying on down until I reached his crotch. It was already rock hard, and I couldn’t help but feel slightly pleased with myself. “Are you kidding me? After the way you flirted with me back at that meet and greet, and how fucking good you look in this dress. I have a good reason to be” he growled in my ear, catching my ear lobe between his teeth, causing me to let out a small involuntary moan.

He pulled on my dress again and this time I let him pull it up over my head, and to my surprise, a few seconds later he’d somehow managed to quickly undo my bra without me even realising, causing my breasts to spill free, a smile spreading across Luke’s face. He cupped them with his hands, barely brushing over my quickly hardening nipples. He pinched one, earning a moan from me. He did it again, rolling my nipple between his expert fingers.

The heat from between my legs was becoming unbearable, causing me to rub my thighs together.

"Need some help with that?” Luke raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, please Luke.”

He lightly trailed his hand down my stomach, barely ghosting other my core. His fingertips then traced back up my stomach to my breast again. I watched his hand intently, growing more and more frustrated with how long he was taking.

“Luke, hurry-” I was cut off by my gasp as his other hand I hadn’t noticed pulled aside my panties and one his fingers slid inside me.

“Fuck, you’re so wet.” He muttered and I felt myself blush. Luke seemed to notice because he quickly kissed me and said “don’t be embarrassed baby. I love that I get you so turned on.”

He started to move his finger, pumping in and out, his thumb drawing small circles on my clit as he did so. I bit my lip hard so I wouldn’t cry out, when suddenly Luke stopped.

“What the hell Luke?” I spat, annoyed at the sudden loss of friction.

He just smirked up at me, “I’m going to have to hear how good I’m making you feel if you want me to continue Y/N. I want to hear you.”

“Fine.” I grumbled, “I just don’t want people to hear.”

“Babe, by the time I’m finished with you, this whole hotel is going to hear, so there’s no point in holding back.”

I didn’t think it was possible but his words made me even more horny than I already was. Luke lowered himself down until he was facing my pussy. I felt my heart beat faster in my chest as I could feel his breath just above my heat. One of his fingers plunged into me again, and he started to move it at a much faster pace this time. He quickly added another, then another, making me cry out in pleasure by how much he was stretching me.

Suddenly I felt his lips on my clit, sucking hard, his lip ring occasionally flicking over it, making the whole experience feel even more incredible. Soon I was panting, hunched over, one of my hands laced in his hair, the other trying to steady my self on the wall so I wouldn’t collapse. My legs started trembling as Luke’s tongue began to flick over my clit, his fingers moving even faster. He pulled his fingers out and swapped over, with his tongue moving in and out of my and his fingers rubbing circles on my clit.

“Fuck L-Luke.” I moaned loudly, “I’m seriously gonna come if you don’t stop soon.”

“Go on baby, come for me.” He said against my pussy, and the vibrations sent me into overdrive. I felt the knot in my stomach come undone as I came hard all over Luke’s face. His strong arms held my thighs open so they couldn’t close around his head, and didn’t stop licking me all through my orgasm, trying to get it last as long as he could.

My legs basically gave out under me as I slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor, face to face with Luke.

“You taste incredible.” He wiped my juices off his chin with the back of his hand, before kissing me again, biting my lip gently, making me groan.

“I’m not done with you yet, baby girl.” He winked and before I knew it he was effortlessly lifting me back up off the floor. He grabbed a condom from his the pocket of his jeans that were strewn on the floor next to him, and quickly rolled it on.

He lined himself up, then ordered “jump.”

I did as he said, and he slammed into me, my legs wrapped around his torso, clinging onto his biceps which were tensed from holding me up. I could feel the cold wall on my back as Luke thrusted fast, getting deeper and deeper with each entry.

“You look so hot right now Y/N, with me fucking you against the wall like this.” He started to slow down so he could go even deeper, but I still wanted more. I unwrapped my legs from around him, then pushed him off me. I walked him to the bed, hurriedly pushing him down and grabbing his dick to guide it back into me again.

He smirked “well who’s eager now?”. I ignored him and lowered myself down, starting to ride him. His hands gripping my hips to help me grind against him. I felt him hit a particularly sensitive spot and cried out. With a look of victory on his face he quickly flipped me over so I was beneath him and started pounding into me, not missing the spot again.

“Shit Y/N, I’m not gonna last long.” He panted.

“Me neither.”

He brought his hand down to frantically massage my clit, and I went over the edge, his name falling out from between my lips over and over again. I could feel his cock twitch inside me as he gave one final thrust.

I couldn’t help but notice how damn hot he looked when he came, eyes screwed tight, lip ring between his teeth.

Once we had both come down from our highs, Luke rolled over and collapsed on the bed beside me.

“That was fucking incredible Y/N.” He sighed and I looked over at him and smiled. I lay there trying to get my breath back, I made a mental note to leave soon and not stay the night as he turned over and draped an arm over me.

The sex had been incredible, really incredible, but no matter how much I loved Luke in the fangirl sense, this was, after all, purely a one night stand and we both knew it. I didn’t want to face the awkwardness of leaving the next day. All these thoughts ran through my head as I lay there, Luke’s legs still tangled in mine, but I was so fixated on thinking of excuses to leave, I barely noticed myself drifting off to sleep.

A/N: LONG TIME NO SEE!!! I know it’s been AGES since I last posted anything, but I’ve had big exams this year and my free time for writing has been very limited. I’ve had this idea for a while, but left it for a while, then came back to it recently, it took me a long time so I hope you all enjoyed it!

I was considering maybe doing a part 2 of this, so if you want that let me know!

- Indie xx