we took more photos

Redoing this chapter today…I know this chapter focuses a lot on Iggy but Prompto in this chapter killed me. He’s trying so hard it seems to keep everyone and everything together.

Prompto: The tomb is just a station away. You think we’ll be okay…all of us?

Prompto: Took more photos today. You…wanna see?

Noctis: No, not really.

Prompto: Yeah. Of course.

Fun fact, the first time I met Barbara in person, was July of 2009 at RvBTO. This is the first photo we took together.

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lets take a look at how i have changed

here i am a little japanese boy who just got his first haircut. i was probably around 2 or 3 years old in this. 

skip ahead a few years and we have me in 2010 and dear fuck did i look like a tool. sunglases and a tribly. i promise i will never do this again.

here is 2011 when i got my favorite animal in the world drake. i still have him with me and he is a cute old man now.

2012 the year i started caring about how i looked a bit more. i was in cali when we took this photo.

2013 i had my first girlfriend and puberty started to kick in. i never seemed like i wanted to cut my hair though so it just kept growing.

here is early 2014 when i cut my hair just a little bit. i was holding my grandma’s hand so she could get down the step. at this point i still identified as male but that changes later.

mid 2014 i got my hair cut down to a reasonable size and started to take photos. this photo was taken at a camp i went to that really changed how i saw myself and how i wanted to live my life.

just after camp i decided to dye my hair and change up a few things about how i identified. at the time of this photo i had just started going to transgender support group so i could work out the kinks in who i was. this was late 2014

here we are now. 4 months into 2015 and i’m finally happy with how i look and how i see myself as a person. my name is raven im nonbinary and i love punk rock.

“I first met Guy Mariano at the Power Peralta Quartermaster Cup Friday “Am Jam” at the Powell Factory in Goleta in 1990. Guy, Rudy and Gabriel were all in town for the contest and Powell had all the their Amateur skaters sessioning the street course outside. I took a ton of pictures and video of the three friends that first day and then as the weekend went on we filmed more and took more photos. A month later we were all pen palls and I was sending them prints of the pics I took. Rudy and Gabriel told me they were going to tell Stacy they wanted me to film them for the new video, but before that all happened they were on Blind and 101. Guy never hesitated when he skated back then. I just remember him doing trick after trick after trick.”
Words & Photography by Jacob Rosenberg


We didn’t take a lot of photos because we didn’t have a lot of time and it was getting dark, but my boyfriend Tyler and I took some Fallout cosplay photos. :3 Hopefully we can do more when we have time (and better lighting lol)