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Phil’s Secret Album

Characters: Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Phan.

Summary: Phil has a secret album on his phone that Dan’s not supposed to discover. Naturally, he does.

Word Count: 1428

Warnings: (Unexpected) smut, daddy kink, not established relationship

A/N: Go tell my beta they’re cute @lauraalla (I was gonna say awesome and I stopped in awe, which is just the way I feel when I look at them).

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Phil smiled softly as he stared at his phone, swiping through his gallery. He was waiting for Dan to be ready to go out, and having nothing to do, he’d started using his phone.

He was lucky that he had practice covering when he was looking at something inappropriate on tumblr, because he had to do exactly the same thing when Dan approached, happily shouting his readiness to the world.

“Let’s go, then”, Phil said, and smiled, and if Dan noticed something odd, his rambling about a tweet he had seen didn’t show it.

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BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.7

 A/N: Helloooo! I think I’m officially over my writer’s block because this chapter was a breeze to write. I have nothing to say this time, but thank you all for the kind feedback, I really appreciate it. As you know by now 100 notes for the next chapter and feedback is always welcome. I hope you enjoy, cupcakes

**WARNINGS**: Nothing but excessive cussing

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

You were walking down the street, casually eating an ice cream cone and enjoying the bliss of being on your own. You haven’t been out by yourself since you arrived on this tour and since you were in the beautiful state that was Florida, you felt relieved that this was the one time they were all asleep. You were already prepared for the hell the four boys would raise when they woke up, turning your phone up at the maximum volume in case they called or texted. You had entered a small boutique, knowing for a fact that you couldn’t fit anything in the store at this point, but you were thinking more of Connor and Felix. They both had been telling you to bring them something back from every city you went to, so you had bought them both shirts from every city. Every now and then you’d find something a little more masculine for Felix, but it usually came down to a shirt. As you were flicking through the tie dye material for Connor, you were approached by a few fans with huge grins on their faces.

“Oh my God, you’re Calum Hood’s girlfriend right?”

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Donut Surprise // a.i.

Summary: You and Ashton tell his family that you’re pregnant in a unique way.

Requested: Yes, thank you, anon!

Word Count: 2,150 (probably the longest thing I’ve written so far tbh.)

Warnings: none, however, the past is in italics.


“So, we agree that we’re definitely telling your family today, right?” You ask, walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom you and Ashton share. You let out a huff when you see him still lying on the bed, in his boxers. He glances up from scrolling on his phone and flashes his dimples at you.

“That’s right.” He replies. You put your hand on your hip, raising an eyebrow at him. His eyebrows furrow, as if he’s confused. “Ashton, you have to get ready. We have to leave in twenty minutes if we don’t want to be late.” You tell him as you return to the bathroom. You’re applying foundation when Ashton comes strolling into the bathroom ten minutes later. He wraps his toned arms around you from behind and smiles at you in the mirror.

“You look gorgeous, baby. How’s our little one doing today?” He murmurs, placing his hands on your stomach where, just recently, a baby girl has started to form. That’s the reason for going to meet Ashton’s family for lunch. You two agreed that since you were starting to show slightly (you say it’s only from a certain angle, Ashton disagrees), that it was time to tell his family. You finish your foundation and grab his hands. You place them lower on your stomach, where your baby is kicking up a storm from hearing her daddy’s voice.

“There she is.” Ashton grins, his eyes lighting up. “She only kicks when you’re around. Go away.” You joke, wincing when the baby places an exceptionally hard kick to your diaphragm. Ashton frowns, turning you around and kneeling down until he’s face to face with your tiny baby bump.

“You shouldn’t kick mommy so hard. She’s the one feeding you and keeping you warm and making up your nursery so it’s super pretty for when you arrive.” He whispers, placing a light kiss to your stomach. You smile softly as you watch your husband interact with your baby. (Nobody really knows if she can hear him, but Ashton insists that they can communicate. You’ve learned not to question it.)

Ashton stands up fully and that’s when you remember the time. Luckily, Ashton’s already dressed and is pulling you out of the bathroom before you can say anything about being late.

“I’ll grab my shoes and the keys and then meet you in the car.” Ashton tells you, placing a kiss to your temple before moving to the kitchen to grab his car keys. You walk out of the house and to the car, thinking back to the day you first told Ashton you were pregnant.

“(Y/N)?” Ashton calls out, as soon as he and the boys walk into the house. Laughter and load voices signal that you’ve got company. “In here!” You yell from the kitchen. The boys come bounding into the room, grinning widely as a chorus of “hey, (Y/N)!” rushes through the air. You smile at them from over your shoulder as you wash dishes. Ashton kisses you hurriedly on the cheek before grabbing a beer out of the fridge.

“Cal, you want one?” He asks, looking back at the Maori boy. Calum nods, catching the beer in mid-air. Two more beers fly through the kitchen for Michael and Luke, who catch them both with ease. This was a normal occurrence for your household. When the boys finish up writing a good song or find out they’re nominated for an award, they come to you and Ashton’s house to celebrate with beer and video games. Ashton holds up a beer for you, but you deny the offer. He shrugs and opens it for himself.

“Hey, Ash?” You ask, after finishing up with the dishes and turning toward your boyfriend, who’s telling Michael about something they should do tomorrow. Ashton instantly looks to you, his eyes lighting up. “We’ll clean up before we leave, don’t worry, (Y/N).” Luke tells you, smiling. “Oh, yeah, I know you will.” Ashton walks back over to you and wraps his arm around your waist.

“What’s up?” He asks. You glance at the boys and bite your lip. Calum catches your unease and winks at you. “Hey, boys, let’s give them some space.” He mumbles. The boys head into the living room, all plopping down on the couches. Ashton’s eyebrows furrow a bit.

“I’m confused. What’s wrong?” He asks. “You know how we’ve been talking about having a baby?” You ask, your voice low. “Oh, that wasn’t me being serious. Maybe in the future, but I wouldn’t push for a baby when you’re just about to get promoted at work.” He tells you, taking a sip of his beer. You feel your heart drop slightly.

“You idiot!” Calum yells, appearing in the kitchen doorway. You and Ashton both jump a little, turning to look at Calum. “She’s pregnant.” Calum announces, grinning.

“What?” Ashton asks, his eyes widening a bit. “Calum!” You scold, causing Calum to hold his hands up in defense. “You denied drinking beer with us. Plus you’ve had a little pregnancy glow to you lately. It’s about time you told him.” You turn to Ashton, who’s staring at you. “Is it true?” He asks softly, reaching out to touch your stomach. You sigh.

“Yes. It was supposed to be a cute surprise, but Calum just had to ruin it.” You tease.

“Does that mean I get to be the godfather?”


“But, (Y/N)-”

“I said no, Calum. You don’t even have a girlfriend. Who would be the godmother?”

The Maori boy pouts a little, before turning to look behind him. “Luke! Will you be the baby’s godmother?!” He yells. “Sure!” Luke calls back, then pauses. “Wait, will I be the baby’s what?” He asks. Calum turns to you and smirks. “We would make very good godparents.” He tells you, before walking out of the kitchen to tell Michael and Luke the news.

You laugh and look at Ashton. “We’re having a baby.” He whispers, smiling. “We’re having a baby.” You confirm, wrapping your arms around his neck. He kisses you softly. “I love you so much.” He murmurs.

Ashton took the news better than you thought he would. He already can’t wait for the baby to arrive. He goes to every doctor’s appointment, every ultrasound, and every shopping trip for the nursery. He and the boys have done practice drills at three in the morning to make sure everyone is 100% ready and at the hospital when his baby girl gets here. Ashton has been timing himself on how fast he can get the car seat in the car so he can put it in the night you go into labor. Last you heard, it was 48 seconds.

You smile as Ashton hops into the driver’s seat. He glances over at you as he pulls out of the driveway.

“You’re in a very good mood today.” He notes, reaching over to hold your hand as he drives with the other. “I am.” You agree, squeezing his hand. He smiles over at you when he stops at a red light. He honestly can’t imagine his life without you. Now, his life just gets better because he finally gets to start the family he’s always dreamed about with you. He refuses to tell you how much he spent on your engagement ring, although you know it was a lot since management called to yell at him for spending so much. The wedding isn’t for another year, since both of you agreed that you wanted your little girl present.

“I have a plan on how to tell my family.” Ashton tells you, as he pulls up to the small café a few blocks away from your house. The café is adorable; quaint and usually quite full inside. “What’s your plan?” You ask, getting out of the car. “You’ll see.” Ashton takes your hand in his and kisses the back of it as you head inside the café. He seems to spot his family right away, at a small booth towards the back. Anne Marie nearly jumps out of the booth when she sees both of you.

“You made it!” She says, smiling from ear to ear. She envelops Ashton into a hug first, and then you. “We arranged for this lunch. Of course we made it.” Ashton teases. “We were almost late, though.” You admit, smiling. Lauren moves out of the booth to stand next to Anne Marie. “It was because of Ashton, wasn’t it?” She jokes, smiling at you. “Actually, yes.” Lauren and you giggle softly as Ashton frowns. He instantly perks up when he sees his brother.

“Harry!” He says, going over to the booth to ruffle Harry’s hair. Harry grins at him. “Hey, Ash.” He replies. Ashton notices the phone in Harry’s hands. “Don’t get too into that thing, its toxic.” Ashton advises. You suspect that’s why he’s taken time away from social media lately. He feels addicted to it and needs to focus on things that matter in his life right now.

Harry puts his phone away and you watch as they start talking about guitars and drums, since Harry’s been taking music lessons. “Why don’t we sit down?” You ask. Ashton nods in agreement, but stops a waitress nearby and whispers something in her ear. He slips her a ten dollar bill and then slides into the booth. Ashton and you sit on one side of the booth, and his family slide into the other side, across from you.

“So, like I said on the phone, (Y/N) and I wanted to meet with you guys for a reason.” Ashton starts, reaching over and taking your hand on the table. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous; you and Ashton have only been together for two years and you’re worried his mom might think having a baby right now is too soon.

The waitress from earlier returns to the table with a medium sized, hot pink box. “We have news to tell you, and the news is in this box.” Ashton continues. You have the urge to giggle at the whole situation, since it’s all a little over-intimidating. He opens the box and shows you the inside first. Inside, are six assorted donuts. On the inside if the top part of the box, is a note that says, “Eat up, family. Mommy doesn’t want to be the only one getting fat. -baby.” You grin at Ashton and kiss his cheek softly. Honestly, you’re in love with a genius. He turns the box around so his family — who have been very patient this whole time — can see. You and Ashton watch as they all read the note.

“Wait, does this mean-” Lauren starts, but Harry cuts her off with an exclamation of, “I’m gonna be an uncle!” Ashton chuckles beside you. Anne Marie looks up at the two of you and you almost panic because there are tears in her eyes.

“I’m so happy for the two of you. This is all I’ve ever wanted for you, Ashton, ever since your dad left. I wanted you to start your own family and be there as an amazing father and husband. And now that’s happening, and I’m so incredibly happy for both of you.” Anne Marie says, reaching across the table to put her hand on top of where your hand is still being held by Ashton’s.

Lauren suddenly gasps. “The box is pink. The baby is a girl, right? Tell me it’s a girl!” She says excitedly. You giggle. “It’s a girl.” Lauren grins so wide as she turns to Ashton. “Name her after me.” She demands jokingly. “What? No way.” Ashton chuckles, shaking his head. Lauren laughs and winks at you.

“I’m happy for you both. But I’d be happier if you named her after me.”

“Lauren, it’s not happening.”

“But, Ashton-”

“It’s not happening.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll just have to happy as an aunt.”

You look at Harry, who’s been silent the whole time. “What do you think, Harry?” You ask softly. Harry fist-pumps the air. “I’m not the youngest anymore!” The whole table bursts into laughter, causing a few heads to turn, but nobody says anything about the commotion. Ashton wraps his arm around your shoulders.

“I’m so happy that your mine and that you’re having our baby.” He murmurs in your ear, since his family has started arguing over which baby names you’re likely to choose. “I love you, Ashton.” You reply, grabbing a donut from the box. “I think those were supposed to be for us, (Y/N).” Harry tells you, chuckling. Your eyes flicker to him as you bite into the donut. Ashton shakes his head at his brother before leaning forward to give him some advice.

“Shut up, Harry. If you’re smart, you will shut up and let her eat the donut before her pregnancy hormones attack you.”


A/N: So I am back from vacation, Idk if I’ll post pics or videos from the trip or not. Just wanted to say I’m glad to be back and in relation to this Imagine I don’t smoke weed I just know a LOT of people who do. 

You were in your room, just laying in bed trying to decide if you would turn on your laptop or not. Just when you had decided it was too much work you heard your front door open followed by angry stomps coming up the stairs.

‘Honestly I feel like if I hear the name Allison again I’m gonna start dropping bodies.’ Stiles said as he barged into your room.

‘Let me guess…Scott?’ you sighed as you sat up.

'My phone got confiscated because he texted me about Allison sending him nudes. It costs me twenty bucks to get it back then Scott asked for twenty more to take Allison out for pizza.’ Stiles griped as he sat next to you.

'Dick move.’ you replied.

'Yeah.’ he sighed.

'Wanna bake the pain away or eat it?’ you asked.

'What?’ he asked in confusion.

You reached into your bedside desk and pulled out two plastic bags.

One had a green grassy substance and the other had a brownie.

He looked between the two bags in shock.

'You know I’m the sheriff’s son right?’

'I know, that’s why you get away with so much. Like trespassing, breaking and entering, going through classified files, running red lights, stea-’

'OK I get it, give the brownie.’ Stiles interrupted.

'Thought so.’ you smiled as you handed him the bag.

While he was opening the edible you dug in your desk for your rolling papers.

'Where did you get this anyway?’ Stiles asked before taking a bite.

'My cousin down town sells, gives me half off.’ you answered as you rolled your blunt.

Stiles hummed around the brownie.

'Good shit right?’ you said as you lit your masterpiece.

'Good ass brownie I’ll say that much.’

You didn’t respond in favor of taking a long drag, as you blew out the smoke you laid back down, Stiles did the same after he finished his weed brownie.

‘How long before it kicks in?’

‘Bout a half hour.’ you answered as you took your second drag.

‘Hey I may be new at this, but I know the rules, puff puff pass.’ he whined.

‘Like hell I am, you got the brownie I got the blunt.’ you scoffed jokingly.

‘So my first time smoking and you won’t let me smoke?’

‘Cry baby.’ you teased as you handed your blunt over.

*One Hour Later*

‘Fuck me this is good shit.’ you sighed from your side of the bed.

You and Stiles were both laid out on the bed, the weed had taken the mobility right the fuck outta you.

‘Dude, fuck Adderall, this helps me focus, keeps me still and relaxed. Not jumpy and afraid of an overdose.’ Stiles  said slowly.

‘Natures best medicine is illegal in most states, fucked up.’ you replied.

‘How much for those brownies? Every time Scott brings up Allison Imma take a bite, should be pretty fucked up by lunch.’ Stiles slurred.

‘Oh my God lunch sounds so fucking good right now.’ you sighed as you finally managed to sit up.

‘I just realized I’m starving, order some pizza we’ll dutch it.’ Stiles said.

‘Didn’t you spend forty bucks already today?’ you asked as you ordered your usual pizza online, you had done this so many times you could do it in your sleep.

‘Nah just twenty, just because Scott asked for money doesn’t mean I gave it to him, besides I’m gonna need to keep more cash for my new weed habit.’ Stiles said as he sat up.

You two just stared at each other in a weed daze for a minute or so.

‘You know, I don’t see what about Allison drives Scott so crazy, sure she’s cute but not my type you know.’ Stiles said.

‘Yeah, she’s not my type either.’ you laughed.

‘You’re my type.’ 

‘What?’ you asked as you looked at your friend.

‘You’re way cooler than Allison and me and Scott have known you since the sandbox, If I were Scott I’d be all over you.’ Stiles replied.

‘But I’m not his type I think, plus he sure ain’t mine, that damn jaw of his would drive me nuts.’ you teased as you laid back down.

‘What about me, am I your type?’ he asked.

‘Let me see. your hilarious, fucking adorable, excellent movie taste, great build, a genius and now you light up…yeah your my type.’ you smiled as you moved closer to him.

‘So why aren’t we dating?’ Stiles asked as he slowly moved his face closer to yours.

‘We must be on drugs.’ you whisper before you pull him into a slow kiss.

Thanks ladies for the supportive comments. It really means a lot to me. I don’t often delve into that phase of my life here, I think I feel like because my family court experience ended with me getting my kid back and our life getting better, I feel awkward trying to verbalize what bio moms you might be in a foster care relationship with could be feeling.

@bujnik thank you for the very thoughtful question. These are some things I wished the person taking care of my child had/n’t done:

-I wish she had deferred to my opinion on things that seemed little to her but were important to me. Clothing, for example. She felt like when I complained about clothes, I was being ungrateful for the effort she’d put into scrambling to get baby clothes. But to me how she dressed M represented something larger. I felt like she was dressing M the way she’d dressed me and my siblings, which made me feel like M was to her the other child she’d long tried to have. New moms buy tiny clothes with their first baby. Seasoned parents know how fast babies grow and buy big. But I was a new mom and I really wanted the teeny tiny onesies. That was the fourth baby she was taking care of, but my first baby, and maybe the only baby I’ll ever have.

-I wish she hadn’t done things that to me felt like she was making M grow up faster. Stroller selection, for example. I thought a newborn should be in a snap & go. She doesn’t like clunky strollers and didn’t know how to fold it so she got an umbrella stroller. It reclined all the way, it wasn’t unsafe. But I felt like that was a stroller for a 1-year-old, not a 1-month-old. I already felt like I was losing so much time with M, and anything that made M seem older made me feel like time was moving too fast for me to ever catch up.

-I wish she hadn’t shown me pictures of/ told me about all the random people spending time with M. She was trying to be nice and wanted me to know M was adored by an entire community. But to me it felt like how come your third cousin can take her for a walk, and I can’t; how come my brother’s roommate got to rock her to sleep, and I can’t.

-I was happy that my mom always answered when I called. On the rare time that she didn’t, my mind started swirling thinking something horrible had happened to M and I couldn’t focus on anything until I knew she was okay. I hated it when my mom would complain to me about being tired. I know taking care of a newborn is exhausting. But I would’ve traded anything to get to be exhausted from taking care of M.

-After rehab, there were 2 (3?) months when I could be at their house all day but had to sleep somewhere else at night. Then for another bit of time I could live with them but couldn’t be alone with M. She’d throw around her “supervising” power whenever she was irritated at me about anything. Right or wrong, I felt like she’s the one who needed to be supervised, not me. I wish she’d never taken advantage of the power she held over me.

-I wish she had listened to me about things like feeding schedules and sleep training. Or even put one percent of effort into trying. Maybe the way I wanted her to do things was not the way she’d done things in the past. But this wasn’t the same as how things had been for her in the past, i.e. this was not her child. When me and M moved out and I could finally start doing things my way, it was challenging to change some of the habits my mom had instilled.

-She said I was a great mom, but I felt like she took on an air of righteousness, like she thought she was the pinnacle of parenting because she was handed my baby. I wish she’d understood that the line between good and bad parenting can be very blurry. It’s easy to deem addicts unfit because drugs are simple to test for. Other things, like emotional abuse, are more subjective and not simple to test for. I wish she hadn’t interpreted her role in the situation as validation of parenting style, caregiving choices, and of herself as a superior human being.

In terms of maintaining the relationship with an incarcerated parent, these are some things I do for M’s dad:

-every year for her birthday I order her one of those personalized books and in the inscription say it’s from both of us. I color xerox the pages and send them to him so when we visit he can talk to her about the adventures she’s having in the book

-sometimes on a random weekend day I’ll take a photo of everything she’s doing like a pic of her eating breakfast, a pic of her in her car seat, a pic of her on the swings, a pic of her having a tantrum, a pic of her sleeping, etc then send them to him in order, so he can vicariously experience the little details of a day in her daily life which allows him to know her better and see what her life is like other than the usual generic smiling pictures I often send

-when she was younger I’d print out articles on child development and send them to him. I used to babysit so I have experience with kids but he doesn’t, and this would teach him what to expect at visits, let him know how she was progressing, etc. Now I send copies of the written portion from her parent teacher conferences.

-M is safe, happy, and healthy because of what happened. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a huge hole in her life from his absence. I think of some of the positive things he would be doing with her if he were here, things I wouldn’t be inclined to do on my own, and make an effort to do them with her. Gardening is one of them. That was his hobby and something I wasn’t interested in but I’ve started doing with M until he’s here to do it with her himself.

-as she’s gotten older there are personality traits I’ve noticed that she inherited from him. It’s hard for me to really understand her perfectionism for example, because I’m not like that, but he is. I asked him how he wished someone had helped him with that when we was a kid, and at a visit he talked to M about it, better than I could have, in ways she related to.

-I try to nurture their shared interests. He’s a great artist, so is she. She sends him unicorn drawings and he sends her drawings of her at a princess castle, etc.

-sometimes when I’m annoyed with him I have a tendency to write off his parenting ideas, like oh he has no clue about anything, I’m the real parent, I’m the one who’s here every day, etc. But it’s only luck that I’m here and he’s not. We were both arrested. He had a prior record so he got a seven year mandatory minimum sentence; I did not have a prior record so I got probation. I try to remember that I’m not better than he is; I’m just luckier. He wishes he could be here with her. One day he will be here with her. She’s just as much his child as she is mine.

Hoseok Scenario: The Magic Of Us.

Request: hey babies!! 🎀♡ can you do a super duper fluffy and romantic scenario with hoseok where you guys went on vacation to disneyland and its so couple goals and stuff? i love u girls 💌💭

Genre: Fluff.

This was your dream vacation, ever since you were a child you had dreamed of  visiting Disney World, so going there with your boyfriend took that dream to another level, you had planned this together and taken note of the things you wanted to do the most, so when you stepped into the Magic Kingdom you already knew your first stop.

You were jumping like a little girl when you saw the inside of The Chapeau, with all the pretty hats and accessories of every disney character, you wanted everything, you knew you were going to be like this, in every single store you’d want everything since you loved disney so much, but you knew you couldn’t buy all you wanted so your eyes went to the couple shelves, where couple hats and items were aligned, this was perfect for you and Hoseok and you knew you didn’t need to beg your boyfriend to wear something like that because he loved disney just as much as you did.

-Jagiya, oh my god, let’s buy the Mickey ones- Hoseok was now the one dragging you to said hats. He grabbed the Minnie one and put it on top of your head smiling when he saw you, you giggled grabbing the Mickey one, getting on your tip toes to be able to put it on him and arrange his hair a little.

-How do I look?- both of you asked at the same time making you laugh. 

-Great- he said as you walked to a full size mirror, you made funny faces in front of it and then saw that you could get a monogram on the back. So you decided to get the date of that day to remember it as it was such a special occasion for both of you. You only had to wait for a short time and then the hats were given back to you, so you took the chance of taking the first selfie of the day.

-There you go - Hoseok said, fixing your brand new Minnie hat properly on your head while you giggled, then you helped him with his and you were set. You took the first pic with Hoseok’s phone while smiling at the camera and standing close to each other, then snapped a few more while doing different expressions, but you also wanted to get one of the date at the back of your hats so you asked help from one of the workers and so you posed with your backs facing the camera, Hoseok’s arm behind your back and your head resting on his shoulder. The photos came out perfectly.

You stayed at The Chapeau for a little longer picking up more goodies and you made sure to get complimentary matching buttons as well which read “Mr. Mickey” and “Mrs. Minnie” on each. Both of you were having a blast and this was just the beginning, to think that you were practically still at the entrance of Magic Kingdom and you had still lots of things to discover made you feel ecstatic. 

Hoseok held onto your hand, you were a perfectly looking couple and everybody was going to know that even looking at your from afar, so you laughed at each other and walked ahead to continue with the trip.

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Like with my photo op with Jared, I loved when I got close enough in line to see him interact with other fans. He’s so sincere and attentive, and it was lovely to watch him try to have a special moment with each person in line. 

When it was my turn, I handed the Creation employee my picture and she passed it to Jared. When he saw it he laughed so loud and uninhibited I was taken aback a bit. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to forget that sound. Then he took a few seconds to really look at it. It’s a bit hard to tell from the scan, but all but one of the pictures is pretty big so I think he was reading the tweets and the little stamps I’d added. Then he looked up at me smiling and said, “This is awesome!” I watched his hands as he signed it (guh) and then I gave him The Sam Girl’s Guide to Sam Winchester and did my best to explain what it was before walking away. I got so nervous as I was telling him about the booklet that so many other things I wanted to say slipped my mind. In particular, I wanted to apologize for being an unsocialized dolt during my photo op and thank him for being so patient with me. I also really wanted to tell him how happy I was that we saw Gen and that I hope she got to see how much we really love her. (The cheering when she came on stage during Jared and Jensen’s panel felt longer and louder than when even the boys first walked out, and I was really happy about that.)

He doesn’t even go here!

Jensen’s autograph table was across the room from Jared’s, with them facing away from each other. When I got close enough in line to see the boys, I spent the time soaking up the view of Jared’s head and back (through the throng of six Creation employees circling him, that is). When I got to the point in line (which went straight, then turned in a U so you could get your autograph, and then walk straight out without running into anyone) where I was directly behind the person getting their autograph, I was still gazing at Jared like a weirdo. After Jensen finished with that person and before he moved onto the next one, he looked up at me for a moment. He must have thought I was creepily staring at him lol but I was looking across the room at Jared, trying to savor my last look at him.

Then when it was my turn about 2-3 people later, I handed the employee my picture (already signed by Jared at the bottom) and Jensen tried to take it but when he saw it he did a double take and ended up bending the page (which you can see a bit in the white creases along the bottom, on the picture of the cheek kiss and the bottom right most pic– Jensen did that). He stared at it silently for a moment while I waited with bated breath, then he said in a completely, 100% serious voice, “I can tell this isn’t from our show because we don’t do cheesy shit like this” and he pointed at the center-most picture of Stephen lifting up his shirt. I was pretty surprised to hear him curse and it was on the tip of my tongue to ask if he was jealous, but he did not look like he was kidding around and I didn’t want to poke the bear.

Technically, only the bottom left picture is from Stephen’s show, but that was probably not really Jensen’s issue. So instead I went with distraction and pointed out shirtless Jared and said, “Jared’s in it, too!” Completely contradicting the first thing he said to me, Jensen goes, “Yeah, but that’s from the show.” ?? Okay, buddy. I told him that no, Jared tweeted that picture (and since the whole theme of the collage is Stephen and Jared, he probably took that to mean he tweeted it to Stephen, which Jared technically did). Jensen then looked at me like ummmm, no and said, “That’s not from our show?” and pointed at the anti-possession tattoo on Jared’s chest (side note: Jensen’s hands are even more glorious in person and if I hadn’t been busy arguing with Jensen Ackles about shirtless pictures of Jared I probably would have swooned). So then I pointed out Thomas and told him that Jared had tweeted that picture from set and said that Thomas was “the white arrow.” He didn’t say anything for a moment and I…can’t really describe his face as anything other than bummed out. His eyes were wide like he was surprised (I’m pretty sure he was going to look it up later or ask Jared to confirm I wasn’t lying) and finally said, “Whatever you say” LIKE A PETULANT BABY WHO CAN’T ADMIT WHEN HE’S WRONG. It was honestly kind of cute getting to see grumpy Jensen up close and personal. So he turned the picture sideways and signed it and he had trouble lifting it up to hand back to me. (Stop creasing my autograph, Ackles.) As I was getting ready to move on, I told him I marathoned Friends With Benefits on Netflix and thought Danneel was awesome in it. He was very gracious; nodded his head and thanked me, but i’m pretty sure it was too late to improve his overall of opinion of me (eek, sorry, man).

As I left the room, I started laughing because I felt like I’d just walked into a fanfic. Overall, it was an amazing experience to meet them both and I still get giddy thinking about it. I’m so, so blessed to have Ela as a friend. Without her, neither of these autos would have been possible for me, but she insisted I not only use her Jared auto, but also her Jensen one, as this was probably the only con I’ll ever get to go to.

anonymous asked:

could you compile a guide to the smiths, please?

The Band

Johnny Marr

  • John Martin Maher, aka the Angel of Radness
  • guitarist
  • legally changed his birth name to Johnny Marr so it would be a pun on the French phrase j’en ai marre (i’m fed up)
  • the most precious, the most pure, the most rad of all the cinnamon rolls that ever have been or ever will be, the most unproblematic of all faves
  • im not even kidding he has never done anything terrible in his life you will find no reciepts, everyone loves him, no one has ever said a bad word about him 
  • the greatest guitarist of his generation, quite literally changed the face of british pop and rock, entirely possible that without him there would be no such thing as indie or alternative music today
  • married to the wondrous Angie (they left school together when they were 15 and have been together ever since). they have two grown up kids and a dog called Riff
  • hes super healthy he doesnt do drugs or smoke or drink AND he’s a vegan and runs like five miles a day
  • he’s fifty one and wears eyeliner and silver nail varnish what does one even say to that
  • the B) emoji is based on johnny marr
  • has an honourary doctorate from salford university so technically he’s Dr. Marr
  • you would think that he is too indie pop 4 u but he has a secret life as a FUNK MASTER, his first band was named FREAK PARTY and he’s bffs with The Nile Rogers and named his son after him (exhibit a: johnny gets down and funky with chic)
  • oh ye i made eye contact with him at a gig and he winked at me
  • sorry this is long and personal but i love my Guitar Dad


  • Stephen Patrick Morrissey, known commonly as just Morrissey, but also as Moz, Mozzer, Misery Mozzery, and Steve
  • a twat
  • the word ‘problematic’ was invented specifically for morrissey
  • im just gonna get the bad stuff out the way to start with: has said a bunch of awful racist/misogynistic things, yes he gets taken out of context, no they cannot be justified or excused, he shouldnt say them and it pains my heart to think of it bc everything else he says is so good and wonderful how are they the same man
  • moving on
  • likes: manchester, tea, cats, oscar wilde, sixties girl groups, james dean, bikes, flowers, the new york dolls, animals, johnny marr, being alone
  • dislikes: manchester, margaret thatcher, robert smith, the monarchy, the meat industry, people who eat meat, people in general, being alive
  • has very few friendships or relationships and just sort of lives alone with his cats
  • a fan once wrote to him and told him she felt self concious wearing her hearing aid to a gig and after that he used to wear hearing aids onstage :)
  • other things he liked to do onstage: swing around large bunches of flowers and stuff them in his arse pocket, lie on the floor, hug fans (it became a problem), write things on his chest and rip off his shirt to reveal the message, yodel
  • “I have always personally been starved of romance. However, in 1982 someone stepped on my foot in Woolworths. That’s about the closest I’ve got.”
  • he used to say he was asexual in the eighties and then said he wasnt and was only celibate and most recently said he was “humansexual” (”attracted to human beings - but not many”) but im woefully uninformed on this topic someone else can help you perhaps before i put my foot in it and say the wrong thing
  • always really really sweet to his fans he used to always respond to fanmail in the eighties and its just? really sweet? i mean he also hates all humanity so its a weird dichotomy but
  • when he published his biography in 2013 is was entitled “Autobiography” and published on release by penguin classics
  • honestly its a real/love hate thing? either you despise every hair in his quiff or you would die for him theres no inbetween

Andy Rourke

  • Andrew Rourke
  • bassist
  • oh andy
  • sweet sweet precious andy
  • childhood friend of johnny marr, left school with johnny and angie, was in Freak Party with johnny
  • honestly just! the most beautiful
  • oh yeah he had a daughter at nineteen so all those photos of andy in the smiths are photos of an Actual Father, a bona fide Hot Dad
  • what else is there to say i love andy

Mike Joyce

  • drummer
  • aka “””Milk Juice””” (thats a tumblr fandom thing tho dont take that into the real world)
  • oh wait someone already did
  • there’s a bit of bitterness here bc he sued moz and marr in 1996 for a 25% share of the smiths royalties (expect lots of 25% jokes)
  • please dont hate him tho hes a good man and an excellent drummer
  • morrissey wishes him “the very worst for the rest of his life”
  • he used to be in a punk band its very  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Craig Gannon

  • the hidden fifth smith not so many people know about him
  • in 1986 andy was fired from the smiths (for his drug use i think), legend says that he woke up one morning to find a postcard from morrissey on the windscreen of his car which said “You have left The Smiths” (morrissey denies this but andy doesnt and honestly i believe andy over moz) (also im very sketchy on the details so dont eat me)
  • he was gone for two weeks and in the meantime craig gannon took over on bass, but when andy came back he stayed on as rythym guitarist and played on a few tracks and toured with them
  • a good and beautiful guy honestly (tho i think he also sued for royalties so :/)
  • here he is (to the left of morrissey)

sorry abt the pic they just look really good here and i want to cry

  • the smiths formed in manchester in 1982 when johnny marr knocked on morrisseys front door and pressed his face to the glass. please read this article abt the whole thing i cry
  • morrissey descibes their meeting. im fine :) (thats me screamin with my mouth closed)
  • what can i say? johnny and moz were phenomenal together they wrote so many good songs (they wrote ‘half a person’ in four and a half minutes! FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES!)
  • He was different with me than he was with everybody else. I couldn’t have given my music to anybody - anybody else, and he appreciated it more, because he just fell in love with it, and that went on all the way through the band. In many ways he was my biggest fan really.” - Johnny Marr
  • but they were only together for five years :( johnny and morrissey fell out and everything got really stressful and. yeah ill just give some quotes bc im sad
  • “One night we had a conversation and he said “ I think it’s about time and I’ve had enough” and I was saying “Yes I understand” but I really didn’t mean it I really didn’t think he’d completely pull the plug.” - Morrissey
  • “Morrissey asked me to do a farewell gig at one point, but I said no. It just seemed like a bad idea… We actually got together a few times [afterwards]. We went for a walk in the country, we went out to dinner one night, and later we just went for a long drive. It was really good to see each other away from any scenes. Like everyone, in private we’re quite different characters. I know the real Morrissey and he knows the real me.” - Johnny Marr
  • “I think Johnny understood Morrissey more than anyone else in the world… It was almost illogical, the gulf that was coming between Johnny and Morrissey, and you couldn’t put it down to any one thing. Again, it was almost like Morrissey living out his doomed fantasies. I think at some point one of them thought, “I can’t do this. You’re saying you want to be on in this stuff but when I move towards you, you move away. Or vice versa. There’s no rhythm between us.” Whereas before, they were finishing each other’s sentences.” - Grant Showbiz (sound engineer)
  • and then johnny wrote moz this letter which he kept and kept and printed in his autobio in 2013 more than 25 years later :) :)) :))))))

The Albums

The Smiths

  • their first album and one dear to my heart
  • recieves a lot of criticism from fans and the band bc of the mess surrounding production and the poor sound quality but! who cares its beautiful
  • caused quite a stir when it came out bc it was so subversive and unapologetically Not About Hetero Romance so the press were scratching their heads a lot
  • the first single had this cover and andy talks about the mortification he felt trying to show his dad his bands first single can u imagine
  • tbh the subject matter is very weird and ambiguous and a bit morbid (theres a song about the moors murders for example) but its also very sweet and funny. typical smiths tbh
  • the cover is a still from an Andy Warhol film called ‘Flesh’ but morrissey wrote the album notes as CULLED FROM ANDY WARHOLS FLESH which sounds a lot more ominous

Hatful of Hollow

  • a compilation album
  • unhappy with the quality of The Smiths the band decided to put out a compilation early on
  • essential listening tbh - u will learn soon enough that all smiths compilations are necessary
  • oh yeah some smiths records had a secret etched message from morrissey. on this album: THE IMPOTENCE OF ERNEST/IAN (ian was johnnys brother)

Meat Is Murder

  • the album that inspired a generation of vegetarians
  • ITS SO GOOD i cant ever stop listening to it tbh
  • so so many classic tracks
  • a bit more stridently political (vegetarianism, jabs at the monarchy and english school system, railing against the injustices of corporal punishment)

The Queen Is Dead

  • considered by many to be their finest album (not by the band tho they think strangeways is the best)
  • every single track on here is so sublimley good how do you even articulate your feelings towards i know its over or frankly mr shankly or some girls are bigger than others WHAT DO I SAY

The World Won’t Listen

  • personally this is my favourite smiths compilation altho its often overlooked bc most of the tracks appear elsewhere
  • HOWEVER it contains stretch out and wait and money changes everything so its like. objectively the best (fight me irl)

Louder Than Bombs

  • the better known american compilation album
  • REALLY REALLY ESSENTIAL SONGS its so good i love it

Strangeways, Here We Come

  • the last studio album :(
  • technically and musically their best its really ~experimental~ and different (for them)
  • Morrissey -  “We say [that it’s our best album] quite often. At the same time. In our sleep. But in different beds.”
  • features moz on piano in death of a disco dancer
  • title refers to strangeways prison in manchester
  • im gona weep if ur gonna go this is the way to do it
  • secret etching: GUY FAWKES WAS A GENIUS


  • the posthumous live album
  • released as a contractual obligation so mozzer had to pick all the tracks by himself after they’d broken up :(
  • he wanted to call it The Smiths In Heat but the label wouldn’t let him
  • contains the instrumental track The Draize Train and a really neat Marie’s The Name (Of His Latest Flame)/Rusholme Ruffians mashup
  • feat. craig gannon on guitar
  • anyway its really good
  • secret etching: PEEPHOLISM

Other Projects

Morrissey’s Solo Career

  • moz went solo after the smiths broke up and hes been massivley successful
  • the sideburns got more intense and he gradually got grumpier and grumpier
  • idk this is just my opinion but i feel that solo moz is a very different creature to smiths moz? sort of. less tender and gentle? there’s a line from i know its over that says “its so easy to laugh/its so easy to hate/it takes strength to be gentle and kind” and i feel maybe solo moz stopped caring about that so much. not that he was incapable of it -theres a lot of heartbreakingly good stuff he wrote as a solo artist- but i feel he tends more towards sarcasm and polemic than the dry humor he had in the smiths
  • THAT BEING SAID i love solo moz’s stuff there’s some glorious stuff in here so to all the angry asks im gonna recieve i say its just my opinion please dont eat me alive
  • hes released 10 studio albums as a solo artist; Viva Hate, Kill Uncle, Your Arsenal, Vauxhall And I, Southpaw Grammar, Maladjusted, You Are The Quarry, Ringleader Of The Tormentors, Years Of Refusal, and World Peace Is None Of Your Business
  • hours of entertainment can be gleaned from merely perusing the titles of solo morrissey tracks, do yourself a favour and have a look


  • after he left the smiths johnny formed an ALTERNATIVE DANCE SUPERGROUP with New Order frontman Bernard Sumner and occasionally with Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys
  • its pretty much the greatest thing that ever happened to me its the perfect intesection of every one of my interests
  • three albums; Electronic, Raise The Pressure, Twisted Tenderness
  • they never officially dissolved things but they havent really been active since 1999 so

Johnny’s Other Projects

johnny is a massively prolific musician and has collaborated with almost everyone on the planet, including but not limited to:

  • paul mc cartney
  • the pretenders
  • the the
  • bryan ferry
  • billy bragg
  • kirsty mccoll
  • talking heads
  • beck
  • oasis
  • then he had a sort of band called Johnny Marr + The Healers and they had one album (Boomslang)
  • and then he was the guitarist for Modest Mouse for three years
  • and then he was The Cribs guitarist
  • helped hans zimmer with the soundtrack for inception and amazing spider-man 2, is working on something else with him atm i think
  • then in 2013 he went solo! he sang on his own album! everyone died bc who knew that Guitar Dad had such a beautiful voice!
  • his two solo albums are The Messenger and Playland
  • and then he played on Noel Gallagher’s Ballad Of The Mighty I and we all died a bit more

More Fun Smiths Facts

Baby. Sweetie. Honey.

Fic request: Can you write a fanfic where Lydia spends the night at Stiles’ place (as friends (maybe studying), then she doesn’t have time to get home and change so she has to wear siles’s shirt… All of their friends think something happend that night so Allison talks to Stiles abaut Lydias fellings for him -that Lydia loves him and that she-Alison is happy for them (except she doesnt know that nothing happend). Then he talks to Lydia abaut what Allison told him and they confess their love for eachother.

Author’s note: It turned out maybe just a little longer, but I really enjoyed writing it, especially with all that’s going on, I miss some Stydia fluff.

“Okay, again.”

“No..!” Stiles whined and rolled on his bed, burying his face in the pile of pillows, which now smelled like flowers and perfume. Agh. He couldn’t get enough of Lydia’s scent. It was distracting and addicting, and hauntingly beautiful to him.

Kind of like Lydia.

“C’mon!” She laughed and walked to his bed. She closed her Biology book and playfully hit his upper leg.

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Wake Up Call

You were fast asleep when a knock on the door woke you up. You looks at your clock. The red lights read 3:27am. Who was at your house at 3 in the morning. You looked up at the ceiling for a minute. Deciding on your next move. You hadn’t heard the stranger knock again so you figured they smartened up and left. You started to doze back to sleep when your phone started blaring. You recognized the ringtone which was the only reason you picked up.

“Justin? Do you know what time it is.” You barley spit out. You wonder if you’re even saying anything, you’re so tired you could have thought you said something but didn’t. But Justin’s response helps you realize you did.
“Hey Sleeping Beauty, you’re up! So you can come and answer the door.” You start to get out of your bed. You slip into your slippers and start walking towards to door. “That’s you?! What the hell are you doing here?” As you finish speaking you unlock the door. Justin stands in the doorway looking as beautiful as ever. My sight is a little blurry considering the time but still somehow, with the only light being the light on my porch but he still seems to take my breath away.

“C'mon babe. Get dressed. Or don’t. You look pretty cute with your pjs on.” He says with a smirk.

You rook your eyes. “I’m not getting dressed until you tell me where we’re going.”

Justin walks past you into your house and up towards your room. “Fine with me but you’re going to want a sweater. And i forgot a blanket so we need one of those.” You start to chase after him as you feel yourself waking up. “Justin. JUSTIN!” You finally catch up to him but he’s already in your room searching your closet for a blanket. “Grab a sweater and let’s go. We’re going to be late.” You look at him for a while. You’ve never seen him this excited about something. You take a deep breath and decide to just go with it. After all you were intrigued to know what you could be late for at 3 in the morning.

You and Justin had been driving for a while and truly the ride alone was worth waking up so early. You two had been driving for a while blasting music and singing along. These were the moments you loved with him. The moments you craved. Finally Justin pulled over. You two were at the top of some hill. You followed Justin out of the car and along a path. He grabbed a backpack and your blanket and lead the way. “What are we doing Jay? Where are we? Helloooo!” “Just trust me babe.” Finally you two got to a big opening. You were on a beach. He set up the blanket and sat on it and started opening up his bag.

You’d never been to the beach this late. Or this early. You could see some peoples stuff a little ways down the beach. Some surfers seeming to get read to go out in the water. As you stood there in awe, watching the few stars that shone through the sky in the city sky start to fade away. You never realized how beautiful, how peaceful the beach could be. Especially so close to LA. You sigh, almost completely lost in the beauty of the night slowly fading away into the day. “It’s better from here.” You hear Justin call out to you. You completely forgot you had even cone with Justin. You walk over to him and sit down. Curling up in your sweater and his embrace.

“This is beautiful Jay. But what are we doing here?” You ask. Your eyes not moving for a second from the sight if the sun creeping into the sky. “I used to come here all the time to make music. It was the only place I ever felt normal. The only place I ever felt like I wasn’t Justin Bieber, but just Jay.” You looked up at him now. Realizing how important this moment was to him. “I never really thought there would be another place in the world I could feel normal. Until I met you.” He looked down at you and smiled. As he leaned down to kiss your head he whispered to you “You’re missing the sunrise babe.” He said. You grabbed the orange juice he had brought in his bag and took a sip. As you glanced over you saw the sun had already taken over enough of the sky to shine across the ocean. The surfers already riding the waves. This moment was perfect.

As you two walked back to the car you struggled to keep up with him. You couldn’t walk as fast as him while you kept turning back to look at the scenery behind you. You pulled out you phone to take some pictures. “Justin!” You called out to him. Just as he turned around you took a picture of him. “What’s that all about?” “I just want to remember this.” He smiled and stretched out his arm. You ran up to him and he rested his arm on your shoulders. You looked down at your phone to see the time. 8am. “So, breakfast?” You ask him. He nods and opens the door to the car for you. “I’m craving some bacon.” He says.

This was inspired by this Jack Johnson pic. Forreal head over heels for Jack & Justin it’s insane. Look at this pic man. Holy 💖😍

The Neighbor Next Door 5/15

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, BONUS: XMAS Extra #1, XMAS Extra #2

Summary: (USUK) Arthur, an Omega has recently made the move to the US for a promising new job. He finds more than he bargained for when his loud Alpha neighbor won’t stop having sex at all hours of the night. Being sexually frustrated he declares war, but does Arthur want to be the victor when giving in feels so right?

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse

A/N: I’ve always had a thing for laundry rooms and romance I blame Friends. ANYWAY I have decided to post the next chapter on Monday since it’s a short one and you guys are great, so I’ll be posting two chapters next week! :’D

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meeting mx at the airport ♡

In honor of it being exactly a week since I met Monsta X at the airport, I decided to write a little fan account of how it went down. I was going to make a video about it, but long story short, Vivian and I think that there’s a possibility MX or their management watched our KCON vlog titled “WONHO WAVED AT US… TWICE!” because there’s like 170 views from South Korea, and 150 of those views are from Korean males, if it is MX and their mgmt, I don’t want them get in trouble (since the manager didnt stop me from being mx’s 8th member) So here’s a text post!

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Everything was going amazing with Marcel, it has been 3 months ever since that day were I gave him his first blow job, now he was veryyy needy, not that I complained because he would always return the favor. But yes we were out of control, it didn’t matter where we were, he couldn’t keep his hands off. He has fingered me in Math class, our dinner dates, in the school gyms bleachers, and I would suck him off in the library, the school restroom, the car. Whenever he would want me.

“heyy babe, ready for tomorrow?”

“o-of course i-I am babe, ready to see you in that beautiful dress,”

Tomorrow was our prom and I couldn’t be any more excited. He hasn’t seen my dress, only knows the color, which is a gold color. And we are both soo in love with Gatsby so I got a vintage dress, and I wanted to surprise him.

We still both don’t lose our virginities but I knew something was coming up, I could just feel it in the air, and cause of course he couldn’t keep his hands of me.

“Ohhh fuckkk Marcel, don’t stop.” I moaned in pleasure as I felt him insert one of him long fingers. I fisted the covers of my bed.

He leaned down to press his lips to my clit slowly sticking out his tongue to licking it. I watched as he began to suck and lick my clit lightly teasing between my folds. He slowly stuck another finger into me, thrusting at a slow pace. “Marcel.” I groaned, wanting him to move faster. “What is it baby?” The deep rasp in his voice made me wetter as I felt his hot breath hovering my sex. “Please don’t tease.” I couldn’t help but moan loudly as he smiled against me sucking on my clit. The vibrations felt amazing. I couldn’t contain my moans. The feeling of him licking, sucking and kissing my clit made me feel like if he was making love to me with his fingers brought me to the point of orgasm. “Cum baby, cum for me.” he whispered.
The euphoria of pleasure I was feeling was beyond describable. It felt so amazing. My eyes were rolled to the back of my head and I was seeing stars. Panting heavily as I tried to comprehend what just happened.

Your legs shook and your chest was heaving up and down fat as you tried to calm down from your high, as you opened your eyes you see your bed wet and see Marcel smirking at you.

“M-Marcel that was amazing.” I was cut off by Marcel putting a finger to my lips.

“fuck, that was hot y/n, couldn’t handle the pleasure babe?”

“This is the first time I squirt babe” I smile at him and bring him down to kiss him. As I was going to flip him over to suck his dick, he stopped me.

“Not today babe, I already umm c-came.” I look down to his brown pants and see a wet spot stained in his pants.

“Awww babe. Are u sure?”

“y-yes baby don’t worry, I’m leaving now, can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” he smiles down at me and gives me a kiss and is out the door.

*Next day*

As my mom zipped up my dress, she couldn’t help but smile at me and the tears in my eyes were  about to come out.

“No honey not today, be happy, and don’t worry you look so adorable, you’re growing up so fast.” She said to me. There was a knock in the door and I knew it was my Marcel.

Once my mom opened the door I stared at him with wide eyes, taking in all of him. He’s tuxedo looked so good on him, and what shocked me the most was that he had contact lenses, and his hair was the same, slicked back, but his eyes were so bright and beautiful.

“Awww babe you look so handsome,”

“you look so gorgeous baby, I love the d-dress, Gatsby theme?”

“Yes ! im glad you noticed”

“Do I-I look alright babe?”

“of course Marcel, you just took me by surprised not seeing you with those big glasses I’m used to seeing you with.”

I knew he was a bit nervous of him showing his new self, but I grabbed his face, and pecked him in his lips to relax him.

“it okay babe, im here, not going nowhere.” He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it, we saw something flash and my mom started going crazy with the pictures.

“yall are soo adorable, awww. I just can’t contain my excitement.” After 50 pics and poses I thought it was enough and out the door we were to get the night started.


When we arrived at prom in our vintage white car, everyone was all with wide eyes, and didn’t recognized marcel, until I got out the car.

There was whispers and once they saw me and knew that was Marcel next to me everyone was shocked, I bet those bimbos wished Marcel was with them, but to bad that’s what they get for being judgmental bitches and he was taken by me.

“y/n ready to dance?” he asked me once I heard the similar tune playing through the speakers. He was smirking at me, I grabbed his hand and he led me to the dance floor.

“of course baby,”

We started swaying side to side, and fitting the beat and he put his forehead to mine.

“I’ve seen the world, Done it all, Had my cake now.” He sang quietly to me. I smiled at him and did the same thing.

“Diamonds, brilliant, And Bel Air now, Hot summer nights, mid July, When you and I were forever wild,
The crazy days, city lights, The way you’d play with me like a child.”

“Yes, this is definitely our song,” he said, I giggled at him, and wrapped my arms around his neck and danced to the song Young And Beautiful by Lana del Rey.

After being there for a couple of hours and danced a bit more, we sat in a table around there.

“So I kind of have a surprise for you babe.”

“You do?”

“y-yes we just have to drive up there,”

“Okay, then lets go baby.”

We got into our vintage car and the driver drove us to this beach house.

“I rent it this for both of us, for the weekend.”

I stared in shock the amazing house.

“Oh my gosh! Its so gorgeous,”

He got the keys out and opened the door, we went up to the room, and I was surprised by seeing white pedals all over the floor and candles lit up around the room.

“this is beautiful Marc, im so surprised.”

“ you like it b-baby?”

“Mhmm I do a lot.” I walked to him and kissed him gently and we both walked to the king sized bed.

He laid on top of me, pinning me down onto the bed as he kissed me hard. My fingers ran through his hair as he began to move his lips down to my jawline, leaving a trail of kisses. He began biting my neck softly, I let my eyes shut, and it felt so good. Marcel’s breathing was heavy and rough, like mine. My heart was racing furiosly.

 Marcel stopped for a moment, his chest pumping as he regained some breath. He looked deep into your eyes.

 “Do y-you want to do this y/n?” He asked between breaths.

I felt anxious, scared even. You nodded with a little hesitation and Marcel obviously picked up on it straight away.

“Baby, w-we don’t have to if you’re not r-ready” He breathed and stuttered, stroking my cheek with his thumb softly. “I do want to though” I whispered caressing his cheek. Marcel smiled, kissing my lips once more and nuzzling into my neck. He threw off his shirt, leaving me staring at his beautiful torso.

 I lingered my hands all over him, feeling his arms and his abs. Marcel pulled back, He moved his fingers over the zipper of my dress unzipping me slowly, still looking into my eyes. He then began undoing his own pants, pulling them off so he laid over me in his Calvin Klein boxers. My nerves began to fire up again but I had to calm down I knew I wanted this.

Marcel leaned over to my face, “Are you sure?” He asked gently.

“Marcel, I love you, I want nothing more but to be happy with you.” I smiled as I caressed his face a little. Marcel kissed my hand lightly, bending his head back down to my stomach and planting kisses all over. It sent tingles through my body as he did this, it gave me good pleasure. He leant his arm over to the bedside table and opened it and took out a condom, he was really prepared, and he tore open the packet and began to apply it onto himself, his face in deep concentration.

 He lined himself up and felt him thrust into me slowly, trying to ease you a little, Damn this is nothing like his fingers. I gripped my eyes shut, lightly moaning at the pain. “Shh i-it’s okay baby” Marcel comforted me by kissing my lips, he thursted again, this time it didn’t feel as painful but it still made me groan. “If you want me to stop, just tell me” He murmured lightly.

 I shook my head and He began to go faster, and it got passionate. He grasped my hair with his hands, pushing down kisses harder onto my lips, our tongues playing with each other and his hips bucking up in me making me feel pleasure all over me.

“Oh f-fuck Marcel y-yesss give it to me, just like that” I Said shakily and my moans started growing louder and louder. I cummed around him clenching my walls around his thick cock I breathed hard, gasping for air but Marcel was too intense to give me any time to breathe properly.

 “ohh i-I’m getting there baby” he said and a couple of hard thrusts later had his orgasm, and he began slowing down, finally pulling out of me and leaving more gentle kisses on my lips.  We were both panting and we both laid on the bed and cuddled against each other.

“Never thought you were my special one y/n, but I’m glad my dream came true and that you are here with me baby.”

“Wouldn’t have had it any other way Marcel, I’m so in love with you.” I said and pecked his lips, and we stayed like that until sleep got to us.

The end.


Hope you  enjoyed the story!





if this is a bit off im sorry we dont have homecoming in the uk but ill try


*He was standing outside of your door waiting for you to answer although he was a bit nervous, this was the first time he had taken you to a dance. As he was in the middle of fixing his suit you opened the door leaving him a little taken a back at first at how beautiful you looked. Your parents were standing behind him, and your mum commented on handsome he looked whilst your dad told him to keep you safe*

K: “You look beautiful tonight Y/N, well you always do but uh you get what I mean right”

Of course we do Kai ya cutie

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*You were going along with two of your close friends who were also a couple. The two of them and Sehun were on the way to your house to pick you up, he didn’t know why he was nervous but he had to keep fanning his shirt to cool himself down*

FRIEND: Hey why are you so nervous its Y/N”

S: “I’m not even nervous..thats a lie look idk I just am okay, deal with it. Do I look okay?”

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*The theme for this homecoming was carnival and circus, the gymnasium looked beautiful with all the decorations but instead of looking at them Suho spent most of the time looking at you. He pulled you along to the green screen to take a picture but ran in front of you and jokingly told you stay where you were so he could have a pic by himself until he pulled you in wrapping his arms around your waist for the picture*

S: “This theme is perfect, just like you”

Ima cringe piece of cringe

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*As an avid picture taker he was obsessed with the green screen and pulled you over to it many times throughout the night to take loads of pictures as well as some other friends, he loved all of the props he was able to use finding a pair of glasses t be his favourite*

CY: “We are gonna have so many memories from tonight Y/N”

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*What was an already amazing night turned into an even better one when it turned out you and Baekhyun were voted the homecoming king and queen. Once the crowns were put on your heads he made sure to go out of his way to make the audience laugh with his speech*

BH: “Most importantly though can i get another round of applause for my queen? Thank you very much”

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*People may not have thought he was the type to get up and dance but they were wrong, he was pulling you up onto the dance floor when all the bops came on, as well as some of the slow ones. He is a bit of a dad dancer but he was having fun and so were you*

Ngl i love a dad dancer lmao esp a hot dad dancer

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*Jongdae the type to be sneaking in that alcohol so thats exactly what he did. He ofc knew the party would be lacking some alcohol and so you guys went outside (avoiding teachers at all costs) and drank it cuddling and focusing on the night sky (until you guys started making out violently and your friends were like ew guys get a room before swigging some of that wine)

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*The school decided on a 70s theme which you loved and so did he. (He came looking like a really hot pimp but nvm). He is another one who sneaks in alcohol but is really cheeky/romantic so making out outside is a thing, but bringing you a rose to your front door to pick you up is also a thing. Lets just say it was a reallyyy good night*

Omg my man is so hot jfc help me im sweating through my eyes

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*Yixing came in a casual suit (but looked hot af as usual bc hot af suits are the best suits) and spent half the night popping and locking it on the dance floor, and making sure you got up and danced with him as well. He also danced the slow dances with you showing his romantic side and whispering things into your ear*

L: “You look so good in that dress but I would also really like to take it off”


also i didnt recover from my first man and here comes the second one swooping in im offended

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*He was all shy when he came to pick you up, and that was made worse by your dad grilling him to take good care of you but reassured him he really would (even tho im sure u can urself bc if ur reading this i bet ur a badass). He freshly dyed his hair for the occasion and took ages picking out what to wear bc of the fashionista he is. However you were dressed simply but lovely and he looked at you like how do you do that???

K: “beautiful as always y/n, seriously its like curse but a great one”

Y/N: I could say the same for you”

Blonde kris is my life well any kris is my life

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*Luhans the cool one, i mean he is also really silly but he has the dress and the attitude and its like whoa ur cool dude. He definitely got voted homecoming king without a doubt, he definitely puled some top class moves on the dance floor and he most definitely made out with you at the end of the night. You were the one to drag him to the picture booths though but as the pics were with you he didn't mind having so many taken. Also he made sure some of those pics were cute and cheeky so you guys would have them forever*

Cheeky and cute pics with luhan?? im down

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*You didn't expect him to come in red but he sure did (but Xiu stands out from the crowd anyways so its okay) you also didn't expect him to pick you up in a Mercedes and to have champagne in the car (dont tell your parents that your bf is clearly a badass lul). Nonetheless it all happened, and when you both got crowned homecoming king and queen later in the evening it added to an amazing night for the both of you*

Jemima collect ur man bc im gonna take him in a min i cant handle this gif

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Is Markiplier a bad guy?

WARNING: This post is strictly one persons view point of a situation that has nothing to do with me, but I hate seeing good people get crucified over a mistake they made in the past. God knows I’ve made my fair share and so have all of you, We are human. It’s natural. I’m not here to defend either side but to show an outsiders perspective.

So by now those of you that are Markiplier fans and follow him on social outlets like this may have caught wind of a post he made earlier about claims that he had “taken advantage of a fan”

I orginally planned on posting links to her claims and his side but I’ve chosen not to for a very good reason. If you want to read them, trust me they are not hard to find.

After reading his post first I went and searched for the claims made against him. I read her side, I tried to understand but all I seen were red flags. I read her claims a few times and thought “something is off.” so I decided to educate myself and look at few other of her posts and I found one that was unsettling and showed me where the real intent of her sharing this story came from. That will come later. 

Whenever I hear of a victim making claims against the acuser I find it hard not to side with the victim, but in this case after spending a couple hours re-reading and giving it thought it’s hard to find a reason I should be on her side. If you read her post you can see that she is a indeed a “Fan Girl”(her words) but in this case it seems she took it to an extreme. Is being a Fan Girl/Guy bad? Not at all, But when you cross a line or 2, thats where being a fan stops and being obsessive starts.

Lets look at the red flags mentioned. 

She talks about how when he first got Snapchat he tweeted about seeing more guys junk than seeing boobs. Anyone that has watched more than a handful of his videos could probably tell it was a joke intended to get a few laughs, not an open invitation. In these tweets I never once saw one that said “hey, ladies snapchat me your boobs.”

She then asked him if he wanted to do “shirtless trades”. Again, she asked him, he didn’t ask her. She sent the pics and got a few replys, both parties confirm this. Then she admits to continuously sending him pics…

“I continued to send him photos I deemed sexy enough. I was enraptured by him and desperate to continue my hold of his attention." 

You see it yes? Desperate for his attention. In her mind she may have believed this would lead somewhere. I’m sure he was flattered at first and maybe even into it but then after seeing his notifications blow up by her he got those "bad vibes” he mentioned and decided “No, this is a bad idea.” He probably figured “If I don’t respond, she may just go away.” and in truth many of us would have probably thought the same. He then decides to delete Snapchat for awhile, smart move in my opinion.

She says “I was confused, heartbroken, but determined to gain Mark’s approval again. I waited patiently for him to snapchat again, sending my own photos every now and then, desperate but I never got a reply." Again, she is admiting to be desperate for his attention, this is not a fan anymore, this is a STALKER.

She says Markiplier owes her an apology. The only thing I can gather from all of this that he should apologize for is ever responding to her. He didn’t ask her to send pics nor did he ask her to repeatedly send pics, she did it of her own free will, no one twisted her arm to do so.

Her next claim is she was sending her current boyfriend nude photos a month ago and "accidentally” sent one to Markiplier to which she said he read and screenshoted but can’t give proof that he did. She continues on to say “I quickly sent a few snaps, asking why he had screenshot it. He replied with a disgusted face, saying ‘I didn’t, you weird person.’" Does this make any sense to anyone else? Why would he send a pic of himself "disgusted” and give the response of a 7 year old? I do not think Mr. Fischbach is that stupid. He said in his post She asked him if she should stop and he said YES. He even said she can confirm that.

Earlier I mentioned another post she made. One that shed light to me on her true intentions through all of this. She said her dream is work with other YouTubers. Do you see where this is going? Her intentions on telling this “story” wasn’t to expose someone she claims done her wrong but to expose herself and get attention so that when the day comes when she’s on YouTube she will already have a backing of people giving her simpathy subscribes. I applaude the devious effort but most people are a lot smarter than she thinks. 

My final analysis is this; I believe both sides…to a certain degree. She sent pics, he was into it, figured out quickly this was bad news bears because she is obviously an obsessive stalker and chose to step away from the situation. She came up with a way to spin the story to benefit her in the future. But, she left too many of the puzzle pieces laying out for some of us to put together what could be the true story. 

I do not feel Markiplier is a bad person. Does/did he make a mistake? Of course he’s human, no one is perfect. We are allowed to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. It’s like he said in his post, The Truth is often more mundane then the story and to be honest I find that to be a very true. 

Thank You, for sitting through this rambling of mine. If it made you think more about it, cool. If you hated it, cool. That is your right to feel either way. If you have other thoughts on this I’d love to hear them, just make it something other than “youre fucking stupid, this is dumb!” If you feel I’m wrong give an explination as to why. I gave you my opinion it’s only fair I read yours.

anonymous asked:

Hi I've started to read your stories and I have been really enjoying them. If your not to busy could you do a fanfic about the bidders (KBTBB) reacting to the MC having a secret identity (like a spy or mysterious singer,you can choose) thank you 💕😂

OMG thank you so much. now, i know this took really long and im so so so sorry for the wait. i tried my best with this and it came out to be quite long so i hope you enjoy it.

*some have gifs and pics and the end*


The digital clock read 2:32 AM. This was your chance. You slipped out of Eisuke’s grasp and slowly opened the door to the penthouse living room. You walked into the bathroom and took some of your clothes out of one of the hidden cabinets you found in the wall behind the door. The perks of being a maid. Most of the time.

Quickly checking your surroundings, you exited the penthouse. The hotel was quiet. For now. Who knows what Eisuke would do if he woke up to a missing _(y/n)_.

You hailed a taxi and gave the taxi man directions to your destination.

“Here.” You stopped him once at your destination. “How much?”

Once giving him the right amount of money, you exited the taxi and walked down the stairs. You walked into the restrooms and changed into the other set of clothes you brought. Everything was going smoothly. Or so you thought.

-backtrack to after you left the penthouse-

Eisuke woke up to an empty spot next to him. He placed his hand on your pillow. It was still warm. He briefly looked around the penthouse. You were gone. He quickly changed into different clothes and left the penthouse in search of you. You couldn’t have gone far.

He took out his phone.

“Boss? Why so late?” He heard Soryu’s voice from the phone.

“___ is gone. Give me any information you get about her whereabouts.” And with that he hung up.

By time he was outside the hotel, he saw you enter a taxi. He decided to follow you. The only question in his mind, “Where the hell were you going?”

He followed you the whole way. When he saw you enter the restrooms, he also noticed the massive amounts of people pushing through to get into the concert hall. Wait, concert hall? He joined the crowd. Once he went in, he went up to the guard who was in charge of the VIP seating. Just a name was needed.

“Eisuke, Eisuke Ichinomiya.”

“Of course sir.” The guard answered and showed him to a VIP seat.”

It was an underground singer’s concert.

‘If you wanted to come to a concert, you could have just told me.’ He thought.

The concert then began.

The lights darkened. The stage lights flickered on. In the center of the stage, you stood, singing your heart out as the song begun.

That’s right, you were an underground singer.

Eisuke could only stare. He had never seen you like this. You were a mini black dress and much more jewelry than usual. Your hair was taken out to the side and you looked like someone totally different than the maid who worked in the penthouses at Tres Spades.

Eisuke smirked.

Why hell, to him, you looked like the woman he loved in the clothes the world expected the woman he loved to wear (does that make sense??????? XD). Your eyes scanned the VIP line seating. There were many big artists here today as well. That was when your eyes meet with Eisuke’s. The only thing you could do: keep singing until it all was over. When it all was over. Eisuke walked up to you with a smirk on his face.

“So, my woman’s an underground singer.”


“Fire Dragons? And we’re the Ice Dragons. Who the hell are the Fire Dragons?” Soryu asked himself after hearing about the new mafia group in Japan, the Fire Dragons.

“They are a mafia group from the USA sir. Their second-in-command had moved to Japan, like you sir, so their headquarters are now here as well.” Ryousuke informed him.

“Sir, they used to be allies with the Ice Dragons. They still are, but we haven’t heard from the, for a long time. Your grandfather and the one who ran the Fire Dragons were good friends. Now the previous head’s grandchild is the second-in-command. Like you sir.” He explained further.

“I see.” Soryu continued thinking to himself. That is when he got a call from Eisuke.

“Soryu, come to the penthouse lounge, we must discuss about the next auctions.” Before he could reply, the phone line was cut.

“I’ll be leaving now.”

“Yes sir.”

Soryu came out of the Ice Dragons’ office and headed towards Tres Spades.

When he got there, you were already there with the others, waiting for him. He took a seat in his usual place and waited for Eisuke to start.

“So,” Eisuke began, “we are having new participants in the auction. I am planning to form an alliance with them but I don’t know yet. I have to speak to their second-in-command first. I heard she moved to Japan.”

“She, boss?” Baba asked, looking confused.

“That’s right, their second-in-command is a girl.”

“Who are they?” Mamoru asked.

“They call themselves the Fire Dragons.”

Your eyes scanned each of the bidders’ faces, none were paying attention to you.


“Soryu, do you know anything about them?” he asked Soryu.

“Just heard about them today at the headquarters.” He answered, confusion building up in his mind. The Fire Dragons were now coming here too? Well, good chance to meet this ‘she’. You smirked to yourself. You were good. For now.

“Hey ___,” Ota called to you. “Don’t worry, if they try to do anything, you got us.”

You smiled you signature innocent smile at them. Of course.

You nodded. You could be an actress.

Soryu looked at you then at Eisuke.

“When are they coming?” he asked.

“Tomorrow.” Eisuke answered.

“___, let’s go.” He said and stood up. You followed him to his penthouse apartment.

“Don’t be scared tomorrow, ok.” He told you, more like ordered you.

“Ok.” You answered.

“I have work to do, its late, go to sleep.” He told you. You heeded his orders and did as you were told.

Tomorrow would be hectic.

-5:00 AM-

You got up early and found a sleeping Soryu with a book on his chest. You left a note, saying that you left to get ready for work early because you had to meet your friend before your shift starts.

A lie.

You sneaked out and drove to the headquarters. The Fire dragon headquarters. From there, you and your assistant drove to Tres Spades. You were wearing black skinny jeans with a white top and black and grey open cardigan. You were just going to see your boyfriend and his friends.

After the auctions, it was time.

A maid guided you to the penthouse lounge, where they watched the auctions. They all had their masks on and so did you. All the men had their attention on you, all except Soryu. He was on his phone, his facial expression a little worried. He tapped a button. Something from your shoulder bag rang.

Crap, your pager. Soryu and the rest looke at you suspiciously. He tapped the button again. The pager rang again.

Eisuke got up.

“Who are you and where is ___?” he asked.

You didn’t say anything.

“Take off the mask.” Soryu ordered. Fire in his eyes. You decided it was finally time.

You took off your mask.

“Guess whoooo.” you joked.

“___?”  They all exclaimed, shock clear on their faces.


“No way.” Ota said out loud.

“This kid?” Mamoru placed a hand on his head.

“___.” Soryu said once again.

He walked up to you and held your shoulders.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was supposed to be a secret.”

He smiled.

“It’s pretty surprising. Well, now we can be together more.”


Keeping secrets from Ota is hard. Very hard.

“Koro, where are you going?” he asked, seeing you try to sneak out the penthouse.


“Oh, um a few high school friends invited me to dinner, I was going to go meet them.” You lied.

He gave you a look. He was having a hard time believing you. You never really mentioned your high school years when you were with him.

“Which… friends?”

“Oh, y’know, just some girls that I used to hang out with a lot. The regular high school “squad” you could say.” Another lie, you had a squad and all but, there was also like 2 boys in it. Yea, 4 of your female best friends and 2 of your male best friends.

“I see, just be home by 8, Koro. I know you don’t like the dark.” He teased.

You inwardly sighed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness. Hopefully he doesn’t suspect anything.

You quietly walked out of Tres Spades, trying your best to stay as unnoticeable as possible. You though you were going well, unnoticed when you exited the hotel. You thought you were completely alone. Yea, no, you weren’t alone.

-back track-

When you left the penthouse, Ota waited a few seconds before creaking the door open. You didn’t act like your “regular” quiet self when he asked you. Usually you would stutter out a response. Today, you seemed sort of confident. He liked it. It was different.

He took the second elevator after yours and followed you out of the building.

You stepped into a taxi and gave the taxi man directions on where to go.

Ota hailed a taxi cab after you and told the driver to follow you.

Instead of going to a restaurant or someone house for dinner, you gave the taxi man directions to an abandoned dance studio. It had everything. You had been coming here for days. This place held so may memories for you. In high school, you and your squad would come here to dance and eat after school.

This place used to be your grandmother’s dance school. She held classes here every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Every week for 5 days. She loved dance. And you caught that on from her. Dance was your passion. The studios was in such good shape because you and your squad would come every 3 days to dance and clean the place up.

Ota never found out.

You felt bad, yea, hiding things from your boyfriend. But, what could you do.

You were in hiding. The maid that worked at Tres Spades was just your cover title. The last time you saw your grandmother, before she moved away, she told you to hide your passion for dance and only tell the ones you love. You loved your squad. Apparently, your dance had some sort of power, that power made people drawn to you. Anyone that saw you dance would be attracted to you and your grace. You had no idea what she was talking about but you listened to her anyway. Your squad would never leave you, you knew that, so you let them watch as you practiced, they were even dancers themselves.

The reason you didn’t tell Ota is, you felt as though he might leave you because you had so many people attracted to you. Also, Ota was famous, anyone could be listening anytime, and you didn’t want to take the risk.

You were alone for today. You wanted to be. You took out some speakers from your bag and turned on your iPod. Once the speakers were connected, your body moved to the beat and you danced your heart out.

All this while, Ota watched in astonishment, moth slightly agape. You looked stunning. You were graceful and light on your feet. It was something that looked like a work of art to him.

When the song had finished you stopped. As you reached for your water bottle, you heard slow clapping.


You turned around, slightly nervous hoping it wasn’t a reporter or anything.

They started following you around sometimes because you were dating the “Angelic Artist.”

You turned around, facing the one clapping.


“Wow ___! You are really good! Why didn’t you ever tell me about this?”

“Please don’t tell anyone.” You quickly said to him.

His smile faltered.

“Please.” Was all you said.

He sighed. Then smiled.

“Alright. Hey-“ he nudged you.

“I guess we’re both artists now.”

He smiled, happy and content.


Baba, he wasn’t home. He went to go “work”.

And so

You went to work too.

Slipping into your clothes, you slipped out of the penthouse unseen. No one would see you anyway.

It was late night. It was pitch black outside right now. The perfect timing. You looked into your satchel to make sure you had everything. You did. You were prepared.

You sprinted towards your destination. No, no one saw you. You were on the rooftops.

You looked at your phone. It illuminated your face in the darkness. Your destination was in Japan. You continued running towards your goal.

It was funny how, to some people, this stuff only happened in movies. “Bad things” were done only in movies. Hell, you were living and working for criminals. You were even dating one.

You chuckled inwardly and kept running.

You stopped to look at your phone to see how much farther the mansion was.

23 blocks.

You looked down onto the streets. That’s when you saw it.

Someone else was running towards the mansion.

A thief?

It couldn’t be.

Unless it was him.

If he was trying to take the same painting as you, you would have to get there fast.

You ran as fast as your legs could take you, hoping he wouldn’t catch up. You didn’t look back. That could slow you down. You kept running until you finally reached the mansion.

You looked at your phone.

4th floor.

The many windows that led to the window of the room you had to enter from. You started climbing and looked down for a second. The thief nowhere to be seen.


You climbed until you finally reached the window. You slowly opened the window and stepped inside the room.

It was empty, and air conditioned.

There is was.

The painting you needed.

Well, not really. This was your job.

You just kept them or sold them after this.

When you were about to grab the painting, someone else’s hand was already there.

“Sorry but this is mine.” You heard the voice say.

Oh no.

It can’t be.

You looked up through your bangs.


“Oh so it’s a pretty lady. Well, I must say you are quite good at this.” He said.

He didn’t know it was you.


You kept your head down but answered back.

“Sorry, but the painting is mine pal.” You snapped at him.

“Funny, pretty lady, you sound too much like my lady.” He said smoothly. He didn’t know.

You finally looked up at him. You inwardly sighed. What was the use of hiding your identity now? He didn’t know it was you but he heard your voice. If you ever snap at him at home, he would immediately recognize you. It was a thief thing. Something that we had to be good at.

“___?” he whispered to himself once he saw you. Shock clearly written all over his face. You chuckled a bit. His face was priceless.

“Yea.” You whispered back. “Now let’s get out of here.” You grabbed his arm and the painting, that was small enough for you to hold with one hand, and jumped out the window with him.

You both ran together, out the mansion hand in hand.

When you were about 18 blacks away from it he stopped and stopped you too.

He held your face in his hands and pecked your lips.

“So my pretty lady’s a thief. Now we can stay close, and work together. I must say, youre quite good.” He complimented. He smiled and pecked your lips again.

You both ran back to Tres Spades hand in hand.


While Mamoru was at work you sat in the penthouse apartment living room reading a book. You took a day off.

Your phone suddenly went off and you rushed to pick it up. You looked at the caller ID.


“Hello?” you answered.

“___, I’m putting you on the job. A man murdered his wife and his ex-girlfriend and his location was traced near Tres Spades hotel. I texted you his photo and details. Try to find him. ASAP.” You heard your boss.

“On it.” You answered.

You looked through his details and went outside. You called the cell phone company his cell phone plan was from and told them to not let the cell phone servers turn off.

You looked at your tablet that traced his whereabouts. He was near. You kept walking, soon enough leading to an empty hallway in Tres Spades. This was like the perfect place for a criminal to be hiding.it was dark and in the abandoned area of the huge hotel.

Eisuke was planning to build some more rooms there but hadn’t gotten to it yet.

You walked slowly through the hallway making sure no sounds came from the contact of your boots and the floor.

You kept walking until-

There he was.

The murderer, crouched up in the corner, counting money and taking loads of jewelry out of his pockets. It was 1st degree murder. Definitely.

You pulled out and reloaded your gun.

You hadn’t touched it in a while. When you took it out it was a bit dusty. You came out and aimed it at his head.

“Hands up.” You ordered.

He did as told.

“You are under arrest for 1st degr-“ you were cutoff

“1st degree murder of your wife and ex-girlfriend.”

That voice.


“Kid?” he sounded confused. Of course.

You grabbed the criminal by the collar.

“I got him.” you told Mamo.

After you called the police to get him, you turned to Mamoru, who still looked confused. He looked as if he was trying to sort everything out in his head.

“A spy?” he asked.

“Detective.” You corrected.

“I guess I have to stop calling you kid now.” He smirked


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Wren Is A (in-depth theory)

Let’s just jump right in, shall we? I know Wren doesn’t seem like an obvious choice to be A (which actually plays into it… Marlene said before the start of this season that she hasn’t seen the correct theory anywhere, which would imply that the true A isn’t a popular theory) but why would the writers make it obvious? (EDIT 7/24: When I first posted this, Wren was a very rarely mentioned theory and an unpopular one, obviously now that’s untrue) There have been so many hints about Wren from the very beginning, and most of them have gone unnoticed. So here’s an episode-by-episode breakdown of clues I’ve noticed. (**excuse the lack of pictures, I’m on mobile and they aren’t cooperating)

In the pilot episode, Wren comes in to Spencer’s house wearing board shorts. It’s not until a few seasons later that Tippy the Bird gives us “Board Shorts” as a clue, so it’s easy to forget by then, and easy to assume it’s in reference to Ezra. But how many of the boys of Rosewood have we actually seen in board shorts? Caleb? Not that I can recall. Toby? He’s been shirtless often, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen him in a pool. Ezra? Nope. Wren is the only one I can think of who we have seen actually wearing them.

In 1x02 (“The Jenna Thing”) Wren orders a vodka soda while he’s at dinner with Melissa, Spencer and their father. Then, in episodes 3x03 and 3x04, we see A drinking the same thing.

In 1x04 (“Can You Hear Me Now?”) the girls block all unknown numbers and E-Mail addresses. Later in the episode, Wren shows up to Spencer’s house drunk and tells her that he’s been trying to call her, but she had his number blocked. This raises a few questions:
-Typically if someone has your number blocked, your calls will just go straight to voicemail, texts seem as if they go through but the other person never gets them. So how does Wren know he’s been blocked? He doesn’t accuse Spencer of ignoring him, he specifically uses the words “you’re blocking my number.” How does he know?
-Does Spencer truly not have Wren’s number? Maybe she didn’t get it, or maybe she deleted it… but it seems to me they communicated via text or phone calls at least once. Could it be possible that Wren messed up and used a number meant for A messages?
-Why would the writers have Wren bring it up if it weren’t a clue? There are no coincidences in Rosewood, so it seems like it would be meaningful that ONE character brings up being blocked.

Moving on to season 2, in the first episode (“It’s Alive”) Emily has to deal with the idea of moving to Texas, and their house is on the market. A realtor brings in a prospective buyer to see the house (we never hear whether or not the person is pre-approved, which would be a bigger clue) and they wipe NAT videos off of Emily’s hard drive. Chances are good that a realtor wouldn’t waste their time showing a high school student a house. It could have been Ezra, and Mona could have been using a false ID, but there’s a good chance they WERE only showing pre-approved buyers- which knocks Mona out. Most likely, it was an adult with a good salary who could afford the home and would realistically be looking at real estate.

We learn fairly soon after Ian’s body disappears that Wren is giving Melissa pain pills to bring to him, but it’s not until 2x04 (“Blind Dates”) that Wren insists on going with Melissa- saying he’s worried Ian may have an infection. This is when Melissa finds his body. She’s been visiting him for weeks (it’s implied that visits are daily) so it seems extremely convenient that Wren insists on seeing him- and has the girls come along as a way to “help them-“ when he’s dead. Coincidence? Maybe… but again, is anything a coincidence in Rosewood? (Let’s also note here that A was able to kill Ian but make it look like a suicide, which would take someone who knows what a self-inflicted wound would look like. Forensics experts and doctors would have that knowledge…)

In 2x08 (“Save The Date”) Emily is in the hospital with an ulcer. Wren tells her that she has traces of HGH in her system, and we find out that A has been putting it in her pain cream. How was A getting it into a tube of pain cream unnoticed? Most likely a syringe. And who would have access to steroids so readily, without raising any suspicion? So A has syringes, and access to drugs…. sounds like a doctor to me.

External image
A also sends Emily a picture of the lab results and threatens to release them. Sure, A could have gotten his/her hands on the results unnoticed, but isn’t it a lot more likely that a hospital staff member snapped the pic? It would have been a lot less suspicious.

In 2x11 (“I Must Confess”) Dr. Sullivan’s office is trashed. “Nosey bitches die”’is written on the wall, which seems like a typical A message… except one thing is worth nothing. ‘Nosy’ is the American spelling, ‘nosey’ is the British spelling.

In 2x13 (“The First Secret”) Ali tells Emily that she knows a doctor who will put her on the pill without telling her parents. How many doctors did Ali know? And we know Wren is willing to give secret medical care…
-He gave Melissa pain killers to give to Ian without going to the police.
-He illegally kept Emily’s lab results from her parents (which seems like the kind of thing that A would take advantage of).
-He stitched up Hanna’s leg without bringing her to a hospital.
So, is it a coincidence that Ali knew a doctor who would give someone medical care secretly, for free? Well, you already know how I feel about coincidences in Rosewood.

In 2x16 (“Let The Water Hold Me Down”) Spencer finds a bag at her parents lake house. In it is a receipt from Smitty’s, which turns out to be a store in Philly. Who do we know that lives in Philly? That’s right, our favorite doctor! In fact, most of the clues the girls find lead them back to Philly. Ezra’s lair was in Ravenswood, and how often would Mona have been in the city? Especially compare to somebody who lives there.

In 2x20 (“CTRL A”) Wilden shows Garret a picture taken from security footage at the hospital of the girls in candy striper outfits. Wren, as a doctor at the same hospital, would have very easy access to that security footage.

External image
In 2x21 (“Breaking The Code”) Spencer visits Wren’s apartment, which gives us two fairly important- but easy to miss- clues.
-Wren owns a piano. How many times throughout the series have we seen A at a piano? The only other people who we know play piano are Ali, Spencer and Aria.
-He tells Spencer that he has OCD. That seems pretty consistent with how well organized and meticulous A is.

In 3x02 (“Blood Is The New Black”) Hanna is visiting Mona at Radley and has a conversation with Wren where he reveals that his father suffered from schizophrenia- which happens to be hereditary. There’s a decent chance that Wren, or any siblings he may have, would also suffer. Here are some symptoms of the illness:
-A belief/paranoia that other people are out to hurt them
-Altered perception of reality
-Inability to cry or express joy
Sounds like it could be A, yes? And while we’re on the subject of mental illness… remember when Mike was first starting to show signs of depression? Byron and Ella were talking about how to handle it and Byron mentioned his brother battling a mental illness. We never got any details on what specifically his brother battled, when it came to a head, or what happened to him. Could that be because the writers thought if they told us that he was schizophrenic, or had been in a mental institution, it would have been took easy to connect those dots? We know almost nothing about Wren’s history- when did he move to America? Is his whole family in the US? Given his age, it’s definitely plausible that he could be Aria’s uncle. It seems far fetched, but there’s a definite chance that Wren’s schizophrenic father is Byron’s mentally ill brother.

In the same episode, Emily gets a bracelet made up of teeth saying “Dead girls can’t smile.” We never get confirmation that the teeth are real human teeth, but if they are, that would require some knowledge of dentistry- the kind a doctor may have. And let’s not forget the “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts.” message. As a doctor, Wren does, technically, “play” with body parts.

In 3x04 (“Birds of a Feather”) A changes Mona’s visitor status from an outside computer. Caleb would be able to do that with his hacking skills… but why would he? We find out while Spencer is in Radley that Wren almost lost his job at Radley for letting Cece visit Mona while she wasn’t allowed visitors- so wouldn’t it make more sense for Wren to change her visitor rules? He would have easy, convenient access to those files.

In 3x07 (“Crazy”) we learn Mona’s code. Maya’s website, “MAYA KNEW” and “NOT SAFE” were given to Hanna, and all noted by the girls and the audience. But Mona says something else. When the orderlies are taking her out of the children’s ward, she says “I missed my dolls.” Which translates to: “I’M M.D.” If it meant nothing, why would the writers have it translate to something so specific? Why have her say anything at all if she wasn’t trying to tell Hanna something?

In 3x11 (“Single Fright Female”) Hanna is visiting Mona, reading a magazine to her and mutters “birds, birds, birds.” A wren is a type of bird. It seems random and tiny, but this is Pretty Little Liars, where everything has a bigger meaning. Birds come up a few times in the series, could be a coincidence… could be a clue.

3x20 (“Hot Water”) Spencer gets trapped in the sauna. When she wipes steam off the door, there’s a message from A written on the mirror:

External image

That’s hardly a cryptic message.

3x23 (“I’m Your Puppet”) Spencer asks Eddie Lamb what the deal is with him and Wren, and at the end of the conversation, he tells her: “Trust your instinct. Mine told me, from the minute that guy got here, it wasn’t for the right reasons.” It’s a joke among fans of the show how easy it is to get in and out of Radley, but this is where we find out that they were having “troubles” with the passes. So was it really that easy for people to slip in and out, or were Mona, Toby and who knows who else getting help from Wren?

4x03 (“Turn of the Shoe”) Hanna sees the Wilden murder board, and Wren is on there. Under his picture it says “Dr.” Kingston. This seems like a massive thing that nobody really noticed or talked about. Did Holbrock and Tanner know something about Wren be audience doesn’t. Let’s look at Wren’s career realistically… in order to be a doctor in as many fields as he works in, he would need multiple PhD’s, but he really isn’t that old. Is Wren who he says he is?

Again in “Turn of the Shoe,” the last scene is A looking at Emily’s shoulder X-Ray. Once again, A has access to medical equipment and private medical files of the girls. It sure would explain a lot if A were a doctor.

Episode 4x10 (“The Mirror Has Two Faces”) could honestly just be re-titled to “The Holy Crap Wren is Really Sketchy and Probably A Episode.” Seriously, there’s so much to get into with this episode and I strongly suggest going back and re-watching it:
-Wren is working on Mona’s psych evaluation and the following conversation takes place:
M: Why would I ever be honest with you?
W: You used to be.
M: Well, that’s before I realized where your loyalties were.
W: I’m not sure what that means, but I thought we’d done a great job at establishing a sense of trust while you’ve been a patient here.
M: That was before I realized that you were keeping secrets from me.
W: Mona, you’re the one who’s been keeping a secret, and you’re smart enough to know I was gonna figure it out.
M: Figure what out.
W: You’ve stopped taking your medication.
M: You forgot the ‘d’ in ‘diagnosis.’
The forgotten ‘g’ is easy to gloss over, but the writers wouldn’t have thrown it in for no reason. Sure, it’s possible he was just writing quickly and forgot a letter, but with someone of Wren’s intellect, it seems worthy of noting. Could this go back to the “Dr.” Kingston?
-Wren risks his medical license to visit Veronica Hastings to tell her that he’s concerned that Mona is falsely confessing to Wilden’s murder to eventually set up Spencer and the other girls, which leads Veronica to visit Mona at Radley. An anonymous call is then placed saying that Veronica may have bullied Mona into making the confession, which leads to her refuting herself from Ashley’s case- suddenly Mrs. Marin is left without a lawyer. Later, we see Wren talking on the phone about how he dodged a bullet with his former almost mother-in-law, and makes a very candid statement: “You can’t trust anybody.”
-And what is Wren doing while he’s on the phone? Well, he’s he’s sketching the now infamous picture of a woman in a red coat with two kids and a man.

External image
Could this be his family before his father went to an asylum? Maybe before his sister (Bethany?) went to an asylum? And let’s not forget who else likes to draw- Bethany. Does it run in the family?

4x13 (“Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”) Ali leads the girls to Ezra’s lair in Ravenswood. While they’re in there, Wren is mentioned as a possible suspect, but Aria looks at the timeline board and notes that she doesn’t think Wren is A, because he’s been watched, too. The picture that makes her say that is one of Wren and Spencer kissing, labeled “Wren at Radley.” But… the picture wasn’t taken at Radley. It was taken outside an art gallery. When has A ever been that careless or gotten something wrong? Did Wren plant that to make himself look less suspicious?

External image
4x14 (“Grave New World”) Grunwald tells Spencer, Aria and Emily that one of them has been touched by the one Ali fears the most. In the episode before, Ezra was revealed to be A (writing a book, blah blah blah) so it was easy to gloss over that by assuming she was talking to Aria. But she could have been referring to Wrencer. And even though Hanna wasn’t there, she and Wren had also kissed.

4x16 (“Love ShAck, Baby”) A has an apple on their desk. It’s an obvious nod to a teacher, and again, since Ezra had recently been revealed, that was the general assumption. But let’s not get complacent… remember the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

4x18 (“Bite Your Tongue”) Hanna is knocked out with laughing gas at the dentist, and the “I told you, dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking” note is put IN HER TEETH. A knew how much gas to give her so it would knock her out for long enough, but not do any serious or permanent damage, and how to drill teeth. It seems unlikely that Ezra would know that. It seems far more likely that Dr. Wren would have an idea.

4x19 (“Hot For Teacher”) Emily asks Shawna about what she was doing in Wren’s apartment. She tells her that he hired her to pack and ship some boxes quickly, and that when he found out she went to Rosewood High, he told her to be descreet. Why would he care? What difference would that make?

So those are the episode-specific clues I’ve picked up on, but there are also some generic, overall clues that point to Wren. If you’re still reading (I know, I’ve rambled a bit, but there’s a lot!!) pay attention to this stuff:
-We know that A needs to have a lot of money. Day trips to Montecito, lairs, high-tech gear, helpers on a payroll… who do we know in Rosewood with that kind of money? Ezra’s family has money, the Hastings have money, and doctors have money.

-A knows how to preserve a body. He had “Ali’s” (which was actually Bethany’s) for a decent amount of time before the Halloween train.

-Okay real talk… what the hell kind of doctor is Wren? I mentioned it briefly above, but seriously? One minute he’s treating Emily and Toby in the hospital, the next he’s working with Mona and Spencer at Radley. AKA he always shows up at the most chaotic times, without ever raising any suspicion.

-Wren has never been hurt, threatened, or blackmailed by A. How many other characters can say that?

-A has messed with all of the liars’ relationships, but Toby and Spencer have gotten the worst of it. Why would A target them more than Ezria, Paily, or Haleb? Is it because they have a thing for Spencer? And, coincidentally, Caleb’s mom was run off the road shortly after Hanna turned Wren down. That ultimately led to Caleb breaking up with Hanna.

OVERALL THEORY? Wren is Bethany’s brother. I’m not sure about twin, but it’s possible. It would give him motive. Plus, if he is her brother, he likely knew about whatever was going on between Bethany and Ali. He may have even known it was Melissa who buried Bethany.

OH. One more thing. Remember how Marlene tweeted “7 letters” as an A clue. Well, count the letters in this:

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