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Q: Why did you guys choose to go to Seidou high school?

Sawamura: It’s was to play baseball with Miyuki Kazuya, of course!!!

Furuya: *sleepy* I found out that Miyuki-senpai goes to Seidou when reading a newspaper about him.

Okumura: …Why should i tell you?

I like how we all just assume that Nursey is going to have the top bunk. Like, I totally agree, because that boy is Extra TM, and Dex is probably practical enough to want to be able to just come home and collapse onto his bed. But. Having Nursey climb up a ladder every night and down a ladder every morning seems like a major design flaw, because he’s probably going to fall every other time he’s touching the thing.

It’s weird to think how for some people, when we turn around to our parents and say something like: I think I might be ill, I think I might have a mental health issue/disability, (and even) I’m gay/bi/etc. 

Their first reaction is: “Don’t be daft, there’s nothing wrong with you!”

Like somehow… by denying it immediately…. they’re somehow helping you?????

Like when you’re a kid and you fall over and it hurts and you’re crying and your little kid brain goes ‘I broke my leg! I’m going to die!”
And your parents be like “Don’t be silly Timmy, it’s just a bruise. Don’t cry.”

It’s some aggravating immediate reaction to deny w/e their kid just said. Like god forbid something was actually ‘wrong’ with you. I mean there may be a bruise, but that does not change the fact there was a hidden hair-line fracture in Timmy’s shin that wasn’t taken to a doctor for another three days.

I’m thinking on this cause the other day I mentioned to dad that I was seeking out an adhd assessment, and he immediately was like ‘there’s nothing wrong with you’ …. as if that would somehow… help???? or reassure me?????

But the reality is that… by denying your kids concerns, or denying the fact they’ve confided in you..

You’re not actually supporting them at all, because you just outright rejected them without even taking their feelings into consideration.

Misplaced reassurance/outright dismissal really needs to be unlearnt.

My Message to the World

I am not a popular Tumblr blog, right now as I write this I only have 124 followers. This post won’t be seen by enough people to even spread my message but I still need to share it. I want everyone to see this. I want what I am about to write invoke a feeling in the reader. I want people to read this and really think about how they look at the world. This will probably be a more personal post and I will make another more general one. 

If you really are interested in what I am going to say then under the cut will be a bit about myself, a speech I heard, my thoughts on equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, and a short story that I wrote to contribute to the movement. If you care, actually care then read this. I am begging you to spread my message. I am so insignificant but I want to do something no matter how small my contribution is

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Simon Woods, who plays Bingley, I dyed his hair red for this film. And weirdly, it’s continued to grow red and he resents me deeply for that. He was actually blond. But he should get over it. Do you know what i mean? - Joe Wright

The worst thing ever is when you can feel someone important to you getting bored with you.

/shrieks intently/ you all can go on being bitter hate sponges but I’m gonna refuse that shit and keep believing in the good intentions and motives of people, esp those with differing opinions

White women just love viewing themselves as temperate, patient teachers and use womanhood to place themselves in this position when interacting with men of color, but they hate they can’t do the same thing with women of color.


CASI ÁNGELES MEME (in cooperation with @ca-gifs)
16 of 70 scenes ★ 2x12, “retratos de familia”

Eyy, I’m the belligerent one here. What’s going on with you? Nothing’s the same without Cielo, Mar. I dream about her every night, I wanna say goodbye. I don’t know, it’s horrible… Cielo will come back. No. And you know what’s the worst? That we all think we can move on without her, that we act like nothing has happened, but no… We all feel bad, we all feel like that. What happened to Cielo, Mar? Where is she? And if she’s dead? What should I do, I couldn’t say goodbye to her. I couldn’t thank her for everything she’s done for us, for everything she’s done for me. I never told her everything, that I love her. Never, do you understand? Don’t cry…

[Cielo: I know that. I love you both.]

Tbh, once you’ve reached “success” as an actor, all you need is … a presence, some sort of likableness.

Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard

World of Thedas, Vol 2:

Long before Meredith Stannard became knight-commander of the templars at Kirkwall and set into motion a war between the templars and mages, she was a confused little girl with an apostate for a sister.

In diaries, Meredith described her beloved older sister, Amelia, as a gentle, quiet girl. Amelia was easily frightened by crowds and loud noises and never strayed far from home or her mother’s side. While Meredith longed to see the world, all Amelia ever wished was to be home, close to family, tending to her small garden. Amelia’s fragile nature made the discovery that she was a mage all the more heartbreaking. The family faced the possibility of having to send their beloved Amelia to a Circle Tower full of strangers to live under constant watch and rigid rules. Just the mention of being in unfamiliar surroundings drove Amelia into a wide-eyed panic. How would she learn to control her magic if she couldnt’ learn to control her fear? How would she take the Harrowing? Unwilling to see Amelia suffer, Meredith’s parents decided to hide her away.

The plan worked, for a time. But the family had neither the knowledge nor the skills to train Amelia as a mage. All they could do was try to keep her calm and happy. Whenever Amelia was frightened or upset, strange things happened. Glass would shatter when she was angry; fires would start when she was afraid. It became all but impossible to hide Amelia’s powers. neighbors began to suspect that the Stannards were harboring a mage. The Templars were called.

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Jarvis Cocker presents Fantastic Mr. Fox on Roald Dahl’s Most Marvellous Book, Channel 4

If we want to get a message from this book - not that we have to - but if we want to get a message from this book, I think it’s the thing that if we all act together, we can fight the power and we can take the chickens away from the land owners, yes we can!

Good things about borderlines

There’s so much hate and stigma towards bpd so here’s a list of good common traits among borderlines!!
-We are very creative people.
-We’re extremely passionate about what matters to us.
-Borderlines are usually so funny. Tbh I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with bpd who didn’t have a good sense of humor.
-So so soooo loving. Our love for others is so intense that it can destroy us.
-Spontaneous. Our impulsivity causes people to think we have the balls to do whatever we want, but shhhh don’t tell them it’s because we don’t think before we act.
-We are deep thinkers.
-We can talk about our passions forever. It’s adorable when someone talks about things they’re really into and borderlines do this a lot.
-Our intense emotions cause us to live life to the fullest.
-Nonjudgmental and accepting.
-Overall just wonderful, strong people. Keep fighting guys 💕

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What I've seen is that some Martin fans left after Shrlck S4 aired, which was not necessarily because of that kind of disagreement. In my country, a number of Shrlck fans (not only Martin fans but also the fans of other actors/actresses involved in the show) stopped being active or moved on to other shows or fandoms too. I really think S4 had a big effect both on the cast and on the audience in the way I can't explain.

Hi anon, that actually is a reasonable observation. Thanks for sharing.

It does get a little bit quiet around here after Sherlock S4. And at the same time, it is not unusual that fans move on to other shows or actors.


First of all!

Long live the DL translators! All of them:

Akui Chansera, Blue (SakamakiHouse), Scurumi, Francette (epithetologist), Rox/Rex (the-precious-sugar-chan). (I haven’t named all all of them, because I don’t know all of them :( But this is about ALL DL translators anyway ).

Respect toward them is very important! Let’s remeber that they are fans aw well, but they help other fans with their hard work. Translating is not that easy and I bet there’s a lot of people here who does not speak Japanese, so… really guys! Respect translators! Without them we wouldn’t be able to learn about the story that much!

Recently, Iwitnessed haters going on anon asks and push  translatora to do more and more translations. But we need to remember that they have their personal life! They have lots of other different stuff to do and people who think that they should only translate should think again.

Just imagine, that you are a translator and people send you so many requests and finally you don’t know what to do fisrt and still have you own life (school, work, personal problems). Asks pill up and you lose your patience. It starts to be depressing, but you’re still nice and polite to other fans and try to please them… Now if you put yourself in translators shoes than you should know it’s a hard work (plus it’s 100 Times worse than you imagined since imagination is not reality and people won’t still fully understand traslators until they become one of them).



They don’t take our money or anything. They do it for the whole fandom and sometimes people won’t even notice, like “Oh, there’s a translations *reads* *leaves tumblr* ” and should be like “OH! MY! GOD! Somebody is finally tanslating!! I looove this person, let me see her/his blog! *becomes a stalker (a nice and harmless stalker xD) * ”

Next time if you say that TRANSLATOR’S are REPLACEABLE or should ONLY TRANSLATE WHAT YOU WANT then please leave this fandom…. or just at least stay quiet!

One more thing about DL fandom (not ranslators related):

There’s a lot of hate and disrespect!

What we want to stay in is a fandom welcome to everybody but some people would rather send hate toward the others. This is wrong. We’re all in DiaHell and what we need is respect other fans. I’m not telling people to start love each others if they purely dislike, but all I’m asking is respect.

I always try my best to stay aside and be quiet but now I really need to write it. This note is not a hate note toward other fangirls. Not at all !!!! I love you all because we are in DL fandom together. But we should sometimes think before acting. I belive that we can make this fanodm a better place. It’s sad that so many nice and polite people leaves it and rude people would stay and keep on sending hate.

Please respect the other fans (and translators among them/us)!

Love, Milky (☆´3`)

Mabel is ESFJ?


There’s been a lot of resistance to my typing of Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls as an ESFJ. Most arguments center around her as an ENFP, an Ne-dom, or simply that she’s not ‘serious’ enough to be an SJ. Let me lay out my arguments for ESFJ once and for all, just for clarity’s sake.

1. Mabel is not an Fi user.

Mabel’s feelings are focused outwards. When does she keep her feelings bottled on the inside, like Stan? When does she ignore what other people think of or say about her because of her own inner security? When does she adopt a ‘live and let live’ attitude to other peoples’ problems? Mabel is an Fe-user. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She interferes with other peoples’ problems on a daily basis. Fi users do not do this. They believe people are free to deal with their own issues. Mabel butts in. She takes it upon herself to fix the emotions of others, whether they ask for it or not. Her morality does not come from within - she’s convinced she can only be a good person in The Last Mabelcorn if she’s a good person in the eyes of the unicorn. She seeks validation from outside, not from within. She goes out of her way to change things about herself to impress the boys she likes, sacrificing her sense of identity to impress them. She tries to impose her own morals onto others, like in Boss Mabel when she’s convinced her ideas of how to run a business are right for Stan. In that same episode, she lets everyone take advantage of her because she’s afraid they’ll think badly of her. Mabel defies every important aspect of Fi: Inner emotion. Inner morality. Internal validation. She doesn’t use any of those. She communicates her feelings to everyone she comes across, whether a complete stranger or her brother. She gets her ideas of right and wrong from the outside, from others’ opinions, not from within. She seeks validation from other people and cares about how she’s perceived by them over how she perceives herself. She is not Fi.

2. Her Ti isn’t developed enough to be Auxiliary.

Let’s take the common argument that Mabel must be Ne-dominant, but also accept that she’s an Fe user. They would make ENTP the obvious type. But Mabel is not a Ti-auxiliary. She’s certainly capable of being logical, but it doesn’t come easily. Detaching from other people is hard for her. She doesn’t follow rational clues, like Dipper. She doesn’t listen to her head, she listens to her heart. Look at Not What He Seems. All the evidence, all the tangible evidence, is pointing to the conclusion that Stan is up to no good. The machine he’s created will end the world - confirmed by the government and the author. Rational facts. Stan’s been lying about stealing toxic waste - confirmed by the security tapes. Stan’s been lying about his identity - confirmed by the newspaper article and the fake IDs. Every piece of logical evidence supports the conclusion that Stan is up to no good. On the other side she has only her emotional attachment to Stan and trust in him. I’m a Ti dominant, and I wouldn’t have held up my hands like Mabel does. Mabel makes a choice based on emotion, past experience, and some indecision (Fe-Si-Ne), but not on logic. The logical choice here, and in many other places involving Mabel, is not the one she can make. An ENTP would at least be more conflicted between the two. Mabel doesn’t work like that. She doesn’t ask for logical proof from Stan in that climactic scene. She asks for emotional proof. “I wanna believe you”. Stan doesn’t give her any logical persuasion to do what she does. He appeals to her emotions. And that’s the way to win her over. Because although Mabel can be analytical at times, like any Ti inferior, she ultimately follows her heart and not her head.

3. She’s a sensor, not an intuitive

Mabel bases many decisions on how things have been in the past. She’s a doer, not a contemplator. Compare her to Dipper, who’s intuitive dominant. Dipper contemplates things. He sits back and analyzes stuff from every possible angle until he comes up with a conclusion. He can’t just go up and talk to Wendy. He has to think up a plan! Mabel doesn’t do this. Mabel just acts. She jumps in, face first. She’s so obviously a sensor. Her life is about doing things, getting involved, taking action. Mabel rarely sits around contemplating possibilities. Let me tell you, Ne aux-doms? We take a while to act. We think things out. We can spend a long time contemplating the various potential consequences of a situation before we actually do something about it. SJs don’t jump in as quickly as Ses, but they’re still sensors. They still need experiences. They prefer doing to contemplating. Also note Mabel’s habitual behavior. She’s always had Dipper around, she can’t possibly do without him! She and Dipper have always done Halloween together, they can’t break that tradition! Yes, she varies up her sweaters all the time, but she still wears cozy sweaters of the same variety every day. She compares things to what has come before. “Dipper and dancing? Did you know he used to dance around in a lamb costume?” She catalogues her memories in scrapbook form and brings them out to illustrate the things she talks about. Her memories of past events become so powerful that she even tries to erase them in Society of the Blind Eye, because for Si aux-doms, their memories are constantly pervading their current experience. Mabel’s Si is just too well-developed to be her inferior function, and she’s too much about action and sensation to be an intuitive.

4. She’s an Fe-dominant.

What is Mabel’s first reaction to things? An emotional one. She processes her environment through feelings, both her feelings and those of others. How can I have a great summer romance? I’m so determined to be liked by this guy (who I don’t know) that my test says ‘Do you like me? Yes, definitely, absolutely’. No possibility of rejection. She uses feelings as her main weapon: Play on the gnomes feelings, then use my past weapon (leaf blower) to defeat them. Can’t break up with Gideon, that’ll hurt his feelings! And other peoples’ feelings, all around me! Need advice from someone else, with experience in these matters (aka Wendy) to reach a conclusion. Stan’s feeling insecure? I’ll change everything about him, bolster him up until he can date Lazy Susan. Susan likes fixing things? Perfect, she can fix Stan! My friends feel like outcasts? I’ll win everyone’s approval in this big contest, then they’ll feel good. Oh no, I lost it for them, they must not want anything to do with me because the general approval went to someone else. Pacifica and the crowd disapproved of me! I thought I was being charming, but everyone sees me as a joke! Stan, lying is always wrong! No matter what the circumstance or individual need! I’ve lost my pig, my emotions take over me completely and I go insane, banging my head against a post for a month. Stan’s scared of heights, I must help him overcome his fear. Dipper’s always beating me at things, my feelings are hurt, ooh now I’m winning at being taller, yay! I can’t let Sev’ral times leave me, my feelings were hurt by the boys who left me! Stan, you put Waddles outside and lied to me? I’m never talking to you again. Dipper wants to tell Wendy he likes her, but he’s too scared. I’ll push him into a closet and not let him out until he does, he has to sort out his feelings! I want to get this boy’s attention, that’s more important than solving the mystery of the laptop. My feelings were hurt by these tragic summer romances, I’ll erase my mind to deal with that. Soos is feeling bad about losing his father? I’ll battle through untold horrors to help him through that. Robbie, a guy I can’t stand, is feeling bad? I can’t be satisfied until everyone is happy, so I’ll help him fall in love again. I must change myself and do good deeds so the unicorn will tell me I’m good. Dipper’s abandoning me forever? I must trap everyone in an endless summer, so we can be happy and not sad. Also, look at Mabel-land. A world that gives everyone everything they want the most. A world all about being happy, cooperating, and living in harmony. An Fe-dom’s dream. In short, Mabel demonstrates Fe first in everything she does.

Disagreement is part of what makes discussing MBTI typing online so important, in order to come to a better understanding. If you still disagree with this typing, that’s okay. Let me know why. Let others know why. It’s part of the puzzle. But I thought it best to get all my arguments out there, outside of the typing, for you to read. 

- mysterylover123


Do I know you?

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Sweetie we can't transform. We just think and sometimes act like animals that we feel a relationship with. In other words we're animal like 😜

If this is an excuse for the sending of dick pictures, I’ve heard it all before. If your “animal instincts” override your evolved brain, common decency, and morals, then perhaps you should be caged like the dangerous animals you compare yourself to and kept away from people. :-)

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Not sure how Zylpai feels about viewers feedback, but as a fan of both of you, would it be possible in future videos you both toned down the sexual talk? Or leave it out? His latest video got to the point it was uncomfortable to continue watching •﹏•

Oh boy;;; I can’t… sadly promise anything because the last video Brad uploaded I didn’t actually know he was turning into a video because we literally talk like that normally to each other. I would input the entire ‘this is why our content is always real and not just an act’ thing, I don’t sadly think we can change the way we act towards each other because listening to that would mean we have to change ourselves and that’s ….kinda bad. The only thing I could recommend him is to cut those parts out but- I mean.. sadly I think it’s not all too bad either, but that’s just my opinion. I’ll talk to him about it but can’t promise anything.

(also fuck my grammar for real)