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in which Veronica assumes Betty’s brother is as attractive as a Greek god

which means she thinks Betty is as attractive as a Greek goddess

When you realize that an entire Chaol novel also means an entire Nesryn Faliq novel and an entire fantasy novel from SJM about a WoC:

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Analysis of the Ending of Okja

I have to admit, at first I felt a little disappointed by the ending of Okja. ALF doesn’t end up making a difference- food production continues, and we know from our own society that Nancy is right. If the food is cheap, the majority of people will eat it despite knowing the Food, Inc. story behind its production. I think the ending is meant for the majority of people, the bystanders who will be outraged by factory-farm conditions but still eat cheap meat (myself being one of them). Mija doesn’t free all the super pigs. She doesn’t join ALF. She goes home with Okja, her unchanged goal from the beginning of the movie. As movie watchers, I think we all to some degree wish she had done more- but is it her responsibility? Could she even make a difference? Mija’s and ALF’s inability to make a difference in the large scale of food production reminds us just how vast and inescapable the current system is. There’s too many people willing to buy cheap meat no matter the dark reality, and thus the system will continue to exist. Nancy understands that, while Lucy doesn’t. The film holds an audience that is complicit in this system accountable. It encourages viewers not to necessarily go vegan, but that ethical food production is possible (as seen with Mija, especially that moment when she puts the young fish back in the water, which is echoed in her saving the young super pig at the end). The enemy is a mass system of mass production that can’t be changed by individuals and groups like ALF. Fighting a mass system requires mass change- a change in an entire population. And maybe that’s what Okja hopes to produce.


Step aside or experience serious pain!


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

Collab w/ the ridiculously talented @kosakusass! They did the absolutely stunning linework (like oh my god i cannot get over how gorgeous it is) and I did the coloring! I think the final product is absolutely amazing and it was a heckin’ honor to work on this, god bless;;;

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How are you? Haven't seen any activity from for a while, keeping busy with college-things I wager. In any event I hope you are doing well and wish you all the best. :)

like… really really busy…


I think it’s unfair to blame J.K. entirely for the shitty information we’re getting about the rest of the Wizarding World. I believe she tried to tell us, her fanbase, that she was done with Harry Potter, by writing the Casual Vacancy. I think the demands of us, begging for more information, more tidbits, more story, and the demands of her publisher and whoever else makes money every time she creates something new in the Harry Potter universe are wearing her out. I think she wants to be done, and we won’t let her. So she’s tired, and she doesn’t have the energy to contribute to creating more. While it’s okay to criticize what she’s creating and endorsing now, (Ilvermony, the Cursed Child), I think it’s important to take notice what we are demanding.  

so today one of our players jokingly asked for ONE nice thing our paladin has done and…… we found out that we genuinely could not think of anything. she has not said or done one nice thing. 

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Why do you think Hagar/Honerva never bothered making herself look more Galra until after she died and came back?

I think it’s quite possible given we see that she seems to have done so in private/without complete awareness of who and where she was that it may not have actually been Altean shifting as much as… coming back from the dead really changed both of their appearances a lot.

This was how Zarkon looked even quite late into this whole ordeal. Still relatively smooth-featured, with his “young” voice and those eyes.

As soon as Zarkon resurrects, he’s got this look. The sunken features, the scar. It’s quite a drastic change.

Honerva, late in her exposure, is looking pretty Haggar-ish, but we see similar changes- her eyes don’t turn monochromatic until she’s gone, and while she’s more sunken than her ‘younger’ look, she’s arguably rebounding from the withered, emaciated way she looked on her deathbed. But even then, her markings didn’t reach all the way down her jawline like they do postmortem.

Ultimately the only real things that have changed about Haggar is her nails grew into claws, the color of her eyes, and the discoloration of her skin. It’s not clear what exactly was her psychological state after resurrection but she does seem confused and scared, suggesting whatever memory problems she seems to have might have started there. In which case, she might have been scared to feel different from Zarkon, someone she seems to have mentally held onto as an important person even when she forgot the exact nature of their relationship and shifted, but it could have also been just a fortuitous-for-her byproduct of resurrection. 

I was in Italy recently and met Stevie out there. Actually, she was in Capri and I was close to there. She said to me, “Let’s sit down and really listen to some stuff that sort of almost got forgotten.” So I know she’s already thinking she wants to do some things we haven’t done in years. I always think that Stevie and Lindsey should do a Buckingham Nicks song in the set.
—  Mick Fleetwood on the potential set list for Fleetwood Mac’s 2018 world tour. (Rolling Stone, August 28, 2017.)

yeah heyo me again trying to figure out how to draw your friendly neighborhood wreck-gar 

Birthday Woman (part 1/2) (katlaska, trixya, katya/everyone) - Aliena

All Katya wants for her birthday is to make out with someone. Trixie has an idea.

AN: I just wanted to write something set during Katya’s birthday funeral bash. This is what I ended up with.

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The Show Girl

Request: Anon: “I had an idea for a one shot where the avengers decide to take a break and go see a Broadway musical and the reader is in the musical so Bucky is like wwooooaaaahhh idk does that make any sense? Ily”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none I believe, fluff (?)

A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind, anon. I have never seen a musical but I heard it’s good and I read about it and tried to understand it so ye. I tried.

It was one of those rare times where the Avengers had a day off and here they were, arguing on what they would do.

“Let’s have a movie marathon.”

“No let’s go out to eat.”

“We can go watch a movie then go out to eat?”

“How about we go to Coney Island?”

“No, last time we went Bucky threw up.”

“That was one time.”

They continued to argue until Tony settled them down. “How about we let Wanda choose? I don’t think we’ve ever done something she wanted to do.”

They all agree and turn their attention to the wide eyed brunette. “Me?”

“Well your name is Wanda.” Tony says in a ‘duh’ tone.

“Um.. Well.. How about we go see a musical? I heard they’re showing Cabaret on Broadway tonight and I really want to see it.” her thick accent fills the air.

“A musical? Really?” Clint whines and Natasha smacks his head before looking at Wanda.

“A musical sounds wonderful, right guys?” she looks at everyone and they nod.

The Avengers take their seats which were in the third row from the stage (thanks to Tony) and settled in. Bucky sat between Sam and Steve, great.

The curtains open and that’s when Bucky zoned out. His eyes were on the stage but his mind was drifting other places. Should he ask out the pretty receptionist? Steve says he needs to get back out there and has brought it to Natasha’s attention as well.

For the past month Natasha and Steve have been trying to set Bucky up on dates with girls they think would make a perfect match. Their choices were a bit different though. Steve would pair him up with women that gave off that 40’s vibe, thinking it would help but it didn’t and Natasha would pick out the wild ones. The ones who partied, had the time of their lives but Bucky wasn’t about that life just yet. Too extreme for a man who was barely beginning to be himself again.

He zoned back in when he heard a female voice from the stage. He didn’t know how long he was out of it but when he came to, his eyes locked on a beautiful girl. He was immediately infatuated with the woman. She had a passion for performing, you could tell just by the way she sang, the way she was in character. It was amazing.

“Close your mouth, you don’t wanna catch flies.” Sam startled Bucky. “I think you might’ve been drooling.”

Bucky wipes at his mouth and glares at Sam. “What the hell dude?”

“You were ogling over the girl up there.” Sam chuckled as he nodded his head towards the stage. “I wouldn’t blame you though, she’s hot.”

“Whatever. I wasn’t doing anything.” Bucky huffed before looking back at the woman.

Sam scoffed and shook his head at the soldier before looking back at the stage as well.

Bucky needed to know who this woman was. She was amazing. He leaned over Steve and tapped Wanda’s thigh, causing her to look at him.

“Who is she?” Bucky questioned and Wanda smiled, leaning in as well.

“Y/N Y/L/N. She has the most amazing voice.” she responds and Bucky nods, sitting back in his chair as his eyes locked on Y/N.

Y/N. What a beautiful name.

He watched the rest, paying extra attention when Y/N would come on stage. He couldn’t stop watching her.

As Y/N was singing, she scanned the crowed before her eyes landed on a man. He was buff, had broad shoulders and long hair with a scruffy beard to match. She found him undeniably attractive. So attractive that she almost missed her cue.

Bucky’s breath hitched when she made eye contact with him. It was as if the whole world froze and it was just him and her in the room.

He’s never felt like this about a girl before. Not since.. Never, actually. It was a weird feeling to be felt but he liked it. He liked her.

The musical went on but once it was over, Bucky took his sweet time getting out of the building, hoping he’d bump into Y/N.

He wanted to talk to her, to get to know the woman who made his heartbeat go crazy with just a single look.

“Come on, Buck, we’re gonna go out for dinner tonight.” Steve says as everyone else exits the theater.

“I’ll uh, catch up with you guys outside I think my phone fell out of my pocket.” he lies.

“I’ll help you look for it.” Steve takes a step towards his best friend but Bucky stops him.

“No! I’m fine, I’ll find it on my own. You go and catch up with the others.” he says and Steve gives him a concerned look but nods.

“Alright, we’ll be waiting outside.” he pats Bucky on the shoulder before leaving.

Bucky then waits and waits and waits until the usher politely asks him to leave the theater. With a defeated sigh, he exits the building. His friends stood a couple of feet away from him and they waved their hands to catch Bucky’s attention.

“Bucky over here!”

He was about to walk towards them when another body emerged from the building. He turns to the person, realizing it was the woman on stage, Y/N. Woah. She’s even more beautiful without the makeup and costume on.

Y/N looks at Bucky and she smiles at him. It’s the guy from the audience, she thought.

“You did amazing tonight.” Bucky complimented and Y/N smiled even more, if possible.

“Thank you..” she trailed off and Bucky stuck his hand out for her to shake.

“Sorry,” he apologized, “the name is Bucky, Bucky Barnes.”

“I know you!” she gasped. “You’re the guy with the metal arm, right?”

“That’s me.” Bucky replied.

“I’ve seen you on tv with Captain America. You two go way back. Literally.” she giggled, causing Bucky to grin.

“That’s true.” he chuckled.

Y/N noticed that his hand was still out for her to shake and she gladly shook the attractive mans hand. “Oops, sorry! Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Wonderful name.” Bucky says out loud before his eyes widen. “I’m sorry, I meant to say that in my head and-”

Y/N laughs. Oh god he swears her laugh was made by angels. He could listen to it for the rest of his life.

“So what were you doing in there? I don’t take you for the type of guy who sits around watching musicals.” Y/N says.

“I don’t.” he admits. “My friend suggested we come and see one tonight so here I am.”

“What did you think?” she questioned.

“I loved it. It was absolutely amazing.” he responds. What he meant to say was she was absolutely amazing.

Before they could continue the conversation though, Clint’s voice called out to him.

“Hey, Barnes, hurry up I’m dying of starvation over here!”

Bucky and Y/N look over at him and she laughs. He turns back to her and runs his fingers through his hair with a smile on his face.

“I guess I should get going.” he says.

“I guess you should.” Y/N responds.

Bucky nods his head then turns around but before he could take a step forward, Y/N called his name.

“Yeah?” he has never turned around quicker.

Y/N pulled a pen out from her pocket and grabbed his right arm, scribbling down her number.

“Call me sometime, yeah? I’d love to get to know you more.” she says with a smile.

“Y-Yeah. I will.” he stuttered out.

Y/N giggled once more before waving. “Bye.”

She turned in the opposite direction and walked down the sidewalk, leaving Bucky with a stupid grin on his face.

A/N: sorry if this wasn’t exact, I tried my best and I actually liked how this turned out. Tell me what ya think :)

It’s so good to finally see Kara this excited and happy! She no longer has to make a choice between being Supergirl over having a relationship anymore. She can finally have both! She can be truly happy and less alone. She can now love without worrying too much because she found someone who can be her partner in fighting for justice and in her personal life as well. Can we not give Supergirl a break at least and let her have a moment of bliss even for a minute or two before going back to action?! I think we owe her that for all the saving she’s done. She can damn well live her life the way she wants it to be and if she chose to be with Mon-el, then who are we to oppose??

    fear the walking dead sentence meme:
    episode 4 - 6

  • they don’t die. they keep coming back.
  • people like us run like cattle, piled into trucks – one suitcase apiece.
  • it’s safe inside the fence. outside, everything’s dead. everyone’s gone.
  • turns out there’s nothing you’ll ever take that nature won’t take back.
  • it all belongs to nature. and the dogs. and the dead.
  • she’s helping sick people.
  • it’s not normal. stop it. stop acting like it is.
  • they said there’s nothing alive out there.
  • i think there’s someone out there.
  • she needs it more than i do. you said so yourself.
  • don’t be a hero.
  • curfew will remain in effect until further notice.
  • be nice. so i don’t have to shoot you.
  • either you’re gonna go in and you’re gonna talk him down, or i’m gonna go in and i’m gonna take him down.
  • you’re worrying your family.
  • i don’t think i can do it.
  • they keep asking me if everything’s gonna be okay and i – i don’t have the words.
  • it is gonna be okay.
  • you’re in my head all day. i can’t concentrate.
  • you’re the only thing that makes me believe there’s still good in people.
  • where the hell is my damn truck?
  • was that make-up sex?
  • what’s going on with you?
  • you’re buzzing around here all day, every day, driving yourself nuts.
  • that is their duty.
  • are you listening to yourself? you’re talking paranoid.
  • can’t have that around camp.
  • there’s nothing alive out there.
  • i’ve already met four people that swear you’re the reason they’re alive.
  • he was gonna die. i didn’t know what else to do.
  • are you the one that decides who goes to this facility?
  • your friend is in good hands.
  • you’re a very attractive woman.
  • my father told me not to have hatred in my heart.
  • men do these things not because of evil. they do evil because of fear.
  • what the hell happened to your face?
  • take it easy!
  • don’t you hurt him!
  • he’s not a risk. i’ll look after him.
  • if you find this, i love you.
  • what i saw was prophesied. what i saw was godly.
  • i wish you were here, but i will see you soon.
  • what kind of man does that?
  • i don’t know what came over him.
  • tell me, you fascist pricks!
  • i’m gonna show you hostile!
  • you know they’re not here to protect us.
  • get any sleep?
  • what the hell is wrong with you?!
  • what if she dies?
  • i need you to be strong now, okay?
  • i can’t hold us together on my own.
  • i don’t want her to be scared.
  • this is how we bring them home.
  • i want to help you.
  • now we have something to trade.
  • i don’t want you to hurt him.
  • these guys are not warriors.
  • can you help me get my people back or not?
  • i said you couldn’t do that. i can do anything i want.
  • i got guns.
  • get your ass back in the truck.
  • i won’t hold nothing back.
  • i’ll tell you whatever you want.
  • when it comes to getting his hands dirty, he doesn’t want to.
  • you don’t think she’s human, do you? ‘cause if you do – if that’s what you think – then we’re just a bunch of murderers.
  • that ain’t a person.
  • are those bite marks?!
  • one slip-up, one 'what if’ and we all start finding out how the neighbours taste.
  • so when we roll up on this bitch, you stay in the truck.
  • some people don’t trust the government.
  • the man with the blade and the man in the chair – they’re not different. they both suffer.
  • have you no respect for private property?
  • is that your bike?
  • i’ll ask the questions.
  • i’m kind of the law in these parts.
  • come on, i want to show you something.
  • they’re not coming back.
  • i’m not sick.
  • if the kid turns, it’s your ass.
  • i told her in detail about the violence, what was done, how we suffered.
  • do you think she will understand that it was necessary then to survive?
  • sometimes all we can do isn’t enough.
  • do you wonder what happened to them?
  • i can hear them. i can still hear them.
  • tell him what you told us.
  • i was wishing we had something to mask the smell of urine.
  • i look at you and i see someone who knows the meaning of necessity.
  • i’m gonna require a man with your talents when i make my move.
  • they all come back.
  • traumatic brain injury is the only thing that stops it.
  • we don’t want her to turn.
  • i thought this was getting better.
  • i thought we were winning.
  • it’s not safe for us to stay.
  • each for our own now.
  • we’ve got enough food and water to last us.
  • you won’t get in without me.
  • you lied to me my whole life.
  • they did nothing when they came for us.
  • who are we counting as family?
  • what is family now?
  • you might as well kill me now.
  • he cuts me. he mutilates me.
  • i will help you find your family.
  • just cut me loose. please.
  • i don’t want to have to shoot you.
  • you should save your ammunition.
  • you’ll see where doing the right thing gets you.
  • if things go sideways – if you see anything – you drive.
  • you’re gonna be okay.
  • take care of her, okay?
  • would you rather they all died?
  • i don’t want anyone to die.
  • you can’t save everyone.
  • if they’re dead, they’ll just keep walking, right?
  • it’s alright. they’re slow.
  • please, kill me.
  • the infection took her.
  • there’s nothing left to see.
  • i’ll take you with my family, but we need your help.
  • the dead will hear you and they will come.
  • you don’t have to do this, okay?
  • just put the gun down.
  • we can follow the river down to the sea.
  • generators kick on when the power dies.
  • i feel strange.
  • we don’t know where we’re going.
  • it’s like i’ve been living like this for a long time, and now everyone is catching up with me.
  • the only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.
  • it doesn’t matter how you die. you come back.
  • don’t let that happen to me.
Something Dangerous

Peter Parker x Reader

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Summary: [Y/n]’s mother tries to open up to her daughter about her family history. It’s not pretty.

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