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You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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I don’t know if I’m worth all this.

↪ bucky & picspam

“Everyone thinks we’re dating.” Simon randomly announced in the middle of of his and Jace’s second weekly movie nights.

Jace hit the pause button on the remote and gave Simon a quizzical look. “And?”

“That doesn’t bother you?”


Simon stared at Jace. “It doesn’t?”

“Why would it?” Jace asked, raising an eyebrow. “I mean… aren’t we?”


“Aren’t we dating?” Jace repeated. “I mean, this is a date, right?”

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Can we talk for a sec about how Alex said it:

“The one part of my life that I’ve never been able to make perfect was dating. I just never really liked it. I don’t know, I mean, I tried, you know, I got asked out. I just, I never liked… being intimate. I don’t know, I thought maybe that’s just not the way that I was built. Just not my thing.”

My favorite thing about this is the word “intimate” bc it doesn’t mean just sex or making out. She was talking about dating. That requires emotional intimacy. I can’t talk for everyone in the community, but when I struggled with compulsory heterosexuality that’s what happened to me. I could never be close to guys, I could never ‘let them in’, and I most certainly couldn’t love them. And the more they showed their emotions the more uncomfortable I felt. And I think that’s what Alex talked about, not being able to feel that kind of emotional intimacy with men, and dating being an inconvenience instead of something that makes you happy. And then you think “I guess I just don’t like emotions and all that b.s.” But then you meet a girl and it’s like HOLY SHIT I want her to be my everything.


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

AmyPoehlersSmartGirls: “Sent in my absentee last week wearing my @parksandrecnbc crew hat. Wish I was in NY to watch history in the making.” #imwithher #voteknope


First ratified quad jumps in international competition:

Quad toe loop: Kurt Browning (CAN), 1988 World Championships FS
Quad salchow: Timothy Goebel (USA), 1998 Jr. Champion Series Final
Quad lutz: Brandon Mroz (USA), 2011 NHK Trophy SP
Quad flip: Shoma Uno (JPN), 2016 Team Challenge Cup SP
Quad loop: Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), 2016 Autumn Classic International SP

Valentine’s Pity Rose [fic]

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and I hope this fic makes it a little better!

This was written for @percyyoulittleshit  who gave me the prompt:  “So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Party?” I hope it lives up to your standards, Mari! 


“So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Day party?”

Annabeth sighed. Honestly, it sounded terrible when you said it that way. Well, she guessed that it would probably sound horrible any way you said it.

“Yes,” she snapped, tapping her foot against the sidewalk. “You just have to come to the party with me. We only have to stay for a few hours.”

Percy was silent as he considered. He was loading his band equipment into the back of his Jeep. Annabeth had seen him outside when she got home from track practice, which is when she decided to cross the street to his house and solicit his help.

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Les Amis de l’aesthetic: Triumvirate edition
  • Enjolras : The first day of summer, that moment you finally make a difficult decision, writing until your hand hurts, days that pass in a blink, hair tickling your neck, eye rolls that make you dizzy, biting down in an orange, the juice running down your chin, quirked lips, eating lukewarm leftover pasta in your kitchen because you’re too lazy to wait for it to heat completely
  • Courfeyrac : Late morning sunshine, worn down converse, sound of running footsteps on wooden floors, hugs where you mush your cheeks against your friends’, pulling faces, slipping through elevator doors before they’re closed, cooled orange juice, laughing until you’re out of breath, warm skin, the smell of sunscreen
  • Combeferre : Pressing down on library books so the plastic crunches, pouring milk in coffee and stirring it hard enough to make the spoon clink against the cup, a collection of beautiful stamps, turtleneck sweaters, burning dinner because you’re distracted, flipping around your pillow to sleep on the cool side, pulling your hoodie up over your nose when you get cold 3 hours deep into midnight wikipedia browsing

I kinda wish Ratchet was able to clean up his act…. 

So after 1x07 am I the only one who thinks that, once everything gets sorted (i.e.: murder pedo guy is killed) and Lukas grows to be comfortable with his sexuality, he is going to be the most affectionate boyfriend in all of existence?
Like, come on, in last week’s episode he was literally all over Philip, and while obviously his relationship with Rose wasn’t the best, he was still very touchy with her, so what’s gonna happen once he gets to be publicly together with the boy he likes?

I’m talking about:
• hand holding all the fucking time
• like oh Philip wants to take a picture of that beautiful sunset while they’re walking together?
• Well he better learn how to use the camera one-handedly because Lukas is not physically capable of letting go
• Philip’s name is quickly forgotten
• in favour of baby, babe, love, sugar, and any other pet name you can think of
• sometimes idiot is also used as a pet name
• people would ask Lukas what’s his boyfriend’s name
• and he’ll just get this really wide smile and won’t be able to answer not because he’s forgotten it because he’s always calling him baby
• but because he gets lost thinking that Philip Shea is his fucking boyfriend and he still can’t believe it
• whenever they’re sitting, they’re just as close as possible without one being on top of the other
• and also somehow Lukas’ arm always ends up around Philip’s shoulders
• he doesn’t even know how his arm ends up there
• but it’s really comfy so like hell he’s moving
• stolen kisses whenever it is possible
• maybe they’re having breakfast with Gabe and then he turns to get another pancake
• and Lukas will just peck Philip’s cheek
• oh Gabe gets another another pancake
• here’s another kiss for you Philip
• and also Lukas sometimes just gets lost while looking at Philip
• he just can’t help it
• they get together to do their maths homework
• and Philip is really concentrated
• and he makes this really adorable whenever he’s confused
• so obviously their ‘homework session’ is just Lukas staring at Philip for like half an hour
• and when Philip realises
• “you know your homework is not getting done by itself right”
• “doesn’t matter I’m just gonna copy yours when you’re done”
• so basically what I’m saying is
• once he becomes comfortable with his sexuality
• Lukas Waldenbeck is gonna be the most affectionate, love-struck boyfriend on this earth