we the youth

It’s this glance of sweetness I see in the look you gave me last time we met

It felt like 40 years though we knew us for 3 months

And when your song came up we screamed our youth out of our lungs

It’s those minutes I remembered what my first days of snow felt like

I crave you when you look down to the ground and your hair falls over your eyes

Think I’ll miss your warm voice, keeps spinning my head so I cannot think straight without you on my mind

It’s this look you give him everytime he says “I love you”

Am I the only one to notice the missing tremors in his voice telling me it’s fake

He’s gonna break your heart

And you’re gonna break my mind

Day Seven Hundred Fifty Six.

today we spoke about youth and abundance 
and the fleeting nature of it all
how fast we’ll be burdened with responsibilities 
that weigh us down like shackles
we giggled as we shrugged off all
that will come too soon
and yet
we continue to race towards a finish line
we claim we want to avoid


The concert will make Matthew the world’s youngest ever conductor!

Matthew’s performance will form part of NSO’s ‘Animal Magic!’ show which will also feature Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky and Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev.

Neil Bennison, music programme manager at the Royal Concert Hall, said young conductors like Matthew are rare.

Successful conductors have to be team managers, leaders, motivators and diplomats, and these people skills take time to develop and require a level of maturity that only comes with years of experience.Orchestras can be pretty merciless to conductors for whom they have no respect, so you’d have to be a supremely confident young maestro to win over a lot of hardened professional musicians.

Derek Williams, NSO conductor and Matthew’s music teacher, added: 

I spotted Matthew’s musical talent very early on in his musical tuition as I’ve been teaching him violin for five years. There aren’t many children who have the ability to conduct a 75-strong orchestra from memory and it’s a really incredible thing to witness.

Can we be honest for a moment and say that it’s rare to hear anything positive on the news, especially when it comes to black children? Matthew Smith is definitely making history. This young man is talented. I hope he does well and goes far.

We’re like rivals! You know - Ezor and Acxa! Neck and neck!

So little fun headcanon - Ezor and Acxa lived on the same colony\station and were sorta one sided rivals until that one time they both saved Lotor out of some trouble he got himself into and were offered the positions as his generals.

Buying me something designer and expensive will never fill my stomach with the butterflies that appear when I’m about travel and fly out instead. It’s cheaper too. Understand that experiences will always outweigh materialism. I don’t want new meaningless possessions, I want to lay up with you at 80 and laugh about all the memories we created in our youth.

- Meggan Roxanne

Following President Trump’s decision to remove national guidelines for schools to protect Trans students, an order put into place by President Obama, Philadelphia’s school district has announced there will be no changes to our city’s protections for Trans youth. We will continue to stand firm to assure that all students have access to to a safe learning environment. Philly resists!

please take a moment to imagine the Federation version of Eurovision as @swordfern and I have envisioned it, in a post-DS9 peaceful future:
-Bajor does something very soothing with hand percussion and like…. background eurythmy dancing but the lyrics are utterly heart-wrenching.
-Betazed is always a fan favorite- they really get into the pop ballads and impressive choreography, and of course aim to inspire ~feelings~
-Romulans do the super intimidating acts like that one song about Moscow Germany did one year.
-Klingons just do fucking opera every time, with intense choreography, generally involving weaponry.
-Andorians do… whatever the andorian version of death metal is. imagine andorian headbanging. with those antennae. imagine.
-the new Cardassian Republic, when it finally gains admittance, is intensely earnest and a bit disco. No one really knows how to react to this.
-Vulcan sends one person with a Vulcan lute and they play an extremely logical arrangement extremely well, with no dancers or any illogical frippery… and they repeat this each year. No one ever votes for Vulcan.