we the 99 percent

The avatar 99 percent of the time: “Guys we don’t need to fight. Why are we killing senselessly?”

The avatar in Kana’s paralogue: “Who touched my kid. Who sneezed on my child. Jakob, get my Yato. It’s time to cut some bitches.”

Aww, not the saiga antelope! We can’t lose the saiga antelope! I mean sure, 99 percent of the people reading this didn’t even know the word “saiga” six minutes ago, but look at it! Its curly horns, its dopey face, and a wibbly nose capable of crinkling 900 percent more adorably than any other animal as it sniffs! That thing probably even frolics!

You bet your ass it frolics. The saiga antelope is a sexually overloaded frolicking fuck-machine. The saiga is the evolutionary anti-panda, a species that quite literally screws itself over. The males don’t just fight for hump-rights; the winners then hump a whole harem so hard, they often forget to even eat. Male saiga commonly copulate themselves into a post-coital corpse. They’re actual, factual deadbeat dads.

After mating season, the survivors then let their hard-won harems disperse, presumably because they just don’t want to get tied down, man. So for the privilege of spending a shitty winter alone, the dudes then have to go through the whole horrific round of antler-combat all over again.

But saiga aren’t built like bee drones with expendable idiot males. They can’t afford to throw away healthy adults every mating season. This is an entire species of guys deciding that balls-exploding alpha maleness is so important, they’re killing themselves and their species. Even wolves don’t subscribe to the alpha male idiocy, and wolves are where scientists first invented that idea. And later retracted it as – and we paraphrase – “pretty fucking stupid.”

6 Endangered Species That Aren’t Endangered Enough Part 2 

ow storytime

earlier i was playing off-season comp on nepal, picked ana because even though i didn’t really want to heal ANOTHER FUCKING 3 DPS TEAM, i;m Tired and work with my skills

we lose the first fight and our junkrat leaves. cool. cool. great. good riddance, really. but y’see, even though we’re in off-season, the empty player slots aren’t filled in comp.

fighting 5v6 isn’t easy even in the best of situations, but forcing that onto your teammates on off-season comp? yeah it’s not as bad as if you did it in ACTUAL comp, but it’s still scummy because you’re wasting everyone else’s goddamn time. we made a genuinely valiant effort, not getting rolled, but still losing first round

2nd round, a lot of back and forth. enemy team’s at 99 fucking percent, we’re not TOO far below that.

then one of them fucking leaves.

in the ensuing 5v5, we win. more back and forth. we’re 2 to 2 points, still 5v5 for the 5th round. and you know what comp my amazing team picks? the dream team to win it all for us?

beautiful, isn’t it?

i assumed at that point we were throwing, but not so hard that i should switch off solo healer. i kind of really just wanted the game to be over because 1. i don’t like healing 3+ dps teams, 2. the fact that we had a leaver so early really does sour things a bit, and 3. FIVE ROUNDS OF KOTH IS ALWAYS TOO DAMN MUCH. YEAH IT’S NOT THE FIRST TIME I’VE PLAYED IT, AND IT’S FAR FROM MY LONGEST GAME PLAYED (lasted 18:57, for ppl who like numbers), BUT I NEEDED TO FUCKING PEE

it didn’t really matter; both teams had a shitty comp. anyway. you can probably guess how this turned out.

because a story about a leaver

isn’t complete without a win

anonymous asked:

What percent chance do you think there is that Bellamy and Clarke kiss this season? What episode do you think it's most likely to happen in? #teamfuckingkissalready

I’m like 99% percent we get a bellarke kiss in season 4. At least one.

I’m still hoping for 4.05. But then, I’ve been speculating them pushing the first steps towards romantic Bellarke early in the season, then pulling away from it by mid season, then back together for the second half for real. I would like to see canon and/or established Bellarke in 4b. Possibly it will be kind of a secret or not really official in 4b as they try to maintain professionalism. I think that will be kind of fun, in amongst the apocalypse. 

A girl can dream. 

Not to be cruel or attack you, but your icon is Martin. Who actually started all of this and is about 99 percent to blame here if we wanna bool thing down like you have.

He’s the reason Julia is even a hedge witch and distanced from Brakebills. He’s the reason she isn’t friends with the students. He killed all of them 39 times.

And it didn’t look like it was “enslave” Martin. He was free to do basically whatever he wanted besides murder with only small threats to his genitals made.

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  • some lowly staff intern: uhh we're getting notifications out of our asses, it appears that 99 percent of our demographic is strongly opposed to this new format
  • supreme staff hell lord, sipping a macchiato: let them scream. we're burning this site to the ground

Epilepsy: the disease that ruins raves. We all think we have a pretty good idea of what it entails. Flashing lights cause you to flail about like a puppet in an earthquake, and that’s about it, right? Actually, there are three categories of epilepsy, the symptoms of which are all over the place, and only one of them even has a known cause. The pop culture definition of epilepsy (which is, tragically, where we get like 99 percent of our definitions), is almost entirely wrong. Eleanor Levinson has been living with epilepsy for ten years, so we figured we’d ask her what it’s really like…

5 Reasons Life With Epilepsy is Weirder Than You Think


“The concept of the Needle was visually drawn up between myself and Will Simpson, so it’s an incorporation of looks. I’ve had input on 99 percent of all the weaponry because obviously we have to deal with making them physically. Obviously, the actors have to use them as well. They can’t just be beautiful items. Most of the swords, not all of them, are scaled to the people and for what they have to do and what action they have to do. Needle is obviously quite a finer blade, so it’s a nice scaled down sword for Maisie who plays Arya. She’s quite petite, so we couldn’t have a long blade or too robust a pommel or handle. So it had to fit her hand and be quite balanced for herself, and not be dragging on the floor. She likes it. She loves it.” Tommy Dunne, Armourer

On Zerrie cheating rumours

I think it’s really important to recognize the fact that the boys’ management has been selling us narratives from day one. My dash is full of people who question Louis and Harry’s because they are interested in their relationship, but the other boys’ are just accepted at face value (ie. zayn is a bad boy/brooding, liam believes in traditional values/ is the responsible one, niall is super innocent/has never dated.) It is really crucial that people realize that these are all just as sketchy/unrealistic/false as the “Harry’s a womanizer/Louis’ homophobic” ones. 99 percent of what we see of One Direction is what their management wants us to see.

So don’t assume that because there are photos of Zayn holding hands with a girl that we know the whole story, and definitely don’t assume that we weren’t supposed to see them.

Happy Friends Day! Approximately 100 trillion friends are much closer than you think…all over your body. 

Your body is an ecosystem of microbes, composed of 10,000 different species. Genetically we get even less real estate: 99 percent of the unique genes in our bodies are bacterial. This population of microorganisms has evolved along with homo sapiens to help orchestrate basic life processes, beginning the moment we’re born.

Meet some of these friendly microbes:

Learn more in the new exhibition, The Secret World Inside You.

Thanks to the Human Genome Project, we know that all humans share approximately 99.9 percent of their DNA in common. That leaves .1 percent of the genetic code to distinguish you from everyone else.

Iona Inglesby is a designer from London, who has created a company that highlights those genetic differences. Called Dot One (a reference to the .1 percent of our genetic code that’s unique), the company takes information from a cheek swab and turns it into glitchy representations of a human’s DNA on scarves, posters, and family trees.

Read more about Dot One and their designs.

Time to learn more of your microbial alphabet!

G) Are microbes Germs?

Some. Germ has come to mean the bad ones, the ones that make us sick. The shifting paradigm in medicine around this is the actual recognition of what are germs and what aren’t, and how they interact. Some microbes, like Heliobacter pylori, would have been considered a germ 15, 20 years ago, but now is kind of not a germ. It’s kind of something that we might need - at least at times.

When you see labels that say kills 99 percent of bacteria? Well, we don’t want to kill 99 percent. We like 98.6 percent of bacteria. Just kill that flu virus.

H) Do microbes Have DNA?

Yes.They play by the same genetic rules that we play by. They play by the same molecular rules that we play by, in general. The only thing that they have that’s different with respect to their DNA is that they can pick up stray pieces of DNA a lot better than we can.It’s really clear from looking at DNA sequences that we share ancestry with these microbes.  That we’re all related to archaea, bacteria, all the eukaryotes, we’re all related to each other through a common ancestor and we can show that quite clearly with DNA sequences.

I) Are microbes Important? 

We wouldn’t be here without them. Every oxygen molecule we inhale is made by a microbe or a descendant of a microbe. The protein in our body got to us through microbes.Plants wouldn’t be here either. Or potato chips. Or cheese.  Or beer.

See J, K, L and the rest of the microbial alphabet.

Sherlock Hiatus

Sherlock came out in July/August 2010. Since then it has been 5 years (one of which is a leap year) and 43 days.

So this is 1869 days. Which is 44,856 hours.

The length of each episode is around 90 minutes. And the pilot is an hour, and I rounded the special (MHR) up to half an hour for simplicity. So this is 15 hours.

To work out the time we’ve been on hiatus, you’d take 15 away from 44,856. Which gives 44,841. To work out percentage it’s (waiting time divided by total time) x 100.

This gives 99.97% . We have been on hiatus. 99.97% fucking percent of the time!