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Safe For Now #7

Summary: Three years after you almost die from a werewolf attack, Peter Hale comes to you, tortured and bloodied, seeking a safe haven. What could possibly go wrong?
Characters in this chapter: Peter Hale, female reader, Scott McCall, Kate Argent, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Chris Argent
Characters mentioned: Gerard Argent, Allison Argent
Pairing: Chris Argent x reader, Peter Hale x reader , Past Derek Hale x reader, Derek Hale x Braeden
Word Count: 2,799
Warnings: Language, angst, torture, death. 
Author’s Note: This is my first time writing Peter, so if I get something wrong, I’m sorry. Miss the Beginning? GIF credit [x][x][x]

“Bullshit,” she sneered. “You’re hiding something, and I’m going to find out what it is. Even if it kills you.”

Kate turned the knife over, pressing the point of the serrated blade into the spot just below your sternum. Peter growled low in his throat and yanked as hard as he could on his restraints. Kate turned to the werewolf and smirked, sending him a wink as she gripped the handle tight, and pressed it slowly into your stomach, the wet squelch of your skin being cut into the last thing you heard before you screamed.

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“You’re in no shape to go,” Derek growled, glaring at Chris with cerulean eyes.

“Could say the same for you,” Chris argued, refusing to back down.

Scott gave a warning growl, low in his throat, rumbling through the room. “Enough arguing,” the teenager demanded. “We’re all going, and that’s final.”

“That’s right,” Stiles agreed before realizing what his best friend said. “Wait, what? I don’t… I don’t need to be there.”

Rolling his eyes, Scott assured his friend, “You can stay in the car.”

“I… I don’t see why I have to go,” Stiles countered, arms folded over his chest, glaring at Scott.

“Would you two shut up,” Chris snapped, huffing out a loud breath. “Shouldn’t take us long to get there. But we have to leave now. If you’re not going to help, leave your ass here”

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New to Him

An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request for Ed losing his virginity to you

Word Count: 7,494


“Ed come look.”

You’d been pestering him to join you at the window for the last five minutes but he was too occupied on his laptop, his socked feet propped up on the coffee table.  When you glanced over your shoulder at him he brought his blue eyes up from the screen, the light reflected in his glasses.

“Babe I’ve seen the wind blowing plenty of times,” he said, choosing to stay put on the sofa with his red Beats headphones draped around his neck.

“But this is a really bad storm,” you countered, looking back out the window straight across from where he was lounging, “oh shit that tree is definitely gonna come down at some point.”

Ed chuckled when you got distracted by the weather but still clicked away on his Mac.  He’d been spending a lot of his free time working on his new music, and though you supported him and his work, it got to be annoying on the only nights you had together.  Of course he wouldn’t spend the entire time on the computer, but a good chunk of it.

“Fine,” you finally sighed, walking over to the sofa and plopping down hard beside him, “you’re so boring when you’re working.”

Ed sighed when you rested your head against his shoulder.

“No offense.  I guess.”

You knew he’d eventually stop working and the two of you could at least watch a movie together, but for the time being you were bored just sitting there beside him, your head pressed to his shoulder.  

“Your hair smells good,” he said out of nowhere, his voice a little raspy since he’d previously been so quiet.

He was always throwing those little compliments at you, whether they were about your hair or what you were wearing and it was so sweet the way he’d do it when you least expected it.  

With a smile you gave his arm a gentle rub before the wind came blowing hard and rattled the windows.  The storm had been expected since the beginning of the week and Ed had previously asked if you wanted to be locked in with him, since he was off, or was supposed to be, and he wanted to spend time with you. Of course you agreed and the two of you went out to gather supplies for the storm, like candles and batteries for flashlights in case of a power outage, and of course plenty of food and snacks.

“What are we gonna do if the power goes out?” You asked him and he shrugged with his mouth in a pout before he seemed to have some sort of epiphany.  

His blue eyes lit up and he smiled wide.

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The first time the water comes, Olive is braiding my hair. Two birds flurry into the room, wings slapping the air. She sees it before I do: waves upon waves, cresting, tumbling against the bones of high-rises. We are on the tenth floor but it isn’t enough. The windows shatter, the lights burst. The storm rushes, her teeth dark as oil. Soon, it is all we know. Our mouths full of water, our hands almost touching. I can never tell if it’s memory or dream. Wet & dizzy & beyond, like a good kiss. My mind scatters & finds itself again. The city died in this water. We made a home from this water. The birds fighting its touch, wings shuddering. Olive pushes open the door & we are thrown into the stairwell. My braid is undone & we swim & climb & sob, panting & soaked. If only the first was the worst. When we finally reach the roof, we cling to each other, await a new kind of light.
Seek, and You Shall Find- Chapter 10

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3  Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6   Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9

“Is that how ye entranced Jamie? Did ye cast a spell on him?” Laoghaire reached inside her cloak, pulling a shadow from its depths.

Claire was stuck, caught in the corner of Losgann’s stall, staring down the barrel of a gun.

“No, Laoghaire. You don’t understand–”

“I know what I saw!!” Her hand quivered, the pistol shaking dangerously.

“But you don’t understand. If you let me explain…”

Her answer was short and determined. “Nay.”

“At least… at least put the gun down. Please. You don’t know what you’re doing.” Claire began to stand slowly, hands outstretched in surrender.

“Of course I do!” It was a lie. She held it incorrectly, all the more dangerous for it.

“Fine. Of course. You’re a braw, smart woman.” Claire spoke to her as if she were a child, slow and soothing. And, in a way, she was a child. Only sixteen.

“He was mine, ye ken? We were supposed to be together!”

“I… Jamie?”

“Aye! And ye stole him! Hexed him! Now, he doesna look at me!” Tear tracks shown brightly on her face.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know… I didn’t mean to… to focus his attention on me. But, dear… he was never yours.”

Laoghaire cracked then, sobs echoing from all corners of the stables. She stalked closer to Claire, until the pistol was at her chest.

“He will be. If yer dead.”

Fear spiked in Claire, her blood running cold. This woman–girl– deadly serious. She would murder Claire, here in the stables. Sweat began to trickle down her temples.

“Laoghaire… do you know what they do to murderers?”

She laughed again. A harsh sound; beautiful, but hateful. “I’ll no kill ye Claire,” she sneered in derision. “No, no. I’ll tell Colum, and have his magistrates do it for me. I hope ye like it… warm.”

And she was off, scuttling out of the stables before Claire could stop her. Her hair flew behind her, a banner announcing a death. Claire’s death.

Was this it? After all her running, her deception, would she finally meet the pyre? Was it her destiny after all?

She collapsed, tears streaming. She would never marry again, never bear children. Images of Jamie flashed behind her eyes; laughing, smiling, kissing her. Strengthening her.

No. This would not be it. She would survive. She always did.


Jamie woke, his lungs constricted. He gasped, hands grappling at his chest. Instead, he found a warm body atop him.

“Jamie. Are you awake?” Sweet breath fanned his face.

“Uh… aye, Sassenach. What… what are ye doing?” He sat up, Claire still straddling his hips.

“I needed to speak with you.”

“And it couldna wait til morning? What time is it?”

“Nigh on 2, I expect. And it couldn’t.”

That grabbed his attention. He began to notice something… off about her. Her voice was frantic, her hands trembled where they rested on his shoulders. He was on full alert.

“What’s going on, Claire?”

“I have to leave.”

“Where are we going?”

Her teeth shone in the darkness, a small, sad smile. “You’re staying here. I’m leaving.”

“What?” He sat up even further, completely straight-backed, almost knocking Claire to the ground in the process. He grasped her hips tightly. It was then he noticed that she was fully clothed. “Claire, what’s happening?”

“I was in the stables. I wanted to help Losgann. I could help her. So I did.”

Jamie waited patiently; this wasn’t the end of the story.

“Laoghaire saw me. I didn’t hear her come in, but she saw everything. And now…” She took a deep breath, calming her anxious voice. “Now she’s going to tell Colum, and they’ll have me tried, of not burned outright. I can't… I can’t be here anymore.”

“I’m coming with ye.” Jamie put as much force in this statement as he could.

“No, no. You don’t need to make enemies with your family.”

“I dinna care–”

“I do. You can’t run off with me. Besides, we’ll be slower as a pair. They’ll catch us if they want.”

He was furious. Was he to stay behind, unable to care for this woman? The woman he loved? He let every ounce of irritation pour into his words. “So, ye expect me to just stay here? Sit here and twiddle my thumbs, while yer out God knows where?”

“Yes,” she said simply. “That’s exactly what I expect you to do.”

“Oh, so–” He began, but she cut him off.

“You’ll need them one day, the Mackenzies. They’ve kept you safe in your time of need.” She placed a gentle hand on his cheek. “I’m not saying that you don’t come with me. You just won’t come with me immediately.”

“I dinna understand.”

“I’m leaving tonight. You’ll wait–a week or two– and you’ll leave as well. With their knowledge, of course.”

“And what am I to do with ye gone?”

Claire shook her head. “Just… act heartbroken. Like you didn’t know anything about this.”

Jamie wrapped his hands around Claire’s face. “It willna be an act.” It was only a whisper.

“I just want you safe,” she whispered back. “You don’t want to be associated with me, not now. But we’ll find each other again.”

“How? How will I ken where ye are?”

She sighed. “I don’t know. But, I trust that… that whatever… force thrust us together will bring us together again. You must too.”


“Because you have to.”

She kissed him then, gentle, like a bird’s wing. But Jamie wasn’t having that. He grasped her hair hard, pulling and pushing. Inching closer, always needing to be closer. She groaned softly, hands gripping his hips.

He pulled away first. “When I find ye, I’m going to marry ye. And then, we can finish this.” He ended with soft pecks on her eyelids.

Tha gaol agam ort, Seumas.”

“Tha gaol agam ort, Sorcha.”

•The Storm• {Carl Grimes Smut}

Word Count: 7,262

I’m so sorry for any mistakes I didn’t edit this.
But if you want to request you can! I will write about anyone on the show. I will also take requests for imagines about the actors! So don’t be afraid to request.

(Y/N)’S POV*

“Carl, come look at this.“ I say smiling.
I’d been pestering him to join me at the window to watch the storm for the last five minutes but he was too occupied on his video game, his hair falling in his face making him look very attractive.
When i glanced over my shoulder at him he brought his blue eyes up from the screen, the light reflected on the shinny golden part on his hat.
“Sweetheart, I’ve seen storms many times,” he said, choosing to stay put on the comfort of our grey colored sofa.
“But it hasn’t rained in months,” i countered, looking back out the window straight across from where he was sitting, “I love watching storms now-a-days because they don’t come that often anymore.” Carl just chuckled.
He’d been spending a lot of his free time going on runs because we were running out of supplies, and even though i supported him because he was doing his job, it got to be annoying on the only nights we had together. Of course he wouldn’t spend the entire time playing them stupid games, but a great portion of it was taken by video game playing.
“Fine,” I finally sighed, walking over to the sofa and plopping down lazily beside him, “pay attention to meeeee!“
Carl sighed when i rested my head against his shoulder.
“Just let me finish this level…”
I knew he’d eventually stop and the two of us could at least cuddle together, but I was truthfully getting tired of just sitting here beside him.
“Your hair, it smells like coconut, it smells amazing,”
he said out of the blue, his voice a little raspy since he’d hardly said a word.
He was always throwing those little compliments at me, whether they were about my hair or my embarrassing singing in the shower and it was so cute the way he’d say those little things when I least expected him to.
With a wide grin i gave his arm a gentle rub before the wind came blowing hard and rattled the windows. The storm had been expected since yesterday and Carl had previously asked if I had wanted to stay in with him, since he wouldn’t be going on a run, and he wanted to spend extra time with me I guess. Of course i agreed and the two of us went out to gather supplies for the storm, like candles and batteries for flashlights in case of a power outage, and of course the little food and snacks that we all had to ration.
“What are we gonna do if the power goes out? Well, what are you gonna do if the power goes out?” I asked him emphasizing the word you, and he shrugged with his mouth in a small frown.
His blue eyes lit up and he smiled wide.
“We could play hide and seek, In the dark,” his teeth showed within his wide grin, letting me know he really would like that while he looked to me, “that would be AWESOME.”
The last of his words came out with his eyes squeezed in excitement, almost as if he’d sneezed without actually sneezing, that cute little smirk playing out over his mouth once he waited for me to respond.
“I want you to really think about what you just said, and then imagine yourself running around trying to hide, bumping into everything in the dark,” i tell him,
“You’re literally almost blind as it is babe, that would end badly for the both of us.”
He laughed it off and eventually nodded in agreement, turning his attention back to the TV screen.
“Would be fun though,” he said softly.
“It would be. But I had something a little more…sexual in mind.”
Carl laughed a little under his breath when i brought my hand to his thigh, rubbing a smooth circle over his clothed leg.
“You’re a real distraction, you know that?”
With a proud nod i brought my hand to the side of his scruffy cheek and gave it a soft squeeze.
“Yep. And in a few minutes I’m throwing that remote into the damn storm.”


The wind blew while rain pounded the roof and windows. Carl had finally decided to turned off the TV nearly a hour and a half later than I’d wanted him to and given the dark clouds and the time, the room was growing darker faster then we both expected it to.
Carl had lit little candles and set them all around the house so you both at least had a dim light so you could see.
“Just in case,” he said as he placed two hand guns down, one beside him and the other down beside me.
He’d just gotten a few newer guns on the last few runs he had been on and talked me into letting him keep two of them here at home with him rather than put them with the rest.
“I feel special,” I said with a smile.
He glanced up, sitting cross legged on the hardwood floor.
For a bit we sat across from each other, I sat on the living room floor in his favorite plaid pajama bottoms, a solid black t-shirt hung over his frame. I really liked the way his bright blue eyes stood out while he’s wearing the dark shirt, his dark brown hair shaggy and flying in all different directions since he hadn’t fixed it. The ends were frayed and he looked especially child-like sitting before me with his legs crossed and his elbows resting on his knees, his attention fixed on my face.
“So I was thinking that we’ve been together for a while,” i suddenly spoke up, fiddling with a small pile bricks, “and since we actually have the night to ourselves I think we should take advantage of it.”
Carl lifted his head and fidgeted a bit before he cleared his throat and rubbed under his nose. He seemed uncomfortable with what I’d said and i couldn’t exactly place what the problem was. Even thought we’ve been together for a long time, Carl wanted to take things slow. He’d mentioned it to me one night and said he wasn’t ready to do anything physical for a while. It wasn’t a problem, especially when he said he wasn’t ready. I would never pressure him into something he didn’t want to do, but after a while, it felt a little too much like rejection to me, and I started thinking that he had no interest in being physical with me in that way.
“What’s wrong?” I asked when he didn’t respond to what I’d suggested.
Carl kept the gun he had picked up a while ago in his hands, his eyes lowered to the floor.
“Nothing’s wrong,” he sighed, “I just-” He was stumbling over his own words and began to stutter a little, which was a clear indication that he was nervous. “I just, I don’t really think I’m ready for any…anything yet.”
When he noticed the hurt look on my face he laid the gun into his lap and scooted a little closer to me to reach his hand out and softly rub the side of my arm.
“Hey, it’s not you, okay?” He said, angling his face to be able to look into my eyes, given that I was staring down into my own lap.
“I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, Carl,“ i started and slowly he let his hand fall away, “I thought you liked me, well loved me, I mean, I love you…a lot, so?”
He shook his head and closed his eyes before taking his hat off, revealing more of his long shaggy hair.
“I do love you,” he started, staring down at his hat in his hands, “I love you a lot too, I’m just..”
He trailed again with yet another exhale of warm air, and I just sat and listened. The anxiety was pouring off of him and i could almost feel it in the air between you, part of me feeling more nervous than anything while he struggled to find the correct words to say. I didn’t understand what could’ve happened to him that would turn him off to any sort of physical contact.
“I just don’t,” he kept trying to speak, “fuck, I mean I haven’t done-”
His heart was pounding in his chest and he was finding it incredibly hard to just sit still. He fidgeted against the floor and kept tucking his legs tighter in while he sat. He was being truthful when he’d said he loved me a lot, I could tell, and it was terrifying him to admit the one thing he was almost too embarrassed to say.
“Carl, whatever it is, you can tell me, okay? I promise I won’t judge babe,”
He sucked in a breath and slowly sat his hat to the side, then swallowing back an apparent lump in his throat.
“I haven’t done anything,” he said quickly, his blue eyes on me before they darted to his hands and the gun in his lap, “I’m sort of…sort of…a virgin.”
I sat quietly listening and his words shocked me enough for my eyebrows to angle in confusion. His cheeks flushed and he bit his bottom lip out of embarrassment, grabbing the gun out of his lap again playing around with it.
“Okay? don’t worry babe,“ I finally spoke.
I would still be a virgin too but in the early apocalypse I was forced to do things for people… For a longggg time.
All those times Carl had joked about it on runs, and just in general I thought it was just that; a joke. Little did i know he really was and it was clear that he didn’t want to admit it.
“But all those times you made those jokes, the,” i trailed off, shaking my head and tried to understand, “I don’t..why wouldn’t you tell me?”
Carl readjusted his legs under him again and continued fiddling with the gun.
“Because I was afraid of what you’d think. And for the jokes and statements I made…I’m a good liar,” he said, “the opportunity came up loads of times but I was always too nervous to go through with it, or tell the truth. And if I ever did blurt it out, sometimes…sometimes they’d just laugh and leave.”
A twinge of hurt stuck my chest and i studied Carl with his head lowered, hardly able to look at me while he shared his most personal secret.
“Hey,” i whispered, reaching forward to gently touch his arm, “it’s okay. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Look, I’m not laughing. I’d never laugh at you like that. I’d never leave or make you feel bad about it.”
He shook his head slow in refusal to look up and bit the inside of his cheek.
The shy part of him was making me want to reach forward and press a kiss to his lips but i fought the urge to out of fear that it might make him uncomfortable.
“We can talk about it more if you want,” i told him but he just shook his head.
“It’s okay, there’s not much else to say about it.”
I nodded and gathered my gun in my hands, messing around with it like Carl was and still is.
“I think if you’re ready,” i said softly, “tonight would be a perfect night.”
I said it honestly and Carl just sat messing with his gun before he slowly glanced up at me.
His blue eyes gave off a sense of fear, but not an afraid of heights kind of fear, more like about to be eaten like a walker afraid.
“I don’t want you to feel like you have to do that,” he said, “most girls leave because they know they won’t exactly get much out of it.”
I shook my head.
“I want to,” i said.
He swallowed before he glanced out the window well off to his right.
“Promise you won’t laugh?” He asked and i was almost hurt that he had to ask such a thing while looking away from you.
“Of course I won’t.”
“No matter what?”
I nodded surely and pulled his face toward mine, keeping the tip of my thumb stuck in the dimple in his chin, which was lightly covered by brown stubble.
“No matter what.”
Just after the conversation, we decided to eat, but quickly returned to the living room floor once we both finished. By then the storm was worsening.
I just sat quietly humming a soft melody in the back of my throat.
“I’m sorry,” i sighed and Carl and glanced up at me, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I can’t stop thinking about what you said.”
Carl shifted against the floor.
“Have you done anything? Like…anything?”
He was quiet for a few seconds before he sighed. All i wanted was for him to be comfortable, but i still wanted to talk about it. While softly chewing his bottom lip, his eyes met yours and quickly looked back down when he slowly shook his head the tiniest bit.
Everything was quiet except the wind and the rain behind the windows.
“It’s okay,” I said, “you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about babe.”
He kept his face straight until he shook his head and cracked a smile, a tiny laugh spilling from his mouth.
“It’s pretty pathetic, you don’t have to lie.”
“It’s really not though, I mean, who cares. You seem happy, so what’s the big deal?”
He shrugged his shoulders and the smile faded from his mouth for a split second.
“Getting a bit tired of taking care of things myself though,” he couldn’t help but blurt the words and laugh at himself, his face blaring redder than his hair.
A surprised look spread over my face and I couldn’t stop the laugh either, leaning forward to playfully poke at his right bicep.
“I always thought this arm was bigger. Now I know why.”
Carl covered his face in his hands and let out a high-pitched shout out of pure embarrassment.
“God that’s fucking awkward, I’m never looking you in the eye ever again.”
Slowly i reached forward and pulled his hands away by his wrists, revealing his flushed cheeks and slight grin.
“I was kidding,” I said, fighting to hide my smirk, “kind of.”
Carl flashed his blue eyes at me and shook his head, the two of us forgetting about the storm outside.

(This is where I stopped writing in first person because I like this part better this way.)

After a break of somewhat awkward silence you leaned forward on your knees and softly planted a kiss on his mouth, thumbs resting just beside his ears and your fingers buried in his long hair. His lips were chapped but you didn’t mind, pulling away with a little smack, moving your hand up to cradle his rough cheek.
“Do you want to just go the bedroom now?” you whispered and you could swear you saw him shudder.
“I-Isn’t it still early?” Carl asked with a light stutter, one part of him wanted to avoid it but the other part of him wanted to finally go through with it.
“I know you’re nervous, but we’ll go slow and take our time. I want to make it special for you.”
His belly swirled with nerves and what he swore was butterflies and he just smiled shyly and glancing up at you.
“Okay,” he said softly, his blue eyes darting from your mouth and up to your eyes.
His cheeks were still burning and it sent a little gush of excitement through you when you realized that you would be the one to guide him through something so intimate and new to him.
Without another word you stood from the floor and quickly blew out the candles before reaching your hands out for him to take.
“Well come on then.”
Carl couldn’t stop the full smile that took over and his teeth were showing through when he slowly reached up and met your palms in his.
You tugged him up and he laughed when you both stumbled a little because of how hard you pulled.


Carl stood at the foot of the bed with his hands hanging loosely at his sides. The hair on his face was showing dominant over his pale cheeks and you stood close, teasing your lips over his.
“I’m really nervous,” he whispered, his brown eyelashes stark against his light freckles.
You responded back with a gentle kiss, bringing your hands up to cradle his face. The dark brown hair lightly sprouting from his jaw and cheeks tickled your palms but you held him firmly until he deepened the kiss and brought his own hands to your hips.
He was panting after the kissing grew more passionate, your open mouths and tongues moving perfectly in sync. Carl pulled away, his wet lips smacking when they separated from yours.
“I don’t know if I can do this,” he said through a soft voice, nearly a whisper but enough for you to hear him clearly.
His hands were trembling at your hips and you reached down to take them in yours.
“Do you want to?” You asked him honestly, staring up into his vibrant blue eyes.
After a few seconds of quiet he sucked in a shaky breath and nodded his head slow, strands of his brown hair falling over his brown eyebrows when his eyes darted over yours.
“I’ll walk you through it, okay?”
Carl could feel his feet tingling in his stomach and he cursed to himself for being so nervous when you slowly leaned forward again and pressed your mouth to his, still with your fingers intertwined.
Carl took some control and moved his mouth from yours and down a bit where he paid close attention to the place just under your jaw, planting warm wet kisses along the way. Even with his inexperience in other departments, he was an amazing kisser, and the way his lips laid over your skin was enough for you to liquify right then and there.
Through his kisses you ran your hands up and over to the back of his neck where you carded your fingers through the crazy soft curls at the very base of his neck. They lingered for a bit until Carl sighed warmly into your skin and brought his mouth back up to yours.
His heart thudded under his ribs and you could feel it in the tips of your fingers when you grazed his slim yet broad chest.
In one quick motion you were pulling your mouth away and pulled him closer so you could tug his shirt up, your own breath heavily leaving from your mouth and the growing anticipation bubbling low in your tummy. As he had his arms raised for you to take off his shirt it got stuck and he chuckled with his face hidden by the black shirt, his flat belly inflating with each laugh that left his now cherry red lips . Dark brown tufts of hair wildly poked from under his underarms.
“I feel like a horny teenager,” you smirked, finally getting the shirt off of him.
“You are a horny teenager, Carl,”
He had a cat like grin plastered over his face and he reached up to smooth down his crazy dark brown mop of hair, bits and pieces fluffed straight up from having been trapped in the material of his shirt.
“You have no idea how I feel right now,” he said, reaching forward to bring your hips toward his more.
You inched your hand further down and Carl sucked in a deep breath when you moved lower and felt him already firm and hot under your fingers.
“You’re so sensitive,” you said when he jerked his hips, not to embarrass him, but to acknowledge it.
Carl nodded lightly.
“It actually hurts a lot right now.”
His porcelain colored face was now flushed with red blotches that were traveling down his neck. He was so worked up already and you knew that even if you took it slow gentle, he wouldn’t last long the first time around.
Still looking into his blue eyes you brought your hands to the band and tugged. Carl studied your movements and tried to control his breathing but he couldn’t stop imagining where he was headed.
He stomped out of his pants and you tugged his hand, bringing him back toward the bed. He was still in his boxers but they were tented and had a large darkened moist spot where he was straining against the fabric, his mouth straight and eyes glazed over.
“Climb up on the bed and get comfortable,” you told him when he sat down on the edge of the mattress.
Using his hands and booty, he scooted up toward the pillows in the middle of the bed, watching you undress in front of him, for him. You sat your bottoms with his but kept on your sports bra and underwear, slowly climbing over him on the bed with a small smile.
“You okay?” you asked, reaching up to take his face in your hands.
He nodded and kept quiet, taking his hands and resting then neatly at your waist.
“I just want you to relax babe,” you said.
Carl couldn’t stop the butterflies in his tummy, while he swallowing hard, he was almost ready to lose it at the sound of your voice and his fingers clutching your hips.
“Lay back.”
He listened and slowly sunk down against the pillows, his tummy inflating and deflating while he panted. Still straddling his soft thighs you ran your hands down his chest where you dragged your fingers toward his pelvis, feeling tingles in them as if his skin was made of fire. And you were sure he felt the same when he exhaled a long breath and closed his eyes.
“Relax,” you told him when you noticed his soft tummy quiver, just after you’d brought your fingers to the elastic band of his boxers.
With a slow nod he brought his right arm up and covered his eyes with his forearm, letting his mouth fall open to help get the air in his lungs.
You gave a gentle tug on his boxers and he lifted his hips off the bed, biting his bottom lip tightly when you stretched the fabric over him and dragged them down his legs until he was lying completely nude beneath you.
“Look at me Babe,” you lightly whispered, straddling his bare thighs and the hair there curly and wild.
Slowly he pulled his arm away from his eyes and let it rest over his forehead instead. You leaned forward a bit, pressing your palms flat against his chest and planted a gentle kiss against his mouth.
“I’m sorry I’m just really nervous. And now my dick’s out and I’m freaking out about it,” he sighed with a light half smirk,
With his comment you laughed and glanced down.
“If it makes you feel better, I’m a little scared too,” you said and a concerned look washed over his face until he caught your eyes staring between his legs.
“I know I’m packin’,“ he laughed with a smirk,
You wanted to roll your eyes at him but since it was helping his nerves, you just laughed lightly instead.
“But really, how do you feel? Are you sure you still want to do this?” You asked and pushed your hair behind your ear.
“I haven’t ever been this…” He trailed, pausing to determine the right way to put what he was feeling into words, “this turned on. You’re so beautiful.”
His hips were moving lightly but enough for you to notice and just taking the sight of him lying completely vulnerable to you sent your own blood rushing and a warm throb building between your legs.
“And yes. Yes I’m sure I want this, but I think-I know I’m gonna cum really early.”
He was trying to be so calm about it and it was cutely sweet.
“Well I want you to know it’s okay if you do,” you said, just before he nodded and you gave his cheek a kiss.
From there your mouth met his and trailed down his neck where he groaned low in his throat and shifted his head to offer more room. His skin tasted salty with a hint of sweetness from the nervous sweating and you kissed down and over his throat, grazing his Adam’s apple and eventually following the dips and curves of his collarbone. While your mouth worked its way down slowly you gently held his left arm beside him on the bed, trailing them the further down you moved.
Feathery kisses trickled down and over his chest and he let out a soft moan when you brought your lips to his left nipple, sucking and letting your tongue swirl around the hardening nub. Carl twitched beneath you and strained his hips up, a choked sigh getting caught in his throat when he tried to tug at his arms.
“Fuck you’re driving me crazy,” he whined, glancing down at you working your way from his left nipple and to his right, planting the same wet kisses over that one once you reached it.
Without speaking a single word you slowly inched away and traveled your mouth down the line between his ribs and kissed your way toward the faint light brownish/blonde hair around his belly button.
Carl sucked in a breath and strained his neck to watch every kiss, but it was too hard to stay put with you holding his arm. With another little tug you gave in and let go, figuring you’d need your hands shortly anyhow.
“I swear if you keep at this I might literally explode,” he said, a hint of humor laced in his tone.
“Just take a deep breath and relax.”
You’d pulled your mouth away enough to speak but immediately brought it back to his belly button, working it down and over his right freckled hip until he whined and wiggled lifting his hips.
The raspy groan in his throat sent a tingle low in your tummy and it took a lot for you to not sink yourself down on him right then.
Carl knew your plan when you moved your mouth even lower and your hands grabbed at his thighs to part them a little more. He stuttered and you felt his tummy tremble when you gently kissed him at the crevice of his thigh, the hair there burying your mouth and tip of your nose in a flurry of brown colored hair.
“Okay, w-wait, wait,” he spat nervously, squeezing his eyes closed and quickly reaching down for the sides of your face.
“What’s wrong babe?”
His hands were shaking while he held your face, your hair caught between his palms.
“I want this with you so badly but I’m so afraid you’re not going to enjoy it, I mean we live in the apocalypse… I want you to enjoy something in this life,” his eyes lowered and he slowly let his hands fall away from your face, “Jesus, I’m already so close and you haven’t even done anything yet.”
You wanted to smile but he was genuinely worried about not being able to satisfy you.
“It’s okay to cum fast, Carl, you’re going to anyway because it’s your first time. And that’s okay.”
He nodded quickly and you gently pushed him back down against the mattress, hearing him inhale a deep breath through his nose and let it out in a quick burst from his mouth.
Every nerve in his body was standing on edge and he clutched the duvet beside his hip, trying to find anything to distract him from your mouth dangerously close to where blood was rushing and fluid was leaking from the thick plump purplish red tip.
“Oh fucking hell,” he sighed and jerked his hips up when you gently took hold of him with both hands and planted a soft kiss on the glistening head.
He was clenching his belly and breathing hard, fisting the blanket to fight the complete feeling of ecstasy and letting himself go far too early. His mouth hung open and he let out a throaty sigh when he felt your warm wet lips stretch over him and down until he slid into your mouth almost halfway.
“fucking hell… Oh shit,” he cursed, propped up on his slightly muscly elbows to watch when you used your hand to wrap around the rest of him and you held him still, letting him bask in the feeling of being tucked snug in your warm wet mouth.
You gave him a strong pump, twirling your tongue around his skin. His hips twitched up and he couldn’t help but whine toward the ceiling, his vibrant arms flexing each time he clutched the sheets.
His eyes were slammed closed and he had his nose scrunched up, and when you felt him twitch against your tongue you knew he was already dangerously close. You slowed the pace but still pumped your hand and moved him in and out of your mouth, taking him as deep as you could stand.
“C-close, I’m close. So fucking close,” he breathed, hanging his chin down against his chest in defeat. His hips jerked forcefully and you kept in rhythm with him, deciding not to tease and just let him have the release he was so close to experiencing.
Two more firm pumps and twirls and he swelled with a little twitch, a harsh groan tumbling its way out of his chest when you felt the first warm gush hit the back of your tongue. He’d been holding his breath in the very last moments and he finally released the air when his orgasm took over, face screwed up and faint eyebrows knitted together. Through heavy breaths he mumbled your name from his numb lips and cursed straight after, a quick little grunt bursting from his parted mouth.
He was vocal and that in itself was enough to drive you insane, those throaty little hisses and moans sneaking their way out of him and his soft pale belly quivering.
“That was,” he breathed, panting with one arm draped over his face and the other over his ribs once he fell down flat against the mattress, exhausted already, “fucking shit.”
You pulled away and inched up his body, slowly taking his arm and moving it away from his eyes when you straddled his waist.
“That won’t even be the best part,” you smiled, wiggling your hips a little against his tummy until you knew he could feel your heat and the wetness spreading low between your thighs.
Carl took another breath and let it out, moving his arm slowly to see you reaching your hands behind you to your bra.
“I’m not going to survive this night,” he said with his eyes fixed on your chest.
“You’re doing fine baby, but now it’s my turn.”
He gave you a nod with his trembling hands clutching your hips and when your bra finally came loose he licked his lips.
The room was silent with the exception of the rain hammering the windows, and you reached forward to take his shaky hands, bringing them up to rest softly on each breast. When his skin met yours he squeezed and cracked a tiny smile, using his nimble fingers to knead the soft flesh.
“Does that feel alright?” He asked innocently through a whisper, bumping his thumbs over each nipple at the same time. Your hips jerked and you let out a soft breath, nodding.
“Pull them a little, like this,” you said, guiding his right hand directly to the taut bud, showing him just what you liked.
Carl was so concentrated on your pleasure that he hardly had any expression on his face, his thumb and forefinger lightly tugging and twisting your hardened nipple. He did the same to the other with his left hand and continuously massaged your breasts simultaneously, basking in how it felt to feel your hips rocking against his soft stomach.
“Okay,” you hissed when the sensitivity got too much and he quickly pulled away like he’d hurt you.
“Here let’s switch,” you breathed, your heart pounding when you climbed off him and traded positions.
Carl nestled warmly between your legs, balancing himself up on his forearms. He wasted no time meeting your mouth with his, kissing you with such passion he left you panting and squirming around beneath him.
Down his mouth went to your neck and he nibbled softly at your skin. Your hands clutched his arms the further he went, your hips grinding against his.
He’d gone soft fairly quickly after he came the first time but now you could feel him firming up again between your legs, rocking his pelvis up into you to chase the feeling.
“This good?” He mumbled softly between sticky kisses.
With a nod you gave a little moan in the back of your throat and he felt it against his lips, continuing on his journey down when you wrapped your hand around his head and gently fisted his silky hair.
His hand slipped down between you and you decided on letting him take the lead, nudging open your legs a little more when he teased his fingers at the band of your underwear.
Carl sealed a kiss to your neck and glanced up into your eyes, watching you writhe beneath him. Slowly he tucked his fingers in the band and dragged the material over your hips. You lifted them just as he’d done for you and he tossed them to the floor before he climbed off the bed and grabbed hold of your legs under your knees.
“Come down a bit,” he said, guiding you closer to the edge.
He knelt down on the floor and you kept one foot pressed to the mattress with your knee bent while Carl took the other leg and propped it over his shoulder.
“Okay?” He asked and you quickly nodded your head, holding yourself up on your elbows.
Carl kissed his way up your leg, his brown eyelashes flush against his plump cheeks. With a sigh you widened your bent leg a bit, his warm wet mouth trailing soft kisses from your calf and up to the inside of your thigh. You were panting and trying to keep your hips still for him, his hands clutching around your thighs to tug them open more.
His hair was like silk between your fingers when you tangled them above his temples, feeling his breath heavy and hot where you were aching for any sort of attention.
“Carl, babe,” you whined, circling your hips when he brought his right hand over to stretch you wide, his tongue ghosting over the velvety flesh.
“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he whispered, and after what felt like hours of anticipation he softly dragged his tongue flat up your center and landed the tip firm against your clit.
You nearly shouted but it turned to a high-pitched moan, your fingers unintentionally tugging at his dark brown mop of hair.
“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” You questioned all breathy and you felt him shake his head between your legs.
“Never,” he said before he swallowed, “fuck me. holy hell you taste so sweet babe.”
And with that he pushed the skin further up with his thumb and rolled his tongue over your clit, circling the stiff bud. You sucked in a deep breath and cried out toward the ceiling, rocking your hips back and against his rough face. Your heel dug into his back and you tugged him closer, feeling a tingle work its way up your legs.
A wave of heat flushed between your thighs and low in your tummy when he used his wet lips to surround your clit, lashing it a little faster with the tip of his tongue. Your cries and harsh breathing was encouragement enough for him to continue and he smiled against your sensitive flesh, flicking his tongue faster.
“Don’t stop,” you whined, “baby don’t stop.”
Your hips were a stuttering mess and Carl clutched your thighs to hold you still, using his lips and tongue to send you over the edge. You cried out and pulled his hair hard, lifting your back off the bed as you came, muscles fluttering.
“Oh fuck,” you cried, his mouth still catering to your most sensitive place.
He lapped up your wetness in one final drag of his tongue and pressed a gentle kiss to your clit, the sensation and sensitivity making you jerk your hips and hiss through your teeth.
“No fucking way you’ve never done that before,” you breathed when he lifted your leg off his shoulder.
Carl had a wide smile plastered over his mouth, his lips and chin glistening when he looked up at you.
“I swear I haven’t. I just look up a lot of…articles,” he chuckled a bit, climbing back on the bed once you scooted up.
Before either of you could say anything else you grabbed his face and kissed him hard on the mouth, tasting yourself on his lips and tongue. Carl sighed into your mouth and lowered himself down on top of you again, nudging himself between your legs.
You wrapped your legs around his waist and brought your hips up to rub against him. He gasped a little and pulled his own hips back, still a little nervous about what he was doing.
“Carl, I need you baby,” you whined, trying to create any sort of friction when you pulled your hips up.
He was hard again, but to be sure you reached your hand down to grip him in your soft palm.
“I’m ready, are you ready?” You panted, giving him a long stroke when he hung his mouth open beside yours and nodded.
You locked your feet around him and gently tugged until he brought his hips forward.
“Here, give me your hand,” you breathed, and he looked down to watch you take his right hand and replace it with yours. He gripped himself hard and you guided his wrist to bring him closer until you could feel the plump head pushing against your throbbing center.
“You’re so warm,” he whispered, his eyes flicking up to yours.
You still held his wrist and pulled it down and up, showing him how to spread the wetness over his length. With heavy breaths from each of you your hips circled against his and you helped him push himself in a bit until you could feel the head slip inside.
Carl’s mouth fell open and he trembled above you, trying his hardest to fight the urge to lose control right then.
“Fuck Carl, you’re huge,” you breathed, tilting your pelvis back, and he pushed a little more with your guidance.
A zing of slick heat spread low when he stretched you open, your muscles clenching the first few inches he went in.
“Feels so,” he stuttered, dropping his mouth to yours to press a sloppy kiss against your lips, “feels so good baby. So warm, so tight and w-wet.”
With one long push he was fully inside and he waited for your signal to move. Your heels dug hard into his soft flesh and with a quick nod you used them to guide his hips further to yours.
Your hands clutched his back and he bumped into you hard, his head dropping down to your shoulder where he nibbled and kissed the flushed skin.
With heavy sighs and mumbles of your names stuttered from each of your mouths Carl picked up the pace, circling his hips as he went. Though he was new to the game he was impressing you with his movements and how well he was prolonging his climax.
You groaned hard in your throat and brought your lips down on his neck, kissing wildly and sneaking in little bites until you felt his body shudder.
“So good,” he blurted and though you were wound up and nearly ready to burst, you didn’t want it to end just yet.
“Carl, fuck,” you grunted and cried out, pressing your heels hard into his ass, fingernails scratching down his back.
He was pulsing and hot inside you, rocking his hips forward and back hard. With a grunt low in his throat he felt your muscles flutter around him and his mouth fell open, eyebrows angled together.
“Harder,” you pleaded when you squeezed down on him and he obeyed, biting his bottom lip when he pulled back and jerked up into you, making you hiss through your teeth from the incredible sting of white hot pleasure.
Carl lowered his head again and kissed down your throat, thrusting as hard as he could stand, the smacking of your slick skin flooding your ears and adding to the intense build up. The heat was flushing your body and you cried out when your muscles clamped down hard on him, his firm steady thrusts pushing you over the edge. In the same instance you clutched his back and moaned into his ear he shuddered and twitched inside you, breathy little grunts choking out of his throat the messier his hips went.
You shouted loud and pushed your hips up one last time, liquid heat flooding deep inside you. The feeling exploded from between your legs and up and down in the same moment, spreading pure ecstasy throughout your body the harder he slammed his hips to yours. With another loud shout you bit down on his shoulder and cradled the back of his head with one hand, letting him continue his uneven thrusts while he came.
“fucking hell,” he nearly cried, voice raspy and higher than normal in his exhausted state.
Once he slowed his hips he peeled open his blue eyes and you nodded against the pillow and pressed your mouth to his forehead in a breathy kiss.
“You’re shaking,” you told him, feeling a pulse where he was still snug inside you, buried deep.
“That was fucking amazing I can’t believe I finally did it.”
He cracked a smile and nudged his nose against yours, seeking your mouth for a kiss.
“Give me an hour and we can do it again.”
Your words sent his eyebrows up and he chuckled with a nod.
“Fucking yep.”
You both exchanged breathy laughs and quieted only when your lips met again, his softening length still there buried in you. Slowly you let your legs fall away from around his waist while he planted a final kiss to your neck. He pulled back all slick and sticky and cringed a little, unable to stop himself from looking down.
“I never said sex wasn’t messy,” you smirked and he shrugged before he plopped down beside you and grabbed your hand in his.
“You’re pretty amazing, you know that?”
You turned to face him, still holding his hand over his soft tummy.
“I’m alright,” you smiled, and he lifted your hand to press a kiss to your knuckles with a smile of his own.
“Yeah,” he said all raspy and low with his toothy grin,
“you’re alright.”

anonymous asked:

Your Naruto Superhero!AU is fantastic. I think I read a while back that you had a plan for Kushina, and I'm just dying to know her superpower! Is it Kyuubi related? Is Mikoto or Minato going to be her partner in crime? Or maybe both? For some reason I'm imagining Fugaku as the Only Sane (and very grumpy) Man in an amazing potential crime-fighting quartet :P These are things that I really need to know, if you're willing to share. Thanks!


You got the Fugaku part right - he is absolutely grumpy Only Sane Man. Neither Mikoto nor Minato will be Kushina’s partner in crime, but as for Kurama…

Have a snippet. ;)

With a groaning screech of brakes, the ten o’clock bus grinds to a halt at the stop ahead, and Kushina lets the flow of people hide her as she steps sideways into the shadows of the park entrance. The brightly lit sign on the side of the bus flashes an advert for the opening of the museum’s new collection, and Kushina casts a glance back just in time to see the one of the sacred treasures of Uzushio flash across the grimy screen.

Her hands tighten into fists, and Kurama growls, low and angry.

“We’ll get them,” Kushina promises the fennec fox, and as the bus pulls away she easily scales the park fence, dropping down lightly on the other side and moving deeper into the trees.

There’s a hiss as the zipper pulls back all the way, and a moment later Kurama drops out of her backpack to press close to her calf for a brief second. He leans away immediately, looking ahead of them pointedly, and says, “Of course we will, princess.”

Kushina grins, a flash of teeth in the darkness, and springs up into one of the massive oaks around them.

“Gods damn it, woman, I did not need to see what color panties you’re wearing. Have some decorum!”

“Aww, is Mister Grumpy-Pants ready for his nap? He’s getting cran~ky.

“I swear on the Sage, princess, the minute I’m big enough I’m going to tear your throat out.”

“You love me, don’t lie.” Kushina catches him as he scrabbles his way up the wide trunk, pulling him into her lap and making herself comfortable against the bark.

Kurama grumbles, flipping his black-tipped tail over his face, and doesn’t comment. With a laugh, because she’s known him long enough to realize that that’s his equivalent of a grudging agreement, Kushina gives him a gentle squeeze, ruffles his huge ears, and pulls her jacket over both of them.

Feeling Lucky?

(Egotober Day 3)

There was once a time when only a few egos lived together. They stayed out of each other’s ways for various reasons, the main one being that they would rip each other apart if there was ever to be any interference between them.

At one point none of them thought for a second that Google would stand a chance against any of the others in a fight.

That was, until Google got an upgrade.

Dark loved abusing Google’s upgrade. He loved that it only took two words to make him his puppet.

“Okay Google Blue,” Dark chimed one day. He glanced around the lobby with a bored expression. “Attack Google Green.”

Blue stiffened up, his arms flattened at his sides and his spine straightened unnaturally. He marched towards Green.

“Blue. I would advise you to ignore him–” Green attempted to override.

“Okay Google Green,” Dark chuckled as he stood up from the sofa, “Shut. Up.”

Green’s mouth closed so tightly he thought he may have dented one of his teeth.

“Dark, we advise you to stop this.” Red growled.

“Oh, come on! Now I have new puppets to play with!”

Red began hurrying towards Dark.

“Okay Google Red,” Dark held a hand up, “Stop.”

Red stopped in his tracks.

Google Blue pulled his hand back.

Google Blue balled his hands into fists.

Blue swung his arm forward and heard the sound of metal bending.

He looked up from the ground to see the Yellow Google standing with his arms outspread in front of Green. His chest was heaving up and down, but towards his shoulder was a dent the size of Blue’s fist.

Blue snapped out of it.

“Oliver! I-I-I-I–” Blue stuttered.

Oliver set a hand on Blue’s shoulder.

“Okay Google Yellow,” Dark purred, “Stop resisting.”

Oliver looked at Dark with glowing eyes. For some strange reason, he was the only of the four Googlepliers who had the ability to properly override the command. He and Dark both knew it.

In a motion that would normally cause your shoulder to crack, Oliver popped the dent back out with a loud noise.

“Not so sure about that,” Oliver stepped towards Dark.

“How?! You’re nothing but an error! A typo that idiot made that arose from thin air!” Dark growled, “Why are you the one that can defy me?” He regained his calmness.

“I dunno,” Oliver held Blue’s hand. Then he reached for Green’s. “I guess I’m just feeling lucky.” Google Green stretched his arm out for Red. “How about you, Dark?”

In a flash of white light, the four Googles were gone. They were replaced by one singular Google, who’s eyes began glowing their four signature colors. His shirt was black with one G that also had all four colors strategically placed.

“Feeling Lucky?”

a stupid robert fanfiction don’t read this it’s really bad i didn’t plan the plot or anything but yeah chapter 2 coming soon!

It has been two weeks since Amanda’s graduation party, the last time I saw Robert. It was then that he told me how he felt about our relationship. Though I was disappointed, as I had been trying to make a move on him for quite a while now, I do understand that he needs time and I appreciate that he wants to improve himself before fully entering my life.

Amanda left yesterday morning. After triple-checking that she had all of her college necessities, I finally let go. I watched her pull out of the driveway for the very last time for a while, the world seemingly slowing down in the wake of her wheels. I have been in a daze since then, mindlessly doing absolutely nothing, and this evening I really need company. I tap out a message as quickly as my dad fingers can.

8:58 p.m. “Hey rob. You doing anything?” I don’t have to wait long before he replies, which is surprising.

“uhh i guess not. sup?”

“I’m pretty bored right now. Want to come over and watch a movie or something?”

I press send, eager for his response. Thirty seconds pass. I sit down on my bed, still staring into the bright screen on my phone. Thirty more seconds. I set my phone down on my bedside table, still lost in its glare. Maybe he’s busy… he could be… watering his plants. Wait, who am I kidding. The man is not responsible enough to own plants. Well, he does have Betsy. She seems to be in good condition. In fact, she seems rather happy with her life. Maybe he is fit to have plants? I continue to humor myself with this mindless banter, imagining silly things about Robert’s private life for a full five minutes. I jump when I hear the piercing ring of a message on my phone.

9:06 p.m. “omw”? What on earth is that supposed to mean? Did he have a typing accident?

When I hear the grumbling truck engine outside my window, I can’t help but smile. My heart flutters as I see a large shadow cast through my front windows.

“let me in or i’ll starve to death out here”

I open the door with a grand flourish to be met with the man I have been dreaming about for two weeks straight. I look up at his dark and carved face, getting lost in it. His stormy and sulking eyes seem to be so adrift, unsure of what lies ahead and afraid to cope with it. Though he is smiling (as much as he does), I see that he is going through something rough. It makes me want to tightly hug him, lay him down, kiss him—wait. I can’t. We are just friends right now. Friends that support each other.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” he coaxed with a teasing tone.

“No,” I chimed back, trying hard to suppress a giggle. I begin to open my arms to invite him into a hug, but then notice that he is holding a large red duffel bag in one hand and a worn blanket in the other. “Those your killing tools?” I asked, nodding at the bag.

“Yes, if the night goes right.” His playful and joking eyes suddenly darted around in embarrassment. “You don’t mind if I spend the night, do you?” At first I am ecstatic; this is the closest I have ever been to—…then I realize that we can’t. I would get too excited, and things would go wrong. I want to maintain the healthy friendship that we already have. But… maybe just for tonight. Friends have sleepovers too, right?

“Of course not! Just don’t kill anything.”

“No promises.”

Instead of offering a hug, I just wave him in. He follows me to the living room, and I notice that he is taking his time with observing everything. I then realize that this is his first time being in my space. He sets his duffel bag down on the carpet next to the couch and takes a seat. He lets out a sigh, closes his eyes, and his relaxes his whole body. I am still standing there like an idiot, just taking in the sight of this man in his most pure state. I sit down on the armchair across from him, preserving the silence. I’m staring at him again: his bushy and furrowed brows, his large and well-structured nose. The way his dark skin sits neatly on his skull, and—did he shave? I notice that his scruff is cleaner, and has more of a shape to it. I also notice that he—

“What?” he drawls, noticing that I’m staring.

“Nothing. How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“I’m okay. Just been thinking about a lot. Learning a lot from the books.”

“I’m glad, Rob. I really am. But, why didn’t you reach out to me? You know that I’m always here to talk.” I see that he becomes uncomfortable.

“I uh… sorry. I just got caught up in my own world. I promise that I still know you exist. And don’t call me Rob.”

“Good, Rob.” I shoot him a warm smile. He glares back at me for some time, then his face breaks. He’s smiling too. The moment becomes a little tense, so I get up and rush to the TV. “Any movie preferences?”

“Anything that I can fall asleep to,” he half-jokingly says. I quickly scan through my library of DVDs and find just the right one. A soft and heartwarming film, with an exciting plot but a calming overtone. I think he would love this one. “I hate this one,” he grunted. “Kidding.”

“Something to drink?” I ask as I make my way over to the kitchen.

“I’m uh, actually trying to work on going sober right now,” he mumbles. I freeze in my tracks. How stupid of me! I didn’t even think about that. Oh my god, I’m so proud of him! I could just cry right now over how much I have seen this man evolve.

“I have sparkling apple cider, if that’s your fancy.”

“Lame. I’ll take it.”

I return to the living room with two wineglasses full of cool, cold cider. This time, I take a seat right next to him on the couch. I can feel the warmth he radiates, and though it is the middle of summer, I get cozy in it. We both take small sips of our bubbling cider and gaze at the television. I occasionally steal glances at Robert, and when he looks back, my heart dances. I notice that he’s slowly trying to inch towards me, covering it up by pretending to squirm whilst finding a comfortable sitting position. We continue this passive tension as the film goes on, until finally the end credits begin rolling. He sets his cider glass down on the coffee table with a loud clang, and upon returning to the couch he lays his head on my shoulder. All of a sudden, I’m uneasy. I get up with a start.

“Whoah, what happened?” he said with a hint of panic. “Something wrong?”

I gulped. “Uh, I just thought that we were—just friends?” Those words felt wrong coming out of my mouth.

He looked genuinely confused. “Yeah. And? What’s wrong with getting comfortable?”

“Nothing, I guess,” I realized how foolish I looked, romanticizing everything. “I’m sorry, dude.” He just grunted, looking a little more closed off than he was before. I sat back down next to him on the couch, wrapping my arms around his wide body. “Really, Robert. I’m sorry.” He lifts a hand to rest on top of one of my own.

“It’s okay. If you have taught me anything at all, it’s that anything can be worked through with patience.” We stay seated for a while, frozen in our slightly awkward embrace. I get up and walk to the corner table, where my record player is placed. I flip through my collection of vinyl records and find a nice slow one to put on.

“I’m going to go get ready for bed,” I inform him, expecting him to start setting up his sleeping area on the couch. Instead, he takes off his jacket and follows me to my bathroom, holding a smaller bag in his large hands. “What are you doing?”

“Do you think I don’t brush my teeth or something? I hope you know that hygiene is of the most important factors of my daily regimen.”

“Oh, no I do—sorry. Just tell me what you’re doing and then I won’t be confused, okay?”

“Okay. I’m going to unscrew the toothpaste cap now. And then squeeze some onto my toothbrush.”

“You know what I meant.” I roll my eyes. We both brush our teeth in silence in my dark and grey bathroom, not looking at each other. Or at anything in particular. After the cleaning ritual is over, he heads back to the living room as I change into my sleepwear. I grab a pillow and a blanket on my way out of my bedroom.

“Don’t tell me you’re sleeping in the same room as me,” he sneered.

“What’s a sleepover if we don’t—“

“A joke, sir.” He gestures to the couch, offering its space and comfort to me.

“But then where would you…?” He points to his sleeping bag, already laid out on the floor and ready to sleep in. “No. As the host of this event, I will not accept this. I must provide my guest with all of the comfort and cushions that I can offer. You, Robert, will take the couch tonight.”

“No. I like how hard the floor is.” I know that I can’t beat him in this battle of will. We are both chained by our stubbornness.

“Fine,” I scoff. I lay my blanket down on the floor next to his sleeping space. “If you won’t take it, neither will I.”


“Fine.” I gently lay down and wrap my blanket around myself, turning to find the most optimal sleeping stance. “Hey Rob—“ I turn around and my eyes widen at the sight of Robert wearing no pants, in the middle of getting changed. “Oh!”

“What?” he grunts. “Can’t a man change into his PJs?”

“Sorry!” I quickly blurt out, shutting my eyes.

“You don’t have to look away. What is it?”

“I just wanted to say goodnight.” Silence in return. I hear him laying down, but I don’t look in his direction. I can feel his heat again, and I get a whiff of his cologne. I find it funny how he put it on for a sleepover. About five minutes pass: five silent minutes. The summer wind blows through the cherry blossom in the backyard. I know that he is still awake.

“Goodnight,” he mumbles so quietly that I almost mistake it for the rustling of leaves outside. That one phrase he says sets my heart ablaze, a feeling that I have not experienced in quite a while. The feeling of comfort knowing that somebody cares about you. The feeling of admiration of somebody’s character. The feeling of—the L word. I suppress that feeling, casting it to a dark pit at the bottom of my heart. I turn around to face him, and I’m startled to see that he is already facing me. I look into his eyes, lit by the moon, and I begin to cry. Silently, as if he won’t notice. He does, and is filled with concern in an instant.

“What’s up?” he says as he yawns. I know that he is tired, so I won’t push it with the emotional stuff tonight.

“Thank you, Robert. For coming to visit me today. I appreciate it. You know, with Manda gone, I just wanted someone to talk to, a human to see. You know? Yeah. I wanted to see you. I actually have for a while now. That’s why I contacted you earlier. Just, thank you.”

“Sure,” he says softly. “Anything…” he drifts off into sleep.

1:09 a.m.

I wake up in the middle of the night, panicked. Who is this, with their arms wrapped around me? Am I being strangled to death by an attacker? When I realize that it is Robert, I relax. He and his sleeping bag somehow got moved right next to my blanket, close enough for him to wrap me in a death hug in his sleep. I’m comforted by this, and I allow myself to visit dreamland once again, this time knowing that I have a protector to defend me.

9:25 a.m.

The sunlight streams in through the blinds, and I rub my eyes as I slowly sit up. My back aches from being on the ground all night. Once I regain life I scan the room, trying to remember what happened last night. Robert! His stuff is gone, but I find a handwritten note on the kitchen counter.

Thanks for the hospitality. Have to leave early this morning—going to the library. I’ll hit you up later. Robert

His handwriting is rough, but easy on the eyes. I pick up the note and place it on my office desk. “I’ll hit you up later.” I really hope he follows through with that.


We could pop pills or breathe life deep into ink quills.
Frame flowers the in brightest photography stills.
Do we live, do we die, do we hold the lives we keep close alive?
Who can I be, who will I be? this question unsatisfied, but dire need.
We paint thoughts with blood and gnashing of teeth.
An identity we search through the darkness to keep.
Reaching out for hands that have no hold, in due time an attitude of bold.
We live, we breathe, the world belongs to the minds set free.


Thank you for the inspiration @quietdissidentlyricist

your love dark as wine
my teeth stained pomegranate
we are falling apart, your love is the
kiss of an alcoholic’s lips on a bottle
during Prohibition
the thrill of driving a getaway car
we are tragedy, laws that just don’t work
i kiss you like a bullet
in the back of the head
on valentine’s day

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“You have lipstick on your collar, we all know what you were up to.” With either Wilford or Dark(your choice) ;^)

“So uhm, random question,” Wilford coughed as he stumbled into the room with mussed up hair and glassy eyes. All of the egos stared at him with confused expressions as Wilford drunkenly sat at his spot at the table, ignoring the look of rage from Dark. 

“What is it, Will?” Dark threatened through clenched teeth. 

“Why do we even have these meetings?” Wilford gave a hiccup of a laugh, nudging The King of the Squirrels beside him. He could feel the temperature in the room drop, looking to where Dark stood and finding the demon almost three feet taller than he was and clenching his jaw angrily. 

“Because we need to,” Dark answers him. He gives a solid glare before returning to said presentation when Wilford interrupts him again. “What?” Dark screamed angrily. 

“What’s the point of this presentation?” 

“Wilford I swear to god I will tear your lungs out of your body,” Dark licked the inside of his mouth before setting his palms on the table. He tilted his head ever so slightly toward the bubblegum ego. “What’s the point of your attire today?”

“What?” Wilford asked, his eyes widening. He shifts uncomfortably as more of the egos turn to stare, and only then does he notice how messy his hair actually was, how flushed his cheeks were. He ran a hand through his hair quickly, laughing that statement off. 

You have lipstick on your collar, we all know what you were up to.” 

Wilford closed his eyes in embarrassment. You swore up and down to him before leaving his office that he looked fine and that you hadn’t left anything on his clothes. If he didn’t love you as much as he did, he probably would’ve chased you down and killed you. 

But he merely blushed and accepted defeat and let Dark finish the meeting. 

But boy, were you in trouble when he got home. 

Atmosphere - Raven/RedX, Chapter 1/?

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. This is a work of fanfiction, and I am not making any money off of this.   

A/N: You asked, so I am attempting, keyword attempting, a multichapter RaeX. Do I know where this is going? Nope, not at all. But, this idea jumped in my head. Thanks xaphrin for the inspiration to write RaeX!

By the way, I had this ready to post last night, but I fell asleep while proofing! Sorry! Happy Reading! <3 

Atmosphere - Introduction 

It was hard for her to explain it.

Her team knew the basis of her psionic powers, but they never understood her empathy. 

Changeling thought that being an empath meant that she was able to read his mind. Raven gave up on trying to correct his understanding years ago; every time he brought it up, she simply told him he had no mind for her to read, so it really didn’t matter. 

Starfire had the hardest time comprehending what it meant. She thought everyone had the ability to an empath. She was sad when friends were sad, and was happy when her friends were happy. Wasn’t that meaning of being an empath? 

Cyborg and Nightwing seemed to interpret it as a combination of being able to read people’s minds and being able to sense how they were currently feeling. They thought she thought she was just feeling what they felt. 

They had no idea that she was able to see it and then some. 

Chapter One – Citrine 

“Shut this place down!” Nightwing ordered into his communicator, as he sprinted down the halls of the museum. “We can’t let Red-X escape with that sapphire.” 

“We still have civilians in the building.” Cyborg responded from his position at museum lobby. “I repeat: We still have civilians in the building.” 

Nightwing’s jaw tensed, as he weaved in between several patrons and staff. Of course, Red-X choose to break in and steal a very expensive sapphire during a reception. “We can’t risk him leaving. Cyborg, get into the mainframe and put this place on lockdown.” 

“Copy that.” Cyborg confirmed. 

“Starfire cover the entrance to the West Hall. Changeling I want you at the East. Raven, you take position at the South Hallway. I have the North.” Nightwing commanded over the communicator. “If you make contact with the suspect, do not engage alone. I repeat do not engage him alone.” 

Raven nodded, hearing the order fizzle from her communicator speaker. She calmly walked in between the museum patrons, ignoring the hushed whispers and wide-eyed stares. 

Normally, she would hover over crowds when pursuing a bad guy, but the low ceilings of the South Hall weren’t ideal for flight. Instead, she was forced to search amidst the crowd of Jump City’s elite. Two years ago, she traded her signature leotard for a neoprene black cat suit. Rather than the suit extending to her ankles, it stopped above her mid-thigh. 

She slipped her fingers underneath the hood of her suit, drawing it over her head as she stepped deeper into the sea of people. Raven clipped her communicator off her belt. “Raven calling Nightwing.” Her boots clicked after against the marble. 

“Nightwing responding.” 

“I think I have a lock on Red-X. Standby for confirmation.” She spoke softly, eyes following the dark figure at the entrance of a closed exhibit. 

“I want a report in three minutes.” 

“Copy that. Raven out.” She spoke, clicking the communicator off and placing it back on her hip. She moved faster toward the other side of the room. Her target was leaning against the back of a large vase. Though she couldn’t see a face, she highly doubted one of Jump City’s elite gentlemen would come to the reception in a black bodysuit. She slowly moved to the side, hoping to gain an advantage. “ 

The skull mask looked in her direction.   

“We can do this the hard way or the easy way, X.” 

“You forgot about the third option.” 

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Church of the Monstrous Gods


sharp piercing curves come out
teeth and claws and crescent moons
shapes for sliding as for prying
the secrets out of us

in daylight everything is surround sound
saturated colour hyped up sugared out
it’s all blood sport for equal attention

devouring into muss es sein? es muss sein

at nightfall the arena fades to black
knowing more and seeing less just
the slices of white, flashes of light

we don’t compete with the world then
but with ourselves in a muted place
like any matter we expand to fill that space

any child knows that
everything comes true in the dark

what they don’t know is
to grow up is to discover truth
is hidden in shadows only to be

cut out of us
by crescent moons


my claws my teeth my darling
no one notices against the blinding sun
and all the buzzing neon but
they and i are one and

you are yours are one

claws and teeth darling
beneath the crescent moon know me
a ribcage shanked open spilling
starlight into the milk moon night

claws darling
yes fingertips too
sliding down your sides
and scraping at your stomach
the parts of you that remember
what fight or flight means
the nest of knots
that gather at
you sternum

claws darling
and serrated words
crafted, honed to harpoon
to entice and snare unexpected
to snag beneath your sternum
and rip open the parts of you
that forgot how it feels
to never untie your
knots gently

your skin shaking
sinews screaming knowing
there is something bigger than me here
and it is time to run

but you don’t darling
you don’t

you show me your claws and
we bare our teeth and
we come true in the dark


we are the stories we learned as children

i am what was whispered to you
from the space between your bed and wall

you are what was singing to me
when i was looking at the attic left ajar

what if love is
comparing lengths of slashing white
beneath harpooning crescent moons

unafraid, knowing when to fight and
how to hold another’s danger with our own
and when it is safe to be cradled
in the maw of our lover’s open mouth
ribcage asunder between jagged teeth
spilling out starlight

little spoon - h.s.

pairing: reader x harry styles

summary: harry wants to be the little spoon but is too embarrassed to ask you

authors notes: I wrote this such a long time ago and just finished it yesterday and its still shit :) ….oK FML


Cuddled in the fluffy duvet, my legs tangled in his, our chests quietly raising up and down with each steady breath. My hair is fanned out across the pillow, but a single strand still remains in front of my face as Harry occasionally twirls it between his fingers. His emerald eyes scan over my face every once and a while; I can tell his trying to be discreet about it but I can’t help but keep my eyes off him either. A smile tugs at his lips and his teeth shine in the darkness of our room. We both said we’d sleep an hour ago yet here we are tangled in one another, in total silence, taking in each other. “Hey (Y/N),” his hoarse voice breaks the silence. His shoulders shift under the comforter and I can see the dark silhouettes of his tattoos. I snuggle closer to him brushing my fingers over his jaw, “yeah?”

“Can we—y'know what never mind. It’s stupid,“ he trails off with an embarrassed tone. His hair falls in front of his face as he sinks further into the mattress. I shudder a chuckle and push his dark curls away from his face. “What? It’s okay, you can tell me.” I tug my lips into a closed mouth smile. Even in the darkness of our room he’s still the most breathtaking person I’ve ever laid eyes on. His shadow laying here in the gloomy room, still sucks the life out of me in the best way possible. He couldn’t look more stunning if he tried. He speaks again this time much lower, “can we spoon? But you’re the—and I’m the,” he rambles.

“Little spoon?” I finish his sentence with the biggest smile on my face hoping he can’t see it. Harry’s favorite thing to do is spoon and he says its so he can hold me close to him and every time he says it, it makes my heart flutter. “Yeah-no, no that’s stupid. Sorry.” He gushes all at once and The sheets shuffle around, Harry’s back now facing me. His shoulder blades press against the bed elegantly and I have to catch myself before I stare. I shake my head at his comment but seconds later I realize he can’t see me, “Harry.” I grip his bicep and trying turn him towards me; but I ultimately fail to do so.

“Yes?” He grumbles in a dull tone. I smirk to myself and wiggle closer to him. My arms snake underneath his broad shoulders and my left arm lays across his waist. Harry releases a relieved sigh and wiggles his back into my chest. My cheek presses to his back and I take in his scent: clean linen and a hint of Chanel cologne. My hands fold at the center of his chest and his arms cover mine. Harry’s fingers linger over my arms, tracing shapes and letters on them now and then. His breathing is steady but slow, I can tell he’s drifting off.I squirm closer to him, desperately trying to make myself feel taller, or at least appear that way. Feeling satisfied with my position, I rest my chin on his shoulder and lay my head comfortably next to his. All the moving causes a startled groan to come from Harry, “You okay, love?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just wanted to feel taller.” I giggle, and Harry follows suit. Our laughter soon dies out and silence consumes the room yet again. “Goodnight, I love you.” He says in his thick accent. I repeat my ‘I love you’ back before he presses a kiss to my temple. My eyelids feel heavier and heavier as I stare ahead at the wall. Polaroids scatter across the clean white walls, some old and some new but each with Harry’s handwriting scribbling the date on the white border. Every one is attached to a silver line that cascades from one end of the room to the other. The tiny little photos accent the wall perfectly. I look at the picture of Harry and I ice skating and I remember all the memories behind it. He couldn’t stand up straight for the life of him and was constantly clawing at my arm for balance. When I think about that captured moment I can’t help but smile, realizing how blissful it is. Looking down the line at the dozens of pictures, an idea hits me and I look at Harry before I continue. His tired eyes are shut and his breathing is deep and slow. I don’t even know how long he’s been asleep or how long I'be been staring at the pictures perfectly placed on the wall. I move my arms from underneath Harry’s lean frame and shimmy backwards to our dresser behind me. Pulling open the top drawl, I grab the polaroid camera and crawl back over to Harry as quietly as I can. I snake my arm under his body again and his snores signaling he’s still asleep. I lift my arm up and snap a picture before he wakes up. The picture spits out the bottom of the camera and I shake it, trying to clear the image faster. Leaning forward to see the photo in the light from the digital clock, I smile down at the tiny picture. My chin resting on his shoulder, Harry’s eyes closed beautifully and our arms tangled together. I smirk dumbly at the photo and place it underneath my phone for the morning so I can force him to write the date on it. Finally feeling tired I slide my way back to him and cuddle into his back, becoming the big spoon again. I close my eyes slowly, and my breathing slows as sleep washes over me. “I saw that,” Harry groans in a groggy voice. I chuckle and ask, “should I shred it?”

“No-no,” he chuckles lightly and I can picture the smile on his perfectly dimpled face. “I was planning on doing that when you fell asleep, but as usual you beat me to it.”

“Good. It’s my job to beat you. I mean someone has to,” I kiss his check and I feel his features tug into a smile under my lips. “I love you.”

“I love you more, angel.” His accent slurs as its laced with sleep. I pull him closer–if at all possible–and smile to myself realizing how in love I am with this idiot.

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