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Fight, Flight, Posture, or Submit

I just noticed a dynamic between these guys that I’d never quite put together before: in precise contrast to what Will thinks he wants, he will always fail to follow through on a lethal confrontation with Hannibal if (and only if) Hannibal makes a show of rolling over for him.

Bear with me for a sec because this is kind of fascinating: a while ago, I read a book called On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society. The author Dave Grossman proposed a theory which jives with a lot of stuff I learned in anthropology classes, but he has a particularly pithy way of describing it. Between animals of the same species, he says, the choices of behavior in a confrontation aren’t as simple as the “fight or flight” choice we usually talk about.

Grossman calls his model “fight, flight, posture, or submit.” This model takes into account a common trait among most animals (including humans): members of the same species almost never jump immediately to the ‘fight’ option in a confrontation. Doing so would result in needless deaths, particularly among younger individuals who haven’t yet learned to defend themselves, and then to eventual depopulation and extinction.

Instead, animals tend to begin confrontations by posturing – by making a show of their superiority in an attempt to make the other party back down. If, during the posturing phase, it becomes clear that the individuals are fairly evenly matched, they are likely to start a physical fight in order to establish dominance, while still avoiding lethal attacks if possible.

However, if it becomes clear during the posturing phase that one of the individuals is definitely strong enough to defeat the other one, the weaker opponent will do one of two things: flee or submit. I’ll just quote the book here:

“Submission is a surprisingly common response, usually taking the form of fawning and exposing some vulnerable portion of the anatomy to the victor, in the instinctive knowledge that the opponent will not kill or further harm one of its own kind once it has surrendered.”

So, now that we’ve got all that context out of the way, let’s talk about Will and Hannibal!

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pyonshi  asked:

How will you spend White day Ryo?

Ryo: That’s what I want to know! I’m starting to believe he has forgotten… Going for a walk together will work fine for me, since I don’t think we’ll do something out of the ordinary… sadly. I-It’s not that I was expecting something, of course not! But you know, today’s the kind of that where couples are together and that stuff… Plus, he has disappeared right the moment we came back from the academy, I’d love to know why.

Ayato: Finally home!! Ahh, I’m tired just from walking, so many people outside. Buying it’s such a hell sometimes… Chichinashi, where are you? I need to talk with you for a sec… Ah, there you are. Come here~

Ryo: Speaking of the devil… What’s up? Did you finally remember about today–? *is kissed forcefully, the kiss quickly evolving in a way too deep one* *her cheeks are now a bright red, a surprised and embarrased look in her face* W-W-What did that come for?! 

Ayato: Shhh, that’s only for starters. Now we’re gonna get into the interesting stuff, I’ve got a few things I want to do with you *takes her hand, happily grinning* Consider yourself lucky: I’m going to treat you for the rest of the day~ I bought something you may like, but I should give it to you when we’re alone. You’ll get mad if I started showing everyone your new lingerie~

Ryo: W-WHAT?! Y-you know, chocolate was enough!! *blushing harder*

Ayato: Yeah, I know. And don’t get so embarrased now, you should be this cute this night right after we arrive home. We’re gonna have some really good fun~

Ryo: A-Ayato!! Shut up!! You’re enjoying yourself, aren’t you?!! *is dragged out the room by a very entertained Ayato*

hey, lemme talk at you about the fire nation royal family and lightning for a sec please, because this family is so totally heartbreaking and i’ve seen a lot of people talk about the fire sibs and the abuse they suffered but i haven’t seen anyone touch on this stuff specifically.

(now with pretty pictures! yay)

alright, let’s start with azula.

(up yours, buddy.)

azula’s fourteen at the end of tla and many, many times throughout the series we see her ready to kill. not maim, not burn, but kill. she is a lightningbender and that’s a highly lethal technique in and of itself, but azula is also all about precision. precision lightning, coupled with deadly intent, is an awful thing to expect out of a fourteen-year-old girl but it also allowed her to almost murder her sixteen-year-old brother long at the end of book one, almost murder her uncle to get away from an angry mob partway through book two, and succeed in killing the twelve-year-old avatar at the end of book two.

(‘cause nothing tells your brother “i love you” like a lightning bolt to the face.)

that all happened in less than a year, by the way, and remember that the avatar is, as far as the lore goes, basically a god… or as close to one as the avatar universe gets, anyhow. fourteen-year-old living weapon azula kills a veritable god.

and then comes book three, and by then, aforementioned brother learns to redirect lightning and teaches the avatar to do it and calls his old man on so much shit that the sap of preaching love and kindness is overwhelmed by the satisfaction and pride of zuko finally getting his act together after 2.5 books.

(i think is is yours, dad.)

he says he’s gonna go teach the avatar because it’s aang’s destiny to take down the fire lord, not his, and ozai shoots lightning at him and he redirects it and leaves. this is important. remember that; it comes back later.

the point for now, though, is that zuko called ozai on the abuse he suffered as a child and ozai, unaware of the fact that he now knows how to redirect lighting, responds by trying to kill him. great. and it blows up in the fire lord’s face (literally) and he gets knocked back against the wall.

if zuko had thought his destiny was to take down his father, he’d have done so there. just let that sink in for a moment. zuko’s redirected bolt was so close to hitting ozai that it knocked. him. back against the wall. the prince knows how to work with other people’s lightning and he had to learn it because lightningbenders are trying to kill him.

and then the series finale rolls around and aang faces off against ozai and zuko against azula, and they do their respective things and during the last agni kai, zuko trips azula and goads her into shooting lightning so he can redirect it.

(come at me, bro.)

think about that. zuko just provoked one of the deadliest firebenders on the face of the earth into shooting lightning at him, and of course he expected to be able to send it back and come out unscathed like he did with their dad, but consider the implications of the fact that he provokes azula. he taunts her. he wants her to shoot at him. consider how determined and fierce he looks and was when confronting her. consider how grim he looks… and then he gets her to give him lethal ammunition like lightning? yeah. that’s right.

zuko went into that agni kai fully ready to win it by killing his sister. he’s so determined and he’s made so many hard decisions that he can and will do whatever needs to be done… and then azula fakes him out and he takes the proverbial bullet for katara, who finishes the duel without ever landing a single blow while zuko lies dying on the floor.

(that’s normal. he’s probably fine.)

that last agni kai, for all intents and purposes, was intended to be a duel to the death.

and, hey, speaking of  which…

(boom boom boom dancin’ thru the skies!)

while zuko and azula are fighting each other, ozai and aang both go into their final battle with that deadly intent as well, and at one point, ozai shoots lightning at aang, who catches it to redirect.

and ozai has this very sudden and very hard-hitting realization of exactly who it was who taught him that, and gee, isn’t this like that day in the underground bunker, and he expects aang to kill him with it because the kid learned from his son. zuko had the determination to kill if it’s necessary, and aang… well, he doesn’t, but ozai doesn’t know that. he assumes aang will kill him because he studied under his son, and that’s what the guy would do in the avatar’s place. the thought that aang would send it skyward, away from his opponent, doesn’t even cross the fire lord’s mind until it’s already happened.

(well damn, son’s friend, that can’t be good for my health.)

so basically, everyone expects someone to die when a firebender shoots lightning, and the royal family has two prominent lightningbenders, both of whom attempted to kill their own family member with it, and that, in turn, prompted said family member to not only learn to kill them with their own technique, but to teach it to his student, the avatar, too.

that’s pretty dark.

I’m gonna talk about @noprideinprisons stuff for a sec because i have a headache and i’m really proud of our group. 

On Wednesday, we hosted a public talk by lawyer, scholar and prison abolitionist Moana Jackson. Over a hundred people came from a lot of different communities to hear about what prison abolition means for Māori, about the genealogy of prisons in our lands, and about how we can oppose the expansion of this system. 

We’re finally pencilled in to have a launch event in my home city for the book we wrote as an org (and which I helped to edit) on prison abolition in Aotearoa. We’ve sold heaps of books (at just barely above cost) and people in mainstream criminal justice orgs are starting to adopt unqualified abolitionist perspectives.

the penpal network for queer prisoners we started is pumpin, and heaps of people are now getting to make contact with queers on the outside and form friendships they never would have gotten to otherwise. seeing the broad range of people and knowing even a little about them has been really humbling and i feel just. honoured to be doing what i am, even as little as it is, to work towards these people being free. 

ka whawhai tonu mātou my buds, moe reka everyone