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it has been a very good but very tiring birthday, and i am (allegedly) a very old old man. so im gonna take my huge pile of loot to bed and cuddle all my new guns and knives. 

“Dude. It’s paintings and poetry. Together. It’s ‘swasome as hell. Da Vinci said it himself — painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

“Wow. You have all quotes just ready to go, don’t you?”

“Nah, I just opened my book on a random page,” Nursey said, one arm still wrapped around Dex’s shoulders, and showed Dex the page he had read the quote from, making his defense partner snort. It was a side note, written in italics and underlined with a purple marker by Nursey — purple pen meant personal interest, Dex knew already. Just like he knew the red pen was for important stuff, the blue pen was for additional notes, the yellow marker was for the stuff his professor deemed especially important, and the green pen was to underline the lines in poems that were just “mad chill”. Dex had his colored pens right down to an art already and pretended that it wasn’t weird to know so much about Nursey’s studying habits.

“I’d read you one of the poems, but I thought you wouldn’t get it,” Nursey chirped as he finally closed the book. His arm was still around Dex’s shoulders. It was … nice. Weirdly nice.

“You got that right,” Dex chuckled. Seriously, Painting as Poetry? It sounded like a douchey book, assigned for a douchey class. No wonder Nursey was so over the heels for it. “Aren’t those artsy poems meant to be looked at, anyways? Not read out loud? If I remember anything from high school, that shit just sounds weird spoken out loud. Like a broken record.”

“Meh, I guess. But they’re pretty to look at,” Nursey shrugged. His arm was still around Dex’s shoulders. It was getting infuriating. Infuriating in a whole different way than Nursey’s presence usually was.

Dex tried to pretend he didn’t mind, though. In fact, he was almost afraid to move, aside from walking, in case he accidentaly ended this whole new, getting along thing they had going. They were always just one wrongful curve away from an argument, albeit that curve started to getting farther and farther away with each conversation, and he was just curious to see how long it was able to go. It was pure science.

Besides, it was nice. In a way he could all too easily get used to.

The famous panel brought to life


I was too busy to post as they came so here’s some of katsucon for today (feat. @driftingbystars and her boyfriend as Cloud and Aerith)

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 Request: “Would you be interested in writing fluffy wedding night sex with Emperor Kylo Ren X Reader? I will love that so much. ^^ He didn’t like the ostentatiousness of the wedding itself, but he’s so happy that his apprentice (you) will rule the galaxy with him.”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2554

Warnings: SMUT n fluff :)

He was yours, and you were his. It didn’t weigh on you yet, the sheer importance of the ceremony, because the only thing that mattered to you is that you were officially tied to him. Neither did the fact that you were now entitled to decide the fate of significant matters in the Galaxy, especially ones that included a potential death toll. It did cross your mind, but you pushed it away, pleading for it to leave you in peace at least for tonight. And it did, seeing as now you were being carried to your room by the love of your life, the only thing filling your veins was the feeling of complete happiness. Your veil dragged on the ground as Kylo had you gathered in his strong grip, carrying you (ironically enough) in bridal style to your shared room. You giggled as he dropped you onto the bed, hovering over you with a great, appreciative smile.

“Alone at last.” He uttered huskily, eyes raking over your face. “I thought we’d be caught up in formalities all night.”

“What, you didn’t enjoy the three long hours of greeting all our individual guests personally?” You asked with an amused grin. “Or having five thousand people watch us kiss?”

“I especially loved the oath we had to take in a room full of middle aged men. You know, the one about me having to attempt to impregnate you tonight with an heir?” He poked at your sides playfully.

You both burst into laughter, the sound flooding the room and escaping through the open balcony door, a city of lights expanding as far as the eye could see. As much as you hated how big the palace was, you had to admit that you were in love with the incredible views it provided, especially from this room. Your fit eventually died down to content sighs, searching each other’s eyes and finding nothing but love staring back.

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Our Kind Of Love (Part 5/12)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus Size!Reader

Summary:  You and Steve have a special kind of love.   One that many may not understand.  After all what would a super soldier who looked like that, want with a girl who looked like you?

A/n: Saw This post and was inspired!  If you would like to be tagged please let me know!  

OKOL Masterlist

an “I noticed that you need this so I got it for you” kind of love

Steve sat in the morning room of the hospital with Charlie.  The two of them had been sitting in silence for close to thirty minutes.  Charlie had been staring at Steve for the last five wondering what the hell was going on with the man.  Steve was staring at the wall in front of him, to the untrained eye he was focused on the tv.  But to the ever observant Charlie he was no longer in the hospital, but far away in his own mind.

Charlie had half a mind to call you over thinking Steve was having some sort of PTSD episode.  He was just about to get up and pull you from your office, when Steve finally turned to face him, Steve’s face held a look of contemplation, “Do you think Y/n would move in with me?”

He had become somewhat of a father figure to Steve, even though Steve was technically older than him, so he thought carefully before answering.  “Cap, that sweet girl loves you.  If you think the both of you are ready for it then I say go for it.  I know I wouldn’t mind wake up everyday beside a girl like that.”

Steve chuckles and rubs the back of his neck. “I’m gonna ask her tonight.  I don’t like that she lives alone in that tiny apartment.”

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Double Rejection

MariChat May 18th: Rejection


Summary: Two rejections occur as Marinette decides it’s time to confess.

Ladybug ran along the rooftops. She stopped at her and Chat’s designated meeting spot. Chat stood with his back to her and hadn’t seemed to notice her arrival. She snuck up behind him and reached out with her hand…

“I have purrfect hearing My Lady.” He chided as his head tilted back to look at her.

Ladybug pouted. “That’s no fair. You get to sneak up on me all the time!”

He laughed and butterfly’s stirred in her stomach.

“You’ll just have to try harder then.” He lightly bopped her on the nose.

She wrinkled her nose a bit and gently rubbed it with her fingers.

“Actually…” She took a deep breath. “I need to talk to you about something.”

Chat raised his eyebrows. “Oh? Nothing bad I hope.” He lazily smirked.

“No. Not anything bad. I hope.” The last bit she muttered to herself.

“Okay then.” His face turned serious. “What’s up?”

She looked at him nervously and put her hands together in front of her.

“I-I r-really… um…” She cleared her throat. “I like you!”

Chat blinked. “I like you too.” He chuckled. “Else we wouldn’t be that great of partners, right?”

Ladybug shook her head. “No. I mean, I like, like you.” She confessed softly.

Chat stared at her. “I don’t…” He frowned. “If you had just…” He shook his head. “That’s not fair of me to say.” He muttered.

Ladybug felt her heart sink. This didn’t sound like he was confessing back.

“What I mean to say is…” Chat took a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”

Ladybug stared at the ground. “May I ask why? ‘Cus I thought you liked me and…” She took a shuddering breath and looked up at him through her bangs. “Why?” She asked softly.

He shifted uncomfortably. “I… kind of like someone else. I’m sorry.” He lamely apologized again.

Ladybug swallowed. “May I ask who? Stole you heart I mean?” Maybe she could show him that she was better somehow?

Chat smiled slightly and turned his head to the side as he thought about her.

“She’s amazing.” He started softly his voice gaining more excitement as he continued. “She smart, funny, and creative. Beautiful. She makes me happy.” His smile widened.

“Oh.” Ladybug murmured. How was she supposed to compete with that?

“Yeah…” Chat rubbed his neck. “I’m sorry.” He repeated for the third time.

“It’s… its fine.” Ladybug gave a weak smile. “She sounds nice.” She offered.

“Marinette is.” He affirmed a slightly dreamy smile on his face.

Ladybug froze. “Marinette…?”

Chat sighed. “Yeah, I think you might know her actually. She helped with the Evillustrator remember?”

Ladybug dumbly nodded. “Yeah. She’s cool. You should confess to her.” She looked at him intensely.

Chat chuckled. “Don’t feel like you need to support me My Lady. Even you have to feel bad after… you know.” He gestured between them. “How about we take a break for tonight. We’re partners no matter what right?” Chat smiled at her and held out his fist.

Ladybug nodded. “Partners.” She agreed and tapped her fist with his.

Marinette flopped onto her chaise.

Tikki floated behind her with a frown. “Did your confession not go well?” She asked softly.

Marinette sighed and sat up. “You could say that.”

Tikki gently rubbed her cheek. “You’ll find someone else Marinette. You’re a wonderful girl and he-”

“Likes me.” Marinette cut her off.

Tikki blinked in confusion. “Then why are you upset?” She hovered uncertainly.

Marinette let out a huge sigh. “He doesn’t like me. He likes me.”

Tikki stared at the girl like she had gone crazy. “Marinette, are you alright?”

Marinette pouted. “Tikki. He likes Marinette. Not Ladybug.”

Realization flashed across Tikki’s face. “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh is right.” Marinette frowned and crossed her arms. “Now what am I supposed to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Tikki smiled confidently at her. “You just have to confess as Marinette!”

Marinette blinked. “It couldn’t be that simple.” She frowned. “Could it?”

Tikki giggled.

So here she was waiting for him in her room a couple nights later. She knew he always showed up for their Friday night gaming sessions and he would probably arrive in the next couple of minutes.

She slapped her cheeks with both hands. “You can do this Marinette.” She said to her reflection. Somehow confessing as Marinette was much harder than confessing as Ladybug.

She heard the thump up above her a moment later and for once felt herself jumping at the sound of it. “Calm down.” She muttered.

Taking a deep breath she turned around to see him already dropping into the middle of her room after having performed a front flip off her bed.

She stared at him and then shook her head. Not the time for chiding him for showing off.

She cleared her throat. “Hey Chat.” She gave him her most welcoming smile.

“Hey Princess. Miss me?” He held out his arms to the side.

“Of course.” She chuckled.

Chat flushed. “Well, then…” He chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his neck.

This seemed to be good time as any so she took a deep breath. “Chat. I want to be your girlfriend.” Phew. There was no way he could misinterpret that.

“Sorry Marinette.” He looked regretful. “I can’t” He shook his head.

“What.” She said blankly.

She had thought that he liked her. Was she wrong? Was it a different Marinette? No that couldn’t be he had mentioned the Evillustrator. Was he just lying to let Ladybug down easier?

She shook her head of her thoughts and glared at him. “Why?”

He blinked at her sudden hostility. “I, I just can’t Marinette.”

“No.” She shook her head at him.

He frowned. “No?”

“You are going to tell me why. You owe me that.” She said sternly.

“I don’t owe…” He sighed. “Fine, I guess I do owe you a bit.” He ran a hand through his in frustration.

Marinette frowned and crossed her arms as she waited.

“Look Marinette. I’m a superhero.” He gestured to himself. “It’s bad enough that I hang out with you as it is. I couldn’t stand putting you in even more danger.”

Marinette shook her head. “I can handle a little danger.”

Chat frowned at her. “I know you can.” He acknowledged. “I also can’t let you know me well enough to guess my identity. I have enough trouble stopping you from finding out as it is.”

“Wait.” Marinette rubbed her the bridge of her nose. “Are you saying you like me, but we just can’t be together due to you wanting me to be safe?” She looked at him with hope shining in her eyes.

Chat looked at her intensely. “Of course I like you Marinette. You’re one of the bravest, kindest, best people I have ever met and I would love to go out with you. But it will put you in-”

“You like me!” She giggled all her anger forgotten. “You just want to keep my safe and you like me!” She wiggled excitedly.

Chat flushed slightly. “Well, yeah but we can’t-”

She waved his words away. “I’ll just figure your identity out and then we can date as civilians.”

Chat gaped at her. “No way that’s even more dangerous! Also I trust you not to do that.”

Marinette pouted. “I want to know though!”

“No means no Marinette.” He lectured.

“I’ll just convince you to tell me then.” She nodded to herself.

Chat groaned. “Don’t. Please.”

“You can’t stop me Chat. I will convince you then we’ll go on dates and-” She cut herself off when she realized where her words we leading.

Chat flushed at her. “And what?”

Marinette flushed as well. “Um. Nothing? Just dates?” She chuckled nervously.

He shook his head. “You not going to convince me Marinette.”

“We’ll see.” She hummed.

Chat shook his head and smiled. “Unfortunately, this determination of yours is one of the reasons I fell in love with you.” He muttered.

Marinette stared at him with her cheeks red. Chat blinked. “Did I say that out loud?”

She nodded a look of joy overtaking her face. He was surprised when she tackled him into a hug. “I love you too!” She squealed into his chest.

His ensuing sigh was halfway between resignation and happiness.

u kno when u get part of a song stuck in your head

for like a week

and it keeps repeating

and you cant remember anything else about the song

and u cant find it on google

kill me :-)

PROMPT: “My kid followed you out of the store because you’re wearing the same coat as me and they got confused” AU

[Back by popular demand!]

Part One | Part Two

- Remus decided to make a Hot Pot to take around to Sirius’ for the night, praying that he or Harry weren’t vegetarian. 

- His mother always told him “Never turn up to someones house without food or drink”, and since Sirius never said if he was cooking or not, Remus thought that making food was a good idea when he started.

- But now he was half way through cooking it, he began to think that it was actually a stupid idea.

- Oh well, its the thought that counts.

- He could easily put it in the fridge for their tea the night after if Sirius had already sorted out Dinner.

- He was stood over the hob in the kitchen stirring the stew as Teddy ran circles around him.

- “Dadddddddddddy,” Teddy elongated, “can I take my Wii to Padfoots, plwease?”

- Remus sighed for the umpteenth time since they got home from the supermarket.

- It was nice to see how excited his son was to play with his new friend, especially since Teddy didn’t make many friends back in their old town in Durham.

- But he could do without being begged to take everything but the kitchen sink around with them!

- “No, Teddy, you can’t take your Wii to Padfoots. Our house will miss it!” He attempted to reason with his son.

- “But Daddddddy! What if we want to play Lego Batmans?!” He stuck his bottom lip out in a large pout. 

- Damn those little puppy dog eyes.

- “Tell you what, Teds. We won’t take the Wii tonight-

- “-But Daddy-”

- “But! If you’re on your best behaviour tonight and things go well, then we can invite Harry over here to play Batman Lego in the week, okay?”

- Teddy seemed to ponder this for a moment before he nodded with certainty.

- “Okay!” He turned on the spot and ran away from Remus, back into the living room.

- Remus hadn’t really had a minute to stop and think of why they had been invited to Sirius’.

- He understood that Sirius was Harry’s Godfather, but was he really inviting Teddy and himself just for a play date?

- Or was it supposed to be an excuse for an actual date?

- Did Sirius even swing that way?

- “Dadddddddddddy?” 

- Remus sighed heavily again, dragging his hand down his face.

- This is going to be a long evening.

- At five minutes to six, Remus pour the stew into a travel pot and told Teddy to put on his coat.

- He caved and let Teddy take his DS with Pokemon Y around with him.

- If it meant Teddy would be on his best behaviour, he didn’t care.

- “-and we’re going to play loooooads of games, and we’re gonna sleep over at each others houses sooooo much, Daddy!” Teddy was happily chatting away to his Dad whilst he locked up the house.

- “That sound’s amazing, Teddy!” Remus smiled to his son who beamed with pride.

- He held the pot of stew under one arm and held Teddy’s hand with the other and made the very short walk over to Sirius’.

- “Are you and Padfoot gonna be bestest friends, Daddy?” Teddy innocently asked causing Remus to chuckle.

- “We might become good friends, Buddy,” he smiled hopefully to his son.

- “Would you two have sleep overs?”

- Remus choked on the breath he just took.

- “Ahhh, I don’t see any sleep overs happening anytime soon, Ted.” He blushed slightly. 

- He definitely wouldn’t mind a sleep over with Sirius …

- “Why?” Teddy asked. 

- “Erm …,” he bit his lip, unable to think of an answer to give his child. 

- “Oh look! We’re here!” He rushed, changing the conversation. 

- “Oh, can I knock?!” Teddy cheered, rushing up to the door and accidentally running into it and falling down on his bum.

- “Owww …” He groaned whilst rubbing his backside.

- “You okay, sweetie?” Remus lent down to help Teddy back to his feet. 

- The door opened then by a very concerned looking Sirius looking down at Teddy and Remus on the floor.

- “Hey, are you alright?” He asked, kneeling down so he was on the same level as them.

- “Yeahhhh…” Teddy sighed with a shame looking face.

- “Sounded like you were trying to knock my door down!” He joked with a wink to Teddy.

- Teddy blushed with embarrassment.

- “He got a little bit too excited there, didn’t you sweetie?” Remus smirked, putting the stew down on the step and helping his son to his feet.

- “Sound’s like you’re a bit of a walking disaster!” Sirius chuckled, joined by Remus. 

- “Come on in.” He stood and waved them over the threshold.

- “Thanks,” Remus sheepishly smiled and picked up the stew.

- “What’s that?” Sirius queried.

- “Oh, it’s for tonight - or for you, you know - whenever … if you already have tea sorted - I didn’t know what to bring - it’s just a Hot Pot - nothing special - I hope you’re not vegetarian - I mean - it’s okay if you are - that’s fine - its just this isn’t - vegetarian I mean -”

- Sirius was happily smirking at Remus nervously babbling.

-  This cutie.

- “Remus, it’s wonderful. Thank you.” He gently placed his hand on Remus’ shoulder and took the stew from his arms. 

- “I hadn’t actually thought about tea, I was probably just going to order in, which Lily, Harry’s Mum, would murder me for doing again - so this is better!” He winked. 

- Remus let out a sigh of relief and smiled back.

- Sirius felt something tug at the bottom of his shirt.

- He looked down to see Teddy staring up to him with wondering eyes.

- “Padfoot, where’s Harry?” 

- “Oh, he’s in the living room, kiddo. Come on, lets go get him!” He suggested, taking off in the direction of the living room and carefully holding the stew.

- “Kayyy!” Teddy cheered and chased after Sirius.

- Remus chuckled sweetly to himself as he watched his kid take to this gorgeous man immediately.

- He turned to shut the door and hang up his coat then followed them into the living room.

- “Harry!” Teddy yelled as he ran through the door and overtook Sirius.

- Harry was sat on the floor, eyes glued to a cartoon on the TV.

- When he heard Teddy, he excitedly turned around with a little gasp and jumped to his feet.

- “Teddy!” He shouted, running to hug the other boy.

- Sirius and Remus both stood by the door, cooing over the adorableness that was the boys.

- “You’d think they’ve been kept apart for years, not just met today!” Sirius laughed.

- “They must of been bestest of friends in a past life.” Remus nudged Sirius with a wink.

- Sirius grinned toothily at him.

- “Come on, you can help me set the table.” 

- After dinner, Teddy and Harry were playing Pokemon on their DS’ on the floor in the living room quiet as little mice.

- Remus and Sirius were both sat on the settee with a bottle of light beer each, laughing and getting to know each other.

- Sirius was telling Remus of all the antics he and his adoptive brother James, Harry’s Dad, used to get up to in school, and how they used to call themselves “The Marauders”.

- At some point in the night, they had gradually moved closer to each other so their thighs were just touching.

- Remus was checking Sirius out over the top of his beer bottle every time he took a swig of it.

- He truly was beautiful and had such a fun and loving personality.

- Sirius couldn’t keep the smile off of his face with how well things were going that evening.

- Then Remus’ phone rang.

- “Oh, sorry, one minute.” He smiled, fishing his phone out of his pocket.

- “Hello? … Oh, hello love!” He grinned to the phone.

- Sirius felt his stomach drop and his smile fall.

- “I did leave a note … we’re at Sirius’ … the neighbours … well, it says Padfoot cause that’s what Teddy calls him … Oh god, leave it out! Ha. … I left you some Hot Pot if you’re hungry … No, I thought I’d leave him at home alone. Yes, of course Teddy’s with me! … Ha! Don’t be a douche … Yeah, that’s fine … I think you left it in the draw … Oh god, you didn’t? … Ha! God, you’re such a klutz, no wonder Teddy is a walking disaster … yeah, okay. Alright, we’ll see you later. Night love … Love you too, Night.” 

- He hung up the phone shaking his head with a little grin.

- “Sorry about that. That was Dora, Ted’s Mum.” He informed Sirius.

- “O-oh. Your wife?” He bit his lip with worry.

- How can he meet someone so perfect only to find out he’s married?

- Now he understands what Alanis Morissette was singing about …

- Remus let out a bark of a laugh, causing Teddy and Harry to look over.

- “Oh, god no!” He chuckled. 

- Sirius stared at him with confusion plastered on his face.

- “No, no, Dora’s my best friend. She’s married to this wonderful woman called Fleur. She’s staying at our’s for the week though because Fleur has gone back to France for a few days on some work trip and she was feeling lonely in their house.” He smiled.

- Sirius visibly let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding.

- Remus noticed how Sirius’ tense body suddenly relaxed. 

- He starting chewing the bottom of his lip.

- Perhaps his feelings were requited and this was a date after all. 

- “Oh. So, she’s your ex?” He queried.

- “Oh, no, we’ve never dated.” He smiled, glancing over at the boys whose attention was back on their games.

- “She’s literally the gayest person since Adam and Steve.” He laughed.

- “But no, we’ve been best friends since we were in school. She’s met Fleur about 9 years ago now? They’ve been married for about 6 years and they really wanted to have kids and they asked me to be the Dad. At first I was super reluctant because I always thought my first kid would be my kid, you know?”

- “Yeah I get that,” Sirius nodded, completely enthralled in the story Remus was telling.

- “But then when I told them about it, they just laughed at me saying ‘We asked you to be the Dad, not the Donor, you prat. It is going to be your kid!’ 5 and a half years later, here we are.” He smiled.

- Sirius felt his knees go a little weak at how loved Teddy must be to have parents who really wanted him.

- He was glad it wasn’t a drunken mistake like his mother used to tell him he was.

- Remus smiled widely.

- “I know, a little unorthodox but …”

- “Hey, no judgement here!” Sirius grinned holding his hands up. 

- “I’m the rebellious black sheep of the family who was disowned for being gay, only for my biological brother to come out years later and now him, my adoptive brother and my best friend are in a relationship raising my godson! My life is nothing BUT unorthodox!”

- Remus stared wide eyed, making Sirius realise what he had just admitted.

- “You were disowned for being gay? Oh my god, thats horrible! I’m so sorry.”

- Sirius waved a hand nonchalantly. 

- “Well, I guess there was more to it than just that, but that was the final straw. It was a terrible family, I’m glad it happened.“ He smiled sadly. “At least I got a better family out of it.”

- “I’m glad that you did.” Remus smiled genuinely and placed his hand over the top of Sirius’ that was resting his knee.

- Sirius stared down at where their hands were touching and felt his face heat up.

- He didn’t let himself fall for people easily, especially since he suffers from abandonment issues; he gets scared that people will leave him all alone when they realise he’s too much to handle.

- He’s used to a few one night stands or a fling here and there, but he’s never had a proper relationship with anybody.

- But the way he and Remus just fell together so perfectly, he felt he could easily fall for the tall, cameral haired and forest eyed beauty.

- Which scared him a lot.

- “Can I get you another drink?” He panicked and jumped to his feet.

- Sirius took the empty bottle out of Remus’ hands and walked into the kitchen.

- He hadn’t noticed that Remus stood up and followed him in.

- He threw the bottles into the recycling bin and pulled open the fridge door, humming loudly to himself to distract his mind from thinking about how nice it felt to be touched innocently by Remus.

- He didn’t know what that gesture meant.

- Was it just a comforting gesture? Or did it mean more?

- He didn’t even know if Remus swung that way.

- And he would also have to take into consideration that Remus has a child and might not even want to start anything with anyone.

- “I’m pansexual, by the way,” Remus said from behind him, a little tipsy on light beer.

- Sirius froze then turned to look at him

- “If you were wondering …” Remus bit his lip sheepishly.

- Damn, why did I say that? I’ve gone and ruined everything.

- “O-oh.” Sirius was a little startled at the statement.

- “It’s just - you know - you told me …” he swayed a little on the spot.

- Sirius let out a breathy laugh.

- “Ah, well … thank you for telling me.” He smouldered. 

- Remus chuckled awkwardly and looked around the room.

- “If we’re on the subject of sharing,” Sirius started, nervously fidgeting, “I’m genderfluid.”

- Remus gasped dramatically and covered his mouth with his hand, making Sirius wince thinking this was already over before it began.

-  “Oh my god, have I been a proper arsehole and mis-pronouning you all night? I’m so sorry! I swear I usually ask people’s pronouns when I first meet them but I didn’t even think!”

- Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

- “No, no. It’s he/him today. But … you … you mean you don’t mind?” Sirius bit his lip.

- Remus raspberried his lips together like a horse and waved his hand through the air.

- “Oh god no. Dora’s Genderfluid as well, but she prefers she/her pronouns even on her male days.” He smiled. 

- “Teddy’s perfectly aware of gender fluidity too, so as long as you tell him the correct pronouns in the morning, he’ll stick with them until you tell him they’ve changed.”

- Sirius sighed with happiness.

- God, could this man be any more perfect?

- “Thats … that’s good to know.” He grinned.

- This is your chance, Sirius. Go for it!

- “So … hypothetically, if I wanted to ask you out on a date sometime …?” Sirius bit his lip nervously.

- Remus’ eyes widened.

- “O-oh?” 

- Sirius then grinned widely which Remus returned just as beautifully.

- “I would definitely have to check my calendar …” Remus playfully looked at his hand making Sirius giggle. “It says hereeee,” he purred “that I’m free always if you ask me out on a date.” 

- Sirius beamed at how adorable Remus was, and how he seemed just as eager to go on a date with Sirius as he was to go on a date with Remus.

- Sirius bit his lip and let his eyes roam over Remus.

- Remus felt a shiver run now his spine by how provocative it looked and how much it turned him on feeling so exposed under his gaze.

- Then Sirius stepped closer to Remus, crowding him near the sink.

- Remus had only just noticed how much smaller Sirius was when he felt himself leaning down to him as Sirius leant up.

- “Can I kiss you?” Sirius whispered, his breath tickling against Remus lips.

- With a small nod, their eyes had started to flutter closed.

- “Dadddddddy?” 

- They jumped apart and turned to see a sleepy looking Teddy and Harry stood in the doorway.

- “Daddy, I’m tired.” Teddy whined, rubbing at his eye. Harry yawned loudly.

- “Okay sweetheart. Go get your coat and say goodnight and thank you and we’ll take you home, okay?” 

- “Goodnight, Padfoot. Thankyou.” Teddy nodded and walked back into the other room with Harry.

- Sirius turned back to Remus and they stared at each other for a moment.

- Then they both burst out into a fit of giggles.

- “Sorry, he has this thing where he always walks in at the wrong time. I swear, he gets it from Dora!” Remus smiled.

- “It’s fine. It might be for the best anyway.” 

- “Oh?” Remus pursed his lips, thinking Sirius had changed his mind.

- “Yeah. I kind of want to take you out on a proper date. A meal, candles, maybe even flowers if your lucky. I’ll woo you properly then,” he winked.

- Remus blushed prettily.

- “Well then, I’ll hold you to that.” He smirked.

- “You can hold me to anything you want.” Sirius winked again earning another bark of laughter from Remus.

- “God, you’re insufferable.” He laughed. 

- “Thank you so much for tonight, Sirius, it was wonderful.”

- “Well, thank you for the food! It was delicious.” 

- They both were gazing at each other with pure fondness and felt each other draw nearer again.

- “Daddddddy.” Teddy called from the other room.

- Remus sighed and sheepishly smiled. 

- “I better …” He gestured to the door.

- “Yeah. But, we’ll see each other again, right?” Sirius asked slightly scared that this was it.

- “Of course … I’m your neighbour.” Remus chuckled and winked.

- “But, here. You can give me your number, then you can text whenever you want to.” He pulled out his phone and passed it over.

- Sirius took it off of him and punched in his digits, quickly sending himself a text and passed it back, reaching up and leaving a soft kiss on his cheek as he did.

- “I’ll hold you to it.” He seductively whispered into his ear. 

- Remus went red all over and stepped backwards, taking ahold of one of Sirius’ hands with both of his and bringing it up to his lips to kiss gently with a smirk. 

- He walked into the living room, pulling Sirius along with him, to see Teddy and Harry half asleep on the settee.

- Remus helped Teddy put his coat on then picked him up as he nuzzled his head into his neck and snored lightly.

- Sirius walked them both to the door, his stomach doing somersaults all the way.

- “Goodnight, and thank you.” Remus smiled at Sirius.

- “It was my pleasure.” He sleepily grinned.

- “I’ll see you soon.” Remus turned and walked down the path.

- “Oh!” Remus whisper-shouted back. “If you really want to woo me, it’s definitely with chocolates.” He winked with a laugh.

- “I’ll remember that!” Sirius chuckled and shut the door as Remus walked down the street to his home.

- Once they got into their home, Remus took Teddy upstairs and put him to bed.

- He pulled out one of Teddy’s favourite books and started to read it to him.

- “Hey, how did it go?” Dora popped her head around the door and asked.

- “Hey love. It went really well, I think Teddy had a good time.”

- “Uh-huh.” Teddy sleepily answered.

- “Oh good.” She smiled and walked into the room.

- She leant down and kissed Teddy’s forehead.

- “Goodnight, sweetheart.” She whispered.

- “Night Mummy.” 

- Dora was half way out the door when Teddy spoke again.

- “I saw Daddy nearly kissing Padfoot in the kitchen.”

- The book in Remus’ hands fell to the floor with a loud thud.

- “Did you now?” Dora started laughing at the dumbstruck expression on Remus’ face.

- “Uh-huh. It’s okay though,” he yawned and snuggled into his pillow, “I like Padfoot. It’d be cool having two Mummy’s and Daddy’s.” 

- “Okay, goodnight Ted!” Remus rushed out of the room bright red and embarrassed. 

- Dora couldn’t stop laughing.

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Normal Life

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Request: Can I get a request where Dean and the reader get sent to an alternate world where they are married with maybe some smut? 

A/N: Hey guys! So I’m super excited to have gotten a request and to be able to make something so far, I got so excited that this one is a bit longer that my normal stuff! 

Warnings: Language, a bit of angst?, fluff. (I’m still trying to get better at smut tbh.)

Words: 2,134 (Holy cow)

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Surprises...(Part two)- Josh Dun

As the bus came to a stop at the arena they were playing that night Lauren got really excited.

“Daddy, is uncle Tyler here?” she asked beaming with excitement.

“Yeah, he’s somewhere. Probably still sleeping on his bus. It’s kind of early.” Josh said turning his attention from you to his daughter.

“I wanna see them though. When can we see them?” Lauren asked.

“Lauren, calm down. We’ll have some breakfast then we’ll go bug them.” you said.

Both your kids immediately got up picking up their toys and sat at the table.

“Wow, they’re so trained.” Josh chuckled.

“Well one of us has to be strict. I mean you’re like another child, but I love it.” you said pulling out a box of cereal and pouring a bowl for each of your kids (including Josh).

“Mommy, don’t be mean to daddy. He’s more fun.” Lauren said shoving cereal down her throat.

“Hey, that wasn’t very nice. Mom can be fun too.” Josh defended you.

“Lauren who brings you shopping?” you asked knowing how much she loves it.

“You.” she said.

“See. Therefore I’m more fun.” you said and it made Lauren laugh.

After breakfast you cleaned up the mess and Josh played with the kids just enjoying the time you got together.

“So, Tyler just texted me saying he is on his way over.” Josh said and it made both your kids cheer.

“Jackson, come on let’s go hid.” Lauren said eagerly taking her brother’s hand and pulling him into her bunk.

After a few moments the bus door flew open and Tyler climbed on and Jenna followed.

“Y/N you’re here. How you been?” Tyler asked giving you a hug.

“Great, now that I’m here with all my favorite people.” you replied.

“Speaking of where are those crazy children of yours?” Tyler asked and you could hear giggling from the bunks. He walked back quietly to go sneak up on them.

“So you’re finally here. We’ve missed you guys.” Jenna said hugging you.

“I know. I’ve missed everyone so much. But Lauren has school, so it’s hard pulling her for long periods.” you said.

You could hear laughter from the back of the bus where Josh, Tyler, and the kids were all playing.

You and Jenna hung out just catching up for a while in the front.

“So Tyler and I want to give you and Josh so alone time with no kids. Can we take them tonight? They can sleep on our bus.” Jenna offered.

“Oh you don’t have to.”

“No. really we want to. I can’t imagine what it’s like being away from Tyler for so long. You and Josh need time to hang out and be adults.” she said with a wink.

“Oh yeah, that won’t be happening. I’ll be fast asleep as soon as we get on the bus tonight.” you said knowing that she was implying you and Josh were going to have sex.

“You have 3 weeks to catch up on sleep. Have some fun.” she said laughing.

You were glad you had a close relationship with Jenna and could talk about things like that.


Tyler was singing some nonsense into the microphone. Josh sat with you on the empty arena floor that would soon be filled with hundreds of screaming fans.

“This is amazing.” you said in total awe.

“I know. To just think you were pregnant for Lauren when I joined the band and now she’s running around with our son in this huge venue.” Josh said as he watched the kids chasing each other in the big empty space.

“Guess I should go up there and practice with him now.” Josh said with a sigh.

“Why did you sigh?” you asked turning to him.

“It just sucks. I mean I finally get to be with you and I have to work.” he said putting his hands up in slight defeat.

“I don’t mind. At least we’re together while you work. Not to mention how much  I love watching you drum.” you said placing a kiss on his cheek. “Now go play.”

He got up and jogged to the stage where your two kids followed him.

“Can we play?” Lauren asked Josh.

He looked to Tyler to see if he had time, Tyler shook his head as an indication to let them play.

“Sure but only for a few minutes, then I have to get to work.”

He put both the kids on either knee and let them bang away on the drums. This was one of the things you missed the most about Josh being home. Seeing him with his kids was heart warming. He adored them and hated when he had to leave.

After a couple minutes you went up and told your kids it was time to go lay down and relax. You liked keeping them on a schedule even if they were having a good time. Josh understood and told them they could drum again later.

Back on the bus now you laid on the couch while your kids were in their bunks asleep. Scrolling through your social media trying to relax before tonight’s show.

Suddenly the bus door swung open and Josh climbed on.

“Shh.. they’re sleeping.” you said sitting up and motioning for him to sit with you.

“Right, sorry.” he said sitting down and pulling you to his lap.

“So this is the first time we’ve had some alone time.” he said leaning in and connecting your lips with his.

“Mommy?” yelled your son from the bunks of the bus.

You pulled away from the kiss “guess that was the end of that.” you said and stood and walked to the bunks.

Walking with your son on your hip back to the couch you saw Josh at the counter making a 4 sandwiches.

“Hey buddy you hungry?” Josh asked putting the food in front of your son who was now at the table.

“Of course he is, they both eat like you, 24/7.” you joked and Lauren came out sitting next to you at the table and ate.

“Sorry guys, I would love to stay but I have to go do some interviews. I’ll see you guys right before the show?” Josh said after you all finished lunch.

“Okay. we’ll meet up in your dressing room before?” you suggested.

“Sounds perfect. I love you guys. Bye.” Josh left the bus and you were back to being alone with your kids. Until Jenna came and took them.

“I know you need a break Y/N. They’re always good for me. I’ll bring them to hang out with me, go watch Josh’s interviews. You don’t get to see him much.enjoy it while you can.” she said.

“Thanks Jenna. You’re right, I do need time. Thank you so much.”

“Are we still taking them tonight? I was kind of looking forward to it.” Jenna said with your kids begging you to stay overnight on Tyler and Jenna’s bus.

“Sure. Don’t have too much fun without me.” you joked before leaving and walking to the arena to find Josh.

You found Josh and Tyler in the middle of an interview so you snuck in and sat behind the camera and Josh’s face suddenly light up.

“So, both of you are married, what’s that like being on tour and all?” the interviewer asked.

“Well it’s great for me because I can have my wife Jenna with me.” Tyler said.

“and you Josh? You have a child right? Is it different?” the interviewer turned the question to Josh.

He looked at you then to his hands then back to the interviewer.

“Yeah, I have 2 kids now actually, a 5 and 3 year old. It was easier before my daughter went to school because they would come on tour with me the whole time. Now they visit when they can and I go home if I have a day or two off. I miss them so much when I’m gone and they actually came this morning and it’s really exciting to be spending the next 3 weeks with them. You know get in all those adorable moments in before they grow up.” he said with the biggest smile on his face.

Once the interview was over Josh stood and walked over to where leaning against the wall.

“Hey there babe.” he said with a smirk on his face. “Where are the kids?”

“They are with Jenna right now.”

“Well that’s perfect. That was my last interview and I still have about 30 minutes before I have to get ready. So what do you say we head to my dressing room and you know, catch up.” he said kissing your forehead and taking your hand in his.

“Let’s go.” you said and he lead you to the dressing room.

He pushed you down on the couch that was in the center of the room and hovered over you. He placed a deep kiss to your lips and started to move down to your neck. You tilted your head up to expose more of your neck. When he found your spot you let out a quiet moan.

“Moaning just from this, what will happen when I get you alone again?” he said smugly.

“Well Jenna and Tyler offered to take the kids tonight, so I guess we won’t have to wait to long to find out.” you said as he moved farther down lifting your shirt.

“That’s something to look forward to.” he said.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Josh pulled off of you and chuckled as you sat up and readjusted yourself.

He looked at you for approval to open the door and you gave him a nod.

“Hey sorry to interrupt anything, but Jenna is headed in with the kids right now and I didn’t want them witnessing anything life scarring.” Tyler joked walking into the room. He was followed by Jenna and the kids who walked in just seconds after.

It was finally time for the Josh and Tyler to go on. Josh played like he hadn’t played in so long. He was great, it just showed how much he was different when you were around. He was so much happier and everyone noticed.

As you stood on the side with your kids your son soon grew antsy.

“I wanna play. Please, can I?” Jackson begged pulling on your sleeve.

“Jackson, he’s playing for the fans right now. Maybe another time.” you tried to reason with him, but he’s 3. There’s not much reasoning you can do.

As Tyler made his way to talk to the fans Jackson let go of your hand and ran on to stage.

“Jackson, get back here.” you whisper yelled.

Josh was shocked when he felt his son climbing onto his lap. You made your way out onto stage to grab Jackson when the fans started to interrupt Tyler’s speech by cheering when they saw you.

“Oh looks like Josh has some company. Guys welcome Y/N, Josh’s wife and Jackson the future drummer.” Tyler joked as you took Jackson off his lap.

“Sorry bout that.” you apologized.

“No worries.” he stood and leaned into your ear. “Have these kids on the other bus before I get to you. It’s been too long, if you know what I mean.” he gave you a kiss then gave your son a kiss on his forehead.

“I do.” you said then walked off.

Once Trees was performed you told Jenna that she should probably take the kids now. She took the hint and brought your kids to her and Tyler’s bus.

Josh told you to go to the bus while he washed up. So you made your way there and waited patiently.

After about 30 minute of waiting you texted him.

To Josh

Hurry up, I’m growing impatient.

Sent 11:32pm

From Josh

Eager much. I’ll be there in a minute.

Received 11:33pm

You got up and stripped down to just underwear and bra. You were in need of his touch. He was right it had been too long.

The bus door swung open and Josh hurried on, locking the door. He turned around and saw that you weren’t wearing much and blushed.

“Guess I was right about you being eager, huh?” he asked pinning you against the wall.

“Well I can’t help myself. Seeing you play makes me, I don’t know.” you closed the space between your lips.

Josh broke the kiss to pull off his shirt and pants. He placed his hands on your hips and started kissing you again. You could feel how hard he was getting against your leg.

“Oh and I was the eager one.” you sassed.

“Did you just get mouthy with me?” he asked teasingly. “Go lay down in the bunk.” he said and you walked off. “Loose the bra and underwear too.” he called after you.

You dropped the remainder of your clothing on the floor before climbing into the bunk.

Josh came in a few minutes later and climbed on top of you. Without anymore talking you two were attached at the lips. He moved his way down your naked body leaving small hickeys on his way.

“Josh please. Do something, touch me.”

He moved farther down granting your wish and started working on your clit. He sucked on it and when you let out a moan he put a finger inside of you.

“You’re so wet baby.”

“Fuck Josh, it’s been so long I’m close already.” you could barely speak.

He removed his fingers and you whimpered from the loss of pleasure.

He lined himself up and teased you with the tip of his cock.

“How bad do you want it?” Josh asked into your neck.

“So bad. Please fuck me Josh.” you begged.

He put his lips to your neck and thrusted inside you.

“Fuck you’re so tight. God I’ve missed this cunt so bad baby.”

“Josh, faster. Your big dick feels so good.” he moved faster and you felt him twitch inside you when you clenched around him.

“Are you close?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m about to cum.”

“Do it baby. I want you to cum all over me.”

He thrusted into you a few more times before you hit your climax and you moaned his name as he cummed inside you. He rode out both your orgasms before flopping down next to you.

“Fuck that was… wow.” Josh said and you giggled.

“I know. I think I forget how much I miss the real thing.” you said pulling the covers over you and Josh.

“What do you mean ‘real thing’?” Josh asked pulling you close.

“Do you really think I go months without any attention. I have to do things on my own when you’re not around.” you said closing your eyes.

“So you’re a naughty girl, I see. What do you say we go for round two?”

“Not right now. I haven’t gotten a good night sleep in so long. We have 3 weeks to make up for lost time and trust me this isn’t the only night Jenna and Tyler will have the kids.” you said.

“I like the sound of that.” he placed a kiss to your forehead and you closed your eyes. “Good night Y/N. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” then you fell asleep with Josh right next to you.