we swear!

For the first time since I started this drawing over a week ago, I got to sit down and draw, and I even got to finish the lines!

Papa Rice and his lil Gonin, because I really wanted to draw the two together, and this is the first time I’ve actually drawn how I imagine my adult Gohan to look.

Maybe I’ll color it tomorrow since I have plenty of time with our internet down again *cries* 


hi yes just got home but id like to let you know that im calling it right now. hiveswap is dropping this 4/13. no ifs ands or buts and if not i will be severely disappointed

“The beast is no more than foolhardy Ed boy.”

Foolhardy - Reckless, Irresponsible, daredevil

Considering how Rolf trusts Ed to take care of his animals I’m surprised he thinks this way about Ed.

What makes him more shocked is that a kind person like Ed was behind this crazy scheme.

“Right on, Ed had me going too, huh, Plank?”

Jonny holds no grudges towards Ed. He thinks it was all a hoax and maybe the Eds were acting. As Jonny has mentioned himself he is very good natured. His mind may not be in the right place, but he is a positive person. He likes himself the way he is.

Jonny and Ed are practically the same person. They’d make good friends. Ed tends to go off more with Edd and Eddy. Ed and Jonny do begin to start their own friendship during season 6, but doesn’t go beyond that.

“The dork is twisted, I swear.” We rarely ever hear Kevin’s opinion about Ed. He’s always focused on Edd and Eddy. 

The other character don’t know Ed. They tend to see him as the tag along Ed who acts strange. They’re pre-teens who still don’t understand disabilities. We have gone through tons of speculation over whether Ed has a disability, but it is left ambigous. Ed is eccentric. 

The kids don’t want to be different. This is why the Eds don’t understand them. They want to be friends with them, but the kids won’t let go of their usual activitivies and accept difference. Being different is the best, while being the same is boring.

They finally see that there is more to Ed when he is the one to defeat Eddy’s Brother. They’re giving more attention to Eddy during the time since he was the one who got the beating, but Ed deserves to be congratulated for doing an act that was based on his own wits.

“I’m off cereal like forever.” Nazz has nothing against Ed, only the cereal that is contimanating her clothes and skin.

The relationship between Ed and Nazz has always been interesting. There have been few instances where Ed has shown feelings for her. Nazz is nice to each Ed in her own way, but she has a soft spot for Ed. He notices the strange way he acts so she is careful about what she says a does.

This why Nazz gets annoyed with Kevin whenever he is making fun of the Eds. She worries about Ed because she doesn’t know if he may have mental disability. I could see Nazz becoming a special ed teacher some day because she always wants people to see the best in themselves.

This is Nazz’s lesson throughout the series. To be yourself and never to care about others opinions. It takes her a while to learn this, but that’s what many people are going through in the world. Nazz will follow her own pathway to seek who she really is.


#dr-pickmeup part 1/? and part 2

So here’s a summary of what happened yesterday…


Let’s talk about Tendou for a bit

So we’re getting a bit more Tendou in S3 E2 and this is nice because Tendou is one of the more… interesting characters.
In the manga he was one of the first ones I truly managed to despise (at least for like ten chapters).
A lot of it has to do with the eyes, but also with the way he holds himself. His face is weird, he mocks his opponents at every turn, he’s got a Very Strange sense of humor and loyalty, and his posture always seems wrong, somehow. His neck is usually at an angle, he just feels… off.

And the anime takes that little factoid and runs with it.

Haikyuu’s animation is usually very, very smooth, you see. Tendou’s is not.

Dude is a twitchy bastard. He moves erratically when he’s not actually playing. And watching him this episode, combined with the voice, it took a while for me to put my finger on what it is that makes it so unnerving.

The swaying, the twitching… you usually see that sort of thing in zombie movies. His animation is basically that of a horror monster.

I mean, obviously he’s being set up as the antagonist for the next episode. He is the ‘guess monster’ after all, but I never realized you could put that level of detail into the way you make a character move.


id like to think theyre buds…….

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