we strike

On March 8th, we strike together

This Wednesday, I will join other women at Tumblr and those across the world in striking on International Women’s Day, a commemorative day honoring the anniversary of the 1909 strike of the Ladies Garment Workers Union. With more than 20,000 women demanding better and safer working conditions in an unjust system, it was one of the largest union strikes in history.

A strike is not undertaken lightly, and many of the women on the front lines risked their lives in fighting for this deserved justice. It is crucial we acknowledge that strikes and human rights movements of the past have been predominantly led by low income women, immigrants, queer women, and women of color. They led, and are leading, the way to true equality.

For us, employees of Tumblr in 2017, a strike isn’t as risky. Tech is a male-dominated field, so a single day without women at Tumblr may simply mean a few empty chairs in meetings.

Tumblr provides good living wages, extensive health care coverage, and parental leave. In the United States, what should be human rights are instead considered benefits and perks associated with the tech elite and corporate class.

These privileges are why it’s imperative that we strike in solidarity with and for those who have more to lose.

On March 8th, we strike for women less fortunate than us. We demand public policy that guarantees equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, access to affordable health care, a safe workplace  and basic human rights for all women, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, disability, and gender preference. We strike in solidarity with low income women, native women, Muslim women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ and women of color who risk more than we do today.

We call for the male-dominated tech industry to hold themselves accountable for advocating for these policies. We urge all involved to use the power they have to pressure the current administration to advance equal rights for all women.

At 4pm on Wednesday, we’re attending the Women’s Rally in Washington Square. We hope you’ll join us.

Anna Niess
Caragh Poh
Katie Barnwell
Lily Derella
Lydia White
Davina Kim
Anela Chan
Megan Leet
Mary Cannon
Tiffany Chiu
Amelia Gapin
Bryana Sortino
Becca Bainbridge
Micaela Roberts
Michelle Johnson
Shubhra Kumar
Holly Tancredi
Margaux Olverd
Tanya Lett
Sarah Won
Jess Frank
Connie Li
Tamar Nachmany
Seda Yakamercan

If people were always kind and obedient to those who are cruel and unjust, the wicked people would have it all thier own way: they would never feel afraid, and s they would never alter, but grow worse. When we are struck back with no reason, we should strike back again very hard, so hard as to teach the person who struck us never to do it again
—  Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
New names for the Newsies soundtrack

1. Get hype (Overture)
2. I wanna be a cowboy ( Santa Fe prolouge)
3. You’re a newsie, I’m a newsie , we’re all newsies (carrying the banner)
4. Capatilism does not care about you( the bottom line)
5. Fuck you I’m rich ( that’s rich)
6. This song sounds gay out of context (I never planed on you)
7. We’re gonna go on strike! (The world will know)
8. Writers block the musical (watch what happens)
9. We’re going on strike (Seize the day)
10. I fucked up time to leave ( Santa Fe)
11. We’re famous! Time to tap (King of New York )
12. Sad orphan boy ( letter from the refuge)
13. Davey talks sense into Jack (watch what happens reprise)
14. Capatilism supports blackmail ( the bottom line reprise)
15. The big guns are here (brooklyns here)
16. Yay hets? (Something to believe in)
17. We made a newspaper ( once and for all)
18. I guess I’m not gonna be a cowboy now (finale)