we stop looking for monsters under our bed

eighties babies

(remember that nancy/steve/jonathan road trip fic i was writing?)

“So I was thinking,” Steve says.  He’s holding Nancy’s hand as they stroll through hunting and fishing supply warehouse like they’re at the mall food court.  “We should go on a road trip.”

“Yeah?” Nancy says.  She could really go for an Orange Julius.  “Where would we go?”

“I was thinking about my uncle’s vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard,” Steve says, and he sounds serious.  Nancy stops him, twirls around to face him and hold their hands together, her eyebrow arched like a sideways question mark.

“Are you being for real with me right now?”

“Super for real,” he says.  “The realest.  Why?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she replies, smiling down at her shoes.  “It’s just– it’s very adult.  It seems very mature.”

Steve shrugs.  “I was just thinking like, about college, and you, and me, and Jonathan.”

“Wait,” she says. “‘And Jonathan?’”

“Yeah,” he continues, oblivious.  “Just like, he needs to get out of here, you know?  This town is killing him.  We should like, all take a road trip to the East Coast, get the fuck out of here for a few days, stop shopping for guns and knives and things to kill the monsters we’re all afraid are living under our beds.  It’s turning us all into wackos.  And like, he was already a wacko, so you can tell he’s like, barely tethered to this earth anymore.”

“So, you’re suggesting I, seventeen-year-old Nancy Wheeler, ask my parents if I can go on a road trip with two boys to go look at colleges?  You realize what that sounds like, right?” she says, and she tries to sound sweet about it, but really, Steve can be so dense sometimes.

“I mean, you can just say you’re going with me,” he says.  “Or Jonathan, whoever your parents are least threatened by.  I like to think it’s me.”

“My parents will put bars on my windows!” she tells him, laughing.  They’re still holding hands and she squeezes them to make sure he knows she’s not trying to be mean, she’s just trying to be honest.

“Then, I don’t know, tell them you’re going to camp!”

“I am like, seven years too old to be going to camp.”

“Then, I don’t know, tell them you got a job as a counselor!  For a week!  I’m picking you up to drive you there.  It’s right down the road, we’ll make up fake brochures–”

“Steve!” she says again, like a punctuation point to end this entire conversation.

“Nancy, you’re killing me here, you’re really stretching me to the limits of how well I can lie on the spot,” he says, and leans in to kiss the side of her mouth.  “I just think it would be good for all of us.  And if you think you can’t tell them, then, fuck, I don’t know?  Don’t?”

“Don’t tell my parents that I’m leaving town for a week, half a year after six people go missing?”  

“I’m not saying don’t tell them at all,” he explains, and he sounds so fucking smooth that it makes her knees weak; it makes her want to carry her out to the car and drive away with her now and never come back.  “I’m just saying, like, leave a note?  You’ll get grounded for sure.  But we’ll have the best time.  We can forget all of this.  Just for a little while.”

“Steve Harrington,” she says, closing her eyes and smiling with defeat.  “You charming devil.”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” he says, smiling, and leans in for another kiss, a real one this time.

Snk Read Through - Chapter 12 Page 14.

If a non-human enemy appeared, humanity would probably unite and stop fighting itself.

A page that helps us to understand theme of the series.

Is that really so? If a non-human enemy appeared, humanity would really unite?

Of course not.

We humans are selfish, we tend to put ourselves and people we love above everything, we lie, we steal, we hate. We scare from sharks, monsters under our beds, giants, even clowns but if we take a look at ourselves we’d rather be scared of humans, instead of monsters. 2016 itself is a huge proof you know asdfg.

I think Shingeki no Kyojin series handles this theme wonderfully.

Chapter 37.

 Chapter 51.

Sergeant Gross is also helping us to understand that theme, Chapter 87.

Something like Utopia can not exist, no matter how much effort you put, no matter how hard you try because of human nature itself. I am sorry philosophers, Thomas Campanella, Francis Bacon, First King and many others but I am taking George Orwell’s side here, and so does Isayama. He mocks with classic themes in every single way possible.

Chapter 37.

The First King and his ideology, Chapter 65.

I know, Kruger also said First King wanted Eldia to fall, but still…

The island where the walls are not named Utopia for nothing, after all.

Chapter 87.

Isayama likes to mock classic themes, and I love that way of his. It makes this manga more realistic and more enjoyable.