we stood there watching it

I’m sorry that the world has failed you. How Muslim leaders failed you and more importantly how the Muslim ummah has failed you. Innocent people are being executed because they stood up to a vicious dictator. The world is ending for the people in Aleppo, that’s about 100,000+ people. There are people uploading videos to social media and saying that this will most likely be the last time we will hear from them. How does that leave us so unaffected? We stood by indifferently for so long and watched it get to this point. This is on our hands too.


My friends and I met Peter Capaldi and we cried a lot. I talked to him about the ‘tiny tiny Starbucks’ that stood behind where we were watching the filming from. He is such an angel, who got so excited about the TARDIS, pointing to it and going, “look, have you seen it! ”  and was genuinely kind, lovely and adorable (even when he did his Malcolm Tucker impression!). Once a whovian, always a whovian. So much love for this man, I’m so blessed to be studying where I am, and hope it see him and Matt Lucas again. Love you millions, Capaldi. 

“Around sunset, we emerged from the trees into a little glade where the snow lay in heavy, perfect drifts that glittered in the fading light. We slipped into the stillness, our footfalls muffled by the snow. It was late. I knew we should be making camp, finding shelter, Instead, we stood there in silence, hands clasped, watching the day disappear.”
- Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone

2016 delivered its final blow. Destroyed an entire nation while we stood by and watched. I’ve never been more ashamed in my life. With myself, and the Ummah.

So my mom wasn’t able to come with us to New York yesterday to see Dear Evan Hansen because she’s been dealing with a lot of depression and sickness and things of her own. So today I found one of the recordings out there and I had her watch it (I know, I know, I really shouldn’t do that, but I just felt really terrible that she didn’t get to see it, and we can’t afford to get another set of tickets, so I couldn’t just let her not see the show).

So we just watched through it, and at the end, she stood up, obviously crying, and started walking away. I asked her where she was going, and she just said “I’m going into the other room to cry some more”

And if that isn’t a perfect example of everyone’s reaction to seeing Dear Evan Hansen for the first time, then I don’t know what is.

Rewatching the Achievement Hunter Versus playlist, I just watched Gavin and Michael muddle their way through Freebird on Medium in Guitar Hero II, and it reminded me of the most condescending thing I’ve ever done.

So I was the best GH player in my circle of friends at that point, PROBABLY the second-best player in town, and still not nearly at my peak; my buddy C (the same one from the Halo story) challenged me to a professional mode match on Expert (we play the same notes, the full song, and compete in points).  Now, he was trash-talking beforehand, but I knew I was the better player by an order of magnitude, so I did something very rude.

Now, anybody who’s listened to Freebird knows that the song consists of four minutes of slow intro and then a seven minute guitar solo that gets BRUTAL.  I was sick of C trash-talking, so when we started the song…I didn’t play.

I stood there and watched him play the entire intro, giving him a sixty-thousand-point head start.  When the solo started, I started playing, passed him in score about five minutes into the solo, and wound up beating him by the lead he had going in.

He never challenged me to a Guitar Hero faceoff ever again.

A PSA From Hell

We don’t really have a lot to say to you. No campaign rhetoric here. We at Texts from Mordhaus will, however, encourage all of you out there to vote. If you are registered to vote, do it.

Yeah. Standing in the line is gonna suck. Weather might even be shitty; it’s fucking November for fuck’s sake.

But do it.

Do it.


If only to claim your space at the roots of our future history – you can tell your kids and their kids (should we survive that long) that you were there and you chose to let your voice be heard.  History doesn’t reflect kindly on those who stood by and watched.  We don’t give a flying fuck which dog is yours in this fight, but go into that voting booth and scream your support like your life depends on the gnashing of teeth and tearing of flesh and savage, phlegm-spraying barking that will, when all is said and done, determine which dog stands tall.

Fucking do it, America.

Do it.

Being Lyrically Left

Forever & Always: One second it was perfect now you’re half way out the door

You’re not Sorry: Could’ve loved you all my life if you hadn’t left me waiting

Haunted: Stood there and watched you walk away from everything we had

If This Was a Movie: Six months gone and I’m still reaching

The Last Time: You wear your best apology but I was there to watch you leave

The Moment I Knew: What do you do when the one who means the most to you is the one who didn’t show ?

This Love: Your kiss, my cheek, I watched you leave, your smile, my ghost, I fell to my knees

Wonderland: I reached for you but you were gone

"You Heard Me. Take. It. Off" ~ Donovan

*Your POV*

He had left me once again, alone. I wasn’t surprised… I mean he had been staying with me all week and had always disappeared before 5pm inly after arriving at 2pm. The latest he stayed was tonight when I feel asleep on the couch while we were watching a movie.

Stretching, I stood up and looked at the clock on the wall.


Groaning, I walked over to the kitchen to get a drink when I noticed a note on the fridge.

My dearest Y/N,

I apologize that I didn’t wake you. You had just finally gotten to sleep and I couldn’t bring myself to wake you…. Elizabeth called me out to go to dinner. I will be home by 11. Please don’t leave the room and just try to go back to sleep. I promise. And my darling sunshine…. Don’t you dare go to the bathroom and touch your stach or razor.  Don’t even think about it

Yours, Donovan

I laughed and took the note and set it on the counter. Oh if only he knew how I loved so, but he wasn’t here long enough for me to share my feelings. Besides, he has his darling Elizabeth.

All I was was his dumbass best friend whose depression had been acting up.

Forgetting the thought of getting water, I stood up and went to explore the guest room where Donovan is staying.

He had requested the room that was the darkest, but the only thing that was in there was his suitcase. He usually spent the night snuggling me on the couch or with Elizabeth. Usually the second.

Shivering, I looked around the empty apartment. I knew that I should have an appetite, but I wasn’t hungry. Not one bit. Nor had I been for around a month.

You see, for whatever reason, my depression had sparked up very severely. I didn’t understand it…. But I was trying to live with it. That’s why Donovan came. As my best friend. He saw my suffering and saw that I needed help… Or he saw the scars and didn’t want another person to pass in his life.

Never-the-less, I appreciated him more than anything.

To be completely honest, over the years I had fallen head over heels for him and his blue eyes. I had liked him since I was 15….  We were best friends then. Inseparable. Now he had her and I was his burden and though he would deny it, it was clear in his eyes.

I laughed as he had made my guest room a complete mess. His clothes were scatted everywhere, hiding the dark gray carpeted flooring. The only thing neat, in fact, was his nightstand where there was a dark gray cup and a book right next to his lamp and this… this thing I found lying on his drawer.

Clearly he was trying to hide it and I should have stopped snooping as he had hid it behind his desk lamp. But as it glistened in the light and I couldn’t resist it.

Laughing slightly, I reached out to grab the object only to pull back and yelp in pain. Drops of blood fell onto his white sheets and I looked closed at the object.

A sharp metal finger attacted to silver glove. That’s what was there.

Originally, I found myself in shock but then I couldn’t help but smile.

Who needed a razor to draw blood when I had this.

I didn’t hesitated to slip the glove onto my hand and make a deep slit across my right arm. Closing my eyes and groaning in satisfaction of the pain, I continued moving the blade up and down until something clicked in me.

What the heck was I thinking?!?!

Running out of the room I grabbed my phone, tears flowing from my eyes and dialed Donovan.

“Y/N I…..”

“Donny I-”

“I’m sorry Y/N. I have to go. I’ll be home soon okay. Just stay inside.”

“But Donny I-”

Beep Beep Beep

Setting my phone down with shaking hands, I looked behind me, to see drops of blood leading to my spot and I smiled and laughed, looking at the glove on my hand. Moving it from the left to the right, I made more slits, not sitting down till I felt dizzy. Then I stroked gently up and down my legs.

Nausea filled my bones as I finished and I quickly made my way over the bathroom and, not to my surprise, began to throw up a mixture of blood and water.

So much so that I passed out.


*Donovan’s POV*

You could smell the blood from Europe and I was a mere two stories bellow her.

My sweet Y/N had a very distinct scent. I had always had to fight the urge to crack and drain her, especially when she had to cut herself. But all I could think was of how much she needed me and as we got to know each other more…. How much I depended on her. How much I cared for her.

I didn’t care how pissed Rowena would be. I needed my girl alive and safe.

“Y/N!!!” I hollered, breaking down the door and looking for blood. I could smell it, but it was no where to be seen.

Turn my head I looked to see that my bedroom door was cracked and without hesitation I enter and ran to my shelf.

Just as I feared, my glove was gone.

“Dammit Y/N!” I yelled, knocking the whole shelf down in anger and roaming around following my nose, “TAKE IT OFF! YOU HEARD ME TAKE IT-” I stopped and slowly turned and looked to where my senses were leading me.

Slowly creeping up to the bathroom door I pushed it open slowly, partially because I was scared to see the scene and also because I feared scaring her.

I couldn’t bear to look inside the door after a few seconds. The once white bathroom was now stained red.

Cursing, I ran into the place, holding my breath as I slipped the glove off her hand and onto mine, pulling her cold, pale body into my lap. Slowly, I could feel my body shaking as though I was an addict again. Try hard as I could to block out the smell of her… her blood, I couldn’t find myself able to focus. Grabbing her wrist, I kissed one of the marks and closed my eyes.

I will not kill her

I will not kill her





















I will NOT kill her


Setting her arm down I made a cut across my arm and pried open her lips, forcing drops of my blood to fall into her mouth.

“C'mon…. C'mon….. Please work…… Please…… C'mon!” I muttered, sighing, tears pricking at my eyes, “Y/N I’m so so sorry…. I am sorry I left you…. I’m sorry I hurt you…. But you need to Wake up sunshine… Please for me. Wake up… please…. please. I need you to wake up.  Lemme see your eyes. Your beautiful eyes. Please just… Please….. Breathe again. Sunshine, please.” Stroking her hair, I kissed her forehead, “Please.”

In a moment I could feel her cold breath on my bleeding wrist and she began coughing , blood spewing out the side of her mouth. I gently sat her up, rubbing small circles into her back, shhing her gently as she began to whimper. As she stopped, a small groan came from her lips and she looked in my eyes, shocking over coming her.


“Shh…. Save your voice sunshine.” I stroked her hair, “You must be in a lot of pain…. Wanna fix that?” I asked and she nodded. Standing up, I offered her my hand and pulled her up, smiling softly at her. Not dropping her hand, I began to drag her slowly out of the room but she started limping after me until she fell onto the ground.

Attempting to get up, she merely fell again. And again. Until I picked her up and wrapped my arms around her waist. “There’s time for fixing things in the morning. Let’s get you to bed.” She shook her head and put herself down onto the ground.

“Donovan… I can’t…. I can’t. It hurts. Really bad.” She clutched her head, “What did you do- Wh-Wh-Why did you save me? I’m your burden. I wanted to die… I wanted to die.”

Kneeling down next to her I cupped her cheeks in my hands, “Don’t you ever say that. You are not my burden. You are my angle. My light.” I kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly, pressing her forehead against mine, “I love you. I always have. I don’t think I’ll ever stop.” Sighing, she looked down, tears falling from her eyes. Kissing her tears away, I then moved my lips to hers and I could feel her hesitations as she remained still for a bit before easing into my kiss. Then she broke it off, tears in her eyes.

“Don you’re so-”

“I know… Cold.” I laughed, a smirk leaving my lips.

“No….” She smiled, kissing my cheek then leaning into my ear, “ Warm.”


(Weird… Ending and I know… Probably not what you expected…. Hope you enjoyed it anyways. Sorry.. I feel like it’s crap though. Love you all.)

Prometheus, we have wasted your gift.

We burnt down homes in places where we should have warmed hearts and families;
We tied innocent bodies to wooden poles, set them aflame and stood watching: intrigued but
We dropped death from the sky, allowed
orange to rain and envelope thousands:
innocent or guilty no matter, only body counts get remembered;
We ignited landscapes in our careless brazen and watched, the flames spreading and refusing to die, as life and livelihoods alike were devoured;
We allowed your gift to consume us;
We ignored your warnings, hoarded scorch marks like trophies, and accepted burns as rewards;
We allowed our hearts and souls to be burnt out of us;
We hollowed ourselves with the flame you
stole - gave and lost everything for - to keep us warm: alive.

We have brought upon death with your gift of life, Prometheus.
And I wish I could say we are sorry.

—  is this why the gods give such few gifts?:
Unsent letters to gods.
One day, one rhyme- Day 739

Once long ago we stood outside
Under the stars so bright,
We watched the fast incoming tide,
I remember that night.
We threw our secrets to the wind,
Our worries to the sea.
Our dreams swam off, all silver finned
Our hearts were wild and free,
And as the sun rose in the sky
It rose in our hearts too
And my spirits rise just as high
Each time I think of you.

Dirty Tricks

Request Prompt: Can u do a Carl smut where the reader is from rivalry group and the two groups get into a fight and Carl is about to shoot the reader but she seduces him and the dirty happens and she gets away afterwords like a bad ass. Sorry if this was too specific -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Smut

I stared at abandoned house before pulling my knife out to check for walkers. There was only two so we didn’t have to fight much. I went straight to the kitchen and started packing my bag. Scott and Darren stood watch outside while we raided the supposedly empty house.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Someone shouted as he raised his gun.
“Stay here.”, Deacon ordered and I nodded while readying my stance.

“I should ask you the same thing prick. Get the hell out of here. This is our stuff.”, Deacon spat as our group walked closer to the abandoned house.

I moved towards the window and saw a small group of people. I counted five and got my rifle ready for a fight.

“No this is our safe house and you and your people are raiding it. If you want to live leave now and this could all be over.”, He stated.

“I don’t think so.”, Darren smirked before catching a bullet between the eyes.

My eyes widened as his body fell to the ground with a thud. I raised my gun and placed my finger on the trigger as I had a clear shot of the prick that shot Darren.

“Don’t.”, I heard a low voice say behind me.

I could feel the cold barrel of a gun press against my head and sighed. I lowered my gun before quickly turning to knock the gun out of his hand. I grabbed his wrist while pushing him against the wall to restrain him. He easily overpowered me when he slightly pulled my wrist back while rotating our positions. Now I was the one trapped between a wall and my assailant. He was a boy about my age with blue eyes and brown hair that needed to be cut.

“If you want to live just leave.”, he told me repeating what the one outside said.

“I don’t think so.”, I shook my head and he grabbed my shoulders pushing me into the wall.

“Then your going to die here. You realize that right?”, he told me.

“So now that you have the upper hand what are going to do about it?”, I asked.

His features relaxed causing me to kick his legs from under him, pinning him down to the wooden floor. I hand his hands on each side of his head while I straddled his waist.

“You should never let your guard down.”, I told him with a smirk.

“I didn’t let my guard down. You surprised me that’s all.”, he stated and I chuckled.

“Really now?”, I questioned running a finger down his chest.

“Get off.”, he said moving to sit up.

I pushed him back down grabbing his wrists with one hand.

“You’re not as strong as u thought you were.”, I smiled and he scoffed.

He began fidgeting and I felt something rub against my thigh. A small blush crept on my cheeks. I leaned down to his ear and blew a little air.

“Have you had sex before?”, I asked and his eyes widened.

What kind of question is that?“, he said embarrassed.

"A question. Now have you?”, I asked again and he shyly shook his head.

“Good.”, I smiled before placing a small kiss on his lips.

“What are you-”, he began but I pressed my lips against his once more.

I looked out the window to see my group surrendering handing over there weapons. After awhile he kissed back with his eyes closed. I let go of his hands and they grabbed my waist.

“At least you know that much.”, I smiled pulling my shirt off.

He gulped and I let my hair down.

“Just do what feels right. No reason to be shy.”, I whispered and he unhooked my bra.

He sat up to kiss me again while I unzipped his jeans. My hand brushed against his length causing him to shudder. I carefully grabbed a condom out of my bag and slid it on him. I smiled before standing up getting out of my shorts. In a second I was back in him with his tip at my entrance.

“Ready?”, I asked and he nodded.

I lowered myself down on him and we both moaned out. One thing I can say, he isn’t small. I started to slowly bounce as his hands grabbed my hips. I through my head back as he started to thrust up.

“Shit.”, I cursed as I bent down to kiss him.

His tongue roamed my mouth as his hands cupped my ass. I moaned while lightly biting down on his neck. He gave a throaty moan before shutting his eyes.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”, he mumbled and I chuckled.

“Then you would’ve stooped me when I kissed you.”, I replied sitting up again.

I rested my hands on his chest as my stomach tightened. I bit my lip as I came on his length. After a while he stilled before throwing his head back releasing into the condom. I smirked before bending down to kiss his exposed neck while reaching for my shorts. After getting dressed I looked out the window and noticed his group still there waiting as if more of us would come. I smirked before making a move for the back door.

“We should do this again sometime.”, I said as the boy put his length away.

We locked eyes before I took off out the door. I ran behind a tree out of his sight before I heard him curse as he walked back inside.

“We really should do that again.”, I mumbled walking away towards my camp.

Gabriel drabble based on the prompt “Looks like we’ll be trapped for awhile…”

Originally posted by weeklyspn


You were seething. You stood still, watching Gabriel take a small turn as he took in his surroundings and let out a low whistle.

“Wow. We are—we are thoroughly stuck,” he said with a meek laugh. “I did not see that coming.” He stopped on the spot when he caught sight of your face and the hard way your jaw was set; his eyes went a little wide and the smile fell away from him.

“You didn’t see the Winchesters trapping us in holy fire when they’ve done it before?” you asked, crossing over to him. “I told you to prepare for this meeting with them.”

“I did,” he said.

“Buying me a flannel shirt is not preparing, you idiot.”

“It was worth a try; I really didn’t expect them to trap you with me. Not if you were wearing their official uniform. Typical,” Gabriel said, rolling his eyes. Your anger was fading fast; you could feel it slipping away from you as it so often did when you were with Gabriel. You tried to hold onto it, tried not to let yourself smile at his nonchalance, as if this situation was just another Wednesday for him.

“You’re kind of a terrible guardian angel. I hope you know that,” you said, walking a slow circle near the flickering edge of the holy fire ring around you.

“What?” Gabriel asked in a caricature of shock. “List one way that I’m a

“You almost got me killed the first time we met, you crashed my last birthday party with my friends in a very creative way that had me attempting to explain you to them for the next several weeks, and you may not have noticed Gabe, but I’m trapped in holy fire with you right now.”

“Well, that’s just unfair. I said list one way,” he muttered. You turned to look back at him and the small smile he was giving you as he peered up from under his lashes.

“Oh, come on,” he said, his smile blooming full now as he crossed to you. “Tell me your life isn’t more interesting now. Tell me you don’t like coming on these little Scooby gang mysteries with me and I’ll stop bringing you. Swear to my dad.”

“You’re infuriating,” you said, but your words were negated by your own smile, impossible to stop now.

“And you’re charmed by it,” he teased, raising an eyebrow. You turned away from the patent trickster look in his eye to hide your blush and took a deep breath.

“They said they’d come back. Do you believe them?”

“They’ll be back. They wouldn’t leave you here for eternity. They’ll just be making sure the information I gave them was good,” he replied casually.

“Was it?”

Gabriel let out a scoff, coming to stand by your side as you peered over the fire at the exit of the old warehouse.

“Of course it was. Does it sound like me to send them on a wild goose chase just for kicks? That I’d let them run around looking like asses before giving them the actual information they asked for?” he asked.

“That…sounds exactly like you,” you sighed.

“It really does, doesn’t it?” Gabriel asked, giving you a teasing nudge with his elbow. You gazed out over the dancing tops of the holy fire flame together for just a moment, shoulder to shoulder.

Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” you murmured, and could swore you felt Gabe step just a little bit closer to you. And try as you might, you couldn’t find it in yourself to be mad to be trapped within the flames, standing with the worst guardian angel by your side.

“So,” she turned to the person on her side who stood nearby, watching the crowd mingle and dance. “We might as well put a sign on our chest that says were anti-social. Don’t you think we should at least dance and pretend the alcohol isn’t watered down and the music doesn’t suck?” Erin then wiggled her brow, extending her hand. “Dance with me.”


Prompt: I want to get along with you roomie… but I like star wars… and you like star trek… this isn’t going to work.

Warnings: nerd fights

Author’s Note: I, Liv, am a TOTAL trekkie. Like Data is my spirit animal. But anyway, I thought after seeing Star Trek Beyond Monday and seeing this prompt, it was perfect. (Also, I do love both though I prefer Trek if I had to choose. This is not supposed to offend anyone, it’s just for fun)

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You firestar. Pool of moonburst.
You turned my skin to dust. Rawblade glasstooth girl.
With your hot rage and bus ticket anywhere.
Never saw a woman run so many directions at once.
One night, you shined so bright the police came to watch.
Your bruises and shirt-shreds. How we all just stood there,
watching you shimmer. Afraid to flinch, for a faceful of claw.
You are some kind of firework. Flipswitch blues.
Broken Sundays spent towing the boulders out of you.
The Brooklyn 3am’s, frenzied as an upturned autobahn.
Your porchlamp laughter. The clack and sweep and throb.
The buttered slick of you. Your sweat-bead banshee pitch.
Mother warned me. Said your sugar was a ruse. Bait.
(As if madness is calculated.) I am the cruelest kind of lover.
A coward. Afraid of the thing most dazzling.
I wished the bleak into my own blood. Prayed a flock of rotten notes.
Some afternoons, I wander through your photographs. Letters.
Wonder if the river won your war.
—  Jeanann Verlee, “Finally I Allow Him the Pen,” Said the Manic to the Muse
Social Experiment

So today some of my friends and I went into the local town dressed as ‘emo/goths’ (basically skinny jeans with boots and a lot of black clothing, with makeup like Andy Biersack). We did it because we thought it would be funny to see how many dirty looks we would get and just to have a laugh. Of course we got stared at and laughed about and some people made comments, but it really shocks me how differently people are treated based on how they look. We went into the supermarket and used a self-service checkout and it did its usual ‘Unexpected item in the bagging area’ act, so we sighed and the attendant monitoring the self-service area was there in a nano second, which is when we realized that he had been stood right beside us watching us the whole time. We all know that the self-service checkouts always say that, and until then I had never had a staff member check through my bags to see if we hadn’t scanned anything that was in there. That in itself shocked me, that he actually went through to check everything with a hella judgmental tone. But then he put the bags back down and said ‘It’s a little early for Halloween don’t you think?’. Normally I would have brushed it off as a joke, but his tone and the general way we were treated disgusted me. We were then walking on the street and a little girl was looking at us and her mother turned her away quickly and hurried her on. A guy a little older than us looked at us and shouted ‘What the?!’ and some girls laughed and pointed, ‘Have you seen those faces?!’. An old man walked past with his dog so we all ‘aw’ed and he let us pet the puppy and told us that he was only 12 weeks old and my friend just looked up and said ‘You’re the first person who hasn’t given us dirty looks’ to which he replied telling us not to worry about what people say and that they’re lunatics, to only worry about ourselves and to carry on doing our thing. ‘Be the way you are and don’t pay attention to them, life would be much better if everyone thought that way.’ He was the only person all day that actually spoke to us and didn’t give us funny looks. I’m not saying anything about older people being less judgmental because believe me there were some pretty sour old ladies but stereotypes are ridiculous. Treating people so differently based on how they look is despicable. (do bare in mind there were 3 teenage girls, and the tallest out of all of us is about 5′4. We’re hardly threatening).