we stole their children

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How are we all feeling about the reveal of the black Fairy being Rumple's mother? Personally I love it, but honestly I haven't seen anyone talk about that scene? It really opens up my ideas for headcanons for Pan/Malcolm's past

Lol I was drinking tea and being really cliché, I spat it out when I saw a gifset on my dashboard. Me, being a stubborn ass, stopped watching OUAT after Pan’s second death, so I haven’t been keeping up with the show. I saw the gifset and did some research on the scene and the Fairy. So, the Black Fairy description on Wikia is this: 

The Black Fairy, also known as the Dark Fairy, is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time. She was once one of the most powerful fairies that ever existed, residing back in the Enchanted Forest. She is known to have once possessed a very powerful wand, but had it confiscated after being defeated by her nemesis, the Blue Fairy.

Also on the page: at a time, the Black Fairy was very powerful - one of the most powerful of fairies to have ever existed - and extremely well versed in dark magic.

A headcanon that I’m getting is: did Malcolm make a deal with her for eternal youth? It says above that she’s ‘extremely well versed in dark magic’. Do you think they could have been working together to achieve one thing: power? Another point: Neverland ran on dark magic. Coincidence? Did this fairy play a vital role in Malcolm’s transformation into Pan?
I actually do love how the Black Fairy is Rumple’s mother, but I’m kinda hating on visualising young Pan with this lady (she is beautiful, but the age gap is…not right), so I’m either visualising Pan and a younger Black Fairy (I think Adelaide Kane fits the look perfectly) or Malcolm and the older Black Fairy on the show. Also on the Wikia:

So it’s possible that the two weren’t married and the child was a mistake, like Zelena (sorry, Zelena). I’m finding many parallels between this…family of sorts. If you haven’t seen the clip, watch it here

“Sometimes you have to choose power over love,” is what the Black Fairy said in the episode, and we all know Pan traded Rumple for power (and youth) in Neverland - that is a clear parallel. Another (minor) one is how Rumple used squid ink on her, like how Pan was inked in 3x04. Rumple also threatens her with the dagger and we all know how he used the dagger on Pan in 3x11. In the scene, Rumple says (to the fairy), “you steal babies”. What did Pan do? He stole children. Can we also mention that, when Rumple calls the fairy ‘mother’ in the scene, a flute starts playing (1:52 on the linked video). Being a music nerd, I’ve been listening to The Pied Piper and the music playing in the Black Fairy scene. At 2:11, the tune is similar to Pan’s track (you can download and listen to it here - it’s been removed from Mark Isham’s Soundcloud). Maybe it’s just me over-analysing music, but I do notice some similarity between the tracks. Ironically enough, in Pan’s piper scene, it’s the first time Rumple sees his father after he was abandoned and the scene with the fairy was also Rumple’s first time seeing his mother (after being abandoned). Scarlet made a gif set here to show the comparison. I personally find it very interesting to note how the music in both scenes are similar…

The Black Fairy also (yes, I’m saying also a lot) abandoned Malcolm (she left him when - I’m assuming - Rumple was born), and her quote could maybe even refer to him as well? Maybe she did love him but, as previously mentioned, she chose power? There are so many headcanons going on in my head right now and I love it. As you’ve said, it opens up possibilities for us to write about Pan’s past, considering we got nothing from the OUAT writers (like usual). I’d like to think about this: what if the fairy is in Storybrooke? Could she bring back Pan from the river using her dark magic, as she’s one of the most powerful magical beings? Guess we’ll never know, since Horowitz and Kitsis will probably never bring back Pan’s story and Robbie is now busy with multiple projects.

Wow, I rambled, but I had to get this off my chest. I’ll leave you with this headcanon:

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