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When I went to the philly show on Friday my sister and I made shirts (that actually turned out horribly) but we painted our faces and wore sparkly headbands and between Vance Joy and Taylor coming on a guy (who I guess worked for Lincoln financial?? Maybe he was with Taylor idk) came up to us & asked us if we wanted to move our seats into the pit. It wasn't loft89 but it was still amazing to be so close! so even if you dont get loft 89 theres other opportunities for you to have some good luck (:

I love Taylor and her team so much for giving upgrades it’s just another amazing thing they do for us. Congrats by the way!! :)


Some of you may be reading this saying taylor doesn’t have any imperfections but as we all know taylor is still human and she still does. Although she has done AMAZING things for her fans, strangers, etc. And she has a way of speaking gentle words, has an amazing kind heart, and so much more she is still human. She still has imperfections. She still has moments. Like we all do. And as much as I love her for her perfections and I idolize her for them I also idolize her for her imperfections. Her mistakes, her mood swings, anything. It clearly shows that she is human. She has her times, her moments. So as much as I think she is perfect I respect her for her mistakes. I idolize her imperfections for the reasons of showing people that although she may be known by many and have her picture up on little girls walls and be recognized as “amazing body” “perfect” etc. she can be human and she is. We as swifties I think would be more respectful to her and to our hearts if we realized ALL the GOOD Taylor has done but also realize the eh, not so good. I hope people don’t take this the wrong way. I hope you realize that I still love taylor VERY much. Taylor, if your reading this I hope you understand my perspective. I’m not trying to be rude. Taylor I truly do love you. And your imperfections sometimes remind me that you are human. You are not my god. You are not the one I pray to at night. You are my amazing role model. You are my human inspiration. You motivate me. You are important to me. Taylor I love your perfections and your imperfections.
Love love love kaiya❤️❤️❤️ taylorswift

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When you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity!

1. Gracie’s laugh and her pure joy brings me the most happiness in life. It’s always been a constant source of comfort and life for me.

2. Food. There’s something so sacred and pure in a delicious meal.

3. Yoga. I may not practice “yoga” every day, but I make myself mindful of my breath and the stillness and I may do a few stretches to ease some uneasiness I may have from my day.

4. My husband. The more we get to know each other (we’ve been married 5 years and we still learn new things), the more we connect on a level I can’t explain.

5. Laughter. Finding pure joy and laughing is one of the most amazing feelings in the entire world. I love to laugh and I can’t get enough of the feeling that comes afterwards.


“…But apart from that, you’re completely mad. You should pack your bags, get back in that ship and fly for your lives.” —- Doctor Who. 2x08. The Impossible Planet

MTV Reblog Round-Up!

WOW. I am so impressed that our fandom has taken the MTV post from 0 to *goes to check* 133,700 IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. Y’all amaze me!!!!

I am moving the bulk of my reblogging to my sideblog, jedi-olicity. However I’m still going to reblog new ficlets and super creative things onto my main blog, because not only is this fandom reblogging this like crazy, we’re doing it creatively.

And on that note, here’s some of the ficlets I’ve seen cross my dash, in case you’ve missed them…go reblog with your comments, because every reblog counts!

dettiot: “Hurry, Oliver” here

dust2dust34: Olicity in danger, having fluffy conversations: here and here

machawicket: DIalogue fic answer to “Who wears socks to bed?” here

mylunarsolstice: “Share a Coke” here

nikkibeckettcsm: It’s hot and Felicity needs cooled down here

sailorslayer3641: “An Indecent Proposal” here

And my own little ficlet, featuring domestic season 4 Olicity here

I’m sorry if I missed anyone – these were the ones I’ve seen so far, but please feel free to tag me in any others that come up. We have such a creative fandom!

scu11y22 here’s the ficlets in one place.

Now, go forth and reblog! We’ve got this, y’all!

It’s an amazing thing what happened today but I do wanna say some things

Same sex marriage does not mean gay marriage, please don’t erase bi, pan, ace, demi, or other sexualities in this event, they too can marry their significant other if they couldn’t before!

AND do not forget about trans people, please, this is a huge moment for all trans folk out there who wanted to marry and now can.

This event is amazing and wonderful, but the fight isn’t over, there’s still violence and hatred we need to overcome, you can still be fired for your sexuality or gender, there’s still many countries where it’s illegal and even punishable by death to be gay or trans or anything not “normal”

The fight is not over, and we all have a long way to go, so do not say we can stop because we can marry now, do not erase anyone who isn’t gay/lesbian, do not sit back and think it’s done, it’s not

This is fantastic, and we have a long way to go.

So many good things going on right now. I’m so happy but sooo tired. I slept horribly last night and have felt like a zombie all day but we had to meet my parents for lunch and I needed to run out to Kohls to return some things and pick up others before tomorrow.
Today is Tony’s last day at his store as a co manager. Starting Sunday he’s officially a manager of merchandising for all of the Texas stores in the company. It’s a big job but he’ll do amazing. I’m really proud of him.
I’m thinking tomorrow we will go to the town 4th of July parade and then do some shopping before Tony’s trip Sunday. I still need to figure out where we are going to watch the fireworks tomorrow night. Then up early Sunday to get him to the airport and then the girls and I get to explore Chicago for the day. Then we have a whole week without Tony and I have no idea what we’ll do. Probably just lots of painting projects around the house.
I told our landlord we’re moving out next month and haven’t heard back. I’m nervous to hear her response. I hate confrontation. 😔
Here’s to a great 4th of July weekend. Hope you all have safe fun!!

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Yeah im new to this fandom too, its actually crazy how often the drama occurs here, my other fandoms its occasional and serious drama, over something seriously problematic not a basic post like or a pose in a picture. littlest of things go to extreme in this fanbase and the worst is that it doesn't just die down it extends. Although im new to this fanbase it amazes me how Taylor still comes on this site despite the shit. im sure all my other faves wuld hv quit. thats y i love her more.

Yeah you gotta love Taylor maybe it’s just me or I’ve been in this fandom way too long but everything you said is true I’m not even gonna deny it and we really do have some serious issues and whenever there’s the slightest flame it just turns into this wildfire it’s insane and it wasn’t always that way. Like I said I won’t deny any of the thing that you said because recently they’re all true but this fandom really is full of some wonderful people and Taylor is so great. Despite the cons sometimes it’s worth it to stay here. When things are good it’s the most enjoyable place to be because there are jokes and interactions with Taylor and Taylor really is so worth it. Despite how frustrated I might get sometimes I’d never leave because I love her so much and I love the people I’ve met through her. Sometimes you just gotta live out the storm in order to actually enjoy it here. Every fandom is problematic in its own way but I swear to you it’s not always really that bad.

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Hi! Could you please give me some advice on moving to another country? I'm a minor so legally I depend on my parents, we have all decided to move but they only see one way to do it and that way is taking a lot of time to work out. I am sure the Universe knows many other ways, and even though I feel amazing about moving most of the time, I still feel resistance since this is the biggest thing I've ever tried to attract. The reason I really want this is going after my biggest passions. Thank you!

First, respect your parents and respect their perspective on how it can work out. Then, be open to seeing multiple perspectives.

Then take a step back from the situation and observe it nuetrally, not looking for anything in particular…so that you can begin to see everything.

Imagine that all possibilities exist. Give less attention to the negatives you perceive in your parents perspective, like the timing of it…

Because as you do that, and then say “they” only see one way…“you” then only see one way and begin to justify why it isn’t coming to you by indirectly placing blame on “their” perspective or on how you view your circumstance.

(Circumstances are temporary conditions that are changeable, starting first in your mindset.)

That then indicates “your” resistance. Instead of that resistance… “What DO you want?” What would you be grateful for in addition to what you are already grateful for?

Your parents only seeing one way - and it being slow - is what you DON’T want, so stop feeding it your energy.

If you don’t want a fire to grow, don’t feed it wood or gasoline…

If you don’t want a plant to grow, stop watering it…

What you do want might be to be grateful to have even been blessed with the passion in the first place.

You know that if you line up the energy first, good things can happen.

You might feel amazing about moving, but consistent focus on your parents only knowing one way is being counterproductive to that.


What you DO want, could possibly be for everything to flow awesomely for your highest good and your parents highest good as well, in ways that adds to the list of blessings and things that you appreciate in your life.

Remember, it’s a safe guess to say that everyone does the best they can with what they are aware of. And we all are only responsible for our own vibes.

What you do want may be to turn it over to the Divine and be grateful and give thanks, as opposed to feeling resistant based on a personal inclination that is born from what you are aware of in this moment.

All because you or your parents aren’t aware of other options right now doesn’t mean other options don’t exist, and it doesn’t mean you or they cannot become aware of other options or have other options flow to you or them.

And you know that, you said you know the Universe knows many different ways. So let go of the reigns some.

What seems too big for you, is only too big because of the angle your looking at it from.

Keep in mind, it is not too big for the Divine, and it’s not too big for LOA either.

So while you are “trying” to manifest, thinking it’s the biggest thing ever….you might be adding resistance there too.

So give yourself a break, ask for guidance, respect your parents and their perspectives, and appreciate the blessings of where you live now while being excited about the possibility of things unfolding for your family’s highest good.

And go from there.

Remember, you are only responsible for your own perception. And, how do you know for sure….that if you changed your perspective, something positive and unexpected might not then flow to your parents or to you?

Could be an opportunity, an idea, or some other form of blessing…

But you wouldn’t see it if you might are too negatively focused on your parents only seeing one way.

Change your perspective some, then go from there.

Peace be with you.

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I find it hurtful that some people think that Gale Harold is a bad actor because he cannot get bigger roles. In my perspective, I think that because his first acting gig was in a five season series with a title character - it's just hard for us to imagine him in other shows. But I've seen his other works and for me I still believe in my heart that he is one of the most talented actors. Maybe he just isn't so lucky like the A-list actors but that's reality in their business. Luck is a big part

Awww, yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t fret about it too much, dear nonny. Gale has never struck me as the kind of actor who longs to be in a summer blockbuster, and seems to be more drawn to artsy/indie/creative projects. Yes, of course it would be amazing if he were involved in projects with more visibility, because he’s an absolutely incredible actor and it’s a crime that the world be denied his gift (woops, just used my Ethan voice two times in two days, new record for me). Plus, I’m really tired of only being able to find his movies on web sites that I’m fairly certain are scams to steal my identity. :D 

I don’t think many people can look at Gale’s work and not see that he’s a tremendously gifted actor. Being typecast is certainly a fear a lot of actors have, and it may be difficult for some fans to see him as anything other than Brian. And sadly, in Hollywood, unless you’re a huge A-list actor, you’re basically only as good as your last project, and while Gale has turned in some amazing performances, he’s been in some lackluster (to put it kindly) movies that few people see. That means that for a lot of people, Gale’s just Brian Kinney. And yes, it’s a shame that Gale hasn’t really been recognized for a lot of his work since, but he’s always been open about being incredibly proud of his work on QAF, so I don’t think he really minds that. I know at a recent con (blanking which one, if I remember sometime soon I’ll update this post) he said he doesn’t think Brian is his greatest role of his career, that he’s still waiting for it. So yes, luck plays a large part in it. But honestly, I think Gale just has that natural ambition of an actor to seek a really fantastic part that challenges him and inspires him, and I don’t think he cares if it’s in a movie that makes $80 million its first week or a small indie feature that’s only shown at a few festivals. He’s always been a really private person who doesn’t seem all that interested in fame and just wants to act in roles that are compelling to him. That obviously makes it frustrating as hell for us as his fans, who adore him and want everybody to see just how amazing he is, not just as Brian Kinney, but as a versatile and talented actor. But really, if I were a gambling woman, I’d be willing to bet that we care about it more than Gale does. <333

Good News!

So I had a long talk with my mom and she doesn’t even want me to come home. I mean, she knows how hard I worked to get into this work program, and she spent a lot of money and time to get me prepared to be here. She doesn’t want me to throw that away.

She says she’s stable and fine, she’s just going to hire someone to stay with her for the time I have left here. Once again, she’s sacrificing to ensure I get the best of everything. She truly is an amazing woman!

We fuss, we fight and all those things, sometimes she makes me so mad I just wanna leave home and never return. But I realize now that no matter how much we do fight and argue about everything, she’s still going to remain the one person in my life who puts me above everyone and everything. And I’m extremely grateful for that, because some people don’t get the privilege of being cared about in that way.

I love you mom.

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NAC: I think this blog is really well managed. There's another confessions blog I follow and they're so behind on submissions there are some things I've submitted yet cannot say for certain it's mine since it was so long ago. The people who run this blog are running a well oiled machine. I find it kind of amazing that even though this blog has changed hands a few times, it still continues on.

We definitely do try to keep things running as smoothly as possible, anon! :) Thank you!

— ❤Faerie Admin

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idk, we did get Louis fonding over Harry (a pic of the big screen with Larry on it, green background, Louis behind Harry, fonding shamelessly), even that little is enough for me. Still waiting for more material tho, but for now - i'm content, they're happier and things are visibly changing, even if not as quickly as we'd want them to

Same here :) One show of less interaction does not matter in the big picture. I do think we might see some moments if more videos are posted.

Plus, how amazing was it that Harry openly talked about rainbow flags being great? Now everyone can finally stop the debate of whether or not the boys are bothered by them.

What matters even more to me than the cute moments in Helsinki is that the boys (all of them) get a proper break until the show in San Diego. It would be great if the next time I see their faces will be on July 9 (unrealistic, but still lowkey hopeful).

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I fear what ideas I am giving you. at the same time, I know you could do amazing things with those ideas. (Also, if peridot is a modern gem who's technologically advanced, it's kind of strange. I mean she has lots of technology and can use it, but at the same time there's no doubt the crystal gems are physically stronger. ITs like homeworld decided to forgo physical strength for intelligence in a way. The only 'strong' gem we saw was the older ones like Lapis and Jasper...)

most of the fic is already planned out, but i still love to hear these ideas! who knows you might just be guessing some future events right :       )

TOP 5: Bralettes

Starting a blog I wasn’t short of ideas, the struggle was trying to do them all without making the entire thing a complete mess. So here we are, with the very first post, and the very first “Top 5” themed post (which I’ll be posting once a week from now on, along with my regular posts)! A bit of structure is always good right? This week – bralettes.  

Seriously, how amazing are these things? They are great for smaller busted girls, such as myself, who don’t need a heap of support. I can definitely vouch for them. One thing I really do love about bralettes is that they come in some very beautiful designs that you don’t have to hide completely under your clothes. Drop sleeve singlets are great if you want to show a little bit and still look very classy (and edgy too!). 

So in no particular order, here we go;

1. Lilah Bralette - Nasty Gal 

2. Bralette - Queen of the Foxes

3. Rebelle Bralette - Showpo

4. Serendipity - Kat the Label

5. Snapdragon Bralette - For Love and Lemons

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i still just cant believe we actually live... on the same planet. ur like some sort of mars alien sent down to makes everyone around u feel A+ with your amazing voice. how do u hate your voice??? when u read the ereri thing, i was like :o then i was like :O. it sound really man, i swear to gods. wow. go you, u fine piece 'o' booty. go. u.

Lol that fic was eruriren but the passage I picked was mostly ereri I guess 😂 it was so awkward to read out idk man but thank you

Weekly Top Spots

The NYC isn’t a cheap place - by any means. We scrape by everyday paying absurd rents for apartments the size of suburban closets. Yes, we live in the greatest city in the world, but we can still complain daily about how much money it takes to live here. So, with that, here are some things you can you do in this fabulous city without eating peanut butter for dinner every night (we’ve all been there).  

1. Apple Store SoHo - this place is NO joke. First off, it’s in the most amazing part of the city. Daily, they have many important celebs, writers, musicians, etc come in and speak - and you GOTTA check their event schedule daily. Randomly someone AMAZING will be there and you do not want to miss it. We’ve gone and seen Blake Lively, the cast of Fault in Our Stars, and Alan Rickman. Each event is absolutely amazing and all you need to do is RSVP. Like, seeing Blake Lively in person is pretty unreal to be completely honest. And for free? Done deal. apple.com/retail/soho/

2. Outdoor/Indoor Movies - there are SO many places (especially during the summer) that host free movie nights. Huckleberry Bar & Habana Outpost are two bars in BK that have amazing movie nights weekly. In terms of parks, Bryant Park, Riverside, Tompkins Square Park, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and many more all have movie nights. Bring some food & drink, and just enjoy the weather - you know? Why not. The great people over at Thrillist put this calendar for you: http://www.thrillist.com/events/new-york/nyc-outdoor-movie-calendar-2015-free-summer-film-screenings-new-york

3. Strand Book Store - this place is an absolute city gem. And similar to the Apple Store, they have TONS of amazing guests come in and speak. From cooks to actors, their talks are unreal. They also just have the most beautiful store to get lost in. If you havent been there, it’s really worth a walk around & get their website for the events!!

4. Treats. Okay, so we aren’t gonna give you advice on what to do without putting in our top three desserts under $5 in NYC. Here we go:

      1. Levain bakery cookies- If you haven’t had one of these bad boys and you’re living in the city, I suggest you drop every responsibility and get one. You won’t regret it. To sum it up, these are scone sized, half baked pieces of absolute heaven. You won’t regret getting any of the types - however, the chocolate chip walnut is a CLASSIC. 

     2.  Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery - Such a classic. SO UNBELIEVABLY good. Just pure pudding, nilla wafers, cream & bananas. Come, on. Need it.

3. Salty Pimp From Big Gay Ice Cream - just absolute perfection on a hot summer day. Am I right?? Everyone needs 5-10 of these a week during the summer. Beach body ready? Right. Maybe later. 

Hope these help. Go get it. Next week, best happy hours. Get yourself ready for that. 

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Positive!Anon challenges YOU: answer this with a nice message / compliment to a fellow Tumblr user & tag / mention them to make their day. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pass on the challenge to the next FIVE on your dashboard. <3

Okay so, I think I’m going to do the whole mentioning everyone thing because you’re all so great! Like, I never imagined I’d have this many plots going when I started this or that I’d still be doing it two years later. So, thank you!

imogenmarbles makeitrainmoreno mxreno the-jt-yorke fighterdrewt francescashollings lossofgrace

mommamiaejones anya-xoxox-macpherson 

mr-film-student katiemats multireckless

some of you have been writing with me for a while and we’ve done some pretty amazing things! Some of you are new but I know we’ll get to do some great things together! And some of you i don’t have a set plot going on with but I like interacting with you nonetheless! 

hopefully I didn’t forget anyone!

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yeah for sure, i was really glad that while they did do some cgi in jurassic world, they still had some animatronic dinosaurs to try to keep up the authenticity that the first 3 movies had. cgi can def do amazing things for cheaper but it still just doesn't feel the same and often times can also cheapen the movie experience (like with the hobbit, tho i still love the movies, i still wish they had done things more like what they had done with lotr)

yeah yeah I feel. I think we only start to notice this with movies that are remakes, or reboots tho. like everything we brought up (jurassic world, the thing 2011, the hobbit) are all new movies that had roots with something older, so we quickly compare and it’s not always good. haha I never have this problem with completely new movies that use CGI know what I mean? anyway, just an observation! 

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I'm amazed you haven't roleplayed with a Swain before me... All I really have to give is this ❤ because I haven't had a single disappointment in following you, and that's really saying something because some people I follow have one or two tiny things that irk me but I still follow them anyway xD

[ Oh I didn’t see that one (  ❤: You’re doing amazing, we can always improve but every RP I read of yours is a joy. ). I tend to not to read prompts fully before reblogging them, and I am glad you read the tags. I usually do reblog karma.

Anyway thank you so much for this though! And yes you are the only Swain I actually role played with, my friend put his Swain on a hiatus right after I replied to a prompt, and other Swains usually ignored me. Well that was actually on Miss Campbell, but still I didn’t have an opinion formed on Swain before your blog, and reading through your things (as well as RPing with you) helped me get an idea about Swain I didn’t have before. So yeah you are that good! Also I love the thing you have going on between your Swain and LeBlanc. I am personally a fan of the Black Rose (which I also didn’t explore enough on Alexandra’s blog) and I love seeing other people’s take on it. And heck I generally love role playing with Noxians. You seem to have a pretty good opinions on them, both criticizing the obvious and giving praise where it’s deserved. So I really had nothing bad to say about your blog ]