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Someone requested model!Jin and I thought that sounded like a shit ton of fun rn so without further ado, here is our shoulder hyung with the cutest lil smile, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • Visuals are first bc model
  • As I said in Jimin’s post, his looks do change a lot depending on what photo shoot he’s done that week
  • Some designers like him better blonde, some companies want him to have brown hair, some want red, it really does depend on who’s behind the whole shoot
  • We’ve seen Jin with a few different hair colors, different styles and he’s literally looked fucking amazing with every single one of them and I just ho w is that a thing
  • Why can he pull off black hair and then turn around and be blonde and still look ni c E as fuck
  • The companies and designers he works for ask the same thing but they roll with it bc it’s a good thing to have
  • Bc they could literally put him in a garbage bag and he’d still look amazing let’s just be real he’d make that shit look designer
  • He’s had blonde hair for this shoot he did in London, they wanted him to be in all black and then have that contrasting blonde hair
  • It’s like a platinum blonde too, it’s one of those blonde colors that obviously comes from a bottle, especially since everyone knows Jin for having black hair
  • It was one of the first times he really stepped out of his lil box of natural tones he knows he can pull off and he was honestly really nervous about it bc he’s never had anything close to blonde hair and it’s just !!!
  • But he’s gotta do it for a singular photo shoot, that’s not bad he can just dye it back immediately after
  • Except wait he actually looks really fucking ni cE with blonde hair bc he’s Kim Seokjin he could pull of neon rainbow hair
  • He ends up sticking with the blonde color for like six months bc designers and companies keep giving it the thumbs up and he actually really likes it bc it’s different, it’s definitely not what he’s used to at all
  • He shows up to a photo shoot one day and they’re just like we want your hair to be gray now so he then has gray hair and once again he makes it look amazing
  • It’s one of those gray colors that’s almost purple under some lights and it just makes his eyes stand out like have you ever seen his eyes they’re beautiful
  • He’s also had a light almost pastel blue color and that was actually a really fucking nice look
  • It makes him look so ethereal like just this really soft color with this white shirt and he just looks so so nice
  • His hair is almost forever ruffled up but literally no one is complaining
  • He does modeling for a lot of the high end designers, he gets to wear a lot of the new clothes and he gets to travel all around the world and he just loves it
  • You two meet during an interview
  • You get to interview him, like full on sit down with each other and talk
  • You’re super nervous bc you’re about to interview him, what if he just gives one worded answers, what if he doesn’t click well with you what if he’s not in a good mood and doesn’t wanna talk
  • But once he comes into the lil room you’re interviewing him in, all of those worries are gone bc he’s such a ray of sunshine
  • He smiles really wide when he walks in and takes the time to say hello to everyone and get everyone’s names
  • He’s super super polite off camera (and on) and he’s just so kind and sweet and he asks you if you need anything before you start like do you want him to grab you some water, do you want to wait a bit and memorize your questions or are you ready 
  • The interview goes over so well bc Jin is just one of those people that can hold a really nice conversation without making it seem forced or fake
  • His responses are super friendly and really easy to reply to like he has a way of answering your questions that leaves the conversation open so you can literally ask him so many different things
  • And you have to try really hard not to just sit there and laugh bc he’s actually really funny like he’s nic e as fuck, he’s super sweet AND he’s funny !!!
  • He also slips in some more flirty lines here and there, he isn’t too obvious like he’s not sitting there going we should date but it’s enough for you to notice
  • After the interview is over, he asks if you wanna get some coffee at the local café, just to “go over any additional questions you may have idk maybe we can just chill”
  • Both of you know it isn’t business anymore bc he could’ve walked out the second the camera was off but he stayed behind to talk to you and that doesn’t extremely scream I’m doing this for the interview
  • He gets super smiley when you say yes and you can feel the crush building up and you just know this won’t be the last time you two go out together

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so i saw your post about bamf!magnus in fics, and have you read "this type of mine" by thisissirus on ao3? cause it's honestly my fave malec fic, it's an au where magnus and alec end up accidentally bonded after the whole thing with the memory demon. most of it is from alec's pov but magnus is still recognized as his own character (and when we do see his pov it's amazing), plus there is some bamf!magnus at the end that had me screaming internally at how awesome it was. so yeah!

omg i think I’ve read this, cause it’s my favourite bamf!magnus fic!!! Also @thisissirius is one of my fav writers out there, her fics are so so on point! I demand more bamf!magnus from everyone because magnus bane is NOT a secondary character to being just alecs love interest. he’s so much.

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I gotta say muns U do an amazing job. I love your writing and if people want U to change then they need to stop talking. Some people (me) actually really like the dominance and biting thing which is what the boys are all about right. U do it well xx

Ahhh thank you so much~! ^^ The boys do have a dominant and sadistic side to them and it is portrayed a lot in the game, so we try to do that in our answers. Of course they have their fluffy moments, but they are still sadistic nonetheless. Thank you for saying that! I means a lot! ^^

- Mod M

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Sorry I should have clarified-I'm not asking to join yet. You guys sound awesome and really fun! But I'm afraid I'm not ready yet & need some practice B4 I ask so I don't hold you back or anything. ...What R some rules/guidelines I can practice? :)

Hello!  We absolutely are still doing the RP guild, and don’t worry, you would never hold us back!  Trust me, among our set guidelines we make sure that people are always given equal chances, and they’re never, ever mocked or criticized for whatever weakness they may have.  I’ve seen some things, and I’ve watched weak spellers and storytellers become amazing writers over time.  Nobody is unworthy of a chance.

But here are some of our tips, guidelines, general rules and whatnot

  • Please be patient with other people!  Sometimes they may not be as fast a writer as you.
  • Remember that the guild is young, and since bounties are bugged currently, it’s going to be hard to get credit and experience for it until that’s fixed!  A recent notice but necessary for the time being.
  • Please don’t ignore people!  If you see someone that isn’t sure on how to come into a scene, even if they’ve been invited, extend an IC invitation or interact with their character so they feel more comfortable.
  • Do not do more… intimate scenes in public!  Please, for the sake of decency and guild image, reserve all of that for party chat, whisper chat, or instances.  And remember!  Emotes, regardless of what channel they’re said in, will be heard through all chat channels!
  • Do not incite drama within the guild.  Any drama is to remain to IC situations!
  • If drama does arise, however, please bring it to the attention of the guild leaders and allow them to mediate it.  We will hold accusations to a very high standard, but will want some solid proof rather than simple hearsay.
  • Don’t troll other people!  If there are RPers near, and they aren’t in our guild, please give them respect and don’t spam emotes, and do not RP over them if they were there first.
  • If you aren’t a part of a scene, please stay to the side of it and don’t run or jump in the middle of it for no reason.  It’s respectful to skirt the edge so you don’t interrupt.
  • Please respect others’ opinion.  It may not always align with yours, but that’s why it’s an opinion.  Don’t denounce anyone, and please leave discussion open and pleasant.
  • You may be older than someone else, but it doesn’t mean you can talk down to younger members.  Be respectful, as everyone is on a level playing field.
  • And you may have played the game longer, but please don’t be condescending if someone needs help.
  • Explain what you know if someone has a question in a field you’re lore-savvy on.  It lets them understand the lore of the game and RP we’re doing.  Besides, questions are nice to answer!
  • Never feel like you can’t turn to the guild for help.  We try to be as helpful and accommodating as possible!
  • Remember:  IC and OOC are very different things.  Just because a character doesn’t like your character doesn’t mean the person behind that character dislikes you personally.  I feel the need to include this, since a couple of our past members seemed to take IC feelings very personally, OOC. 
  • Give it your all!  Don’t feel pressured into group RP if you’re not comfortable.  Request a quiet, Instanced one-on-one RP if you’re still getting the hang of things and want to practice.  Trust me, personal practice with one other person is a lifesaver!

I believe that’s all for now.  I hope I covered everything you need, from guild rules, general guidelines and tips!  But remember:  Never feel like you ‘need more practice’ before you come to us.  Our members are more than welcoming to everyone, and always willing to help where your weak points lie!

Edit:  I forgot to include that @not-enough-salad-babies is the other leader, and if you want to send us a message in game, or a whisper when we’re online, please direct yourself to our blogs, which include our account usernames!

I'm not dead I swear

The past few days has been… Really exhausting emotionally. Like a goddamn rollercoaster. With the whole “I don’t feel like I’m home anymore” and the fact that I may get kicked out, I’ve been quite depressed.

And having amazing friends like I do, they dragges me out to play Pokémon Go all day yesterday, and we played DnD in the evening. And I had a really great time

There’s also the whole “I may still have feeling for you, even if we broke up 3 years ago and woops did we just kiss?”

My life is a goddamn rollercoaster I swear. I’ll start writting and drawing again soon. I promise. But I have some things to figure out first.

out. let me just take the mic for a second here. it’s ya gurl kate here i just wanna rant on how @creatiism​ AKA ae is just amazing. like i’m basic as bitch who’s vocabulary is like a 3 year old but STILL i’m go in throwing some L at this lady. 

this GIRL THIS FEMALE. where do I start?? okay let’s all just cry our eyes out that the fact me & ae have been friends for idk 3 weeks i wanna say?? like not very long we act like we have been friends for year.  it’s such a weird but exciting thing?? we get along so well i don’t worry about having hide my odd obsession over k pop. cause she loves k pop too & animes. i know sounds so stupid but think i have always ALWAYS want to do just hang out with a friend watch animes. she just gets me?? Ae literally is like a sunshine to me. When im sad it’s not awkward?? i don’t feel like i always have talk to her when im upset or that it’s just not weird?? we just flow well together. i’m going try get her skype with me one day !!

it’s just all so exciting. i love learning new things about her, us having our inside jokes & wheezing over beautiful k pop women. just girlish squeezing over our characters & each other. it’s so very weird but in good way ! it’s hard describe because she makes me so happy. i get sad when i can’t talk to her cause she’s a butt gets lazy BUT i still love her i wouldn’t trade her for anyone. she such a kind & easy person to talk to i admire her for that shit i admire her for her passion. she is incredible. i was like two seconds away from post snapchat of me face swap with mimi from oh my girls cause that she her fav but it look satanic on my face rIP but still i hope our friendship continues to bloom & we get learn more thing about one another !! one day i’ll even rap for you.


We didn’t make it to the 3rd round! Thank you to everyone that helped us this far! It was a good experience and lesson learned. Tsu.co is still a great platform trying to do amazing things for young artists and young people in general! So check them out if you get the chance.

Just wanted to say what’s up and make my weekly some times bi weekly upload. My life is a wild ride and sometimes it helps me to make videos and try to wrap my brain around everything. You can subscribe to my stuff on Youtube!

Make sure you tell those that are close to you everyday that you love them!


More later!

XOXO💋✨ -julius

I’ve found a reason for my insomnia this night. The emotions caused by our date wouldn’t let me sleep. I just laid there and thought about you and all the things we did. It was the best evening I’ve ever had and I know that I won’t experience more magical date than this one.

The walk in Jardin du Luxembourg was amazing! We’ve took soooo many pretty photos there! And do you remember the theatre with marionettes? They were a bit creepy to be honest, but it was still fun, right? The spectacle was so funny! I cried with laughter, listening to all your childhood stories and I’ve shared some of mine (even tho they’re embarrassing as hell, I don’t tell em to anyone 🙈)

The Eiffel Tower… 😱😱😱 The view from there was wonderful! I didn’t want to admit but heights makes me a bit nervous tho. I think you noticed it anyway (since you’re an angel and you’re so caring towards me 😱💚💚💚) and you let me hug your arm so tightly when you pointed at the places in Paris and talked about them till I wasn’t scared at all. I’ve didn’t notice that you were admiring me 😱😱😱😱 Maybe because I was too lost in your voice and tried not to caught your attention with my not-so-subtle glances I’ve been sending you 😍😍😍😍

That milkshakes we’ve bought was absolutely delicious! And it was so cute when you said to me how they called and why you pick those 😍😍😍 I was to shy to say it but the truth is that I don’t need any more luck, even the Irish’s one, when I have you 💚💚💚 Because you’re everything I need and you makes me the happiest in the world 😳😍😍💚💚

This date was like a fairytale I still can’t believe it! But the portrait we’ve got remembers me that it was, indeed, real! The diner was so lovely! I couldn’t care less about the people sending us disapproving glances for being too loud! We’d fun and this was the most important thing 😍 Remember when we decided to look mature and make a romantic atmosphere like those boring people around us and we ordered a wine but it was so awful that we hadn’t finish our glasses? 😂😂😂

The boat ride was the perfect ending of the day, ya know? We could just relax and since the evening was chilly it made the great opportunity for cuddles! 💚💚😍😍💚 I love stargazing and I love you so it was the best combination 💚 I’ve told you that there is a constellation named after the most beautiful and precious girl who ever lived on earth and when you asked me who it was, I showed you the place when stars looked like the letter G. I wasn’t lying tho! I named this constellation after you in that moment so it’s true! ✨✨✨

I was so sad when the evening ended! 😭 But we’ll always have this memories 💚

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1. Are you a cat or dog person? Cat!
2. What’s the least important thing in your life? Hatred.
3. Do you still have a dream? What is it? Being truly content with my life.
4. Are you watching Let’s Plays/Gameplay Walkthroughs on Youtube or do you prefer to play a videogame by yourself without spoilers etc.? I play for myself. Sometimes, if I’m stuck and the game hints aren’t helping me, I’ll check a walkthrough but that’s it.
5. What do you like about your country? sigh. lately, not a lot. but we do have some amazing scenic locations here.
6. What do you think is the best thing about social networks? the connection you can make with your faves that previously didn’t exist.
7. Are you a talented person? Please tell me about your talents (I know you have at least one! I’ve been told I have a good singing voice, but I have pretty bad stage fright so it’s rare for anyone to really hear it. 
8. Who is your No. 1 favorite fictional character and why is he/she your favorite? fdakl;fj IDK there’s many. I’ll just pick one for now, and that’s Daryl Dixon. He’s vulnerable and defies so many stereotypes and just… what a filthy fuckin’ badass he is.
9. What do you want to improve (about your life, your skills etc.)? My financial stability.
10. Favorite quote/life motto? If you want to live life on your own terms, got to be willing to crash and burn.
11. Last book you read? I’m in the middle of like four. “As You Wish” “Wildflower” “Dance of Dragons” and “Stardust” (just got the book for 99 cents. LOVE the movie, now I get to love the book.)

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So are you done taking prompts until after Fenhawke week, or can we still send them in and they'll be gotten to after then, or...? (I'm just curious bc I really love your writing like for real it's amazing)

Oh, you’re too precious!

I’m finished doing daily drabbles for right now, but I’m sure I’ll do some again sometime. But, if anyone sends me a prompt, it’ll get written eventually, if that makes sense? You might not see it the next day but I love having ideas for things to write so it will definitely get used.

And I can definitely use ideas for fenhawke week. I’m not sure I should even tag anything that because I don’t plan on doing aus, but there’s no way I’m missing out on an excuse for even more fenhawke!

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Have you guys given up on the mtv SOTY? I've been voting like crazy but their numbers are going up so fast. Where are they coming from? They had like 1 percent in the E poll. I know we still have 10 days left but can we even come back from 500k down?

no, not at all. we just had some problems and we’re like 2 here, and Eliza is Brasil, and everything. Clexa Brasil reached the limit of things we can do, but I’m still 90% working on the poll. 

But instead of talking here, I’m talking more with our teams (if you’re on our team, I LOVE YOU. YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING TODAY). And if you want to join us (we need), send a message.