we steal puppies

Fluffy Fics Round 4

For sanumarox123 and the other few anons who have messaged me asking for this. I hope this makes your day a little better :)

Longer Fics (>10k)

Shut up and kiss me by kimmiesjoy 

there your heart will be also by airbefore and SparkleMouse

All I Want Is Now by blue252

Two Can Play by changinlndscape

Murder He Rewrote by seilleanmor

Purloin by NellieRai

Entitled by Shena1

Sick Day by JerseyCaramel (M)

Shop Till You Drop by KB-RC23

Please Stay by Miss-HL

Shorter Fics (<10k)

Zoltar Speaks by International08

Trip and Fall and Moments by NellieRai

Bedhead and The Kisses We Steal by ekc293

Puppy Love by stanaticfanatic

Footsie by kimmiesjoy

Take Me Away by DeBo81

Coordination by FanficwriterGHC

Handwritten by A Beauty to the Rhythm

Questionable by Dave-ck

Survival of the Fittest by Cartographical

The Game Is On by ColieMacKenzie

Nursery by sugar free vanilla

The Fast Track To Us by TappinCastlefan

Practice by Kato Molotov

more first than sun, more last than star by Cora Clavia

A Mother’s Lullaby by nighttimerunner

Skirting the Edge by Garrae (M)