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are you doing this to be funny, or do you actually enjoy Arthur this much?

YOU KNOW HOW you start liking something as a joke and then four years later you find yourself neck-deep in genuine enjoyment for a children’s tv show? yyyeah


The Role of Discovery on the Path

When we start on the Path we often hardly even know. It is already below our feet by the time we have any idea what it is, and we are often years before we have any idea where it is going. Yet it is there, taking us someplace, showing us the thin places in the Veil, revealing to us vistas and hollows hardly known to the world of men. Again and again throughout our lives constructing seemingly impossible narratives to push and pull us into the necessary changes for growth. The Path is the plot that runs through our lives.

Where we linger on that path often decides how long our journey takes between its start and its end. How well we perceive that which is off the edges of our path is a good indicator of how far along we are in our journey.

As much as a thousand writers and bloggers would have you otherwise it is most important to spend a great deal of time alone in the path of discovery. Without the books and theories, without the rhymes and reasons. Most of all without the jabbering idiocy of social commitment and simpering personal dramas known as the coven, or these days the facebook group. Just oneself and some bits and bobs that you know somehow happen to fit into that puzzle called hex, that whisper called curse, that promise called charm. Out in the landscape, looking for the variables we need, knowing which paths that cross are the chosen. Feeling innately that the grove is correct for the operation at hand.

The modern world is made of soft minds who seek constant guidance and desire to travel well worn paths that have been laid before them without thorn nor rose. Those paths may even lead to darkness and delight, but they are the paths of others. Other’s songs to sing, others spells to weave, others charms to hide. There is no learning in the well worn path. Just tourism.

The folkwitch must eschew the path worn by others. Like the fox, must walk against the paths to see the shape of the landscape. We must not just linger at the edge of ancient paths, we must delve into the bush, fight through the bracken, and discover what lies on the other side of the hedge.

Exploration and experimentation should guide those who seek to understand the Craft. Learning through long consideration and careful experimentation which plants yield the correct results. Hearing in the air the voice in the trees that guides you in your quest for understanding. Listening deeply to the forest and the seashore. To the mountain spring and the laughing whisper of the air through an evening meadow. Exploring the landscape that is the center of your practice, knowing well all of those places where footsteps do not go. Seeing as birds and foxes see the landscape; as hedgehogs, rats, and vipers.

The role of discovery is the single most important part of the Craft. The constant learning of new things, of new ways of seeing. Never should one settle for what they already know, growing callous in our beliefs leads to stagnation. We should turn over the leaf, taste the dew, sniff the air.

The Path is a journey. Go places.


so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break

Why Protection Before you get a Spirit Companion is Important

So lots of people don’t understand the importance of protection before bringing home a spirit companion. So, why do we need protection? 

Well, to start off, bringing in a new spirit companion can bring you attention from unwanted visitors. When you start getting into dealing with spirits, it basically sends out a beacon to others saying “Hey, look at me! I work with spirits!” and that always brings in the bad as with the good. This also doesn’t have to do with bad spirits either, it could be an astral parasite that you don’t want spreading.

Another reason as to why you should set up protections, is that sometimes people make mistakes and spirits deceive people into thinking they are what they are not. Even if it is from your best friend who has been working with spirits for 10 years, it’s important to keep in mind that people do make mistakes. Also not to mention spirits are extremely powerful and one powerful enough can slip through without warning.

Now you may be asking “Well how do I prevent these things?”, well here are some options that you can research if you are interested.




-Did something get out of hand already? Try banishment.

-Black salt to absorb any negativity.

-Energy Cleansing

  • Dazai: -and then we held hands and went to go get ramen and-
  • Atsushi: Dazai-san it wasn't a real date-
  • Dazai: Shut up Atsushi-kun you know nOTHING

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Soooo I was wondering: what was your first impression/thoughts of good ol' Robin?


He’s always seemed like the kind of person that would be fun to get to know and I fucking love his work and art style, like how can you not? super cute lil cube people <3

At the time when I was friends with Cran, Gritty and them, I didn’t feel like I was, I guess, cool enough to talk to him?  Cause I had just started becoming friends with the animators and I thought I wasn’t cool enough like the animator peeps to talk to him.  Cause I only started working with youtubers literally this time last year so in my brain I was like, “oh I’m a newbie, so I shouldn’t really go off bugging people cause I might come off more obnoxious than I already am.”  I’ve always had that mentality and still do haha

He’s also the type of guy that doesn’t tweet and post much online as I would, so I felt like if I were to ever talk to him I would come off as annoying…  Since I write a lot and talk a lot… I can be a bit of an overwhelming person to talk to, at least I would think and hope I’m not haha.  So in a sense he came off as intimidating cause I didn’t know how he was personally and I just didn’t want to bother him since he seemed like a busy guy, which he is, and I was too shy… heh…. for reasons I’ve just stated.

But as soon as he heard through the grape vine that I was shy to talk to him, he started conversations with me and we hit off pretty well so yeah :)

Boyfriend Jackson

A/N - Here’s Jackson as your boyfriend~ Hopefully you guys enjoy and please keep sending me your requests!

Mark | JB | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • Jackson Wang
  • where do we start with him?
  • okay well first off he’s definitely the clingiest boyfriend out of all of Got7
  • he’ll always be texting you to make sure you’re okay and to tell you he misses you and loves you
  • he’d be lowkey annoying at times but you know he’s only like that because he loves you and wants you to know that
  • he’d be super protective of you as well
  • anyone who makes you feel upset will become his new enemy istg
  • if he ever saw you crying then he’d pull out all the blankets, your favourite movies and your favourite food
  • and then he’d just cuddle with you all day
  • he’d do anything to make you happy
  • jealous!Jackson would be so hot omg
  • he’d see you with another guy and would just switch into a possessive boyfriend
  • obviously he wouldn’t be so possessive that he stops you seeing your friends but he’d make sure to let you know that you are his and he is yours
  • even if you are in public
  • speaking of being in public, Jackson would be really big on pda
  • he’d want everyone to see that he is taken
  • and he’d want every guy to see that you were taken
  • usually he’d just hold your hand but whenever he was feeling even a little bit jealous or protective over you, his arm would be around your shoulders, holding you close to him
  • or if there was a guy who just wouldn’t get the hint that you were taken, his arm would be wrapped around your waist and he’d be pressing kisses onto your face and maybe nipping at your ear 
  • if the guy didn’t figure out by then that you were happily in a relationship then Jackson would just full on make out with you right there and then
  • and his hands may wander a little too much considering you were in public…
  • Jackson would often ask for your opinion on his songs and if there was something you didn’t like then it’d be changed immediately
  • your opinion is basically the only one that matters to him
  • because you’re his little princess and he only cares about you
  • he’d probably use his songs to flirt with you as well
  • like he’d put a really suggestive lyric in there and would play it for you and then ask for your opinion
  • and obviously you’d love it bc flirty Jackson is best Jackson
  • whenever you hung out at the dorm, Jackson would be holding on to you the whole time
  • he’d be like a little koala bear just snuggling you loads
  • and he’d LOVE whenever you sat on his lap
  • and not even in a suggestive way, he’d just love having you in his lap because it showed that you wanted to be close to him and cuddle him
  • but if he was feeling rather stressed from practice or a busy schedule and you came and sat on his lap then god have mercy on you bc that boy won’t hold back
  • Jackson may be really cute and sweet towards you but as soon as clothes are off and you’re in the bedroom or the backseat of his car then a completely new person shows up
  • he knows exactly what to do to get you all riled up and squirming beneath him
  • and the sounds you’d make would just drive him over the edge
  • but then the next morning he’d wake up with messy hair and a husky morning voice and he’d just want to snuggle
  • any remnant of the previous night gone apart from the purple bruises he left on your body
  • basically Jackson Wang would be the cutest and sweetest boyfriend ever who wants to treat his princess like she deserves and would never let other guys near her
  • because she’s his and he’s hers
  • and he loves everything about her
Questions (Bang Yongguk)

For @k-hiphopshit. Love you <3

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    “Well, how do I look?” you asked as Yongguk’s cheerful face popped up on your screen.

    “Beautiful as always,” he said and you smiled. His compliments always made you feel warm. “Are you nervous?”

    “Yeah, kinda,” you said. You had never gone on an interview show like this before, and while you were looking forward to it in some ways, in other ways you were positively dreading it.

    “You’re going to kill it,” he said. “Just be yourself and they’ll love you. Well, they might fear you too. Probably a combination.”

    You laughed. “Sounds good. Are we still going out for dinner tonight?”

    “Of course!” he said. “It’s on me. I’ll pick you up. Just text me when you’re done.”

    “Okay,” you said. “Thanks, Guk! Can’t wait to see you.”

    He smiled, “Can’t wait to see you either. Good luck!”

    “Thanks!” you said. You said your farewells and you hung up, taking another look at yourself in the mirror before you stood. Your dark hair was curly but shone and your winged eyeliner and bold red lipstick were neat and fierce. When you walked onto the stage to greet the hosts, the crowd burst into cheers and you shot them a short smile before taking your seat, your shoulders held up straight and your bearing confident.

    “So here we have one of South Korea’s most promising rising hip-hop stars,” Byunghoon, the main show host, said. “Welcome!”

    “Thank you!” you said, giving a respectful bow before assuming your previous upright position.

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Hiya! I work in an animal shelter, dog behaviour I am fairly confident in, cats not so much. We get many ferals in and many strays as well who start off quite nasty but come around. I have a big boy at the moment who I'm having difficulty with. He will not flee/swipe/hiss, and will accept touch. Though he does so with a low body, low ears and dilated pupils. He doesn't lean into or away from the touch, and there are no soft blinks/lip licks or anything - he's just a statue (part 1)

We were able to vaccinate without even a flinch but when we tried to work him he turned and bit my colleague so quickly and bit straight through her fingernail. I’m thrown off because ferals usually don’t let us anywhere near them to touch them, but this boy is so alert and on edge and gives no indication of enjoyment when being patted. He soils throughout his condo and only ever sits flattened (usually in his litter tray). do you have any suggestions or opinions of if he’ll come around?

I’m not sure what you mean by “work him” but my guess is that he’s showing signs of learned helplessness - he’s shutting down under stress, rather than responding with aggression… until he gets to a threshold where he won’t tolerate more, and then bites. All of that body language indicates stress, and not so much tolerance as hoping if you just hold really still the bad things will go away. 

It’s hard to say. He may not have any sort of positive experience with people or touch and being indoors may be too stressful for him. Cats often sleep in litter boxes because it feels secure for them - the edges provide protection. I’d honestly see if you can confine him to a room that you don’t have to go through very often and give him a lot of spaces to hide and then leave him alone as much as you can - he has to feel secure enough to come out of the shut-down period before you’ll be able to get any sort of behavioral change from him. 

Teen!Tony/Teen!Reader: Oh My God!

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A/n: This contains smut!

“Okay class today we are starting a new project!” Mr. Adams announced. The class groaned. “This project will be on a home of the future. You and a partner of my choosing will have to create  home of the future. It has to have a way of getting everything eco friendly. That means a good way to get water and energy."You and your best friend looked at each other hoping that you’ll get each other like you always do. Mr. Adams got a top hat out and put everyone’s names in.

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Hands up! The policeman exclaimed as you walked into the building. You were caught completely off guard and stared doe eyed at the man. I said hands up! He said again and you looked around, slowly raising your hands in the air, a female officer walked up to you and began a pat down.

Excuse me! You yelled and stepped back from the woman, who was rushing her hands down your jean clad legs. What’s going on?! You questioned and collected your things as the officers stood in front of you.

Aren’t you a visitor? The male officer asked and you shook your head. An attorney? He changed his question and you shook your head again.

If you would give me fucking time to show you. You pulled your official badge out and the female officer looked over her shoulder at her male cohort. He gave her a nod and looked at you.

Sorry about that, Doctor. He bowed slightly and walked away. You brushed yourself off and scoffed as you made your way into the office. Feeling eyes on you as you made your way towards the door, you looked over to see seven guys standing there, staring intently at you.

You must be the inmates. You said casually as you opened your door.

You must be the doctor. Namjoon said, crossing his arms as you nodded.

Yes, how can I help all of you? You asked as you placed your things in your office and made your way back out to the common area. The seven of them stood in casual clothing, their bare faces and messy hair made you infer that they had just gotten up for the day. Six of the guys seemed to whisper to each other, but your gaze found one singled out, a little ways from the group. Thinking back on all of the descriptions, the one that was alone was Jimin, his eyes looking away from you. Looking back at Namjoon, who was clearly the leader, you began to converse.

What’s the schedule? He asked and you began to fill him in on everything. Meetings would be twice a week for 2 hours, each guy would be assigned to do something around the house, and slowly you wanted them to have more responsibility. As you spoke, Jimin watched you. Something about the way you stood and held yourself made him uncomfortable. You were confident and from the display of brashness to the policemen was something that Jimin wasn’t used to. Out of the entire group, Jimin was the quietest and found it reassuring that the doctors that usually came in were similar. They went along with what the guards said and didn’t stray far from their offices, however, you were the opposite. You stood in your jeans and sweater, your hip popped to one side as you spoke to Namjoon like you were the boss, and you had no idea that Jimin was terrified.

Alright, well why don’t we start off the day? Who wants to go first? You asked, but much like a first grade classroom, no one raised their hands. Okay, I’ll pick. You looked at the group as they stood in front of you and you pointed at Jimin. C’mon, Jimin, let’s go in my office. You said his name and Jimin furrowed his brow. Following you as the other guys poked and joked about it, Jimin felt like the butt of so many jokes. Waiting at your door, Jimin walked in and you followed, closing the door behind the two of you, and almost immediately, Jimin turned to you.

How did you know my name? He asked and you walked over to your desk, pulling a file out of your purse, you handed it to him.

I get files on all of you. You can look at it. You said and Jimin timidly opened the manila folder. Inside he saw his picture, a summary of his crimes, and a packet of psychoanalysis. Grabbing a pen, he began scratching out various things within his summary. You watched him intently and stayed quiet until Jimin had finished. You looked at the paper as he set it down.

Next to crime, Jimin had written wrongfully convicted. You pointed at the paper and sat down in your desk chair. Let’s talk about that first. You said to him and he looked at you with a fire in his eyes. You stared back, your notebook in hand, everyone that you had dealt with had taken a victim route before. It was expected in your field. People didn’t always want to own up to their issues, but you also were understanding that sometimes a person couldn’t control their actions. In your mind, there was a fine line that someone had to work around. Patients are more comfortable with hiding behind an idea that they are perfectly fine and there is nothing they did wrong, and you as their doctor had to show them how a certain behavior was detrimental to them.

Jimin sat there in silence. Jimin? You called out to him and he looked up at you. His eyes were piercing, something that most patients didn’t have, by the time you got to them their eyes usually had gone dead and glazed over. You held your breath as Jimin looked at you, then around the room. If you don’t want to talk about that, we can talk about something else. Maybe about life growing up? You said and watched Jimin freeze up. Without really thinking about it, you had hit a nerve with Jimin. Looking back at his file, you wanted to smack yourself in the face. Forged documents to help his brother. God damnit, Y/N. You screamed at yourself in your head and Jimin sat still. Jimin, we don’t have to talk at all. You tried to backtrack and Jimin held up his hand.

I’m just trying to think of where to begin. It’s not like I wanted to break the law, but I thought people would understand. I thought people would get that I was just trying to help my brother. He began and you started to listen to Jimin’s thought process.  

Secret Love

Summary: Reader becomes part of the team on The Waverider and has a secret relationship with Leonard Snart which is revealed after she is kidnapped on a mission. 

Pairing: Leonard Snart x Reader

Word Count: 1,403

Warnings: None I believe (maybe a few swears)

A/N: This is my first ever fan fiction, so I am a bit nervous about it but please send me feed back! Thank you for reading! :)

Originally posted by maxine-kiy900

Becoming a part of the team on The Waverider scared you. You had just learned about your powers and were still learning how to use them. You found out that you had the power to read auras and apparently Captain Rip Hunter thought that would be helpful on his mission. Other than the fact that you had never been on a mission before, you were afraid because you were going on this mission with two known criminals, an assassin, two men that could combine into a burning man, two people that were basically hawk gods, and a man from 150 years in the future. The only person that didn’t freak you out was Ray so you tried to stay near him until you realized how excited he was about this mission. He wasn’t helping your anxiety with all of his talk about saving the world and becoming a legend.

It came as a big surprise when Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold, a wanted criminal came over to talk to you after everyone else had left. You had been standing there basically in shock when the others has left.

“What’s going through that pretty little head of yours, sweetheart?” he smirked.

“Well there is the fact that I am just a therapist who happened to get these powers after the particle accelerator exploded and now I’m apparently supposed to become part of a superhero team that is trying to save the world. It’s a bit much to take in.” you rambled.

Leonard laughed “Well how about we start with getting you off this roof top?”

Leonard walked you home that night making sure that you got to your apartment safe and ever since then he always seem to be close by. Whenever you needed to talk because you were overwhelmed he was there and it made it easier to adjust to being part of the team. After missions you would find things like chocolate or a flower on your bed. Leonard knew that the missions exhausted you both physically and mentally and he always did something to brighten your day.

The rest of your team didn’t seem to see that you and Leonard were getting closer. Especially since Sara and Kendra kept trying to get you to date Ray. They thought you would make a cute couple since the two of you were such kind and caring people. You would just nod your head and smile whenever they would bring it up but in your head all you could think about was Leonard.

One night you were sitting in your bedroom reading a book when Leonard knocked on your door.

“I have something I want to give to you.” He said handing you a small box.

You gave him a slightly suspicious look, wondering if he had stolen something for you again but not wanting to actually ask him.

“Don’t worry I didn’t steal it, I am a man of my word.” He said smiling at you.

You opened the box and it held a beautiful white gold necklace with a small diamond pendant.

“This is beautiful Lenny!” you gasped

Leonard sat down next to you and placed the necklace around your neck.

“It belonged to my mother. It was the only thing I kept from my childhood. In all honestly because I thought I could pawn it off, but I just couldn’t part with it.” He explained.

You leaned into his chest and looked up at him. You had never seen such a serious and hopeful look on his face before.

“I love it Leonard, thank you so much!” you said softly, praying that this meant what you thought it did.

He leaned closer to you, looking you in the eyes as if to ask permission before he kissed you. The kiss was soft at first but when you started to kiss him back, he placed his hand on your cheek and kissed you deeper.

That had been 3 months ago. You both decided to keep your relationship a secret. Leonard said it was “None of anyone’s damn business.” And you didn’t feel like listening to the girls tell you all the reasons they thought you would be better with Ray.  You also thought that it was pretty exciting to have a secret relationship.  Leonard would find you walking down an empty hallway, push you up against the wall and you would amazing makeout sessions. Other times you would slip him a note telling him to meet you in your room. You loved hiding around the corner and listening to the excuses that he made up because most of the time they would be ridiculous but no one ever noticed.

Usually Rip would let you stay on the ship unless the whole team was going on the mission. He knew that you hated fighting and were not very good at lying. Leonard had taught you had to use his cold gun as well as normal guns and Sara had taught you how to fight but you hated doing it. So, it surprised you when Rip asked you to come on a mission with him, Ray, Kendra, and Jax.  The mission was going fine until one of Savage’s soldiers came out of nowhere and punched Ray in the face. You had been trailing behind the others because Rip only really needed you at certain points and you didn’t want to get in the way. Unfortunately that left you open for one of the soldier to grab you from behind, covering your mouth before you could even scream and you felt yourself passing out.

When you woke up you were in an empty room. You felt very groggy from the drugs but you forced yourself to stand up and look around. There was nothing in the room except a chair and some trash. You went over to the door and it was unlocked, so you slowly opened it, hoping that there was no one outside. Unfortunately there was a guard who started to come towards you and you silently thanked Sara for teaching you how to fight. As much as you hated violence you knew that sometimes it was necessary.  He got a few hits in but you were able to hold him off long enough to grab a pipe to hit him over the head with. Once he was knocked out you took his gun and keys, then headed towards the door. You could hear Savage talking to guards down the hall so you moved as quickly and as silently as you could. You were about to go over and figure out which car the keys belonged to when you realized it would probably be safer not to since turning on the car would draw attention to you. So, you headed towards the woods in the direction of where The Waverider was.

Back on The Waverider everyone was fighting. They let the rest of the team know that they had lost you and Leonard was pissed.

“I don’t care what the hell you have to say Rip! I am going to go get her, if anyone wants to join me go right ahead.” Leonard yelled grabbing his Cold Gun. Mick following behind him.

“Snart I really advise against that. It is fair to dangerous right now!” Rip yelled back

“Do I look like I care?” Leonard snapped.

You walked into the room as Leonard and Mick turned to walk out. As soon as he saw you his eyes widened and he rushed over to you. He looked you up and down checking for injuries, briefly pausing at the bruise on your jaw, then he pulled you to him. His lips connected with yours instantly. You could feel all his tension melting away and as he pulled back you could see the relief in his eyes.

“I love you so damn much Y/N, don’t ever do that to me again!”

You were about to respond when you were interrupted by the team.

“Uh someone want to fill us in?” Sara said

“Yeah are you two together and how long has this been going on?” Jax asked

The rest of the group stared at you with shocked expressions (except Mick, you knew Leonard had already told him). You looked over at Leonard and he winked at you.

“None of your damn business.” He smirked putting his arm around your shoulder and pulled you towards your room.

The Baby Debacle


Grey’s Anatomy

Summary- Callie and Arizona ask an unlikely Mark for assistance in expanding their family, with unexpected results.

A/N: Okay, just a couple things before we start-
#1: This was my first attempt at writing a few years ago, so please play nice
#2: Warning: Calzona is a dedicated married couple deeply in love and as such will be open to trying new things in the bedroom, so fair warning, there’s lots of (consensual) kinky smut that starts in chapter seven (although there is sex in ch. two)
#3: Suspend reality, this is a fictitious story about a fictitious couple after all
#4: And lastly, all events up to the end of season 8 have taken place. The plane crash happened but all characters survived intact.

Chapter 1

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