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ennotana week day 1: third year


“I just don’t think too much that’s it’s tiring.
Since it’s what I dreamt of ever since I was young,
I always think it’s fun even though it’s tiring" 

Can we please talk about how surprised Mon-El seemed that just being there and holding Kara was enough?

I felt like when he was talking with Winn and he said “what’s left for me?” what he meant was “what’s left for me to do for her?” as in she’s Supergirl - what could she need from him? I think he was kind of afraid to ask and have her realize that she didn’t actually need him for anything.

I think he realized in their last scene that being there, supporting her in the simplest ways, was enough for her and it kinda blew him away. I think he was struggling to see what he could give to someone so incredible and strong and I think those little expressions - the smiles and the soft looks on his face - were showing us that he understands that yes she’s amazing beyond words but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want someone to be there for her at the end of a terrible day. 

He asked what she needed from him and he probably wasn’t prepared to hear that just being there was enough. From what we know about his past there probably hasn’t been a time in his life when just being Mon-El was enough for someone. Especially someone he cared about and that he wanted to comfort and support. He is so new to all of this and I can’t imagine what it meant to him for her to tell him that all she wanted from him… was him.



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Last night i was walking home with my friends and we found a dog? It was just on the pavement and it was raining and we were all worried so we brought her back to mine and aaaa im a nervous person anyway but idk who's dog this is shes old looking and i called the council who will contact the dog people to help but i really hope shes okay here i have a dog myself so cant leave her loose in case he doesnt like her but i hear her crying but i cant do anything until the dog people arrive ;;

OMGGGG. please let me know how it goes ;;__;; does she have a collar? hopefully she has a microchip if she has an owner, but more than anything i hope that she’ll be taken in by animal welfare centres if she isn’t. ;3;

Let’s Just Rewind

It amuses me that people insist Disney would never have Reylo get together in this trilogy cause he’s too evil or wicked.  But let’s just rewind, cause yes, this is Disney, but this is also Star Wars…

Star Wars Episode I:  We start off well enough.  Nothing majorly terrible happens, but we do watch Qui Gon die, and once that happens Obi Wan Kenobi, our hero, get’s pissed and cuts a guy in half.  And he’s like literally the purest of men.  We consider this a movie for kids….

Star Wars Episode II:  Now we get to the good stuff.  Our ‘hero’ of the story watches his mother die and then proceeds to DESTROY a village of people including MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN.  I REPEAT CHILDREN.  He admits this to the woman he loves.  He get’s the girl.

Star Wars Episode III:  Our ‘hero’ finally goes evil and kills yet MORE children (oh and we get a nice shot of dead bodies and of one of the kids Anakin is literally about to kill).  He force chokes his pregnant wife, get’s set on fire, and after giving birth his wife dies telling Obi Wan not to give up on him because there’s still GOOD in him.  She still loves him.  You know… the guy who killed kids.

Star Wars Episode IV:  Leia is tortured by Darth Vader.  Luke wants to save the girl he’s got a real boner for.  We’ll get back to that issue soon enough.  Luke WATCHES Darth Vader kill his father figure and friend.  He’s very upset.  Like, hating Darth Vader so much upset.

Star Wars Episode V:  Leia makes out with Luke… the guy who has a real boner for her.  Han and Leia fight the whole time until he kisses her and she discovers she has a real boner for Han.  Han is tortured by Darth Vader, and frozen.  Luke realizes Darth Vader is hurting his friends and decides to save them only to learn that Vader is his Dad.  Oh, and his Dad cut his hand off.  Well, this just got awkward.

Star Wars Episode VI:  NOW THE FUN BEGINS.  Luke finds out the girl he once had a boner for, the chick he kissed… yep, she’s his twin sister.  Leia tells Han, and he’s just happy to get the girl.  Meanwhile, Luke begs his evil Dad to come back to the light… the guy who killed kids, tortured Han, almost killed Han, DID kill Obi Wan, and tortured Leia, and cut off his son’s hand, and threatened to turn Leia to the dark side… also TRIED to kill Luke a couple times there (not hard, but he threw his friggin lightsaber at the poor kid).  Juuuust when it looks like Luke is dead meat, he says “screw this” and kills his master, saving son.  As a reward, he get’s to be a glowy ghost with his friends… including Obi Wan… the guy he murdered.  Did I mention there were no glowy children standing there?  HE got to be glowy, but nope, those poor kids are just dead….

Star Wars Episode VII:  Kylo Ren… list of bad deeds.  Killed people in the past, don’t know ages, but folks died.  Kills random old man who seems nice.  Tortures, but doesn’t kill Poe Dameron while looking for information for Snoke.  Stands by while other people destroy an entire system of people, we learn in the book that he didn’t approve of it, but he didn’t do anything about it either.  Kidnaps Rey.  After a slightly awkward conversation about Rey’s personal life, Kylo tries to get the map from her mind.  This does cause Rey discomfort because she resists.  But then she plucks a gem out of his head that freaks him out and he runs to Snoke.  Hux wants to destroy the Resistance, Kylo weirdly protests this, insisting he can get the information in Rey’s mind with Snoke’s help.  Kills Han Solo while crying, immediately regrets it.  Fights and defeats Finn in a forest, doesn’t kill him.  Fights Rey in a forest, has the opportunity to kill her, but instead asks for her to join him.  Ends up getting defeated when she declines his offer.  Doesn’t even look pissed about it.

All this to say….  

Darth Vader killed kids, women, and men but still got the girl.  He’s evil for most of his life, tortures Leia, tortures Han, cuts off Luke’s hand, killed Obi Wan, and almost killed his son.  One act of redemption and he get’s to hang out with Obi Wan in glowy eternity.  Did not see those poor kids in glowy eternity… nope, they’re just dead.  

Kylo Ren almost kills people, definitely kills other people, doesn’t actually want to commit genocide, but definitely tortures some folks.  Kills his father, regrets killing his father.  And ya’ll think he can’t still get the girl cause Star Wars would never???  Hmmm yeah… not so sure….

This may be a kid’s series… but it’s also a friggin’ soap opera in space.  I’m just waiting to see if it’s revealed that Ben Solo is alive and really Kylo’s twin brother, and Kylo’s just the evil one.  And then in the big reveal we’ll find out Rey is pregnant with Kylo’s baby, but Ben and Rey will raise it together.  Like it’s just that dramatic guys.  IT’S A FRIGGIN’ SPACE SOAP OPERA.