we started cheering so hard

140721 Daesung + Taeyang @ Music Japan [fanaccount]

The recording was planned for 19:00-21:00. Before it started, the DJ and the moderator rehearsed with the audience. 50% of the songs the DJ played for that rehearsing were songs that Daesung had covered. The moderator even did the typical light-stick jump (the quick upward movement JVIP do when Daesungie performs Zenryoku Shounen and lately also during Samete Nemure). There were many artists whose performances were recorded today. The recordings will be aired on different days, starting end July. It was not announced when YB and Daesung’s performances will be aired.

They had a short talk segment together so they’ll be in the same show. So after about an hour, an MC and 3 girls appeared (Perfume) on the right side of the stage and the MC (male) announced “two artists from one band”. When YB and Daesung appeared, basically 80% of the audience suddenly jumped to their feet with loud cheers. The atmosphere was crazy. My friend told me she saw a family in the very first row jump with shock and cover their ears. VIP were super loud. It’s amazing how JVIP ninjaed their way in every row of every of the 3 floors of the venue. We were everywhere. YB was wearing loose blue jeans, a sleeveless black shirt with colour print and a black hat. Daesung was wearing black trousers, black boots, a white t-shirt under a grey patterned shirt. Both looked so good!

I don’t remember all of the MC. It was rather short. Let me try to write down what I remember. in the MC, YB and Daesung were asked what their latest hobby was. Daesung talked about drums. He said he likes drums since many years and started playing already quite a while back, but just about a year ago found the time to start seriously learning the instrument. Then he said that he’s been practicing at home as well. YB seems to be living under him so he said he’s probably really annoying him. YB said he can hear Daesung practice all the time (he imitated his drumming by beat boxing).

YB said he loves dogs and talked about Homie. When he said she’s a bulldog, the moderator asked if she snored and if that didn’t bother him. YB didn’t know the Japanese word for snoring so Daesung explained it to him while the moderator was still talking. The moderator caught up on that topic, so Daesung showed how he had explained it to YB by imitating a snoring sound. YB then said that Homie snored so loudly that Daesung starts playing drums whenever Homie starts snoring as if to complain. He imitated the drumming again by beat boxing.

The moderator asked Daesung if he had any advice for YB for his debut in Japan, since Daesung debuted last year and is experienced already. Daesung said that YB debuted in Korea already, making clear that YB is the senior and he’s not actually in a place to give him advice. Then he said it’s important to study Japanese to be able to express his “heart” and his different feelings to the fans. YB reacted by saying “aishitemasu” (I love you) to the fans, who of course cheered loudly at that. The moderator seemed surprised at that.

Oh, when talking about drums the fans cheered so loudly that the moderator girls said they wanted to see him perform. Daesung imitated his drumming by drumming with his hands on his body from legs up his chest. His hair looked quite ruffled after that. He had done the same in the rehearsal in Budokan on July 18 already when fans said they wanted to see him drumming.

YB: DS practices every day, so I can’t sleep.

DS: It’s a bother, but we’re a family so it’s a warm-hearted bother (lays arm around YB’s shoulder)

YB then said he’ll move soon. After that Daesung announced that he’ll perform SHUT UP in the show. The reaction from VIP was so loud, I’m sure that 1st row family left.

D: I’m not a person who’d say shut up directly to someone, even less to my girlfriend. If you feel the same, this song is perfect for you!

VIP’s reaction when the moderator said YB would perform 1AM was just as loud. Both YB and Daesung said the songs were about ex girlfriends.YB and Daesung left the stage in a really funny way, hunching down and synchronizing the movements of their arms and legs. So cute!! They did not perform right after that. In fact their performances were the very last ones of the whole recording, meaning they were expected to be the most popular artists of the night, because many fans leave after the artist they support finished performing. That’s quite impressive because there were quite famous artists like a 40 y.o. Japanese rock band The Alfee and VAMPS. So proud!!

On the 1st floor, light sticks were distributed that changed colours. Depending on the performance, fans were asked to change the colour. For Daesung the colour was first supposed to be white, but was then changed to yellow all of a sudden. VIP cheered loudly at that! Once VIP knew Daesung would finally be next, we started cheering “Kang Daesung” so loudly the moderator had a hard time making himself heard. We stopped for a few seconds so he could say something and then started the fan chart again right away. VIP are rarely so in synch! 

The reason we knew Daesung would be next was that his band was there! We could recognize the bassist Fire-san easily by the way he moved. So happy they came to perform with Daesungie! I know I’m biased, but Daesung’s performance was flawless. He created a concert atmosphere within seconds! VIP did the SHUT UP chorus chant. We also got a few of his trademark smiles. Whenever he showed us one, a loud cheer of joy went through the audience. 

It was clear that YB would be the next to perform, so VIP started the Dong YoungBae chant right away. Again the moderator apologized for interrupting us when he told the audience on 1F to change the light stick colour to red. A second passed in silence, then the chant went on. Of course YB performed 1AM in JP. TBH it was hard to catch the lyrics because VIP were just so loud. I was in the far back of the venue, and the sound system is not concert quality, because it’s arranged for TV recording. The sound wasn’t very clear in my area. The part where he sings 새벽 1시야 remains Korean. The English parts also remain the same. From what I heard the JP translation is well done. But I have no doubt that I’ll always prefer the original Korean one. I’m just happy he didn’t perform Ringa Linga in JP. I can’t imagine it. 

After YB left the stage, everyone thought it was over so we started turning off the light sticks (2F and 3F were all VIP crown light sticks). Then the moderator suddenly told us to hold on for a second. VIP went crazy! The moderator was at a loss at our reaction! About a minute passed without any information on what exactly would happen next. Then it was announced that YB would repeat his performance. JVIP’s guess is that he made a mistake in the JP lyrics, mixed them up with the KR lyrics. He did seem nervous before so it’s likely. So we got to see YB perform 1AM in Japanese two times!! We even had time for the Dong YoungBae fan chant before he came out. 

We got a bit greedy then, so when YB left the stage we started chanting for Daesung again right away. It took a while until the moderator convinced us to give up, no second Daesung performance. His performance was flawless.

source: MShinju