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“I water my lawn every morning and birds come to get worms out of the wet ground. If I ever miss a day, the ground will be too hard, and the birds will sit in the yard and call out because their babies are hungry. That’s how I’ve felt my whole life. Like a bird calling out for food. Thirty years ago I went on strike in this same square. We weren’t getting paychecks. There was no money for bills or food. At the time my sons were one, eight, and nine. So we decided to go camping. I’d go fishing on the lake every night and catch two trout. That was enough to feed the four of us. We did it out of necessity but it was beautiful. My sons are in their thirties now. All of them have flown away. But they remember those times with happiness.”

(San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)

First time playing DND

School event, my Chem teacher is DM'ing. I choose to be a Half-Orc Paladin. Chaotic Good.
Low intelligence, DMTeacher makes fun of me throughout the game as a “Stupid Orc” My mother tries to pick me up early because she doesn’t wanna wait so late into the night, so teacher tries to give me a glorious moment before I go

DM: So all of the sudden, all of the creatures leave the town, and a booming voice is heard “Sar!(my character’s name) You and your group have fought well. If you can defeat me, my forces will leave”

My group gathers in the town, several monsters and boss show up. We square up. Mother keeps trying to get me to leave, I almost die, person in my party discreetly healing me as to not violate the rules of the duel. I think even Bahamut himself helps me out at one point.

Boss is down to 10 HP, I’m down to 3. DM sees no way for me to win. He says “The dragonoid walks up to you and puts his sword by his neck, and suddenly sheathes, walking away. He claims victory, but allows you to live.”

The students nod their heads “good job to-” I interrupt them


Teacher stares at me in disbelief. “…roll for it”

I roll the 20 and the die for a Halberd.

Boss dies instantly.

“While the monsters are scattering to leave and your party cheering in… conflicted victory. You look into the crowd, you see a purple scaly being similar to that of the thing you just killed. It is his son, you have made a mortal ene-”


Roll a 3. Miss

DMTeacher is determined to teach me a lesson.

“Although you stand in victory, you feel your holiness and good graces of the gods leave your being”

I reply “I’m too stupid to understand the morality of the situation”

“Roll for intelligence”

I roll the D20. I roll a 4

“Your stupidity saves you from righteous judgement.”

i know marichat window kisses are a thing but you know what else should be a thing? ladrien window kisses

An ML episode where Adrien,Nino, and some guys are playing basketball and ladybug is passing by on her way home and gets called out by one of them and she ends up destroying Adrien in a one on one game. Nino is awestruck and everyone else has fainted. Alya is there to record it all.

Update: You guys are enjoying this so much i think ill have to write it Like seriously it hasnt even been 24 hours!!!!

“I have a pen, I have an apple UGH! I’ve come up with a new recipe!”

I’ve worked on this for two hours, but it was totally worth it                           

also, this is one of the results of late night conversations with Nico, such as GLARGHIO - by @florosco99 (I did the hellish edit) and @nicotopin 

So I was looking through @somethingsimplexox ‘s text posts and I found this gem.

But I looked closer at those two love birds and what I saw I hadn’t caught before.

*incoherent noises*

though that explains the extremely happy / blessed wowed expression.


Stapleton Library in Staten Island

In the words of the architects Andrew Berman Architect:

The New York Public Library commissioned this branch library of 12,000 square feet. We restored the existing 1907 Carrere and Hastings Carnegie Library and designed a new 7,000 square foot building to be located alongside. The library is conceived as a modern public institution that will contribute to the revitalization of the Stapleton neighborhood.

The facility is an assemblage of old and new. The existing Carnegie Library was converted into the Childrens’ Reading Room. The new building, constructed of glue laminated Douglas fir posts, beams, joists and roof decking, houses books and media. The structurally glazed facade invites the public and supplies natural light. The exposed wood structure provides a sense of rhythm, scale and material richness unexpected in contemporary public buildings.

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  • Junkrat: No, no, no-no-no. I want the most dangerous reptile you've got.
  • Store worker: I have an iguana that - uh - eats crickets.
  • Junkrat: That'd be scary if it was a birthday party for crickets. Seriously, mate, I need you to step it up a notch. Is there anything that scares the coocoo out of you?
  • Store worker: Uh, not really. I do have a bearded dragon.
  • Junkrat: Ooh! Does it...
  • Store worker: -no, it does not breath fire.
  • Junkrat: Well, then we're back to square one, aren't we?

Just saying, for the next movie, when Kimberly starts crushing hard on Tommy Oliver, we better get jealous reactions from Jason AND Trini.

And Zack and Billy are just looking at this situation like, “Our lives were complicated enough, now we got this love square shit.”

Chloebug and Chat Nath: The Sequel
  • Chat Noir: I brought pizza.
  • Chloe: EWW. I can't eat pizza! That's poor people food.
  • Chat Noir: Seriously? You don't like pizza? What don't you like about it?
  • Chloe: I already told you, it's for poor people!
  • Chat Noir: ...you've never actually tried pizza, have you.
  • Chloe: *blushes* I...
  • Chat Noir: *shoves a slice at her* Try it.
  • Chloe: *takes it with a napkin, pulls several disgusted faces, mutters complaints about the grease, but finally manages a tiny nibble*
  • Chat Noir: *pretending not to be interested in her reaction*
  • Chloe: *eyes widen* ... *takes another bite, blushes harder when the super gooey cheese slides off the slice*
  • Chat Noir: *thinking* Oh my God she's adorable.