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Could you write adrienette (or some variation of the love square) with number 75?

~I’m weak for Marichat, so that’s the love square corner we get.~Tay

“Don’t you dare bite me, I’m mad at you!” 899 words

If you asked either Marinette or Chat Noir how it even started, neither would know what to tell you.

Neither would be able to tell when Chat’s occasional visits turned into frequent ones, or when the jokes about him being a stray cat turned into him acting like one when he was around Marinette, but soon, late night cookies and conversation turned into scratches behind Chat’s ears and him nuzzling beneath Marinette’s chin.

“Are you always this touchy—like tactile?” She’s asked one night. They were sitting on the floor of her bedroom, the light of her lamp turning the room orange. “I mean, even when you aren’t Chat Noir?” He thought for a long while before answering.

“No, but I don’t know if the difference has to do with me outside the mask, or with Chat, or if it’s some combination of the two. It’s not that I don’t like touch when I’m not Chat, it’s just… different, I guess? I mean, there’s not many people to get touch from.  Home is… I mean, I have my friends at school, but even that is pretty minimal. I think it’s why I like being around you so much. You fit my level of tactile.” He threw her a smile and she contemplated him for a moment before reaching out and scratching his ears.

“Silly kitty, just looking for scratches.”

“Especially if they come from you, Princess.” He leaned into her hand, and soon, they were both laying on the floor, Chat’s head on Marinette’s stomach and her fingers gently combing through his hair. They whispered about school and tv and the ladyblog until it was late at night and Chat’s miraculous began to beep. Chat groaned and Marinette giggled.

“Sounds like it’s time for a certain stray cat to make its way home.” Chat groaned, pressing his head into Marinette’s stomach. It startled a laugh out of her. “Chat, that tickles,” she hissed, pushing at his head with one hand. He slung a hand over her hip and refused to move. “Chat,”  she whined. She felt him smile into her belly.

“Yes, Princess?” he purred smugly. She suppressed a giggle.

“Move, you stupid cat, or I’ll have to get you with a water bottle.” He gasped, scandalized.

“You would insult me so? Punishing me like some hand-biting stray?” Marinette snorted around a laugh, and, despite his tone, she could feel Chat’s grin against her pajama shirt.

“Chat, you are some hand biting stray.” He suddenly sat up, and looked down at Marinette, who leaned up on her elbows.

“Princess, you wound me with your words.” He took one of her hands and pulled it to him. He kissed her knuckles gently. “But, if you are to see me as some hand biting stray,” he looked up from her hand to meet her eyes.

“You wouldn’t—"

“I should at least earn the title.” And with that, he bit the back of her hand. Marinette jerked her hand back with a snort of laughter, but pulled it too far, slamming her elbow into the hardwood floor. She groaned, clutching her elbow and rolling onto her side. Chat slapped a hand over his mouth to smother his laughter while Marinette swore at the floor, rubbing her elbow while trying to keep from laughing. Chat swallowed back his giggles, and reached out to Marinette, tugging her up into a seated position.

“Are you okay, Princess?” He asked. She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Stupid cat,” she muttered. He smiled.

“Want me to kiss it better?” She laughed.

“I don’t trust your mouth,” she said with a smirk.

“Too clever?”

“Too many teeth.” Chat laughed and pulled her to him in a hug.

“I’m sorry, princess. I didn’t mean to make you hurt yourself.”

“I really will get you with a spray bottle.”

“I could bite you again, you know,” he threatened. Marinette rolled her eyes.

“Don’t you dare bite me, I’m mad at you!” He leaned down and nuzzled under her chin.

“Not too mad, I hope.”

“I don’t know; you bit the hand that feeds you cookies. They specifically say not to do that.” Chat fell backwards in a dramatic swoon.

“Had I known that my chocolate chip cookies would be in danger I never would have bit you!” he cried. Marinette laughed and leaned over him.

“Serves you right, using me for free pats and cookies. And this is the thanks I get.”

“Marinette, you do know I appreciate you, right?” He asked, suddenly earnest.

“Oh, Chat of course. I was just joking, I didn’t mean to—“

“No, I know. I just wanted to make sure. I really do love spending time with you.” He smiled at her, and she smiled back. They looked at each other in the lamplight for a long minute before—


Chat sighed.

“You should get going, Chaton,” Marinette said as she got to her feet, dusting off her pajama pants and offering Chat a hand.

“Why are you always right,” he asked, allowing her to pull him up. They both went out onto the terrace and Chat perched on the railing.

“Good night, Chat Noir.” Marinette said with a small smile.

“Good night, Marinette,” He responded, smiling in kind. He stood up on the railing and gave her a two-fingered salute, before pulling out his staff and bounding away across the city.

When I saw Storm in the Room last night and Steven was spending time with Rose I had this feeling of underlying dread the entire time. Nothing in the room is real, all it can create is what Steven can imagine and things he already knows. And he still knows very little about Rose, as a whole person. So of course the Rose in the room isn’t the real Rose, it’s what Steven imagines her to be. She behaves the way he thinks a mother is supposed to behave, which is a lot like Greg and the Gems. And it’s most obvious this is all fake when Steven tries to take a selfie with Rose and there’s nothing there except him. So everything he says to the fake Rose afterward is basically Steven talking to himself.

So when he angrily calls her out on all her shit, for lying to everyone and everything she did to screw everyone else over, it’s a cathartic experience for him. But then he forgives Fake Rose and we’re back to square one. Steven still doesn’t know how to feel about Rose, still doesn’t have any of the answers he needs, still doesn’t know any more than he did before, and still has to clean up all the messes Rose left behind.

And the saddest part is at the end where he puts on a smile in front of Greg and the gems and says everything is perfect. He’s lying to them. He has serious mother issues he’s not telling anyone about, and he needs to. Connie is aware of his conflicting feelings about Rose because of what she saw during their fusion in Mindful Education, but she can’t give him the answers about Rose that he needs. She never knew her, and the other Crystal Gems never tell him anything negative about Rose.

Well, except for one.

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“I water my lawn every morning and birds come to get worms out of the wet ground. If I ever miss a day, the ground will be too hard, and the birds will sit in the yard and call out because their babies are hungry. That’s how I’ve felt my whole life. Like a bird calling out for food. Thirty years ago I went on strike in this same square. We weren’t getting paychecks. There was no money for bills or food. At the time my sons were one, eight, and nine. So we decided to go camping. I’d go fishing on the lake every night and catch two trout. That was enough to feed the four of us. We did it out of necessity but it was beautiful. My sons are in their thirties now. All of them have flown away. But they remember those times with happiness.”

(San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)

“I have a pen, I have an apple UGH! I’ve come up with a new recipe!”

I’ve worked on this for two hours, but it was totally worth it                           

also, this is one of the results of late night conversations with Nico, such as GLARGHIO - by @florosco99 (I did the hellish edit) and @nicotopin 

What is Group Theory?

In math, a group is a particular collection of elements. That might be a set of integers, the face of a Rubik’s cube–which we’ll simplify to a 2x2 square for now– or anything, so long as they follow 4 specific rules, or axioms.

Axiom 1: All group operations must be closed, or restricted, to only group elements. So in our square, for any operation you do—like turn it one way or the other—you’ll still wind up with an element of the group. Or for integers, if we add 3 and 2, that gives us 1—4 and 5 aren’t members of the group, so we roll around back to 0, similar to how 2 hours past 11 is 1 o’clock.

Axiom 2: If we regroup the order of the elements in an operation, we get the same result. In other words, if we turn our square right two times, then right once, that’s the same as once, then twice. Or for numbers, 1+(1+1) is the same as (1+1)+1.

Axiom 3: For every operation, there’s an element of our ground called the identity. When we apply it to any other element in our group, we still get that element. So for both turning the square and adding integers, our identity here is 0. Not very exciting.

Axiom 4:  Every group element has an element called its inverse, also in the group. When the two are brought together using group’s addition operation, they result in the identity element, 0. So they can be thought of as cancelling each other out. Here 3 and 1 are each other’s inverses, while 2 and 0 are their own worst enemies.

So that’s all well and good, but what’s the point of any of it? Well, when we get beyond these basic rules, some interesting properties emerge. For example, let’s expand our square back into a full-fledged Rubik’s cube. This is still a group that satisfies all of our axioms, though now with considerably more elements, and more operations—we can turn each row and column of each face.

Each position is called a permutation, and the more elements a group has, the more possible permutations there are. A Rubik’s cube has more than 43 quintillion permutations, so trying to solve it randomly isn’t going to work so well. However, using group theory we can analyze the cube and determine a sequence of permutations that will result in a solution. And, in fact, that’s exactly what most solvers do, even using a group theory notation indicating turns.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Group theory 101: How to play a Rubik’s Cube like a piano - Michael Staff

Animation by Shixie

Y'all know what? We need a TumblrAU. But hear me out on this though

  1. So our main gal, Mari, has the bombest blog eva
  2. And she draws/makes clothes inspired by her fandoms
  3. she also does short videos explaining the fabrics and techniques she used
  4. and when she does she wears a ladybug mask
  5. inspired by her fave character Ladybug, played by Tikki Blue, in a movie franchise
  6.  it also inspired her URL, ladyofbugs
  7. it’s a mediocre low-key fandom looking for any news on the 4th installment of the series
  8. serving as its avid shitpost master and local fanboy, is thechatsnoir
  9. usually posting some cosplay of the franchise’s other protagonist the thief, Chat Noir, played by Plagg Kwami
  10. he’s known to wear a black cat mask in his pics and vids
  11. also known to be good at Parkour
  12. most of these videos and photos are all thanks to…
  13. DJadeturtle, who drops the best AMV’s and best remixes of the soundtrack
  14. Salty and sweet is his girlfriend,VolpReport, is the local theorist and analyzer.
  15. usually seen arguing with thechatsnoir about who the fuck Hawkmoth,the villain of the series, is

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…look, Disney.

I’ve got nothing against Emilia Clarke.

Really, I don’t.

But while Daisy Ridley is fantastic and Felicity Jones looks fine…another British white girl as the lead? 

When Tessa Thompson and Zoe Kravitz were in the running?

…at least make her an evil Imperial or an alien or something, okay?

When representation is positive like better gay characters or more poc characters yall can’t advocate enough how it impacts reality and people’s views. Yall agree then that fiction does have an effect on us as a society.

But the second that the representation is negative like with drawing cp or incest ships then suddenly fiction has no impact at all on people it’s just pixels that have no meaning at all.

You dont get to cherry pick what YOU think has an impact and what doesn’t. This is an all or nothing deal. If you wanna scream about how fiction doesn’t affect reality then guess what none of the leaps in representation we’ve made for minority characters in shows matters, because well dang they’re fictional guess we’re back at square one people.

i know marichat window kisses are a thing but you know what else should be a thing? ladrien window kisses

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WHat do you think of the nerds angry about the new Mario game going on about "they're making the same mistake with mario that sonic team made with sonic 2006!" i.e. putting a colorful mario in an urban street with normal people.

I can’t imagine anyone actually, seriously having that kind of opinion. If they do, they’re being ridiculous. The difference here is intent:

Sonic Team put Sonic in a world full of humans because Sonic Team has (or maybe had) a weird vision for who Sonic the Hedgehog was. Remember: the original pitch for Sonic the Hedgehog was an edgy rockstar that had a human girlfriend with giant boobs. They thought this was “cool.” Sega of America stepped in and told them it was weird (because it was) and made them change it to something a little more friendly. But in the back of somebody’s mind at Sonic Team, those ideas stuck around. When Sega of America stopped being able to boss Sonic Team around, we got Station Square in Sonic Adventure and Princess Elise in Sonic 2006.

And everything Sega of America told Sonic Team back in 1990 ended up true: having Sonic take place on earth was a little weird, and it was DEFINITELY SUPER-ULTRA-WEIRD to give him a human girlfriend. 

By the very next game (Sonic Unleashed), the terminology changed: nobody was allowed to say the planet’s name anymore. Was it Mobius? Was it earth? All the characters simply referred to it as “this world” or “the world” or in Eggman’s case, he bizarrely refers to it as “Sonic’s world” as if he’s not even from it.

And the next game after that (Sonic Colors) removed all traces of human life entirely, outside of Eggman himself. Eggman is now the Sonic franchise’s sole homo sapien entirely. It’s a move very clearly done to get as far away from games like Sonic 2006 and the idea that “yeah, Sonic takes place on earth.”

Now, going back to Super Mario Odyssey, we have a completely different context entirely: There is no notion that Mario has always taken place on earth. Lifelike humans are not suddenly appearing under the guise of “they’ve always been there, you just haven’t seen them.” Lifelike humans in Mario being weird is the point. That’s why they’re there. To be weird. To have a three foot tall cartoon character run past a 6 foot tall man in a business suit. It’s Roger Rabbit. Look at this:

Does this look like a place that’s trying to actually be a realistic representation of a world? It’s two square blocks suspended in an endless void. It’s not trying to tell an “epic” or “serious” story, it’s just “hey look at this weird place.” It’s exactly the same as showing Mario in some kind of bizarre rock candy world, where the ruling entities appear to be sentient dinner forks wearing chef hats and scarves.

Anyone saying Mario is actually fully committing to aping Sonic Adventure is either dumb or intentionally being outlandish in their speculation in order to get clicks for their website. Because, if anything, New Donk City exists to parody games like Sonic Adventure. 

I’ve figured out why PTA Sans is so perfect.

Canon Sans is always smiling. Always. Regardless of whether he’s making a dumb joke or literally telling you that you should be burning in hell.

Sans is the ultimate passive-aggressive soccer mom.