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I just marathon’d Season 2 and omg I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 3 HUHUHUHU I NEED ANSWERS (and a definite date for it).

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Also, I’d like to believe that he has a good taste in fashion but we always only see him in work mode so he’s just always in his lawyer suit.

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“Miss Parkinson would you please escort your house out first.”

“Look all the Slytherins are deserting!” Someone shouted.

Blaise Zabini gives a disapproving look and walks ahead.

Millicent Bulstrode has look of horror on her face and moves away, as wands are pointed in their direction.

Theodore Nott stands in the back of the crowd as the events unfold.

He watches Daphne Greengrass grab her younger sister, Astoria hand tightly and motions for all the younger students to gather and follow her.

He sees Draco Malfoy apparate in amongst the confusion, grab Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe. They sneak off to an unknown destination.

Theodore turns and walks in the opposite direction of his housemates, but remains in the Great Hall unseen.

He locks eyes with Susan Bones.

They became friends. during fifth year while in the Infirmary, bonding over apparating mishaps and sleepless nights. Susan had been in the care of Madam Pomfrey after splinching her leg.

Ernest Macmillan asks Professor McGonagall what if they choose to stay and fight.

Megan Jones, Wayne Hopkins, Oliver Rivers, and Roger Malone from Hufflepuff stand their ground.

Sue Li, Lisa Turpin, Morag McDougal, Mandy Brocklehurst and Stephen Cornfoot look on defiantly.

Fay Dunbar moves besides Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown.

Professor McGonagall gives orders and the rest leave the Great Hall.

Theodore remains alone.

“And here I thought we belonged in the house of self-preservation. Still doing things all by yourself I see” says a familiar voice. That someone is Tracey Davis.

Coming behind her was Hestia Carrow with several younger students. Two sixth years, a few fifth years, and couple of fourth year students.

“We couldn’t dissuade them from leaving.” Tracey shrugs.

“We understand, it our choice they say.”

Theodore looks towards Hestia who is wearing a medical apron like Madam Pomfrey. He remembers she had an apprenticeship in the infirmary her sixth year. “Where is your sister?” the younger Carrow twin smiles.

“With Fluffy gathering reinforcements” she says. He wonders who or what “Fluffy” is.

“Take off your robes and ties.”

A sixth year named Sylvia Melville wraps her tie around her wrist. “So you know who’s in our group.”

The others do the same. Discarding their robes.

Theodore had made his choice long ago. He knew the risks and consequences. He managed to returned to the school undetected and hidden by the school librarian Madam Pince.

The year before during Christmas holiday he refused the Dark Mark and vehemently opposed against joining the so called ranks of Voldemort.

As Theodore told his father “he’d rather roll around in mud than be surrounded by pure shit.“

The elder Nott enraged and embarrassed gave him an ultimatum. When Theodore wouldn’t concede he denounced his only living heir and family.

“you are no longer my flesh blood and must be stripped of it’”

Which resulted in having his back flogged and ripped open. Near death, Theodore was thrown into a shallow grave.

He managed to survive the ordeal, with the bottle of Felix Felicis. Walden McNair took a strange pity upon him, was present at the scene and was left to cover the grave, proceeding. Subsequently buried alive Theo managed to dig his way out. Theodore Nott was essential for a lack of better term “dead to the world”, but he had to go back, he promised.

“Do you really understand?” This is not like dueling club or pulling pranks. No one can guarantee your safety. These people do not care that you are children, their intent is to kill all who opposes.

“I do understand”

Poonima Shah, a sixth year student. Who would later be revealed as the daughter of Benjy Fenwick and goddaughter of Emmeline Vance.

“I do”

Sylvia Melville. She was the cousin of the youngest Montgomery child that was killed by Fenrir Greyback last year.

“I do”

Mafalda Prewett.
One of the last remaining members of the House of Prewett. The cousin of the Weasley siblings who were already out front defending the castle. She snuck back into school after miraculously escaping the Misty Dell in the Forest of Dean.

Theo smiled to himself,

I have friends in Slytherin, they’re not who you’d expect but they’ll be yours as well. Susan said once.

“I’m here! I’m here!”

It is Daphne Greengrass running towards them seemingly out breath.

“I had make sure all the younger ones who aren’t able to fight were out safely. Everyone is gather at Hogsmeade. “Did you know there’s a secret room” -

Are you sure about this Greengrass? This isn’t something you can decide lightly. Your family’s position -

“I could see them! -

I mean I saw them!” Her eyes widened

There are Dementors, giants, trolls, and Merlin knows what else! Voldemort did not gather them all just for one person!

A portrait commands the group to stop. It is Phineas Nigellus Black.

“As I said before we Slytherins are brave but not stupid, if given the choice, we will always choose to save our own necks.”

I am not you, we are not you and we are not just Slytherin. There is something you are forgetting Professor Black. This is war and it merciless, cruel, and ugly. and now it’s coming to a head here at this school.

“No, they are not here for one person. That is very naïve way of thinking. The witches and wizards that are gathered outside under Tom Riddle aim to kill all who oppose, even those who are hesitant.”

“They have tortured and slaughtered entire families in the First War. What makes you think a castle full of children and teachers makes any difference?”

“I ask you Professor Black how long will it take for them to seek out those who chose to save their own necks?”

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