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Deaf Culture PSA

Today I was in Wal-Mart, doing my thing, buying groceries, the usual, when I bump into one of my friends from high school. We’re having a grand ol’ time catching up and whatnot when this lady by the dairy section (across from us) turns and just..stares.

Like, full on, “I’m at the zoo” stare. I catch her eye, smile, wave, whatever, thinking she would move along with her shopping, but it didn’t even faze the woman.

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I was born Deaf, and while I can read lips pretty well, I rely on sign language for most of my communication. My friend went to the same Deaf School as me, and also uses ASL- however, she has a cochlear, and can make out the jist of conversations.

For those of you who are interested in learning or are currently learning sign language, please come up and say hello! We totally understand if you’re a beginner, and would love to help further your skills. That being said, we aren’t a spectacle or a show. We’re normal people, like you, who just use a little different method to communicate. Please don’t stare at us like we’re this oddity, because quite frankly, we’re not.

There are a lot of people who get this, but it amazes me sometimes in this day and age that the Deaf community is treated this way by some. Take some time and study a little about Deaf culture, learn about my community, and remember that even if I can’t hear, I can still see you staring, and I can still feel like a second-class show.


Summary: You and Calum go way back, and there’s a word for your relationship, and it ain’t friends. I guess you could call it enemies. You were always fighting as kids, and that just kept on going as you both grew up. In a way you two grew up side by side, since you live on the same street. A wise man once said, “We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them”. Could that be the case?

Thorough warnings: Violence, alcohol, coarse language.

Word count: 2.6k (Prologue) I’ll keep writing on this if you like it!

Part II

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Wolf Child

It’s hard to love a wolf child totally

We are too big for this body

With hearts guarded by fangs

And souls that run through the forest

Longing for the moon

We don’t always speak the same language

So when we bare teeth

They see a smile

Where there is only a snarl

Sometimes our sadness comes out

As howls that only the moon understands

And even though we bite on accident

We need you to love the

Voice, human flesh, and soft eyes

Along with

The howls, the fur, the teeth, and claws

Please learn to accept the

Beast and the person

So we can

Teach you our language so we can

Talk to the moon together


Open, honest & vulnerable

          One of my biggest worries in becoming a mother was that I thought I would be like my “mother” and that I could not handle it. Would I really love my child? Would I want to stay? Then our first daughter was born and I fell in love and in the midst of the chaos of having a newborn I sought out the Lord. I felt his presence in those late nights I would cry, because I just wanted my baby girl to fall asleep!

          Fast forward, to when we wanted another baby so fast forward again and we had another baby girl! As both of our girls grow up I love that they seem to have had an instant bond, their own language, and they can make each other laugh or smile in the right timing. However, at the same time I feel like my nerves are on edge as they run, laugh and typically stop running and laughing when one gets hurt. Also, the youngest one is in her “screaming” stage- the I do not know a lot of words so I am going stand there and scream at the top of her tiny lungs.

          I love that my kids are best friends and I hear all the time to embrace and enjoy it, because they will never little again. I get that I do and I embrace the hugs and the kisses and the snuggles while I can, because I know it will end. However, in the midst of everything I honestly feel so often that I am drowning. I wake up go to the gym, come back and maybe get alone time to get ready, then it is a race. Ready, set, go- get the kids up, brush hair, brush teeth, and get breakfast ready-while getting my lunch packed and trying to convince my kids to just eat their food! I do greatly appreciate the help my husband, my partner takes on the craziness of the mornings with me by sort of tag teaming parts of the morning.

          Following a work day then it is get dinner ready and hope my kids do not hurt themselves while I am cooking, get food on the table, etc and go on with the evening. We are also taking on a two year old adjusting to her big girl bed meaning that we usually sit or lay by her until she falls asleep, but then I have no energy to do anything I had hopes of doing so I go to bed and it starts all over again. Then I ask myself when do I get my time? My quiet time? Time do whatever the heck I want?

          More often than not I have been feeling like I am drowning and unable to catch my breath, because there is always so much to do. Oh yeah and we are moving so the daunting task of organizing things to  get rid of, pack or want to sell is not at all overwhelming. (Please note my sarcasm) On the other hand, how often as a wife, a mother do I feel like I need to carry everything by myself?  

In all honesty, being completely open and vulnerable I have had guilt eat at me causing me so much stress, because I have felt terrible feeling and saying aloud that all I do is take care of everyone else and feel like I am drowning. I have felt guilty and over emotional about moving and not wanting to tell anyone for the fear of someone saying, “Well maybe that means it’s not a good idea to do then.” I am excited do not get me wrong! Really I am, but then I think of selling our house, daycare, a new school, etc. Please, know it is a million times easier to say, “Don’t worry about it everything will be fine.” Or “ God has everything under control.” I do tell myself that  and I pray that and yet my fears, my stress, my worries, and the unknown have gotten the best of me at times and I get physically sick.

Now I don’t want people worrying that all I am doing is stressing although breaking down crying on the elliptical at the gym may say otherwise. Not so accidently I am in a bible study about the armor of God.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full

Armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the

Schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,

But against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this

Darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will able to resist in the

Evil day, and having done everything to stand firm.”

Ephesians 6:10-13

Every day, I pray I put on the full armor of God and that my mind, body and soul seek and grow in the Lord’s truth. Getting out of my comfort box and letting my husband know, letting family and friends know that I am stress helps, because I cannot keep it to myself. There is no reason to feel ashamed, or guilty or embarrassed by my feelings and emotions. I honestly took the step out to share, because I felt on my heart that another mom somewhere may be going through this too. I encourage you to talk to someone and release it! Do not feel you have to carry this by yourself!

 ** So in the end…I hope and want & need

Prayers- People who’ll pray over our family in person, via text, or a letter I don’t care

Hugs –I am a hugger and hugs make me feel better

Open ears. I don’t always need a solution, a quick fix, but having someone listen lifts off such a huge weight. And to those who I have talked to you may never truly know how much I appreciate you!


Thank you to all who read the whole thing ;)

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YOU. You little thing that is most definitely sweetness and not salt.
We bonded over speaking the same no nonsense language and your straight talking honesty is something I have mad respect for, please do not change that aspect of your personality, it is very much needed in all worlds. I always look forward to talking to you because I know that you are going to make me smile, even if I’m in a low mood that you know nothing about. I feel like I have known you for much longer than I have because you are honestly so easy to talk to!

You have an absolutely wonderful sense of humor and have some serious art skills going on and I look forward to watching porn and being taught how to draw stick men that will make the world jealous. [i love how that is going to cause so much confusion for some people]

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Imagine the Avengers being surprised the first time they really talk to Steve outside of a serious situation because Steve always seems so uptight, but it's just because he strictly believes in there being a time and a place when it's okay to joke around, and when you have to act professional

Language, Cap.”

“You know what?” Steve said, exasperated, but smiling all the same.
 He said the words one time, one time, and the Avengers were never going to let it go now. It was familiar, though, and for a moment, he was transported 70 years in the past, sitting around a table with the Howling Commandos and laughing at a joke that even today would have been deemed inappropriate.

“I don’t understand you, Cap. Can we cuss or no?” Of course it’s Tony who asked, and who would continue doing whatever he wanted despite what Steve said.

Steve sighed. Did he cuss a lot? No. It was all out of respect. For the first few months of his military career, Steve didn’t even fight and was literally just the face of a fine, upstanding American. Most of his life now and even when he was in the Howling Commandos consisted of being in situations he wasn’t completely sure of. He drilled respect into the back then- lots of sirs and ma'ams and so on. He wasn’t about to drop f-bombs in front of new people or anywhere near the media.

Except that when he’s on the battlefield now, he saw himself as the leader that he was in WWII. Instead of being so concerned about making sure he doesn’t offend an authority figure, now he was the authority figure, and he subconsciously tried to keep them on a respectful tract. Old habits die hard, after all.

“You’re all adults,” Steve replied, shrugging. “But I’ll tell you the same thing I told my team 70 years ago.” Bucky’s eyes shifted, now paying more attention. “We… we are an elite force. We are the best fighting for this planet has got. People look to us and they respect us and they idolize us. We are superior soldiers, superior warriors, superhuman, and we should act as such. Be proud of who you are. Walk with your chin up. Don’t give anyone a reason to look down on you because you use cheap language.”

Bucky smiled. “You forgot the last part of that speech, Steve.”

“What’s that?”

“You always told us that our boots might be dirty, but our honor was not.”

Kaisoo <3

I read somewhere that guys look beautiful and radiant but D.O and Kai are not shown radiant…

I see these eyes tired and sad

His body language does not express great joy, His half smile says it all

This is the same Kyungsoo and Kai we usually see in front the cameras?

Why so much distance? They do not want to Kaisoo together?

This is too obvious … do not you think?

Canis Major

Headcanon where a disgruntled Remus shows up to lessons one day with lines connecting seemingly random freckles on his arms and even a small one on his face and everyone keeps asking what it’s supposed to be and all Remus replies is “Sirius.”

And nobody knows what the hell that means like, “we know it was Sirius who drew them on, duh!? But what is it supposed to be? They all kind of look the same…” It doesn’t help that Sirius has sat their all day, smiling like the Cheshire Cat and refusing to talk.

Even James is rather puzzled, because “look mate, I can understand wanting to connect the dots, but this is just barmy. C'mon Pads, tell a mate what they are?”

This continues for quite some time, people start to speculate that it was a prank and some irreversible ink gone wrong, others a new secret language. The theories get wilder (these are the Marauders after all) but nobody actually comes close to the truth.

Until Lily ‘Top Of Every Class Including Astronomy’ Evans takes one look at the clusters of connected freckles on Remus’ body and just starts laughing. Because “bloody hell, Black. You are as possessive as you are conceited.”

And when people asked her what it was she simply smirked and said “Sirius.”

Because it was true.

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She called me baby

And normally my stomach curls at the sound of that word, but the way she said it made my insides turn to butter and I felt something open up inside me that could only be filled by hearing her
pronounce every word in the English language

She is sunshine and rain and everything good on this godforsaken planet and all I want to do is hold her in my arms until we can’t tell the difference between one another

I can’t even begin to describe the way she makes me feel, and it’s frustrating because it’s one of the biggest things I’ve ever felt

When I see her face I can feel flowers exploding in my chest
And when I see her smile I can’t help but do the same because she radiates goodness in a way that makes you feel like you’re worth it

God she is so fucking beautiful you’d know it if you were blind
She is more vibrant than any sunflower I’ve ever seen-its no coincidence that her favorite color
is yellow

She always knows what to say and exactly when to say it
and I don’t know how she does it but everything about her makes you feel wanted

I’m so full of love that its overflowing and coming back to myself and it’s all because of her

She is laughter and love and lights pinned around photographs

I don’t think I’ll ever see a sunflower the same way again

—  The girl who asked my middle name

The Deaf Huntress: (Reader is deaf) A Reader sequel to this imagine:


Requested by anonymous


After your sarcastically signed that magic was the reason why you could help the Winchesters out, they caught the real reason real quick. “How the hell are you a hunter?” Dean asked toy which you replied verbally, thanks to your years of speech therapy, and in sign language, “Same as you. Oh you mean because I’m deaf? You think it’s a handicap or something? I don’t need ears to be able to kick your ass or the ass anything else that comes my way. Need a demonstration?” Before Dean could say anything else, Sam intervened, “That won’t be necessary. We appreciate the help.” You smiled, “Let’s get to work then.”


The three of you went to the last location of the creature that you now called a banshee on steroids. It sounded too amusing to not call that creature by the name Dean dubbed it. So far you didn’t mind working with them but it bugged the hell out of you that Dean wouldn’t look your way when speaking. You kept pointing out that you were a lot reader, not a mind reader so he had to face you when speaking to you. Dean appeared to be apologetic yet annoyed by it each time you pointed it out. Something you were finding oddly amusing.

Anyway, you got out of the car once Dean parked it in front of the abandoned house. “You guys stay here. If I’m not back in ten, come find me.” Dean and Sam looked at you like you were crazy. “We’re not letting you go in there alone Y/N.” Dean said and Sam agreed. “Why not?” You replied, “It wouldn’t be the first time. You’ll be affected by the screams which makes you both a liability and a distraction. Two things I don’t need.” Without another word, you took the weapon from Dean to kill the creature and made your way inside. Sam looked at Dean and said, “We’re not seriously letting her go in there alone are we?” Dean looked at Sam, “Nope, but not going to let her know that.” As soon as you entered the house, Sam and Dean followed.

It didn’t take you long to find the screaming creature and seeing its reaction to it having no effect on you was definitely one to remember. The creature then had to rely on its physical attributes, their claws. You and the creature fought, and it was stronger than you thought it would be so it managed to knock the weapon from your hands and threw you across the room. This is where Sam and Dean entered. They tried to take on the creature and got a few shots in before it clawed at Sam and threw him into a wall. The creature then pinned Dean to the floor and was about to scream but you had gotten to the weapon and drove it into the creatures back before it had a chance to. The creature started to swell then exploded all over you along with everything and everyone else in the room.

Dean said something that you didn’t catch but he apparent found it amusing. Even if you did catch it, you doubted you’d be amused. “Didn’t I tell you two to stay outside!” You yelled at them. Dean got up and Sam went over to you two. Dean then said, “Did you really expect us to let you come in here alone when you’re…” You cut Dean off, “Because I’m what? Deaf? That hasn’t stopped me from hunting before and it isn’t going to stop me now. And do you really think that Bobby would have sent me go help you if I couldn’t handle it? I’m not some delicate little flower that needs to be protected and I am sick and tired of hunters like you only seeing me as some sort of victim all the time!” You finally allowed yourself to take a breath and give your hands a break after you went off on the Winchesters like that. Neither Sam nor Dean really knew what to say. They knew they both had underestimated you and judged you to different degrees so they both apologized for it. “Thank you.” You replied then said, “Now where’s the closest shower? My ears may not work but my nose does and this stuff reeks.”

When you lay a new layer of asphalt down in your heart no one will wonder if there has ever been a road here before, and I’ve lost count of how many times the road has been repainted. How many times I’ve readjusted the line, so all our words walk the same thought. I need you like dough needs hands and flowers need the sun, but we chose to melt like butter, like a firework in the sky. Language was created to lie with, and in a bed full of rocks, breathing has tied me down. I’ve never held those hands but I’ve felt the butterflies. My heart has skipped a hundred beats and I have known love by the way you smile. Loving you is like all the dead metaphors in my heart found home in a single touch. I want to wrap your flaws in a silky fabric and sew it on my favourite dress I’d wear it proudly to tell you how pretty you are made. Darling, know no matter how distant I seem, my prayers are honest enough to reach out to your heart. I’ll give you things; quiet hands that comfort, a lap to lay your head, soft moments of vulnerability, dandelion wishes, an ocean of dreams, shared laughter in the dark, sea glass and smooth pebbles, dusty sunbeams through forest canopies, and a heart that trusts. Loving you is a religion I practice, and I’m just relearning how to pray. I have made friendship with the trees and I have let go of the leaves. Our hardships made us into silent people. Our struggles folded us into origami. I once read a list of places that made us feel out of this world, out into space, and right next to the brightest star. My own version of this list would be sitting in a quiet Waffle House and playing music inside of the juke box. Every sound ever made, you became the songs I wish I could play. The darkness of a movie theatre, when the credits roll, you became the lighting near my feet, forever a flame guiding my lost soul home. I can’t forget your face, I can’t forget your name. I can’t find another you, so I’m just here to understand you. I know our arms became petals and we no longer found dew to be profound, we found out that tears don’t always mean sadness, I’ve cried because of happiness and I’ve cried because of hopelessness. I know you won’t always be there, I know you won’t always be around and I know we’re realistic but how do you manage to make me believe? Even if our smiles became honest, somewhere within our fake ones, we still lie and that’s okay. It’s one day, and if it turns sour, don’t worry, you won’t see it on my face. I have given out comfort in the form of poetry, but out of the letter senders, you’re the only one to stay. You’re the only one still here and if you decided to move your home, know that wherever your heart sleeps, that would be my tender mailbox, you will be my only home. I know perfection is a lie, but you still make me out as beautiful and I know the truth isn’t worth a damn to trust on some days, but the truth is you’re worth more than my trust issues and I’d die to believe even your sweetest lie and they say that I’m descriptive and I live inside of pens, but poetry made me into a monster, I guess some nights, we both live under the bed and became skeletons dancing inside of closets. If you hear a midnight whisper music boxing near your ears, it would be my only hello and I’m sorry that we can’t be there, but as long as the sun shines, there’s still hope. I know I’m not the happiest, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my core is full of worms– I’m rotten to the soul and my heart is still breathing to be burned and I love with my art inside of coals and I am lighter fluid on my best days, but on my sad days, you became my match. If crying fixed the world, we have made the ocean 20 times more blue. If loving people made the world, we have made the future roses this much more red and I’m sorry that some days, we both feel dead– don’t worry, in a world filled with zombies, we’re the only ones eating hearts. They said that pain isn’t poetic, but as writers of the night, we still create chaos and I’ve seen beauty live inside of eyes, but never the truer did I find out about you. You have this way of talking, your blunt cruelty is attractive and you condemn those of hate with a world of love and you still make us feel like the bitter never let go of the sweet and you still love like the butterflies never died and let me tell you, I know because I do too. Inside of a milky sea, I let my purity sing your name. I was lovable once, I guess I left myself with no choice. I became a forever poet living inside of dried veins, I became a forever pen resting on decayed bones and I became a forever word jabbing from sore throats. We love and we love and we love, but darling we never quit and you still love like you invented the emotion of never knowing when we’ll be given the same fate and I know today wasn’t good, but tomorrow it might get better– I swear. I soaked up your passions inside of a rose petal and I grew those seeds and now, I know that just because a rose is red it doesn’t mean that it can love. If you give me everything silent, I’ll give you everything loud. I won’t leave you alone. If your earphones are in use, I’ll be the music played through them. The midnight rain won’t stop me. If your heart is breaking, I’ll be the reason you believe again. If your soul is lost inside of these woods, listen to my words, they’ll take us home. If your eyes are heavy, my shoulder is for yours to rest upon. I know we write and write and write, but the answer is never clear enough and we ran out of nerves to have, so we wrote it in the sand and let me tell you, the ocean has its way of saying, let me hold you to bed. If the sun could smile, you would be the brightness I closed my eyes for. If the moon could laugh, my belly is every moon that made all stars disappear. If the earth could love, my wrist would love to be next to yours, our tattoo is somewhere, but also no where far. What’s home is home and you’ve been more than enough, you’ve been more than sweet and I love that I love you and I miss that I haven’t met you, but we made our world into poetry and every time I blink my eyes, you had made roses grow inside where we can’t grab and my hands still look the thorns, yes, we all can’t be beautiful, but somewhere lost into the sky, you made my cry as something worth cheering on. If you could grip my heart, know that it’d hold your hand. If you didn’t want to live, know that I’d be there to hold you back to the deep. We live inside of rivers, a koi fish dreamed into a dragon. We breathe in ash and yes, we let our lungs burn away and my, I’m still alive breathing out your name. I have loved people, but I have never loved someone like you. We are something the stars intended. We are something the earth wished about. We are something the universe wrote about. We are something worthwhile. We are something alive. We are something worth smiling for. I know those clouds still make your head feel fuzzy and I know those forest fires still kiss your bridges and yes, we let passion take hold of our old traditions and yes, we can’t love like how our parents did, but that’s our tragedy, we write this poetry and let the secrets do the talking and yes, we write pain and let the blood do the spelling and I know that it isn’t always peaches and strawberries, but as long as you’ve got my back, we can still grow fruits where deserts used to be and we can still give love where heartache appeared. If you’re real then I am another wild card, I’m the trick up your sleeve, I’m your heart on a sleeve, I’m your white rabbit running out of time, I’m your white bunny pulled from a hat, I’m your ink running dry, I’m your seconds coming back to life, I’m your full moon during a bad night, I’m the acid trip you still feel in your spine, I’m your lungs forgetting how to breathe, I’m your heart remembering how to beat, I’m your red acrylic paint dripping from your heart, I’m your last poem you’ll ever need to write because what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. If you ever feel the need to believe in anything, believe that we live inside of metaphors & even if they are dead, we never found a reason to let any emotion die, we only found a new reason to keep our poetry eternally and infinitely written down.
—  I wish I was breathing closer to you, but then I remember all of the people, who still breathes down my neck in the middle of the night. None of them are here and we’re so far from this place. So just because you’re not in front of me, you’re still the first person holding a sign up as we calm down from this high we never thought we would escape from. I love you.
The Ate & The Bunso
Never be rude to someone else in a different language. You never know if they can understand you or not.

Training is usually 3-4 days, but I was hired specifically for a new store that was about to open, so I stayed training where I was for about a month until my employer told us that we could go there and start getting the store ready to open. (which was awesome fun, btw).

Anyway, one day, I was at the cash register doing my newbie thing (I was a bit slow), when suddenly I overheard one woman saying to another, in a foreign language, something like “oh, no, we’re stuck with this girl, and she’s a turtle” (implying that I’m as slow as one), apparently thinking I wouldn’t understand what they were saying.

So I answered, with a really big, friendly smile, in that same language, that I apologize for my turtly slowness, I’m new and still learning.

They turned red, apologized and said, “Of course, we understand, don’t worry about it.”

From an IDF soldier Evyatar Ofri: “Today I met one of the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen, an Arab girl about 10 years old. She was looking for some food in a trash can about 500 meters away from where I serve in the desert. I noticed her while I was cleaning our site and took the trash out. She was standing there with her two donkeys, looking for food in the garbage, and having no success. She was wearing rags and a smile, barefoot with wild hair, yet at the same time very cute. I asked her what her name was in Arabic: Ranin. Then I asked her to wait a minute (stanna shwayeh), and I went as fast as I could to my room, took a box of my favorite cereal with me, and brought it back to her. The smile that she had on her face made my day, and even with the language barrier we understood each other. In that moment, this little girl reminded me that behind every religion, race or gender there are people, and human beings that just want to be happy and live peacefully, and we should never forget that being human comes before every conflict.”

Are you seeing this shit?













Cool, a lion. I don’t like lions that much, but it still managed to make me excited for its existence. It looks really really cool.



Imagine Arguing with Crowley

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“Hello Darling, lovely to see you again,” you heard the same old British voice say. You groaned and looked over at Dean briefly before turning to fully focus on Crowley.

“I thought you said he wouldn’t be here,” you hissed at Dean, giving Crowley your best smile.

“(Y/N), I’m hurt. Don’t you love me?” Crowley joked. You rolled your eyes and walked towards him.

“Listen here you little shit-”

“There’s no need for that language (Y/N)-”

“I swear, if we didn’t need your help-”

“You couldn’t do anything, you have no way-”

“Crowley I will punch you into next week if you continue speaking.”

“Shut up! Both of you, you’re working together and that’s it,” Dean yelled. You rolled your eyes again and walked back to Dean.

“I’m not happy with this,” you said.

“I know,” Dean groaned, rubbing his temples.

this morning in my exegesis class, our professor had us pair up to discuss our reading. i’m about a minute into talking about the divinity of christ when the guy i’m talking to - an elderly korean man with a thick accent - starts smiling and says, “there are generations between us, and we are so different…but we believe the same thing.” 

it wasn’t a big statement, but it struck me profoundly. i’m constantly being reminded that i have more in common with my fellow believers - here or all over the world, children or in nursing homes - than i do with people of my own age and culture who reject God. it is because of christ that i can have this fellowship with this wonderful brother, despite age and language barriers. the beauty of the cross is that it has brought people together who would normally be divided and against one another. i am so thankful for the incredibly diverse body of christ, unified in him.