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Save Me Pt.2

An:This technically isn’t a series. I just add things on as requests come in or ideas come to me for it. There won’t be a regular update schedule or anything like that. 

Warning: Abuse mentioned. 

I laid on his chest, the steady thumping of his heart still just as soothing as it was hours ago. We’d slept well through the night. My eyes focused on the orange and blue hues of the sky as the sun began to rise. My entire body was sore but most of all was my face. I didn’t dare move for fear of waking Ethan.I found myself wanting to go to the beach to stare at the ocean. Ethan shifted beneath me hugging me a little closer. 

I couldn’t fight my smile. A whole year with this amazing guy in my life. How could I ever not smile? I gently rubbed his side and he squeezed me again. I didn’t want to wake him but the ice had long since melted, I was hungry and I wanted to thank them. As slowly as I could I began to wiggle away from him. “Where you goin’?” He mumbled cracking an eye open. His voice was rough and husky making my cheeks color themselves a deep red. “Bathroom..” 

He sighed and leaned forward. His lips brushed against my forehead, “Come back..right here..I mean it (y/n)” I rolled my eyes and smiled. “Yes Sir Mister Ethan.” I whispered. I was rewarded with a small chuckle as he released me. I moved as quickly as I could despite the way my body screamed in protest. My muscles from my arms, my legs, my stomach but most of all was my face. I was terrified of actually seeing the damage this time. 

I was actually thankful Ethan hadn’t opened his eyes all the way to see the bruises. I could tell that this time they were really bad. I fished around in my pocket for my phone as I walked towards the bathroom. The sun was starting to rise a little more and I knew the rest of the world would come alive soon. 

50 missed calls

Voicemail Full

20 Text messages

I shuddered hoping they weren’t all from my father or I’d be hearing an ear full later. I hadn’t thought about grabbing my bag but as I got to the bathroom I wished that I had. The bruises were beginning to turn a nasty indigo color from my father’s shoes. The other side was a light blue from the slap I’d received. I grimaced as I tugged my ripped shirt over my head hissing as each muscles screamed once again. 

I stood in my bra and pants staring at the different bruises that were slowly beginning to shift into different colors. I could feel the nausea starting to take over just looking at them. One of the bruises looked particularly bad and that was the one on my left side. I’d just poked it timidly when the door opened to reveal a groggy Ethan.

He yawned as he moved to stand behind me. His arms wound around my waist as he pressed his chest to my back. “Took too long.” He mumbled as he studied me in the mirror. As his eyes trailed over each and every bruise he held me just a little tighter. He settled his chin over my right shoulder and continued to stare. 

This would normally light a fire within my stomach for him, but instead I was left with a cold ache within my chest. I didn’t want him seeing my bruises, the scars that were left over from years of this abuse. “Some of these are old (y/n) How long has this been going on for?” His eyes were becoming more and more alert making me tense within his hold. I didn’t want to answer his question. How could I? How could I tell him this had been going on since my sister had been in the world? 

How could I tell him that it started with just yelling and screaming when I was younger and steadily became worse? The words, the tone of voice. I could tell he was becoming impatient. My eyes met his in the mirror and he sighed. “A while then.” His gaze became a bit distant as he began to think. I drew small circles on his thumb as I tried to move away from him. He chuckled and pressed himself close to me. “You’re still the most  beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He whispered as he pressed his lips to my neck, my jaw and then my cheek. 

“Ethan..” I whispered as my eyes began to water. “Don’t do this right now..please..Don’t give my heart hope. Don’t remind me what I can’t have. Don’t tell me it’s okay then turn around and do this to me..”

He looked hurt, “I would never lay a finger on you!” His grip around me tightened and I shook my head. “ Do you honestly think you have to put your hands on me to leave these same bruises on my body on my heart?” 

I could tell he understood now. We’d talked about this, about us becoming a thing for a while now but he was afraid. He was afraid of his fans. He was afraid he’d lose me. He was afraid they’d hurt me. He was afraid in general. Ethan wasn’t a man of many words to begin with. He wasn’t a man that expressed himself freely.

I pushed at his hands to free myself. “Don’t, alright I get it. You want us. You want me.” His voice was a whisper, “With you living here…”

“Ethan I never agreed to stay..” 

Now he was tense. He released me almost immediately. “Where else do you have to go?Where else are you going to go? You can’t go back there! He’ll kill you!” His words were fierce. His words were correct. Probably more so than he actually realized. “ I can’t just leave my sister there alone with him Ethan.” 

“Has he ever hurt her? Has he ever put his hands on her? Has he ever made her black and blue? Hell what else has he done to you?” 

I clenched my teeth my heart pounding as memory after memory ran through me. I wanted to be angry. I wanted to be so damn angry, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t be angry but I could be hurt. “It doesn’t matter Ethan. You’ll leave, I’ll still be stuck here with him. You’ll go and live your life and I’ll still be trying to keep my sister safe.” My voice cracked belying the tears I was fighting. 

“I’m not going to just leave you. You’re my best friend (y/n)” He stepped forward and my butt pressed against the bathroom counter. “Don’t okay. You don’t get to do this right now..You don’t.” 

“You don’t either. This has been going on for a while and you didn’t think to tell us so that we could hep.” 

“No I didn’t because it’s My  problem Ethan. You have fans that depend on you  and Gray to get those videos out. You have fun making those videos. You enjoy life and I refuse to be the reason any of that changes. So no I didn’t tell you no I didn’t plan on telling you. No I never wanted you to know. Just like you can’t accept that you’re afraid that you’re falling in love with me. Everyone is running from something.” I snapped before I pushed passed his frozen body. I left my shirt where it was as I continued through the apartment. I snatched my bag off the floor just as Grayson left his bedroom rubbing his eyes. 

“(Y/N)?” His voice was raspy, his hair was all over the place and his sweats hung low. “I’ll talk to you later Gray.” 

“Wuh..?” The confusion on his face was adorable but I turned and slipped my shoes on. This wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. I don’t even know why I came. Right, my best friends, I wanted to be with them. I thought it would be okay. Instead my heart gave a painful stutter and my hands flew through the locks as I tried to make my escape. A warm hand however covered mine. “ S’wrong?” Grayson asked softly making me tense and shake my head. “ I have to go Gray Bae. I have to go. Right now..” I could hear Ethan making his way towards the front room and looked at Grayson pleadingly. 

He sighed and shook his head as he moved away from me. I pulled the door open and slipped out. These movements were reminding my body of the abuse it’d taken but I couldn’t think of that right now. In my bra and pants I ran down the hall of the apartment complex hoping to get as far away from here as possible. The tears I’d been fighting in the bathroom began to fall as my chest seemed to fill with ice. 

My entire inside was starting to grow colder by the second. Ignoring the elevator I took the stairs jumping to skip steps. As I got to the first floor I stopped and opened my bag. I fished out a hoodie and slipped it over my head hissing in pain. Though now I couldn’t tell if it was emotional or physical that caused the hiss. 

You’re worthless! You’re useless! It’s your fault! 

 I could hear the echos of my father’s words ringing inside my head making me start to shake as I grabbed my bag once more. I took several deep breaths, pulled my hood over my messy hair and did my best to walk calmly out of the apartment complex. 

“Please God, help me. Help me be stronger. Help me help Chasity. Help me save myself.God please save me.” I prayed over and over as I made it out the apartment complex and into the morning air. It was a little chilly but the sun was still rising making it a little brighter outside. 

If there was one thing Ethan had been right about, I had no where to go. Living with them was truly not an option. I should have realized that when I woke up on his chest. I turned left and began walking with no particular destination in mind. I wasn’t going to be able to stay there and be around him all the time. Him treating me the way he was and then reminding me that we were just best friends. 

Before I could stop it a sob ripped through me and suddenly I was angry. I started jogging. “I’m not some damsel! I’m not weak. I’m not. I’m not..” I began repeating to myself even as my vision blurred. Even as I felt the tears cascading down my cheeks. Especially as I felt my emotions swirling dangerously between hopeless and angry. 

My phone started to vibrate but I ignored it. Not in the mood to deal with others I continued jogging. The feeling of my feet hitting the pavement, the feeling of my bag swaying on my back seemed to drown out the pain of the bruises. It wasn’t until I came across the Docks that I slowed. I stared at the water and then I started screaming. 

“Why don’t you fix this!? Why won’t you help me?! Why won’t you heal me?! Why won’t you save me?!” I shouted my anger bubbling and boiling dangerously high. 

My phone began vibrating once more. I snatched it out of my pocket and hit answer. “ What the hell do you want? To bruise and batter me some more? To abuse me? To push me to the edge?! It’s too late I’m already there. Leave me the hell alone!” I screamed into the phone. It was silence as I breathed heavily my mind finally catching up with my words. 

“I called to see if you wanted an extra shift today…but I see you’re not ehem.” My boss cleared her throat. “ Is everything okay (y/n)?” Her voice was soft and I could tell she was trying to keep her voice down so that no one would over hear. 

“No Sam, I’m so sorry..” I took a shuddering breath. “Nothing is fine..My father…abuses me.. My best friend seems to think my heart is his punching bag. I have no where to go. I need to protect my sister. “

I listened to her shuffling papers a moment. “ Come by the office. I’ll get you straightened out okay? I promise things will get better. It will be okay. Don’t do anything rash. We’re friends remember? You’re a beautiful intelligent woman and I won’t let you fall.” 

It was like she knew just what I needed to hear because the dam broke. “Sam..” I sobbed and she shushed me, “No little bit. Come in. I’ll see you in a bit.”  And with that she hung up. 

I didn’t know what was worse…the fact that I left Ethan and Grayson with the knowledge that I was and have been being hurt for years. I didn’t know if it was worse that I’d just screamed at my only other friend and my manager Sam. I also didn’t know if telling her everything was the best bet either. 

I clutched my phone and dialed my sister’s number. It rung twice before she answered, “(Y/n)?”

“Meet me at Dolly’s. Pack a bag.”

She sighed, “ Okay…have you talked to Ethan or Grayson? They came by…”

My breathing hitched and I shook my head then released a great sigh. “Yeah…I stayed over to theirs..last night.” 

“I’ll be there as soon as I can..” She told me as she began moving around. Things had to change and soon. I quickly wiped at me eyes. Maybe this talk with Sam would help..Samantha had a way of making everything brighter. 

I leaned against the railing as I glanced at my phone. It began vibrating, I watched his name flash across the screen but I refused to answer it. Instead  hit ignore and pulled up Twitter. 

I blinked slowly as his tweet came up first. 

It’s time I was honest with u guys. -@ethandolan 5:45 am

A year ago my life changed at starbucks. I met this girl.-@ethandolan 6:00am

She became my best friend aside from Gray. I’ve been afraid to tell her that I love her..now I’ve lost her. I don’t know where she is- @ethandolan 6:10am

I’m not sorry I fell in love with her guys. She was right though I was afraid. I was running.But I’m not anymore. I’m in love with her. Can you guys help us find her?- @Ethandolan 6:20am

Then he posted a picture I’d completely forgotten about. I stood on the dock with a giant grin on my face with Ethan beside me looking at me with the widest grin showing all his teeth. 

Suddenly my phone vibrated with another tweet. 

Let me Save you. I love you-@ethandolan

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If you have a lucid dream, do not commit any acts of violence against the things you meet

by reddit user professionalsuccubus

I had my first lucid dream at age nine.

I was in a decrepit neighborhood – rotting porches, peeling paint, Spanish moss hanging off dormers, the works. Mist swirled around my ankles as I walked slowly through the streets. Like an old video game, the horizon was both unchanging and unreachable.

I wandered around, in and out of the cobwebby houses. Although the streets were empty, the houses usually had a few ghosts floating around. There were a few children, but they were mostly old people, in various stages of decay. They never hurt me, nor did they speak. They just floated. Sometimes they’d follow me, but I never felt threatened.

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hey i wanna talk about erik klose

  • “i feel like he could hold me up forever” erik isn’t just emotional support he’s a soccer player and he is s t r o n g
    • he got them Midfielder Thighs™
  • he fuckin loves soccer movies ok 
    • nicky, already grinning, in response to erik’s parents asking how his day was: alles ist gut
    • erik, sliding into the room in his socks and running into a wall: soLANGE DU WILD BIST!!!!!
    • used Bend It Like Beckham and She’s The Man to practice his english
    • he definitely has a poster of jess bhamra in his room, she’s his hero
  • he is SUPER tall
    • (he’s actually taller than matt when his hair isn’t spiked)
  • him and nicky are low key competitive as fuck and they run together when nicky starts training for exy
  • nicky quickly learns that trying to outlast a midfielder on a run just. doesn’t work. they do the most running on the team and typically go whole games without getting subbed out.
    • 3 miles in nicky is wheezing and dying and erik is laughing like the absolute traitor he is
  • but!! it wasn’t all sunshine at first i mean come on,, this is the foxes
    • when nicky first got to the Klose’s he was reserved, quiet. 
    • erik was taking a year off to travel with friends during the first 6 months nicky was there
    • when both parents agreed nicky could stay for the summer for some extra classes so he could graduate on time (by american standards), he finally met erik
    • tall, athletic, kind erik, erik who came home with all kinds of candy from all kinds of countries to give to a boy he never met all to make a pun about what a “sweet deal” it was to have someone new in the house, he felt his heart race when nicky smiled at him for his ridiculous efforts
    • that’s the first time the klose’s saw a real smile come from nicky
  • erik convinced nicky to go to church after a while
    • it was hard at first, especially when nicky noticed erik was getting some weird looks from some of the older people in the congregation
    • when nicky asked why, erik told him about how when he came out his grandmother stopped speaking to him, and how some parents didn’t want to let erik come over to see his friends
    • but then erik told him how his parents told anyone who wasn’t okay with their son that they weren’t worth having around, that they loved erik and they wouldn’t allow anyone to try and make him feel bad for being himself
    • and how his cousins snuck out and took him to his first pride parade in hamburg
    • surrounded by people who actually care, nicky started to hope again
  • nicky starts to smile more and erik…he’s so smitten. his new mission in life is to make nicky smile
  • erik’s humor is usually really awful puns and dad jokes, but he also is really good at keeping a straight face while saying absolutely ridiculous things, leading people to question whether he’s really serious or not and nicky fighting super hard not to bust out laughing (because he’s the only one who can tell he’s joking)
  • nicky prides himself on being pretty fashionable so he’s not entirely sure how the hell he lets erik get away with wearing those awful toe shoes. the. the individual toe ones.
    • you know the ones
  • the first time they kiss, erik was climbing a tree and fell out, because all his grace stops the minute he steps off the field
    • it was a forehead kiss because, well, erik’s face was bleeding, but yea
    • they’re a bit of a mess, but they’re cute, ya know?
  • nicky and erik are the type of couple to go to the grocery store at 2am because they really want to make mac n cheese and accidentally end up buying 4 pounds of candy instead while serenading each other to the weird 90s music the store is playing
  • erik loves aldi’s and wants to live there. everything is so cheap, nicky. they have my favorite cheese, nicky. nicky. where are you going. nicky i live here don’t leave we haven’t bought any bread yet-
  • he owns crocs. he just. he does. he bought orange ones when nicky joined the foxes and fuckin little white fox paw insert thingies because he’s a supportive boyfriend, dammit
  • he draws smiley faces on everything. notes to nicky, his notes at school, on his meeting notes at work, and his favorite place: on nicky. 
  • he’s one of those people who can’t tan for shit, he just burns then freckles. nicky is constantly nagging him to wear sunscreen. he always forgets and sends nicky pictures of his bright red shoulders only to get pages of texts ranting about sunscreen and melanoma
  • he’s got scars everywhere but theyre all from like. the dumbest stuff. there’s a big one on his knee from sneezing while on a run and subsequently tripping on the sidewalk and wiping out. several are from falling out of trees. he broke his nose falling out of the shower because he freaked out when he saw a spider. again, all his grace is on the soccer field. everywhere else he’s a hazard.
  • he’s really, really clumsy. he loves fiercely because that’s how his parents taught him. he knows he’s lucky to have a family that stuck by him, he knows it’s the least they can do, but so many gay kids have shitty parents. kids like nicky. and erik may be gangly and clumsy. he may be competitive and he may not always understand how nicky feels because he hasn’t experienced what nicky has. but he has fallen out of more trees than anybody he knows, and falling in love with nicky is an ache he’s never been able to ice away, and would never want to anyway.

Mistakes were made. And worse is that you failed to keep the subjects contained and recover them after the initial breach. Now we have potentially dangerous individuals at large. Over 30 of them

And currently we only have budget to surveil one

Ya know, I hope it eats you. I hope the thought of everything we did and said destroys you. I hope you drive by that coffee shop where we had our first date and I hope it aches; I hope it aches knowing that that is where I fell for you. I hope it hurts. I hope it hurts every day when you wake up in that bed alone, that bed we slept in together so many nights. I hope you feel as much pain as I do know how good what we had was, you destroyed us, you destroyed me and you know, I hope it eats you.

People always tell you to “forget” about the person you’ve broken up. The person that you’re still in love with.

Please tell me how I can forget the way you would stroke my hair and rub my back when I was sad?
How can I forget the way you would always hold my hand and tangle your legs into mine when we slept?
How can I forget the way you would smile at me and kiss my hand?

Please fucking tell me how can I forget the way you would say my name or whisper that you loved me?

Please fucking tell me.
Because I am drowning in the thoughts of you and I’m sinking so far under that I’m not sure I’ll never know how to breathe again.

Moving on isn’t easy

Sam’s hair through the seasons

First there’s baby Sammy’s hair

Thennn we have some other early seasons hair but a little more grown up y’know

And then, here we go with the “let it grow”, the hair that never stop growing, shining and make us all jealous

These are shiny damn


Here are the fabulous hair (can you spot the difference between the pic below and a cute happy puppy? I can’t)

And last but not least, we have the “I slept for two weeks straight” hair


hickeys // liam dunbar

summary ; in which liam finds y/n completely and utterly irresistable and stiles doesn’t like it.

pairing ; liam dunbar & stilinski!reader

warnings ; implied smut, making out, swearing, hickeys (y’know, in case the title didn’t give it away), stiles being an annoying big brother, sibling banter, crack crack crack

word count ; 1.8k

published ; 28th august, ‘17


stay safe + ily🌦

“Liam, you little fucker! Are you serious?!” Was the first thing tumbling from your lips that early Monday morning as you peered wide eyed at yourself in the reflective surface of his bathrooms mirror. You didn’t even care that you appeared rough as hell, your hair an unkempt mess from the tossing, the turning, the pillowtalk, the events that occurred prior to pillowtalk or that you remained standing in just your pricey black underwear; the only thing your deep (y/e/c) irises were focused on where the dark purple bruises littering your skin. 

 "There’s twice as many as last time!“ You huffed out in annoyance, the tips of your fingers running over the skin of your neck and collarbone just like Liam’s lips had done only hours before, tracing the marks heatedly inflicted by your werewolf boyfriend who seemed to had forgotten that the hickeys you leave on him heal and disappear in the blink of an eye, but the ones he left on you clearly did not.

 Liam popped his head around the corner and flashed you a fearful look, “What did I do?” Then, his baby blue eyes located the hickeys tainting your skin and he chuckled, “Oh, that,” Stalking closer until you were in reach for him to wrap his arms around your waist and hug you close to his bare chest, he nuzzled his nose into your neck and pressed a feather light kiss to one of the cluttered bruises before mumbling out, “They’re hot though.“ 

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we’re all wrong…

it’s not that now that Jungkook has his own room, Jimin visits his room often…

it’s now that Jungkook has his own room, he still goes to HopeMin’s room to sleep…

I’m good… I’m done…

Ah, happy birthday, our sunshine Hobi Hobi~ ♥

Restless Nights

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Neither of you meant for it to happen, but now Bucky can’t sleep without you, and you can’t sleep without him.

Warnings: fluff, sexual innuendos, swearing, third-person, very little plot (just something fun, idk), unedited, more trash writing (but like, trashier than usual because I’m trapped in an angst-ridden hole with my other fics)

A/N: Forgot this was stuck in my drafts. I kinda rushed to finish this because there was one huge section that was incomplete and I didn’t want to leave it untouched for another month. So, here it is. I’ll find another day to edit it. Think of this as a rough copy. It might be choppy. Whoops. This is more like four drabbles put together. 

Word Count: 2,102


WHEN BUCKY’S ATTITUDE necessitated a slap to the wrist, Tony, with all the subtlety of a Times Square billboard, decided to scour the Tri-State Area for the best therapist that the Stark’s money could afford. It was a warning. No words were said out loud, but the message was pretty damn clear: don’t taint the newest member of the team, or the good Stark Avenger name.

Bucky liked to think he’d come a long way since Siberia. Well, that wasn’t entirely true because he hadn’t exactly changed for the better, seeing as how he’d become something of a brooding little asshole, lately. Gone was the silent man that kept to himself. Bucky cemented his spot on the team as the sardonic bastard. It wasn’t his fault, per se—the nightmares had taken a toll on both his body and his mood. He’d expected this. What he didn’t, though, was that this recently acquired snark would be contagious. (The amount of foul language that had been slung around was annoying Steve to no end.)

He wasn’t going to be holding hands while singing “Kumbaya” with the other Avengers anytime soon; Bucky had tried to kill most of them back in his Winter Soldier days, which was still a sore subject for everybody involved, even though they were pretending it was A-okay. But it was one particular person whom he didn’t get along with. What was more disconcerting was that hey, Bucky didn’t try to gut her with a knife or pull a gun on her so he couldn’t put a finger on why they were at each others’ throats. 

It was just his luck that they’d be stuck together for an entire week.

He threw back his bed covers—then hastily fixed them because God forbid they be undone—and left his room at three in the morning. This was what Bucky’s life had boiled down to: a series of restless nights where he couldn’t catch a fucking break. Suffice to say, he wasn’t enjoying it very much.

Despite his heightened auditory senses, they’d dull somewhat depending on what he was listening to. Bucky could make the noises from the common room fade to background noise, but maybe he was just wanting to pick a fight at this hour. He shuffled down the hall, very un-assassin-like of him and with a disgruntled expression on his face. “You’ve got the TV on too loud.”

She didn’t bother turning around. Bucky’s presence was just a momentary lapse in her pay-per-view experience, and she bet that if she pissed him off enough, he’d go away. Her feet were propped up on the coffee table, ankles crossed. “I could hear your knees creaking the second you stepped out, and you’re giving me shit for having the TV on too loud?”

“I’m not that old,” he grumbled.

“You really want me to point out your age?”

“Are you getting smart with me?”

“I’ve always been smart. You’ve just been too much of an idiot to notice.”

Bucky muttered something under his breath, probably a good comeback that he didn’t wholeheartedly feel like vocalizing.

“Look, I’m sorry.” She figured he was going to return to bed, so she invited him—it was only a peace offering—to watch a program that she couldn’t place the name of. “You know as well as I do that you’ll be up the rest of the night. Might as well sit your ass on this couch and stay here,” she said, patting the spot next to her. Okay, it wasn’t so much of an invitation as it was a demand, but whatever. She had to admit that under all that doom and gloom, Bucky had some manners up his sleeve. Even if he came to the common room to bother her, she knew that he’d eventually leave her be.

And as one of the two people in such a gigantic space, she decided that she didn’t want to drive him away anymore. Loneliness didn’t suit her. 

Bucky took a seat. “When’s the last time you slept?” he asked, stretching an arm over the back of the couch to make himself comfortable. 

“Took a twenty-minute nap like, two hours ago.”

“Hardly think that counts.”

“What about you, then? Oh—” She bent forward to grab the bowl of fruits on the table. “You’re a plum guy.”

He took one up in his hand. “Full four hours.”


“Yeah,” he answered with a yawn. 

She felt something heavy on her shoulder. Her eyes found their way to Bucky, who’d apparently fallen asleep. She wasn’t sure if she should call him beautiful—Tony and Sam insisted that she not use that word around grown ass men—but Bucky fit the bill, and there was nothing better to describe the sharp angle of his jaw, the intensity of his eyes. His lips were slightly parted. His chest rose and fell in even breaths. Peaceful, handsome when he didn’t look like he was seconds away from killing somebody. Well, he was still attractive when he was doing that too. But she’d never tell him that if her life fucking depended on it. 

She didn’t understand how he’d gotten to that point so fast, but as her eyelids began to drift close, she found out how easy it was. 

BUCKY WOKE UP first. Something was missing. It was that feeling that accompanied him so often, of being ready at a moment’s notice, high-strung. His muscles were relaxed. He didn’t know how he ended up with his head in her lap. His eyes cut to the clock on the wall.

9:30 a.m

That was the most sleep he’d had since he could remember. Bucky detached himself from her. He got up to search for a blanket, but when he came back with one in his hands, she was already awake. “We slept on the couch,” he said.

She rolled her shoulders back. “Must be why I feel so good.”

He looked anywhere but at her. “I fell asleep on you.”

“Really? Thought it was a bear of some sorts.”

Was that an insult? Was he soft and cuddly? There was a quizzical expression on his face. 

“You were snoring. It was kind of cute.”

“Can you blame me?” He tried to ignore the fact that she called him cute. Not directly, but still. “It was nice.”

“I think we—Bucky,” she said abruptly. 


She spun him around, because there were gear-clad figures propelling down the window with guns. 

Yeah, they didn’t seem very friendly.  


THAT HAD BEEN bad—we’re talking DEFCON 1, bad. They’d basically fumigated the tower (thank God for the Tony’s suits) to corral the HYDRA pests with smoke bombs and a hail of bullets. Bucky and her took a couple of hours to help the ‘janitors’ relocate the bodies. They informed Tony of what went down, and might have left out the fact that his white leather couches were now painted red.

But it was a job well done, so, grabbing milkshakes at the diner down the street was the only plausible kind of celebration.

They’d kicked ass, but they kicked ass while functioning at fifty percent. She was glaring at him from across the booth’s table, a mirror image of him with tired eyes, tattered clothes, and fresh scrapes on her face. With the back of her hand, she wiped the smeared blood from the corner of her mouth. “Let me use your body for my own selfish purposes, Buck. Look at me. I’m barely hanging on.”

“Right, because what more could I want from such a dysfunctional relationship?” he deadpanned. Bucky scrawled a provisional contract on the back of their receipt in that infamous chicken-scratch of his. Once he deemed it worthy, he slid it over to her. There must’ve been a number of spelling errors and loopholes, thanks to his fatigue, but he didn’t want to waste another second hashing out meaningless bullshit just for the heck of it. They could save that for later. Bucky rested his elbows on the table, warily gauging her reaction. “As long as we’re sleeping together, consider this a mutual agreement.”

“At least I’ll finally get some rest,” she said with a yawn. Her eyes barely skimmed over the paper. There was a little detail in there that didn’t agree with her, but they’d straighten that out, no problem. She stuffed the contract into her pocket, satisfied that the crinkling sound signaled the end of a hassle-free negotiation. “Okay.” She clapped her hands together and had a dopy smile eased onto her face as she rose abruptly from the booth. “Off to my bed.”

A spoon clattered against the table, wrenching her from her daydream. “Like hell we are,” he growled.

“Excuse me?”

Bucky, ever the neat-freak, couldn’t resist tampering with shit around the tower and scrubbing the goddamn life out surfaces with disinfectant wipes. He harbored a certain hatred—make that a relatively substantial disgust—towards clutter and Bucky wasn’t indisposed to being called a die-hard stickler for cleaning. “I’ve been in your room. It’s a fucking pig-sty in there.”

She wasn’t usually messy. In fact, she kept everything tidy for the most part. It all began with a departure from her usual routine. After the first mission she told herself she’d grab the vacuum the next day, but the more missions she went on, the more excuses that had kept piling up like the mountains of crap (figuratively, to be clear) that was littering her floor. It’d been downhill from there since. “Listen up, Goldilocks. I know you’d love to organize my closet by color and unclog the faucet to your heart’s content. So don’t deny that this is a win-win situation for the both of us.”

He would’ve. Goddamn it, he would’ve arranged her furniture perpendicularly in ninety-degree angles and put her everyday tax receipts chronologically too, but he’d rather not admit that. Fuck no, Bucky Barnes didn’t just give in. He liked to have his affairs in order, and she was not upending his entire system—sleep be damned. He was starting to think that this arrangement of theirs had more cons than pros. “You said you agreed!”

“Yeah, but what’s a verbal confirmation against a written one?” she said with a shrug. “Semantics, really. Null and void.”

“That’s how you want to play this?”

Her voice was sweet. “Legally? Sure.”

“I read up on American government while I was in Bucharest. You know, in case I ever decided to come back here. Wanted to be a law-abiding citizen and all that considering how many I’ve broken with Steve.” He smirked when her face blanched. “Saying yes is just as binding as a signature. And if I recall, you said ‘okay.’”


He couldn’t hide the shit-eating grin on his face. “You tried to lie to me. Rookie mistake, babe.”

“WHAT THE HELL are you wearing?”

There was nothing wrong with the Avengers long-sleeve she had on. “Clothes. You should try it,” she said, referring to a shirtless Bucky as she stepped out of his bathroom. 

“Skin-to-skin contact might increase the chances of us falling asleep by twenty percent,” he said, rattling off the statistic like he wasn’t totally crock full of shit. 

And if she thought she was getting toasty, it ended as soon as it started. Her blood went cold—cold enough to kick global warming’s ass and save the melting ice caps. “You expect to tough it out the rest of the night? Not all of us are blessed with acclimation to sub-zero temperatures, Bucky!”

“I want to feel you, not some mummified version of you swaddled in blankets and clothes,” he said, narrowing his eyes at her. “See this?” He gestured to his torso. “We’d be sharing body heat. So either find somebody else to sleep with or show me some skin, dollface.”

She scoffed, pulling the sweater over her head and slipping under the sheets. “Shut up before I strangle you.”

“Look, if that’s what you’re into…” he trailed off. “No complaints here.”  Bucky should’ve asked permission—he really should've—but he didn’t think twice before his hand traveled to her midriff. “Oh, fuck me. Skin’s so soft,” he mumbled, tracing circles into her waist. He was too far gone at this point.

And sure, she should’ve asked permission too—she really should've—but with the way he was touching her, she didn’t think there was any harm in pressing her lips against his neck briefly. It just felt right.

He moaned, and it was quiet and desperate. “This wasn’t part of the contract.”

“Really?” she asked, feigning innocence, “because it said that we’d be sleeping together and I think that’s open to interpretation.”

and i’ll ask for the sea

Pairing: Jon Snow x Daenerys Targaryen
Summary: The morning after boatsex. (Can be read as a follow-up to this drabble.) Written for Jonerys Week, Day 5: Smut.
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 6,079 (yikes sorry)

A soft knock on the cabin door roused Jon from a surprisingly restful sleep. He remembered where he was when the weight compressing his chest lightened as Daenerys lifted her head, also awakened by the sound. Even half-asleep, Jon’s battle instincts stirred, honed by too many nights of sleep sacrificed while on watch, wary of an ambush. He shifted underneath her, ready to lunge off the bed for his clothes and a sword that wasn’t there, but he stilled at the touch of her fingers on his shoulder. Stay, they said.

“Come back later,” the queen called to her visitor. Her voice was thick with sleep and honeyed by an easy contentment he’d never heard from her before.

A moment passed, then, “Of course, your grace.”

Missandei. Was that laughter he heard in the Naathi woman’s voice? Jon told himself he was being paranoid. Still, he only relaxed down into the featherbed when it became apparent that Missandei wasn’t going to enter—and that Daenerys had no intention of moving, either.

Without looking at him, she laid her head down on his chest, where it’d been resting all night, apparently. Jon remembered holding her against him, just like this, after they’d lain together. Their light, aimless conversation—for once not fraught with talk of politics and battle strategy and the dead—had waned at some point in the night, and they must have drifted off to sleep. He was warm beneath her, the two of them cocooned in silk sheets and fur.

Actually, he was sweltering. Her bare skin was sticky-hot everywhere it touched his. For Jon, someone used to the frigid nights of the North, he couldn’t recall a single morning during his time on the Night’s Watch where he hadn’t awoken with limbs nearly frozen stiff. Only on the nights he’d curled up with Ghost had he’d been close to this warm, and even then, the direwolf’s body heat didn’t compare to the warmth radiating from Daenerys now.

How hot did the Dragon Queen’s blood run, he wondered.

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